Fall Camp 2019 – Media Day Interviews

PSN posted a plethora of media day videos on their site yesterday.  They can be found here.

I just spent two hours watching them, but I’m just going to post one tonight.

Enjoy and comment profusely.  Lot of meat here.


102 thoughts on “Fall Camp 2019 – Media Day Interviews

  1. That is the most honesty I have ever heard from a coach.

    I also watched a lot of the interviews yesterday and plan to watch the rest this morning.

    This is the time of year to get excited about the season and I feel bad for the guys that can’t put aside their negativity at least for the time being and enjoy the yearly positive hype of a new season. Glad to see that Pitt rolled out all of these interviews at the same time and that PSN is doing a review of all 105 players, so that we can get to know them better.

    This is fall camp, an exciting time for fans to get acquainted with the players and see how the pieces are coming together.

    Brings back memories of going back to school each fall and looking forward to football season.

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  2. I don’t see why the Negativos should be criticized for being as negative as they choose to be. It’s not like they don’t have some facts to base their negativity on. To those who say negativity causes failure I say the POV has virtually no bearing on Pitt’s success or failure and it doesn’t matter how many Pitt players read the POV. To those who say what the Negativos express in the POV is a bummer I say TFB. At the end if the day (literally 8-31st) we will know so much more. I hope that the Negativos are dead wrong but 8-31st will speak for itself. Beat Virginia and the Negativos will have. Nothing bad to say for a week. If Pitt loses 8-31st (and remember it’s a home game) and the Positivos will be the ones who will be mum. Lastly, please keep in mind that if Pitt beats Virginia the Negativos will be as happy as the Positivos. Too often the Positivos forget this.


    1. I have no problem with honest criticism of Pitt sports. It is the over the top stuff that gets to me. The repetitiveness of the argument, the name calling, the calling for people to be fired from day one. For example when a guy calls one of the best players to play at Pitt in the last 10 years a bum, it is over the top.

      As to your last point, I am not so sure, it seems at times when Pitt wins certain guys disappear.

      On the other hand the over the top positive stuff bothers me just as much, and I don’t think anyone should be satisfied with where we are.

      I would hope that both sides want Pitt to get better.

      There is never a need for personal attacks, or telling a guy he is part of the problem because he doesn’t agree with a position.

      What is funny is that we have heard from both sides that they have been driven away by the other.

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    2. You reap what you sow. If individuals want to throw shade at the organization that they’re supposedly supporters of, even before they see what the hand they’re dealt looks like come 8/31, then go at it, just quit whining when somebody else smacks them up side those negative filled heads in response. Can’t take criticism? As you so aptly acronymed, TFB.

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  3. The Virginia game is huge for Pitt’s Coastal chances. If they lose, they are 2 games back in the division and lose any tiebreaker against the team that most think will win the division including me before they became a hot pick. But its a long season and really guys finishing 6-2 or 5-3 in ACC play isnt all that bad if you can win 3 out of 4 OOC.

    Remember, Virginia returns their QB who has both legs and arms. QB is key. And Pitt’s QB is learning a new playbook, system and has to gain confidence. Pitt will be a better team comes years end and I really think this might be the year they finally win a bowl and may reach 9 wins (which I think is Narduzzis ceiling anyway).

    But if they lose to Virginia, its insignificant to me. The Penn State game is all that matters. Those teams may never play again. I used 12-0 for nearly 20 years. I use 13-9 all the time. Know your rivals.

    Pitt’s priorities should be to beat the Pedos, win your bowl and get the team ranked come years end. It doesnt matter if they win the Coastal. Pitt can be a 9-10 win team and they dont need to be division champs and receive a participation trophy.

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    1. 100% agree with your first two paragraphs.

      Would prefer to win the Coastal again than beat Penn State. I stopped caring about the series when the DBs (and I don’t mean defensive backs) in Pedo Valley invented reasons not to continue. They are dead to me.

      And now that the Hoopies are in a different conference, I don’t care about them either. I’ve moved on.
      Appreciate that many have not and thats OK.

      My priorities for Pitt in 2019 are:
      1) good tailgate parties
      2) bowl eligibility
      3) win the Coastal or get 8+ wins total
      4) win a bowl game
      5) Beat Clemson in Charlotte
      6) Get in the CFP

      If we do 2, 3 & 4, recruiting will improve and that matters much more to me than playing or beating the Peds or Hoopies.

