Training camp starts next week.  Here’s a few links to keep you going until then.

First:  Pitt released its 2019 Media guide to the general public.

Second:  Jimmy Morrissey is on the Outland Trophy watch list.  This is his second watch list so far this preseason.

Third:  Alex Kessman is on the Lou Groza award watch list.  If he has as much ice in his veins during the season as he does during bocce ball, he just might win it.  (Make sure you have the audio turned on when you watch the video)

Fourth:  Maurice Ffrench

Fifth:  Older news, but Pitt has released the preseason two-deepHere are Chris Peak’s reactions via podcast.

Sixth:  Those Miami fans bringing some swag

Seventh:  Rashad Weaver is pretty good

Rashad Weaver.jpeg

Seventh:  #97 back on the field

Eighth:  Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

267 thoughts on “Link Clearance 7/24

  1. AS I had written here, last year’s Miami game was very predictable. Pitt just came off of 4-game win streak and captured the Coastal while Miami actually was up for the game. As always …. the outcome of this year’s game is mostly dependent on Miami … whether they show up or not. Last year, their roster consisted of 34 four or five stars; this year, it will likely exceed 40.

    Kessman may have ice water in his veins when he kicks a football or soccer ball, but watch out when he has rain water on is hands when he has to catch a snap from center.



    Note that Kessman is the only current player to make any all-time list

    This is probably Narduzzi’s biggest recruiting flaw, he hasn’t recruited any all-time greats yet.

    Will any current players make any of these lists in addition to Kessman?

    Note where Tyler Boyd and James Conner finished on these lists. Boyd played with three different starting QB’s making his stats even more impressive.


  3. ABC’s GMA traveling van is in The Burg and a Steeler’s band and Pitt cheerleaders were awaiting its van. And a Chris Peak tweet shows Narduzzi and a Pitt helmet at the set. Don’t know if he has been on or will be on.


  4. Chryst recruited Boyd, Conner, Ollison and Blewitt

    Narduzzi has Peterman and Kessman on the list.

    On balance I think Narduzzi has recruited better overall with the exception of real difference makers.


  5. A quick look has Wanny with Donald, Price, Tino, Baldwin,Shanahan,Street, Graham, Lewis, and McCoy making the list.

    The very sad thing is that McKillop is the last man to make the all-time tackles list, in 2008. No one has made the list in the last ten years. Ouch!

    Twyman would look great in any uniform, glad he is wearing ours.


  6. Great to have a couple of 1000 yd rusher or how bout that Hopewell kid who ran for 2000 in one year at PITT….last year’s(absent) passing game gets an “assist” for helping our runners.

    Got to talk to Alex Kessman after the VT game..told me he missed the kicks against ND because he hates the Irish and his Mom loves them-blame it on Mom for creating that internal conflict. Great kid and nice parents.


  7. On the Weaver stats, not sure what sacks and hits are? He gets on the all time list if he surpasses 23 sacks.


      1. Weaver is a game changer and how is that? When the other team has to plan around a particular player, he’s disruptive on almost every play he’s in there. Patrick Jones the II or IIIrd will be the beneficiary of Weaver’s play as well and visey versey.

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        1. If Weaver, Jones II and Twyman all love up to potential it could be a rough year for opposing QB’s

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  8. so if it weren’t for Kessman’s mom. Pitt would have won 8 games last year … go figure

    Lousaka Polite may not have made any of the all time lists but did you know he is the only 3-time football captain? He spent several years in the NFL, got his master degree from the U, and apparently back at Pitt working with the FB team

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    1. Polite is currently the assistant athletic director for mentorship at the University of Pittsburgh. I would assume he would have some street cred. My cousin used to work for his father who was/is manager of an IT Dept at CMU, and she said he was a great guy (the father).


  9. Just heard on local news: “Carolina FB home games are sold out for the first time since 2008….Mack is baaaaack in town.” Amazing the ole guy can generate excitement like that…Carolina fans were leaving in droves under Fedora…..


    1. Kenan Memorial Stadium(NC Home) capacity 50,500. Not bad Pitt would love to average 50,000 plus for every home game.


  10. Hey B, a national championship head coach will do that.. Johnny went marching home to Tennessee after a national title and then turned right around and came marching right back to PITT and more failure. No guarantees here for UNC.


  11. MM:
    Phone still cant post. Anyway had to go to Fed Ex field for work. Heinz is a dump and Pitt got screwed going there. It is the worst stadium I have ever seen football at.


    1. relative to other pro stadiums, Heinz is a dump. But its a palace relative to most college stadiums
      problem is: its not a college stadium and is too large for Pitt’s needs
      old Pitt stadium was a dump but at least it was our dump and a better fit
      Pitt is revenue challenged and Heinz only provides about $15M each year for Pitt in revenues
      It could triple that with an on campus MPS (multi purpose stadium)…used for more than 6 events, naming rights, sponsorship’s, etc


  12. I had the wrong Bobby…Darin it is… thx Bruce…..btw still haven’t researched GT tics… will get my butt in gear… I can smell fall in the air!


  13. No problem Bernie
    I’ve always found, the bigger the butt, the more inertia there is to overcome!!


  14. The Threepenny Opera is an old book/play written by Bertolt Brecht, with Mack the knife as the main guy. I had to read that as my senior thesis in 12th grade English. He was a bad dude.

    Looking at the Twyman picture, the first thing I thought of was AD’s influence. Arm length and get off, are the most important pieces in my estimation. He looks good for sure. Nice and stout (not Cliff). Hoping for quickness and arm length too, which would be the nfl prototype. Obviously willing to put in the weight work. Probably hogging all the weights so the OL couldn’t use them.

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  15. I wonder what the average attendance was at Pitt in Johnny Majors II first year back. Was he considered the savior then? Too bad ol’ Johnny had lost the magic touch by then, but TN really screwed him over..


  16. Back to the future got 28k in avg attendance. And that was probably paid and not butts in the seat.

    Pitt should have dropped down in football back in 1993.

    3 wins that season. On average, 6 wins each season since.

    If Pitt started a hockey program then, they would have drawn more over a season than football and actually would have made money. Football was losing millions back in the 90’s.


  17. Remember. Pitt had no naming rights. Few sponsorships. No luxury suites or boxes or premium seating. Had to spend big money on maintenance and repairs on a 70 year old stadium. Received no bowl monies and TV revenue was virtually non existent. Radio probably took in more. Those were the dark days and I remember them well. Pitt fielded a team no better than IUP.


  18. Tx, c’mon… dropping down in football would have made the entire university irrelevant. There is way too much invested in education in Oakland and that is not and never was an option.

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    1. ike
      If Pitt invested the $250 million dollars that it lost in trying to run a sports business over the last 25 years and allocated towards academics, Pitt would not be tied with Florida State in the academic rankings from USNews. The vast majority of students and alumni don’t care about Pitt sports. Look at the 350k alumni and what percentage donate to sports. If people don’t care, you’ve already lost the game.


  19. The PG article today on Polite returning to a Pitt job stated that Pitt EXPECTS every player to graduate. I’m guessing they pass on some kids who would have trouble academically


    1. That’s no way to run a football business. I’m serious. You think Ohio state gives a crap? No. They care about the millions that the university makes off sports. Players are entertainers first and scholars second. Problem is that Pitt thinks it’s smarter than everyone else. It should just drop to Ivey league status with that attitude. What percent of non athletes actually graduate Pitt? Not 100 percent. This is what happens when you let compliance people run the show.


      1. Graduating kids is a bad thing? We can go the other way once we can pay kids. Otherwise, it’s exploitation. If kids can get paid market value it’s whatever … Until then I’m vehemently against chewing kids up and spitting them out. The best thing about college athletics are the stories of accomplishment. Being a football factory costs you your soul. Lol.

        I think people forget how bad Mack Brown was at the end, despite top 5 recruiting. TX still hasn’t completely recovered. I would not be concerned with that program in the least. I expect a very undisciplined team on both sides of the ball.


        1. Its not a bad thing. But its not in the top 5 responsibilities of most AD’s. But its number 1 for Heather. She touts it because she has few successes going on 3 years.

          season ticket sales down
          fundraising for Victory Heights not going well
          last in Directors Cup

          so what I’ve heard her say are life skills, community service, GPA’s, graduation rates, ACC network, new colors. Am I wrong?

          Most AD’s talk about winning, attendance (strong ticket sales), fundraising and how we’re going to crush our rival this season


          1. TX,

            She talks about her successes. She tore the department apart. In fact, burned it to the ground. it’s going to take time. She touts hiring top assistants from conference foes and grades and branding because that’s where she is winning right now. The AD donation was a huge win regardless of whether Heather influenced that decision at all. Right now it’s small things because that’s what she has … small victories.

            Everything else comes when, and if, these hires work … if focusing on the athletes works … if the branding works.

