… the more they stay the same. To wit – Reed’s going to be back with the POV again.

I know – WTF? Right? Well, I have just been in meetings with both my accountant and my lawyer about the animal that The Pitt POV is and what it became since I turned the reins over to Mike (“Awesome Mike” I call him).

The upshot of what is happening is this – The Pitt POV is a certified Small Business registered under my name in the state of Maryland and because of that I have some pretty strict  legal requirements on what I can and cannot do with it.

The two main things are having employees and liabilities associated with the business. In a nutshell if we kept the arrangement the way things are today Mike is my “employee” (even if I’m not paying him anything) and thus I am responsible to pay him wages and provide benefits for him…etc.  Since he’s ‘managing’ the Pitt POV business and is it’s full-time writer a whole slew of  legal issues kick in.  There are also issues with copyrights and other crap.  Plus all the computer/website/domain things are still in my name and I’m still paying for everything which makes all the legal stuff even harder to get out of.

This truly came as a real shock to me and we looked at every angle to try to keep things as they currently are, but as Billy Shakespeare wrote, “There’s the rub…” (See below).

So, the upshot is that I’ll be taking The Pitt POV back under my control and Mike will be a ‘guest writer’ just as things were before I turned it over.  It’s either that or I have to close the business and disband The Pitt POV altogether.  

Angry Narduzzi

I don’t think anyone wants that to happen… except maybe  King Pat, the current Pitt HC.  This won’t happen right away and I’ve just talked with Mike over the phone this evening and we decided we’ll keep this arrangement until the middle of April or so.

Mike  is a real gentleman and so very gracious and understands what this means for the blog.  He’s OK with this (I was really worried that I’d  be disappointing him)  and I suspect maybe a small bit relieved as he’s a  brand new father and we know how time and effort intensive that is.

What we envision happening after the switch back is that I’ll hold all management issues get back to writing more articles and he’ll kick in his own expert point of view on Pitt athletics when he wants to – instead of feeling that he’s obligated to.

I do hope all the POV readers and commenters understand that I was very happy with Mike’s efforts and his writing on here – he’s a solid wordsmith and his articles are great,   even though he and I see things through different lenses some times.  After the changeover we’ll have a bit of a ‘Point-Counter Point‘ going I’m sure.

One of the reasons we’ll wait until April is that I’m in Shakespeare’s play (Henry V) at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore.  This is a Vet Arts Connect program run in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs. It has been a blast so far even if the twice weekly rehearsals are pretty brutal for me as my memory ain’t what it used to be.

Especially because I’m playing three roles (Duke of York, The Dauphin and Bishop of Ely). I’m seriously thinking about getting one of those play-calling wrist cuffs a QB wears with my dialogues on it. So I’m two-blocked with that commitment until mid-April when we stage the play for the paying public.

So Mike will keep the reins until after the Pitt Spring Game on April 13th, which also is the day my play will be performed, then we’ll switch over.  That is until Mike decides to start his own Pitt blog and take all the Pitt POV readers with him…which he half-joking said he just might do… and that would be fantastic also.

I do want to reiterate to everyone that I was completely happy with the arrangement as it has been since Mike took over and really am sorry we can’t keep on that way.  But it is what it is and truth be told I’m looking forward to being involved again…  I miss you guys a lot more than I thought I would so that’s a silver lining with the situation at least.

Thanks and I’ll see you next month.


88 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. Good to hear from you, Reed.

    MM has been great; look forward to both of you contributing articles and comments…

    Best wishes with your play. Pretty exciting stuff…

    Go Pitt.


  2. Well, a wealth of riches we have here at the POV! We are truly lucky to have two superb generals to lead us into battle. Welcome back Reed, and Mike your continuing contributions are very much appreciated!

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  3. Two 4 star qb’s in my opinion. One is a pocket passer and the other uses the run pass option as his strength.

    Looking forwardeth to having the Long Fellow back in the foldeth although he never fully lefteth. Mike, keep bringing it.

    As for me, I enjoy the pair of you. We seem to be migrating to a more realist outlook of the Pitt Panther Athletic Teams.

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  4. Seriously… M is a Gentleman, a SOLID writer and was absolutely the RIGHT pick for a difficult assignment.

    But, Reed… the POV really is YOU.

    After all, it has you’re daughter’s artwork as its symbol!

