Pitt has lost seven in a row, but the last couple have been close, and coach Capel has this young team fighting.  The BC squad might be our best chance at one more ACC victory.  Lets go Pitt!


46 thoughts on “Pitt Basketball: Pitt at Boston College Open Game Thread

    1. Dan, you have said that same comment at least once in each of the past four games.

      BC about to run Pitt out of town. The Panthers with 11 points in 12 minutes – less than a point per minute.

      Not that Pitt’s lack of scoring has anything to do with BC’s D. Just the same old bad basketball.

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  1. This is a very winnable game which it’s why I’m so frustrated. The key is Brown inside who has disappeared off the face of the earth.


  2. Brown needs a firecracker shoved up his you what. But this PITT team is not going to run away and beat ACC teams. They are running on fumes though, that and guts.


  3. This is a beaten down and beaten Pitt team that has lost all sense of hope. Their pure hustle simply can no longer overcome their deficit of talent. What a shame.

    For all the good Frame does Pitt with his threes he kills us with his lack of defense and basketball IQ.


  4. Under 30% shooting for Pitt – X man 3-19 from the field.

    Free throw shooting % at 60.

    Bad basketball no matter how you spin this one. BC is a bad team. Pitt is worse.


  5. I’ll close the book on this season. No need to waste any more time with this mess.

    BTW, The new recruit Drumgoole is a 3* on Rivals – PSN reported last night that he was across the board 4*. Did he get downgraded once he committed to Pitt?


  6. Bowman beats pitt all by himself. At least that’s what the announcers think. Bad shooting the last 7 minutes by pitt cost them the game, not they’re favorite pet of the game.

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    1. Are you $aying Tom Crean know$ how to recruit? $$$

      That’$ now the #1 and the #5 recruits in the country committing to Tom & Georgia this past week.


  7. Dan, these Freshmen aren’t used to losing. In high school the game was easy. Playing college teams that are equal or better than them, they just don’t have the enthusiasm or energy they had earlier in the season. Where are those drives to the hoop in transition?


    1. The ball now gets swatted to the seats Lyke X man’s drives in the first half. BC was missing three key players, is a bottom feeder in the ACC and they still managed to beat Pitt by 9.

      Opponents have much film on our two “stars” and that now makes them easy to beat because there is no movement on offense by the other Pitt players and no boxing out on the boards. Other than that, throw in a zone and Pitt coaches and players will be baffled Lyke at the end last night when BC closed the game with a 9-1 run with their zone D.

      Pretty simple formula. Oh and let’s not forget, if you have 2 or 3 bigs, they will out score and out rebound Pitt’s big by numbers divisible by 7 on most nights.


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