Hello all, the golf outing is shaping up to be a great one, and Rick has asked me to post an update. Right now we currently have 22 confirmed golfers and 8-10 more who are considering attending. Details are as follows:

  • Location: Meadia Heights Golf Club, Lancaster, PA (where PGA Championship runner-up Jim Furyk played his junior golf)
  • Date: Friday, May 31, 2019
  • Time: noon tee time (lunch provided around 11:15am) – Social time after golf will be at the expense of the individual, such as drinks & dinner.
  • Format: 4 person (team) scramble golf tournament (18 holes)
  • Cost: $85 per individual (includes golf and lunch prior to golf)
  • Payment: Due by April 30th
  • Lodging: Double Tree within a few miles and numerous other hotel options in Amish Country, USA
  • Prizes: 1st Place – Frankcan Trophy; Longest Drive; Closest to the Pin; Longest Putt and Straightest Drive
  • Charitable donations will go to Blessings of Hope – a Lancaster County based non-profit food distribution organization for families of need.

Golfers need to be aware of the Meadia Heights Code of Conduct. Rick has done a lot of work to secure this venue for the event, and we would not want anything to impact his standing with the club.

Meadia Heights takes great pride in its membership, staff, facilities, and golf course. In order to make the club enjoyable for everyone, Meadia Heights requires all members to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. Its purpose is to define acceptable behavior and attitude.

  1. Conduct yourself and all club-related activities ethically and honestly.
  2. Promote goodwill by handling all contacts with other members and staff in a spirit of
    courtesy, cooperation, and attentiveness.
  3. Refrain from—and prevent others from engaging in—loud, foul, abusive language and other
    forms of harassment and/or inappropriate behavior.
  4. Avoid engaging in any conduct that would create an actual or potential conflict of interest.
  5. Safeguard club property to prevent its damage, loss, misuse, or theft.
    6. Ensure that your personal appearance, oral communication, and physical conduct are
    consistent with high standards of professionalism and propriety.
    7. Lead by example; avoid double standards.
    8. Treat other members and staff with respect and dignity.
    9. Protect the confidentiality of information that you acquire in the course of your
    membership and which is not generally accessible to the public, including but not limited to
    information disseminated to you by management.
    10. Disciplinary Policy
    • First Offense: Warning Letter
    • Second Offense: Suspension of Membership
    • Third Offense: Termination of Membership

*Based on severity of offense, could result in immediate membership termination

Please also review the dress code.  Again, Rick’s reputation is at stake here

While it is not possible to list all nuances of appropriate attire, the standard by which Meadia Heights shall operate will be of the conservative tailored nature. The following is to help clarify the broad range of acceptable attire. We are confident that our members and their guests will adhere to dress code policy. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests and family members meet the club’s dress code requirements.

Golf Facilities Attire | The Golf Professional Staff is authorized to indicate to members and guests when their attire is inappropriate.

Men’s Attire | Appropriate attire includes shirts with collars and neat pants or Bermuda-length shorts. Fashion mock turtleneck or turtleneck shirts are permitted.

Items of clothing such as blue denim jeans, cargo shorts with external pockets, short-shorts,gym shorts, athletic/sweatpants, warm-up suits, T-shirts, tank tops, or any clothing that is worn, torn, baggy, ripped, or with holes is considered inappropriate. Anyone attired in such a manner will not be permitted on the golf course.

Men are encouraged to wear belts and must have their shirts tucked in.

Golf hats must have the brim facing forward.

Women’s Attire | Appropriate attire includes shirts with collars and neat pants or shorts. Fashion sleeveless tops must have a collar. Fashion sleeved tops may be collarless or like designs sold in golf shops.  The inseams for all shorts should measure at least five inches in length. Shorts, capris, and pants are acceptable as long as they are not denim.

Items of clothing such as blue denim jeans, short-shorts, gym shorts, athletic/sweatpants,
warm-up suits, T-shirts, tank tops, or any clothing that is worn, torn, baggy, ripped, or with holes is considered inappropriate. Anyone attired in such a manner will not be permitted on the golf course.

Clubhouse Attire | Golf course restrictions apply to the clubhouse with the exception that tasteful denim is permitted. In addition, sports team attire is permitted at relevant times in the clubhouse.

And last but not least, please review the Golf Scramble Rules and Etiquette:

GOLF SCRAMBLE RULES: (all golf rules shall conform to USGA Rules)
FORMAT: Four person scramble tournament.

1. Please smooth all marks made in Sand Bunkers.
2. Leave the putting green as soon as you have holed out.
3. Do not play until the players in front of you are out of range.
4. Balls may be cleaned on the green, and ball marks repaired prior to putting.
5. Please observe all local course rules.
6. Attire – Collared shirt, no jeans, cut-off shorts nor metal spikes.
7. Enjoy the day and your fellowship with other golfers!

