Heather: “Hey Pat, What’s McNeese State’s Phone Number Again?


Hey – the fighting “Cowboys and Cowgirls” had a better record than we did wearing the blue and yellow so maybe things are looking up for us.  And what the hell is this guy talking about?  But at least those pants are semi-gold…

… 4. The whole uniform design is a throwback to what any reasonable observer would call the most beloved sports era in Pitt history.

The football team was a national power in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, dressed like this:

I could live with the look below if the “PITT” was in the old script (and in real gold coloring).

2013 Pitt Panthers Blue Uniform with New Helmet Stripe

But really, how hard would it be to just stick with the actual, formal, school colors as shown in Pitt’s own Public Affairs guidance... But if we do that we can’t switch apparel out every time we need money to extend PN’s contract another 15 years.

School colors

I do like the new Panther logo – that goes back to 1930’s tradition when the Cathedral was built.  I think my Dad proposed to my Mom while swimming in that fountain after a night of heavy drinking in the Phi Gamma Delta basement.

I’ll pass on the “arched” numbers though, personally I think that looks silly.  Again, we’ll revisit this is a few years when Nike tells us “OK, time to do it all over again Pitt!”  And that will happen as soon as this version’s sales start dropping off.

I’m actually OK with it all but just think they could have done better. Let’s hope this is the uniform that sees us win a bowl game.  OK – Back to OC Whipple promising the moon.

If anyone in Maryland is bored this Saturday evening come join me for a bit of the Bard…

H5 Program

MM Note – here is the pic “Big B” referenced below.  A throwback’s throwback.  That helmet looks like a toy!

1970's throwback

112 thoughts on “Heather: “Hey Pat, What’s McNeese State’s Phone Number Again?

    1. that doesn’t make sense. Nobody knows what McNeese St looks like but everyone knows what ND & Navy does. Why wouldn’t you want to separate yourself?


  1. I see that the PantherLair has switched their site colors to the new uniform colors…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Yeah – San Diego State has similar colors. At least SDS and McNeese State are far away and not in our conference… 😊

      Go Pitt.


  2. For a change Reed, we agree. Wish the shades/colors were much darker but I like them better than what last years retros were. Being a PITT fan… It is what it is. Just happy to know when I see a college football team run onto the field at the beginning of a game…. I’ll know it’s the team I root for….. . .. .PITT!


  3. Yawn. Pitt’s official colors are Notre Dame’s except a worse blue and uglier gold.

    I went to Pitt starting in 93′ and our colors then were closer to what we have now. That’s 26 years ago. This color scheme was introduced, I believe in 87′, 32 years ago.

    Pitt changed for a reason back then … the color scheme was dated … And that was 32 years ago.

    Most alum post-87′ will prefer the current iteration. Most folks entering school in 87′ would have been 18 putting them at 50 now. That seems like the age divide.

    In a high def world, these uniforms are what the kids call lit 🔥🔥🔥

    The numerals look great IMO. I’m not sold on the belt look for basketball yet but everything else was a home run.

    If you don’t adapt you get left behind. If Pitt rebrands every 15 years that’s a good thing, not a bad one. I don’t think these colors are going anywhere for a long long time however. I also think the panther head will be permanently entered into the mascot pantheon. Sure, the uniforms will change again in a few years to keep up with the times. Once again, good … Not bad.

    My non-Pitt fan friends who I annoy incessantly about Pitt begrudgingly admit the redesign is a hit. A Jets fan-friend is beyond jealous that we did it better.

    It’s 2019 not 1976 … And we have uniforms and colors that represent the era.

    We tried the classic throwback’s with Palko and it was not anywhere close to the hit that the last alt uniforms were or this this latest reveal.

    Live in the present not the past. Besides, this isn’t about just athletics. It’s about school pride. These colors are much easier to feel proud in. It got me to spend spend about $200 in merchandise for myself and my kids … Who essentially responded with a “whoa” when they saw them.

    Traditions are good … But they generally change a little with each passing generation. Pitt is wise to change but still honor the past. I love that slogan too.

