Rashad Weaver out for Season

Saw on Twitter today that Rashad Weaver injured his knee in Practice and will be out for the season. This is the kind of injury that Pitt could ill afford as Weaver was primed for an all-ACC season and we have little depth at the DE position.

This is a huge opportunity for Deslin Alexandre, who has been tabbed as the third DE. It’s a also a huge opportunity for one of the many redshirt Freshman DE’s that are on the roster. Nonetheless, Weaver’s presence will be missed.

Here is the official press release from Pitt’s SID:

PITTSBURGH—Pitt junior defensive end Rashad Weaver will miss the 2019 season due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament, head coach Pat Narduzzi announced.


Weaver sustained the injury during Thursday’s training camp practice.


Considered one of the top returning defensive linemen in the Atlantic Coast Conference, Weaver (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Cooper City)was named preseason All-ACC by no fewer than three different publications. As a sophomore in 2018, he led Pitt in sacks (6.5), tackles for loss (14) and fumble recoveries (three).


“Rashad Weaver embodies what Pitt football is all about,” Narduzzi said. “He is an outstanding player, student and leader. Everyone in this program shares his disappointment, but we know he will overcome this adversity and return better than ever.”


The Panthers open the season at Heinz Field against Coastal Division foe Virginia on August 31 at 7:30 p.m.

Hail to Pitt

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147 thoughts on “Rashad Weaver out for Season

  1. If you were asked the question Thursday morning before practice which defensive player would be the one PITT could least afford to lose to injury Weaver would have been the player named the most, by far.


    1. The silver lining … if there is one… is that at least it happened in camp instead of at the end of the season so he has more time to recover. Still, you have to hate to see all that offseason work go down the drain


      1. I don’t know if I agree with that Mike although I do get what you mean about recovery time. It is what it is I guess. I’m tired of pointing to next year will be the year PITT breaks out.

        This will open up a spot for Alexandrae <sp and maybe a chance to play Twyman, Camp and Watts together as well?


        1. Look I am in no way trying to spin this a good. I’m just trying to say that maybe he comes back strong. James Conner did


  2. … And this is where teams like Pitt struggle … Depth. It’s partly why I haven’t been as down on the recruiting as some. I think Duzz et al. have done a nice job overall on position group depth. Some better (DL/RB/DB) than others (OL/TE) but outside of TE nothing really jumps out as a red flag. And TE wasn’t really an issue until Watson become OC.

    DL depth is solid. Weaver is probably not replaceable individually by someone but they may be able to make it up across the entire line. Good teams overcome injuries. 5 years into Duzz’s tenure, Pitt should be in position to overcome Weaver’s loss.

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  3. Huge bummer for Mr. Weaver. He will absolutely be missed. Arguably our best defensive player.

    I hope that he maintains a leadership role on the sidelines and in the locker room.

    Heal up Mr. Weaver.


  4. I know you’re not Mike. There is never a good time to lose any starter to injury, especially one as serious as this is. TT is right, Narduzzi does have PITT in a better position to handle such an injury but now there is no way they can afford another injury to the D-Line.

    This is an example of my view on predicting wins for a season, lots of outlying factors come into play other than just a win or loss. Not excuse making either.


  5. I don’t know where is towards earning a degree, but if he’s on track to graduate in the Spring, its a chance for him to get some grad school work in. And if he isn’t on track, this can help with that.

    Trying to look for something positive.


  6. Where this will hurt PITT is in the rotation they like to do. This will give a youngster a chance to rise to the occasion.


  7. Spoke briefly to Rashad Weaver after a spring game. He couldn’t have been nicer.

    Best wishes to Rashad for a full recovery.

    Go Pitt.


  8. Answer: Morrisey and Weaver .. The question was who are the guys that Pitt can least afford to lose — and yes, Pickett was considered. the only silver lining, and it’s a small one, is that the injury occurred now and not the week leading up to the Opener.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pine moved back to DE where he may be an asset on passing downs. Not saying it will happen, just saying it would not be a surprise


    1. I think there might also be an opportunity for Twyman to play outside on passing downs. AD used to do that with some success


        1. Yes that’s a possibility. Will be interesting to see how things shake out after the first scrimmage. Damn of all the guys to lose!


