golf-trophyHello all, I’ve been swamped with baby duties and work, and so I apologize I haven’t been able to post much lately.  Spring ball is only a couple of weeks away and I hope to have something written this weekend about that, so hang in there.  I also have a couple of guest posts so keep your eyes peeled for those.

In the meantime, there is a golf outing in the works, and we’d like to give last year’s winners the opportunity to defend their title.  With that being said, I don’t think we have their contact information…so…

Chris and Bob Liptak and Tom and Brad Emsurak, if you are out there and you want to step up and defend your honors against a crowd of hungry challengers, please email Rick (Erie Express)

Rick Caldwell (Erie Express)


Also if anyone else wants to attend, you can contact Rick as well.  It’s going to be a great time!  Here is an excerpt from Reed’s post about last year’s event

Folks – last year was so much fun. It was just a real blast meeting everyone and putting faces (and personalities) to the names we all hear from (and talk about) on here. I truly urge everyone to try to carve out some time to at least meet for the dinner after the golfing is finished. Don’t miss a chance to have a fine day with old and new friends. – Reed

Hail to Pitt!




20 thoughts on “Defending the Cup

  1. MM — one foursome to keep an eye on is the one with Lastrow in it. Fran won the inaugural POV tourney and he’s fixin’ on repeating!

    Hope all is well with Raphael and your wife.

    Go Pitt.


  2. Can’t wait to look at the the line-ups, see the pics and read the stories! The course looks tight and I hope you all wear two pairs of pants…. in case you get a hole in one…… ok I’ve told that stupid joke a couple times before.

    I’m sure the golf outing will be a blast… something like this


  3. Haha…still laugh at that joke Ike.
    I better check with Erie what the club rules are regarding loud music and even louder clothing.
    If I recall someone wore blue and gold “plus nine” knickers at the inaugural.
    I better check the archives.


  4. My old man complaint of the day (or at least I hope so). (I actually had two yesterday – neither with the POV.)

    Mike – Do you know that the last few articles you have posted are showing up on both my laptop & phone below two other articles?

    I have the article announcing the 2019 POV golf outing (dated 2/7) & the Narduzzi – Dabo article (dated 2/11) then this one. The Georgia Tech BB thread article is next.


  5. I agree with you guys, it gets to confusing and a lot of comments get lost if the articles are not in chronological order. Even using the reply function is a bad idea if you asked me. If someone replies to a comment up top and a sudden burst of other comments happen, that comment may never be read. I like to copy and paste the comment I am replying to and quote it in a brand new comment. Uncle ike’s editorial for the day.. 🙂


  6. Way off topic, but are the Steelers a mess or what? Kevin Colbert is just making a bad situation worse with his comments. He essentially said that since Ben won a Super Bowl all the other players, who he said are like 52 children, should listen to Ben.

    What an insult to the other players. I think the Steelers should clean house of the GM and probably the head coach…

    Go Pitt.

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  7. Off topic – Pitt wrestling wrapped up the regular season last night with a win over a ranked UVA team. Finished the season at 13-3. In my estimation, they won three matches that I didn’t think that they would. And lost one that I thought that they should have won (to UNC of course). We had a season ending injury to one of our better wrestlers a couple of days before the UNC match…

    Solid season for Pinzburgh. Ranked at #15 going into the ACC tournament. We will have at least three and as many as five qualifiers for the NCAA tournament. The NCAA tournament will be held in Pittsburgh this year. Wish I still lived in the ‘Burgh!

    Pitt has lots of room for improvement, but this was a very successful season for sure.

    The UVA match had a great finish. If you like the sport you can catch the replay on Watch ESPN…

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      1. I understand completely. Wrestling is a difficult sport to watch unless you wrestled at some point.

        I watch a little Bball but don’t completely understand the plays like most on here.

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  8. When I saw cup’s name, I thought of the blogger who posted all the time on Pitt Blather. Always in call caps, signed off as FRANKICAN I believe. Suddenly, one day he was gone. Does anyone know what happened to him? Even in the impersonal world of blogging, Frankican had personality, a memorable name, and I still think of him from time to time.


  9. James – the “cup” is named in his honor. We can only speculate what happened. We all shall pass at one point in time.

    BigB had the “cup” made and it is engraved with the annual winner’s names. This year, on May 31st we will celebrate the third Pitt POV Golf Outing – would you lyke to join us?



  10. Rocky you’re right and sound like you know, wrestling is a difficult sport to watch and even more difficult to participate in. Wrestled a couple years in jr high then walked away to come back my jr year in high school. As far as practice goes, when the door shut in that practice room with it’s 7′ high ceiling, wall to wall mats and 90 degree temperatures, you knew you were in for 2 1/2 hrs of pure torture. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.


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