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      1. winner winner Joe! You can’t beat Clemson in Charlotte unless you win the division.

        Your list is spot on and in the exact order I would have it in.

        psu means exactly nothing to me. A win would be great but like you, I’m over that sick sick school.

        Th extreme work and the crazy effort and sacrifice that Fran and yourself put into the tailgates do not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated. Thank You…

        I sure as hell hope that Narduzzi isn’t holding anything back for the Virginia game for that pedo invested sewer hole and I’m 100% sure he is not and will not. Priorities. Kick the Hoos ass!


        1. there are other valuable contributor than Fran and I. Wolf is a key purveyor of proteins and Annie is known for her special homemade caramel corn (I sometimes wonder if its spiked). And there are others….


          1. And Scooter brings righteous wings from a place in Caste Village. Bernie brings Crown and an occasional cake from Oakmont bakery. Richman with apple pie moonshine. It takes a village.


          2. Hey, this year I have pudding shots- think jello shots but with pudding. Yummy! And I owe Bernie a blueberry pie if he shows up….. Kurt is brewing some beer for the home opener, so that will be nice too.

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            1. I’m imagining a totally different consistency to the barf that results however when that inevitable over indulgence takes place simply because the pudding shots are just so much more delicious than those mundane jello shots going down in the first place,🤢


      2. We can go 1-11 as long as we beat the Pedos. I’m serious. That’s how I think. All can be forgiven. I hate them that much.

        Moreover, there’s a good chance Pitt won’t play them again in our lifetimes. I want to go to my grave knowing Pitt won the last game played.

        There are many Nitters that will not be able to get over it. A loss to Pitt will cause their fans insufferable pain. I want that.

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        1. “Would you be willing to trade an entire season’s worth of criticism in return for a win against the Pedo’s?” said the man with the reddish skin, horns and dark suit.

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          1. I’d be willing to overlook narduzzis faults. Yes

            He has left himself plenty of rope to hang with.

            You do know that coaches get fired all the time for not beating their rival enough.

            I’m just old school in my thinking. I know what schools I hate. There is no other school that comes close.

            I would gladly sell some of my soul for a win. A few days in hell with paterno would be a blast. He’d torment me with 48-14 and I’d torment him about pooping his pants.


            1. I was there. Used that score for twenty years. Would shut a penn state fan up immediately. You’re only as good as your last game.

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            2. I can still see the line “Slash” Rutherford took to break that big one. I was lower bowl in the top deck and he was running right towards us. Harris may not have been the best recruiter but man that guy could scheme


            3. i was in the same area as you. up high enough to see the play develop and him head towards our endzone. I was surrounded by a 50/50 mix of Nitters and Panthers. The Penn State QB got into some trouble that year. I forget exactly what but I kept bringing it up to the Nitters around us. They had no comebacks. And I kept doing it. I wanted one of those D-bags to throw a punch. I was ready to go to jail that day.


        2. Tx, I’m with you all the way on this except for the going 1-11 part. I might be willing to trade a Psux win for an overall 11-1 season though. Otherwise, beating Psux and their pompous, arrogant, “Joe-didn’t-know” fans is so much more important to me than an OOC game should normally be. You’re in Texas and I’m in PA—as a result, I’m claiming squatters rights for having the most disgust for Psux. 🤬

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    2. Very interesting spin. No need to compete for your conference championship. Know your rivals? Talk about living in the past. Please explain to me how a rivalry survives never playing each other again for the foreseeable future?

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      1. Because in ten years I won’t remember our 2019 record, but I will remember beating those smug, holier-than-thou turds.


        1. I do not disagree with that philosophy Gasman and I’m very happy to hear that you feel you’ll be alive in ten years.. Wish I shared in your positivity. imo the conference games are way way more important. psu means nothing to me anymore. I wonder how Franklin’s long lost Aunt is doing and how many times he’s seen and visited her since he’s back in Pa?


        2. Exactly
          Will anyone remember that division title last year
          Will anyone remember a bowl win that isn’t New Year’s Day.
          You remember games against your hated rivals
          Particularly if it’s the last game played
          As long as there is a penn state fan, the rivalry survives
          I don’t think you understand doc how much a Pitt win would destroy a Nitters spirit and give Pitt fans everywhere bragging rights
          Don’t be so obtuse.