      1. Mike, I was thinking more like Keyson Camp at D-End??

        I thought about Wheeler wwb, maybe. Guess it would depend on how he is progressing on the O-Line. He’s very athletic.


        1. It’s all about speed off the edge at end. Tywman is cat-quick. I see camp and watts as more hold-the-line run stuffers but hey I’m no coach…


          1. You could very well be right Mike?? Camp goes 6’4 285 lbs and Twyman 6’2 290 lbs. Camp was also a great pass rusher before he got hurt last year which is also a forgotten injury that hurt PITT last year.


  9. Plenty of candidates to replace Rashad, but little or no experience…

    Deslin Alexandre, 6-4, 265 RSO
    Kaymar Mimes, 6-5, 245 RFr
    John Morgan 6-2, 255 RFr
    Noah Palmer 6-3, 255 RFr
    Habakkuk Baldonado 6-5, 250 RFr
    Chris Maloney 6-2, 250 RFr (walkon)
    Bam Brima 6-5, 235 Fr
    Bryce Nelms 6-5, 260 Fr
    Brandon George 6-2, 235 Fr

    With the four game rule, we could see any of the freshman who demonstrate run-stopping or pass-rushing ability on the field…

    But there are 5 Red-shirt freshman, all with decent size, who now have a great opportunity to get on the field and make plays…

    Go Pitt.


  10. “Narduzzi does have PITT in a better position to handle such an injury.”

    ke, how can you say that? We now have an average at best starting DL…made worse by this injury and poor recruiting to back them up. Twyman is no great shakes at 13 games played and only 16 total tackles… No DL underclassmen stood out enough to unseat our, again average, starters last year.

    Hell, no one could unseat Roy even and he was a journeyman who was almost the best we had. We were 55th or below nationally in every major defensive category and gave up over 30 points in 6 games…then we lose our best DEs and almost all our productive LBs.

    Maybe if Narduzzi blitzes his DBs every play …

    I just don’t get it when Pitt fans are just sure, every single off season, the things are going to work out fine, especially when you look at what we did in the last season and who we are replacing roster losses with. Optimism is a nice thing but when you lose almost every real producer you had it may be time to wonder just how we will replace them with across the board 3* and 2* talent and expect to win ballgames.


  11. Over the past few years when Pitt FB or BB team pulls off a big win or reels in a good recruit, I reach for my bottle of Woodford Reserve. I think today calls for Buffalo Trace or Jim Beam.


  12. Reed, you act like Pitt always had 4 star talent at DE / DL. Romeus and Weaver were 2 stars; Sheard, Donald, Mick Williams and Ejuan Price (transfer from OSU) were 3-stars.

    IMO, those were our best DL over the past decade


    1. Yeah, but they were recruited and coached by people who were adept at finding real star talent and coaching some average recruits up to be star players.

      Sorry, Narduzzi hasn’t had one kid who he himself convinced to commit to Pitt in his first four years of being HC do anything above average play…no post season 1st or 2nd string All-ACC players at all…not one.

      So why do we think his track record is going to change this year? Pitt wins big with star players and we do not, and have not, gotten any under PN.


      1. I repeat Weaver was a 2-star. Narduzzi was given a TE from Delaware who is now a NFL OT. He was also given a walk-on DB who turned into a 2nd team All-ACC OLB. He was also given an oft-injured OLB who turned into the NCAA sack leader and twice ACC sack leader.

        Do any of these qualify as ‘coaching up’ to you?

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        1. Clearly not… pure luck. The duzz clearly can’t evaluate talent or coach it up. Lol


        2. Weaver had many legit power five offers. All 26 schools who recruited him knew he wasn’t a two star. He was no diamond in the rough discovered by narduzzi and then coached up.


      2. Wrong both Weaver and Jones are above average players on the DL. Weaver at 3 stars and Jones at 2 stars. In the DB both Jackson and Pinnock were under 4 stars and both IMO are above average players.


        1. If you follow the Twitter, stats outfits like pro football focus consistently grade Weaver very high in both run defense and pass rushing (includes both an hurries and sacks)


  13. Reed, if you were referring to me? I don’t see how I was being overly optimistic at all. Jus saying PITT may be better equipped to handle such an injury than in the past. We do differ in Narduzzi’s recruiting. Do I think his recruiting has been great? No, do I think it’s as bad as you and others think? No again. As wwb points out, Weaver was a 2* recruit. I’m just not as star struck as others. I wait and see how the young man plays for PITT and then judge.

