I’ll be at the W Hotel in DC this evening for Pitt’s Alumni Meet and Greet with Narduzzi and Capel.

What questions would you like me to scream at our HC when he is trying to speak from the podium??

He’s some I’ve thought of:

  1. Pat (I call him ‘Pat’ regardless that  he calls me ‘spy’), even though bowl games don’t mean anything at all do you think you might win at least one during your time at Pitt?
  2. What does your therapist say about you never being able to beat North Carolina even though they have been the worst team in the ACC?
  3. While you have said many times that recruiting stars mean absolutely nothing do you think you might be able to get more than one 4* or 5* kid sometime soon?  I mean that would be a good thing right?
  4. Who is going to win the POV Golf Tournament this year?
  5. How did it feel to bring Pitt any sort of football championship without sharing it with another team?  Good job on that by the way!

You guys have any?

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  1. Is the reason behind JC missing on the big-time recruits the same or different than the reason you miss? I know he has only been around for a little more than a year, but since you’ve been here much longer, is this all he should expect?


  2. Pat, what do you think of the lame-brain Pitt fans that would rather lose at home to LSU than beat Ball State in September? Same with the administration, too?


  3. Here’s few questions for Narduzzi.

    Why don’t you trim your hairy gorilla arms and what’s up with those calf’s?

    Do you really hate Jerry P?

    Does Jerry P really hate you?

    How did you lose the PITT football team and the locker room?

    Is it even possible for you to get anymore transfer players?

    Why isn’t Heather here tonight, is she on vacation?

    I thought you were a defensive guru?

    Did you hear what Michaelangelo wrote about you? 🙂

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  4. Last question to yell out……… Hey Pat.. Do you think you will ever coach the PITT football team to win the ACC Coastal Division title?


  5. when will you open practices?
    do you think you’ve earned that extension?
    whats with this ‘defend your city’? Are the British coming?
    have you learned from your hiring mistakes?
    why do you have such a difficult time recruiting players that dont have offers from Elon and Holy Cross?
    do your players finally know what ‘defer’ means?
    will your team be embarrassed by Penn State again this year?
    your thoughts on tarping the yellow seats masquerading as fans?

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  6. Q. You played LB in college – why are you struggling to recruit that position as a HC in college?


  7. Pat, how do you let all those whiny comments from guys stuck in their moms’ basements just roll off your shoulders?

    Also, is it fair to compare our basketball coaches’ recruiting results to yours, even though he’s had less than one full class to recruit and you’ve had 4, or do you think this comparison is also done by whiny yinzers stuck in their moms’ basements?

    And finally, what calf exercises do you do?


    1. 1618, if you would allow me to take this question. How can I let the detractors comments to roll off my shoulders? Hmm?? I have about 3.5 million reasons why. Plus, I know what I’m doing.. When they get a job coaching a P-5 football team… give me a call and we will talk.


  8. Funny thing…all the table clothes, pom-poms, etc are still the ‘old gold’ University colors.

    I only recognize two people here but everyone I talk to seems to have read the POV at some point.

    Just had a 10 minute conversation with five other fans… I’d say the prevailing thoughts are that the jury is still out as to the HC. Not real negative but everyone seems a bit disappointed about the last two seasons…and his recruiting.

    That is reasonable.

    One guy asked me if PN was on the hot seat or not. I said apparently not but that those first two seasons will fade in memory if 2019 isn’t a lot better. Which I think is true.


    1. where will they play it
      if at Consol, missed opp for Pitt
      needs to be played on Pitt campus


      1. PPG or whatever they call the civic arena now

        at Pitt i would know the freakin name and i would know its Pitt and not the home of some pro sports team


        1. Tx, The Civic Arena is now known and referred to as history. But your meatball for brains reference is very funny.

          Can’t wait for Narduzzi to recognize “the spy” in the crowd. Should be good journalism. We will keep a keen eye on that.


    2. the wrestling championships were held at PPG…18k avg attendance
      this volleyball tourney will be held at PPG
      the frozen 4 for hockey is being held at PPG

      all these college events being held off campus

      thats over $7M in lost revenue for Pitt


  9. Questions:

    Do you believe half a million bucks per win is a fair salary?

    What transpired between you and Ox, a loyal Pitt alum and trusted member of the program?

    What is the difference between Herman hiring his pal’s vetting service and Heather rewarding you with a fat payday after you helped her land the AD job?

    Why isn’t the QB position open for competition after KP’s only good game was against Wake Forrest?

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  10. —Is he confident that Paris Ford is really ready to contribute on defense?

    —What one thing would Coach change at Pitt to help with recruiting?

    Go Pitt.


    1. John, a serious question for Narduzzi? You think “The Spy” paid $100 and travel all the way to DC not to insult the coach? Jus kidding Reed… kind of… 🙂


  11. when you go 5 wins and bowless this year, will you resign?

    how many 2 stars do you plan on recruiting this year?

    are you a fav of the number 100…like the number where both your D or O ranked each year?

    how many meatballs can they stuff in your head?

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  12. Ask when the groundbreaking ceremony will be for the new OCS with a retractable roof.