          1. Yes Tx, imo, everyone will be reminded of the division title when they walk through the south-side practice facilities with the “PARTICIPATION TROPHY” sitting there for years and years to come for all to see.

            Much like a bowl win that Narduzzi has failed to accomplish. If he hadn’t won the Coastal I can just imagine the uproar of his failure in that regard.

            Personally, I’m not worried about destroying psu fans spirit. Winners worry more about what they can control and again, I couldn’t care less about those pedo bozos.


            1. ike – any chance to inflict pain on a Nitter should be cherished. And a loss to a ‘scrub’ team like Pitt will be excruciating. A pain that will linger and will not subside. Those arrogant JoePa worshipers will claim it is only a sting. But theres no denying that a Pitt loss will be a cancer that will continue to grow each year. The only cure would be to play little brother again and they wont. Narduzzi better care or he has no business coaching Pitt.


        3. That’s a great point, but doesn’t sustain a rivalry. And believe me I hate state. Just sayin that in the next twenty years as far as I’m concerned the nitters can go muddle in their own mediocrity in the B1G for all I care after this last game that they have against Pitt. In the 21st. Century they’re no longer our rivals, they are dead to me.


  4. First and last time I will comment on last night debate. Speaking for myself, it’s not any individual comment and what is posted, it’s like the constant pounding on the very same topic over and over saying the same things in different words at the cost of redundancy. imo people can post whatever they want.

    Secondly there all types of posters that lean towards the negative side, we are not all created equally and posters come and go for different reasons. I will say this and it was very noticeable last year when PITT won the division many stopped posting and I’ll finish this. Many were the negative posters. Like I said, some drifted away for different reasons all together. That’s it for me on this subject

    I listened to most of the interviews. Lots of meat to chew on there.


    1. Just let it go folks. People get feisty on a Friday. Alcohol may or may not have been involved. Let’s talk some football

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      1. I agree MM. I’ll go first. Our QB can’t throw worth a 💩, we have no RB, our defense is a step too slow & Narduzzi is pretty much a crummy recruiter that get’s only losers to come play at Pitt. That felt good getting all that off my chest. Oh, I almost forgot, Pitt’s administration sucks.

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          1. I’m a work in progress Tx, like Whipple’s offense. I’ll be better by midseason. I’ll be supersnarky by the ACC Championship game. It’s a process.


    2. ike –
      if Pitt’s recruiting continues to be sub-par based on how I analyze, I’ll point it out but recruiting is pretty much over for Pitt having hit their scholarship limit. I admit I’ve gone back to that dead horse and beaten it some more.

      if Pitt fails to win their bowl and get ranked, I’ll point it out because that stuff matters and every time someone on here says it doesnt, I will respond back and say it does

      if Pitt fails to improve sports, I’ll point that out because Gallagher said Pitt would have a nice front porch

      If Pitt suffers attendance declines, fundraising issues, financial and facility problems, I will point those things out and not just gloss over

      Until problems get addressed, they should be talked about everyday until fixed with solutions
      unfortunately we arent in positions to hold Pitt leaders accountable unless there is a movement by fans or students
      But many fans read and participate on forums like this and movements often spring from discussion boards

      if enough fans lost confidence in the direction of the football program or if expectations were not being met, attendance would drop. Pitt is banking on the expectations of fans being 6-9 win seasons with the occasional bowl win

      if students finally told Pitt to stick it because busing creates a horrible experience, Pitt would be forced to do something. Pitt is banking on students seeing the ‘amenities’ of heinz outweighing any transportation issues.

      And when I call someone a name, I will point out why I think or know he deserves that name. I’m talking coaches here not posters or writers. I try to avoid name calling all together…it belittles other arguments youre trying to make. But sometimes I cant resist with Narduzzi ad I personally enjoy some of the creative names from posters.

      We should all strive to try to take the high road but forums like this are a reflection of society which has become divisive. The brave souls who post or write something here only want whats best for Pitt. There are no trolls. We have different ideas, expectations and ways to get there. That means some good and healthy debate. We shouldnt demonize peoples views…try our best to listen and be respectful. We are all part of the Pitt family and sometimes we dont get along. But our common bond is Pitt and for that we should all be grateful.