    I think Morgan is listed as the 4th D-End on the depth chart. Narduzzi did state last week that they want the best players on the field so they may switch a D tackle to D end?


    1. That was my point…how can you state that by looking at the players on our roster at those positions. No star recruits and no existing kids have done anything of note yet…all were average recruits and are being coached by average coaches.


      1. Partridge above average if Alabama was knocking on his door (which they were)

        Also you can’t definitely say that these unproven guys won’t do anything this year either.

        As they say in the financial business “past results are no indication of future performance”!


      2. Reed, I’m comparing the backups and the lack of depth on the PITT roster in the past. Whether or not PITT coaches are average is a matter of opinion. Narduzzi won a division title that some do not want to give him credit for. Which is fine by me but I differ in opinion there.


  14. Wbb, Weaver was not a star performer by any means. Just because he led Pitt in certain categories means nothing because, well, someone has to. Hell, he led our team in sacks yet was only 90th nationally. Now he may have been this season but Pitt fans were saying the same thing about Hendrix this time last year and how did he do? Rather pedestrian wouldn’t you say?

    5 TFLs and 4.5 Sacks for a starting DE is mediocre at best and that’s what he was.

    You actually make my point for me…PN’s best defensive player was 2nd string All-ACC…2nd string after over a hundreds of kids have passed through his rosters.So pointing out one or two who actually succeed under him is pretty lame.

    But again, they were recruited by and committed to others, not by this HC

    Juan Price became great because he finally got healthy, not because of Narduzzi alone… Every kid benefits from coaching but the great ones already have the physical talent needed.


    1. Reed, I believe Weaver was picked and voted as a first team all ACC D-End going into this season? A few “experts” think he is a star player.


    2. You first stated none recruited by Narduzzi were above average players, Are you saying Weaver wasn’t an above average player for Pitt? I’m guessing those who picked Weaver on their All ACC preseason team do not agree with you on this matter.


  15. Mike, usually I’d say that wed see a star or two emerge on a Pitt team every year. But as I have said many times it still hasn’t happened with any kids PN has actually recruited…and this is after four full years.

    So, yeah, I’m skeptical that someone will break out into game-changing stardom a la, Boyd, Conner, McCoy, etc..because IT STILL HASNT HAPPENED WITH NARDUZZI.

    Sorry I had to yell.😉

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    1. Well I guess this year is the year we find out for real. IMO duzz has done a better job than just about any other coach of building actual depth at most (cough TE, Oline…and now DE). And letting his seniors and juniors take the field while the younger guys develop. So if two guys are even and one guy is older, that’s that guy we are likely to see. But again the proof will truly be in the pudding this year. And I think we fans might just be surprised.


      1. Again, how can we say there is better depth now then before when either theses kids have played and done well yet or are average recruits?

        Its fun to speculate and be optimistic but I need an actual basis to do so. Although I think we may have a star in the transfer Mack.

        But when you keep pulling in transfers to make up for a clear lack of recruiting results then that is indicative of our recruiting abilities.

        You guys seem to think these untested players are going to play well and win a lot of games just because Narduzzi recruited them…but it really hasn’t happen yet. I’ve read on here many times that his kids are “stronger, faster and more athletic” but that’s a lot of wishful thinking. If they truly were we’d be winning 8, 9, 10 games instead of having a losing record over the last two years.

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    2. well Reed, if you are not going to count Boyd or O’Neal or Price or Ollison .. all who played for Narduzzi … then maybe you shouldn’t use “after four full year”


      1. You well know I’m talking about kids he actually convinced to commit to Pitt. His first recruiting class was a split 2014…So ’15, 16, 17 and 18. That’s 4.25 full recruiting classes and 87 total recruits and not one single kid has made any pre-season all-star teams or played anywhere close to star play.

        Any way you cut it that is pretty poor recruiting and we are seeing the results of it over the last two seasons.


          1. 2015, you are correct. On another note, Dane Jackson is another 2 star I often forget about, star ratings are often a joke (& easy to drum up if you’re too lazy or too busy), but it would not shock me if DJ winds up playing on Sundays.


