PSAs For Our Veterans & Families

When I was I Pittsburgh last winter I looked into this organization because I wanted to see what sort of Veteran’s’ programs were available in Western PA. This is a gem of a place – The Veterans Leadership Program of Western PennsylvaniaIt is top shelf stuff all around and I urge veterans, along with family members, to reach out and participate – there are volunteer opportunities all over the place.  Here is one I’ve found that I might drive up to PGH for. This place allows you to both help others and receive help as needed. Good stuff…

Hey, the Pitt game is at Duke that day so you can always listen  to the Panthers on the radio as you give others a leg up!

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Another valuable website for local WPA Veterans and their families is the Allegheny County Health Department website – Service Members, Veterans and their Families.

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Here are a couple of interesting items for veterans and their families in my local Maryland area. First is a Veterans and Active Duty Writing Workshop at our branch library in Ellicott City, MD – it runs six consecutive Tuesdays evenings. This is a great way to get a bit out of our normal routine and spread our  intellectual wings. I’m taking it even with the writing experience I already have.

Vet Writing

The next is a more focused and shorter event – a Resume Writing class also at our library…

Veterans Resume

I taught one of these last year at a different County library  system and realized a very important thing – even veterans who have been in the workforce for many years and are looking to move up in their profession usually have no idea how to tie their military service and experiences to their profession’s  requirements and then couch that in understandable terms so that it separates them from someone without that experience.

Remember that you did things that most other never did. One is that you volunteered to serve your country – you stood up as others stood by.  Second, you were ready for orders to go and to execute missions anywhere in the world in a matter of days (and sometimes only hours). Right there are two things most people never experience or succeed at – brag about it!

As always please reach out to me for any info you may need – I will drop what I’m doing to help right away – it is that important to me and to you.

Best and HTP!

LCDR Reed Kohberger, USCG, Ret

13 thoughts on “PSAs For Our Veterans & Families

  1. Reed — Good to see you’re still at it — spreading the word to help others.

    Here’s to you, Commander. 👍


  2. Reed, when it comes to the vets you are the best! Can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing!


  3. Reed – I truly admire and appreciate your continued dedication and service to our country and others who have served.
    I will most likely be at Duke for that game, but please keep these opportunities coming.


  4. Reed, a bunch of POVer’s are driving down, driving over, and driving up. Possibly as many as 22?? I was suppose to go but I’m doubtful at the moment but I do have 2 tickets bought and paid for. I still hold out hope though.


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