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For those of you unfamiliar with the term it’s pronounced “eleven-sEEs”.  Charming isnt’ it?

Some more context from the popular cooking website,

If you’ve ever been to the UK, you’re probably familiar with elevenses, the mid-morning tea break that doubles as a second breakfast. Well, picture me, an American in a London office tower on my first trip out of the country. I’d overcome the temporary disorientation from the British keyboard layout, and the fact that I’d just begun my second week at a brand-new job in a brand-new industry for which I’d had to go overseas to meet the rest of my team. Rather, what truly freaked me out was that at approximately 11 a.m., everyone popped up from their desks like prairie dogs in danger of a rogue coyote spotting, and grabbed their well-worn mugs to head to the “canteen” (it’s a pantry, mates) for elevenses.

And even better, there is actually some precedent for the early morning tailgate (wikipedia):
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The bottom line is that no matter how much whisky is going to be consumed before or at the game (if you can get it past security…), nobody and I mean NOBODY is happy about an 11 a.m. kick, but hey we’re Pitt fans, we’re used to having our wants ignored.  Probably the TV revenue from the ACC network outweighs the increased ticket receipts.  More likely Pitt didn’t have a choice in the matter, though I find that hard to believe.  There is ALWAYS a way to push back in this world.
Well no matter how we got here, we are stuck with it now, and it stink.  It will probably be the worst-attended game in recent history, but hey maybe Pitt will do something to generate some positive spin?  Like maybe label it a “gold-rush” game.  Yellow shirts in yellow seats.  What a great way to fool the cameras!

Michaelangelo Monteleone

164 thoughts on “What About Elevenses?

  1. I first heard of elevenses in the “Lord of the Rings” and didn’t realize it was a real thing. “Second Breakfast” as well. It’s a great concept for people who like food but not for people who like football.

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    1. Oh don’t get me wrong the 7:30 start and prime time tv is great. I just want it all

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  2. Nice job, MM.

    Jay – on the hybrid stuff, while I’m not happy with 7-8 wins, you’re correct that I’m not a foot-stomper or roof screamer.

    Does an e-mailer count?

    One day I sent an email to Heather laying out my argument for why OC Watson and the WR Coach should be replaced.

    Imagine my shock when the very next day Watson and the WR Coach were dismissed! It was quite a coincidence.

    Go Pitt.

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  3. thank you for the history. i too heard of this strange custom from LOR

    Pitt does need to push back if these elvenses become common occurrence.

    who the heck decides

    its some hack sitting at his keyboard in his underwear in Charlotte

    dont give me any bull that theres some science to it

    its purley subjective and is a regulator of behavior

    this network cost Pitt $12M to build

    its estimated that it will bring an extra $3M each year to schools. And it could bring nothing


  4. Great article MM! The ACC should have an interest in filling seats for TV games. This won’t happen for an 11:00 am start. They better have a good reason, and maybe provide a financial incentive.


  5. Yes, an 11AM start time sucks. What sucks even worse is watching from the west coast which means an 8AM start time. I won’t even have time for my second cup of coffee before kickoff. This could game could give new meaning to the term “snoozer”.

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    1. You can’t drink your coffee while watching the game?

      Drinking fresh coffee early in the morning at kickoff sounds pretty fantastic to me. I wish I could do that as I’m done with my coffee by 9 a.m. CST.


  6. I’m thinking 6 am Irish Coffee should get things rolling.
    Scooter will have to start his morning rounds in the hospital waking patients at 4am…collateral damage.
    Time to pull the old “Dawn Patrol” tee shirts out of mothballs. Used to work the night shift at Western Psych and head down to Calicos for a few before heading home.
    I can still hear Sinatra singing “Summer Wind” on the old jukebox…thanks Maestro. Good stuff.

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  7. Tape the cartoons Biggie…they’re funnier after you’ve had a few during the game.
    Buccos play at home Sept 7 also…maybe that was a factor for the 11am start.

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  8. I think it’s way past time that American football fans become more civil. And I now look forward to where the tailgate of booze and brats are replaced by the canteen with tea and scones. Ta ta

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  9. 11am or 3 pm…it’s the same 30 to 40k diehards anyway getting ready to revel in S.O.P.

    I actually like the 11am kickoff, don’t have to waste time watching ESPN’s godawful pre-game.

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  10. If history tells us anything, the turnout will be weak for Ohio so 11 will not be much of a factor. Just hope this doesn’t become a new routine.


  11. In the end, Heather agreeing to an 11 AM Kickoff is nothing more than a SELLOUT.

    Just like pretending YELLOW is really Gold so that you can say you’re HONORING tradition when in fact you’re really just trying to meld with the EMPTY Mustard seats at Heinz.

    Catching on yet? Are you not entertained?


  12. I understand the complaints about the 11:00 start as I don’t even like the nooner’s but to try and put the blame on the AD for this is just trying too hard to dislike her. We get it, you don’t like her. Two things already mentioned but bares repeating. Why not praise her for the 7:30 Virginia game? Plus Fran is right, the Pirates play that evening. Now do we remember how Heather did in fact negotiate with the Buccos to have the psu game switched with the Pirates to a night game? They weren’t going to do that for the Ohio game. The ACC network is trying to cram 4 games in that day and the PITT vs Ohio is probably the most boring match-up for that day. Makes sense to me but of course I don’t have this crazy disdain for the AD.