  16. from Rashad Weaver’s twitter account today


    @R_Weaver17 is a beast mentally and physically on and OFF the field. It’s Amazing how much your child can teach you in life. I feel extremely blessed to witness the personal growth that is about to happen I love you son and come backs are the best

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  17. Reed – I swear you’re like these talking heads on the news sometimes. You yell just to yell.

    “Get off my lawn!!!!”


    MajorMajors just posted a long list of possible replacements. Charlie Partridge is the coach and main recruiter … If I recall, he’s the same guy from Wanny’s staff. Same guy who got Weaver to be in the All-ACC discussion.

    C’mon. Relax. Enjoy camp and the season. We have a long way to go before we start tossing in the towel and calling for peoples heads on a stake.

    Recruiting sucks!!!! Welp, too late for that now. Gotta play with the players in camp. Let’s see if someone steps up before assuming the doomsday clock hit midnight.

    If the winning becomes boring again, you can stop watching at any point.

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    1. Just presenting a different viewpoint. If that bothers you so much, as it has over the years, then skip over the comments which have “Reed” on the top.

      But now that I’m commenting some again I’ll be the voice of…reality, which is a word obviously not found in your vocabulary.


      1. Reed – Offline, it was brought to my attention that this post was not in the best taste. My sincere apologies if this offended you. I’ll be more cognizant of my responses to you moving forward. You deserve more respect. Thanks for everything that you do.


  18. Pitt’s 2013 Defensive Staff:

    DL – Inke Brecterfield – 2 years D1 experience
    LB – Chris Haering – 1 year experience
    DE/LB – John Palermo -(brought out of retirement)
    CB – Hank Poteat – (grad asst)
    OC/secondary – Matt House – 3 years D1 experience as position coach


    1. and before the 2014 35th ranked defense is brought up, here are the offensive rankings of the 2014 opponents:

      Del NR
      BC 83
      FIU 123
      Iowa 66
      Akron 91
      UVa 90
      VT 99
      GT 20
      Duke 69
      UNC 48
      Syr 116
      Mia 47
      Hou 58

      One team ranked in the top 40, and that team scored 56 and had 612 yards. Here are the offensive rankings of the 2018 opponents ranked in the top 40

      Clemson 3
      UCF 5
      Syr 19
      Wake 28
      UNC 31
      ND 32
      VT 39

      And the 2016 scheduled may have contained even more

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  19. It looked like weaver was poised for a breakout year. Now would he have broken out? Don’t know. But the talent is there. His loss will hurt Pitt. I drop my win total for the year to 6.5 from 7.


  20. Reed,
    Not sure why you are infusing truth into their delusion of wishful thinking.
    You will be called a negative, a downer, or worse.
    Heaven forbid you proclaim that HCPN has been mediocre (But we won the Coastal).
    Or that his recruiting has been mediocre (Just you wait and see what he brought in).
    Or that his record is plebeian (The hardest schedule in the country, I tell you.)
    Some of us after 35 years of SOP just want a little more.
    And nobody wants them to be more successful than I do.


    1. Gasman, Reed is not speaking the truth. He’s giving his honest opinion which is great like everyone else is. Pretty easy to understand.


      1. 1984 was when the wheels started to come off the Majors/Sherrill train.
        And I want to see HCPN succeed as much as anyone. But why is it that anyone without rose-colored glasses represents hostility and unfounded pessimism?


    2. Then you should complain to the BoT if you want more.

      Pitt wants success on the cheap. You don’t luck into real success on the cheap in college athletics. I’ve never seen it happen.

      If the Football Gods in 2007 said we can fire Wanny and hire Saban and mirror exactly the Tide’s success but with the cost of doing business (Paying Saban’s salary, hiring all those assistants, letting questionable kids into school, insane facilities), the Board and Nordy would have said “No Thanks” immediately.

      That’s Pitt athletics in a nutshell.


  21. Bad news about Weaver. I remember when Connor went down. But next man needs to step up like Ollison did when Connor went down. Hope that the team can stay relatively injury free the rest of the year.

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  22. This is the worst part of the game. Season ending injuries. Hoping the young man comes back strong.
    The young guys now have an opportunity that didn’t exist last week.

