For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Atlanta Metro area.  For those of you who don’t know, I also happen to own a royal blue Pitt Script ball cap, which I rarely wear.  Well I saw that ballcap sitting on the closet shelf on Saturday morning and I decided to wear it all day long.

It must have been fate because Qadree Ollison was drafted by the Falcons that afternoon. Then, later that evening Pitt notched their third 2020 commit who just happened to be from Macon, Georgia.  What are the odds?

First lets talk, Ollison. Big congratulations to him, and selfishly it will be nice to be able to follow a Pitt Panther on what has become my ‘back porch team’.  The Falcons run a lot of zone runs and they’ve invested in their offensive line this year, so it will be interesting to see how their running game evolves.  Devonta Freeman is the clear number one back if his knee is healthy, and the Falcons have a little scatback names Ito Smith who they like as a number two, but Freeman has been injury prone for the last two years, so if Ollison impresses in camp, he could get a chance sooner rather than later.  Given his size, he may also be in line for some goal-line touches.

Second, no mention of Ollison would be complete without mention of the seven Pitt Panthers who signed as Undrafted Free Agents.  Congratulations fellas!

Third, lets talk about the commit.

Jaylen Barden hails from Lizella, Georgia, just outside of Macon.  Judging by the amount of likes on his commitment tweet, he is no stranger to social media.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.53.01 PM

More important than his obvious twitter skills is his speed.  Barden may be small (5’11”) and lean (176) but he is fluid and athletic and he has speed to burn.   Guys like this do very well in a Mark Whipple offense as PSN noted in this article about Barden a month ago.

Here is his highlight film. Just watch.

Barden had 16 offers, but only three from FBS Schools – Kentucky, Indiana and Pitt.  That could be because Westside HS in Macon is the only the third largest classification in Georgia (There are seven total), so it’s probably not a football factory.  Or it could just be because he’s small.  I can tell you this though, it’s not because he’s not talented.   Yes some will say he’s not the right guy because of the stars, but I’ll say this right now, he’ll make more of an impact than (former four-star WR) Ruben Flowers did, and it’s nice to see Narduzzi and co. finally pick up a recruit from Georgia.  Welcome to Pitt Jaylen!  We are glad to have you.

Hail to Pitt!

Michaelangelo Monteleone

218 thoughts on “Georgia on my Mind

  1. My daughter’s family lives in Suwanne outside Atlanta. The population there is exploding so good thing we are expanding recruiting there. My grand kids graduated from the new Peachtree Ridge High School where several kids received FB scholarships. HCPN knows that is where to go as well as FL.

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  2. I believe the Falcons made a very prudent choice.

    Meanwhile .. Barden from Macon, not far from Hot Lanta, may be small but he is All Man so it is Not His Cross to Bear and you shouldn’t tie him to the Whipping Post …. and with his speed he is quite the Rambling Man

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  3. Picking Ollison to get drafted over Hall was an obvious choice.

    Ollison not only has the advantage of size and power, he is also a more natural, FLUID runner than Hall.

    There was good reason why it was only Ollison who got the invite to the NFL Combine and anyone who watched saw it on display.

    For one, Olllison put up a pretty good 40 time for being the BIGGEST Back at the Combine who wasn’t a fullback.

    More significantly, what you saw was the same BIG Back showcase an ability to effortlessly run Pass Routes and consistently CATCH the football.

    As for Hall, he will certainly have a challenge ahead of him in Cleveland given the Backs already on the roster.

    He is also at a disadvantage given his running style.

    During his days at Pitt, his claim to fame became those BIG runs he would rip off using his quickness and ability to cut back against the grain.

    Unfortunately, in today’s NFL with PURSUIT being the way it is, there is not a whole lot of opportunity for cutback runners.

    The question for Hall is whether he will be able to ADJUST his style to work in the NFL?

    It is something ALL backs have to do to some degree or another given the DIFFERENCE in the players and the schemes compared to the College Game.

    Ollison will also be having to adjust. But it helps when you’re working with a better skill set.

    To me, the question with Ollison will be DURABILITY.


    1. agree. Ollison did himself a solid by working to get himself in shape last spring and summer. He lost weight and looked much quicker than he had the last 2 years.

      Both Ollison and Hall were pretty good college backs but in the NFL, where backs aren’t as valued as much, it will be an uphill battle … and believe Ollison has a much better chance of sticking due to his special team skills


      1. Really? He looked just fine as a 5.3 ypc, 1121 yard, 11 TDs back his rsFR year.

        Listening to the fans you’d think Ollison was a fat slob or something in the last two years – every other year he’s been 230 and this season 225 – hardly any difference at all. I watched him in camp practices every year he’s been on roster and he didn’t look any different from one year to the next.

        He had a better run blocking OL this year, as did Hall, then the last couple of years – that was the difference.

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  4. Cool to see the Allman Brothers referenced…my all time favorite band.
    Used to have the opening licks from Whipping Post as the ring tone on my phone when my wife called me.

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    1. Yea, when I see Macon, I immediately think of the Allmans … hopefully that will change in a couple of years


    2. That’s just bad, Fran. I’ve been known to sing that song coming out of a conference room after a long meeting.


      1. Once saw the Allman Bros in a field in Ohio off of Rt. 70 outside Columbus. It was back when Greg was dating Cher.

        Remember it being 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

        People were passed out everywhere.

        Must have been the HEAT!

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            1. I wasn’t there but of you google “the concert at Watkins Glen” you will see that The Band and The Dead opened for the ABB in late July ’73 before a paid crowd of 625,000 … almost twice the crowd at Woodstock. A record that held for decades

              That was a few weeks before I saw them for the 1st time at 3 Rivers in Aug ’73


  5. I thought Bookser would get drafted since he was a three year starter and played out of position this year. Probably has the best shot of the free agents to make a squad.


    1. Yes I agree. I think Hall might surprise as well though it depends on the depth in CLE. UDFA is such a long shot to make the team. You have to figure about 10% chance. A team will bring in 20-30 and maybe one or two stick on average. Best of luck to these guys! Here is hoping they overindex!


      1. Agreed – Bookser had a blocked FG a few years back at a critical point in a close game. Duzz and Powell never used him lyke that again to my knowledge.

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  6. George Aston has to stick for a couple of years in the NFL. He just has to. He deserves it. If not him then who? To go from walk on to NFL is a great story.

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  7. Hall didn’t get drafted due to lack of vision and fluidity. He was a one cut, choppy wonder. Seriously, vision and quickness make a great back in my opinion. Not many are running 40 yards at a clip unless…

    you make it on Special teams which will be a good place for Aston, and Folston.

    I like Bookser to make a practice squad and Hendrix too.

    Willie Nelson had Georgia on his Mind about 15 million times……….


    1. With a 7.5 ypc season average which I think may be a Pitt record. (Awesome even when throwing out the Top run) 🙂

      But Hall’s 2018 average is by far more than any other Pitt back with over 100 carries… Here are Pitt’s stats as of the 2018 season and you can see he’s right up with the best overall career-wise.

      Big difference than from last season. I’m surprised he wasn’t drafted.

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  8. So Elliott Donald (nephew of aaron) Central Catholic kid, gets an offer from LSU and in the comments …”15th offer from my DREAM school..LSU”. WTF Dream school?!
    I thought he said that about PItt. I don’t get it.


    1. Dream school, c’mon Richman, think women.

      Not that Pitt doesn’t have that too, but at LSU,,,much hotter.

      You know I mean WEATHER>>>>less covered up far more of the year.


  9. Things are getting to be a bit worrisome on the basketball front. No Capel announcements in quite a while. They need bodies badly. Any word out there if any signings are close?


