Florida State comes to the Pete to take on our Pitt Panthers.  Lets go Pitt!

98 thoughts on “Pitt Basketball: Pitt vs Florida State Open Thread

  1. the big concern tonight is the big concern for this season, FSU is tall and a great rebounding team. It can be a blowout but also can be a Pitt win if Pitt shoots well … including free throws.


  2. A veryery tough matchup for Pitt. If Pittcan get out and run, they have a shot. Of course to do that, they need to get rebounds.


  3. Regarding Whipple, I didn’t predict it. Haha. Only said that it’s a good hire. Not a sexy one, but give a good OC nowhere to go but up and good things should happen.

    I like it and as others have said, he’s not leaving anytime soon. For as team that had chemistry issues, a player’s coach is a smart move.

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  4. I plan to use some Charmins now
    Pitt playing well dont get me wrong
    When you got to go, you got to go
    I promise not to squeeze


  5. This is great for recruiting….Let the freshen run and gun. Fun to watch. Hard to remember what KS ball even looked like.


  6. Best frosh backcourt in basketball. Maybe 2nd best backcourt in all of college basketball!


    Hail to F n Pitt!

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  7. If PITT would have made 75% of their free throws against North Carolina State they would be ranked in the top 20 next poll. Schitt, this team is plenty fun to watch….


  8. Wow! Just wow. Great rebound for a program turfed.
    These are some really talented freshmen. And cannot forget about the supporting cast be it W-F, T-B and the rest who had the gumption to stick around.
    I am proud of these boys.

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    We just beat the #11 team in the country!!!! Can you believe it????????
    We believe……. We believe ……We believe
    Capel is unbelievable!!!!! Is there any question why OKLAHOMA hired him years ago as Their HC and why Coach K wanted him as his Assistant HC to prepare Capel for taking over for him?

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  10. I sure hope Fran and Scooter were there…

    After going to those crappy games last season, they deserve to see some games like this.

    We “Whip-pled” the Noles!

    Go Pitt.

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  11. Hail to Pitt! Night night #11 FSU

    “and they stay in their seats. That’s how you know they’re back. They expect to win again”. Announcers thought the fans would rush court. I told there kids we don’t do that. Ever.

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  12. Wow and Wow, just got home.

    First off, there are plenty of great seats available at the Pete that won’t be available next year.
    Do yourself a favor and get to a game. You out of town guys make a weekend out of it.

    You have to be there to feel the energy of the Pete. The Zoo is back, they were as terrific as the team.
    They did the Seminole Chant at the end, funny stuff.

    These freshman are beyond words good and Capel has everyone playing defense, ball movement is spectacular. Everyone is contributing, Ellison had his best game tonight. Coach got really hot with Frame and sat him for a long time. He made some plays when he got back in. Brown holding his own vs some Sequoias today. Big difference having N’Dir back, none of our guys in foul trouble. McGowens spectacular again, must love the Pete.

    My only worry now is how long McGowens and Johnson stay in school. Of course the pro game is a different animal and most don’t make it.

    Something very special is happening, see some live games while they are affordable. The Price is going up next year.


  13. The video of Capel his players says it all. The locker room is scared. To party w your coach like that. For me it was taking my 8 th grade championship runner up team to Friendlys. Later it was celebrating my15-16 AAU Team upsetting the #1 team-in Frederick MD. You have to bond with your players. Duzz needs to learn that. Capel has earned that. What a hire.


  14. Pretty good day for the Pitt Athletic Department!

    Coach Capel gets a nice win against a top 20 team: and Coach Duzz hires an intriguing sounding new OC.

    I’m feeling like MM, I’m warming up to Coach Whipple and his passing game.

    Go Pitt!


  15. The Pitt FSU game will be rebroadcast at 11 PM Tuesday night on ESPNU if you missed it as I did.

    What is Mark Whipple going to use for tight ends, (you know) the kind that catch the ball, in his offense? The cupboard is empty! Initially thought this was a so-so hire but with more research find out it is probably going to be a good hire. Probably not going to be a great recruiter though.


    1. The transfer from Arkansas is a pass catching TE and Jimmy Medure is a do everything type of player. Both are SR’s this coming season, so another TE is needed to be added, IMO.

      Not completely bare.


  16. Pitt Narduzzi@PittNarduzzi
    If you are a recruit, I don’t know how you can watch this and not want to play for HCJC. He is equal parts young uncle/big brother who can relate to you and ride with you, but also give you a needed dose of get your ass in gear when you need it.


  17. It’s a bit early …but….I’ve never see two college guards that could take the ball to the hoop like X and McGowan. Ever. Great ball handlers …good shooters. That’s what Dixon never learned…it’s what the NCAAs are all about. If we can just get there we will do some real damage. ITS all aboutBrowns development and how fast he can grow up. H2P.

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    1. McGowan’s two missed dunks were electrifying even though no points were scored. Capel knew enough to let him keep his freedom and the results were magnificent.

      Jamie, and I was a big Dixon supporter, would have handcuffed McGowan to the bench after the second miss and Pitt would have lost that game.

      Just one man’s opinion…

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  18. I find it interesting that Pitt won this game without any drama at the end, even though we wasted a lot of possessions, like the several instances when Xman dribbled into trouble…


    Course FSU helped a bunch with their 3-point shooting — were they 2 for 22?

    Go Pitt.

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  19. Totally shocked that Pitt has 2 ACC wins by January 15th. I heard they are burning Rockports outside the Pete!!! I figured it would take a decade to recover from the Barnes/Stallings disaster. Capel inherited one of the worst situations in P-5 basketball and SOLD the program. When was the last time Pitt had explosive, athletic guards with some length that could attack the basket and break down a defense with the dribble? Another one of those recruiting classes and Pitt basketball can be relevant again.

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    1. You asked, “When was the last time Pitt had explosive, athletic guards with some length that could attack the basket and break down a defense with the dribble?”

      The answer is never. McGowan and Johnson are superior athletes to what Pitt has had. I think they will be the best guard combo in Pitt history when all is said and done. Wait until they have more good players around them.


  20. I love the smell of burnt Rockports in the morning…
    Wonderful night of hoops and pregame festivities at Hemmingways with Scooter and Farmer.
    REALLY excited about what coach Capel has done so far. Gordon is correct…get to a game and feel it!


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