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  23. From the Trib…

    He (Weaver) will be replaced in the starting lineup in the short term by sophomore Deslin Alexandre, who had five tackles in 13 games last season. Redshirt freshmen John Morgan, Kaymar Mimes and Habakkuk Baldonado also will be in the mix.

    My guess you will see more than one name rotating in.

    Kinda of like Baldonado and Mimes.


    1. Baldy and Morgan are the top two from what I understand. The question is about consistency with those young guys


  24. But any way you look at it… going to be a HUGE drop off.

    Not only does Weaver have the athleticism and PERFECT size for a D End… he’s been polishing his craft for a few years now.


  25. Reed — I think we’d all like to see better recruiting (but I think I understand why it’s not better, and I guess we disagree on that…).

    Where I take issue is with this statement:
    “You guys seem to think these untested players are going to play well and win a lot of games just because Narduzzi recruited them…”

    Where does the “just because Narduzzi recruited them” come from? I’d be surprised if anyone thought that…like any other school we scout them, rank them, and then take who we can get…

    Go Pitt.


  26. I like that sides are being drawn as “real” and (I suppose) “unreal”
    Guess I’m in the unreal camp.


    1. I live in a fantasy land where narduzzi is actually building and program the right way and with the exception of a few hiccups it gets better every year

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  27. Mediocre talent guys with little experience is a recipe for disaster.

    Weaver had the talent and the experience. This loss is biggly.

    Watch how Virginia exploits it.

    I bet the line moves half a point.


    1. TX – I will give you this…rain or shine, you are here telling your truths.
      A bit of bad news and its like watching crocuses pop up in the spring for the most part though.

      (might be first flower analogy ever on the POV)

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      1. Look at his offers. You know me. I always look at offers. He’s not some kid that holly Cross wanted and Pitt was his only power5 offer. I believe Michigan offered and then they pulled it. Kid had 26 offers and most were from big time schools. Kid was a tweener and tough to rate. Didn’t really have a position. That’s probably why two stars.


        1. I know how you are Tx and I love you brother but this is how these debates usually go. So Weaver is a two star that wasn’t a two star because he’s played well at PITT so far and Narduzzi recruited him. That’s how I see it anyways??

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    2. My line would move a lot more than half a point.

      We probably lost one or two drive-stopping sacks plus a couple hurries… Some UVA OT is feeling better now and the UVA OC is looking to take advantage…

      Coach Bates is re-calibrating…

      Where’s Zeke Gadson when you need him…😊

      Go Pitt.


  28. Wbb, you keep doing this like what really matters is the rankings of the other schools. You might say that is the reason we’ve lost more than won in the last two years. Others might call it excuse making…which it pretty much is.

    But how many times have I read on here that “All that matters is wins…that is what a HC is paid to do!”

    Well, if that is the case, and it is a mantra with POV commenters, it throws your comparisons out the window. Who cares how good the other team is if we can’t beat them? Right?

    Noticed you didn’t mention PN’s sterling track record against North Carolina. They had a total of three wins in two years and two of those were against us How do you spin that?

    Lets take a look at what we have done against non-conference teams in the post season play. How does 0-3 sound there with a complete swing and a miss in one season? We didn’t play juggernauts in those games, we got beat by teams with the same or worse records.

    We can spin numbers and facts around all we want. What is indisputable is that with the majority of the two-deep made up of his kids we lose more then we win.

    I hope it turns around big time for this season, I’d love 9 or 10 wins, but usually when Pitt makes a big jump in level of play and wins we have had legit stars coming back…we really don’t have that going into 2019, so, yeah, I’m wary of what’s going to happen.


    1. I don’t necessarily agree with the logic above, but it is certainly true that the system rewards wins and losses much more so than strength of schedule, regardless of the media spin. So all that proves is you need to schedule much more wisely than we have done up to this point. And yes, of course we need to recruit better too.


    2. Reed, on the other hand, CBS ranked the ACC top coaches about a month ago with Swinney, Cutliffe and Mendenhall ranked 1, 2 and 3. Narduzzi is 8 and 1 against those 3.

      In Narduzzi’s 4 years, he has played against 9 OOC teams that were ranked in the Top 20 …. and half of those were in the Top 10 … and that doesn’t include playing Clemson twice when they finished #1.