            Literally, everyone outside of Duzz was replaced. Literally, she inherited the worst P5 athletic department outside of maybe Rutgers. I keep telling everyone, Pitt is a 10 year project. No quick fixes. Hopefully, luck and a football team in year 5 of a 10 year fix can keep her afloat. Pitt was literally that bad … of course you know this already since you brought up the notion Pitt was considering dropping football altogether at one point.

            I know Upitt is a big proponent of just doing it (who cares about the how) but Pitt is not structured that way. Can’t dip into the endowment. Dismantled the Golden Panther Club in the 90’s. Board of Trustees with a Chancellor instead of a University President. Bottom of the ACC fundraising. The list goes on and on.

            Reality is that Pitt has to do it the grassroots way. From the bottom up. You can’t tell me that’s not fact. While I don’t know if Heather is any good, I do agree with her approach considering the hand she is dealt.

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            1. I agree with what you say for everything but one thing

              Heather doesnt have 10 years

              And we Pitt fans should demand to see some immediate results

              In fact, we deserve to see some high level plans to get there…wherever there is…and thats also a problem not knowing what we want to be.


            2. ultimately Heather will be judged based on the football and basketball program’s success. And I dont know how Pitt defines success. Thats a problem because I hear them go back and forth on it. And Victory Heights. I just hope Pitt is smart enough to not go into too much debt on this project. And I hope they pursue 100% of it but I have my serious doubts. Whats troubling is the crickets.


  20. Dropping down was seriously discussed. Reed knows. The university was subsidizing athletics by a significant amount. Pitts athletic budget at the time was around $40 million. It was losing over $10 million each year. That’s a 25 percent subsidy. That’s unsustainable.

    And Pitt wasn’t dependent on sports driving the brand. Sports actually tarnished the brand if anything. Sports cost Pitt millions. Sports was hurting more than helping. Pitt students don’t pick their school due to sports. There was and still is little connection to alma mater driven by sports in Pitts case. We readers and posters are a very small minority.

    What has sports done for Pitt since? Pitts academic ranking has dropped. Pitts athletics losses cost students over $500 each year. Pitts brand is no better.

    Pitt doesn’t understand sports. So it has no business being in it.


    1. Tx, not saying dropping down wasn’t seriously discussed but seriously considered is a different word. It wasn’t and won’t ever happen. PITT takes themselves way too serious to be a second grade institution.


      1. Pitt thinks they offer an Ivey league education. That’s because they are a big research school. You ever see a prof teach a class at Pitt? They research, they publish and they take federal grant monies. Educating isn’t in their playbook.

        And our chancellor prefers to sip tea with other ACC eggheads who live in ivory towers. God forbid if he had to drink beer with the MAC presidents.


  21. Pitt’s academic standing has been affected by the lack of funding by the state. They had to raise tuition to offset the loss in state funds over the years. They need to get more students from out if state and sports should help in this area


    1. How do bad sports attract out of state students?

      Pitts funding from the commonwealth has steadily declined since the 70’s.

      For all intents and purposes, it’s a private school these days. And Pitt probably will go full private at some point in the near future. Only around 10 percent of their operating budget is subsidized these days.

      I don’t like the funding being cut but Pitt is very wasteful in spending. They don’t run the school as a business. They have far too many programs and far too many aging properties.

      Pitt is primarily responsible for their fate in both academics and athletics.

      An in state student can attend UT at Austin for 11k tuition. Same state funding level as Pitt. Pitts tuition is 19k. UT much better in both academics and athletics.

      Pitt is grossly negligent.

      Sometimes I swear that Pitt could pass for the university of Moscow.

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      1. this is their ‘Cathedral’
        damn thing is only 35 stories compared to 42 but that spire makes it the tallest educational building in the world


      2. Pitt is now over $20k- tuition only. Trust me, I just wrote the first semester check. (Not really. I paid online. Who writes checks anymore?)


  22. TX – I’m sure you’re correct about all this and it sure is fun reading your posts!

    Well, maybe not the fun part. 🤔

    I’m old and don’t really give a crap. I just want to enjoy whatever I can from the fightin’ Pitt Panthers…👍

    Go Pitt.

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      1. When I point out negative things at Pitt, I do my best to present facts as evidence to support those negative views and sometimes opinions. Pitt has warts and we shouldnt say they dont exist or be afraid to talk about them.

        Pitt sports is bad. Thats a fact. See Directors Cup. The worst P-5 school and it wasnt even close.
        Pitt sports is revenue poor. Thats a fact. Only $80M in revenue ($30M is from the ACC check alone). One of the lowest P-5 schools
        Pitt sports loses money. Thats a fact. 15% of the budget is subsidized (only 3-4 P-5 schools have higher subsidies)

        So do you see these factual things as problems or not?
        If you do see them as problems, what is Pitt doing about it?

        I also see the positive and have been on record – no scandal, graduating players, won the division, had a ranked volleyball and wrestling team.

        Forums like this provide two POV’s. I focus on the negative since those things need addressed ASAP.

        I’m less concerned about the Directors Cup since Pitt hired several new coaches and it will take some time to turn things around. Pitt should have never allowed their programs to fall this low however. Hopefully the new coaches will help improve play. Pitt has a good enough budget and facilities to compete so those arent valid constraints and excuses anymore

        Pitt is revenue poor because it cant sell tickets, get corporate sponsors and convince alumni and fans to donate. Its their job to figure this out or else heads should roll.

        Pitt loses money because it doesnt treat sports like a big business. Thats my opinion. Moreover, nobody is holding Pitt accountable. They purposely dont publicly share this info because its bad. transparency will create accountability. Sports dies in secrecy.

        I’ll continue harping on the negative until the negative goes away.

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  23. Some get miffed at me when I get into and engage in a tiff with a fellow POV member which is honest and fair in my mind. But holy hell to GOSH, can we turn the page once in a while? This PITT bashing is getting old for me. I get into trouble for supporting the PITT football program. This PITT trashing has got me down down down……………..

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    1. Pitt may very well be a better school without sports. I know it’s blasphemy to say. But,

      Pitt would save money
      Pitt could sell off properties and land
      Few students pick Pitt due to sports
      The Pitt sports brand is mediocre at best
      Few students attend sports games and few alumni donate to sports.
      Pitt could focus on the mission statement

      How is the university improving academics and the overall student experience through sports?

      Does Pitt really have an attractive and functional front porch?

      To me, the new student Rec center will do more to improve a students experience and quality of college life than being bused to any football game.

      If sports ended at Pitt with a blink of an eye, would anyone notice or care?

      The sad truth is that very few would.


      1. TX – we get it! Pitt’s athletic department sucks!

        WE GET IT! You can put the hammer down.

        Now, it certainly isn’t worth it in your budget calculations, but I happen to be one of those students who played on one of those teams that cost the university money. We didn’t win any championships or even come close and the only people who came to games were parents and girl friends. Yet every player on that team got to compete at the college level, got to experience being on a college team and learn all those outside-the-classroom lessons that goes with that experience.

        Was it cost-effective? No. Did we have an outstanding team? No. But to a shy kid working his way through engineering school – the experience and memories were priceless.

        Go Pitt.

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      1. I know.

        We are a dying Pitt breed. The joy of attending and experiencing a Pitt game isn’t being passed down to other generations. To truly be Pitt, one must experience Pitt through sports.

        I’ve seen gottfried running down the sidelines after beating Penn State. I’ve heard the vile chants of Hoopie fans. I’ve smelled the aromas of tailgate foods, tasted many special dishes, and drowned my sorrows after defeats with Yuengling beers.

        “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain”.

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    1. 🙂 How did you know Tx? …. That’s true enough friend but some like to piss into the wind as well. You know what that gets you? .. Even a blind man knows that pissing into the wind is not a great idea….


  24. On a serious note, I’m going to take a chance and tell you that Rick Caldwell aka “Erie”is dealing with his wife Rachel falling into a diabetic coma 5 weeks ago. I emailed him on a golf issue and he brought me the news. I do not have a prognosis.

    I hope posting this will not piss off Rick as he is a dear friend but I believe in the power of prayer. He and Rachel need all the prayers they can get. Please put them in yours.

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      1. She truly is….as are all our wives who have put up with us and made us better people. Mine is a saint….as only you could imagine. Blessings and peace to all the POVers with family issues.

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  25. God Bless Rachel, Angie and myself have been praying for weeks for her recovery. They are both great people to hang around with at a fire-pit after a PITT game and mostly at a Fran tailgate. Get better Rachel, we have a season to get ready for. !!


  26. Thoughts and prayers for Rick and Rachel. Our POV prayer list continues to grow in our house. Not complaining…or being a downer…..

    See, another realistic post!

    Tex – I don’t find your comments to be same old stuff. Most all is spot on. It is bad decisioning 101. Pitt has no clue how to get the academics and the athletics working in the same direction. Pitt Admin cannot admit they don’t have the answers and start hiring people that know how to do this stuff. It’s a weakness and other universities have surpassed us in both academics and athletics.