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  4. btw Reed, thanks for the article.

    Huff the third, Heather really hasn’t had a misstep imo and her legacy is still to be determined in my mind. Instilling/installing a plan moving forward doesn’t or shouldn’t happen over just a few years. Remember how long the powers took to tear it to pieces? Please give more examples of how she has not represented PITT the right way. and I’m not being sarcastic my friend. Like her or not, I don’t see it.

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    1. I gave her grades under the last article. I was harsh but practiced some tough love.

      AD’s responsibilities fall into several categories – marketing, fundraising, coaching hires, compliance, financials, vision/culture, hardware

      Granted she has only been on the job for 2 years but I havent seen her hit many homeruns. She gets on base but has trouble driving in runs.

      Marketing has been abysmal but at least Nike gets a pass for the new colors. Attendance down.

      Fundraising? I know of no major announcements on boosters or transformational gifts. $200M from Tepper can change everything though.

      Coaching hires are a mixed bag but still too early to know for sure. Pitt is still on the hook for Stalling’s $10M buyout. And I’m no fan of her extending Narduzzi so early.

      Compliance – squeaky clean. Character, Class, Community Service and Cittens.

      Financials – Pitt still raiding $10M from students to subsidize the program every year; Pitt still revenue poor and cash strapped; But spending more money than ever. This is not sustainable.

      Vision/Culture – her heart is there. I just dont think she has the character and personality to change Pitt. She is no Tressell who comes to the job with cache and would have the strong will to bring change

      Hardware – I guess you can count the Coastal participation trophy and the recent trophy for cheerleading. Pitt is still struggling to compete in this conference across most sports.

      I fully expect her to go to Michigan State in 2 years. They are in need of someone with Compliance as a strongsuit. Pitt provides good on the job training for P-5 beginners.

      Heather is fine for Pitt’s BoT. She doesnt make waves. She is a fine representative. She’s not being asked to do much more than run a clean program and maintain some semblance of respectability so Pitt doesnt lose their membership in the conference.

      Thats my POV.


      1. What tex typed. Same things I have typed. Tex split it out more succinctly. She is now in year three, not year two. She is a likable person and for many, that is great. I’ve met her. She is nice.

        Some might say that I am nice, but nice doesn’t mean I am qualified for a position. In my opinion, every year that goes by without major improvements in a program, is a wasted year. Look at the Browns. They have been terrible since their new existence. They make a bold move with a new GM. They make a plan and then they execute it. Leadership had to buy-in and they did. Their spending is up and their culture is changing.

        I met with their executive leadership team not too long ago and they are all in with the big plan. Not a small plan. They are going big and organizationally, everyone is buying in. When you can get the masses to buy-in, you can effectuate positive change quickly. What Tex missed in his listed items of importance was getting buy-in from the academics. When the academecians buy in and support athletics completely, everyone pulls in the same direction and great things can happen.

        Hopefully the stars align and Pitt has a great athletic year, but hope isn’t a plan.


        1. tough for academics to buy in when the general fund is raided each year for $10M. Thats the student’s money.

          but you are right, the eggheads who live in those ivory towers (sandstone in Pitt’s case) need to feel that athletics is not a threat and that sports is good for the front porch.

          otherwise, Pitt slams on the breaks again and deemphasizes football


      2. Just a reminder that Tressel lied to a grand jury. Its a free country and included with that is free speech and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

        If we are going to look toward Youngstown again for football greatness, lets not “stoop” to that guy. There are other better examples. Just my POV.


  5. I watched UMass 2018 highlights from several games to see what Whipple’s offense looks like.

    He uses play action and rolls the QB fairly often (at least in the highlights). He seems to move the QB around a bit. UMass’s OL didn’t appear to be great…

    He seems to like the RB and TE screens, and yes, he does throw the ball deep. UMass had speed and quickness at WR in 2018 but no real size.

    I was watching highlights, but the highlights were balanced pretty equally between running and passing plays. I wouldn’t think that Narduzzi would sign off on a pass heavy O.