      Do you want to know who else does that? The answer is NOBODY!!!!!

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  29. How is the program getting better each year when the last two years have been worse than the first two?

    Although I do agree that the off-field aspects of the football program is doing great and I, unlike a lot of fans, value that as much as wins.

    That’s why contrary to public belief I’ve never once said I think Narduzzi should be replaced.

    I truly believe he’ll be at Pitt as long as he wins some games (around .500 ball) and has no major scandals…that is what this administration wants.


    1. “Although I do agree that the off-field aspects of the football program is doing great and I, unlike a lot of fans, value that as much as wins.”

      That part of it is as important to me as the on-field as well and its why I keep coming to games. And I can tell that a good bit of the Red Lot 5A crowd is of similar mind.

      Sadly, that part of the program has not historically been covered or discussed on this site in proportion to that importance. Its been disproportionately about the recruiting, 3 stars vs 4 stars, the coaching staff and so forth. And on those occasions when it does, only a predictable group of folks – incl TX btw – participate in the discussion. Its a shame and is something I hope changes.

      And regarding the unrealistic optimism…for goodness sake – training camp in sports is when its normal to feel optimistic…whether is college FB, NFL, MLB, NHL and so on. It our time to do that and its fun to be there for a bit – there will be plenty of time for more sober assessments come the Fall.

      In the end, the hope, optimism and fellowship I feel from being a Pitt fan far outweighs any disappointment I feel when the season is a disappointment. Otherwise, I’d hang it up and work on getting my handicap index down.

      This isn’t anything I haven’t said in the past, but then again the stuff about recruiting and Narduzzi is hardly fresh news either.

      Chin up folks, this is the beginning of the fun season.

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  30. Hey Gasman, here is some truth for you. Under Chryst, the recruiting rankings were 47th, 35th and 44th, and the 35th was when he had 27 recruits. Narduzzi’s were 65th, 29th, 38th, 36th, 50th and currently 34th and the 50th was only with 19 recruits …. and PSU wasn’t on sanctions during PN’s time while data shows the quality/quantity of the WPa FB recruits have dropped considerably over the last 5 years.

    You and Reed just can’t accept the fact that this program is nothing but mediocre and Narduzzi hasn’t done any worse than his predecessors despite playing UNDENIABLY much harder schedules.

    Pitt will never recruit well again and I don’t care who is coach — but I’m not so sure you want to hear the truth

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    1. Not exactly. Pitt may or may not ever recruit really well again, time well tell. It takes the right coach an admin support, that’s it, the same goes with any other P5 program. Agree with your comment that PN hasn’t done any worse than his predecessors though, so far I think that’s a fair point. The question is: will he do better?


    2. I never claimed HCPC was better than HCPN.
      I never said that I want Narduzzi kicked to the curb.
      I simply want better than mediocrity.
      How it that an atrocious, negative remark?
      And as for playing difficult opponents…so what? Dome does it all the time.
      A C+ is physical chemistry is still a C+. There is no footnote on the GPA.

      And, if you think the program is on an upswing, show me by what metric. Wins? Bowl games? Recruiting? There is no animosity here, no antagonism. So cut me a break for having a different opinion than you. We are, after all, rooting for the same team.


  31. Pitt can recruit well again with the right assistants and by winning bowls and getting ranked. The only negative things right now is narduzzi doesn’t know how to win bowl games and those yellow seats. That’s all on him. Once Pitt started spending money on football, I stopped blaming the BOT for Pitt footballs mediocrity. It boils down to coaching right now. More importantly recruiting and coordinators.

    There’s plenty of elite talent in the states around PA. A falloff in the wpial is not a good excuse.

    Is it too much to ask to have Pitt recruit another two 4 stars each year and another two 5.7s

    If that means taking a kid that isn’t a polished public speaker, gets average grades and would rather drink during off season than rescue kittens in trees, I’m all for it.


    1. I still think Pitt needs a multi purpose stadium. That’s on the BOT.

      But spending on Pitt football is no longer a constraint. Pitt is not cheap.


  32. “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

    You all had better make sure that you are hydrated given the pace and intensity of the conversation above. Lest your typing fingers cramp up.

