Questions for King Pat

Questions for King Pat

I’ll be at the W Hotel in DC this evening for Pitt’s Alumni Meet and Greet with Narduzzi and Capel.

What questions would you like me to scream at our HC when he is trying to speak from the podium??

He’s some I’ve thought of:

  1. Pat (I call him ‘Pat’ regardless that  he calls me ‘spy’), even though bowl games don’t mean anything at all do you think you might win at least one during your time at Pitt?
  2. What does your therapist say about you never being able to beat North Carolina even though they have been the worst team in the ACC?
  3. While you have said many times that recruiting stars mean absolutely nothing do you think you might be able to get more than one 4* or 5* kid sometime soon?  I mean that would be a good thing right?
  4. Who is going to win the POV Golf Tournament this year?
  5. How did it feel to bring Pitt any sort of football championship without sharing it with another team?  Good job on that by the way!

You guys have any?