  10. As to the Bookser non-draft. Maybe teams considered his driving through Oakland issue.

    Either that or his lack of coin toss acumen….probably not so hot Wonderlic. 😦


  11. The competition for any BB player 6′ 9″ and above is brutal. And Pitt’s last two seasons in the ACC give some little hope that Pitt will be competing in the NCAA tournament anytime soon.


  12. I like the comments about the Allman Brothers. My brother lives in Nashville and his wife’s cousin is Amy Grant (married to Vince Gill). My son also lives in Nashville and is in the business side of the music business and he is a close friend of Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie) and Jimmy’s family.

    Anyways, my son takes me and my wife to downtown Nashville for some beers and to see some live acts in the Broadway bars. We go in a bar that has a prominent stage where an act had just finished and he says follow me as we went out a back door and into an alley. My son points to a tall, heavily tattooed guy signing autographs before hopping on a bus. My son says, “There he is Gregg Allman; heading who knows where?”

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  13. Not to speak for Ike but we texted a few days ago and he was quite confident on the good news coming for Capel…
    Hopefully Timberlake from DeMatha is part of the news.

    Think I’ll go eat a peach…


    1. Timberlake was “offered” a scholarship by Louisville yeasterday.

      The Mack money may be too much for Capel & company.

      Just one man’s opinion…


  14. OT: we have officially hit the 20 committed golfers number and the final details will be “hashed” out over the coming week.

    Thanks to all the committed (paid and spelled correctly). For those who cannot make it to compete for the Frankcan Cup, we will miss your participation and fellowship. For those still on the fence, you need to get off the pot and commit. Or is it stay on the pot and commit – whatever…

    We have golfers from Pittsburgh, VA, MD, Louisville, TX and many from Central PA. All are welcome!


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  15. Let’s hope, Lastrow. The Jucos and transfers will be graduating soon. Now is the time if Pitt will get anyone.


    1. I was thinking with Reed’s newly repaired back that he could give Capel some quality minutes. We need a JUCO big or a grad transfer for next season along with Coulibaly to sign his letter of intent. That would give Capel 20 fouls, 10 rebounds and 10 points each game, provided none get hurt. (includes Brown and Kene)

      The new Pitt triple double.

      That would get us to a .500 record and an NIT bid.


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      1. Don’t hold your breath that Pitt brings in either a JuCo or grad transfer big. I’ll be ecstatic if it happens but I’m feeling like it won’t happen. I thought Capel was going to use all these scholarships mostly on grad transfers for depth? Has one kid even visited? Sy is going to get the perks from Wade and sign with LSU in my opinion and fans will say they are glad Pitt isn’t playing the money game in the dirty world of college hoops.

        Coulibaly is signing at a school function soon. It appears he passed his SAT and will be eligible.

        Reports are Kene is going to miss a lot of time next year with his hip surgery.


  16. cbs sports just came out with their top 100 2020 draft picks. No Pitt player is on it. That’s the top 3 rounds if my 3rd year of 4th grade math is working, but it is early.


  17. “Speed to burn”? Barden ran a 4.65 in the 40. For comparison, my nephew ran a 4.44- laser timed. (Full disclosure, he set the freshman record at East Stroudsburg and is the fastest kid on the football team). He’s 6’o 195 lbs- bigger than Barden. And he’s playing LB at a DII school. Yep, that’s right. He’s the same height, weighs more and is playing LB- in the PSAC. And we’re celebrating a smaller, slower kid coming to play wideout.

    No commentary, just some perspective.


    1. Congrats to your nephew Jay as he sounds like a great athlete. But Barden “claims” at least to have run 4.4 in the 40.


    2. That may be true Jay but if it is there there are some slow defensive backs down in South Georgia, because Barden is running by all of them on his Junior tape. Whipped wouldn’t be all over Barden’s chili if he ran a 4.65. I can assure you that.

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    1. Jay – I have similar stats with my nephew. Ran a 4.49 in the 40, was a two-time 1st Team All State RB in PA, broke the all time rushing record for Erie County (ikr) and is 6’0 195 lbs.

      He will be a FR at DII Mercyhurst College next season and probably red-shirt, as the returning starting RB is a SR and the previous all time rushing record holder in Erie County HS FB.

      I used to not follow College FB recruiting until I started reading the Blather and POV. I was just a casual Pitt FB fan with season tickets, pining for the glory days of the late 70’s and early 80’s when I was a college student. I had hope that Pitt had a plan to win again.

      Back to golf…


  18. Jay I agree that 4.65 is not impressive. Our defensive end commitment supposedly runs a 4.5 so something seems off.


  19. Looks like 3 new bowl games added for 2020…our chances just went up!
    Myrtle Beach and Fenway Park are 2 of the sites.


  20. The Myrtle Beach Bowl will be played at Brooks Stadium, the home field of Coastal Carolina. This looks like a good fir for Pitt being that it seats 20K

    I see the BoSox just couldn’t stand Yankee Stadium having its own bowl. If BC gets selected to this bowl, it will have to travel all of 4 miles


    1. Myrtle Beach would work for me period.

      We could have the Frankcan Cup played early that year, or late, depending on the date.


      1. not sure you can guarantee a golf date in late December. I’ve been to Myrtle Beach in late March and teed off in 30 degree temps


        1. just check avg temps for MB in December … avg low is 36; high is 58. I’ve golfed in worse many times, so I recant above post


  21. I think the bowls (except the playoff ones) should give the college FB teams nearest them an automatic bid. That is really what they are already doing. It is about how much money the sponsor can make anyway.

    We can have the Ketchup Bowl at Heinz or at the OCS in 2050. I would miss the one in 2050.

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  22. Frank, you and me along with 90% of the commenters on this blog will not attend the Ketchup Bowl in 2050. Actully, I don’t know if Heinz Field will be there either?

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  23. Erie Express….. I am officially committed to my DREAM golf course. 😉
    After we play i will put my name in the transfer portal.

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  24. Y’all are too worried about next season for basketball. It’s still a rebuild year. Next season really means nothing. They’ll improve a little … maybe 2 or 3 games … but 2020 and beyond is when Pitt will be making moves. Anyone expecting a post-season birth next year has way too high of expectations. Capel and staff will land some quality players. I’m not the least bit concerned right now.


  25. It says here………… PITT BB and Capel will have a great finish to this year’s recruiting class… Patience required.

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  26. If we’re going up to Fenway its gotta be the Dropkick Murphys…
    And Pitt wins the game on a dropkick!

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  27. Hey Fran, you’re too obvious but here you go buddy. I always liked the song and it sounds great until the lead singer starts screaming his bloody head off. I love bagpipe music. I can already hear this song owhile heading out of the Burgh shipping out to Boston…..


  28. So I was banned for a few days on the POV. Called names and dressed down. Certainly no problem, I have had many worse problems in my life to deal with and still dealing with them. Just want to go on record here on how I feel about Reed. Mr Reed Kohberger created a real and living, breathing place for all of us to retreat to, to talk about PITT football and all kinds of life’s issues we deal with on a daily basis. Just wanted to tell you Reed. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!

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  29. I dislike our new (old) colors so much, I can’t look at the pictures of our players regardless of the sport.

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      1. they were from my day
        actually Pitt probably changed colors at least 3 times in my 5 years
        their blue was sometimes purple
        and the yellow was both mustard and yellow
        and in my day, football went down hill after the Gottfried firing so I saw plenty of bad football
        but I also saw Cornhole when he was first hired and I shook his hand and wished him success during I think a Navy game when he walked the bleachers and introduced himself
        I did not know at the time I was shaking hands with the Destroyer of Pitt Football
        I lost my watch that day as well

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  30. Tossing, Pitt needs to make steady progress to convince top players to enroll. This suggests they should at least be a .500 team next year which is not far from NIT territory. Recruiting some Sr transfers could get them there.

