Well folks.  Here it is.  The official Pitt POV Sun Bowl prediction thread.  We’ve said a lot about this game, and I’ll recap the conversation.

On one hand, Stanford has the talent to make us look bad if they show up to play.  Their roster is dripping with four star players, and the Cardinal passing game is very good.

On the other hand, a lot of Stanford’s starters are not playing due to injury or NFL combine prep.  Also, you can’t measure heart and desire, which you would think the 19 (mostly two and three star) Seniors on this 2018 Pitt squad have in spades.

My heart wants to say that Stanford overlooks us and Pitt will win this one with their smashmouth style, ultimately sending the Senior class off in with a bowl win and something to really hang their hat on, but my head says David Shaw is a heck of a coach, and he’s had two weeks to prepare, and that scares me.

I’m sticking with my original prediction, but I sure hope I’m wrong.

Stanford 41, Pitt 28.

What do you have to Say Panther Nation?  Sound off!

 Late add: also here is your Pitt uniform reveal


91 thoughts on “Sun Bowl Prediction Thread

  1. i dont see this as a high scoring affair
    after a long break, timing will be off, players are rusty and the bigger guys will get gassed easily
    and the word that Pitt’s players are NOT practicing well and NOT taking things seriously

    Pitt 24
    Stanford 20

    MVP goes to Ollie
    Narduzzi gets flagged for a 15 yard penalty
    Heather is caught on TV drinking a Fanta

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  2. Having seen nothing of Stanford, I don’t have a clue about what to expect score-wise…

    But I suspect Stanford has plenty enough talent to shut down a one-dimensional offense and my confidence in Coach Watson is at an all-time low.

    So I do not expect a Pitt W tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Panthers in action.

    Go Pitt.


  3. The run game kicks in enough to control the flow of the game and Kenny does just enough to keep the Cardinal D honest. PITT wins the special teams battle and the game. 27-24. H2P


  4. I predict a disappointing 31 to 10 loss for the Panthers. Not that I’m capable of giving an X and O analysis as to why. It’s just that every time I feel that we are taking a couple of steps forward, this hand comes down out of the sky and fillips me in the back of the head. I sense that hand coming tomorrow.

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  5. Well, first off I don’t care for the Little Boy Blue Smurf uni’s.
    Secondly, we have been destroyed the past 2 games by a combined score of…….(drum roll please) 66-13!!!!!
    Hence, can someone explain to me how we’re going to win this Sun Bowl??? ( rhetorical question). I guess it is possible, and I’ll have all my Pitt gear on sitting on the couch in front of the big screen tv……… but PITTMAN4EVER PREDICTS :
    17 (cowboys in smurf blue)
    31 (tree huggers in red)

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    1. I was going to predict the same score. I heard Dorin Dickerson on the Fan pre-game saying that they (Pitt) never cared about these (bowl) games….at least not when he played.

      That explains why Pitt stinks 90% of the time in Bowl games.


  6. I’ve been tortured enough by the Steelers. I am not going to allow myself to have false hope tomorrow. Nothing leads me to the belief that we will win. I guess the good news is that Mike Tomlin can’t screw tomorrow’s game up. So maybe we have a chance.

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  7. Pitt 35 Stanford 31

    Pitt runs wild with 200+ yards on the ground. Stanford throws for 375 yards. Pitt gets two interceptions, one to seal the win.

    Stanford threw for more than 3,500 yards this season. KP/Pitt threw for 1,800 yards. We ran for for 3,000 yards and they ran for 1,300. Only a few teams were able to stop our run game. And they were all highly ranked, I believe. Stanford is well coached, but not highly ranked.


  8. Too afraid to choose Pitt- I’m scared I will jinx them. So 21-17 Stanford. I hope that means the Pitt will pull it out. Let’s finish on a high note!!


  9. Logically with Stanford owning all the line matchups, they should win by 40. Still,the most important line, the betting line has dropped from 8.5 to 4.5. A huge move favoring Pitt …thus I make it Stanford 55 – Pitt 13. No way we match up even a little with Stanford plus I understand Duzz has been taking advice from that coaching guru Tomlin.