    I think that our guys will be able to pick up on this scheme. We will need good QB play to make it work (duh).


    1. Rocky – You’re actually talking about football — how refreshing! Thank you. 😊

      I’d like to see us throw to the backs (opponents have killed us doing that) and using screens. Get the backs out in space — rarely done by Watson…

      Go Pitt.


      1. No more difficult play to cover for any Defense than a pass to a back on a wheel route out of the backfield.


    2. Passes to backs and the TE were sorely missing the past few years. Im excited to see them do that this season.

      Throw in some RB screens as well! Those could be effective so long as Kenny checks out when he sees blitz. It can take some pressure of the OL and keep opposing D’s a bit more honest.

      Happy we have an OC now who is willing to do this stuff.


    1. Reed — break a leg and an arm this weekend!

      (I hope that’s not overdoing it… 😊)

      Go Reed!


  6. TX – How do you know they are paying full buyout? I thought there was a settlement but neither party could discuss what it was?

    Besides, who cares if they have to pay the buyout. Not our money … Unless you are an anonymous booster who picked up the tab. Oil money?


    1. Pitt offered $7.5M
      Stallings was owed $9.5M
      Info from a Nashville article
      I’m pretty sure he got the full amount…he had better lawyers than Pitts and they played hardball knowing Pitt had nothing on him

      Remember it was Pitt’s lawyers who voided Dixon’s buyout
      It was Pitt’s lawyers who paid Barnes to move back West
      It was Pitt’s lawyers who gave Cornhole that golden parachute

      I doubt they found a booster willing to pay that amount. Boosters want their names on things, influence on big decisions/projects, donations that help elevate the program

      No booster in their right mind would hand over $10M just to place it in a thief’s pocket

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      1. TX:

        I hated Stallings. But don’t blame him. He was a bad hire for sure. But he had a good agent who negotiated a strong buyout. Blame Barnes, the Chancellor and the BOT.

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        1. I don’t blame Stallings either. He was about to lose one job and another school offered him a $12 million life line. How again is Pitt in good hands athletically with Gallagher perched?


      2. TX – buyout amounts are not legal matters, they are business terms. It really doesn’t reflect poorly on legal counsel – its on the AD and anyone else who signed off on the commercial terms of the deal.


  7. A correction to a comment I read…. it’s San Jose State that wears the bright Blue and Crayola ‘eer Yellar …

    Cathedral Arches in uniforms.. including upside down archeds in the numbers( didn’t know arched worked upside down).. who even thinks about that stuff and applies it to a football uni….are the designers popping acid…. “and if you see Alice 🎶 “but if rap is these kids favorite music and Sweet Caroline is their official fight song then….. it is as it is…….

    Good article Reed.

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  8. Rumor has it Nike is developing WVU uni’s that incorporate “couches” in the numerals.. the unis will retain the ‘eer yellar and Navy… the new alternate logos wornon the collar will be a missing tooth or cousins kissing…..

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  9. The best thing about this post (besides the fact that Reed will make his acting debut as not one but THREE Shakespearean characters) is that while Reed rails against the break from tradition, the Pitt POV colors have matched McNeese State’s colors FOR YEARS….


  10. Mark, Only after a Victory… they order multiple sets for all players to burn during the season… reminiscent of those all rip-away jerseys where players would “ burn “ through multiple jerseys…

    Hail to Arches (and couches) time to head to the Golden Arches for an egg McMuffin with my ole buddy Archie Farmer.

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  11. Mike. I disagree being the resident expert on “Championship era Mustard” vs ‘eer yellar…. Reeds color selection is the Mustard of the Johnny- Jackie years…


    1. Nah that’s just your old man eyes (and reed’s). heheh. You forgot the logo was designed by his daughter, and being the intelligent and forward looking person that she is, she correctly predicted what Pitt needed to get into!