  27. Erie, our thoughts are with you in this difficult time. I wonder if without Pitt sports such a group as the POVers would exist and be there to support one another as this group does. We are seeing in real time how collegiate sports can bring the Pitt family together. Can anyone put a dollar value on the intangibles that Pitt sports provides?

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    1. any forum where ideas are debated and opinions passionately expressed is a community. And readers and commenters do feel like family so it does hurt when someone goes through a difficult time. My thoughts are with you as well Erie.

      This got me to think on what does sports actually provide
      sports provides two primary things for a school: pride and recognition
      very tough factors to quantify in dollars

      but while some schools can transform those factors into tangible results, Pitt remains clueless

      sports has never been woven into the fabric of a students life at Pitt. sports has never been a strong part of an alumni’s identity with Pitt. Pitt has never created a culture that nourished sports enabling students to feel pride and to keep school spirit alive by connecting alumni back to campus.

      students dont pick Pitt because of its sports teams. alumni dont donate to Pitt athletics
      Pitt doesnt have many fans and a very low ratio of fans to living alumni

      the nation would know of the University of Pittsburgh if sports never existed at Pitt. The city of Pittsburgh is known across the nation for its role in the Industrial Revolution, its pro sports teams and by being the most livable city. People know where its on a map.

      Pitt is a school that attracts regional applicants who attend primarily for an education. Students arent expecting sports to enrich their college experience at Pitt.

      schools that know the value of sports can use sports as a vehicle to achieve many tangible goals such as:
      1 – increasing student satisfaction and retention
      2 – increasing student applications and the quality of applicants
      3 – increasing alumni donation rates and the amount of giving
      4 – increasing the brand equity in the school
      5 – providing scholarships to student athletes and entertainment to fans

      I just havent seen sports at Pitt (primarily mens football and basketball) providing much if any intangible or tangible benefits.

      Gallagher mentions the front porch of a school helps the school get recognized. Well Pitt’s front porch is in pretty bad shape and some might think it should be condemned and knocked down.

      I dont see how Pitt’s ratty porch is helping attract students. I dont see how that porch being a good place to hang out. I dont see the porch adding to the value of Pitt’s brand.

      This blog has brought people together…fans and alumni alike. Its helped connect people back to Pitt. So sports has brought a few of us together and united but our numbers are small.

      the shame is that sports at Pitt could be a great unifier but historically its been a divider. Moreover, its still not being used by the university as a way to connect people.

      This forum is proof that a few of us do care and are passionate about something – sports at Pitt. Its incumbent on Pitt to find ways to get more people to care…to grow the family.

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  28. Golfing with my tailgate buddy Wolfe today…need to start planning for the upcoming season.
    Prayers to Rick and Rachel…they are special people.

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  29. My thoughts & prayers go out to Rick & Rachel.

    I have met Rick twice (Syracuse & Wake tailgates) but not Rachel. But it was Rachel who generously lugged around her Bill Hillgrove bobblehead doll so that Rick could mail it to me. Really great people.

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  30. Thinking of Rick and Rachel this morning. They are two very special people. Words can not express how much I hope things turn out well.

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  31. Couple thoughts:

    Rick, hope Rachel is seeing improvements each and every day! Not sure if I’ll be able to attend any games but I’ll try like heck to get my mini Buffalo chicken balls you liked so much down to one of Fran’s tailgates.

    Tx IS an excellent poster and he does as Eric mentioned make very good and articulate points. Speaking only for myself, it’s the theme and or topic that is redundant imo.

    The POV is a unique and wonderful place to be a part of. So hats off again to Reed. Hope all is great with you and yours.


  32. I disagree with Tex on a few points: When attending Pitt, I certainly felt a part of the national sports scene that Pitt was a part of (games against USC and UCLA, for example). Granted, the past few decades have soiled the athletics reputation a bit, but I still think a national telecast of a Pitt sporting event helps with school publicity and does reach out to alums across the country as a reminder of where they came from, and that their school is nationally known.

    Pitt needs out of state students, and the studies show that elevating an athletics program nationally will produce more out of state applications. This in turn brings in out of state tuition in greater proportions that does not show up in the athletics dept budget. Part of the problem at Pitt has been that it was/is a commuter school, so a smaller percentage of kids live on campus and go to the sporting events. TV games can overcome this problem a bit, but getting alum contributions will always be a problem without a dedicated organization such as the Golden Panthers to focus exclusively on the problem.

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    1. I generally agree with you VOR.
      I agree that sports can help increase a schools brand
      I agree that sports can help get a school noticed
      I agree that sports can help connect one and lead to giving

      I dont see the current state of Pitt sports helping the brand, attracting applicants and leading to higher levels of donations. And you probably agree on those points as well.

      Even if Pitt sports became successful, I have my doubts on the impact of attracting out of state students. Sports isnt part of ones identity at Pitt. Pitt doesnt have the culture for it. Sports is not effectively used by the university to instill school spirit and pride.

      I also think most of Pitt’s out of state students are actually international students who have never heard of American football and may very well leave the country after graduation.

      I do agree that seeing Pitt on TV helps. Whether its sports or a new discovery or for excellence in some discipline (like cyber attacks). Does anyone know that Pitt is leading the way to stop the Russians from attacking our democracy and elections? I’m damn proud of that.

      Pitt has actually done a pretty decent job creating on campus housing. I think its days as being labeled a commuter school are over. But, I still think being bused off campus to football games is an issue.

      And getting alumni to contribute can be helped with an organization like the Golden Panthers (with proper compliance and controls to limit abuse and influence). Maybe thats something Heather is made for given her Compliance background. Lack of donations is a huge issue impacting revenues at Pitt. Having a group like the GP’s would be a step in changing the sports culture. But, I dont see this happening under the current leadership.

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    2. 33 percent of Pitts undergrads are from out of state or country

      5000 from states other than PA with NY, NJ, MD and OH comprising the vast majority.

      1000 from outside the US. Mainly from China.

      The other 13,000 undergrads are from PA with the lions share from Allegheny County. 80 percent are from WPA.

      I don’t understand why such a low percentage of students from EPA. I know it’s Penn State territory but Pitt should be able to do far better. Students from NY and NJ almost outnumber them.

      Is Pitt too unsophisticated for someone from Philly?


      1. They are definitely too unsophisticated for someone from Wilkes-Barre or Scranton,,,,,,

        Wait, never mind, that’s completely untrue.

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  33. Here’s a quick one for you Tx, with the very big help of Aaron Donald’s generous donation, I would think that would put Heather fairly far up the ladder in raising money for the year?


    1. Going off memory – Pitt has historically received around $7M in athletic donations each year. This number is actually very stable. Probably because Pitt has been so consistently mediocre…no championships, breakout seasons, Heisman winners in 40 years. So AD’s donation places Pitt at $8M unless Heather is having wild success getting donations for Victory Heights or a secret plan to build a OCS.

      Schools like Penn State receive roughly $25-$35M each year. They have more than twice as many living alumni though. For some reason, its much easier to ascertain figures from Penn State. They dont hide their financials and operate in secrecy…unless they are covering up for Paterno.

      Most elite schools have donations well in excess of $40M.

      A large part of Pitt’s revenue gap is explained by donations

      Some revenue perspective (all rough estimates)

      Pitt at $7M donations
      Penn State at $30M (i’m actually surprised its not much higher)

      Pitt at $15M football revenues (ticket sales, concessions, parking)
      Penn State at $55M (typically 7 home games and not 6 like Pitt most years, and 2.5x the attendance)

      Pitt at $30M for ACC check
      Penn State at $55M for Big10

      And I’m sure Penn State dwarfs Pitt in merchandise sales and sponsorship’s/licensing/advertising

      This is why Pitt will never be elite (football and across most sports) and shouldnt even try. There’s at least a $80 Million dollar shortfall relative to Penn State

      But Pitt can be competitive and successful relative to its ACC peer group. However Pitt’s overall revenues still lag most ACC schools. To Pitt’s credit, they have the 5th highest spend for football in the ACC.

      But how are they doing it if revenues lag? They are deficit spending and thats not sustainable.


  34. I have worked with Aaron Donald on a limited basis over the last two years with my business and we’ve discussed Pitt football on several occasions. While I can’t discount Lyke’s involvement with any certain facts, it is my STRONG belief that his donation was a result of his love for his City and his alma mater (he wears a BIG medallion of the cityscape on the chain around his neck) and would likely have been made regardless of any of her efforts.

    Just my opinion.

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    1. One could probably say that about ND’s or Alabama’s Athletic Directors as well. Its not them, its the intertia of the program that preceded them. Its their job not to “eff” it up.

      A lot is made of coaches or Athletic Directors coming in and quickly turning programs either around or getting them established. Those folks are unicorns of sorts – not really as rare, but they arent dropping out of trees either.