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  10. First off, to be safe, I predict PITT will pass for more than 8 yards this game. ike already 1-0

    Second off, I think the seniors are really testy about not having a bowl win and they really like the Patty. They want to win this game for themselves and their head coach!

    Thirdly, Stanford plays an offense that PITT is schematically designed to defend against.

    Fourthly < is that a word? PITT has a running game that will bring up the linebackers into the box leaving the slot wr’s and others open in the middle of the field. Lopes, Matthews, Tipton and Ffrench will play a factor in this game. Not one but all.

    PITT’s defense will show up. Why? This pro style QB doesn’t scramble well and although no one see’s it, PITT does pressure the QB well. I do not see Stanford scoring more than 3 touchdowns.

    PITT will show a good running game complimented by an early threat of a passing offense.

    Pickett will run the ball and do it well. The pressure is on Watson to let go of his conservative philosophies. This is a sink or swim for him imo.

    I’m either all right or all wrong here but this is a do or die for Narduzzi. Hope he took his floaties..

    Stanford….. 24
    PITT……….. 27

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    1. Love ya Ike but Tipton hasn’t been a factor all year ya daggone homer 😉


  11. Repeating from the last thread, I”m encouraged by the ACC’s bowl success so far and hoping the reports of Pitt practicing poorly are more subterfuge, which we all know Narduzzi loves. Pitt wins 35-28 with a special teams TD being the difference maker. H2P!


  12. Pitt 27 bad guys 21.

    They don’t have the front 7 that Miami or Clemson have. Picket will have more time. Pass and rush yards will be similar this game.

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  13. One thing I remember about our last bowl game was that NW was much more physical than we were. They were flying around that day and laying some big hits (some helmet to helmet…)

    We need to come out with high energy against Stanford — let them know right away that they’re in for a fight.

    I’m hoping Coach Bates gets the Pitt D fired up – like he helped get NW fired up against us…

    Go Pitt.

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  14. I’ll stick with my 31 to 21 pick with Pitt on top. I do believe the Pitt team will want to atone for their dismal performances against Miami and Clemson and be up for this game. And I second what Ike said about Pickett not being too shy about running with the ball. Unfortunately that might be the best part of his game at this time.


  15. Pitt wins in a blowout 20-17.

    Glad to see our Tulsa colors/uniforms for today. The Pitt AD snubs Panther fans again across the globe by turning a deaf ear and wearing some unrecognizable uniform. Perhaps this is her strategy if she thinks we will get blown out and doesn’t want us recognizable on espn. Before anybody says that the “Captains Committee” picks the uniforms, stop. Does anyone let their kid pick their bed time or does the leader of the house tell your kid when it is time for bed? Enough of this. The good news is that it is black monday so there will be coaches getting fired all over the place. Probaby 7 in the nfl. I am sticking with my thought on Tomlin. He is gone if the brass believes they have someone with as much potential as he had when he joined the Steelers. They tried last year to move on, but couldn’t find a great candidate and will try again this year.

    Pitt has no clue who they are from a branding perspective. It’s the dyno cat colors! May as well put a script PITTSBURGH all the way around the helmet. Pitt’s AD, thinking she has the uniform choice correct and the out of conference scheduling correct, just smiles and happily accepts her increased salary and her politically correct Dapper Dan participation award. Wouldn’t call Pitt Athletics anything special except for a lot of hirings and firings and a really good volleyball team performance which was put together before she got here.

    Pitt is a mess. You can’t go half way in on your branding. We are either Pitt or we are not. No wonder Toepper won’t donate big money to Pitt athletics. Our entire athletic department needs to enroll in the Toepper Business school at Carnegie Mellon and take a course or 5 in marketing/branding. When Pitt gets step one correct, good things will follow. Are we the only team in a power 5 conference that does not have a brand?? Even our nfl guys, when introduced, say Pittsburgh!!