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  12. Attentioin ..Attention.. “there is a tractor in the parking lot with west virginia license plate of E I E I O,..your light is on…”
    Attention ..Attention… fans “please note that corn cobb pipes are to be smoked in the designated corn cobb smoking area…”

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    1. I have been in Pittsburgh 25 years…the only tradition I have experienced is one of overall losing and frustration and divisiveness and arguing among the Pitt fan base and institutional representatives.

      I think Heather is doing a good job – so far – compared to Smiling Steve and Herman Munster. They are the only benchmarks I have as a Pitt fan.

      Rebranding is a way of making $$$. Who cares if some marketing guru has determined the best way to do that is to leverage ‘Tradition’, whatever that means. If it helps in the smallest way to offset some of the financial difficulties and poor perception among CASUAL fans Pitt has experienced, I am all for it.



  13. One should understand that schools with similar colors to Pitt have been imitating OUR school colors forever. Pitt was established 70 years before Notre Dame and the Naval Academy.

    If old traditions are that unimportant then why design the uniforms to include the one most iconic thing associated with Pitt – the Cathedral?

    I understand updating colors and styles but lets all agree that it is 100% a marketing decision. These colors will come and go when sales drop off.

    Of course we’ll have big changes in style and colors…when there is absolutely nothing else to genuinely hype about Pitt athletics due to the rather horrendous across the board play of our sports teams.

    Does anyone think that if we were killing it in football with 10+ wins and bowl wins we’d all of a sudden do this with the uniforms? Of course we wouldn’t…this is the perfect time because nothing about the uniforms these days are associated with a winning tradition.

    So in lieu of good, quality athletic accomplishments on the field of play we get more bread and circuses in the form of…drum roll please…THE BIG REVEAL!!

    One thing fans have to realize is that this new uniform scheme does not set us apart at all. Not one bit. What it does is lump us in with every other middling university athletic program that changes things to suit the whim of the current students and to boost sales.

    Again, I can live with this but please let’s don’t kid ourselves that it is done for anything other than to boost sales. Our man on the fan committee tells me Pitt will stick with this for 10 years.

    I’ll bet anyone a dollar we see significant changes to it within five years tops. After all, wasn’t the last…drum roll please…BIG REVEAL!!… only three years ago?

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    1. That’s Pitt for you. It prefers making news for uniform changes, retiring jerseys and coaching changes. The administration thinks making a short-lived news story is the best kind of PR instead of through actual winning, which we know isn’t important to the BoT.

      And Pitt is a middling university, athletically and now it seems academically in the ACC.

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    2. The University dictated the last “reveal”. This was an outsourced excursion where they gave Nike full control of branding … and the results and reception are night and day. Incredible what happens when you let professionals do the marketing and branding.

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    3. In todays Sports economy teams HAVE to change things like color schemes, mascot heads and even the music you hear at events…every five years or so – whether in major ways or minor. It is the culture we live in. $$$ rule, like it or not. I prefer to make and spend dollars in ethical ways…I want to be proud of a team I support – and winning is just a part of that.

      The biggest concern I have is finding money to INCREASE the scholarship opportunities for young people to improve themselves. Winning helps with that.

      When Winning becomes the sole objective of an athletic program, rather then giving a kid an education who would not normally be able to afford it – that program is lost to me.



  14. No offense Annie, but these guys sound to me like the “Housewives of Pittsburgh”
    Fashionistas POV


  15. Hey Gordon, the only POV fashionista I know wears a “multifunctional” belt buckle and sports a retro Pitt script bucket hat.

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  16. Totally agree Reed…is it a sign that I am too old because I like Penn State, Alabama, Auburn and so on’s uni’s…their young fans and their administration love their look-because they are iconic and traditional….we run with the herd who can’t make up their mind what they want to look like….it’s really sad in a way…kinda like my wife who will change into 2 or 3 outfits before we go to church or out to eat…We are who we are…at the moment….

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  17. and in 1 or 2 weekks when all the excitement of the unis fade… then it’s time to go to work and kick some butt and win a bowl game… maybe the old/new look have that power…… Let’s hope so…..