      And FWIW, I don’t see you as a Lyke hater – just a passionate fan, Jay.

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  35. Jay, you raise a good point and here is my take. There is no doubt that Aaron Donald loves where he comes from and Heather had a small role in his donation. My point would be a good manager knows when to step in to help and solve problems and when to step off and let others fix the problems or situation. In other words, she didn’t muck anything up like the two previous AD’s mismanaged to do. “the steve” turned off many alumni and former players and alienated them from the PITT football program like the goof he was. Who knows what Aaron Donald may have done if somehow that clown was still around? at the very least, Heather and Narduzzi didn’t mess with this opportunity and let it slip through their fingers.


  36. At PSN today in reading today’s daily recruiting notes you will come to a video of Kenny Pickett QB trick shots. Let’s all hope Pickett can be accurate on August 31st against Virginia.


  37. Jay, liked your comment…ask next time you see AD ask him if we can get a replica of that chain for the DL to wear everytime they kick some butt/get disruptive behind in the enemies back-field…AD is the man. He loves PITT and the City like all who post on here.


  38. If KP could only produce with that kind of “Hollywood” majic on the field (sigh)..if you remember NP and Johnny FB had trick shot hi-lights…how did that work out for them….maybe Heather needs to add an orange BB hoop to the receivers…


    1. Well BB if Pitt goes into the Va game plus 2 1/2 points with no serious injuries I’m going to lay a grand at a PA casino on Pitt to win.

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  39. Prediction…………. Mr Whipple will throw away the Charmin and take the handcuffs off KP and everyone will be squeezing Kenny instead.


  40. Comment on the comments by Ike and others on the A.D. donation and the roles of H.L., other Pitt.personnel and what might have happened if Smiling Steve and others had still been around. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” It is amazing how many supposed “leaders” don’t get that. Heather I think you did your job. H2P! Soccer Gramps

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    1. ^^ Good one Gramp’s, how bout this one. Don’t over-manage, look around/research before making any decisions, keep your eyes and ears to the ground, don’t bite the hands that could feed you and keep it simple stoopid..

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      1. Haha.

        I’d bet it has to do with his complete inability to block anyone.

        If he’d just worked on that a bit more (actually a lot more) in college …


        1. Mike, I get that but wasn’t the real knock on Hall that he didn’t have a little shake, wiggle and cut back ability? He will end up on a NFL roster by seasons beginning.


          1. Just one mans opinion. NFL is a passing league. The only ppl who know for sure are the browns.


  41. FWIW, when I read of the AD generous donation, it never crossed my mind that Heather had any influence one way or another. AD was always a Pitt /Pgh guy; didn’t he invest in a bar something in Oakland a couple of years ago?

    Anyone getting cut right at the beginning of training camp may not be because of a an on-field issue but I have no idea what it could be.

    I am saddened by the news of EE and wife, and wish them the best.


  42. I too am sorry to hear of Rachel’s battle, which again reminds us of how relatively unimportant the events discussed here are in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time thank goodness for Pitt Football and the POV as worthy diversions from the pressures of our lives. We too will be praying for you, Rick and Rachel!

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  43. Chris Peak has a pretty good 3-2-1 (free) column on PatherLair. He puts pre-season picks in proper perspective along with some data to back it up.

    But he also brought up this sobering fact ,,,In 26 seasons since Pitt joined the Big East, Pitt has never – never – gone undefeated in nonconference play.

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    1. Just recently Pitt and Syracuse were the lone two teams to not go undefeated at least once in their non-conference portion. It doesn’t shock me with Pitt’s leadership, scheduling and coaching.

      Hilarious in the 90s when Pitt’s administration killed its football program for academics yet still scheduled Texas and Ohio State in the same seasons.

      Brilliant idea, just like giving Gottfried a “Lifetime” contract then firing him a year later. Heather strikes me as one who wants to play tough games in September because it seems cool. She sure as heck better add an easy game to complete the 2021 schedule. Tennessee, Clemson, Miami sounds tough and who knows what the new coaches at Georgia Tech and North Carolina will do at their respective programs.


  44. Tex, your research on Pitt football, student make up and donations is needed impeccable. You are the most knowledgeable poster on this site (except maybe for Reed), and I accept most all your arguments. So why do some of us hold out hope that things will improve? I have tried to separate out what part is structurally built in and can’t be fixed, what part could be remedied with exceptional leadership and what part is simply incompetence. I’m hoping that most is due to incompetence…which gives us a chance.

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  45. Imagine what the athletic donations will be in 20 years when the video game playing millennials will be in the work force and most of us will be in the nursing homes.

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  46. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.
    But I think Pitt needs to identify what is wrong and then put a plan in place to fix it
    Do they recognize that Pitt is revenue poor? If so, what is the plan to fix it?
    Once you have plans, you find the right people to execute
    Again, it starts with a plan and most of the time we fans are kept in the dark
    We are left to ponder and hope that Pitt is working on ways to improve

    I’m pretty resigned to accept Pitt for what it has been and is and probably will shall-ever be. And thats a revenue poor school spending money on sports that it doesnt have so it can maintain the privileges of being in an exclusive club.

    Would I like to see 10 win seasons? Sure. What would be the plan to get there? And I’m over-simplifying but better players, better coaching, easier schedule and some luck. Each of those things have separate plans…plans within plans. Things get complicated quickly and the best efforts can easily unravel.

    There arent any easy answers. It comes down to managing expectations (managing down for some like me) and being truthful about identity. The culture and fanbase at Pitt does support competitive football and basketball programs. But being competitive is subjective and unfortunately what qualifies at Pitt is a lower bar than many schools.

    We wont find sustained excellence in sports unless more fans like me demand it (I’m in a small minority) or unless the culture is fundamentally transformed. Theres not enough pressure to make significant structural changes. It would take a change in mindset from the BOT and a Chancellor who knows what a front porch really is.

    Here’s my take on ‘front porch’ taking some liberties and poetic license from Shawshank during Red’s final parole board hearing:

    Front Porch?
    Well now, let me see. You know I have no idea what that means.
    I know what you think it means Gallagher.
    To me, its just a made up word so Chancellors like you can act important and drink cocktails at ACC functions
    I look back on the way I was then, a young, stupid kid dressed in a Marino jersey who believed in the power of Pitt sports.
    I want to talk to him, tell him the ways things are, but I cannt.
    That idealistic kid is long gone and this disillusioned old man is all that is left. I got to live with that.
    Front Porch?
    Its just a bulls**t word.
    So you go on and play games off campus and stop wasting my time.
    Because to tell you the truth, I dont give a crap.

    I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.

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    1. Tx, interesting post for sure. Your comment “That idealistic kid is long gone and this disillusioned old
      man is all that is left “ reminded me of something I heard a long time ago: “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, “What the hell happened?”

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  47. Very Sorry Rick and will keep you both in prayers. Let me
    know if you need anything.

    Great Post Tex. Love the Shawshank Tie In.


    1. It gets ranked high because of the view and because of the drunken crowd waving fans. More winning than losing. And the Great Hall.

      But It’s a steel and concrete eyesore. Only a two tier stadium. Upper deck pitch is too steep. Need to walk up and down long stretches of concrete to climb in elevation. Did the Rooney’s ever hear of escalators. Piss troughs. Poor audio and tiny video. Poor lighting. Not a green stadium. Rated as one of the worst playing surfaces. Yellow seats. No wide open concourses. Sub standard suites. Cramped seating. Limited WiFi. Not a loud stadium given acoustic design. No good bars or restaurants inside.

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      1. The best I’ve visited have all been indoors. Climate control. Very loud. Easier to make technology work. Far better experience for sound, lighting and video. Less cramped.

        Some of my worst experiences have been outdoors when I got soaked, sun burnt or frost bitten.

        Build a retractable roof stadium with plenty of glass for surrounding light. More PPG and less US Steel.

        Yes that would add an extra $150 million to the price tag. Would force you to use it all year round but at least you now could.


    2. Tossing – Heinz is a cess pool. I have been to many and we built many. Industry knowledge Heinz is cheap, built cheap and blah in the industry. Sorry just well
      Known fact buddy.


      1. Mark – I agree there are aspects of Heinz that arent so good. And some things that have been added since then look more like afterthoughts rather than the extension of a master plan. Still SMH over how the upper deck endzone seats could never be tied into the sideline sections – different heights, different angles.

        But having said that, consider the times when it was built – Pittsburgh’s “new economy” had not yet emerged and area population was declining. I felt at the time we were lucky to get a new stadium at all.

        Heck, Buffalo has yet to get a new stadium, Cincinnati’s isn’t much different than ours and the same can be said for Cleveland’s. Perhaps its a rust belt thing?