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  31. Speaking of the POV Myrtle Bch…I can imagine a couple of cold rainy days where golf cannot be played so boys being boys in MB head to the only other thing a boy can do in MB during the cold rainy season and that’s ,,Correct Fran,”head to the ballet !!!” and in walks Richman with his lighted PITT Bev-holder…over comes a ballerina named Bev (stage name of course and she’s a pre-med student at Coastal Carolina) who promply parks her derrier on the “the Bev !!!” Count me in on that trip if PITT gets the call.


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  32. One reason why Ollison was a draft pick and Hall was not has to be Ollison’s versatility. Didn’t he essentially take Aston’s spot as the lead blocking back the year Aston got hurt? I also remember Ollison making tackles on special teams. At the very least, you’d think Ollison has a good shot to be a special teamer in the. NFL.


  33. The Panther Fans Experience Committee members for 2019-21 are: Diane Bartus, Mark Brehl, Zechariah Brown, J. Randy Choby, Patrick Conners, Stephanie Dangel, Richard Fann, Ashley Firm, Micheal Franciscus, Hope Gast, Ally Hansen, Aaron Huet, Patty Irrang, Tyler McGaughey, Paula Mullineaux, Kiara Parker, Jeffery Rupert, Andy Stephany, Tiffany Thirkell, Kristin Weber and Christopher Zurcher

    Any POV’ers in that esteemed list?

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      1. any fan who posts on here has courage
        any fan who posts on any board or blog has ideas
        Pitt is all lip service however in wanting to ‘hear’ from the fans
        No fan in their right mind has ideas of bobbleheads and Fantas as solutions
        What real and meaningful change has any fan had on the fan experience?

        Pitt will not convince any fan treated like dirt for the past 40 years to give any more time and money
        Pitt – if you want things to change for the good…put a Pitt fan in complete charge and purge the BoT of all Nitter scum and worthless bureaucrats

        Pitt has by design created a system that sabotages sports excellence
        I’m tired of Pitt losing $10M each year in sports despite the ACC money


        1. That’s a your opinion Tex and you are entitled to it. I’ve deleted Rich’s comment because it crossed a line but a lot of what he had to say was relevant. This blog is all about playing armchair quarterback and you do it well…(as do we all) but there are people out there on the field trying to make change … and you are not one of them. I respect your opinion, and I think it truly does speak for a subset of Pitt fans. The simple fact that the current administration has acknowledged that have a lot of bad history to fix is like step 2 in the 7 step process that will probably take ten years to play out. We get it, you want an oCs. We all do. Feel free to unload your displeasure on this blog, because it keeps things real.

          But with that being said, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of three data points… this blog, the Facebook fan group and twitter. And based on what I’m seeing, you are in the minority now. There are a lot of positive vibes around the direction of Pitt athletics, especially football, and the fan committee is part of that.

          It takes a long time to build back trust but only a short time to tear it down. The state of Pitt football in the last twenty years is a great example of that statement


          1. yes it does take time to win back trust
            these committees were started under Barnes so I applaud this initiative IF Pitt is truly serious about listening and implementing ideas
            and I’m sure that all those that have participated have felt that they might have made a difference so I dont want anyone to construe that I diminish their work
            I’m asking for the specifics on what difference these committees actually make
            because in my experience, they make little significant difference in the big picture
            so if Rich can prove to me that these committees can actually impact change, I’m all ears and may be less critical of the charade

            I also find it a bit disingenuous to say that all you hear are positive vibes
            We are in Year 5 now of a coach who is 28-24 with zero bowl wins and zero final rankings
            He’s also being paid very well and our athletics department is still losing $10M each year
            Fans are NOT flocking to see this team or stepping up in their financial support
            Those are facts and not feelings


            1. Lol Tex. Don’t you know your arguments lose credibility when you use big words the wrong way?

              “not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.”

              Please know that I am EXTREMELY sincere when I say that I think the majority of Pitt fans are positive about the direction of the football program and athletics in general. Chris Peak said the same two weeks ago.

              Also it looks like you need to brush up on your understanding of the terms ‘all’ and ‘a lot’. My post said “a lot of positive vibes”. Clearly it’s not ‘all’ positive vibes because you’ve been posting on here for quite some time!

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    1. I still dont know whether Pitt truly listens to fans
      Do any fans complain that Pitt basketball plays on campus?
      What about the Heinz experience?
      Not sure how Pitt can do anything since its not their stadium
      Can fans teach Narduzzi to coach and recruit better?
      Just not sure how fans can help
      I would hate to be on a committee that is not empowered
      I experience the product on TV like the majority of Pitt fans
      Can they change the color of those yellow seats?
      Can they change the look of the stadium and erase the North Shore?
      Can they prevent fans from falling asleep and me seeing it on TV?
      Can they prevent the announcers from bad mouthing Pitt?
      Can they make Pitt not Pitt?

      I see a bad product, empty seats, students leaving early, fans sleeping, Narduzzi going sideline nuts, a view of the City skyline and not the Cathedral.


    2. Richman – looks like you cycled off? If so, thank you for your service to Pitt and all of us fans. Assume Heather will keep you on speed dial for any emergencies…

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    3. If you belong to this committee and cant speak the truth, you dont belong on it
      I’d be civil but these ‘fans’ need to challenge the status quo
      What Pitt has been doing for the past 40 years is NOT working

      PS: I’d actually be crass after honest assessment


      1. clarification:
        crass to Pitt and not my fellow fans
        Pitt has insulted my intelligence and loyal fans for too many years
        Pitt will get no benefit of doubt from me
        They have earned by full displeasure
        and these kumbaya groups have little impact on changing the sports culture

        Show me first Pitt that you care
        Saying that we’re spending more than ever now on sports is not the answer

        Show me Leadership
        Utterly lacking for 40 years


    4. I know a Mark Gast who graduated from Pitt – I wonder if his daughter is Hope Gast.

      We played two pedo state fans in our golf league tonight – they had pedo golf bags and head covers 😏 that’s how we knew.

      They were in 2nd place after week 4 and we were in 4th place. At the very least we are now in 3rd place and they are in 4th because we kicked their collective butts to the curb. My golf teammate wore his Pirates hat and I of course had my Pitt hat and golf shirt on. Turns out the A player on the pedo team has a daughter who just enrolled at Pitt for mechanical engineering.

      Life is good!

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  34. Saw a 60-ish guy today wearing a Pitt hat – I was also wearing a Pitt hat and I struck up a conversation. Turns out he’s not re-meowing his FB season tickets because he’s “tired of sitting out in the cold”…

    I asked him about going to BB games. He said he goes “if someone gives him free tickets…”

    I feel bad for Heather sometimes…(but “I like ike”…)

    Go Pitt.


    1. Did anyone tell that guy that the home schedule has been front loaded in Sept/early Oct a few times in past yrs and this fall is no different?


    2. thats why Pitt needs a stadium with a retractable roof
      who wants to watch a game when its cold or rainy


  35. How many Pitt FB fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Three. One to change the bulb and the other two to watch and bitch about the new uniform colors.

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  36. Mike, the POV’s WordPress “Premium Plan” (the WordPress platform) was due for annual renewal ($99) so I did that today.

    My gift to you as the new owner… As I said the Domain name and the Bluejeans Video Conference site are both newly paid up for the next 12 months also.

    So, as we say in the Coast Guard…”We are steady on course. I stand down, you have the conn”.