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    1. Pickle juice
      Or just water with lemon
      But we may need IVs if it gets more heated

      I enjoy sitting back and not getting hit. I need a breather.
      Some of you boyz know how to 🥊
      But you must admit, I always 🤜 back


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  33. Nothing wrong with a little back and forth Tx and I do give you more credit than most. You give it and you take it. I’ve said this a few times here, I talk on this site like I talk to my lifelong friends I still see and talk to on a regular basis. My best buddy from Greensburg was the center in midget football and I was the QB at 12 years old. Back then I put my hands between his legs more times than I would like to admit.. :0 🙂


  34. To obtain the ACC network, do I simply call Comcast and get that added to the bundle or are there some other shenanigans I gotta do?


    1. You gotta talk them into actually carrying it. If they say no you should switch to someone who does . (Or just get Hulu or YouTube tv and watch on your computer)


  35. In Columbia, SC. Just catching up on all the comments and make a few of my own.

    1’st, while J. Whitehead & Q. Henderson did not commit to HCPN, they both signed there LOI knowing full well who their HC was going to be. Both Quadree 2016 (1’st Team ACC.2’nd 2017)& Jordan (2’nd in 2016) made the “Star” status as a PN recruit.

    I must give exHCPC credit for selling these two young men on PITT and not the coach(s). This is unlike exHCDW who sold on coaches & not PITT when dismissed. Personally, I can see the offensive skill position leaving due to offensive philosophies but the defensive players I don’t understand. Just 4 of exHCFG committed to DW.

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    1. Whitehead was going to stay local no matter what … evidenced by the fact that he verballed to Pitt in the week after Pitt lost a mid-season game at home to Akron by 11 points. Problem is that except for Paris Ford, it seems fashionable these days for the precious few local blue chips to head out of town these days. Exposure of the larger programs, whether the games or the coverage thru the week, has never been so prevalent. Many local suburban kids don’t even consider staying home whether it be empty seats, an urban campus or the handling of the Pitt program over the last decade which has provided nothing but fodder for rival recruiters


  36. Since 2015, 478 names have made the All ACC team as either 1’st, 2’nd, 3’rd or HM. Some of the 478 names were for the same players with multiple years or positions. Of the 478, 40.6% were classified as Grad, R-Sr or Sr. 34.5% where R-Jr or Jr. So up to 75.1% of all ACC where players mainly in the 4’th year or more on their team.

    You may wonder about Juniors being 4 years on the team. I did some extrapolating on the juniors. Prior to & including 2016, The ACC used to breakout there years by Fr. R-Fr. So., R-So, etc. In 2017, the only used Fr., R-Fr, So. Jr. Sr. & some but not all schools Grad or Grad-Tr.

    Since 2015 only 11 freshmen or R-Fr, made the “STAR” category. (Q. Ollison in 2015 was one.)

    Also, the All ACC team is a bit of a popularity contest. Clempsun has 15.7% of the nominees since 2015. Next closest is Miami with 9.2%. Pitt and Fl. St. are tied for 3’rd with 8.4%. You can also tell who was the Coastal division champ & runner up in both divisions by how many players they had selected.

    So if you want to make the All ACC team, it is best to have at least 4 years in the system & play on a divisional champion or contender.

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  37. I’m sure we’ve all been waiting for the black cloud to drop on our Panthers before the start of the season as it inevitably does. Let’s hope that this is the end of the bad news with no other injuries, arrests, or other off field hi jinx on the horizon. Best wishes for a full recovery Rashad and H2P!

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  38. Got this in an email from Pitt on better tailgating…

    “Tailgate Guys and Pitt Athletics are teaming up again this season to offer turnkey reserved tailgating solutions before Pitt home football games. Tailgate Guys provides a reserved tailgate location on the Great Lawn at Heniz Field that includes game day bellhop service, tents, tables, chairs, coolers with ice, DISH Media packages, food, and more.”

    Sounds good —- but they don’t have Fran, JoeL, Wolf, Annie, etc… And they certainly don’t have Scooter! 😊

    Go Pitt!

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  39. I checked into this tailgate guys dooflicky thing and it only cost a couple thousand dollars for a small tent and a couple chairs plus it does not include Fran and or Scooter. pfft!


  40. There is no positive spin on this. Let the pessimists have their say. Whip cream delicately applied to a 💩sammich doesn’t change the taste much.
    A win against the Hoos now will be a much harder accomplishment for the Panthers in three weeks.