    This is academia. Noone makes decisions in academia. They make committees. Then, the committees make sub-committees. This operating model leads to fingerpointing and poor results. We need decision makers, period. Well branded schools make decisions on who they are and do not stray away from it. The Cardinal is one of those schools. You know who they are when you see their uniforms. You won’t know when you see Pittsburghs.

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  16. among other things, part of the bowl experience were visits to a children’s hospital and to Fort Bliss. I assume it is better experience than Birmingham and Detroit

    Reports are that Miami’s leading candidate is DC Manny Diaz who was just hired at Temple a couple of weeks ago. Also, Mario Chrystobal (remember him) who was hired at Ore last year. If Chrystobal is hired, then Oregon will have to hire its 3rd HC in 3 years …. and just back in 2014, they played in the national title game. Good to see some other school having its issues … especially the school where Phil Knight (Nike founder) will pay all kind of money


  17. My original prediction was a few days ago when I was much less optimistic about Pitt football. Stanford 35 – Pitt 7

    Not a lot has changed, but I did suggest our Oline dedicate this game to #79 all time Pitt great Bill Fralic. I see the whole team has embraced the tribute. Not one of Stanford’s starting Dline are over 300lbs and only one starter on their Oline is over 300lbs. Roadgrade, pancake and butter a win for Pitt (optimistic heart kicking in).

    When I see the first pancake I’ll stand up and cheer loud and proud. Every service tip I give today will have a 7 & 9 included. I’m hoping to watch the game today with a former Pitt All-American – would that be awesome?


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    1. My mistake, there is one 300lb + Dline guy fir Stanford – Wade-Perry. The Cardinal roster was updated a few days ago and the 274 lb Booker was replaced with Wade-Perry since I last looked.

      Pitt hasn’t updated it’s depth chart since 11/28. Paris Ford is listed as aback-up CB and returner. Go figure.


  18. Update …. the Temple AD has announced that Manny Diaz informed him that he was leaving for Miami. Not a surprise …. Diaz was a big favorite at the U, and half of their recruits had pulled out of their commitments when it was announced he was going to Temple..

    It apparently also had an effect on the team last week … just Example No. 1,743 on how you have to take many (non-playoff) bowl results with a grain of salt (and of course, that is doubled when you’re talking about Miami)


  19. More data on the Temple situation. Less than a month ago, it lost its HC to Georgia Tech … $2,5M buyout. Now it lost its newly hired coach to UM ,,,, $4M buyout. Looks like it can pay more for the new hire.

    Meanwhile, Temple play GT in 2019 and Miami in 2020.


    1. The Diaz hire is similar to the Duzz hire in that both were very good DC’s with zero HC-ing experience.

      We’ll be watching this one very closely.

      Pulled this from the Trib –

      “Pitt (7-6) is on the brink of another seven-loss season, which would be the fifth in the eight years since Dave Wannstedt was fired.

      A loss also would give Pitt a season-ending losing streak of at least three games for the first time since 2006.”

      Marketing and branding are an important part of future Pitt FB success as Huff III has often expressed.

      Why can’t Pitt seem to figure this out?

      It would help that Pitt wins today for many reasons against Stanford (a successful P5 brand), at the Sun Bowl (2nd oldest Bowl game – well known) and on CBS (huge national brand showing on millions of TV sets today).

      Let’s Go Pitt!


      1. It all depends how you look at the W-L record. Yes, another 7 loss year is imminent but 4 of those losses would have been to teams that would have been to teams have finished in the Top 12.

        BTW, Pitt hasn’t finished in the Top 12 since 1982.


  20. Pitt 3 Stanford 0
    Stanford’s QB is not mobile and should be pressured from the middle. He also has 11 picks…force him to throw quickly and pick one off.
    Our ground game (pancakes for breakfast) finds success up the middle. KP given more running plays and hopefully avoid mistakes.
    Ollie is MVP with 125 and 2 tds.
    Good guys 24-20….George scores go ahead TD, pulls a WUPS flag from his pants and yells “happy birthday Bernie” into the TV camera.