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  5. Welcome back Reed, but saying Mike and you “might” being seeing things through different lenses might be the understatement of the year. I’d say there is probably about 179 degree’s of separation at least on Pitt football looking through those lenses. Your point counterpoint comment is definitely a perfect analogy.

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  6. Welcome back Reed and thanks for staying Maestro…I like the point counterpoint also. Just don’t turn into Hannity and Colmes.

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  7. Welcome back Reed. I’m just trying to envision who is Dan Ackroyd and who is Jane Curtain in the Maestro/Commander Point Counterpoint.

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  8. I’m just happy to have been able to step in and keep the home fires burning for a while. And yes it’s a pretty good time for me to move back to the guest writer role. Thanks Reed!

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  9. et tu, Reed. And the Ides of March strikes down another Italian emperor,

    Maestro, he has come not to praise you but to bury you. Well, I guess I need to double the dose of my blood pressure pills again.

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  10. The POV can only be stronger with both of your voices. It would also be great if Chas came over as a guest writer since he doesn’t seem able to get much going at Pitt Blather.

    The only thing we have to worry about now is if Reed’s play gets picked up by Broadway.

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  11. Well well well, look at this and here I woke up this morning and before I turned on my cpu this morning, I slipped on my POV hoodie that I hadn’t worn since last year. It’s a sign!

    I think I can speak for everyone that this is really great news. Michaelangelo has done a great job with care taking the Blog and I do believe he saved the POV. BUT! It’s great to have you back Reed it’s a great day because of it. You are right when you say there should be more point counterpoint opinions on the POV.

    I honestly broke into a broad smile when I read the “King Pat” comment, that sort of phrase has been missed around here.

    You two working together will only make the POV bigger and better. Mike, don’t go getting lost please.

    Can’t wait to read my first “King Pat” is 0-3 in bowl games article.

    Good luck with the play Reed and break a leg. Will ever be a copy of it to watch?

    Reed, in all seriousness, I’m just so happy with your return. You are and always will be The POV! Welcome Back! . .. ..ike

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    1. You should just buy the POV so you don’t have to worry about things like that Tom. I’ll drop the price especially for you.

      BTW, I’m also the one who unbanned you.


      1. No way my friend, the POV is all yours. So I’m reading, don’t worry, I’m not banned, that is, until I really piss off again for some reason? Asking for a friend.


  12. Well, put it this way Ike…I wouldn’t be lying if I did write that ‘three straight bowl losses’ article and that we are 0-3 in them to boot, would I?

    Nor if I wrote one that stated we just had two straight non-winning seasons with a combined 12-14 record… or that we ended what could have been a pretty great season with three straight losses after being outscored 80-26…

    Especially painful is that we really should have won two of those three final games and could have been now enjoying coming off a nine win season.

    Now, if you think that would be negative reporting then that would be your opinion, whereas my opinion would be those facts suck and shouldn’t be happening in a HC’s 3rd and 4th years at the helm.

    But that’s just my POV Ike. Perhaps you see things differently.

    But hey, we won our conference and that boosted our recruiting, didn’t it? 😉

    I’m looking forward to ’19 though because I love preseasons when there are a lot of ???s going into camp. If we have a balanced OL this year we may have a good squad to put out there.

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  13. It was a joke Commander. The Standford loss pissed me off as well. Held them to 208 yards total offense. The good to come from that game was the firing of Watson and the hiring of coach Mr Whipple. I was thinking of the spring game this year, will you be coming up for it?


    1. I know it was a joke Ike. Just wanted to take a moment to see how I really felt about last season and boom! It all came back to me! Yeah!

      Can’t make Spring Game but I wanted to. Have the play to do that evening and can’t miss an opportunity to make an ass of myself on a different stage also.


    1. Looks like we have the easiest schedule since PN got here this season. If we get Pickett time to read progressions and throw maybe well get those elusive 9 wins (with a bowl win to get to 10 wins!)

      Then I’ll be happy as a clam.

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  14. Dixon did this with some success in the Big East but didnt adapt come ACC. Narduzzi is doing it now…those low star but smart and high character kids, many are captains of their HS teams. We’ll see how that works out and if it beats athleticism and flat out talent in the end.

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    1. Narduzzi is doing what the university wants, so his job shouldn’t be in danger to do what the school doesn’t care much for: winning big in football.