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  37. Reed, great question. It’s a dog chasing his tail though. It goes round and round. Here’s Ratt from Pittsburgh, a great song. No hidden message here other than we go round and round. Isn’t that how life should be? I’ve never felt like my words were any more important that anyone else’s. I have never figured out why or how they were taken that way?


  38. I don’t recognize one person on the newly minted fan committee. It does seem quite diverse which seems to be the way all universities are trending.. This notion seems a bit copied from the nfl as the middle aged female fits the fastest growing segment of nfl fans and season ticketholders. I don’t think that is the same for college football, but if we polled our 37 season ticketholder’s, we might learn that it actually is true. Maybe the members are closet pitt fans and never shared their thoughts here on the POV.

    Annie seems to participate regularly and her insights are insightful, to say the least. However, that seems to be about it as far as POV bloggers go. It has been reported that the readership is many times the number of blog contributors, so maybe this is where the new committee was plucked. Would have been good if one of our regulars got plucked, like last time.


    1. what actionable decisions get made as a result of these committees?
      i understand that fans must be heard but does Pitt listen?

      have they addressed noon starts?
      have they addressed shrinking tailgate space?
      have they addressed ways to keep students after the 3rd besides Free Fantas?
      have they given fans a reason to attend besides Bobbleheads?

      What % of fans think Heinz is a good experience?
      Moreover, a better experience than staying home and watching on TV?

      A solution to that problem should be the #1 priority of the committee
      And then the second priority is how do you gets fans to donate and support their team monetarily

      I’m fine with the composition as long as they are knowledgeable Pitt fans
      But do these committees matter besides cosmetic and superficial changes?

      You wouldnt want a fan like me on that group. Pitt is terrified of fans like me who dont attend and dont donate for true and heart felt reasons.

      I’m done flying in for a game attended by 20,000 other Pitt fans on Homecoming. Not going to give Pitt my hard earned dollars to waste.

      I refuse to be a tool.


      1. like it or not, Pitt has very little input in determining game times, except the games like Albany… and who knows, even games like that may be out Pitt’s hands with the advent of the ACCN. And that also goes for the tailgate space. Only the amount of Fantas is under Pitt control.

        You’re in Texas … you should know that nearly all of the Red River Rivalry games … OU vs Texas … starts at 11 am local time. Same goes for a decent percentage of B12 and B10 West games …. yet they pack them in. Of course, unlike Pitt, many of them have an OCS with large on-campus student population and don’t have to contend with a revered NFL team in their backyard.


        1. correct – networks control the start times but the Pirates have screwed over Pitt before
          so what can fans really do to improve the fan experience
          besides having an OCS and game day traditions

          heather commented fan ideas led to uniform color changes and changing the court of the Pete
          Both have been talked about for years prior to any committee
          and these changes dont impact the fan experience


  39. Reed, some of us are at the Doubletree for the golf outing…in Lancaster. Not far from the course.

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  40. Hey Ike,
    Many days I think your overzealous exuberance needs to be treated.
    With lithium, perhaps.
    But make no mistake, while you don’t manage the nuts and bolts of this operation, you are the backbone of it.
    You da man!
    Change nothing.

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  41. 182 comments back in late 2017 with UPitt leading the way until the A-whooping on this blog got too much for him much like Jay

    besides a change in uniforms which everyone saw coming, what actual ideas from fans were implemented by Pitt and more importantly, which were truly significant and influenced the program?

    I see very little ideas being implemented besides low hanging fruit which costs little to pick and is non controversial

    If Pitt is to truly change, you need leadership from the top with big ideas and the ability to sell a vision and execute

    the bottoms up approach only works if fans vote with their wallets

    as long as 40k fans show for games, Pitt has no incentive to listen or change a damn thing

    tough for me to get positive when I see the same results each year yet Pitt is spending more money than ever; moreover, I dont see the cycle of mediocrity being broken

    Our ‘new’ AD has been in charge for 3 years now. Pitt still loses millions each year on athletics. Pitt still finishes at the bottom of the ACC across most sports. Worst P-5 school in overall athletic competitiveness. Very poor ROI.

    Dont let the facts get in the way of your KoolAid.


    1. We Pitt fans do however drink less Kool Aid than our Nitter friends. If we do drink it, there is a shot of piss and vinegar in it.

      The vast majority of us drink the hard stuff to numb the pain of Pitt sports

      yet another year when Pitt doesnt win a bowl game or get ranked. another year when Pitt finishes at the bottom of all P-5 schools in overall sports while at least 50 non P-5 schools have arguably better programs.

      another year we lose to Pedo State.

      Just cut off my life support


  42. Guys, before convincing ourselves that there will be an on-campus football stadium read these two pieces… Every square inch that Pitt owns in Oakland is either filled with a building now or will be.

    But what really points to no OCS is that some of those old building will be demolished and plans are already in place to build new construction on the footprint. Factor in UPMC and their own building plans also.

    Here is a great slideshow that explains this well…

    So the only other options are city park land (never happen) and/or using Eminent Domain to clear out Panther Hollows and that’s not going to happen either imo.

    Her is another thing to look at.

    Things can change of course but it looks like Pitt really wants to keep Oakland academic and student sevices orientated.


    1. There is always the hill….technically not Oakland but you can still see the cathedral and walk downhill to get to where the action is. That’s an improvement imho


    2. thats why you build on the current Pete site
      or on the site of the existing ball fields – would require dropping baseball and softball
      and the VA site could also open up one day

      the OC lot and Cost Center would have been perfect but Pitt has other ideas


    3. Fitzgerald is 70 years old without Basic AC and other modern amenities. And Pitt’s two best programs play in that dump.

      Pitt is also well behind the curve on rec centers. I’ve posted on this before.

      And Pitt will finally have a track for its track program.

      But all this costs money and Pitt hasn’t said how they were going to pay for it nor have they provided any estimates.


    1. Once again Pitt gets no respect. Narduzzi is 28-24 and is one of few that has upset Clemson at home, but he doesn’t make the list. He has had one losing season and has played one of the most difficult schedules every year. He has done this with little fan support at tough place to recruit top players. How many coaches on that list has he already beaten?

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        1. Yeah that was a dumb list. Dino Babers on the list? He had One good year and if Narduzzi played his schedule last year would have had the sane or better record.

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          1. That coaches list just fits into the posters agenda. To say it’s subjective would be the understatement of the month.


            1. bigdog, isn’t it something that David Cutliffe made the list as program builder and Bronco Mendenhall as winner … and HCPN is 8 and 0 against them!


              1. I was going to run through some of those names on the list – Babers, Dabo and others have lost to the Duzz as well.

                Work kept me from that effort.

                Tx Panther – are you retired?


  43. Based on above plans, it seems that Pitt is expanding and rebuilding physical structures when the world is moving to the Internet of Things and internet schooling. ASU is going the opposite way.


  44. A new OCS (probably 2050) would include virtual seating where you buy a seat and the camera placed at that seat shows as if you are really there. It would include talking to your friends there or wherever they are.

    As a buyer, you control exactly what you want to see and experience. Fantasy yes, but …

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  45. Hey guys and gals, a lot off topic and a lot disgusting but I find it hysterically funny. So I think it’s appropriate for the POV but you’ve been warned. << It’s actually not that bad so….. Take a read.…/6359074-detective-in-robert-kraft-hearing-reveals-disgusting


  46. Come on Iek….HANDS OFF Robert Kraft….70+ year old widower…needed some relief….I hope I still have that kinda need at that age…..