      Pray for those in El Paso and Dayton.

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  5. 3 years ago PITT beat the ACC champs on the road who went on to claim the National Championship. It’s not a participation trophy by any means imo.

    Perkins is an ok QB, I don’t think he’s that formidable.


    1. Perkins is pretty good. He’s big and he can run, and he can throw it too. He wasn’t very accurate against us last year. Maybe that was because of the rain. Maybe it’s because of the scheme


  6. I liked the Aaron Mathews interview. Seems like a very thoughtful guy, hoping that he and Tipton finally live up to their potential this year.

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  7. Obviously with a new O-line, Pitt got no break with starting with VA. It will set the tone for the season. Borbely says that O-lines don’t really come together until the fourth or fifth game. Not good considering who we play.


  8. The good news is that our D-line should be capable of putting pressure on most QB’s, and our D-backs should be able to cover most receivers. I don’t think that has been said for some time.


  9. Today I hope we can all take a moment and send our thoughts and prayers out for our POVers who are suffering family illnesses and also to the many victims and their families in ElPaso and Dayton. I believe these things can help us to keep football games in the proper perspective.

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  10. No doubt Perkins can run but he was erratic as a passer. I think that match-up goes in PITT’s favor. I’m more worried about PITTs QB. 🙂


  11. I too loved Borbely’s candor. In some respects secrecy equates to insecurity. Borbely thinks the OL will be better this year and he seems to tell it like it is. As such I will take him at his word until the optics tell me otherwise.


  12. Let me clarify something …. I may be as negative as anyone on this site. After all, I’m the one who has (1) constantly pounded the point that the Pitt program has been sub .500 over the past 30 years, (2 )continually reminded everyone that Pitt has had only one 10-digit win season since the early 80s, (3) reminded people that this program will never ever be close again to what we saw in the late 70s / early 80s, and (4) and that given its constraints, Pitt fans has no right expecting a 10 win season.

    What I protest against here is the undue criticism of the HC. Yes, he has to do better vs UNC and recruit a bit better but overall, he has done as well as better than most of his peers and against a much harder schedule. And yet that last part is constantly ignored. This is not opinion, this is fact … and I don’t know how many different sets of data I have to present to get this point across.

    Can Pitt do better if they fire Narduzzi? … maybe, But empirical data proves otherwise. Not to mention the fact that it will only cause yet another totally wasted recruiting season during the transition plus just more fodder for rival recruiters to tell the kids just how many HCs the Pitt program goes through.

    And FWIW, I was more offended by what Gasman wrote about me yesterday than what UPitt did. And in fact, I chuckled out loud when I read UPItt’s post … seriously!

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    1. wbb – you point out the facts and in Pitt’s case those facts arent pleasant. But I’m actually more hopeful than you in the program because I know Pitt can consistently reach 9-11 wins. Pitt has fewer constraints than you think.

      I think most of us are in general agreement on how to reach that next level – easier OOC, some better coaching (particularly with assistant coaches), better recruiting, win your bowl games, better QB play, some luck. Its then holding Pitt accountable.

      Pitt really isnt that far off. With some incremental improvements in those areas, Pitt could put together a string of 10 win seasons and be in a position to reload each year instead of rebuild.

      Heather is accountable for that OOC. Narduzzi is accountable for his hires, his lack of 4 star talent, his bowl record. But these things can all be easily addressed. Pitt is so close yet so far away…its frustrating.

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      1. ^^ Tx, I think you’re right on most of your post but Narduzzi doesn’t really have all that much control in getting 4* players to commit to PITT. At the same time he does get 4* talent but they are only rated 2 and 3* players out of high school. That’s what he has to do, find the best under rated players.


  13. 6&34 – I don’t think most of us have any issues with negativity. Reality is important. I know my issue with some of the “negative” labeled posters is with redundancy and repetition without offering anything new. The same can be said for the optimistic crowd. When the same things are repeated it becomes annoying. I get tired of the polarity, too. We have enough of it in politics and in our day to day lives so when I go to a fan blog I’m not really in the mood for arguments.

