Soooo….Evaluation Time?

Soooo….Evaluation Time?

Here is a thoughtful article on Pat Narduzzi’s tenure by Thomas Eicher…aka “Ike”.


It’s been four years now since Head Coach Pat Narduzzi (HCPN) has taken over as head coach for the Pitt Panthers. So where is this football team right now?  And what kind of immediate future does the team have? I’m going to break down these questions two ways, One: Narduzzi’s entire 4 years at the helm, and Two: This past year.

Of course this is strictly my opinion.

First the overall:  With one game to play this season, Narduzzi’s overall record stands at 28-23. No, I do not think that’s the kind of record to stand atop a mountain and sing his praises about….at least not until we all look back at all the previous PITT head football coaches since Jackie Sherrill.

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