Author’s note:  This is a controversial piece so I am adding a disclaimer.   I wrote this because I’m tired of writing the same old “Narduzzi missed out on a talented local therefore he sucks at recruiting” piece. I’m equally as tired of writing “hey this guy really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things Narduzzi has other options” piece (which is incidentally pretty close to what I believe). Instead I opted to try my hand at a bit of satire, mostly because it was fun for me to write. Now it may not have turned out great (or depending on your POV maybe it did), so whether or not you laugh, chuckle, smile or think it’s the worst thing you’ve ever read, you should take it with a giant grain of salt. Narduzzi will hit and miss on many more local recruits over the years, and there is plenty of time for the kind of writing you are used to.  Hail to Pitt.

Central Catholic DE AJ Beatty has committed to the enemy. Not West Virginia. Not Penn State. Not even Syracuse. Nope, Pittsburgh Central Catholic’s AJ Beatty has committed to UNC.

There can only be one reason that a white, (presumably) middle class, private school kid from Pittsburgh would want to go to UNC (and nevermind the football).

Is the world-class education? Nope.

Is it because UNC is the second-most-highly-regarded semi-elite white-bread school in the country? (Duke would be the first). Nope.

Is it because Mac Brown has bag-men all over Allegheny County? Nope.

It’s because AJ Beatty is secretly in cahoots with Pat Narduzzi.

“Wait. What!?” You say, “AJ Beatty hates Pat Narduzzi. And by the looks of the tweet below, Narduzzi apparently doesn’t love AJ Beatty.”

Yup. That’s exactly what they want us to think.

The truth of course is that AJ Beatty is Narduzzi’s secret weapon. It’s really the only way to explain it.

Look, Pat Narduzzi has had four tries to beat UNC fair-and-square, and he’s failed. Well, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results, so credit to Pat because he’s changed things up.

I’m pretty sure this is how it went down:

Duz: Hey AJ you want to come be a Hometown Hero? Help defend your city?

Beatty: Heck yes I do!

Duz: Oh man, that’s great. But gee-whiz take a look here at this depth chart. You see we’ve been recruiting defensive ends like they’ve been going out of style and even though you’ve got like 39 other scholarship offers your probably going to have to … um … “compete for a position”… if you know what mean. Plus we got this guy Dayon from Westinghouse. Oh you’ve heard about him?  Cool.  Well we really like him and that’s just another guy you’ll be competing against, but listen, I’ve got this idea…you like sunshine and hot girls right?

Beatty:  But coach, I want to practice with the Steelers! I want to play at Heinz on Saturdays! I love Pittsburgh, and I love Pitt!

Duz: Look kid…er AJ, I know that and that’s all great, but I really need your help here. You see, Pitt hasn’t beaten UNC since you were like 8 years old.  And I’ve never beaten them, and if we lose to them this year I’m really going to be on the hot seat. And with that old fuddy duddy Mac Brown coming in…say have you ever heard of Johnny Majors II? No? Oh well never mind then! You know UNC is a great school. Much better than Pittsburgh academically. And then there is the weather, and I already mentioned those North Carolina southern belles. All blonde haired and blue eyed at UNC, yeserree.

Beatty: Um…so you… want me to go to UNC?

Duz: Well want is a strong word kid…er AJ. Think of it more as an opportunity. You go down there… practice hard, get to know them really good. Build trust and all…and then you know…when the least expect it, maybe steal some signs. Or you know, photocopy the playbook. Or hey fedex an iPad. There’s lots of opportunities! You said you love Pitt, right? Hey, well what better way to defend your city? And then you know if they don’t start you as a freshman, or you don’t like it or whatever, there’s always the transfer portal. You might have to “compete for a position” as a freshman here at Pitt, but all my transfers are guaranteed some kind of starting position!

Beatty: Oh man coach you might be on to something here, but let me think about it. <Thinks about it for a minute> Alright coach I’m in, but can I be in that “Defend the City” edit you guys keep flashing to all the local guys? That thing is 🔥 🔥 🔥 .

Duz: <rolls eyes> Apparently street smarts and book smarts are two different things. Look they’re never going to let you into UNC if you keep saying dumb things like that. Would kind of tip your hand don’t you think?  So just keep your mouth shut and let me doing the thinking around here.  Hey you know what?  Why don’t you make that Pic of you in the UNC uniform your Twitter Profile pic?  Heheh yea, that’ll get ’em.