    Heard Duzz comment on importance of the game and he said same as playing Albany…then added he’s excited about every game. More secret squirrel gamesmanship?

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  21. a chance to be seen by millions on national TV and Pitt wears garbage colors
    Heather probably plans on handing out awards for the halftime show
    If I see one bobbehead or Fanta, I think I’ll run my head into a brick wall
    I hope Pitt plays exciting football for the fans
    I want to at least be entertained

    All these college and pro teams are getting rid of some good coaches who cant punch through the ceiling yet the Steelers will keep a coach that has never had a losing record but will never win another championship and Pitt will keep a coach who maxes out at 8 wins and may never win a bowl game.


  22. Don’t sweat the uniforms. New ones for next year, but don’t think the combos are going away. It is part of college football.


  23. Pitt offensive strategy that might work well today – throw over the middle to A.Mathews, T.Mack and RaRa Lopes. I’d throw a few to Jimmy Medure and George Aston.

    Relentless run attack with no passing threat probably won’t cut it.

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  24. One small side note. Game time will feel like 2:00 PM for PITT and 11:00 AM for Stanford. Hope the college crammers like to sleep in. Meantime it will be 12:00 PM in El Paso.


  25. 35-12 Stanford.
    Though how we score 12 points, I cannot figure.

    Our QB continues his miserable downward spiral only to have HCPN proclaim this spring that there is no QB competition.


  26. Which O-line will show up today? The one that is a fierce-some run blocker and gives KP some time or the one that got completely overwhelmed in the last two games? This is the difference between being competitive vs getting crushed. Pitt also needs to win the turnover battle in a pretty big way to have a chance.

    Off topic, this appears to be the worst year in long term memory for the big Florida teams with UCF now being the most competitive. Great football has moved north to Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia.


  27. My wife is totally healed from her fall at the VTech pre-game events. She is dressed in Pitt gear & ready for pre-game festivities today.

    Let’s Go Pitt!

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  28. EE, my better half says hello to your better half and happy she is feeling better..

    POD, that was a joke but don’t threaten me. I do what I want. Also, I know someone who has met you. Not very impressive. Just move on…. I will as well…. my email is ike210@comcast.net if you want to discuss anything private.


              1. I suggest a chugging contest at the next game or tailgate that you both attend in order to settle this once and for all.


  29. Question: Will Emel, Tossing Thabeets, UPitt and many other former contributors grace us with their comments today?

    It seems that there are fewer folks contributing to the banter.

    Also off topic, but how are ACC bowl slots determined? For example why did we get the Sun vs. the Gator?

    Will there be a decent Pitt contingent at the game today?

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  30. Also off topic, Larry Fitz had another Larry Fitz day yesterday. Still hasn’t decided on retirement.

    Also Conner played well again, too bad he couldn’t go when they really needed him last week.

    Should get a substantial pay raise. Cleveland got an element of revenge this year beating the Steelers and losing to the Ravens yesterday. They have a real QB now and times are changing.


  31. I hope the “manic” O shows up in El Paso and the “depressive” O was left in the Burgh…maybe we need an offensive sports psychiatrist as one of our coaching positions…I like what EE said-throw some balls over the middle,,target the tight-end..MIX IT UP and don’t be so predictable..

    I too agrees with the sentiments of missing a few of the posters…We need a liilte “DICKSOCK TALK” on hear…and am anxiously awaiting the ghostof DR TOM’s commentary on the pre-game.

    PITT wears the ugly uni’s for the last time and take care of business in and ugly fashion 24-21….lot’s of Bookser penalties to overcome–“He had too much tequila last night”–and a few days prior…


  32. Paid homage to PITT Saturday and had a kosher dog at the dirty “O” with prayer for a Panther Victory prior chomping into that world class weiner…


    1. I was in the O on Saturday as well, BigB. Hemingways was closed for the holidays and Peters Pub is closed permanently. The O fries were as good as ever but I waited at the beer counter three separate times before finally being served. It was maddening!