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  13. Also forgotten here. Do we all realize that in the past there was zero chance this game would be on TV, zero? Only the past few years would it have been on ESPN. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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  14. few will attend this game
    even fewer will watch on TV if its espn3

    but the fans who will attend will be the ones that get screwed
    horrible fan experience particularly for out of city fans who dont want to come in early and who typically travel on game day


  15. BTW, I heard a rumor that there is strong consideration that Lee and Kirk will be at state penn for the PITT game.


      1. Actually Bill I really wouldn’t care. I don’t want PITT to use up an opportunity to be on ESPN Gameday on the road, especially there.


  16. Question for you ESPN game day fans… will Corso put on a ROC head or go TOTALLY GARGOYLE!!!!! Pitt wins the finale… Lock the gates n get GARGOYLED…….!!!!


  17. Lastrow… it’s a point in time and space where that one’s mind reached when consumed by the mystical surroundings and happenings associated with our beloved team fueled by toddies and maybe a few gummy bears, Adrenalin and 🎶 Sweet Caroline…. thanks to brother JoeL we a a Gargoyle… get 2 ready Fran… Imma comin’ home this week- end… down the hatch !!!


  18. Had my 1st Dark n Stormy last night. It’s officially summer in the Ole North State…. make that my 1st 4 Dark n Stormies

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  19. Just looked up Syracuse’s OOC schedule.What a joke.

    Western Michigan
    Holy Cross

    Yeah and Dino finished in the top twenty last year with a schedule as easy as this years.

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    1. We are a ten win team and finish Top 20 if we play that schedule last year. 6-2 acc and run the table in the non-con. Syracuse gets it

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      1. I wouldn’t go that far. We are who we are and that is a .500 team bc of Narduzzi.


          1. and what has that gotten Pitt?
            still waiting for a top 25 ranking

            in Dinos 3rd year, his team won 10 games, won their bowl and got ranked top 15
            there is positive buzz around that program and the Cuse are getting national recognition

            meanwhile Pitt is floundering and the biggest talk has been about new colors and a panther head

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            1. Love your passion Tex but your logic is consistently faulty. If Dino plays Pitt’s Schedule last year he’s no better than 7-5 in the regular season. Then they lose against Clemson in Charlotte and probably win their bowl game. So Dino is what? One win better than Pat? BTw what are Syracuse’s recruiting rankings?

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              1. I’m all for EVERYONE SPEAKING THEIR MINDS but sometimes the vitriol shines to brightly through for me.

                BTW, Narduzzi beat Dino and all I hear is that their QB being accused of being a two day bender. So in other words, Narduzzi can’t win when he wins.


              2. no recruit wants to go to syracuse
                its a hole…i know…i lived in upstate for over 8 years
                and they play in a dome that is a relic 70’s technology

                do i really think that dino is far better than narduzzi? No
                but he did reach 10 wins, won his bowl and got his team ranked
                great selling points regardless of how he did it

                but if i were mister meatball head i would ask the following of heather
                1. remove Tennessee and Whisky from the schedule
                2. tarp those yellow seats
                3. turn your head when the Brink truck pulls up on recruiting visits (we need the Golden Panthers back albeit regulated)
                4. make hey about a OCS feasibility study because there is no buzz around the program today and i need all the help i can get

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            2. You’re not getting it Tx, it’s all laid out for you. PITT beat Syracuse but Syracuse played a powder-puff OOC schedule and PITT did not. So Syracuse makes the top 20. It’s pretty much basic stuff that should be easily understood. It’s not rocket science.


              1. i know ike. but dino has done it and narduzzi hasnt yet…tough OOC be damned. i just firmly believe that narduzzi’s ceiling is 9 wins.

                i can make an argument that a tough OOC better prepared Pitt for the Coastal.

                the bottom line is do you believe the man should be getting paid this kind of dough for these kind of results. i think most on here and the Pitt admin believe its a good return because they factor in the GPA’s, graduation rates and non cheating.

                But I believe in finding a proven head coach that can consistently win 10 games and get Pitt ranked in the top 15 every year. Pay him $5-$6M. You’ll see those yellow seats go away, donations pick up and this crazy talk about moving back to campus. 🙂


        1. I guess I should take it Gorilla that you wouldn’t be in favor of extending Narduzzi’s contract anytime soon.


          1. Yes and with three wannys we’d have at least two sub-500 seasons under our belt instead of one. Good choice

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            1. 3 wannys = 3 deuces
              2 narduzzis = 2 aces

              unless you have an ace up your sleeve, wanny wins


              1. Tex I would like you to look at these two web pages side by side and tell me how wanny wins



                I for one would not cash in two 8 win seasons and a coastal championship seasons for one 9 win season, one bowl appearance and one bowl win. Those first three seasons under Wanny were hell.