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    1. Apparently Biggie, he doesn’t need my hands on him. He knows how to use his own, plus a couple of helpers. 🙂


  47. TX – saw your post from yesterday and felt like responding. Your questions/comments and my ANSWERS/COMMENTS.

    what actionable decisions get made as a result of these committees?

    ANSWER – Richman could probably share some of what has gone on there. IMO though, one would be constant feedback on the logo, colors, uniforms, etc Beer sales is another and I believe there has been input on improving the Pitt identity at Heinz. At the Spring Game (did you attend?) I noticed an improvement in the visibility of the logo all around the stadium.

    I understand that fans must be heard but does Pitt listen?

    ANSWER – Apparently, they are listening. Things are happening. You might not appreciate those changes, but a fan committee is a sounding board, not a decision making body.

    have they addressed noon starts?

    ANSWER – you seem like a reasonably educated fellow, why would you ask this when everyone knows that Pitt does not “address” game times. The NCAA ceded that to the networks.

    have they addressed shrinking tailgate space?

    ANSWER – Not sure I would call it shrinking. I would say its moving as parking lots around Heinz get developed. As the places available next to the stadium get taken up, other spaces – such as up on Western Ave. are becoming more popular. And as someone who goes to the home games, its my view that the tailgating space is better than it was at Pitt Stadium. I know, I know… how dare I say that…but its true.

    have they addressed ways to keep students after the 3rd besides Free Fantas?

    ANSWER – I have wondered why they don’t do what UVA does – raffles off a semester’s tuition to a student present at game’s end.

    have they given fans a reason to attend besides Bobbleheads?

    ANSWER – I actually like my Bill Hillgrove and James Conner bobbleheads. They are next to my Mazeroski bobblehead on my garage workbench. I appreciate that some folks don’t. And I have some friends who would love to have the Hilgrove – its hilarious.

    What % of fans think Heinz is a good experience?

    ANSWER – I drive 5.5 hours to come up for games and enjoy myself. I have no problem with the stadium

    Moreover, a better experience than staying home and watching on TV?

    ANSWER – many fans feel that way about Steelers games. With the advent of affordable HD big screen TVs, all sports get better on TV. And yet, I still decide to make the drive. I have a great time.

    A solution to that problem should be the #1 priority of the committee

    COMMENT – The fan committee can only do so much. And based on you prior posts, I can tell you know that.

    And then the second priority is how do you gets fans to donate and support their team monetarily

    COMMENT – the current Pitt administration has that tall task in front of them, not the Fan Committee. And given the

    I’m fine with the composition as long as they are knowledgeable Pitt fans
    But do these committees matter besides cosmetic and superficial changes?

    ANSWER – Best way for you to find out is to get involved in a more positive way. And why is it important that they must be knowledgeable Pitt fans – isn’t that a bit snobbish? Anyone willing to go to the games and put the time in has my vote. Contact the Athletic Dept and ask how you can participate from Texas.

    You wouldn’t want a fan like me on that group. Pitt is terrified of fans like me who dont attend and dont donate for true and heart felt reasons.

    ANSWER – you may be right.

    I’m done flying in for a game attended by 20,000 other Pitt fans on Homecoming. Not going to give Pitt my hard earned dollars to waste.

    COMMENT – Your choice and I certainly respect it. But you are just making it harder for the school to achieve the athletically goals you have for it in doing so. And if you convince others to do the same, then it gets even more tough.

    I refuse to be a tool.

    COMMENT – if you are upset with what you see, yet keep watching the games, posting and reading about it all the time and do not engage the university to improve…

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    1. Great post Joe L. I’ve actually taken your suggestion about the tuition raffle and tweeted it to Heather and Christian. Not that they know who I am…

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    2. I appreciate you taking the time to answer
      I’m not trying to diminish the sounding board aspect
      I want to know what others think and if Pitt truly does listen…it would break with historical precedent
      I see little tweaks myself here and there but nothing groundbreaking
      If Pitt is truly serious about the fan experience, do they truly know the areas to improve and are they willing to make the changes
      I still have my doubts

      I dont see many games here in Texas. Maybe the ACC network will change that. I refuse to fly in anymore or plan a vacation around a game. I’ve become disengaged like many other fans. I’ve voted with my wallet which is the only thing Pitt understands.

      Y’all know what I think of the experience at Heinz and off campus. I truly feel for the students and future fan generations. Tough for any student or new fan to make a special connection with the school. Most of the posters here post because they have some positive vibe or memory of football or basketball on campus.

      My biggest beef with my alma mater is the lack of accountability. Pitt is spending more money than ever and still robs roughly $10M from the general fund each year. The overall athletic program has not improved…bottom of ACC, cutting tennis, modern facilities still needed for 5 programs.

      Alumni like myself do have more invested…we paid this school and we expect a payback. And I cannot excuse Pitt for running a multi million dollar deficit trying to support sports when it has proven it does not know how to properly manage the business. And Pitt continuing to think students have some great experience at Heinz is ludicrous. I care about the current students and future generations of fans.

      Pitt would be better off in another conference (where it can actually successfully compete without breaking the bank or cheating) or just giving up on sports altogether because Pitt is not serious in making the investments and transforming the culture needed to be excellent. 40 years and counting with no championships, few if any conference titles in any sport and a constant flushing of dollars down the drain.

      When one experiences the chronic pain of Pitt sports, all I ask at this point is that Pitt better manages the pain.


  48. TX, since we are chatting today I thought I’d share my own experiences on the OCS thing.

    The University of Richmond played its football for decades at old City Stadium, located off campus and 4.5 miles from campus – just like Heinz Field and Pitt. To get to the games, one took a bus or hitched a ride with someone who had a car. And the attendance rarely filled the stadium capacity. Just like Pitt does today.

    That was my undergraduate football experience and it never really bothered me. What was important was pre-game tailgates outside the stadium, having fun with friends during the games, sitting with one’s girlfriend and post-games at the frat house. I was a college student and the quality of the football, the number of wins, etc was all secondary to the overall experience of the day. We had good turnout; it was a place to be on Saturdays.

    My daughter is a recent Pitt grad and as a condition of my paying out of state tuition, she was required to make an effort to go the FB games (my wife and other daughters thought I was being mean, btw). The bus thing never bothered her. She loves the Sweet Caroline thing. Like me, she enjoyed having fun with friends in the stands, etc. SHe looks forward to coming back for games and somehow manages to have a good time with old friends.

    I have discussed the whole Heinz thing with her, many, many of her friends and I still take time to ask the kids at the games when I run into them. Recently, I spoke to the captain of the quidditch team at the Spring Game. None of them I speak to are saying “it sucks that we don’t have an OCS. What a joke.” What they do say is they have fun and its a bonus if the team wins. They minimize the bus ride and many have other ways of getting around. And if I ask about an OCS, many say, “gosh that would be great but not sure that can happen.” Heinz Field is their normal and it doesn’t seem to bother them the way it bothers some alums.

    So, another challenge one must account for when trying to get an OCS is that as each year passes, a growing number of alumni will have had Heinz as their college experience. They aren’t going to feel for it like the legions of alums and fans who attended Pitt Stadium games do, at least based on the discussions I’ve had and my own experiences in Oakland as a season ticketholder.

    So what to do about that? In my mind, the best thing the school can do now is build traditions and a strong sense of spirit around what they have – not what they don’t. The raffle above is one idea. Perhaps Pitt students could get something going to make themselves distinct – I’d throw the challenge to the student body leadership and see what they can come up with.