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  18. I agree with Tossing and most fans and peers as well, the new uniforms are a hit, and are certainly an improvement over the prior uniforms, they were just nasty. The fact is, no matter what we did or do, there will always be some people that whine and complain, that’s life.

    Also, I see several inconsistencies being tossed around above: (1) for starters’s the “gold” in the seal above is a different color than the “gold” right below it in the patch, (2) the McNeese yellow is a fair bit different than our new yellow, so strike 2, (3) neither our official colors nor the last set of unis are anywhere near Notre Dame’s colors, their blue and their gold (especially their gold) are both much nicer colors than what’s in Reed’s pics above or what our last unis looked like (these first 3 points make me wonder if some of you are color blind), and (4) there are about 130 college football teams out there, so yes, some teams colors will be identical or close to someone else’s unis, there are only so many colors to go around, so it’s a bit of drama to compare our “new colors” to some other team somewhere as if that’s somehow significant.

    That said, I do like the colors of the Dorsett era as well, and even though the new colors have been a hit, I would’ve been happy with the Dorsetts unis as well. Deep down inside, I guess I’m just happy we didn’t wind up with the ugly WVU colors…


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  19. Pitt needed to jump start the program. Not just football but all sports.
    These colors do look much better on TV. They grab your attention.
    The players like them
    The younger fans like them

    And Pitt has a fan problem
    Pitt is not creating new fans
    Its not growing the fan base
    Old tymers stuck on the glory days and colors of the past are a small but vocal minority

    It will take years of winning to really grow the fan base though
    Pitt doesnt have the culture to support winning

    So while the new colors will boost merchandise sales and help topline revenues, it will do nothing to performance on the field and will do nothing to change the sports culture at Pitt.

    So it comes back to does Pitt have the right coaches, the right players and the right AD.

    I could care less at this point whether Pitt has the right colors.

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  20. I’ll take that bet Reed and congratulation on the show, that is awesome!

    You kind of proved Heather made a great decision by having to dig for McNeese State for a comparison. LOL. That actually does say that Pitt stands out. Especially in the Power 5 schools. (on a side note, I did learn where McNeese State is located 🙂

    I am sure Nike did there homework and didn’t care that Under Armour uniforms in the bowl subdivision had similar colors. We could all do a Google search and find a uniform on the subdivision level or high school that wears the same colors as any power five school. There only so many out there and they are repeated.

    Of course it is all about money and Pitt needs revenue. Lyke recognized in her statements that it was not the mustard yellow, it was an updated version. Translation, these will make us more money.

    At a minimum, it was a no brainer to make all the sports teams have the same color scheme. I don’t think they had a choice after the new bright alternative uniforms were such a big hit.

    Love the new panther head, script Panthers and H2P. I could care less what the numbers look like. No one pays attention after one game unless you can’t see them from the stands or on TV.

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    1. Besides a great color combo for McNeese there is a great casino in Lake Charles, La. One of the factors in my favorite away game sites is a good casino.


  21. Given the new primary color scheme, maybe we will have new throwbacks to the darker blue and darker mustard yellow of the late 70s/early 80s. One can only hope!

    I’m too young … Did the basketball program ever wear mustard yellow?

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    1. That’s my hope too newbk1.
      Went to the bank today in my new Pitt shirt. Young banker complimented the shirt and new unis in general.
      Super small sample size but that’s all I got.


    1. I heard on XM 84 college sports radio this morning that replacing a RB at the P5 level is not too difficult. The source was Greg McElroy – former ‘Bama QB (ikr).

      How about replacing two 1,000 yard RB’s?


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  22. So if our new throwback becomes the Dorsett, Marino and Fralic uni’s and they become an instant on-line hit like our current colors which were the rave of the land………do we make the switch (again)?????? Shame they didn’t give the nation a peek of those uniforms too..might have been interesting… guaranteed no Div 1-2 or 3 looked like that then or today…uniquely PITT…..


  23. Have a great time at the tailgate and spring game and don’t take the game too seriously, pray for no serious injuries…drink copious amount of ETOH at the party, have a great time enjoying each other’s company..JeanieB and BigB will be home for the UCF game…..looking forward to seeing all of yinz again.

