Huh, talking with Ike this morning I had to ask him who we are playing tomorrow…that’s how disengaged I’ve become. But – you guys sure aren’t  so lets hear what you think will happen tomorrow…

I’ve not really studied VT this season but it looks like we’ll be able to run against them. So, if that happens I think we have a shot to win this home game.  I hope the weather is good and have a great time tailgating and watching the game… And I’ll post up a Game Day Thread up tomorrow.

BTW good news on the blog ownership front. I will let you know the details when things firm up.

Have fun and bring us a win… Reed

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Something to understand though is that the blog will change to suit the different points of view the new owner has. That is probably going to be a good thing as the more jaded the less I’ve cared for, or written about, Pitt football…and it showed I believe.

133 thoughts on “Virginia Tech Predictions Thread; 2018

  1. Last year, VT held Pitt to 55 yards rushing. I think Pitt must and will improve on that stat since it is an essential element for a Pitt win.

    But, VT has averaged > 30 points on offense and the Pitt defense has been pretty inconsistent.

    SOP …. VT 31 – 27


  2. Thanks Reed, heading out soon so I cannot be of help this weekend.

    PITT.. 37
    VT….. 24

    Great talking with you buddy and so happy your back is coming around.


  3. To win the Coastal we almost always must beat VT. I had this in preseason as a win. Pitt 28 VT 21. H2P


  4. I’ve watched some of VT this year as they have repeatedly failed me at the window. Honestly, this team stinks. The defense was already very bad due to graduation and NFL draft, but they have been hit with the injury bug. Pitt SHOULD be able to line up and run the ball down their throats much like GT and BC did to them. In a normal world, Pitt wins this game and covers the 2.5 spread with ease.

    However, I have 30 years of data that tells me just when you think Pitt has turned the corner, SOP shows up. I would not be surprised if Pitt loses this kind of game and everybody will be talking in January about how things would have been so different if Pitt just beat UNC and VT.

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    1. saw Haynes a handful of times with the ABB, and once with Government Mule in late 90s. Saw Potter a number of years ago (can’t remember when) but don’t quite recall anything like this


  5. Pitt wins if they can run the ball, sustain drives, win the field position and turnover battle, and if the D bends but doesnt break

    VT will stack the box to stop the run and force Kenny to beat them. 3rd and short will be key for Pitt to win. VT is always good at special teams. And the VT D is a better match-up (personnel and scheme) than Virginia’s so Pitt may be hard pressed to move the ball consistently.

    Some deep balls to stretch the D by Kenny will be important.

    Keeping the game close is also critical for Pitt since they will have a hard time coming back if down by more than 14 points.

    I expect a Pitt win with a last second field goal. Pitt has Techs number historically. SOT.



    1. If that doesn’t get your heart started, you might already be dead.
      If we win tomorrow, we will all be dancing like Grace (in our minds eye)


  6. Well, as we SHOULD win this game going away – we wouldn’t! BUT I think we fight off the ghost of SOP.
    Pitt: 31


  7. I predict Pitt wins if we can score more than Virginia Tech… That bit of prognostication aside, I somehow feel like a win is unlikely, just because… I mean, three good wins IN A ROW? Makes me think the odds are simply against it. But if we are going to get this big win, I think we’re going to need to pull off some surprises offensively, because you know a guy like Bud Foster, with a big game on the line and a lot of experience playing us, is going make it very difficult for us to run, and PN knows that going into the game, so what’s he/Watson got to keep them off balance? Time will tell, should be a good one. One other concern I have, IF in fact this turns into a close game dependent on field position, is our punter, who could wind up indirectly costing us this one.


  8. This game is huge and not for the obvious reasons of 6th win, senior day and a chance to win the coastal.

    It is huge to send Pitt fans home with a freaking win in a big game. Narduzzi has a huge chance to win some fans over and lift the program this year. Does he do it?

    I say the team is getting better as the year goes on.

    Pitt 31 – 27


  9. 35-30 Pitt win on Big B jump pass to George Aston as time expires..
    Tailgate starts at 10:30 in Red 5A. Need to tear down at 2:30 to make it in for senior day festivities.

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  10. No one on here would be surprised if Pitt loses tomorrow; lots of people will be surprised if Pitt wins.