            2. i was no huge fan of Wanny
              he was a poor game day coach
              his recruiting was over rated
              he played in the weakest conference and had the easiest path to a major bowl

              but when he was coaching, Pitt was relevant albeit in a smaller pond
              Pitt was being talked about
              Fans were attending games
              there was some hope

              i was ready to fire him before 13-9
              but the program had some momentum during the end of his tenure only to be squashed by Stevie

              right now, Pitt is spinning its wheels and there is no excitement
              best case, another 8 win season or maybe 9 but thats the ceiling with this coach
              i just believe Pitt needs to spend even more to get ‘my’ expected results
              it must solve its revenue problem first or it can continue blowing a hole through the budget every year…whats the difference between a $10M hole and a $13M hole
              Pitt has kicked that can down the road for the past 40 years and the BoT is fine with it
              I personally am not but thats another topic


  20. we are 9 wins at best since Narduzzi would lose his bowl game

    we know Narduzzi gets blown out by top 20 OOC teams

    how do we know he can win against the likes of Maryland and Western Michigan?

    he finds a way to lose to NC every year doesnt he?


    1. He beat cuse last season. I guess that counts for something in Texas.

      Pitt will have several chances in 2019 to beat top 20 teams. Bring them on!

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      1. Right EE and if they are paper champions like Syracuse, PITT will beat them again. Bates and PITT’s defense made Troy look like he had a hangover. 🙂


  21. hey Gorilla arms, so we are a .500 team because team of Narduzzi? Well, that’s actually a compliment!

    In the 25 years before Narduzzi came, Pitt is 145 – 155 – 1. Narduzzi is 28-24 playing a tougher schedule .

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    1. since the 80s, Pitt has had 3 good years …. 2002, 2008 and 2009. Everything else has been mediocre … AT BEST. There has been a handful of great games .. but that’s it!


      1. Depressing. It never had to be this way either, but the university has run football so poorly and never has had the vision to what a good football program can do for the school.

        Gottfried had a chance to make Pitt pretty good heading into the 1990s. What a bunch of stooges running the athletic department and the BoT for being dullards.


    2. the point is Pitt is still middling or mediocre
      there has been no break through
      because Pitt hires assistant coaches because Pitt doesnt want to spend money to be elite
      but it doesnt have the money to spend because it doesnt have the revenues
      and it doesnt have the revenues because it doesnt have the right culture
      Pitt is purgatory for most fans
      Its Hell to me


        1. i’d have to develop a love for Peachy Paterno, apply for membership in the Klan, and buy a Pedo Bear costume. I’ll pass

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          1. BTW, I just saw that a judge ruled that none of the fellow frat brothers who let that pledge lay on the steps all night without calling for help will serve any time. Apparently, nobody serves time in Centre County (unless you sexually harass 25 kids and the state steps in, and it wouldn’t surprise me if gets his sentence overturned)


            1. as a member of a fraternity, I find that culture at Penn State beyond reprehensible. Speaking as a former VP and Ritual Chair.

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  22. It has been obvious for many years going back to PSU in the 60s that a cup cake OOC means a national ranking. We are stubborn in our scheduling to not be ranked.


  23. Great to see the POV is alive and thriving… Great to see a few guys back. I hope everyone realizes who they are because I love lively discussions and Mark does bring along humor with his debatable opinions. 🙂


  24. Not a prediction… MUCH too early for that.

    But it’s far from going out on a limb to say Pitt COULD be 1-3 heading into Delaware.

    You know Heather might have known what she was doing when she made the move back to those “traditional” Yellow Unis.


    1. It is entirely possible. It would be a complete disaster, but it’s possible. You never know with Pitt.


  25. ^^ True, that’s why ever PITT man, woman, dog and creatures of the night should make the effort if possible to Be There for the Virginia game.


  26. First, love the LOTR reference MM, great job!

    Regarding the schedule, granted I’m on the east coast, but given that I like the 11:00 start as a one-time thing, looking forward to it. But honestly it’s a one hour difference, so no big deal either way. And the night game is pretty cool, I’ll take that. Not a fan of those Friday night games though, I hope we don’t get any of those.


  27. Bernie, JeanieB and company coming back for the game makes it all worthwhile. PITT breaks the jinx this year…………. Book it……..

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  28. Ikre inspired me to have the first cookout tonight with Mrs Erie. Hamburgers, The Band and CCR.

    Takes me back to my Pitt day’s music-wise.

    Beat two more pedos in my golf league last night. Undefeated so far this season vs the numerous pedo teams – building MO for the September final non-rivalry game in Creepy Valley.


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  29. So far, we’ve announced 2 home game start times.. 11 am Saturday and Thursday night.

    Awesome! No one in Pittsburgh cares about Pitt football- if they did, the stadium wouldn’t always be empty. So, let’s screw the out of towners who actually buy tickets with breakfast and weeknight start times!

    Pitt football… I have seen the enemy. And it is us!

    I want my season ticket money back.

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  30. Tex, it is again worth mentioning that Narduzzi’s salary is right in the middle of ACC HCs, and his win/loss record in the ACC justifies this level of pay. Not sure why there is so much focus on his salary.

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  31. Just to clarify.. I meant 3 home games.. and UNC is a Thursday . My point remains.

    And I “Like” Heather. But for those of you who say it’s not her fault.. she’s our AD. Exactly who else WOULD be in charge of those decisions?