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    1. No Ike they don’t pick the teams. They probably don’t even know 90% of the players names. Narduzzi said they are going to do something different this year but I’m not sure how that will effect the draft.


  24. Has anyone here at the POV ever stayed or heard of the Priory Hotel on Pressley St, North side/shore? I’ve heard it’s a pretty cool place?


  25. 1618…nitpick much?

    The point was to remind that what we see in the uniforms now are not anywhere near the school colors and I think that’s too bad.

    I also strongly believe that true and strong long time traditions are completely necessary and important because they are what binds all generations of Pitt alumni together.

    Is that old school? No. It is the warp and woof of what binds us to the university.

    So, while I understand what is being done and why I feel that it is more sad than anything else.

    I get uniforms will come and go because, again, it is wholey financial but I wish that wasn’t the case.

    Now, I do wonder how many Pitt fans would rather we use one set of colors and uniform styles and stick with that as the standard rather than change them every 3 -5 years.

    There isn’t one thing in the uniforms themselves that is iconic to Pitt save the new panther logo which I like and would like even better if it was actually done in Pitt’s gold… Which would also make it look like a panther that is actually found on this Earth rather than one found only in a cartoon.

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    1. Yes, stick with the colors, stick with the panther head, stick with the script. Stop changing it. That is how we get stuck with various Pitt sport teams and fans wearing different colors. Not sure who started the trend, it happened all they way back when Ditka played. Majors changed it. Let’s face it, the mustard was not really gold.

      Also, there will be alternate uniforms. You can bet on that. Will the be throwbacks or variations of what they are wearing. Blue pants, blue helmets, etc. I am guessing, it will be variations. That is college football today. Just please do not let it be all yellow.

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    2. I’m actually not the one that started the nitpick article. And I understood the point of the article, I simply don’t agree with some of the grumpy points. It’s called a difference of opinion, that’s what these message boards are for, in part.


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    3. But Reed, you’re wrong. College football fans not associated with the University associate Pitt with the new color scheme. When people I don’t know find out I went to Pitt, the question I get most is why did you change your colors? And they aren’t talking about the late 60’s, early 70’s muted tones of that era.

      Pitt’s current color scheme is what most college football fans associate Pitt with as well as most alum post-1987.

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  26. Priory is cool Ike…
    Shady and Aaron are honorary. Doubt they are choosing players.
    I need to get my script “Shady” shirt autographed!

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  27. the simple fact is the jury has been in for years …. every time Pitt wears the retros, fans and media alike (even the national media) ask why doesn’t Pitt go back to these Every time!


  28. NRS..Never say never, lad….you had to be there to fully experience and appreciate it those colors

    I sent Reed and Michaelangelo a pic of Ralph Cindrich walking off the field after injuring his knee during the 1st game of the season wearing PITT traditional Navy and Old Gold..(give to me by my frat brother was photographer and editor for the PITT Owl)..I liked those unis too until Johnny came marching into town…

    MM or REED could you post that pic…Please…I don’t know how to post pics on the POV…BTW I have a bunch of old PITT photos from the early 70’s

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    1. I’m 54, not quite a lad, but I will take it, LOL. So i do remember the mustard.

      I would love to see the uniforms prior to that. Is their a web page with a Pitt uniform history. I can’t find one.


  29. Thanks Reed and Fran about The Priory, it looks really cool. I have a couple rooms on a waiting list for the UCF game. Dam wedding has the whole place booked but they feel a couple rooms will become available later on.

    Thanks jrn, I’m sure AD knows the players better than Shady does.


  30. NRS… the pic I sent Reed and Maestro was from the Carl DePasquale era… Rich Deep Old Gold and Navy…


    1. Cool site.

      Dang, Pitt never kept the same colors or design. Yellow, gold, different shades of blue.