Beatty: Oh yea. Good point coach. Well whatever you need me to do. I’m just here to help the team.

Duz: Atta-boy AJ. Hail to Pitt. We’re going to turn on the victory lights as soon as you sign your LOI. <rolls eyes again>. Now let’s go get some Primanti’s. You know they’ll put fries in your sandwich down south if you ask them to

So see, proof-positive right there. Pat Narduzzi can recruit.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

PS – None of this is true.

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  1. Dude can write and entertain!!!!

    I don’t think Pitt quite deserves this quality work or Reed’s for that matter, but Reed made them pay in his own way. LOL!

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  2. Last night I was so pissed when I read the news. I feel so much better now that you have shared the truth. Bet he had hands of stone so he wouldn’t make a good TE either.

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  3. Maybe this is not the first…maybe Dooz has been doing this for years.
    We have insiders all over the place!
    Well played Maestro, well played

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  4. The one thing I can see that’s false about this article is the AJ is presumably middle class. Well at least not anymore.

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  5. Some food for thought …. in the last 10 days, reputed master recruiter Franklinstein was outdone by Ohio St

    — first, the only 2020 PA 5-star committed to OSU which was a surprise in that the guy lives right in the heart of PSU country, an hour east of Sate College and, according to Rivals, had visited the Dairy School a dozen times

    — then, over this past weekend, OSU flipped a PSU OL commit

    Note that Urban is no longer at OSU. His replacement has a total of 3 games HC experience under his belt, filling in as temp coach when Meyer was placed on admin leave last season.

    So once again …. coach or program?

    Not saying that the coach doesn’t matter, but the program means so much more IMO


      1. it could be anything
        both are good programs but tOSU is better
        so if you’re a 5 star you probably want to go to the very best
        Penn State will still end up with a class that is 70% blue chip
        Pitt will end up with a class that is 5%


  6. Stopped in Blairsville to check out a pastry shop on my way home to Carolina on Saturday…Lo and behold right down the street is the “Penn State Creamery!” Wonder if that is part of their recruiting plan…hell yo can get ice cream anywhere but there is only one “O”

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  7. Awesome article! Some time over the next few months you will have to tell us the story about how lamont wade is also a mole and how he will be getting us intel for this year’s ped st game.

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      1. Well, I know that as soon as I walked into the DC “Meet & Greet” an Asst AD was by my side the whole time then sat down at my table as soon as I did. Made a point to tell me that there wouldn’t be any audience questions right off the bat also.

        That ain’t the first time that has happened either – and I even told the guy I gave up the blog!

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        1. Haha well that’s not what I meant but it does kind of support this “conspiracy theory”.


          1. Pitt wants to control the message
            But this lack of accountability is something that fans like me see through
            Where is the media?
            Oh wait, they are afraid that their press creds will be take away
            The only way to fight this is by boycotting Pitt sports
            Money talks
            It also helps to say bad things on social media
            Forces Pitt to deflect and defend


          2. Heather and King Pat trade in conspiracy theories
            There is a Deep State
            That Pitt POV is treasonous
            Who are really the true Pitt fans and patriots?


            1. Haha now we are going deep. You ever watch that Matt Damon movie where he is a double agent. I can’t remember what it’s called. Will blow your mind Tex. All I wanted to do was write a little satire that might make people smile …


              1. I dont recall that movie. But you did make me smile. I just cant convince myself that nothing is rotten in Oakland. I feel for students who are bused to games. I feel for students whose tuition is $500 dollars higher each year due to fiscal irresponsibility. I feel for fans who are promised things that are broken. I fell for alums like you and myself who have been mistreated and abused over the years. I feel like a character from V for Vendetta.