    If I lived 30 minutes from Heinz and didn’t have to take 2 days off work to see Pitt lose to UNC for the 30th season in a row, I probably wouldn’t care either. But those people don’t go to games.

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    1. Where was PITT picked to finish last year Tx?

      Jay, did you predict PITT would win their division?

      Heather doesn’t make the schedule nor did she request to play UNC on Thursday night.


  32. because i expect more for $3M plus
    a .500 record doesnt cut it
    dont care about the excuses for a tough OOC
    dont care about how Narduzzi runs a clean program, graduates players and has a team full of high GPA’s and community service projects
    i care about being ranked come years end
    if Pitt needs to pay a coach $5M to do it, then do it
    because that means greater attendance, higher donations, more merchandise sales, more sponsors signing up…more revenues
    i view sports as a business…which it is
    and it is downright reprehensible for pitt sports to lose $10M each year
    and football is the primary reason

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  33. Tex uses Narduzzi’s salary as one of his go to arguments against Narduzzi. It is really obvious tex just dislikes Narduzzi and his objectivity is gone.

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    1. You miss the argument pman – the argument is that if you pay narduzzi 52nd out of 65 P5 head coaches, we should expect 52 class rankings and final w-l rank of 52. If he does better, pitt makes out. If he does worse, we aren’t getting our maoney’s worth. Its a basic analysis. People don’t pay 60k for a brand new ford pinto. They will pay that for a new BMW.

      If narduzzi is top 25 paid, he better get top 25 results if i am in charge, or he is out. That is how i run my business. Now, if he is 26 or 27, okay, but don’t be 40th…or 50th in anything. Now, this premise is also based on the AD giving support to get the coach to his ranking. He either executes within 4 years or he has to go.

      If you pay top 10 money for anything, you should get top 10 results. Snowflake mentality is to make excuses and blame everyone but who is responsible. Same with director cup. When your athletic teams finished last in most sports, you shouldn’t be paying your AD in the top 50% of AD’s. That’s failure.


  34. Forget about no bowl wins for a moment, we got slaughtered by the Nits.
    And, the worst N.C. team in years beat us.

    If HCPN hadn’t beaten Clemson, would he still be the coach?


    1. Yes. Because his overall record would still be above .500, as would his ACC record. And Pitt doesn’t care if the teams win- see baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, etc.

      They, like many Pitt fans believe obstacles to winning simply can’t be overcome and are happy with mediocrity and hide behind academics.

      Because we all know, Siragusa, Fralic, Marino, Green, Revis, Heyward, etc. were all national merit scholars recruited for their contributions to Pitt’s academic standing.

      Oh wait.. they weren’t. They were recruited to win football games.. and they did. Did Pitt (and it’s academic reputation) suffer from their presence on campus? Did Pitt fans complain? Nope.

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      1. Jay I agree that athletics should get far more emphasis. But firing Narduzzi after his tenure so far would be insane from a football perspective.


  35. I never said to fire him. But, I disagree that it would be “insane”.

    Insane if you believe his results are Pitt’s ceiling. But if you believe Pitt wants to be more than what it is, than it’s far from insane. The guy is barely above .500 and could drop even closer to that mark after this season. I see Pitt going anywhere from 5-7 to 7-5 again this season.

    Sadly, that’s good enough for Pitt. So, I expect Narduzzi to be here for another 5 years. Pitt’s not a football school- or a basketball school or a baseball school or a swimming school or a tennis school..

    And for the “if you fire Narduzzi, who would you hire?” crowd.. I don’t know. I’m not the AD. I’m not getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make those decisions. Doesn’t Pitt pay someone to do that?


    1. Yes, they pay a consultant because the AD’s are afraid they might offend a coach who may be the head coach at the AD’s next stop and get the nod “no” when the AD needs a job. It’s a circle of crap. TX and I have been pushing the reality of pitt sports and get hit with it’s hard to recruit here, blah blah blah…..woe is us! It’s a bunch of crap and yes, the main reason the AD got the job is because she checked the diversity and inclusion box. Sorry. Just the facts. Pitt won’t admit that.


      1. call me a misogynist. or a women hater or whatever. But that couldn’t be more from the truth if you truly knew me and my political views and my actions.

        What Huff says is the brutal and honest trust. Heather did get the job because she checked off certain boxes for diversity and the BoT wanted someone with a solid Compliance background. That Penn State scandal heavily influenced their decision.

        Now does that make her a bad hire? No. Not necessarily. But Pitt needs a person with connections in football. And its still and will forever will be an old boys network.

        Pitt needs someone that can market and fundraise. Pitt needs someone that can run a profitable business. Heather is just not that person. Those skills just arent in her wheelhouse.

        That doesn’t make me a hater. I’m telling the truth. So please don’t call me fake news or whatever BS spouts out. Leave the politics out of it although Pitt made a very political decision.

        College sports is a business. And Pitt has no business having a Compliance person in charge. There is a separate department at Pitt for that.

        Heather is not the instrument of change that Pitt needs to finally breakeven (beating a dead horse here), becoming competitive across all sports, and transforming the sports culture and bringing it into the modern world.

        I don’t hate Heather or Narduzzi but I do realize they are not the right persons for the job.

        I also realize that 80% of Pitt fans don’t care like I do so nothing will change.