  33. Erie, great news regarding Mrs. EE. Hope you get to watch with the Pitt All American too.

    Hoping Emel, Tossing and UPitt chime in too!


  34. Haven’t been to the Dirty O in years, sounds like a good idea. Used to know how drunk I was the night before by how much by how much chili dog was on my shirt when I woke up the next day. Probably why I am on Prilosec.

    Aaron Donald missed setting the season record for sacks yesterday, still amazing for a Tackle. Putting together and HOF career. I will go out on a limb and say there are no future HOF guys at Pitt right now.

    Definitely Fitz gets in, probably Revis and possibly Shady and Donald. Pretty strong considering our win-loss record over the last twenty years.

    Great to see the tribute to Fralic, a college HOF.


  35. The line is down to 3.5 this morning.

    Stanford’s tight ends may have a big day, but I think that one of Zeise’s strength is in coverage. Idowu is pretty good against the pass and the run. Brightwell isn’t slow either. We will be okay if we can get some pressure on Stanford’s QB.

    Stanford had a couple of recent injuries that occurred in their final game – a starting WR, OL and DL, I believe. In addition, Love (RB) and another OL are sitting out to avoid injury and get ready for the draft.

    It will be close. But, I like our chances…


  36. For all of you complaining about Pitt’s last 2 games, consider this …..

    Michigan (a) gets > 100k every home game, (b) has all kinds of 4 and 5 star recruits, and ( c) has a coach who took a team to the Super Bowl. They also beat PSU 42-7 and Wisc 38-13.

    Yet, they lost their last 2 games 62-29 and 41-15. These things happen, especially when you play good teams.

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    1. I think the more important part of the two offensive gameplans was to have the running backs actually chip the outside rushers of michigan that took their “will” away after getting hit on every pass play. Plus, it was my understanding that Winovich either had a dislocated shoulder and tried to play through it, or something like that. The offensive strategy for both michigan opponents was spot on. Take away their “will” to compete early and often, which makes it easier to WUP em later.


  37. ^^ Mike from an above comment. You make a good point about Tipton but don’t be surprised…. Yeah, I’m a homer and wouldn’t have it any other way but I don’t think I’m an ostrich. imo PITT football is in a better position now than 10 years ago.

    I believe PITT football is in good shape, the POV is in good shape, now I have to get myself in better shape. << Good might be a bit of a stretch.


  38. Based on:

    Narduzzi’s record in bowl games
    Pitt’s history of let downs
    Lingering bad ju-ju from the last Sun Bowl

    I’ll go with:

    Pitt 17
    Stanford 28


  39. There is no reason and every reason that Pitt should beat Stanford today
    I have rid my viewing area of all red since that would be bad ju-ju
    Only true Pitt colors, no block script, no Dinocat, no mustaches or fish samiches allowed

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  40. The best honor that Pitt could have given their legendary OL, would have been to go with the mustard uniforms and a win. If you are looking to jump start a brand, having a captive national audience in a game against a national brand, would have been a great place to start.

    Unless of course, our internal folks think it was going to be a loss and didn’t want to associate next years colors, with this years results.

    I stand with my ball club today and keep Pitt in a blowout, 20-17.

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  41. I can only imagine that Pitt was contractually obligated to play in the non-retro colors although I also think that if that is the case maybe they should have paid the fee to break the contract. I doubt that we are talking about money like that needed to fire a coach early. H2P!

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  42. Exactly Huff the third. If the so called new uniforms next year don’t hit a home-run it will be my first strike against Heather. Mustard or something real close, the early eighties blues, (there is a song in there) stripes on the helmets and pants. As our esteemed POVer is named. It’s Not Rocket Science.


  43. Perfect Sun Bowl weather today
    Its Sunny
    Temps in the 50’s
    Winds under 10 MPH

    I’ll be watching on TV though. Its a long and boring 10 hour trip by car. I’m afraid of tumbleweed anyway.


  44. My last cynical comment before kickoff.

    We enjoy the home field advantage today since we are more used to playing in a near empty stadium.

    Let’s go boys!!


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