    I’m getting butterflies already!

    With Pitt, I have learned, as many have, to develop a defense-mechanism where I typically anticipate them losing so that somehow I can better tolerate the losses and somehow they don’t hurt as badly.

    With that said, my wild guess for tomorrow’s final score — in a game that’s tight all the way — is:

    VT 20
    Pitt. 23

    Go Pitt!


  11. Guys, I added some interesting content to the end of the article above… I was looking at the POV’s statistics and figured I’d share them. Here it is:

    Editor’s Notes: In three years the POV has had to date:

    743 articles published or an article every 1.66 days. Reed wrote 714 of those and 29 were reader’s submissions – thank you!
    93,000+ comments or at least 125 per article on average.

    The POV has had 1,863,089 views with 186,578 individual repeated returning viewers.

    We have 1,195 dedicated “Followers” which means 1,195 readers signed up to get the new articles emailed to them every time one posts.

    The POV is read in 107 different countries worldwide.

    From those 106 countries other than the U.S. we have received 688,944 views.

    I personally have received over 2,500 emails from readers/commenters (some from pretty surprising big names in Pitt’s football history…).

    So you can see that tailgates, golf outings and other extraneous events aside the POV has made a huge impact in the Pitt football media and I believe in a lot of reader’s lives. As it looks now that will continue for at least one year after I pass it on to a new owner.

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    1. This is really amazing. I know you are a very humble guy but what you did here building this from scratch is really incredible. Did you ever think of running for office? You have a gift that is truly hard to find…
      Thanks you!


  12. What a blog! Reed you have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for building this great place for us to hang out and talk Pitt!

    Separate but related topic – is anyone going to the game tomorrow? I am flying up from Atlanta. In search of tailgate and also if you want to let me know what section you are I. I will try to get a tickets. Thanks!


  13. Does anyone else have the feeling that the last two games have been too good to be true and S.O.P. is raring to go tomorrow? That feeling is making me nervous. I will refrain from making a prediction because who knows which Pitt team will show up, but if they win tomorrow something special is a brewing!


    1. You can tell we are a beat up fan base. I posted before reading the initial comments and S.O.P. was already mentioned twice. We deserve some good vibes.


    2. I fully expect SOP to show up and I won’t be surprised if they do, but I am holding out hope that they wont.


    1. I will be there Fran! Thanks so much. Plane lands at 12:30 so I will probably be there around 1:30


  14. This game is such a toss up as everyone seems to be either predicting wins the caveat SOP shows up or projecting losses because of SOP. Sadly, I’m right there with everyone else. I could see a game like Duke on this one. So I’m trying to make a goal for myself:

    Don’t get discouraged at the first sign of weakness. Many times during Duke I saw the defense give up huge chunks of yards and wanted to leave. I made myself stay and see what the Offense did and they kept scoring. I think the first half is tight and low scoring. I see the 2nd half with some fire in the eyes of the seniors.

    Pitt 27 – VT 21


  15. To add to our woes tomorrow, TD and JC will be at the game. The presence of great Pitt players from the past normally means Pitt will play like CRAP.

    Another hurdle for this group of Panthers…

    Hail to Pitt!


  16. With this Pitt football team it’s almost impossible to figure out what team is going to show up any given week. But last week the Pitt defense seemed to be getting more pressure on the QB than in most previous games. If that scenario continues I think Pitt wins easily 34 to 20. My only fear is the VT tall receivers and the jump passes we always seems to lose out on.


  17. Looking over prior predictions, seems some might be confused as to who, if anyone, actually predicted a VERY BIG Game for a certain Pitt Runningback in the win against VA.


  18. Now as for VaTech…

    I am on the record for Pitt winning SIX Games and becoming Bowl eligible. And prior to the Season I did specifically point out VaTech as being ONE of those Wins.

    Am I willing to go so far as to say “Money in the bank?”

    Let me give it a bit more thought.


  19. There are many demons of Pitt football that come in to play in this game.
    Demon 1: The game is critical for Pitt to win a championship title (ACC Coastal).
    Demon 2: Pitt is favored to win.
    Demon 3: The game is home in front of a half decent crowd expecting a win especially as it is senior day with James Conner as the honorary captain.
    Demon 4: Pitt has put together a two game winning streak and has won three of the last four.