        If I had the time, energy and money, I’d go straight to the source…the BoT.

        You LOR fans know who I would target. But do we have anyone signing up for the Fellowship?


  36. there are coaches out there worth $5-6M these are proven head coaches that would come to Pitt and would produce results like higher attendance, donation rates, merchandise sales and sponsorship’s. Its a very fair tradeoff to find someone for an extra $2 or $3M per year because the $$$ justifies it.

    Now I’m not saying that our current AD is the right person to find that new coach.

    so I do live in reality and not an alternative universe.

    my opinion frankly doesnt matter

    I’m the guy who would have hired Tressell and the coach from Toledo 2 years ago

    I’m also the guy that told you about my alma mater Buffalo and Oats for basketball

    Pitt is what WVU says

    Because Pitt wont change

    For once, I just wish Pitt had proper toilet paper

    I get it people. Y’all are fine with 6-8 wins every year. I’m not. Moreover, I realize Narduzzi has a 9 win ceiling. I will not be proven wrong on this. Might seem braggadocios but you will eventually see what I see.

    so what coach would come to Pitt. Nobody is the answer. Nobody other than a career assistant.

    Look to the AD

    Pitt is being led by a career Compliance person

    Students and alumni are perfectly fine with a BoT that has seen Pitt’s academic and athletic rankings drop over the past 30 years

    I’m not stupid

    Unless more people like me demand a change, nothing will change

    I at least have been in the forefront of an OCS. Starting a non-profit enterprise for it with my fellow brother CompLit. I refuse to donate and attend games…spend my money on a bad product with bad leadership and a toxic culture.

    thats just me and quite frankly I dont give a damn what you or others think. I’m comfortable in my own skin and the decisions that I have made.

    My money is going to my other alma mater UB who is successful at football and basketball despite far more hurdles.

    and dont give me the brush off that I’m bitter and I would be more happy doing other things than complaining.

    you’re stuck with me. I’m that venereal disease you caught freshmen year. I’m with you forever.


  37. Jay I don’t think we have hit our ceiling under Narduzzi. I think we can get to 10-11 wins in a season (not regularly) with a reasonable Ooc.


  38. That would be a 2-3 win increase- or 25-30%. That’s a lot.. especially for a coach with recruiting classes that are falling each year and relies on grad transfers from Rutgers. And for those of you who say an easier OOC schedule would do it- Pitt was UNC’s ONLY FBS win last year. Don’t count Pitt wins until they happen.


  39. Ok, what makes a good/great coach?
    And does HCPN fit the bill?

    Winning lots of games.
    HCPN – nope, mediocre.

    Recruiting good/ xcellent players.
    HCPN – nope. Mediocre.

    Bowl wins.
    HCPN – nope.

    Generating enthusiasm and putting fannies in seats.
    HCPN – covert practices, snarky interviews, stagnant attendance.

    Running a clean program?
    HCPN – yep.

    I think the answers speak for themselves.

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  40. Point on inflection – Jay, UPitt and I witnessed what amounts to probably as the worst sports experience in the history of mankind. Anyone who attended Pitt in the early to mid 90’s know’s the pain. Bear that in mind when you judge us.


    1. and gasman seems to get it. my apologies. You are hearing personally from a generation of fans that have experienced the utter worst. We have seen the depths of despair. We have experienced Hell.

      You old timers at least saw some success, happiness and joy. Most Pitt fans only know failure, sadness and hopelessness.

      And some of us arent going to take it anymore.


    2. TX – If you thought the 90s at Pitt was “the worst sports experience in the history of mankind,” then I guess it’s a good thing you guys didn’t attend Pitt in the late 60s when we had three consecutive 1-9 seasons…


      Go Pitt.

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      1. but you got rewarded about 7 years later
        my reward 7 years after graduation was to see Walt win 6 games and then have Pitt stadium torn down


        1. Lol at least you got to see them upset Miami and VT at home


  41. I’d be more happy if Pitt had elevenses back in the day
    a hungry stomach can make one go crazy or mad as hell


  42. Tex, when you’ve begun knocking Pitt’s toilet paper that’s getting pretty low! Face facts- the FB program was in that toilet not so long ago. Narduzzi comes in on his first HC job, and his first complete class gets Pitt to roughly just over .500 ball. His contract extension should be long enough to get Pitt to 10 wins. Remember, this is Pitt and that’s as good as it gets. Or they can start over with another coach and go back to 4-5 wins per yr.

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    1. I’m with you VOR…but I also am not a victim of abused puppy syndrome like Tex, jay and upitt claim to be. Those fans that don’t believe will continue to not believe until they don’t. Which provably means multiple successive 9 and 10 win seasons and an above .500 bowl record. Clearly Tex and Jay don’t believe that duzz can get us there, and that is their right until he does (if he does) and if he does, we can take great joy in saying “I told you so” but if he doesn’t then they can do the exact same things. Given Pitt’s history id say they have a good chance to come out on the winning side of the equation when it’s all said and done, but me, I’m a gambler baby, and it’s going to make rubbing it in their proverbial eye so much sweeter if it happens

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  43. Narduzzi DIDNT get Pitt to slightly better than .500. They were already there with Christ. And the days of 4-5 wins were more than 20 years ago. Harris, Wannstedt, Graham and Christ were all at or above .500. Narduzzi has not elevated Pitt’s program.