  15. On the surface this upcoming season would appear to be a bit easier. Although I can’t say that in certainty. While PITT will not play ND again this year and play Ohio instead, it will take a closer look at the ACC opponents and who and what kind of components they each having coming back…. and no, I’m not ready to do that just yet but it would make for a good future article.

    McSorely is gone but is Stevens or their other QB even better than him? Not sure if the UCF QB is coming back, McKenzie, never really sure if that’s his first or last name. Trade WF for BC. What about all the other teams? Lots of stuff to look into moving forward.

    Reed, how do you feel about your Sunday morning podcasts returning? I seriously enjoyed them

    I know a few POVer’s miss the round-tables as well. Not so much me, some posters throw darts at their monitors at my image.

    Not really going out on a limb here but I think Pickett will live up a lot closer to his build-up going into last season. The O-line should be a lot better at pass blocking this season. This due to the fact Pickett will see the field much better this year. The bottom line though is Mr Whipple. His offense has to be more creative than my dear Watson.

    Glad the PITT fire has returned a little Reed, just don’t sit too long and close to it. It will burn you out again. Help is only a comment, email or phone call away.. . … ike


  16. Right Fran and imo those wins should include post-season play… That is what recruits and parents remember
    ..bowls and post-season rankings.

    We haven’t been finally ranked in the Top 25 since 2009.

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  17. I’m not overly excited about Whipple but we’ll see. Bates turned out pretty well though so far.

    We still gave up more ypp then we made and more ppg but that was with no passing hardly at all.

    May have a huge drop in the Pitt run game though.


  18. Welcome back Reed. I hope you find enjoyment in re-engaging. My interpretation though is you are re-entering with mixed feelings about it. If so, I hope having Mike makes it easier for you to pursue your other interests while still having a chance to write when so moved.

    I believe Mike has done an outstanding job during the past several months and have appreciated getting to know him a bit in Pgh and Charlotte. Thanks for what you have done Mike, and I hope you remain a regular contributor. You have a real talent for writing.

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  19. Great point JoeL, Mike has been great and I think the POV is a better place and Blog then when I woke up this morning.

    Thinking Reed with some help from Mike will give us all a great football season to look forward to. 10-4 baby…


  20. Just noticed the small pic of Duzz in the article screaming” He’s(Reed) baaaaack!

    Hey, Reed we have gone several months without the plug being pulled…Let’s keep the ball rolling!!!!

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  21. At 10-4 Ike, do you have us winning the Coastal again and losing the ACC Championship to Clemson once again?


  22. Have a question. If we have already seen the new uniform an colors for this coming season why the big roll out on 4-7? The actual colors, imo, haven’t been totally revealed just yet. Darker blue and darker yellow or not.


  23. No, I don’t like Coldplay and I don’t like bright yellow. This song is k though. Roll out the mustard!


    1. Caught me sleeping John. Good catch.

      Reed, the pale in comparison color remark is interesting considering the current retro colors need to be paled down.

      Biggie, yeah nothing like a T-Pain promo to prove how outa touch we be mofo.


    1. Agree that’s a good look.

      Course TD would look good even in those things the Hokies wear…

      Hail to Pitt.


    2. Aw, that is so pretty…. Welcome back Reed!! When you get nominated for a Tony award and move to NYC, don’t forget us little guys ok?? Break a leg with your play. I think it is great to stretch your talents a bit. Post a picture in full stage makeup too.. 😉


  24. Rapper T-Pain will be performing at the uni reveal… you know dat dude.. famous for the song “ I’m n luv with a strippa….. boy, I can’t wait but maintaining my SOPerspective……


  25. Right on Reed… Pitt knocked out of the park in 1973…that look would have stood the test of time… Their are no PITT people in charge of athletics so they will find a way to screw it up…. that my opinion…


    1. Bernie, all they have to do is pull up some pictures like Reed just did. Easy-peasy. (Yeah, I know, take nothing for granted). I need some new Pitt swag, so I’m hoping they hit a homerun on the new colors/designs.


  26. Hey Reed, welcome back buddy.. wondered why you became negative on Narduzzi…then I met him this year. Now I understand. No more season ticks here. Will still watch and root wildly for Pitt Football. Unless Whipple is a hidden genius, Pitt will have another average season at best. Narduzzi is so full of himself you’d think he’s won 2 national championships! I’ve shared meals with the #2 at UPMC, met CEOs and partnered with some of the most influential people in this country.
    All were humbler than Narduzzi. When he wins the NCAAs I might afford him a glance …which is more than he afforded me.