        1. its a macho thing
          Pittsburgh wanted to reflect its blue collar past
          so the design and materials reflected it
          tough steel and concrete
          but those materials dont age well aesthetically

          most modern stadiums arent even trying to replicate the look of past stadiums
          few if any stadiums use earth materials like stone or brick as the facade anymore
          the designs are more modern featuring glass and plastics…allowing light to penetrate and the use of LED’s


          1. Gentlemen – The NFL is littered with bad stadiums. It’s still top 10 almost universally regardless of your opinions. There are better stadiums but there are a lot more worse stadiums.


            1. Plus it’s 15 years old and will be replaced in 15 years. The next “new” one will also be top 10.


            2. Its much better than most college stadium just because of the amenities

              But I still have to disagree in regards to professional stadiums

              It really is an ugly design (I wont even mention the yellow seats or stupid Catsup bottle)
              2 tier stadium making the top tier way too steep
              one endzone doesnt even connect with the two sides
              very little overhangs to protect fans against the rain and sun
              few escalators
              tiny video board
              uninspiring exterior visual
              poor acoustics

              Heinz hasnt aged well. Its no Tom Cruise. More like Kelly McGillis.


  48. We need some time with Lykke. Pitt wasn’t a quick fix and she burnt the athletic department essentially to the ground after a year of evaluating. Too soon for any judgement. No idea whether she will be the one to fix Pitt but ripping and replacing the department was necessary so at least she accomplished that.

    🙏🙏🙏, Rick


    1. it was a pure economic decision
      Pitt didnt have the money to renovate the football stadium and build a new basketball arena
      The cost was estimated around $150M to ‘upgrade’ and renovate Pitt stadium…new seating, more concessions and restrooms, suites and boxes
      It probably would have vastly exceeded that amount since it would have required a complete gut-out

      But Steve didnt focus on the cost. Pitt could have found a way to finance both projects. It just would have required Steve to work harder and fundraise. And it would have taken longer for the construction to come to fruition.

      Pitt took advantage of a partnership with the Steelers.

      Steve obviously didnt understand the real implications of moving football off campus…severing the connection that fans and alumni had with campus

      He touted the benefits such as: improved attendance, improved recruiting, more wins, pro football amenities, a chance to showcase the Pitt brand outside campus

      In retrospect, it was a colossal mistake.


  49. I see from PSN that Pitt is in the final two (with WVU) for 4- star OT Branson Taylor.

    Uh-oh, he’s from Ohio…🤔

    Listed as 6’6” and 290. Supposed to decide in September. Obviously would be a huge get for Pitt…🤞

    Got to win those first two games! But at this point, they both scare the crap out of me…😳

    Go Pitt.


  50. I prefer to attend games in the elements.
    Nothing like a crisp autumn day or evening.
    Jerome Bettis bowling over Brian Urlacher in a snowstorm would never happen in a dome.

    Put a game in a dome and I may as well stay at home and watch it on TV.

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    1. but you are in the minority
      few want to watch a game in harsh elements like a monsoon (been there, done that), freezing temperatures or scorching heat in the sun
      close the venue on those extreme days (have you noticed our climate is becoming more extreme?)
      open her up (retract the roof) on nice days which should be 70% of all games

      attendance is dropping due to the better experience on TV
      few if any Millennials (the largest generation…sorry its not you Boomers) want to sit in a cramped seat without wifi for 3 hours.
      the designs of future stadiums will reflect their needs

      expect less seats, more open concourses, more standing areas. And just more movement.

      with the exception of certain sections, there will be no such thing as assigned seating

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  51. Aside from a raucous stadium filled with drunken, toothless inbreds, I’m not sure what advantage WVU has at recruiting over us.
    Better school.
    Better city.
    Better education.


    1. That’s true, Gasman, but someway, somehow they get some pretty good players to go there…


      Go Pitt.


  52. Twyman is jacked. d line will be impressive. He learned to work from Donald. Built like him now.


    1. but thats what they show the recruits during their visit
      this is what the girls look like once the clock hits midnite


  53. Slow day at the office. If I could be so pretentious to offer up a few ikeism’s? 🙂

    If you’re getting ready to go to bed tonight and slip in between the sheets and you haven’t told anyone or anything all day that you love them. Get a dog, you deserve better.

    Never say I Love you TOO! It rings hollow.

    Don’t just love the one you’re with, LOVE the one you’re with!

    I’m to busy telling the truth to tell lies… It’s liberating, just don’t ask me if your haircut looks nice or if you guys look nice in that dress……….. I’ll lie……

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  54. Gasman… they are probably like ECU down here… can accept pupils with a lower academic abilities… My son in law once told me the classification – has a name… how low can you go… lower threshold for admission than Carolina or State…


  55. Rick, I truly hope Rachel comes out of this fine. I really enjoyed our time by the fire pit. So sad to here about this.

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  56. As we sit here and discuss the sad situation that is Pitt athletics, it strikes me that all our hope of correcting 35 years of mediocrity lies with one person Heather Lyle. And what it comes down to is that we really don’t know if she is up to it. Why should she succeed when others have failed? Can she raise funds? Don’t know. Can she build facilities? Don’t know. Can she navigate though the administration and BoT politics? Don’t know. What we do know is that we’ve only seen small ball so far.

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    1. The Pitt sports that matter to me are FB, and men’s and women’s basketball.

      I’d give Heather an A for her hires of the two basketball coaches – Coach Capel and Coach White… I think both were excellent choices.

      Go Pitt.

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      1. VoR, you are definitely the VoR, and MM, you made a couple major points. The only thing I can add is that Pitt appears well to be on its way to also being pretty darn good in VB and wrestling, 2 indoor sports where Pitt can compete evenly with its southern competitors.


        1. Indoor is key
          Plus wresling isn’t big down south. Pitt resides in a wrestling hotbed of talent
          And for whatever reason, the ACC is bad in volleyball
          Pitt has Clemson’s role

          Girls volleyball is very popular in Texas and the quality is excellent.


  57. Jumping in late on this, but I have been saying for years that Hall did not have above average vision. He’s a straight ahead runner that may have one move, but that’s about it. Very good college football player, but not an elite running back. Hips were average. Speed on the straight away was terrific.

    He is a great team and Pitt guy and should continue to tryout for whoever gives him a chance.

    I won’t comment on the AD.


    1. Capel – Without his Duke Shirt on is blah at best. He is a life long assistant coach at a program where the school name does all the work.

      Woman’s Basketball – No one cares or even knows who is the coach other than he lost a ton.


      1. UPitt – Coach Capel was a life-long assistant except for when he was a head coach. 😊

        And as far as “nobody” caring or knowing who the coach is, that applies to every sport at Pitt except for FB and men’s BB. (And even in FB and BB, chances are only the die-hards and a few others could tell you the coaches names.)

        Go Pitt.


        1. If he doesn’t have a schtick, he would get criticized for that as well.

          I think the real problem is that this generation of Western PA high school kids have grown up seeing schools like the Tide, Clemson, LSU (and did you see their new, over-the-top locker room?), ND and the SEC on prime time national TV and in BCS bowls. Pitt, when it has had the prime time games, rarely impressed.

          Those schools come calling and doesn’t really matter who is at Pitt – there is a good chance they lose out.

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            1. A 28 million dollar locker room, the world gets crazier every day. Even more crazy is the guys justification.


          1. Which is the Admin and Lame Duck Chancellors fault and no name AD political hires from the MAC. And barnes and Pederson. All 3rd rate pikers that wouldnt be qualified to call umbers at the DMV

            He changes Schticks every year when the last one didnt work.


    1. I see that the PSN story omits the PSU offer where longtime Gateway coach is an assistant. I guess a minor victory for us Pitt fans if he rejects Franklinstein.

      Sad but true


  58. Despite of all the daily negativity directed at the Pitt athletic department (much of it well deserved) and all things Pitt, I am really looking forward to actual football this year. Hoping that all the new guys on offense that are finally getting their opportunity will make the best of it. Looking forward to a mature defense to make some big plays.

    Hoping that the daily regurgitation of everything that is wrong, has been wrong and will continue to be wrong at Pitt will take a back seat for a while. Knowing that is impossible as soon as our team loses a game.

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    1. Having lived in the Cleveland area from late 2010 thru half of 2018, I saw unbridled optimism from Browns’ fans in August every year. It took a 1-15 season to finally convince them just how bad the team was.

      No matter what the sport, fans generally are very optimistic about its team chances at the beginning of the season. While I think there are plenty of reasons for optimism this year, thee are still question marks that need to be faced … not to mention that the Coastal promises to be much more competitive this year.

      I have no idea what to expect. Many of the so-called experts have Pitt winning anywhere from 5 to 7 games. I would like to think 7 or 8 is possible


      1. Agree that there is no way to predict outcome with all of the new guys on offense.
        I said the same thing last year when there was a lot of over exuberance surrounding KP.
        Same thing this year, another brandy new O-line and RB’s and a real question-mark in KP.
        He is still the key, must do much better this year, or results will be closer to 5 than 8.