    Guys at southern schools wear shirt and ties (normally with shorts and a ballcap) to games and tie is in the school colors. Tennessee has the players running through the “T” and Ohio State has someone “dot the i”. Va Tech has the door from which they enter Lane Stadium. Pitt (as in we vs them) can come up with something. Perhaps that would make for a good article topic here to generate ideas. Post them and we vote for the best 2-3 and take them to the admin. With the thousands of readers of the POV. I have some ideas – any body else?

    Footnote – UR built an on-campus stadium when a very small group of well-heeled alums decided they wanted that experience. Its a very nice place and yet I’ve not gone to a game there. I’m kinda “meh” about it. Its a smaller stadium and yet it only filled up the first year. After that, not so much. And there is a problem with student attendance at games. Imagine that.

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  49. It’s always a bit fluid when discussing wether fans and/or alumni are positive or negative regarding Pitt athletics and Pitt football in particular.

    For one the people who have pulled away from season tickets and donations because of what they feel about the program are not the guys who join Facebook groups or post on blogs…they just aren’t and there are thousands of them.

    For instance there are a ton of Pitt grads in this area of Maryland so I see Pitt gear and bumper stickers a lot. I say hi to all I meet and then ask if they follow Pitt football and it is rare when I find a guy who does… Most go “Right, who is the coach now? Narduzzi?”

    Same with the blogs to some extent. We have tons of readers who don’t comment and we have no idea what they feel. Although I have always gotten emails from readers nd I’d say it was about 50/50 as to positive or negative…That’s going back to 2008.

    I do think Pitt sports is better off now then in the recent past – Capel has generated BB interest and the FB program isn’t in the crapper. But really all you have to do is look at the level of athletic donations Pitt has (last or almost last in ACC I think)…then look at what the university gets for academic and endowment monies. Huge difference.

    Pitt alumni care way more about the academic side than then athletic side.

    I give credit to Lyke for being aggressive with other sports and Victory Heights, but I’m just not sure Pitt football is ever going to be more popular than it is and has been in modern times.

    Pitt hasn’t had a complete sold out season since the 1930s and won’t ever…a game or two a season he’s and there but there will never be waiting lists for FB season tickets.

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  50. Agreed Reed. Fans vote with their wallets and their words and when one stands on ceremony who benefits? If someone is that pissed off, I have to ask. Why continue to follow the team? It makes no sense to me. Understand and I’m not talking about you Reed, they need to ask themselves and understand, who is this team you’re rooting for with these higher standards that PITT is not willing to go that extra mile to achieve winning above academic dignity? Like is too short for me to complain all the live long day. We are all marching towards the End of the Line every minute of every day.

    3 of these guys have reach the finish line which we all will eventually. We have to embrace that and welcome it with the same dignity. Strictly imo.

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  51. Pitt football will never be as popular as it was back 40 years ago. Pitt chose not to be Alabama for right or wrong. That was their choice.

    Now that Pitt is in the ACC it must do better. It spends far too much money for these results. A ten million dollar deficit each year is not sustainable. Moreover, it is money taken away from students.

    From what I have read, students do not like the logistics of the bussing. I’m sure it can be improved. But it will never beat what was once on campus. To stroll into a frat. To tumble down the hill. To walk up at your leisure. It was about freedom. And I’m no 70s hipster like Ike.

    Pitt will never have sports as an identity. It will never have a front porch. It’s really pointless to offer any ideas on improvemt because Pitt has no incentive to change towards a path towards excellence. Do the minimum required to keep membership and that annual check. That’s the Pitt approach and it won’t change unless a $200 million dollar check is dropped on the desk of Gallagher.

    So let’s just enjoy the mediocrity across all sports and the occasional upset. But it will always be SOP and I won’t support it.

    I do agree Joe that Pitt needs to build some fun traditions. There is a reason why Pitt is last in athletic donations.


    1. Sad Pitt wouldn’t want Bama’s success if the Football Gods offered it. The Philosophy department would be tarnished it Pitt played in the title game on that Monday night.


      1. Pitt supports far too many academic and athletic programs. Thats a major reason why tuition is so high and Pitt sports loses millions each year.

        Pitt needs to focus on academic programs that actually can pay for themselves. Philosophy is not one of them.

        And Pitt needs to find the best sports programs where it can compete and make money
        I would go with the following:
        Mens Football
        Mens and Womens Basketball
        Mens and Womens Hockey
        Mens and Womens Lacrosse
        Mens and Womens Soccer
        Mens and Womens Track (No Cross Country)
        Mens and Womens Swimming (No Diving)
        Womens Volleyball
        Mens Wrestling
        Womens Rowing (for title 9)


  52. TX – I’ve said several times that Pitt is an ugly baby … But our ugly baby. I can always find story lines, minus Kevin Stallings.

    You’re right regarding Pitt not ever being Alabama. We’re not a state school. But, we just won the coastal. Lol. Our division is equally inept. So we always have a shot at an ACC championship game.

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    1. I know. Its our ugly baby. Yet I still have delusional dreams of that ugly duckling turning into a Swan one day.

      Our Coastal cousins at least were as ugly as us last year. But we are at the bottom 20% of the conference in BOTH academics and athletics. I know its all relative. But the more I think about it, the more I think that the ACC just isnt a good fit.

      If it wasnt for the money, Pitt is a better fit for the AAC. That Eastern conference prior to the Big East would have been perfect. Pitt is a private school for all intents and purposes and should really be competing against other schools in a similar situation. BC, Mass, UConn, Cuse, Nova and other semi state schools like Cincy, Louisville, Va Tech, Rutgers, Temple.

      Pitt would at least win. Wouldnt need to spend as much. Wouldnt need to cheat


  53. Reed’s post above is a sobering reminder that even when (1) there was an OCS and (2) Pitt had a Top 10 program (76-82) …. there still weren’t many sellouts in a 50k stadium.

    in 1976, here is the home attendance data:

    Temple 38,500
    Lousiville 34,000
    Miami 42,434
    Syracuse 50,393
    Army 45,753
    WVU 56,500
    PSU 50,250 (# Rivers)


    1. yet Pitt plays in a 68k stadium
      During the 80’s run of 11-1, Pitt averaged 52k in a 55k stadium
      The attendance at Heinz has NOT increased since the move off campus
      Now attendance is tracked differently these days so comparisons are nearly impossible…paid vs turnstile vs whatever fuzzy math Cornhole was using. Remember Pitt has every incentive to fudge up numbers to attract sponsors and advertising revenues

      but 40k actual butts or 60% capacity looks far worse at Heinz than 40k and 80% capacity and ZERO yellow seats at Pitt Stadium

      Pitt really needs WVU and Navy as annual teams. Pitt’s top 5 rivals. Screw PSU those enablers.


  54. TX – I do believe Pitt can compete at an elite level in basketball. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. It’s a tangible expectation.

    I do not have those same delusions of grandeur with regards to football. I think we can max out at about where Michigan State did but it would be fleeting and not something I’d expect more than once per decade. And that may be a little too lofty.

    On campus, off campus … it won’t matter. 40K attendance is 40K attendance at the end of the day and our cheap lease with the Steelers more then makes up any revenue we may be losing out on.

    It doesn’t affect recruiting as much as this blog portrays it to. Pitt will not be getting the kids that want to go to state schools, regardless. Our best bet is recruiting urban areas … like PGH, DC and NJ (which they are) … or kids that want to be a couple hours from home (which they are)… or, the leftovers from southern states like Florida and Georgia and hope you hit a home run (which they are).

    Our destiny is about where Virginia Tech peaked. That’s probably a better analogy than Michigan State. Borderline top 10 years in good years. Borderline top 25 years in off years. But never able to get over the hump.

    Pitt is due for some sustained success, however. Law of averages, which I do believe in, says Pitt will string together some big time seasons … that’s the story line I’m going with, anyways.