    I’m 68 ..don’t even think I’ll see a winning bowl game in my lifetime let alone a NCAA run.

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  27. Just read that Pitt is opening a Nike store on campus to sell the new gear. I think the AD may have said something like the new store will bring people to campus. I am hoping that she said a new OCS will fill up the Nike store on weekends before and after the game.

    I will not go to campus to visit the Nike store……now, if we had an ocs, I’d be there….a lot!


    1. it will be a waste for Pitt to spend $75 Million on 3 programs that generate zero interest and lose Pitt millions each year. So why not build a multi purpose venue that is home to 9 programs and is so much more than just a sports facility.

      Stade de Marino


  28. Things are about to get interesting. Real interesting. Welcome back Commander! Not quite as good as me getting a new kidney. But pretty damn good! Now, if this brings back UPitt and Dr. Tom, it will be like hitting the lottery!!!

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    1. The surgeon did exactly what he said he’d do…knock out left my leg stenosis 100% and cut the back pain in half.

      My leg was the real problem. I couldn’t walk 3 minutes on it before it would go completely numb and I’d have to sit down -which is why it always took me 30 minutes to walk from Fran’s tailgate to the stadium.

      It’s been 6 months now and I’ve rolled my pain meds back from 60 mg of Oxy down to 30mgs a day. That is the rough thing after being on 60 mg daily for 7 years.

      Get this: my pain Dr. told me I was the first patient he’s ever had in 15 years who approached him requesting to go on a volunteer withdrawal program. In 15 years! All his other hundreds of patients want to either stay with the prescription they have or increase their dosage.

      I obviously knew we had an opioid addiction crisis in the US but that fact shocked me… And this is in one of the wealthiest counties and city in the US. It truly know no boundries.

      I have to say that Maryland’s Medicinal Marijuana program has been a godsend in my withdrawal program and post-op recovery. I use it very sparingly and don’t get a buzz from it as I’m very careful with that aspect (more CBD than THC). I take it in gummy bear style

      I recommend that anyone who needs it look into it as a health tool if it is legal in their state.

      So, I’m well enough to attend games again and see you guys again.

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      1. Great news and good for you for weaning your way off the oxy.

        Following surgery for a pituitary tumor 1.5 yrs ago, I was on that and was convinced to get off of it – particularly 5 days after surgery when it didn’t seem to be affecting me at all. Switched to an NSAID which only provided a small amount of relief. So after two days of that, I decided to take an Oxy again and…whoa! The effect was clear (or should I say fuzzy) and I was a bit scared that I had gotten used to it so quickly. Took the meds to an Rx that accepted opioids and toughed it out. Thats some scary stuff.

        And BTW…if you were flummoxed by the Doctor’s reaction to your withdrawal request, try dropping some off at a pharmacy. None of the big chains take it, including the Kroger where mine was dispensed. Once a year the police sponsor a program to turn in unused prescription meds, but that is simply not enough. And flushing this stuff down the toilet isn’t the answer either. This is not helping the opioid crisis at all.


    1. Thanks – had not seen it. The issues with pass blocking will hurt him and Im guessing he will be an FA at best.

      Have seen a couple mock drafts indicating that the Steelers would take Ollison with a late pick.


  29. That’s great news Reed. Living in constant pain is obviously, no fun at all. Also living on pain meds robs one of enjoying life itself and muffles a lot of life’s sensations.

    On a sad note this story caught my eye in today’s paper for more than one reason. A 2 year old boy named Rocco Monteleone passed away recently from Leukemia. I don’t understand why a young little man like this had to die so young and suffer like he did. What a brave little boy he was. RIP Rocco.



  30. —Reed – your return to the POV is a great. Your return even got Annie to kick in a couple of posts! That’s a nice bonus!

    —That scouting report on Hall seems pretty accurate. I always thought his main strength was how hard he runs. He usually got a couple yards even if the blocking wasn’t there. “Ferocious physicality” is s perfect description.

    — In spite of any “ferocious physicality,” I’d still prefer we find some backs with quick change-of-direction and elusiveness… But I’m not seeing that in our recruiting…

    Go Pitt.