  59. Year 5 and this Gorilla can’t even win 9 games. No one cares so Admin can extend him and say they are competing for Championships. His act would never work at a program that cares about results. They woukd tell him and his parade for winning a coastal to pack his bags. Here we build a statue. .

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  60. No one is building statues Mark. This is college football where and when a head coach has to convince players to play on his team. Should Heather be ridiculing him in public for only winning the Coastal division while losing 7 games? That sure would help the PITT football program and help with recruiting.


  61. the justification used for those LSU facilities was logistical. Kids could stay there and not have to go back across campus for a study hall or to a dorm. they could then spend more time studying film, learning the playbook, lifting weights and bonding with other football players

    what this does is sever their ties with campus and the rest of the study body

    i have never liked athlete only dorms or athlete only cafeterias

    i think its a good thing to have players attend class, room with other students and be seen on campus

    schools like this make a mockery of the student athlete. this excessive pampering is disgusting.

    might as well pay them as minor league players and believe me that day is coming when 25-30 schools will break away and form their own football conference

    schools are doing their players a disservice until then. they are creating a culture and facilities where sports is placed over academics. 95% of these players wont make it to the pros even at schools like LSU. And then they dont graduate or have worthless degrees if they do

    why would a student want to support their school if their players live by different rules, arent even part of the student body or are now going to get paid as semi pro athletes?

    what made college sports fun to me was actually knowing some of these players and attending class with them, seeing them on campus as regular students albeit in varsity jackets

    you support a program more when you personally know the players

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  62. LSU makes that 28M in parking. You guys aware their apparel sells and they sell out 95k a week.


    1. they have the money to do this but dont you think its ridiculous
      they justify it as logistical (to allow more time for players at training facilities) and for recruiting purposes
      its their right to spend their sports money as they see fit
      but dont you think it makes a mockery of the student/athlete

      why should Pitt even have schools like this on their schedule
      its not even close to a competitive playing field

      i’m glad Miami is really the only Coastal school that might be this crazy


      1. It is a littl much but do a lot at LSU and UF and always see the atheltics mixed in with other students and the regular students support them and support them on Sat to the tune of almost 100k fans. Clemson is no different buddy. Oppulent.


  63. BTW, year 5 has yet to begin………. Narduzzi hasn’t won 9 games in 4 years but his conference record is 20-12


  64. I’d fire him. You know that and I would hire the OC who is at OSU and was at Oklahoma State.


    1. I’m sure you would fire Narduzzi and replace him with several of the Coastal division coaches from last season that you were so found of at this time last year.


    2. I don’t believe you’re endorsing Mike Yurcich, UPITT. You complain about PN’s qualifications and work history and then you’d hire that guy. It’s the old double standard my friend. Narduzzi was much more qualified than Yurcich is now when he was hired at PITT.

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  65. these facilities are far better than the Steelers. Now granted a mature pro athlete doesnt need these ‘game’ rooms unless you’re AB

    Pitt’s southside facility that they share with the Stillers made a list but it is ‘cheap’ compared to other college only performance centers. much like Heinz is cheap compared to many pro stadiums

    its an arms race which Pitt cannot compete


    1. Don’t forget Tx, PITT did beat Clemson at Death Valley. You know, the year Clemson won the National Championship?


      1. but if Pitt plays them 10 games, they lose 9 of them

        facilities do offer logistical and recruiting advantages

        wanny saw the logistical disadvantage with off campus training and the southside is the one place that really should have sleeping pods

        but many of these over the top things are being done to reward their players because they dont get paid…yet

        in the ACC, i think FSU, Clemson and UNC have invested the most. I dont see Miami on the list probably because it also shares facilities and its campus has no space


        1. We don’t know if PITT would have lost 9 out of 10 games. Yes that was a freaky win but why is it every-time PITT does something good there is some outlying factor involved and PITT gets zero credit? But Narduzzi gets all the credit for the losses and never for the wins? There’s always that chance Tx..


          1. in that game, Pitt should get credit because the Clemson D couldnt stop Pitt. Pitt also had some athletes on that team plus a QB. But Pitts D couldnt really stop Clemson either. in that season, on a neutral field, Pitt would have probably only won 2-3 out of 10 games

            flash forward to last season and this season, and Pitt would win zero and the games wouldnt even be close

            same coach but different players
            Pitt just doesnt have the horses

            penn state is favored by 14 this year
            clemson would probably be favored by 25


              1. yes and ours is playing for the Raiders after throwing 5 picks in a game for Buffalo

                play those teams on a neutral field and clemson would win the vast majority of games but Pitt would be competitive in all of them and they would all be high scoring and fun

                flash forward to today
                same head coaches
                no major scheme changes on the D side
                but what is different is the talent

                chryst vs Narduzzi players
                they would slaughter us
                biggest difference is the QB and lack of playmakers

                recruiting matters
                Clemson gets 90% of their team 5.7 rated and above and seems to always find a QB
                Pitt gets 30% of the class 5.7 and above and our QB threw for over 200 yards just once last year.

                Pitt doesnt need Clemson facilities to win the Coastal. Pitt would need a cultural shift to begin competing against Clemson though. It will never happen at Pitt because of the BoT and more importantly, it doesnt have the money

                so i harp on whether I think the ACC is a good fit for Pitt. prestige yes but athletics no. 9 acc teams finished in the top 50 of directors cup. Pitt was 3 standard deviations away.

                every acc school generates more money off sports than Pitt. Therefore, they can spend more. Pitt deficit spends just to play catch-up

                yes Pitt has the 4th or 5th highest spend on football but the difference between the 5th highest and 10th highest is a mere $2 million dollars

                the sooner this competitive disparity goes away, the more fun it will be to watch college football

                it goes away when those football factories become the primary farm system for the NFL and those players get paid


    2. Again Tx, the Steelers do not recruit, they draft players and you’re right. This does not help PITT. NFL players drive Rolls Royce’s to practice, PITT players take a school bus.

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  66. from a non-alum Pitt fan, the ‘Gorilla’ is doing just fine, Should he have beaten UNC the past 2 years ,,,, yes! But that is offset by a number of unexpected and/or close games that the team has won.

    Given the recent history of Pitt FB … whether it be 5, 10 or 30 years, there is no reason to think that Pitt should be superior to most of its Coastal competitors, yet Narduzzi has the 2nd best conference record of any Coastal team since he arrived.

    Don’t blame the current staff or admin, or even the recent ones, the Admin in the early 90s is to blame for Pitt FB’s current state. Even for much of the 80s, the program was pretty respectable, the early/mid 90s happened. Pitt has since developed a degree of respectability but there was a gigantic hole to dig out of.

    And of course, after a stellar performance in his first stint as AD, the Smug One made the hole just as deep in his second go-around

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    1. I do blame the current administration and university leadership
      Gallagher allowed the Stallings fiasco (KS was a bad fit and that search firm buddy of Barnes showed blatant corruption in the hiring process)
      And Heather extended Narduzzi
      To me the extension works if Pitt is able to achieve 9-11 win seasons
      otherwise, Pitt is spending far too much money for 7 win seasons

      and I know many on here are fine with 7 wins as long as Pitt graduates players and remains scandal free


      1. Tx, I think your comment about PITT fans being happy with 7 wins is flat out blatantly untrue. You’re a little bit of an oxymoron to me as you know the problems that you articulate so well that PITT football is faced with but you continue to blame everyone. Obviously with your comments you describe how it’s so hard for PITT football to be successful and yet you still blame the coach. Which is it? Feel free to keep bashing PITT at every corner but I would consider you much more valid and valued if you ever had ONE nice thing to say about the University of Pittsburgh ever. but you never do. Here’s the deal with me…. you keep on doing your thing and I’ll keep on doing mine. I got a brisket to get off the smoker from last night. Priorities……

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        1. $3.2 M is good money to pay a coach for 7 win seasons. I think the kind of money that Pitt is spending on football (4th highest spend) should buy some ranked seasons. And yes I would take a 10 win season without a division title if that got Pitt ranked. Narduzzi feels differently.

          Pitt fans really arent pressuring Pitt to do much better than 7 win seasons (attendance and donations are pretty stable). Everyone of course would be happier with more wins but again what boosters are exerting any kind of pressure on Pitt. Thats one of the reasons why you’ll never see the Golden Panthers back. It would force the administration to set higher goals and be accountable to hit them.

          And there is plenty of blame to go around from Narduzzi to Heather to Gallagher. They all get my wrath deservedly so. I also compliment when justified. You just choose to hear what you want to hear.

          I have said plenty of ‘nice’ things about Heather including her firing of incompetent coaches, her support of victory heights, and keeping programs clean with scholar athletes

          I’ve also said I have few real issues with Narduzzi’s coaching and respect his ability to recruit character players, keep the program clean and win in the ACC.