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    1. I agree with your thoughts
      Although football pays the bills despite Pitt being in the hole each year by $10M, I would like to see Pitt re-evaluate all programs
      Pitt has 19 and that is far too many
      On average each Olympic sport program runs a deficit of $1-2 Million dollars and must be subsidized or bailed out
      Pitt will always be revenue challenged and cash poor…only so many fans, poor donation rates and a regional brand
      What sports work best?
      It sure isnt baseball and softball
      Eliminate those…and I’m a BIG baseball fan.
      Go all in with lacrosse and hockey…local talent, growing sports and viewer demand
      Build that damn OCS on those ball fields.
      Rational minds must prevail
      But Pitt is lazy and stupid

      If Pitt football can be like Va Tech, I’d be tickled blue and gold
      If Pitt basketball can get to the tourney each year, I’d shoot back a shot of bourbon
      If Pitt sports can get into the top 50% of all P-5 schools, I’d blow my….


  55. Interesting stuff. Quick query Joel. How many Richmond games do you go to each year vs. how many Pitt games?


    1. I think Pitt can talk Elite 8’s and a lucky Final 4 eventually.

      Regarding other sports, agreed. Keep track, swimming, diving, soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, then two women’s only sports (gymnastics and volleyball)… And wait, we’re already at 16.

      Dropping more sports will be very difficult.

      Gallagher and Heather have to convince the BoT to break the bank on the endowment. Spend money to make money. Spend money to win. Spend money on sports.

      Get drunk bus limos to take the kids to the games. That will up the experience. Charge to go back early. That will stop poor college kids from leaving.

      … Winning will help too

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      1. from a pure business perspective, these Olympic sports provide a net income of minus $1.5M each. In the real world, that means cutting around 6 of them so the department breaks even financially given the $10M deficit each year. Or you can cut football expenses and find ways to raise football revenues

        At Eastern Michigan, Heathers former school, they had to cut 4 programs given their deficit because the football program wouldnt cut expenses and find ways to increase revenues (like improve attendance)

        I just dont know how Pitt can go on each year with these deficits and not be forced to cut programs.

        Well I do know how, they have money in that general ‘hush’ fund and they tap it each year. But students put money into that fund so its a tax on students each year.

        Its the elephant in the room


    2. FB – I go to zero UR games. 6 Pitt home games and a road one.
      BB – UR season ticket holder. 1 Pitt game.


  56. JoeL not only comes to PITT games from hours away but cooks foods on the grill for anyone who wants to stop by Fran and his tailgates. Joe is also a totally honest good guy to talk to at the tailgates and a pleasure to be a good friend with. Plus, he’s way smarter than me. << Doesn’t take much.

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  57. TX – this will sound naive on my part, but I think Pitt values giving students the opportunity to compete at the highest level of collegiate sports. Winning national championships is great, but few do. Yet every Pitt team gets to compete and gives the players on that team the awesome experience being part of a team and of going into arenas and fighting for their school.

    I’ve posted this before – when I played baseball at Pitt the idea of us winning a championship never crossed my mind. But I got to experience being part of a team – and all the interactions, bus rides, and crazy ups-and-downs that being on a baseball team entails, plus I got to represent my school against the best of other schools.

    I don’t know if that was worth a loss of 10 million bucks a year for Pitt, but it sure meant a lot to me in my life…

    Hail to Pitt.

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    1. I understand what you’re saying
      But also look at it from my perspective or 98% of non student athletes
      They are paying what amounts to an extra $500 each year to subsidize sports
      I flat out think thats wrong
      If the sports department can breakeven, I have no problem with the gilrls softball team being the worst in all of P-5 and only winning 4 games out of 50
      But Pitt really should strive to have all programs be more than just bad.
      I know what sports teaches but it needs to sustain itsself
      I didnt ask the Engineering department to help subsidize my studies


      1. Didn’t the PITT girls softball team do well last year? I’m asking, cause my mind is wondering.


      2. honest question for student athletes who have scholarships:
        Is it fair to have students subsidize sports?
        Is it fair to get that free ride if you seldom play or if your team is just plain bad?

        Think of sports from a students perspective and why so few give a damn about sports at Pitt

        Students see these athletes get a free ride and students see their tuition and fees increase each year because Pitt cant run a balanced budget for sports. Deficits each year that must be subsidized by the general fund. Would P-off most professors and students. Wonder why then that Pitt every decade or so puts the brakes on athletics.

        Students also see that across the board that sports are Pitt is not very good. Pitt then makes a big deal of the color change and athletes doing community service projects and getting good grades. Yet performance on the field is dismal and embarrassing.

        You see how there can and is resentment at Pitt.

        I firmly believe this is a major reason why students dont care about attending events and dont donate.

        Its far easier to care if these student athletes lived in the same dorms as other students. If they attended the same classes like other students and ate in the same cafeterias. Far easier to support a sport if one of your friends is on the team.


  58. Swear to whoever. Didn’t know one of you POVer’s until Reed started this Blog. Hope I get to meet more of you in person. Love my brothers.


  59. Looks like Pitt is moving toward taking advantage of one big asset they have at home FB games. And that is giving fans the opportunity to go down on the field for the pre-game.

    Pitt sent out an email a week or two ago and it was a bit cryptic but appeared to invite groups to inquire about getting pre-game field passes. I presume that some level of donation may be needed but that part wasn’t clear, at least to me.

    Anyway, Pitt used to invite Pitt lettermen (any sport) to come down on the field for the home opener. I did it several times and always enjoyed it – as did my son. We’d line the tunnel when the team comes out. I’d be so proud of my Panthers running past it would bring a tear to my eye.

    Anyway – Pitt should find a way to get groups down there for each home game. Seeing the guys right there during warmups, and then cheering them on out of the tunnel, is a great experience…

    (What would really be awesome would be getting pre-game field passes for some game for all the POVers!!!)


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  60. OT: Pitt Track & Field news – Sophomore Greg Lauray had an impressive weekend for the Panthers at his second Penn Relays as he was able to claim the victory in the high jump on Saturday afternoon in front of a packed crowd at Franklin Field. Lauray edged out his opponent from Penn State with a new school record and personal best leap of 2.18m (7’1.75″). His winning leap is the second best in the ACC this season and the sophomore now holds the school record in the indoor high jump and the outdoor high jump.

    Another victory over the nits.


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  61. another OT: Coach Capel just extended 3 schollie offers inn the past 2 days to NYC area ballers. I endorse this as I thought JD’s downfall may have been panicking when Pitt joined the ACC. Not only did he dabble into a style of offense that he was not comfortable with, he ignored the hand that fed him.

    While it is certainly prudent to recruit within the ACC footprint, especially with the coaches’ background, ACC basketball can easily be sold in other places …. and would love to see NYC/NJ return as a Pitt feeding ground


  62. Interesting factoid about Pitt FB recruiting from Chris Peak’s latest column:

    “In the class of 2020, for instance, Pitt has offered 10 prospects from Pennsylvania. Compare that to 33 in Georgia, 22 in Maryland, 17 in New Jersey, 16 in Virginia, 15 in Michigan and, of course, 100+ in Florida.”

    Imagine trying to decide who to offer those precious 20 scholarships to, and then imagine trying to convince those kids in Florida and Georgia to come to Pitt…

    Our coaches have a really tough job – my hats off to them.

    Go Pitt.


  63. One of the reasons we can, and have, been successful at BB is that we know that HS BB in the local tri-state area sucks so we blow that off completely…as evidenced by Capel just offering 3 kids from NYC.