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  41. No doubt that Weaver is one of the best impact players on the team, and his loss will be felt..
    However football is a team sport with 24 starters, they have to make up for the loss, it is not just on one guy.
    The good news is that there are three weeks to get ready and that the depth is better than it has been. No not great, but better. We may see more blitzing to get pressure on the QB.

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  42. Good morning.

    The son of one of my oldest childhood friends is a sports talk personality and columnist in Denver.
    I told him to be on the look out for one George Aston.

    He reported back yesterday that Aston is likely to make the Broncos roster. Apparently, the starting FB tore his pectoral, but Aston apparently has been impressive as well. He expects to meet and speak with him soon.

    I told him to please send best wishes from the tailgating crew back at Heinz Field – my friend’s son has the picture of George, Bernie and the WUP flag and will use that as part of his intro.

    Thought you all would enjoy hearing that.

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    1. I listen to sports talk radio on the ride home from work here in Denver, and George has been mentioned a time or two.

      I’ve been out here for 25 years and have never felt a real connection to the Broncos. I’ll always be a Steelers fan, but if George makes the Broncos roster, that’ll at least give me a good reason to be more connected to the local team.

      Hope he does well!

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  43. WUP some A$$ “Animal.”
    Can’t remember if it was ‘70 or ‘71…PITT had a pretty good team starting strong but were decimated by injuries starting with Ralph Cindrich on the 1st or 2nd play vs UCLA… seeing the star of the D go down sucked the breath out of the faithful ….it’s vueday day all over again.

    Lord, keep our boys healthy.!!!


  44. pretty good article from Trib about Weaver’s injury


    here is an excerpt

    Weaver’s situation is not as dire, of course. How he handles it could be instructive to others dealing with similar misfortune.
    There he was, helmet and practice script in hand, walking onto the field Friday to help coaches, offer support to teammates and let everyone know he will be all right.
    Predictably, but not inaccurately, defensive coordinator Randy Bates put a positive spin on the situation.
    “Losing any starter is a big impact,” said Bates, aware Weaver led the team in sacks (6½) and tackles for a loss (14) last season.
    “The thing you lose with a kid like that is he’s such a great leader. He’s got such a great work ethic. Guys feed off that.
    “I don’t think we’ll lose much because he’ll be out there giving us that. Mentally, he’ll be in all the guys’ brains on the field. He will be a tremendous help for us as a student-coach basically for this year. I think it will make him better next year as a player.”

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  45. Should be a quiet day on the POV today as a lot of the trouble makers are golfing in Apollo for a great cause and fundraiser. BigB, Lastrow, MajorMajors and Richman to name a few.. 🙂

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  46. Special news update, it is now being reported that it has indeed become Dark and Stormy (with limes) in the Apollo area.

    I was contemplating how PITT may play this injury to Rashad Weaver. I do believe Alexandre will get the nod with John Morgan picking up some slack but the could go a different direction and move some DT’s around as well. Camp, Watts and Twyman are all three starters in my mind but more importantly in the PITT coaches minds. That could throw off the rotation though so who would be their backups?

    I think the first thing to consider is who are the backups at DE? You know the first two I mentioned above and then there is Habakkuk Baldondo at 6′ 5″ 250 lbs. Mimes is also a candidate but I’m not sure sure he is close to being ready. PITT is stronger and deeper at the DT positions but will Narduzzi mess with that rotation?

    Inside at DT is Devin Danielson at 6’1″ 295lbs, David Green at 6’0″ 285 and true freshman Calijah Kancey, with Green and Kancey being my personal favorites to eventually shine bright for PITT but is it too early for them? I believe PITT has more depth inside and kind of expect to see more from the inside players to fill the gap left by the Weaver injury. More likely it will be some sort of combo of the two positions. The Weaver injury sure puts PITT in a pickle for sure.

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  47. Read about the newer ACL surgical procedure being used by a Dr. Greg DiFelice, Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC. If the patient is a candidate, recovery time can be less that three months!

    Would like to hear if Weaver had surgery, type of procedure, and what’s the actual prognosis. In other words, did the doctors confirm he is out for the season. Hope the UPMC and the PITT med school did it right.


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