1. A scramble means that all team members tee off on each hole and then
decide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee or ball
2. The other team members pick up their balls and place them within one club
length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Each team member hits
their next shot from the chosen spot of the prior shot.
3. If the ball you choose to play is in a hazard (sand, water, etc.), the rough, or
out of bounds, you cannot drop the ball outside of the hazard or rough even if
relief is within one club length away.
4. This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole,
including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green also.
5. Putts need to be made within 3 inches of the marked spot (no closer to the
hole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score. When
putting, once any ball is holed out, no further strokes count. The team is
cautioned not to make “tap” in putts until all team members have had the
opportunity to attempt the team’s original putt.
6. Each player’s tee shot must be used at least two times during the 18-hole
7. A team is not allowed any player’s shot to be used twice in a row. Reset each
8. If a team is putting OR chipping for a bogey, pick-up and mark your score as a
9. Always keep up with the group in front of you.
10. In the case of a tie, the POV staff will compare the scorecard of the teams
that have tied starting with the hole with the highest handicap moving to the
hole with the lowest handicap, continuing until one team has the lowest
score on a hole.

These rules are subject to change/updating prior to the start of the tournament.

Thanks everyone and have a great golf outing!

63 thoughts on ““POV” Golf Outing Update

  1. Hats off to Rick for organizing this event…
    I have a room at the Doubletree. Looks close to the course.
    Looks like my undertaker hat is frowned upon…haha.


  2. what about knives are those acceptable? I mean, just in case we see a PSU fan, usually i can’t help myself. 😉 Can i wear the hat i was gifted for x-mas that is a replica of Judge Smails (free bowl of soup)? What about 80’s gym shorts that barely cover my privates?
    Sorry couldn’t resist.


  3. “What about 80’s gym shorts that barely cover my privates?”

    If I had ever thought about attending, this phrase will haunt me. 🤮
    Can one ever unread something?

    tried to copy and paste a vomiting emoji – LOL

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  4. Thanks Rick and Fran. The POV golf outing 3 years running with participants who didn’t know one another when the POV first started. Amazing! Hope you guys have a blast.


  5. how do we pay? send a check somewhere or “Zelle” , IOU, barter my gym shorts ?
    sorry if you already posted this info.


    1. richman, I’m having trouble making eye contact with your posts

      hey, is there a way for someone to block someone temporarily on this site…haha


  6. Can someone please explain Scramble Rule 7? I don’t think I’ve ever played a scramble with that rule but then, like Uncle Leo, I’m old and easily confused. Does this mean that if my team uses my drive, there is no point in me hitting the next shot, since it can’t be used anyway? Or does it mean that you can’t use the same player’s tee shot on consecutive holes? Or is it something entirely different?


    1. Rule #7 was put in place to eliminate a “scratch” golfer (not Richman) from winning the event by themselves.

      This rule also helps to speed up the pace of play.

      I can go into a deeper discussion, but I won’t unless you ask me to…


      1. More clarification needed here Rick. Is this referring to tee shots or any consecutive shots?
        I’ve never heard of either, but the former seems a bit more understandable than the latter.

        Typically, there is a requirement that each team member’s drive is used x number of times at a minimum, which accomplishes the same thing.


  7. But, but cargo shorts are so handy when your golfing! Whine, whine… 😉

    Wish I could make the golf outing this year; enjoyed the heck out of the first two. Looks like Erie Express has done his usual terrific organizing job. Wishing everyone tons of fun.

    Go Pitt.


  8. FRANKCAN CUP is at the engravers and ready to be delivered by myself on me next road-trip back to Fran’s…. there’s something about the cup… man, does it keep your drink cold for a long time or for the professional, you only have to fill it with ice once and enjoy several hottie toddies… that is insider info… Unfortunately, I have to cash my present Christmas tickets in at a Hootie-Blowfish concert….


  9. Excellent post and good work getting this together Rick n Mikaelangelo…l was planning on getting my posse together to compete… next year …


  10. Big B or Mike will win longest drive. Aren’t you all out of towners? Gotta be an 8 hour drive for sure, so yinz guys should win.

    Golf Etiquette Rule #4 – I am thinking that was put in because of Rischman’s comment above. Please do not do that.

    Rule # 9 – If everyone follows that rule, won’t everyone be playing the same hole? Creates a long wait.

    That’s it for my poor humor! Have a great event guys in case I don’t make it back before then to give my well wishes.