  8. I knew aight as urban cool for “all right”
    I know that because I’m urban cool…😎 from back in the day.

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  9. OT and ugly from Deadspin:

    “Florida State University’s Board of Trustees voted Friday to establish a new organization that’ll run the school’s athletic department: The Florida State University Athletics Association. According to the Orlando Sentinel, FSU boasted that the new organization would “streamline the relationship” between the athletics department and boosters, and if that sounds shady as hell, it’s not even the half of it. The move will privatize FSU’s athletics department—essentially giving it all the benefits of being both a private corporation, including shielding it from public scrutiny…….Florida State’s privatization is far from the first in Florida, as schools like the University of Florida and University of Central Florida have been benefitting for years from a state law that allows them to classify their athletics programs as “direct-support organizations”—essentially, a private, non-profit corporation separate from the university.”

    So much for any hope of a level playing field. Glad the NCAA is on top of things!?$&%£>€

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      1. Nope Ike. Just a guy who has been reading this blog for a couple years who decided he might as well make a contribution once in awhile in exchange for a lot of good entertainment and information.

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      2. Very creative, but that kid is a STUD and solid 4 star or above. Didn’t attend camps for more stars since he had 3 dozen offers now get penalized😳. He knows DUZ is on his way out why come and play in a empty stadium? Watched him for a few years against top talent a HUGE loss for Pitt.

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        1. No question Beatty would have been a great pickup but it’s apparent to me that he had less than zero interest in going to PITT. PITT didn’t even make his final 7 list. Mike was making a joke and not mocking AJ in any way. It was a very creative article and very much appreciated.


        2. Oh don’t get me wrong it would have been great to get him. I disagree that duz is on the way out though. Although if he goes 5-7 this year your might be right. Avg UNC attendance about 44k…roughly the same as Pitt. Granted UNC’s stadium holds only 51,000…

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    1. and Heather decides to do everything in her power to be left behind.
      because Pitt doesnt care but expects you to
      i call BS on Pitt

      for once i just expect some honesty from the Pitt swamp
      just tell me that you want my money to support a mediocre product
      how much will you contribute for 7 win seasons and knowing we’ll graduate players with real degrees and remain scandal free

      what Jokers


  10. Yeah great post. Keep them coming….

    PITT can’t rely on the NCAA for any help that’s for sure.


  11. Just looked it up. The Good Sheppard. If you like mind Benders and conspiracy theory flicks check it out

    Also apparently the younger generation does not share your sentiments. Ahh the idealism of youth. As for me? My beliefs sit somewhere between your’n and their’n.

    those young whipper snapper Millennials

    how did you find this Mike. I give u credit

    my rebuttal:
    Heather has not proven after 3 years that she can increase the donation rate. I know that Pitt is spending big time bucks on a staff whose sole focus is fundraising but I really dont think they appreciate the amount of piss and vinegar among the fanbase.

    Coaching hires are a big TBD. Only time will tell ad really and the only one that matters is Capel. Heathers second choice after Hurley. Will she allow him to play the game? Thats what I want to know.

    Locking up Narduzzi. VOR and I have spirited debates over this one. I think it was ill advised. He thinks it might work out in Pitt’s favor. Again, time will tell.

    Thinking outside the box? Does this mean bobbleheads, Fantas and tents? I have no idea.

    Color change. I’m a bit disappointed. The hues should really be a shade darker. It still looks like electric banana and powder blue to me.

    Her style. WTF? If you like her yellow blouse and lack of candor or anything of substance, then she doesnt disappoint.

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  12. One point I think we can all agree upon is that Pitt is content with the status quo in football.

    Some might say that today’s playing field is so skewed that 7-8 wins is the ceiling. Some might disagree.

    But, no matter our differences you can’t objectively look at the program and come to this conclusion…

    Pitt won’t (or can’t, depending on your perspective) commit the the resources necessary to be elite.

    If you’re happy with mediocre recruiting classes in exchange for ACC academic honors and 7 win seasons, donate and attend games. If not, don’t.

    Pitt is what it wants to be. We should all just accept that fact.

    I have. And it will be reflected in my level of support. I’ll watch on TV (when I have nothing better to do) and root for every kid wearing a Pitt jersey. But my days of spending time and money are nearing their end.

    Clearly, even a local 18 year old 3* prospect thinks he’s better served elsewhere.

    But.. it was a funny concept for a post MM. I enjoyed it.

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    1. Ha! No, sorry. Not from the ‘Burgh and the dad of a Pittgrad from the early 90’s

      But YouTube does have some funny stuff.

