Finally a Man on the Inside

Finally a Man on the Inside

Author’s note:  This is a controversial piece so I am adding a disclaimer.   I wrote this because I’m tired of writing the same old “Narduzzi missed out on a talented local therefore he sucks at recruiting” piece. I’m equally as tired of writing “hey this guy really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things Narduzzi has other options” piece (which is incidentally pretty close to what I believe). Instead I opted to try my hand at a bit of satire, mostly because it was fun for me to write. Now it may not have turned out great (or depending on your POV maybe it did), so whether or not you laugh, chuckle, smile or think it’s the worst thing you’ve ever read, you should take it with a giant grain of salt. Narduzzi will hit and miss on many more local recruits over the years, and there is plenty of time for the kind of writing you are used to.  Hail to Pitt.

Central Catholic DE AJ Beatty has committed to the enemy. Not West Virginia. Not Penn State. Not even Syracuse. Nope, Pittsburgh Central Catholic’s AJ Beatty has committed to UNC.

There can only be one reason that a white, (presumably) middle class, private school kid from Pittsburgh would want to go to UNC (and nevermind the football).

Is the world-class education? Nope.

Is it because UNC is the second-most-highly-regarded semi-elite white-bread school in the country? (Duke would be the first). Nope.

Is it because Mac Brown has bag-men all over Allegheny County? Nope.

It’s because AJ Beatty is secretly in cahoots with Pat Narduzzi.

“Wait. What!?” You say, “AJ Beatty hates Pat Narduzzi. And by the looks of the tweet below, Narduzzi apparently doesn’t love AJ Beatty.”

Yup. That’s exactly what they want us to think.

The truth of course is that AJ Beatty is Narduzzi’s secret weapon. It’s really the only way to explain it.

Look, Pat Narduzzi has had four tries to beat UNC fair-and-square, and he’s failed. Well, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results, so credit to Pat because he’s changed things up.

I’m pretty sure this is how it went down: Continue reading “Finally a Man on the Inside”

POV PSA: Great Veterans Shopping Benefits

POV PSA: Great Veterans Shopping Benefits

A while back the Armed Forces Exchange Services (their shopping venues) opened up the ability for any person who was Honorably Discharged from any branch to shop at their online exchange.  This is regardless of how much time the beneficiary served – years, months or even days – as long as they had been awarded a honorable discharge.

It used to be allowed for only Active Duty members, military Retirees or Disabled Veterans but that has changed.

This is a huge benefit because the Exchange system is mandated by law to sell their wares at Cost + 5% overhead pricing.  Plus there is no tax levied on purchases no matter how big the sale is.  That right there saves a ton of money on large buys.

Here is the website with the detailed information:

I hope readers share this info with anyone you know who served honorably no matter what the age. It is a fantastic benefit to have – but note it applies only to online shopping, not the brick and mortar Exchanges on the military bases.

I’m posting this because in my work with veterans I have found almost no one knows about this even though it was put into place back in 2017.  Here is a letter explaining this.

Thanks guys and HTP!