  11. Not me Huff 3 ! Short backswing with no rotation, slow club speed and poor release but I recently purchased a new i’m in driver with a free lesson from Joe Curci (Annie’s cousin) on a Recent road trip to Greensburg with brother Lastrow’s traveling salvation show…. manage to increase my swing speed 7-8 mph. So who knows… Get a few beers in the belly and might just poke one out there… “Fourrrrrr!!!”


  12. David Leadbetter has a drill where you wear a beer holder belt buckle while you swing…for improved balance and tempo.


  13. OMG FRAN!.. that is perfect. We need to do that at the outing and get video of me spilling it all over myself. My , what best could be described as convulsive swing, while wearing the BEVBuckle would be hilarious. As this is a country club, it is probably frowned upon, so how about we just chug the beer instead of waste it on the BEVBuckle.


  14. Richman swinging a golf club with his bottle holder belt buckle while he’s wearing his 80’s gym shorts leaves nothing to the imagination. Would love to see the video while I am 250 miles away. Here I was enjoying a little cookout grilling up some hot sausages. I’ll go and get another shower right now.

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    1. Why do I have a feeling that with Richman doing who knows what on his course, Erie Express is not going to be on his game at the POV outing?

      But Erie does have that solid short game. (Wait, can I make that statement with Richman in the house? 🙂

      Go Pitt.


  15. Ok, I’ve already indicated my commitment to play in the outing. But I’m very happy to confirm that joining me in my group will be UPitt and Jay91. So look out all u bottle holder belt buckle 80s gym shorts wearing motherf*%#=rs. Texas will be in the house, and will be gunning for the coveted FRANKCAN trophy! I’ll start the bidding for the fourth spot in our group at $100. #teamtobeat #pleasecomebernie #lovethemizunosfran


    1. That’s quite a coup, missingwlat!

      Hit’em straight!

      Glad to hear UPitt and Jay91 will be there.

      Go Pitt!


    2. missingwlat – I have a few single golfers that I can hook you up with to make a foursome if you strikeout on the bidding “thing”.

      Glad to have all three of you join us – I had you all on the list already from previous, separate conversations, but I wasn’t aware that a DREAM Team was in the works.

      Game on?


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    1. Say it! Come on, we need a laugh that is more so than the current state of Pitt athletics. Oops, did I just say that?

      We need the Duzz to concoct a winning formula behind the locked gates of FB practices on the Southside of Pittsburgh. Those last three games of 2018 were embarrassing, to answer the Commander’s question from yesterday.

      And I don’t care what is in the “secret sauce”, just don’t put any in my kool-aid please.


  16. Eric, glad you’re loving the Mizunos…I’m looking at the XXIOs. Losing some swing speed the past few years.
    Looks like your team might be the odds on favorite in Vegas for the outing.


  17. anyone watching the WGC Match Play? It’s no longer ‘All Square’ but ‘Tied’ instead. And you can no longer ‘Lay Dormie’ Dormie Is one of my favorite words in the English language for goodness sakes. Screw the USGA


  18. Good thing you posted the dress code rules, because I would have showed up in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, otherwise. I like that we’re gonna class it up though, at least for one afternoon. I’ll try to recruit some guys for it, too. Looking forward to it.


  19. Something interesting in more ways than one………..

    Kene Chukwuku has undergone hip surgery to correct a hip and back injury he dealt with most of this past season. This is terrible for multiple reasons. One, having a bad back could possibly haunt you throughout the rest on one lives. Two, having surgery on your back is a risky proposition at best. Three, this poor young man took a little bit of a beating for not being up to the “standard” that some expected, while all along he was gritting is out all season long for his team. I had read where he wasn’t even practicing with the team towards the end of the season.

    It’s stories like this that cause me to pause and reflect all the time. It makes me think, what to we all really know about the goings on with these PITT sports teams or life in general or even about our neighbors? Pretty much nothing is the answer I give myself.

    It’s simple to sit back in our easy chairs and criticize coaches and the young men that put their bodies and souls into playing a sport only to be picked apart for things they cannot control. I often ask, how to we really know what’s going on down there? I try my best to take the high road only to be criticized myself. Yet I still fall into the same category often times and become the proverbial armchair QB or that Monday morning jerk-off that most of us become. I consider this another life lesson in a life where there is always a lesson to learn. I promise from here on out, to only talk about what I know and try my best to learn about what i don’t.

    Best wishes Kene on you recovery and I look forward to seeing you back in a PITT uniform next season hustling away like you have done the past few years… You’re all heart young man.

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  20. Ike makes some nice points above, several of which tug at the emotions. I’ll go the other way on this just to liven up the board. If the kid is hurt to the point that he cannot play well enough to improve the team, he/she shouldn’t be out there. That is on the coach. Does the kids confidence suffer as a result of not playing well?