          But I do point out the bad because you just cant ignore those things. Problems that dont get addressed quickly have a tendency to fester and become worse.

          You and I just define success differently

          To me it comes down to winning because that helps address many issues. Pitt just doesnt win enough.

          You think Narduzzi will lose his job if he doesnt win 10 games and get the team consistently ranked? No. Its not in Pitt’s nature.

          I just dont want Pitt using the word front porch if its just a word they throw around so they can drink cocktails in the ACC and wear fancy suits.

          Gallagher insults my intelligence.


  67. couple interesting tidbits:

    The only two coastal division teams to beat PITT last year both fired their head football coach.

    From last years preseason media poll. PITT and UVA were the only two teams not to get a vote to finish first. The first place predictions were as follows. Miami received 122 votes, VT 16, GT 8, Duke 1 and holy heck, UNC 1


  68. John, was that a trick question?
    If course there will be tailgating. The Red 5A BoT met and plans are forthcoming…haha.

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    1. Fran — it was sort of a trick question. 😊

      The season is coming fast. I know you and the POV BOT will be ready and will do a great job…

      (I imagine Scooter is getting fired up and practicing his “Narduzzi – You Stink!” yell!) 😬

      Go Pitt.


  69. Tx, why and how do you feel Narduzzi is satisfied with a 7 win season? That’s taking liberties so I’ll take one as well. There is no way in hell that Pat Narduzzi is satisfied with a 7 win season. Plus, neither am I! or anyone else I know. Ask Scooter if he is………


    1. Ike
      Read the PG article
      Narduzzi said he would take last season because it placed them in the championship game

      To me I would have chosen Syracuse’s ten win season and number 15 ranking.

      I can’t make this stuff up any better. Neither can Hollywood. This Pitt mentality wouldn’t last a minute at 90 percent of P5 schools.

      Pitts mentality is a real limitation at its ability to succeed. That’s opinion and has nothing to do with being negative.

      I think opinion is close to the truth though.


      1. Tx, where does it say he’s satisfied with a 7 win season? He doesn’t. The word satisfied is not used. I agree with him, I’ll take it. What other choice do I, you or Narduzzi have right now?


        1. this is the article

          Narduzzi would rather have the honor of being blown out by Clemson in a championship game than finish with 10 wins and be ranked for the first time in nearly a decade

          To me that makes zero sense

          If Narduzzi’s goal is to compete every year for ACC championships, that is foolish because Pitt doesnt spend or recruit on the level of schools like Clemson, FSU or Miami. The game is rigged before play even begins

          I would follow the Syracuse model all day long. Winning is all that matters. If Pitt could somehow put together a string of 10 win and ranked seasons, attendance would climb, and elite recruits will start taking notice. And then, Pitt might have a realistic chance of winning a conference championship.

          Narduzzi is placing the cart before the horse.


          1. imo Tx, no he is not. PITT and Narduzzi’s #1 goal coming into a season is to win the coastal division and then move forward. Are we forgetting the OOC schedule already? Give the guy just a tiny weenie bit of credit. I beg you. 🙂


          2. Narduzzi played the schedule that he was given. He won his division. All of a sudden he didn’t do jack because the coastal was weak. Lets keep up the bashing and disrespect, it’s becoming more and more obvious there is an agenda here and the question of having the honor of being beat down to the eventual champion? They beat the same team two years before that in their death valley home site who went on to become National Champions. This not computing to me Tx brother.

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            1. I just don’t see last season as a success. Yes the team achieved a goal but then it appears there wasn’t a stretch goal. The goal should always be to win the division. But the higher goal should be to get ranked. That’s the only way Pitt will get noticed in a good way.

              And the highest priority goal this year is to beat Penn State because Pitt probably won’t play them again for another 20 years. If this isn’t narduzzis priority, he has no business being the Pitt coach. Boosters, if Pitt had any, would tell him that.


  70. Long time reader, I believe this is my first post. I just want to thank Ike. This blog has become unbearable due to the constant and bizarre negativity of TX and upittbaseball. I rarely come here anymore, and when I do I am always scrolling past the tons of pompous posts by those two. Even when they talk out of both sides of their mouths, as Ike pointed out above.

    It does not take a genius to realize the limitations Pitt has to face and the difficulty of succeeding against the schools we must compete with. But dangum it, I love my school and cheer them on year after year. I appreciate the insights and comments by those who feel the same. Ike, you are a true fan and I respect your commitment to calling out the trolls on this board.

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    1. So if a ‘troll’ says something negative about the school, the troll should go back to the Nitter board?

      I’m sorry you feel that way

      I guess I’m not a true fan then because I want Pitt to do better and I want some accountability instead of excuses.


    2. You are part of the problem and why we are .500 every year. Celebrate .500 and happy with the results.


      1. ^^ Mark and you know I love you buddy and no disrespect intended but how are you helping the “problem” ?? I think posting such negativity over and over certainly doesn’t help anything. just asking, hope all is great…..


        1. Aha … we have finally found the problem after all of these years!!! Lord have mercy!!

          All we have to do is get a hitman to take out Pittforlife and everything will be just fine with Pitt sports

          Who knew?

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    3. Good to hear from you. I think you are right to scroll past whomever you choose.

      This is an open forum and all opinions are welcome. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or even read them.

      Don’t be a stranger, join in the fun.

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    4. Appreciate the post Pitt. Also appreciate the passion and positivity. We welcome all points of view on the POV, as long as there are no personal attacks. Tex and Upitt respect that rule and they do a good job of voicing their negative opinions in a way that does not attack more positive fans. Do those opinions always resonate with the majority of fans? Probably not. But Tex and upitt are entitled to express those opinions nonetheless. That diversity of opinion is what makes the Pitt POV great.

      And they are far from trolls.

      Keep the passion and feel free to post a rebuttal to their opinions that uses facts and doesn’t call them names (ie trolls)

      Thanks so much,



  71. For the record, I stand firmly behind Tx and Upitt. They are real PITT fans and I love when they post but just ask if it’s ok when I disagree or get tired of the constant negativity that I don’t get called out for being some sort of internet policeman? If the negative posters can comment on what they want, then why can’t I?

    Thanks pittforlife for the nice compliment but I don’t post here on the POV to silence anyone. I guess I wear on just as many as they wear my ass down. Such is life……….

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    1. Agree here, you need to have a bit of thick skin for Tx and leather for Upitt, but their posts are valuable, uh, well at least one of their’s….the other at least fun at times.

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  72. Just finished up chowing down on a great brisket, potato and brussel sprouts dinner when a thought crossed my ageing and mostly empty mind. The question I have is…….. are there really PITT fans that wish and hope they fail on the football field? I literally put my fork down and went hmmm. So I’m not sure…… Sometimes I feel like that’s true. True story to follow.

    Back a long ways ago I play the old soft ballgame. I was pretty good and looked forward to each an every game. I actually played 6 or 7 games a week at times. Two leagues and loved every minute of it. Playing a weaker team one night and we were winning big and the shortstop look over at me and said… don’t you just hate playing games like this? I was ready to tear his head off but instead I just simply told him…. I was looking forward to this game all day, now get ready for this next pitch. I only worry about what I can control…….


  73. Pittforlife, if you’re a local stop at a tailgate.
    Ike, I played for 5-6 softball teams every year for about 15 years. Had my own team too…loved it.

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  74. I don’t think any Pitt fans hope to lose…but we sure do have different expectations and how to achieve them.
    That’s ok with me…

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    1. Oh it’s a couple days overdue. On vacation. Should be able to get to it tomorrow


  75. There is only one problem holding Pitt back and no one on this blog can fix it. Pitt’s enrollment numbers and athletic budget which go hand in hand.

    When Pitt has the same money as schools like PSU, then you can have high expectations. Otherwise continually complaining is useless. It IS NOT changing. Pitt can be between 8 and 10 wins every year. Ten being occasional.

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    1. Pittforlife…. thanks for commenting…very rarely do we have trolls on hear… the POV team would tear ‘em up… regarding your thought on negative folks – my dad and 2 of his three brothers always would argue and a good bit of the time didn’t talk to each… but if anyone in town said anything bad about one of the brothers- look out!!! That’s how I see our group… no haters on here… join in more often… get yourself to a tailgate

      BTW 1979 Penn State vs Alabama on ESPNClassic…good FB…Keith Jackson Frank Broyles announcing

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    2. Realization…………….. To tell the truth. I will always beieve PITT can win the national championship. We all we got.. we all we need.

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  76. TX – seems a bit ironic to me that you blame Pitt fans for not demanding better from the Athletic Department — while Pitt has the lowest athletic donations in the ACC and Pitt plays to a half-full stadium…

    You lookin’ for zero donations and zero fans to send the proper message??