    A lot of it probably has to do with the offseason and trying to find stuff to talk about so it digresses into drawing lines in the sand … and I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I’m just itching for a fight so I’ll throw a hand grenade into the thread just to see what happens.

    I’ve seen a real bond between most people over the last couple of years, however. I’ve learned to accept it’s just family arguments. Jay91 showed me the light in some side conversations.

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  14. Note that Coach Borbs said that last season he was afraid to play anyone but the starting five – because the backups just weren’t ready.

    Then we play like crap after Morrissey goes down.

    Sounds like Coach Borbs knows a thing or two about what he’s talking about…

    Go Pitt.

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  15. I like Narduzzi’s coaching staff at the moment. It took him a little while but I believe he’s rounded his staff into shape. Not literally because there are a few heavy weights down on the south-side.

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    1. I agree. I think he’s finally got some stability and also a full staff of good teachers. In this case Whipple’s age is an advantage because he’s not some young hotshot trying to make a name for himself. He probably values stability more than most at 62. Same with Bates. Even the assistant coaches don’t seem like 1 and done guys. Borbs ain’t going anywhere (assuming he’s successful). Alabama already tried to steal partridge. Pitt ponied up the cash to keep him. Powell has been a fixture. Harley could be the DC-in-waiting if he hangs out for a while, or if he develops some linebackers into all-acc guys then he might make a move but he’s been around for five years now. Duzz has definitely learned on the job, but I think he has indeed learned


      1. At this point I would hate to see an injury crop up during live a live scrimmage but I suppose they need to get use to real contact. Makes sense then… Thanks Mike, I did listen to that from Borbs and wanted to make sure. << You know.. he’s old and looks like Ming, wasn’t sure if I could trust him?


  16. On a completely different subject… GC in response to your comparison of L’Vique Carter and Jordan Whitehead.

    No comparison really.

    In his debut on Offense, Whitehead plays BOTH Defense and Offense taking handoffs as a TAILBACK out of the backfield.

    In his debut, Carter gets his first action as a RECEIVER getting the ball strictly on Jet Sweeps and reverses never playing a down of Defense.

    At least that’s the way I remember it.

    I will give you this. Believe you might have been the one Poster or one of the few WAY out in front on Quadree Henderson as being a future impact Player.


    1. Ok I get your point, But I did think that Whitehead participated in some sweeps as well.

      The point I was making was that they both were defensive players to begin with.

      I also remember a few people wanting Whitehead to be moved to offense full time.

      If Carter’s hands are no good he will be back on D next year.

      Didn’t Boyd and Whitehead attempt a reverse or fake reverse one time?


      1. I just looked up Whitehead’s rushing stats, not as impressive as I remembered, 12-122 in ’15-’16 and 9-98 the next year. Quadree Henderson in his big year ran 60-681 and had an amazing 2083 all-purpose yards. Too bad he didn’t stick around for his senior year. Might have been the difference in a couple games.


        1. I think Henderson did not want to play under Watson. Just my opinion. But there is a real chance his stats would have dropped off


    1. Was completely underutilized last year. Although according to Andre Powell, Todd Sibley is faster than Carter


  17. I feel kinda pissed I missed the fireworks here. Been disconnected for a few days where internet and cellular are extremely limited but I just want you to know we have been repping here in Yellowstone.

    13yo daughter in the #24 jersey

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  18. Just for the record:

    Carters first and last name is, V’Lique Carter

    Secondly he is credited with 3 catches in 2018. << I stand corrected. Pretty sure they were all on forward hand-offs behind the line of scrimmage.


  19. ^^ Yes I read that Michelangelo. I bet if they raced different distances they both may win a few. Carter may get out of the blocks quicker in a short race??? but I don’t know. I haven’t won a race since I was a kid around ten years old. Unless you count outracing the cops later on in life. 🙂


  20. Not to take anything away from the fantastic job MM is doing, but Chas has posted another article on the Blather. This one on football. Can never have to many Pitt related blogs.


  21. Well, looks like there was a bona-fide hoo-hah on the POV yesterday.
    I really don’t want to re-start any of that, but would like to make a point or two.

    I respect everyone’s right to an opinion on this site and when I disagree I try to be respectful and if I make a joke, its not an attack.