    I wish the FB staff would do the same thing. Because FB in Pitt’s local area is a shadow of what it used to be. But fans want to see local kids out there and thus we keep swinging and missing in this recruiting area.

    Narduzzi has by far the biggest recruiting budget than any other Pitt HC has had and it is far above normal inflation. Pitt gives him a real tool money wise and he has had chartered jets at his disposal…yet our recruiting kids out of HS under him has been average at best (I’d say poor but we need to wait until next year to really see it.

    This is what concerns me so much about the program now and the constant turnover in professional recruiting staff is hurting us also. But we really do have to identify and convince great ballplayers from other areas to come here…and one way to do that is win the last game played in a bowl match.

    9-4, 9-4, 5-7 (which we probably have bettered) and 8-6 would have greatly helped our cause and those first two PN years we’d have been ranked which opens eyes of recruits and their parents.

    If we are going to get back to 9 or 10 wins he’s going to have to convince bona fide star quality players to commit and he hasn’t had even one of those yet. Say what we will about Chryst but he got kids on offense to commit to Pitt, who started right away and did great work for us.

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    1. Reed,

      I was and am a fan of Chryst. Loved the hire. Like his offensive philosophy, although I know many prefer the spread. He and Rudolph were able to land some great players on offense. He failed miserably on the defensive side of the ball. Narduzzi had as much rebuilding to do on the D as Wannstedt did when he arrived.

      Think you are correct on the bona fide star comment. Would be nice to get just one kid and as much as local matters less now, it would be nice if that bona fide was a WPIAL kid to perhaps combat the idea that everyone leaves for South Bend, Columbus or Ped Valley.


  64. Reed, this last comment from you almost aligns with all my thoughts on the subject. Common ground exists?? The one slight difference would be PC’s recruiting. I can’t be convinced it was all that good over-all.


  65. 2016 29%
    2017 25%
    2018 50%
    2019 15%

    those are the percentages of the total recruiting class that was rated 5.7 stars or higher from Rivals. a 5.8 star is a 4 star.

    based on my research, the most successful teams get classes that are 50% or better. the teams that are ranked come years end. Now there are always exceptions but consistently good teams get consistently good recruiting results unless coaching/injuries is an issue

    Penn State gets classes that are 80% plus every year. Thats elite level and they will be playing for national championships each year. Their coaching is holding them back.

    But if Pitt wants to consistently be a winner, it must be more consistent in recruiting and do a better job

    In 2018, Pitt hit the mark
    In 2019, Pitt wasnt even close

    Every school in the Coastal is now doing a better job at recruiting. Pitt dropped the ball last year. Hopefully 2020 will exceed the 2018 class. Another bad class will be unrecoverable.


    1. Seriously Tx, I have been told repeatably that a 3* is a 3 star. Now the goal post have been changed? Trust me, I’ve always maintained that there is a difference but keeping that in mind. We also have to understand how subjective the ratings are. One’s man junk is another man’s treasure, it’s the eye’s that count. Dane Jackson………. a 2* nuff said.


      1. you need to look at offers
        is Pitt the only P-5 offer? If so, thats a red flag

        I dont think there is much of a difference between a recruit rated 5.7 or 5.8…the borderline between a 3 and 4 star

        thats why I look at things this way and found through research and analysis that there is a ‘correlation’

        plus it makes intuitive sense

        Pitt needs to do better in recruiting AND be more consistent

        If so, the wins and final rankings will come

        Some other variables that may ’cause’ that not to happen are injuries, coaching and schedule


        1. I do not doubt that Tx but you can’t be married to that theory as a whole.You’re forgetting the $$ factor at play. Plus, never forget that we are evaluating 17 and 18 year old kids. Boys don’t grow up at the same age as others. That’s where the eye comes into play. Another recruiting eye has to look at the parent linage.


          1. I let the numbers and math tell me
            What I did involved the science aspect
            I dont discount the art
            But I do find it hard to believe that Narduzzi is more artful at finding players than any other coach


  66. Pitt is recruiting just fine if everyone is content with VT and MSU. Not far off at all in recruiting. Need a little push but that leap is very doable.

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  67. I think we all agree that Pitt needs to step up recruiting
    And I think Va Tech is a good example
    Tech is a school that is similar to Pitt…not a huge state school, close geographic proximity, doesnt cheat to a large degree

    Techs last 2 classes had 47% of their recruits rated 5.7 and above
    Pitt had 33%

    All Pitt would have needed was an extra three more high 3’s and 4’s each year and it would have matched Tech. Swap out the low 3’s for that kind of player and Pitt is hitting the mark or at least not being left behind

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    1. Exactly. Let’s see what happens this year. Last year was a depth filler class. I think we’ll see some better recruits this go around.


  68. Great thoughts. Can’t find this anywhere else. Good stuff.

    I will add two more to the mix..

    Recruiting typically lags a year behind the season. Those recruiting percentages seem to reflect that.

    As far as alumni and student support of Pitt football.. The University is one of academic diversity. Football is not a big sport in every country.

    Not the leading factor in home game attendance and football donations, but certainly one of the factors.


    1. I saw the state title game that Moon won on TV. He looks like a left-handed version of Cam … a real smooth shooting touch. Like Cam when he was a frosh, he is not real passive, not an aggressive rebounder, but he certainly has potential


    1. when this guy says ‘be about building the best facilities in the world’, does this mean he supports an OCS?


  69. — from what I hear, there is a nice story about Bard Wannamaker in the PG today being the oldest NBA and playing for the Celts after years in Europe

    — get this, right now two punters competing for the Arizona Cardinals’ job are Andy Lee ad Ryan Winslow


  70. Narduzzi is an average recruiter. Not great but not bad. I love the beatty hire for recruiting though. Already paying dividends.


  71. Last year was bad. Previous year was good. Two prior were average.

    He’s an average recruiter
    But it does look like some rewards may be reaped from Virginia.


    1. Although you could argue that wanny was not a great coach. He put good coordinators in place after a couple of years though. (Cignetti and Bennett)

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      1. Wanny was never a good coach. Decent enough recruiter. Very passionate and true Pitt man. But his teams underperformed.

        Walt is Pitts best coach since Jackie if you want my opinion.

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        1. Yea I agree Walt was the best x and o guy and consistently did more with less. Funny coincidence I don’t know if you remember Chris Vangas who was an o lineman that Harris recruited. I actually work with his brother. Apparently coach Harris was served chicken salad sandwiches during his in home visit.


  72. good story
    i’ve got a good recipe for one…comfort food…touches the soul
    i’m sure that samich that Walt ate was as good as any fish samich during Lent in da burg

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    1. Crap Tx, I thought you had a good recipe to share with us. I say fry your fish with tempura batter.


  73. Walt Harris’s downfall was that he was way to complicated for college age football players. He overthought everything. Love the guy but just like his end at PITT, he had to over complicate things with his agent. I actually wish Narduzzi would bring him to help coach the QB’s.


      1. Absolutely not EE. I’m very much excited for this new era of PITT football that can move the football downfield with the forward pass. I like Mr Whipple.


  74. Walt knew football. and yes he did over-complicate things at times. If only Pitt could get a coach with Johnny’s vision, Jackies recruiting, Foges player respect, Walts brains and Wanny’s passion.

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  75. Man, had Walt only stuck with his instinct to move to the spread. Yes, the move got us to a bowl that season but he was definitely forward thinking and saw where the game was going. Had he made that transition, Pitt would have been at the forefront of the spread revolution in the P5.


    1. I agree
      Very innovative offensive mind
      Remember he convinced Larry to attend Pitt
      And without Walt, football would have folded
      I would support a statue for him
      The coach who saved Pitt football


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