The Patriot League’s Colgate Raiders come to the Pete for Pitt’s last game in 2018.  Here’s to hoping we can finish out in fine style. #hail2pitt


20 thoughts on “Pitt Basketball: Colgate Open Game Thread

  1. Pitt women beat Duquesne this afternoon. Been a while since that happened…

    I see parallels between the two new BB coaches. Women’s team playing with energy and looking to drive to the hoop way more…

    Go Pitt.


  2. Waaay better crowd here at the Pete than I expected! This place might be packed for ACC games. We are coming back and I am psyched!

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  3. Both teams 1-7 shooting 3’s. We will need to do better than that at home if we plan on winning many ACC games….especially against the 2-3 zone we’ll see most of the way.


  4. Pitt had an off night only going 15-22 on FT’s. X-Man “only” had 11 points. (I’m spoiled on him already) lol


    1. Let’s make it 6-2 on Monday. Not feeling that way yet. ND’s loss does not count towards the ACC.

      I predicted the irish would loss by 20 – hopefully UPitt took my prediction and made some cash.



  5. Ike,
    Have you yet to realize that no one goes “on and on” more than you? You, my friend, are relentless with your personal views.


  6. Too much of a run, Gordon. I don’t think it is good for college football for these two teams to be playing for the national championship every year. The NCAA needs to tighten up with some sort of random audit program, so that these annual powerhouses at least will think about not cheating. One team, I think Clemson, had 3 players fail drug tests out of a random sample of 15. That is 20%. What does that say about the others in the ;program?


    1. I would love to see a more level playing field, but it is highly unlikely we ever will.

      The NCAA is a feckless, impotent bunch so no help there.

      The NFL draft and salary cap is the model for maintaining a somewhat level playing field.

      The college game is free enterprise, where monopoly is the natural result without regulation.


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