    I agree he hasn’t hurt it. But 28-24 is, by definition, mediocre. Donations, ticket sales and exposure have not improved with Narduzzzi. I don’t think Pitt has fallen off from Chryst- but aside from the wins against PSU and Clemson, what has he done?

    (Yeah, I know, the coveted ACC Coastal championship.)


    1. Well he’s elevated it from 6-6- regular seasons (of which we had ALOT after DW). Bowls aside (and no one can argue that duzz sucks at bowls) duzz has had four go-rounds. He’s won 8,8,5 and 7.

      The previous four coaches won 6,6,6 and 6. I’m not religious by that’s the sign of the beast.

      (Note that this was a joke and if this conversation even takes a mild turn towards religion I will be deleting posts. Thank you).

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      1. WRONG..

        Pitt won 25 games in the 4 seasons before Narduzzi. They have won 28 in his four seasons. That is an average of 7 wins/season versus an average of 6.25 wins/season.

        This despite a MASSIVE increase in spending on coaches and recruiting.

        Additionally.. please don’t speak for me. I have NEVER said Narduzzi can’t win 10 games. I NEVER said he can’t win bowl games. Others have but I haven’t.

        What I HAVE said is this.. Narduzzi is 28-24. That’s a mediocre record. Narduzzi doesn’t recruit well and has received poorer rankings in each successive seasons. That’s also mediocre.

        I’m not a child so I take no joy in saying “I told you so.” If you do, then that says a great deal about you.

        I’ve made it clear that I take no joy in being right when I predict Pitt will get pounded by PSU and UCF (as I did). I want Pitt to win. ALWAYS. Even if I said they’d lose.

        If Pitt wins 9-10 games in the next 2-3 seasons with Narduzzi, I’ll be ecstatic. I just don’t see it happening.


        1. You clearly missed the part that said ‘regular season games’. I’m not counting the pizza bowl win against a Mac opponent.


    2. it was a division title…not a championship
      every team has done it except Virginia and they are my pick to do it this year
      in fact if you listen to non-yinzers who actually know something about football, Pitt is picked to finish 4th in the division
      when vegas comes out with projected wins, dont expect more than 7
      the smart money is on Pitt being mediocre yet again
      i’m the one that said narduzzi is a 9 win ceiling coach
      i take no gratification in being proven right which i am 100% certain i will
      i’m a hater. a mental screw-up from the 90’s. whatever
      when heather leaves in 3 years, narduzzi will be gone
      and it will be rinse and repeat unless fans demand better
      most fans never will


  44. I totally respect any fans desire to win cleanly and go around 7 wins per year
    I just am one that would rather win 10 cleanly and if it cant be done cleanly then dirty
    I’m used to the dirty days and I dont apologize for cheating when everyone else does and there is no penalty in fact there is incentive and encouragement from the NCAA and TV networks

    I just think fans fail to get the big picture
    It is important that Pitt increase revenues
    the main way to do this is through winning

    Pitt is just not winning enough
    Do we think Narduzzi is the coach that can win enough to boost donations and get 50k fans into Heinz?
    I dont think so because if he was that coach, it would have happened already
    and season ticket sales are down for this year…year 5
    But Heather didnt tell you that yet did she?
    and she didnt tell you that donations are still down
    and she didnt tell you that victory heights is being scaled down
    but I apologize for the cat escaping

    I care about Pitt and sports but not if this program robs academics of $10M each year.

    I still dont know why students, alumni, the media and the BoT arent making a bigger issue of this.

    This is robbery in plain site. Yet no arrests.

    Financial negligence should get people jailed.

    Pitt can do better if people demand it. Pitt fans just dont care. Much like the university.

    so 40 years of mediocrity and bad play and poor leadership is what you get.

    i struggle to understand how fans could care as deeply as me. i struggle to understand why i care so deeply for a university that essentially treats fans as a number or outright garbage. And my toilet paper analogy is really not too far off.

    Demand better Pitt fans. You damn well deserve it. Otherwise you get what you get.

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    1. Tex. I am with you and echo your every thought. Can’t understand why there aren’t more. We are the most abused fans in NCAA history.


  45. Remember that with a little better OOC scheduling Pitt could easily be 31-21 under a first time coach. That’s not so bad and the pieces are there for a 9 win season coming up. I think the needle is pointing upwafd

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  46. COULD be.. but those games weren’t played.

    More accurately, Pitt could be 32-20 in Narduzzi’s tenure if they could only beat UNC!

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  47. Paul Chryst last pitt season ooc:


    If Narduzzi had this non-conference schedule he probably would have reached 9-10 seasons already. And Chryst’s last season of 6 wins was in the Big Least!!!

    Nobody is saying Narduzzi is Saban. But at least try and be fair with ur vitriol against him.

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    1. Yep, that schedule Moose had in his final season was a walk in the park than what Narduzzi has faced. Also, Chryst never even went 7-5 in a season at Pitt and the schedules in 2012, 2013 and ’14 were pretty lame.