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  13. To some kids going away to college is important. It may not have anything to do with Pitt or Pitt Football.

    It does seem however that WPIAL kids overall are not growing up with a strong desire to represent their City

    It does also appear that Narduzzi has been less effective in attracting the locals than his predecessors.

    No one has got them all, but Narduzzi does seem to be getting a lower percentage and has really missed on the elite ones. No doubt there aren’t as many which may make it seem worse.

    It also seems to hurt more when it is not tOSU, PSU or ND that wins the battle. Especially when it is UNC who has been a particular thorn in your side recently and has had a poor recent record. This also supports the theory that AJ’s decision was not strictly based on football since he had offers to more successful programs. Maybe he heard that classroom attendance is optional.

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    1. By the way it still boggles the mind how little the UNC scandal affected anything. It is like it never happened. There appears to be no outrage from anyone or anywhere. It is like it never happened.

      Maybe because the PSU scandal was so egregious it allowed UNC’s to fly under the radar and maybe because it didn’t involve hookers or large sums of money it wasn’t newsworthy. Well, with a system that rewards schools who get kids to come to school for one year, why should going to class matter?

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    2. I would say that in my opinion…and I said this in my own ironic way in the front of the article…is that there are a lot of ppl who would jump at the chance to go to UNC for free. It’s a GREAT education (and I’m a Pitt man but it’s better than Pitt … at least for most majors) and chapel hill is a great small city. Now don’t get me wrong Pitt has a lot going for it too and it’s extremely unique and special, but a kid that went to high school right down the street may want to get out of town. I know I did when I was 18

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  14. Word from kids who know Beatty it was not football or coaches that sent him to UNC. Academics and intended major appear to be big driver. Can’t blame a kid UNC is one of top academic colleges and power 5 football. Great for him good luck wish we kept him. Maybe in a few years if it works out for him Steelers bring him back. Reminds me of Young TJ Watt. Best wishes but can spy for us at Pitt also.

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    1. NC is an incredible institution. There are fake classes available for the student body and a medical school where if you attend one day you can later operate on your former coach if you’re an ex-athlete.

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    2. Now you’re talking, PITT never had a chance with the young man. So be it and I also wish him the best of luck.


  15. There’s always an excuse.. “No, this kid wanted to go away for college.” “No, this kid wanted a sunnier climate.” “No, this kid wanted a different major.”…

    Each kid has a story. But the overall percentage shows the effectiveness of the staff.

    Stop it. All schools have positives and negatives. In the end, good recruiters get kids in. Pittsburgh was a dirty, smoky, collapsing and dying city in the mid 70’s. People were fleeing in droves.

    But Marino stayed. And Hugh Green left the deep South.

    Urban Meyer got kids to OSU just as easy as to Florida.

    Pitt has obstacles. But, are we going to hold our coach to ANY standard? Or just continue to give him a pass?

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    1. As long as he wins 7 games he’s going to get a pass from 70% of the fan base.

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  16. I’m in total agreement that Coach Pat has under-performed on the athletics, but wake up to 2019 academics when comparing Pitt’s diplomas to UNC’s.

    Go to the academic Bible: and click “compare colleges” and input Pitt and UNC, Chapel Hill. You will find that the latest stats show:

    Pitt undergraduates: 19,330, average Math SAT 685, average Verbal SAT 665, average ACT 30 1/2
    UNC undergraduates: 19,117, average Math SAT 690, average Verbal SAT 680, average ACT 30

    We have been suffering so long in an athletic malaise at Pitt that we tend to drag the academics into the disappointing fray.

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    1. Man I like that. One key difference: 22% of applicants selected at UNC. 59% at Pitt. FWIW penn state much lower than both. Avg math 640. Avg verbal 620. Act 27.

      And for fun West Virginia
      M: 570. Verbal: 570. Act 24
      82% admitted 🙄


      1. The reason for the low acceptance rate is the EXTREMELY high concentration of in-state acceptance to to the very high level of state support for universities in NC versus PA.

        in-state $7,000 (41% acceptance)
        out of state $35,000 (13%)

        in-state $19,000
        out of state $29,000

        Pitt does not give nearly the in-state preference, because as a “state-related” institution with a much smaller state subsidy, they aren’t required to do so. UNC has a very large state subsidy and is required to maintain a high percentage of in-state students.

