Say what you want about Pat Narduzzi’s recruiting, but the man has a knack for flipping recruits.  I haven’t kept count but it seems like he flips at least two a year, which feels like more than any coach since I’ve been following Pitt Football (dating myself here, but that would be 1997).

Well folks, he’s flipped another one, at least in my book.  Rivals Three-Star Recruit Will Gipson had committed to Ball State until earlier this month, when he re-opened his recruitment.

Notably, Gipson did have one other P5 offer, which was from Rutgers.    Howard, Ball State, Toledo and Miami (OH) round out his offer sheet.

Sounds like Pat helped Gipson, who is from nearby Aliquippa, get a firm handle on the benefits of staying home.

“Honestly, I felt like this was the best choice for me,” Gipson said. “I didn’t want to go too far from home.

“Coach Narduzzi was the one there that really recruited me,” said Gipson. “I know a lot of the players there.”

The word on the street is the Gipson has good speed, running a 4.5 forty and is a playmaker for the Quips.  He did catch 51 balls for nearly 1500 yards and 20 TD’s his senior year, so he can clearly break the game at the Triple A level in Pennsylvania.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Gipson’s film yet, and I can’t stream it as I am on a plane right now, but I’ll add some analysis on that later.

We’ve had two other successful WR’s that were former WPIAL players:  Downfield blocker extraordinaire Aaron Mathews and of course Tyler Boyd.  If Gipson lands somewhere between those two, that would be a solid addition to our team.  Welcome to the Panthers Will!




38 thoughts on “Flipped Another Recruit: Win One for the Gipper

  1. Great to see Reed fraternizing on the POV. Hope the back is coming along great friend!

    Thinking Gipson is a great pickup. Hopefully a couple more this weekend.

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    1. agree
      I am sure the kid is good and am happy to have him, but flip is a little strong. It should read kid accepts first legitimate p5 offer.
      When we used to get players real P5 schools were on the offer list. Like 7 of them the year they fired Wanny and they all went someplace else.
      No big deal little Stevie hired Freddy Krueger for 250 grand a year.

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    1. Ah damn. Appreciate that. Baldwin from Alliquippa? Maybe Alliqippa is also not single A…


  2. I’m happy for Gibson and his family. To go from Ball State to the University of Pittsburgh is quite a jump for the young man. However, not sure why he didn’t get more P5 offers from others , which unfortunately is not a good sign.

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  3. MM, Not sure if it was your intention but Aliquippa is not 1A but 3A. They also played three 4A schools this year, absolutely demolishing Hopewell and Montour but losing to Central Valley 14-8. They play Sharon tomorrow in state 3A semi-final tomorrow.

    In 1A tonight, OLSH plays Farrell tonight. Farrell is led by QB/MLB Kyi Eright, another Pitt 3-star recruit


    1. A Hoopie would also come to a braking halt in their pick-up for some fresh road kill in a heartbeat.

      But yes this Quip looks like the real deal.


    1. Yikes ike! Another Antonio B. would be sensational and the comparison certainly sets some sky-high expectations.

      Our perhaps “Great Expectations,” a tale I enjoyed….

      Go Pitt!


  4. Yep, we flipped Ball State. Actually he decommited from Ball State when thought he might get some P5 offers(besides Rutgers that is). As I understand it Aliquippa never passed the ball until the spread was introduced this season via a new coach. Thus not much film on the kid prior to the 2018 season. Pitt spotted him in the June camp but it took until this past week to offer him.


  5. ACC Network launches Aug 22nd next year. On Thursday Aug 29th it launches its first FB game with Clemson vs Georgia Tech. That in itself might discourage somebody from taking the GT coaching job.


  6. I watched some of the HUDL film on Gipson. He looks like a decent receiver, although you have to question the level of competition he played against. Some of the guys chasing him looked like smurfs. Here’s what I saw from the limited film:

    Kid has good size.
    Nice knack for high pointing the ball.
    Hard to tell about his overall speed. Many times he runs right past defenders, but they look pretty slow so hard to draw conclusions. I did read that he runs a 4.5 forty which is good, not great.
    More of a long-strider then a quick guy. Doesn’t make sharp cuts running his routes.

    I would say it looks like this kid has potential but he’s certainly not a slam dunk star.



  7. Above… My picture did not download… BigB and BillyH…

    Here at the airport Norfolk Virginia…See a young gentleman with his PITT shirt on… ask him where are you from and he responds “layTrobe” I asked the mother if they ever heard of a guy name Thomas Eicher… She says she knew him well…

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  8. Heading to PPG Arena, stilled miffed that Stallings lost to Duquesne with a senior laden team.

    Broke a long victory streak. Pretty much knew he couldn’t coach at that point.

    Be very surprised if that happens tonight.

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  9. Ahh, I know who you mean now Bernie. I coached their two boys in little league. Yep, the dad was a Pa State Trooper. Great people.


  10. Isn’t Aliquippa playing above school enrollment class. playing in 3A when size is either 1A or 2A? Or maybe I am wrong because they pay 4A OOC. (Kind of like PITT).


    1. Aliquippa is a 1A school according to enrollment numbers. You’re correct that they have elected to play up for better competition.


  11. Glad to have the young man join Pitt! You cannot beat his excitement and enthusiasm for coming to Pitt. It is obvious that he wants to work hard and do well. Hopefully he can convince Devonshire to join him. I would take the highest rated quip players every year. They know how to play ball, period.

    Good for him and his family. He also talked about staying close to home and his message should resonate with other local players. I wonder if Moye tried to get him to state penn?


    1. Tomlin was a 2* – not sure why B.Allen chose GT? Maybe, just maybe he looked at Pitt’s DB depth and saw he might play sooner at GT.


  12. Allen chose to stay closer to home and he sure wasn’t considering GT because of Johnson…… but I’m turning my complete attention to tonight’s game. I hope the significance of PITT winning the ACC Coastal Championship has sunk into those that it didn’t strike at first. You can never take away the flag/banner that will be waving at PITT that reads “ACC Coastal Champion” . .. forever!

    Tonight at 8:00 PM all eyes will be on the PITT football program and it’s a way better recruiting tool than any other thing I can imagine. It shows that PITT is at least knocking on the door to the NCAA playoffs. This season was a major major step towards respectability in all aspects imo.


  13. Carter would be a nice get but I thought he was leaning towards kansas state as of a few weeks ago.

    A big upset tonight and I think we can get a few more higher ranked flips. A blowout loss and the class remains the same in my opinion.


    1. Carter is a lean towards K-State and the Wildcats have no RB’s committed in this class yet, while Pitt does have one – a 3* from Florida.


  14. Kansas State is in … well Kansas. PITT is north Florida and is now a football running back school. I’d be surprised if Carter doesn’t chose PITT.


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