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Pitt fans sent Pitt basketball a message. Attendance dropped to the lowest since 1982 in Stalling’s final year. This horrible hire effectively cost Pitt around $20 Million from the buyout to lost revenues.

      Pitt fans have never donated. I blame structural problems for that (sports isnt woven into the fabric of student life) and lack of any sincere and effective engagement campaign with fans. Barnes had some good strategic ideas with Bostick however.

      Sales arent going well this year. And Pitt attendance (when you subtract the PSU games) hasnt been good since Wanny. Pitt’s not a consistent enough winner and the TV experience is better.

      So in a way, some fans are already showing their displeasure and changing viewing habits. But the majority of fans arent going to boycott football to send a message unless Pitt really falls off a cliff like basketball did.

      It comes down to how you define success and how you want the university to get there.

      I still believe the majority of fans are fine with 6-9 win seasons as long as Pitt remains in the ACC, and runs a clean program. And I respect that, but Success to me is a higher standard at 9-11 wins, ranked seasons and I’m fine with not shaming a player if they didnt graduate.

      There are few substantial limitations or constraints in place preventing that standard. If Syracuse can win 10 and get ranked #15, Pitt can do better given its greater resources (4th highest football spend).

      Now what will it take? It shouldnt take too much. Some better coaching, some playmakers including a competent QB, an easier OOC and some luck.

      Pitt is on the cusp but I’m tired of the excuses. And I resent Gallagher using the word front porch when its a BS word when Pitt uses it.


  77. Tex, Pitt football can be an acquired taste for incoming students as the games get woven into the social fabric of the campus experience. Winning breeds winners. This is another way of saying “just win, baby!”


    1. But Pitt also needs to build fun traditions and do things that other schools do to get students engaged. Ways to instill school spirit and pride.

      The Aggies do a great job tieing sports into a students experience. Each school is unique but Pitt doesn’t bother to even learn from best practices.

      Sports just isn’t part of the schools identity. Winning will help but Pitt needs to bribe students to attend games until then.

      Serious, Give them some usable buying credits for attending sports events…not just football, volleyball needs it, softball, soccer. Points they can use at food courts, book store and Pitt shop.

      Think outside the box. And yes find some corporate sponsors and give free stuff away at games for students. But you’d think Pitt never sold or marketed a day in their lives.


  78. Pittforlife, FWIW when UPitt started posting on Blather, I actually accused him of being a WVU troll. I still have my doubts


    1. He’s a little bit like that one relative that everyone has at the family reunion… lol


  79. I read a post where it said the “negativity” on the POV has become unbearable.

    While I understand some may not like or agree with Tx and upitt, that assessment is just incorrect. There has been considerably less criticism this offseason as a percentage of comments.

    As Erie, Reed and myself have DRASTICALLY decreased our posting, Tx and upitt are the only two posters who have voiced displeasure over the current state and trajectory of the program.

    The VAST majority of comments have shown support for the program and it’s direction.

    As for those two (and me and Reed, as well), I think you said it best yourself, if you don’t like their posts, don’t read them.

    ..upitt is no troll. I know him well. He’s stayed in my home. I can assure you he WANTS Pitt to do well.. He just expects more than some here expect.. And he has every right to do so. Disagreeing with you doesn’t make someone a “troll.” And name calling is “weak sauce.”

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    1. But the fact is, Jay, that many, if not most, of us, do not share what we think are yours. Reed’s, UPitt’s, TxP’s, etc UNREALISTIC expectations.

      Where do you guys come off thinking this is a 9-10 win program? Only once since the early 80s has this program averaged 9 wins in a 3 year period … but in those 3 years … they played a total of 5 teams that finished ranked in the Top 25. Not like the 15 that Pitt has played the last 3 years.

      Go ahead and EXPECT all you want.


      1. if Narduzzi would have won his bowl games, he would have finished with 9 wins his first two years
        I expect Narduzzi to recruit better
        I expect Narduzzi to hire better assistants
        I expect Heather to provide the money for staff salaries and recruiting
        I expect Heather to lighten up the OOC
        I expect Narduzzi to win bowl games
        I expect Narduzzi to find a QB

        Why cant I expect those things without having them be unrealistic. Because this is Pitt where we set average standards and dont have a plan to achieve sports excellence?

        If those things happen, Pitt is a 10-11 win team. That would be football excellence to me. 10 wins and a top 15 ranking. Pitt hasnt done that in a decade and only twice in 35 years. You dont break the cycle of mediocrity without having higher expectations.

        But instead, Pitt struggles and refuses to address these issues with the exception of the money. So if Pitt can realize that they’ve been cheap and now have the 4th highest football spend, why cant they realize deficiencies in these other areas and address them?

        Because some people think they are unrealistic? Or because you dont see them as issues? Or both?

        Pitt needs to find a way. Enough of the excuses.


        1. I agree with wanting Duzz to recruit better (I think we are getting “solid” players but need more big-play guys); and with the need to lighten up the schedule (al a Syracuse, VT, etc…).

          I think Duzz has hired better assistants the longer he’s been in office – and I think he hit at least a triple with Whipple and Beatty…

          And on the QBs, I’ve been pretty pleased with the QB talent Duzz has brought in – despite all the shuffling at OC. Peterman, Pickett, and the freshman are all way better, IMHO, than the QBs we have been seeing going back to Tyler Palko…

          Of course, I also “expect” Pitt to go undefeated!… 😉

          Go Pitt.

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  80. Erie is in no way a negative poster on the POV, But Jay you certainly qualify to be a full member of the TX, Upitt POV posting club. Not that there is anything wrong with that borrowing a comment often heard on Seinfeld.


  81. Jay wrote this in reference to Upitt

    “I can assure you he WANTS Pitt to do well.. He just expects more than some here expect.. And he has every right to do so.”

    The word expect is the word that sticks in my mind. Now the word WANTS is more like it. For myself, I expect Narduzzi to have his team ready to play Aug 31, I expect the team to play hard every down while hustling throughout the game and Want them to win that game. I also EXPECT the Virginia fans to Want the same thing.

    Having said that, I expect Mark, Tx, Jay and others and all to post what they feel like. Does the redundancy sometimes drive me a little batty? yes but I WANT them to post as they see fit. That’s it for me, I’ll put a pin on this topic for good.

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  82. POVert GOLFERs….Looking for 2 players to join Fran, Richman, MajorMajors, JoeL and BigAl for a charity golf tournament August 10th at the Spring Church Links outside of Apollo Pa…entry fees are $85 a person. Great time..refreshment provided during and after, BBQ,,,silent auction..

    Contact BernieB(BigB) at would like to have 2 more to complete JoeL and BigAl’s foursome…….thanks


  83. Wow B, that is a star studded lineup. I sure wish I was up to it as I would jump at the chance. Although I don’t know if there will be enough room on the golf course for all the smiles that will be there?


  84. and we don’t care if you are a glass half-empty or half full golfer-we will judge by your actions/contributionS to the team, like drinking, socializing, dirty jokes, cigars, self-deprecating humor, occasionally hit one of the following:Drive, long or short iron or putt. We are not looking for scratch golfers just boys or girls who want to have fun,,,,FYI, I have never had a bad time with any POVert while enjoying libations….Hats off to the Commander …we wouldn’t have each other to love on or bitch about without him!!!

    Almost time to suit-up…HAIL TO PITT!!!

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  85. Just caught up on reading since my last post and holy smokes…

    Going back to the LSU locker room thing….I think its very wrong. I think TX and I agree there. And on the whole separate dorm thing. Ill-conceived by over-zealous people with a different set of values than I.

    Looking forward to the opening weekend festivities, gents. We need two for golf on that Friday as Big B said – would love to a couple of yinz!


    1. It’s overboard but they are trying to recruit 5 stars and they have the money to do it.

      it’s an indirect way of compensating players. This all makes sense from a logistical, recruiting and team perspective. I don’t fault schools for doing it since it’s there money.

      But it does starkly contrast the philosophy of sports against the academic mission statement, and highlights the ever increasing gap between the haves and have nots.

      I’m fine with the scholar athlete approach but the money and courts will require the creation of a minor league system for the NFL.


  86. Just an FYI here. The last POVer and other than my wife, the last person I had a nice talk with late last night (via text) was……. ready….. ?? Upitt. Yeah, we are good buddies.

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  87. another btw, my gravatar was a picture Upitt sent me a long while ago……… Keep em coming Mark.


  88. Another good read from the panterlair football board titled: Miami site breakdown of Pitt offense. Written on the 26th with a fair amount of input on what the author thinks of Whipples staggery come this season.


  89. Personally, I like the radio silence in Narduzzi’s fall camp, especially this year for the UVA game coming off the heels of the Mr Whipple hire. I think the game being at home for PITT is what is going to be the difference in this opener. It’s going to be a tough one though guys and gals… Early analysis.. PITT’s front seven will have to play their best. Plus obviously, KP will have to chuck the ball with much success.


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