    I type this again as not knowing the details but I cannot imagine our basketball coach playing an individual that could be injured worse by playing and not having surgery earlier in the season. If the surgery was needed, why did he continue to play? Typically, the answer is because the injury does not cause additional harm physically to the player AND that the injury doesn’t hurt his performance on the court or field.

    I think neither is the case here and that his play was not that great, period.

    The playing of most sports is based on emotion. My sense is that the coach would not put the player in position to play if he was in too much pain or that an injury could be made worse by playing or that his play would be negatively impacted, by playing. It hurts an athletes confidence if they don’t play well and an injury can act as an excuse. Additionally, postponing surgery possibly ruined his playing year of eligibility and puts the next year in question potentially because of rehab.

    Just something else to consider.


  21. Geez Ike, you took any type of fan or writer speculation off the table for discussing sports…and isn’t that 90% of the subject matter discussion among fans? Of course it is.

    Remember the fact that news media editorials, discussion boards and sports blogs are just the opposite of that – venues where you discuss MORE than the miniscule info released by Pitt about its athletic teams.

    But you obviously are more than willing to sit in the birds nest with your mouth open so that the Mother Bird Pitt can force feed you whatever they want you to have.I guess if it doesn’t come with the Pitt seal of approval you feel it shouldn’t be talked about.or believed if it is.

    Case in point: When it was made public that Max Browne – a 5* USC recruit was coming to Pitt most fans were ecstatic.

    However what the Pitt POV did was then call two local SoCal sports reporters and a USC blogger to discuss Browne’s abilities with them in honest detail And then I wrote publicity that Browne wasn’t going to be anywhere near the QB Pitt fans thought he would be – quite the opposite in fact.

    Same thing with 5* QB Ricky Town…the POV did an extensively researched (again phone calls and emails to others more informed about Town) three piece article on him and I wrote he’d never play QB for us and… he took exactly one snap.

    Those are just two examples of the POV doing background work that NO OTHER media would do about Pitt football.One of the reasons the POV was so popular and had so many readers and articles and comments attached was because of the above and other info gathering.

    And as I told you many times I got lots and lots of emails and phone calls from former Pitt players and others associated with the program over the years who absolutely appreciated someone not in Pitt’s back pocket…and now I get lots of emails stating they miss those types of well researched and thought out articles that didn’t toe the party line.

    I swear Ike, you act as if you are the “Defender of Pitt FB” and that everything is just great with it because…well, …Pitt says it is.

    Now I agreed with Huff above – you look at the player having an injury and think no one knew about that but Huff takes a step back and says “Well, if that is the case then why…? etc.

    There is always the story behind the story and it isn’t always sweetness and light but still should be discussed.


    1. Reed — I give you great credit for the background work and excellent articles you produced, such as those on Towne and Browne.

      But I think you are mis-characterizing ike – ike doesn’t think everything is great with Pitt football.

      Like many Pitt fans, I think he recognizes the flaws but chooses to hope for the best.

      Personally, I think the hoping part is the fun part…like can Tipton or Matthews have big years now that we have an OC with a broader offensive vision…

      Go Pitt.


    2. You know Reed, I sat on this comment of yours for a few days to see if I could digest it. Nope, it’s still stuck in my craw and it has me dam pissed off. Of course I didn’t want to say anything until I reread it a few times and I was afraid if I said something you might get all mad again and do what you do.

      First off, you picked that comment to lambast me? I write my opinion only, If I don’t agree with someone I’ll speak my voice. The only times when I have gotten personal on the POV is when someone seeks me out personally. << Like you just did. Piss off.


  22. Reed, I just put down in writing what is in my mind. For better or worse, I don’t do anything you don’t do.


  23. And Reed, please stop worrying so much about me. I don’t think I’m anything more than myself. If I come off that way… it’s your problem. That’s the way I am. Skip over my crap or do me a big favor.. just ban me and I’ll be OK with it.


    1. This from a guy who has been playing junior psychologist with other commenters and me for three years on here. That’s hilarious Ike.

      I got many complaints from past commenters that as soon as they put forth an non-positive opinion invariably you’d cut right in and disparage them…it was, and I’m sure still is, like clockwork.

      I don’t get the need to constantly and vigorously police comments on here as you do…obviously it is way more important in your life than it is in others. I’d suggest telling yourself that every comment you don’t agree with isn’t meant to be a personal affront and that some things are best untouched.