      I cannot wait to see what Narduzzi does with the schedule in 2020. He better be the coach, too. Heather better not get cute and think she can reel in some big whale to coach in front of yellow seats at Heinz.

      Pitt ruined two decades (90s and 10s) by firing coaches so I assume it will be done heading into a new decade because the university has a history of idiots making bad decisions.

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      1. Narduzzi won’t be going anywhere soon unless he decides it on his own and he’s not going to do that either.

        )1 Most people agree that Narduzzi’s OOC schedule has been overly brutal.
        )2 Most people agree that the PITT administration had let the football program crumble to pieces
        )3 Most people agree that the WPIAL is down in talent the past few years
        )4 Most people agree that it’s difficult to recruit kids in front of a half full stadium
        ) Yet some just want to put blame on Narduzzi simply because they don’t like his attitude? or hairy arms

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  48. And the haters like to point to the North Carolina losses. Yes they were maddening. The last two were terrible losses. But on the other hand he is 20-8 against the rest of the ACC during his tenure.

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    1. The North Carolina losses are the worst blemish on narduzzis record. Frankly they are inexcusable, and I’m generally a narduzzi supporter. But to your point even with these horrible blemishes he’s got the best first-four-year record of any coach since Gottfried (and a very good acc record), and despite what many of you believe about recruiting … it’s quite possible that there is upside. This year will really be the litmus year bc all his own players. We’ll find out how much rankings really mean…


      1. Yeah unc losses were his very bad losses. The last two were pathetic.

        But every coach has them…see akron, youngstown state, ohio, etc. etc.

        Hopefully we eventually don’t have these losses but they happen to everyone (yes Clemson lost to us at home before winning the national championship).


  49. so let me get this straight …. some here wants Pitt to hire its 6th FB head coach in this decade alone .. and because the new goy will be the ONE. He’ll continually win 9 – 10 – 11 games no matter what schedule Pitt plays.

    I’m sure many who are thinking that way probably approved of Wanny’s firing too …. how did that work out?

    Fact is that, except for Wanny, the current coach is doing just as good or better than any HC since the 80s. But if you guys want Pitt to get its 9th new hire in the past 30 years, who am I criticize?

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    1. Some people just like the new buzz of hiring a new coach and they’ll defend that guy for two years at least by saying he needs his own players. But those who love change by year three will start turning on their guy and say the seat is warm heading into year four and time for another change since he didn’t deliver a national title.

      Sadly I think Pitt’s leaders also enjoy the buzz of being in the news for making a coaching change, which is forgotten by non-Pitt fans a day later.


  50. Pitt is not ripping off students.

    Let’s stop acting like we know enough about the University of Pittsburgh’s financial practices to even debate it because we don’t and we never will.

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    1. Pitt sports is subsidized by the general fund each year
      the general fund is for educational purposes
      the public reports are out there
      Pitt just doesnt like to bring this up for obvious reasons

      like this audit back in 2003 when Pitt football finally made a profit. Pitt averaged 58k at Heinz that year. Larry’s final year.

      so even with all this acc money, Pitt still loses money because it spends all of it and then some
      and the % subsidy relative to revenues is among the highest in P-5

      the faculty and staff are the only ones who report on this because its their money being peed away by a grossly mismanaged athletics department


  51. Vitriol? What vitriol? The hyperbole on here is laughable.

    I said Narduzzi is 28-24. He is. I said his recruiting is mediocre and those rankings are falling each year. They are. I said Narduzzi is likely going to be here another 5 years because he’ll likely stay at or slightly above .500.

    I think he’s a mediocre coach for a mediocre program. That’s vitriolic?


    1. Jay, you have to keep in mind that not every comment is directed at you personally. There certainly is vitriol towards Narduzzi here. I think you get where he and the PITT football program is at but many want to bash the guy endlessly just because they like the dude.


      1. “But at least try and be fair with ur vitriol against him.”..

        It was directed squarely at me. If not, different language should have been used. Words have meanings. If people think my criticism is “unfair” or unwarranted, they certainly can believe so. However, vitriol assumes “cruelty” and I have never displayed any such emnity toward Narduzzi. I liked the hire when it was made. Now, I’m just, “meh”. Pitt can keep him another 10 years as far as I’m concerned.

        The funniest part is that I have consistently said that Narduzzi isn’t a terrible coach. I have reiterated numerous times that I’m not calling for, nor ever have called for his firing. And yet, some on here just flat out make things up.

        I said he’s mediocre. Most who report on such things agree with me. Isn’t he consistently ranked in the middle of the pack when such polls and rankings are released? Isn’t his career winning percentage .538? Isn’t he winless in bowl games. Mediocre.

        In deference to Michaelangelo Monteleone who has admonished others in the past for misuse of the language and it’s words, I would like to present “POV Words of the Day.” As he has said in the past, “If you don’t know what they mean, don’t use them.”

        Vitriol- cruel and bitter criticism.

        Mediocre- of only moderate quality.

        Emnity- being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

        Off to better things. Enjoy this beautiful spring day, Gentlemen.

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    2. Jay, the vitriol is that many here call Narduzzi and his record mediocre without one consideration of the difficult schedule he has faced since he got here.

