Pitt Pro Day Results

Pitt held its Pro Day today, and most of the seniors participated.

Darrin Hall acquitted himself well, running a sub-4.5 forty and posting strong measurables across the board.  George Aston took the bench press crown with 29 reps.

Here are the results (copied and pasted from Pittsburgh Sports Now).  Emphasis added by me.

WR Rafael Araujo-Lopes • 14 reps • VJ 36″ • BJ 10’3″ • 40 4.45 • Cone 6.79
FB George Aston • 29 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’10” • 40 4.66 • Cone 7.05
DE/LB James Folston • 23 reps • VJ 40.5″ • BJ 10’9″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.19 • Cone 6.80
RB Darrin Hall • 27 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 10’2″ • 40 4.40 • Cone 6.72
DE Dewayne Hendrix • 23 reps • VJ 28.5″ • BJ 9’7″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.96 • Cone 7.15
OL Mike Herndon • 22 reps • VJ 23.5″ • BJ 8’2″ • 40 5.15 • Shuttle 4.79 • Cone 7.78
LB Seun Idowu • 25 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.60 • Shuttle 4.39 • Cone 7.20
DB Colin Jonov • 12 reps • VJ 33.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.50 • Shuttle 3.93 • Cone 6.96
DT Shane Roy • 16 reps • VJ 25″ • BJ 8’3″ • 40 5.23 • Shuttle 4.73 • Cone 7.66
LB Elijah Zeise • 17 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.73 • Shuttle 4.36 • Cone 6.78

RB Qadree Ollison • Shuttle 4.13 • Cone 7.02 (ran at combine)

LB Quintin Wirginis • 25 reps (ACL surgery)
OL Alex Bookser • 29 reps (meniscus surgery)

Also if you want a really good read on why pro-day is important (and perhaps even more important than the combine), check out this ESPN article.  It’s long and its in depth, and it’s very good.

Hail to Pitt and congratulations to all the young men who took a step towards the NFL today.  Best of luck to them.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

33 thoughts on “Pitt Pro Day Results

  1. With Pitt winning the Coastal, can’t understand why so few Seniors made the combine. Shouldn’t the AD be promoting these guys with the NFL?


  2. From Pittman4ever:
    Speaking of “pro day” I want to thank Mike for the pro job he did holding down the fort during Reed’s much needed “sabbatical.” I, for one, also needed a break from the POV and have been refreshed in doing so and with the Commander soon to resume his duties, I too look forward to once again taking my place at the enfamous “POV Round Table” when it resumes and contributing again like the old days. Remember, on a blog like this, variety is the spice of life …….and maybe we can even convince UPitt to make a return.

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  3. I used to be puzzled by the presence of Colin Jonov on our kick coverage teams. But from those Pro Day results, I see the guy can motor.

    4.5 in the 40.

    Go Pitt.


  4. There is no way Darrin Hall ran a 4.40. and I’m someone who always maintained that his best asset was his speed (and ability to run skinny). This is not to say that I don’t wish this fine young man best of luck in whatever he does or that I don’t think he can play in the NFL.

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    1. I agree and I think the Pro day times are always a little bit faster than electronically timed. I think at the combine he runs a 4.5 or slightly higher.

      With that being said really nice to see the strong numbers across the board from DH


  5. I see Hall as pretty much of a straight ahead runner who will have a hard time making it in the NFL..Plus he is an awful blocker who can not pick up the blitz. Hope he proves me wrong.

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  6. I used to be involved in thoroughbred horse racing. I would go out early and watch the timers time workouts. Depending on what they wanted the betting public to know or not know, their thumbs would be tardy or quick. I suspect the same thing at Pitt’s pro day.


  7. ^^ Brings up a question Dan. I could be mistaken but I think the individual scouts each collected their own times?? The truth has to be somewhere in between all those times. Add them all up and divide. In reality, how much difference does it all make. Now in horses, yes of course the time matters but how did the horse do in the cone drill? 🙂

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  8. I’m pretty sure all the NFL teams who attend these games does their own timekeeping, while still comparing to the other times taken


  9. So while there are a reasonable number of our guys with pro aspirations,there are no high draft choices and no one coming out early.in fact a number of five year guys. The last bunch of Chryst guys. A dozen starters in Narduzzi’s fourth year. Seems like a lot if Narduzzi is a strong recruiter. Also the lack of much star power seems questionable. I don’t mean to put any of these individuals down because the were all hard working Pitt guys that did their part and should be recognized for that. Undoubtedly some may go on to have decent pro careers But overall not likely that any of them will reach star status.

    What we have been missing since Narduzzi came to town are the Aaron Donald’s, Tyler Boyd’s, James Conner’s. Henderson and Peterman, were probably the biggest stars that Narduzzi has recruited so far.
    Guys that made a larger difference to the program than most. Whitehead came close but never quite broke through.

    Pickett may still be one of these guys although last year created great doubt. Weaver has the potential to join that club. Hopefully on of the backs. Who else?


    1. Will be easy to keep rooting for George.

      Disappointed he didn’t mention Fran during that interview… 😉

      Go Pitt.


  10. there will be no City Game (Pitt-Duquesne BB) this year because Pitt can’t work it in its schedule. Yes, they play ACC opener in early Nov, at Bobby Mo right after that, ACC-B10 Challenge, WVU, and a tourney in Brooklyn all in the pre-season but hard to believe it still can’t find a spot/. Now the City game is now played at PPG Paints which also houses the Pens and concerts …. so maybe there is a small window.

    Maybe it’s good as Duquesne may have a good chance this coming year. I believe they have a lot of returnees … while the pre-season may be tough for Pitt since a lot of new players will be involved


  11. Two Pitt freshmen wrestlers advance to NCAA quarter finals. Both are local (Derry and Bethel Park). A couple other Pitt wrestlers won in wrestlebacks, whatever that is. The Pitt wrestling team is very young yet still finished ranked


    1. Some interesting info in that article. Wonder where DE Baldonado is in his development? He was one of those raw guys who didn’t play FB til late, has good size, and is supposed to be pretty athletic.

      I remember when Hargrove was recruited – he was listed as a DT. From his video, he didn’t appear to have the quickness off the snap to be a DT, so I figured he was going to be a recruiting miss – or be tried on the Oline. I wonder if Pitt always saw him as an Olineman…

      Go Pitt.


  12. Good stuff on Tywman taking number 97. The D- line may be better than good. I sure hope so, been a long time coming.


  13. Pitt frosh Phillippi loses to OSU wrestler 3 to 1. This was a battle of two 3-time WPIAL champs. Philippi will wrestle tonight in a consolation match; he can still make All-American, quite an accomplishment for a freshman


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