        UNC’s ranking as a college has decreased over the last 20 years.

        But, those blue unis are kinda nice..


        1. I don’t disagree and they are all salient points jay. But UNC still has that “cachet”. Maybe it is the uniforms after all…


  17. Not bad
    But unc is ranked as the better school in nearly every publication. And it’s not even close.

    Pitts students may be just as smart but unc is considered the better school.

    Pitt could and should eliminate half of its departments. Plenty of worthless degrees and disciplines at Pitt. Focus on what Pitt is good at and where they get the grant money. Pitt tries to be something for everyone. That approach only gets you average.

    Sell the real estate. Use the money for a MPC.


  18. 2019 top USA Medical School Rankings per US News & World Report

    tied for #13 Yale, Pitt, Duke

    #23 UNC Chapel Hill

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    1. for medicine yes
      for overall, Pitt is ranked #70
      tied with FSU
      thats embarrassing actually


      1. Doc Medich!

        I remember on baseball team bus trips, most of the team was back in the bus be rowdy and raunchy (and looking out the windows for girls), while Doc would be sitting up front, all 6’5” and 220# of him, studying a chemistry book or reading The NY Times…

        Go Pitt.


  19. Just made myself laugh. I’ll share. I just popped back on the POV and I thought, I see the blues brothers are on there together. Funny huh?


  20. 2019 POV Champions I prefer…..But Blues Brothers works as well when comparing Narduzzi’s W/L and Recruiting. Haha

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  21. To fair “Dumb” and “Dumber” spend far more time together on the POV than do the “Blues Brothers”.

    But it is nice we can always seem to devolve into name calling..


  22. The acceptance rate IMO is a big issue 22% at UNC and 59% at Pitt tells me there are a substantial more applicants at UNC than Pitt.

    I think this is a big factor for FB also. Now I didn’t attend Pitt but worked in Oakland for > 1 1/2 years …. and (1) never felt I was on a college campus and (2) always was amazed by the amount of traffic throughout the day.

    I really think this is a turnoff for a lot of kids except maybe for those who grew up in this environment.

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    1. The acceptance rate was explained above. Pitt costs $30k in state when room/board are added. UNC is HALF that amount. As a result, far more students apply.


      1. Pitt is far more expensive than I could have afford back in my day. I’m great Fil for my degree at Pitt.

        Not enamored (sp?) with the FB program. Already plan to miss one game do to better plans not involving golf. But I will probably golf the day I miss the game with other plans.

        Sitting on my deck after a grilled dinner with Mrs. Erie listening to Queen. Man is their guitarist good. “We will, we will rock you!”

        I’m expecting BIG things with Pitt FB this year – “We are the champions” of the Coastal…


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        1. I left Pitt 20 years ago with 20k in student debt. 4x inflation in 20 years is ridiculous


  23. I could never understand why schools like UNC and UK haven’t recruited better over the years. They have the gifts of geography and milder weather.

    They can lure northern recruits with the better weather as well as the southern recruits who don’t have to go too far north…

    The teams in that region have a nice recruiting advantage, IMHO, and should be better…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Well UNC has actually recruited pretty well. Kentucky finally getting their act together I think . Ten wins in the sec don’t lie, even if it’s the east in a relatively down year


    1. Same with jaw-ja. If you can somehow make it into college you’re in good shape


  24. We need some stud recruits before June closes.

    Never say never. A 4* RB and a very good LBer would be nice. Two more 4*’s and I’m back to being optimistic. Ten wins and I’m in for doubling my seat purchases.

    That’s not asking too much is it?

    If you get a chance to listen to Chris Peak’s Monday podcast you will hear a lot of good things about KP. He is the key to Pitt’s success in 2019. Duzz brought in a good pair of hires with Whipple and Beatty. Let the FB fly and the D play free and loose. Good things should happen.


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  25. Question for those who say pitt doesn’t care about winning and is ok being mediocre…Why are we supposedly spending 5th in the ACC in football spending if pitt doesn’t care about winning?
    I would agree that there has been major apathy from the pitt admin for football for probably 35 years, but it seems recently there has been an effort to spend more on football.

