Pitt Panther Fan Fest?

Pitt will be hosting a Football Fan Fest today at 6 p.m. at Heinz. My apologies for not getting this out earlier.

Pitt fans will receive a free poster, as well as have a chance to get some autographs, probably get a picture with the ACC coastal trophy, and also enter to win some prizes.

Would love to hear from you if you make it or the event tonight. Feel free to email me pics if you take any, and I will post.


Link: Pitt Football Fan Day

Pitt Football Fan Day Set for August 19 on Heinz Field Great Lawn

PITTSBURGH—With kickoff for the 2019 season quickly approaching, the University of Pittsburgh football program will host its 2019 Pitt Football Fan Day on Monday, August 19 at 6 p.m. on the North Shore’s Heinz Field Great Lawn.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers will be available for autographs until 7:30 p.m., while fans will also have the opportunity to enjoy family-friendly activitieson the Great Lawn and get pictures with the team’s 2018 ACC Coastal Division championship trophy.

Other promotions for Pitt Football Fan Day include free 2019 team posters and the chance to win prizes and experiences for the upcoming season, including pre-game field access and gift cards to the Pitt Shop.

Fans attending Monday night’s Pirates game against the Washington Nationals at 7 p.m. are encouraged to stop by Pitt Football Fan Day. Paid parking will be available on the North Shore.

Pitt football season tickets are now on sale. Fans can purchase full seven-game ticket packages beginning at $170. For more information, click here or call (800) 643-7488.


14 thoughts on “Pitt Panther Fan Fest?

  1. I used to go to this, when it included getting to watch a Panther practice. Now that it’s just autographs, I don’t go. Nice for the kids, though…

    But I will be at the Kickoff Luncheon at the Westin this Friday. Panther-great Curtis Martin will be the keynote speaker…

    Go Pitt.

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  2. Just had a thought on how to get guys like me to attend this Fanfest… Have a couple of coaches give chalk talks.

    If the Pitt coaches are too busy right now, have Walt and Wanny do them. And have a Q and A period, with questions about on-the-field stuff only. I’d be there…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. The chalk talk is a great idea. The old Colorado Buffs coach (McCartney) would do chalk talks in the early 1990s periodically with fans that wanted to attend. It was well received.


      1. Rocky — interesting.

        Gottfried’s staff used to go to some local high schools and do chalk talks with game video. I thought it was fascinating, and a good way to connect with the portion of fans who are into the details of the game. And my 10 year old son loved it…

        I keep harping on chalk-talks but getting no where. Wanny’s staff did a couple at Heinz… I remember asking Wanny’s DC how he determined whether our corners would play up on the WRs or several yards off of them… I learned something!

        For a team struggling to attract fans to games, chalk-talks are a missed opportunity for connecting with fans, me thinks…

        Go Pitt.

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  3. Have fun John…I have a golf outing at Quicksilver or I would be there.
    Tomorrow is the last day to confirm for golf at Willowbrook Country Club.
    We have 14 solid commits and 3 maybe at this point.
    20 is the cutoff for the discount of $40 green fee.

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  4. hmm……. wondering who all is golfing and will they be attending the iconic Fran tailgate?? Be great to see and meet some new faces along with all the tailgaters of the recent past. Dan are you coming up?

    Tommy Mac, where have you and Warren Panther been? Maybe see you at the Hyatt but watch out, there is going to be an all assault by two Bernie’s down on the north shore.


  5. Ike, won’t know for sure until tomorrow but BigB and his buddy Whiskey, JoeL and Big Al, Gordon Conn, Major Majors, and Missing Wlat are among the celebrities.

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  6. I heard Georgie Aston will be playing for Denver tonight!
    …and his uncle Jake and aunt Cindy will be at the UVA game tailgating with us.

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  7. Major – Dave Hart used to do the previous game film every Tuesday night – I think. I went to most, as it was always interesting. He always injected his thoughts during the film. Too bad we always lost!

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  8. No excuses Narduzzi


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