Great News for a True Pitt Fan!

Fellow POVerts:

Some time ago, Commander Reed was kind enough to post a request to the POV community on my behalf. I have a kidney disorder that has resulted in my being placed on a national list for a transplant, and the post was a plea to help me locate a donor.

At that time and since then, I have received an outpouring of support from the POV community. Although no POVer was able to give me their kidney (seeing some of you at Fran’s Tailgates, that’s maybe a good thing), I heard from many of you. And you should all know that I appreciate every call, email and text. 

I want to thank everyone who reached out to me, and special thanks specifically to UPitt, Big B, Ike, Fran and Joe L. And of course to Reed, for posting my original plea for help.

I’m happy (and relieved) to let you all know that my transplant surgery is scheduled for September 10. Please note that this will enable me to attend at least one Fran and Friends tailgate. 

Unfortunately this prevents me from attending the Pitt-PSU game.  Not sure if that’s a bad thing, really. I’ll be watching either from a hospital bed or god willing, from home.

Hail to Pitt. Looking forward to seeing many of you on August 31 when we crush the Hoos.

Eric (MissingWlat)