      And don’t insult me by suggesting I ban you for something as trivial as this… I have told you before I’ve banned only two regular commenters since this blog started for being personally and repeatedly insulting to me and other POV readers after being warned not to.. and some who were trolls and kept using profanity.

      That’s it..

      But hey, who knows what will happen in a month or so…☠️


  24. Came across this info from the good old days —

    — Hugh Green posted 11 tackles, two sacks and a blocked punt in his first game, a 19-9 loss to Notre Dame.

    Read that again. Those are stats you might see someone have for a whole season – that was Green’s first game as a freshman!

    — Green ended his freshman year with 92 tackles, a dozen sacks and five forced fumbles. He was named a Second team All American.

    Go Pitt.


  25. Actually – I love to read both ends of the spectrum….Reed and Ike. Glad you’re back Reed! Ike, keep it up!

    One thing I will be curious about is attendance. This could be a really bad year – the worst in the Duzz era. No nitter season ticket holders and another losing, frustrating end of season stretch. I know the popular logic is that the PSUx fans show up for the one game and then burn their tickets. My nitter friends all put their tickets on ticket sites for $6-$8 bucks…somebody bought them and presumably went to some games.

    So, beyond us 25,000 or so die hards, what reason would anyone have, from the team or the school, to buy tickets this year? In fact, some on here have said they aren’t renewing.

    How do you get out of mediocrity with an empty stadium, closed practices and no attempt to create buzz around the program from the head coach and administration, and a below average (certainly from a P5 perspective) group of recruiters? We can debate individual players and whether our next 2 star becomes Aaron Donald – and that’s fun. But the fundamental problems are chronic and I’d love to be in the room when the Athletic Dept. talks about strategy to see what the heck they are thinking.


    1. For one, Pitt isnt thinkin about moving back to campus. They are going to continue having students bused over. But I give them credit for doing what they can to make the most out of a bad situation. But theres only so much you can do. Free Fantas and Bobbleheads arent the answer.

      So Pitt is stuck in a kind of purgatory waiting on what the Steelers decide to do next. Renew the lease and renovate Heinz. Implode her and rebuild another version. Move out to the burbs. Who knows.

      All I know is that Heinz could get filled with a winning program, Heisman candidate and attractive home schedule with marquee schools like State, WVU and ND. But it wont be filled consistently at anymore than 80% capacity. Heinz is just too darn big. Thats leaves a lot of yellow seats.

      Tough for the university to create a buzz with closed practices, few elite recruits who are the next Pitt 1st rounders and an off campus stadium that is a buzz kill.


      1. Tx, inside scoop, I believe there are talks going on and only talk about a PITT stadium. A long ways off but there is a little brain storming going on.


        1. thats good to know
          but I believe it really needs to be on campus
          I want a venue to help connect fans and alumni back to campus, associate ones memories with the campus, showcase Oakland and not the North Shore
          Plus, I’m a big believer in having projects pay for themselves. Produce a nice ROI. Thats why I’m all about the revenue streams. Thats why multi-purpose appeals to me (greater utilization).

          For example, Stade Pierre Mauroy.


  26. We need Reed and TX to join Richman on the Fan Committee…

    And if Pitt needs something organized, they need to call Fran and Erie Express!

    Hail to Pitt!


  27. The stadium sucks. simple
    It is not debatable it blows.
    The ticket office called me on March 23 and asked me if I would keep my seats. My wife wanted to keep giving Pitt some money so we are back. reluctantly
    Really, Fran ,EE, Reed made the difference and the Athletic department will take credit.

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  28. As far as evaluating Narduzzi’s recruiting goes, I think it’s more this year and next when we can finally see how he has done. It’s just my opinion but PITT is stuck recruiting 3* type of players. That’s just the way it is right now for PITT. And those type of recruits take a little longer to see the field. Now after this year the 4th and 5th year guys don’t step up, then it would be either Narduzzi’s recruiting or his lack of coaching up these players or both.

    At the same time to say that none of Narduzzi’s recruited players have made an impact on the team is a little misleading, again only imo. Weaver is arguably the best player on defense and PITT’s best defensive players since Price a few years ago. Hamlin after being slowed by injuries has done a nice job and Dane Jackson has bee a very solid CB. Ffrench made some sort of mid-season all-American team last year. There are plenty more examples but you get the point. I get it, someone has to be playing and someone has to be making tackles.

    My point being, Until further notice, PITT will have to rely on older players that have mature physically and mentally to the point that they can contribute for the PITT football team.

    Hope this comment didn’t offend anyone as that was not my intentions. IKE!


  29. Speakin’ of basketball, it wouldn’t hurt our cause if Buzz Williams left VT to take the Texas A&M job.

    He’s an excellent coach.

    Go Pitt.


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