  31. ^ John, you make great points but I ask that everyone that predicted PITT would have not one but two 1,000 yard rushers last year please stand up… and the entire gallery remain seated. Now imagine what a good passing threat would have done for those numbers last year. A balanced attack will do wonders for this years team. That’s if PITT is able to achieve a balanced attack.

    Hall ended up being a very good college running back. Not many saw that in him. BTW, his cutting ability is way under-rated. Pass blocking can be coached, Hall’s other assets cannot.

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  32. Pitt practice today two RS Freshman DLmen Morgan(will be a factor) and Bently(big guy) were mentioned on pantherlair as two youngsters to keep your eye on. Moving Wheeler to the OL seems more understandable now if the observations on the younger DL candidates are accurate.

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  33. Had Reed’s surgery not gone well, he would have been a natural for the starring role of King Richard III …and especially how Pitt ended the year, it would really have been the winter of his discontent.

    But seriously, I am very grateful that I have not had back issues. I had a very good friend how had back surgery who eventually got addicted to pain killers …. and was never the same until he died of a heart attack in his early 50s. My cousin had surgery about 6 weeks ago (at Presby) and still can barely move his left arm … but at least weened himself off of Oxy.

    I am also grateful that Reed seems to be doing well, all things considered.

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  34. Also from panterlair the Borberly interview today was really very informative IMO. Long way to go at this point for our new OL. Thinks this years group is more athletic than the group from last season. On Morrissey he’s the glue that holds the line together and his loss last season for the final 3 games was a huge loss.

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  35. Agree wwb – I hired a Dairy School player that played in the league about 25 years ago. He indicated that the Dairy Docs/Trainers would walk down the aisle of the plane after football games handing out painkillers, like bubble gum. He suffered from addiction for years thereafter and died in his forties. These things never get reported. Docs learned not to dispense while at away games because they din’t have licenses to do so, but once they were in the air, they felt more safe from licensure issues. One of the other reasons I don’t care for the Dairy High Team. I shared one of my hardest laughs of my life with that guy. Still tell the story to this day, when appropriate.

    I hope Nardburgh wasn’t commenting on the TE Group speed jrn. The tight ends obviously didn’t look fast if you watch the video. When you watch video, they go in motion, run in place for a second, ball is snapped and….fake like they are running a quick out and cut over the middle. Not one of them sold the “out” with a head fake to the out first. Two of the four passes fell incomplete. Me personally, I would have made them run that drill til their necks worked properly for the fake, legs worked properly and their hands caught the ball as a group. Details! I think they performed in front of Mr. Charmin, the new guy! You play how you practice whether it is in March or October. This was with no blockers, no rushers or no defenders. Anyone else notice this or do I need my eyes checked?

    The tight ends looked slow, except for the Arkansauce Transfer.

    You all keep mentioning a dude by the name of Reed. Who’s Reed? LOL, Longfellow! Welcome back, feller.


  36. Morrissey “Jake Kradel(RS Freshman) is doing a great job, now getting snaps at center.” Another nugget from panterlair today. And before anyone asks, NO I’m not getting a commission from panther lair by making these posts over here at the POV.


  37. Reed – glad to have you back.

    After I had my hip surgery, got off pain killers (opiod) 5 days later. My brother said I was a jagoff (but used more profane language) to both my wife & him. Actually felt much better & what pain I had was nothing compared to the pain I suffered for the 6 years leading to the surgery.

    JoeL – check with your local police or county sheriff on drug disposal. In my county (& I think all of SC), law enforcement has drop boxes (looks like corner mail boxes) inside their building. I got rid of all my old meds as soon as I was allowed to drive.


  38. —Be interesting to follow what develops with the OL.

    —We could have a very local left side of the OL if RSo Gabe Houy plays tackle and RJr Ford plays guard. Both are from Upper St. Clair. But they will have lots of competition.

    —Other local offensive linemen include RFr Kradel (Butler), RJr Wheeler (CC), RFr Zubovic (Belle Vernon), and my man RSo Kenny Rainey from Aliquippa.

    —I think the success or failure of the season will largely depend on whether we can find two solid offensive tackles, especially with the ability to pass protect. I feel good about finding two guards to play alongside Morrissey, it’s those pesky OT spots…

    Go Pitt.


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