    I was listening to XM84 ESPN College Sports Radio yesterday with Greg McElroy and Taylor Zarsor (sp) – they were debating the games played at neutral sites Lyke Jerry’s World, Atlanta’s new stadium etc. Both, without missing a beat said CFB was meant to be played on the college campus, so as to soak in the atmosphere, the youthful enthusiasm and the home team crowd.

    They felt the neutral site games created a stale environment.

    Pitt playing at Heinz Field IS stale…


    1. there is no 3 point home field advantage for Pitt at Heinz. It is neutral

      as a result it probably has cost Pitt a game every year

      law of averages

      a lost win is worth millions



      1. I’ve said this a thousand times that playing at Steeler Stadium actually hypes up the opposing players more than our own. The opponents never get to play in a professional stadium because…..they are in college! There is no advantage for Pitt and in my eyes, it is a disadvantage for a bunch of reasons (size, empty seats, off campus, etc.). Pitt loses actual game points because the other team gets amped to play in Steeler stadium.

        We are stupid! There, i have said it 1001 times.


  13. This thread is turning out better than I expected, some funny stuff,,,,nice job Reed and responders.

    All except for Gasman’s questions….which were sincerely excellent.


  14. I take it Reed that you are supplying the money bags for Capel in order to cheat like the rest because Pitt aint getting Sy or any Bigs without offering some Benjamins


  15. One last question – the Pitt baseball team is currently beating UNC 7-1 in the top of the 9th inning. Do you think you could learn a thing or two from HC Mike Bell on how to beat the Tar Heels?

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  16. Coach Duzz, hypothetically speaking of course, if it was 1st and goal on Virginia Tech’s goal line, what play would you run three times in a row?

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  17. What 2018 loss was most frustrating?

    Which loss at pitt was the most frustrating?

    Why have the four stars you’ve landed been busts?


  18. Golf outing update: the Frankcan Trophy has made it’s way to Pittsburgh and is being polished in an undisclosed location (Richman is not involved).

    Yesterday, we had a few new entries to boost our golfer attendance to 25. Right now we are formulating the teams, some have paid as a team and will stay as a team. There are currently (4) foursomes and (3) threesomes – yes, Richman is involved.

    The tentative timing for this May 31st outing at Meadia Heights Golf Club in Lancaster Pennsylvania is as follows:

    Pre-golf meal between 11am and 11:45am. The first team will tee off at noon and the last team at 1pm.

    There are a few non-golfers that plan to join us post-golf – if you are looking for a good arrival time, consider sitting in the outside dining patio area just off of the 19th Hole – the teams will be passing by that area twice at the halfway point of our outing (2pm-3pm). And yes, Richman is involved 🤩. You can then transfer to the back deck which overlooks the 18th green, enjoying the view and a cold one once the last team passes the 19th Hole, mid afternoon.

    All are welcome to stay for dinner (not included in your golf & lunch fees). I will be staying for dinner and have already offered to buy Reed’s dinner.

    Besides the 4 “star” appearances by Reed and UPitt at this year’s outing, we have a secret Pitt 5 star guest who may be a last minute add-in golfer. His schedule is so tight that he could not commit yet, but he wants to be with us if he can. Yes Richman, I did say “he”.

    Lastrow has been a big help in organizing these outings – which is very much appreciated by me.


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  19. I’m doing a small article about the event and will post it later. Had two staff coaches as tablemates which was interesting also. One knew me already and I’m positive I had never met him before…

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  20. curious what most people think about the state and direction of the football and basketball programs

    curious if anything was said about Victory Heights…how is the fundraising going


  21. Looking forward to the FrankCan. I played in an event at Indiana (PA) Country Club yesterday, what a beautiful track, as nice as any in WPA. Played with one of the BBall coaches from IUP who played at Auburn, expects big things from Capel. He had a good year IUP won 30 games and Auburn almost surprised the world.

    Just heard from a large group of classmates that are having a reunion the weekend of the Pitt Ohio game,
    hoping they join us at the game. This is the group that invited me to join them in the Student Section for the 303 yd Tony Dorsett ND game the year after I graduated. Best sporting memory ever.

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  22. Reed, how did you get into the event if the gates were still locked?

    Ask Nard if he found the key to unlock the gates. As i thought about that poor marketing slogan, i actually now think he was trying to get a security guard fired. Maybe someone snuck in and took his list of 4 and 5 star recruits and he was left with just the 2 and 3 stars?


  23. Looking at some of the comments on here, is it any wonder that Pitt FB is the dream job for so many of the top-level head coaches?


    Go Pitt!


  24. LOL at Major – Seriously, if you think about it, there is some truth in all the funny questions. That’s the depth to which we have fallen. Self ridicule, because noone would believe that a program that prides itself on academics, can be so stupid when it comes to running a business. Believe me, higher ed is a business.

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      1. That’s interesting John, could it be possible that Narduzzi actually identified Reed as “The Spy” simply because of Reeds self proclamation of keeping an eye on PITT football. After-all, just take a re-look at the header. hmmmm…


  25. Coach – based on your recent recruiting strategy, when are you going to announce that our new offensive attack will be to start all running backs at every position?


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