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    1. 2003 — I think those who currently say Pitt doesn’t care about winning are really referring to Coach Duzz… That is, that Pitt hired him and has kept him rather than hire someone who would get their hands dirty, like Jim Tressel, or go out and find “The Closer,” that hot up-and-coming young Johnny Majors (or maybe Jeff Capel?) who will charm the 4-stars into coming to Pitt…

      Go Pitt.


  26. Pitt has only very recently stepped up from the bottom of spending. Its spending something like $30M each year on football. That spend is roughly 30% of Pitt’s overall athletic budget. The percentage is how to properly look at it and I’m pretty sure that % is actually higher than Va Tech’s at the moment.

    Pitt is right behind Va Tech in $ spend but the difference between the 5th most and 10th most spend is only $3M dollars. So to me Pitt is spending on par with other middling ACC schools. Pitt isnt cheap but they arent breaking the bank.

    Again, it was spending near Wake levels just 5 years ago. The ACC money helps. And the fact Pitt is still allowed to raid the general fund for monies to offset their annual budget deficits without anyone making a big stink.

    Based on what I’ve seen published, it appears that Pitt has increased their football sped by about $5M per year. This higher spend has been offset by higher ACC checks each year and probably bigger corresponding budget deficits.

    So the spend isnt sustainable unless Pitt raids the general fund more or if ACC checks continue to increase. Thats why this new ACC network is critical. Its a projected $10M extra each year once it gets going (all cable companies on board for a full year)

    Pitt doesnt disclose any of this. You literally have to google search articles from other bloggers or the schools own newspaper or local media.

    Case in point – the structure of Bronco’s contract extension. Pitt will never disclose that level of detail on Narduzzi.

    Botomline – an average spend for football should get Pitt at least average results and so far its working.


    1. I for one am glad Pitt is allowed to raid the general fund for football monies. Would I rather have a self-sustaining program? Yes. So I like the fact that that they are over investing? Yes.

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      1. they are over investing but are they spending the money wisely?
        and are they getting the returns for their investment?

        Pitt shouldnt have to subsidize nearly 15% of their sports budget
        Most schools are around 5%
        That to me is just being fiscally irresponsible
        Whether students realize it or not, its costing them an extra $500 every year


        1. That’s +$10 a month to their student loans over a 20 year term.


  27. the bulk of the increase goes to coaching salaries
    Narduzzi went from $1.8M to $3.2M

    and I’m sure that charter jet for recruiting costs a few million each year to operate

    Pitt is just keeping up with the Jones

    I guess if they truly didnt care, the spend would be like Wakes and Pitt would be lucky to draw 30k to Heinz. At that level, the game day revenue hit would probably amount to $4M annually. lost ticket sales, concessions, merchandise, parking, etc from a avg per game drop in attendance of 10k.

    Somebody at Pitt did this simple math

    Just like when Pitt determined that KS had to go because they were losing $200k in revenues each home game given the drop in attendance and expected sustained lower levels.

    The heat will pile on Narduzzi when attendance drops below 40k per game. Generally in non PSU home years, attendance is under 40k. If you listened to Heather the other day and read between the lines, season ticket sales and renewals are down, advance sales are down (even after normalizing for no PSU game).


  28. Eris Express, did you know Queen’s guitarist (Brian May) has a PhD in Astrophysics?

    Maybe even more amazing is that Skunk Baxter who played guitar with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers back in the 70s, developed hardware and software for military use in the 80s. He became a senior consultant for the Missile Defense Agency and National Geospatial Agency, and consults with the US DOD and US Intelligence community …. as well as occasionally playing his guitar, mostly studio work


  29. Tom Dowd who was chief engineer for Atlantic Records beginning in late 50s was the youngest engineer to work on the Manhattan Project in early / mid 40s. He engineered and/or produced key albums for Coltrane, Ray Charles, Aretha, Otis Redding, Cream, Wilson Pickett, Dusty Springfield, Allman Brothers and many, many others

    Mick Jagger has an advanced degree in economics

    That’s all I have for now

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    1. Yea I saw that this AM. WPIAL not exactly deep this year…


  30. This year’s Pitt HOF class is impressive but doesn’t have the star-power of last year’s class.

    Maybe they should have Iron Mike Ditka in every class! 👍

    Go Pitt.


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