    And I read most all of the posts, but if I am 100% truthful, I sometimes have to skim 1 or 2 guy’s posts and decide if I want to or have time to read for full comprehension. Its a lot of volume and at times some are worthy of their own blog posting vs a comment. More often than not, there are good facts and views, its just a lot for me to absorb in one sitting.

    What I object to are sophomoric, insulting posts about the administration, Athletic Dept and coaching staff. Its ironic that some who demand something better than mediocrity in the programs are stooping lower than they should to make their point. Its unnecessary and does not serve the site or the school well. And stay off my lawn, btw!

    I also have an opinion about what i see as some folk’s attempt to foment some sort of grass-roots uprising to drive change in the football and basketball programs, I’d like you to know that will never, ever work with me. I am only speaking for myself, but I just see that as an ill-conceived strategy. Keep trying if you must, but I’m not buying. I believe the path to progress here is evolution, not revolution. Again I won’t speak for others, but I do believe I am not alone in that view.

    Lets raise the standard of the posts here to something better than the typical message board. We and the programs will be better for it.

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    1. I just don’t think we can wait 150 million years for Pitt sports to evolve

      Change and progress is best achieved through revolution


  22. Having got my reaction on the temperature of the POV during the past weeks/months, I would like to comment on the topic at hand.

    Thought the videos were great. made a point to listen to Borbs, Partridge, Bates, Beatty, Pickett, Morrissey and Matthews. I expected Borb’s voice to be lower and more gravel-like. Loved his directness. Great questions from Peak and Jerry.

    Meanwhile down in Hoo-ville, many are already talking about how they view Miami as their biggest challenge this year. Lets hope our guys pick up on this. I can tell you that Wahoo fans are also talking this way. Its like last year never happened against Pitt. We g in their house and kick their butt and they are talking now about the Canes?! Its a big game fellas and I hope they are as distracted as they sound.


    1. the last time the Hoos beat Pitt was in 2014. Last year, they were favored at home, and they are likely to be favored this year also. And I wouldn’t be so worried about the this year except that it is the opener, and you really don’t know how a lot of ne starters will respond.

      But, if i’m handicapping the Coastal, my money is on Miami … again. They have way too much talent and this year, they appear to have a coach they want to play for. But it’s Miami so who knows


    2. Pitt is Virginia’s trap game right out of the gate & those intellectuals are distracted by only being focused on the smell of the cheese. SNAP!


    1. Can’t wait for your prediction Joe on the UVA game except having a blast at the tailgate. A box of chocolates is usually chalked full of good stuff. Unless you don’t like coconut. Let’s hope PITT pulls out some creamy caramel for the game!


  23. Was thinking today that with Pitt’s new faces / inexperience on the Oline, at running backs, and at TE, the UVA DC has to be lickin’ his chops and scheming to blitz a ton against Pitt in the opener.

    And we’ll get to see whether Coach Whipple has an anti-blitz scheme ready and has Kenny Pickett coached up to execute it.

    Going to be very, very interesting, me thinks!

    Go Pitt.


    1. A couple well-executed screens would be in order, John.

      Listened to Beatty’s comments on Matthews and wonder if he’d be a fit at TE? 6’4” and 220lbs


      1. Agree. Love to see some screens.

        I remember a coach saying — this was years ago — that screens took too long to practice to get the timing down, so they concentrated on other stuff. Hope that’s not the case for Pitt this season…

        Go Pitt.


    2. The problem with preparing for the Panthers on 8/31 is that you don’t know what this Pitt offense is going to look like. Where is the weakness on the OL?🤷🏼‍♂️
      What’s the tendencies of the OC’s play calling?🤷🏼‍♂️
      What’s the passing game look like?🤷🏼‍♂️
      What RB do you prepare for & where is the film on him?🤷🏼‍♂️
      Just like us Panthers fans, Mendenhall will find out what the 2019 Panthers look like on 8/31 in real time just like the rest of us.

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      1. We will certainly have the element of surprise on our side. I am hoping we also have the element of execution


  24. I go back to the video of Pickett dropping the football in the basket hoop from everywhere in the Pete. A Matthews could act as a basketball hoop imo. Throw the senior the rock and lets see what happens.


  25. I want PITT to beat state penn as much as anyone….. sans a win over Virginia? No deal… If you don’t have a ticket to the Virginia game, buy some tomorrow and support the team.

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