      The vitriol is that much of the negativity here is from people who don’t like him personally. Yes, he is brash …. but so are at least 80% of the football coaches.

      The vitriol here that his recruiting sucks without any acknowledgement that Wester PA has diminished greatly in the number of quality recruits just over the last 5 years … and there is plenty of evidence to support that.

      I don’t think any of us is calling Narduzzi a great coach by any means, but on the other hand, the constant criticism of him by some here is way over the top. Heck, the last 2 years … there were some here picking apart lines of his press conference from transcripts without any knowledge of the tone of it.

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      1. Again… that’s not the meaning of vitriol.

        Call it unfair. Call it unreasonable. Call it any number of things. Vitriol has a meaning. There is nothing “cruel” about saying a guy is a bad coach. There is nothing “cruel” about being wrong.

        I have read ONE person on this blog (we all know who.. Hi Mark!) who has been “cruel” or demeaning regarding Narduzzi. Yep, ONE. So address him directly, if you feel the need. He’s a big boy. He can take it.

        The rest of us just don’t think he’s a good coach. That’s not vitriolic. We’re not “haters.” We just don’t agree with some of you. That’s allowed, right?

        BTW.. unless it’s an urban elementary school student or Taylor Swift, using the term “hater” doesn’t reflect well on anyone’s education or maturity. “Haters gonna hate!” LOL


    1. But at least we won’t starve — there’s plenty of tenderized horse meat to go around! 😊

      Go Pitt.


  52. LOL, obviously wanted to throw a “don’t like the dude” in there. Kind of ruined my point..


  53. Funny how the same “vitriol” but only WORSE was aimed at Chryst.

    But he was considered “fair game.” And by many of the current day self-appointed “Anti-Hate” Squad.

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  54. I absolutely deplored “the steve” I am not always smelling the roses and I think I play fair when talking about the PITT football program. I can be critical of PITT and especially of myself.

    Cruel : willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.
    synonyms: harsh, severe, grim, grievous, hard, tough, bitter, harrowing

    I believe there are cruel words used against Narduzzi by more than just one poster and that’s ok, it’s a very deep question. It’s an opinion and it’s just fine to not like the coach or be critical of the coach. Remember, just because someone doesn’t get upset about another being cruel doesn’t make it’s not cruel. No man is made of steel, there is a heart underneath the facade.


  55. POD. I am probably in a minority that thinks Chryst did a good job and Narduzzi is doing pretty well too. No “vitriol” towards Chryst from me.


  56. Chryst did do a good job imo. He was in the boat before Narduzzi. He righted a listing ship and starting steering PITT football in the right direction. I do think Paul and his recruiting were over-rated though. The few decent O-lineman he did get were from right here in WPA. No decent QB’s although Voytik was highly rated. He also had a weird personality.


  57. Paul Chryst over-purged which set Pitt back years. Him and SP didn’t get rid of all bad seeds either. They wanted to push out Wanny loyalist. Any winning culture that Wanny had established was erased. Outside of Conner and Boyd (who many trashed here) I’m not a fan of the era. I’m not sure how his recruiting can be overrated when it wasn’t rated in the first place. For all the talk of the OL it didn’t amount to wins. Neither did Boyd or Conner. Chryst had some luck in that the WPIAL was putting out some players at the time. It’s a dry right now. Duzz’s rankings are not high but at least he’s recruited depth at al the position groups. Yes, OL and TE could use some help. But the overall depth across the position groups is the strongest since Wanny. Maybe even Walt to be honest. People will disagree with that but oh well.

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    1. Agree, plus Chryst didn’t have a lot of bad seeds to get rid of either. This narrative by the Wannsedt haters that Dave was running a rogue program that needed cleaning up is comical.

      The fact is Dave recruited a ton of good kids to Pitt. You can only be a good kid if you play for three coaches in three years provided to you by the then-idiotic Chancellor and A.D.

      Another fact is Chryst’s so-called cleanup was to shape the roster to suit his power style of football. A lot of Graham’s kids were meant for his wide-open offense and those others who left did so because Graham bailed and they left to go back to the southwest region where they grew up.

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      1. Gee, I better call Nordy up and let him know Nate thinks he’s a liar…

        The bottom line is that the FB HC serves at the pleasure of the Chancellor…so it is the Chancellor made the decision, which was the case with DW.

        So, why else do you think he was fired?


        1. You can only be an idiot when it comes to football if you let Steve Pederson convince you to fire a coach who NEVER should have been. Nordy pretty much ruined this decade of football for Pitt fans.

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          1. Oh, and we’re seeing how Gallagher’s put hoops in the trash with his brilliant way of operating. He got totally played by Barnes and now Capel is having a harder time than he probably imagined trying to rebuild. Hoops can be turned over very quickly and the misses on a true power forward will keep Pitt out of the NIT this upcoming season.

            It also looks like all three locals in 2020 are heading elsewhere. Did this all really have to happen? It did because Gallagher was clueless.


          2. Gents I have posted a new article about this topic that you may find interesting…

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  58. Chryst Haters need not worry. There will be PLENTY to hate about Chryst this fall.

    If his Freshman Quarterback is as good as he looks, the Coach who couldn’t talk, dress or recruit looks set to have his first National Championship within reach.


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