  31. NRS.. check out Pitt helmet history on Helmet Hut website… I tried to post but wouldn’t stick on the POV


  32. 1971 Football schedule was tough…including at UCLA, Oklahoma, WVU, PSU, ND, Syracuse, Boston College and PSU, FSU…didn’t see any cupcakes on the schedule


  33. there is too much helmet history
    Pitt needs to stick with these colors thru good and bad
    Dont change them
    This is your identity and brand now. Believe it and live it.

    But, trick up the unis from time to time with stripes or no stripes, go with black n yellow for blackouts
    But please stop changing the colors or doing full scale retro unis anymore

    I wish we could get retro players because these new colors wont be turning Pitt’s 2 stars into 5 stars
    At least Pitt’s players can look good when playing bad

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  34. Penn State had gotten. Ton of mileage outta plane white with a single blue stripe… a few years the had numbers on the side of the helmet…in the past had cuffs/ colors opposite the base color( like PITTs practice jersey) … if we were them only God knows how Pitt would manage blue and white… we need Arches for starters… just kidding


    1. PSU’s uniforms always look like practice uniforms to me.

      But hey, they have tradition going for them. Some good traditions and some bad traditions….

      Go Pitt.

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  35. I love how change always brings out the “Get off my lawn!!!!” crowd.

    Based on the link provided up above … the yellows/golds have changed quite a bit over the years with the 60’s/70’s (shocking) bringing in the worst tones.


    Sticking to a color pallet of the 1960’s is the opposite of forward thinking and was why Pitt moved away from it in 1987 … with very little resistance I might add.

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  36. Here’s some video and footage of Bernie’s and the former players he played against.

    Seriously and actually Bernie does have footage from his high school football days. Maybe he would like to share?


  37. Draft completed—They drafted by position with Jackson, Hamlin and Morrissey not playing because of injury or IMO Narduzzi doesn’t want them to get injured. Second QB drafted Patti(Pickett 1st), first DE drafted Jones(Weaver 2nd) Hmmm, DT first Twyman(2nd Camp), RB first Carter(2nd Davis), first safety Stocker(2nd Ford),OT first Warren(2ndHouy), Outside LBfirst Campbell(secondPine) Inside LB first Reynolds(2nd Davis). Keep in mind the seniors are not being drafted. OG first Hargrove(second Brown), X Receiver first Mathews(2nd Mack) Hmmm, Z Receiver Butler-Jenkins(2nd a no name). I know I missed some and remember Seniors were not bring drafted. HEAD COACHES Whipple and Sanders Hmmm

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    1. Definitely an interesting draft. Some surprises for sure. Don’t know what to read into the kenny Pickett late pick.


      1. Much to read on that. To me, there is a QB competition and KP is not the leader we thought he might be.


  38. As far as Pickett goes, the captains had to designate a position prior to the round. So the round isn’t really all that significant.

    Surprises for me:

    Cam O’Neil being a top receiver picked.
    V’lique Carter being first running back
    Noah palmer on the D-Line now
    Jake Zilinskas a pick at $LB


    1. ike — I only saw a brief clip on Cam O’Neil somewhere, but I immediately got the impression he has some swagger to him. Plus he has decent size at 6-1 and 200…

      Be interesting to see what he can do…

      Go Pitt!


  39. Planet Retro… like the sound.. makes me want to leave NDitheridge and head over to Chiefs bar on Craig St… H2ColdBeer


  40. The problem with the Pitt gold is that it never looked gold on TV. It looked more like a muted gold with a green tinge to them. I won’t miss those greenish-gold uniforms.

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  41. Fellow POVers, you are all sounding like a bunch of fashionistas. We’re dwelling on shades of blue and yellow after all, when what happens on the field of battle is what counts. I doubt that Ditka or Spindler would care much if their uniform colors clash with the blood stains on their jersey.

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    1. We buy and wear the gear … to be honest, I’m more concerned with that than what I see on the field. I like cool swag.


  42. Or it could be my eyes themselves because I felt the “gold” looked the same way live…VOR, you have been around this blog for a long time. So, you know we are right in the middle of uniform, on campus stadium, and “play PSU every year” season on the POV!


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