    Given all these demons that need exorcised I doubt we have a chance.


  20. Game is on 11/10… bad it wasn’t 11/11.

    #21 is AJ Davis…..he rarely gets on the field. Another V’Lique moment. Wasn’t Carter #21
    before switching to #19 ?


  21. In keeping with my feeling that Pitt is going to ‘win out’ in the Regular season…..

    Pitt’s Rushing Train keeps on rolling…..and Rolls Over the Turkeys
    Pitt 30 Turkey Gobblers 24


  22. Look, SOP will be talked about as long as Pitt teams keep losing to horrible teams at least once a season…as witnessed by our two recent losses to a one win NC last season and a zero win NC this season.

    Until we can continually beat the teams we truly should beat the specter of SOP lives.


    1. I see a Pat Metheny video and reference to a Manchester Craftsmen Guild above. I saw Metheny at MCG circa 2004 with Chrisitian McBride on bass.

      Glad to see MGC still in operation. Saw many good jazz shows there

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  23. Coleton Beck…. remember him…star running back who wore the blue and yellow of Blacksburg HS… remember that kid who’s final 2 were PITT and the maroon and orange of VT…… you got it…. hope our blue and yellow
    Put on a show for Coleton Beck


    1. I live in Blacksburg & the Blacksburg (SC) Wildcats did not have a Coleton Beck(but I do remember him). We did have a player who graduated in ’17, & committed to Indiana. Went thru 2 weeks of fall practice, left & signed with Coastal Carolina. After a week, the local paper announced he is now at FCS Gardner-Webb (about 20 miles from here).

      Just think of the article Reed could write if he transferred to PITT.


      1. Ditto

        Wish you were tailgating with us tomorrow Reed.

        You’re a good man – enjoyed meeting you for the first time at my business near Hershey to organize the 1st golf outing.

        You brought a lot of joy to a lot of peeps.


  24. Reed — the numbers you provided about your POV blog are damn impressive! Great work by you!

    Raises a question for me. Who have been the most frequent commenters??

    I’ll guess ike and Emel????

    Hail to Pitt!


  25. Who knows what the future holds but the POV has been one of the best online experiences.. in regards to any subject.

    I can honestly say that I’ve met some really good people that I intend to keep in touch with (Erie Express, upitt) and some others that I definitely hope to see around (lastrow, Reed, major majors, JoeL, missing wlat).

    Win or lose tomorrow, we’re all Pitt fans. This program is infuriating and frustrating but.. at least I don’t root for those Joe-loving, pedophile enabling, idiots from State College.


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    1. Fran – I know. I wanted the Beck kid.

      BTW – The Blacksburg(S.C.) H.S. kid I reference actually graduated in ’18. Three schools in less than 2 months. Was a 3* on Rivals.

      Have a great tailgate.

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    1. Fran:
      I may stop before kick. I am not sure of going in an hour early. Hopefully, we can celebrate the win after!
      Miami, Syracuse, Duke


  26. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – just arrived in the Burgh. I saw on the news that Tom Hanks is making a movie about Mr. Rogers. Maybe Tom will stop by Heinz Field with Michael Keaton and root for the Panthers to beat the hokies.

    Pitt wins 30-24


  27. Just spent some time with Josh and Kathy Kessman our kickers parents… great peeps…. Kessman was a QB in HS…. invited them to Frans tailgate tomorrow… H2P and WUPsum….

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  28. danh72… last snow covered field PITT game that I attended was in ‘77 vs Paternos Nitters … the failed 2 pt conversion……..sigh


    1. I was there with my best friend and frat bro John. He has heart problems now. Time is fleeting.

      We need to stop taking losses so hard and enjoyingvwins more!

      Maybe that’s why us older guys get so crazy…..

      Wish I could be there tomorrow but family matters Trump travel.
      I’ll be there in spirit …, and here with spirits! H2P


  29. Catching Pitt BB on ACC network. Pitt has some skill but still too many turnovers. Wilson-Frame is knocking down 3s and Pitt has a big lead at the break.


  30. Wow, a lot of optimism on the Pitt front right now. Kudos to King Pat for getting the team into that position. I’m on board.

    Seems like there is good momentum going and I see a comfortable win for a change (obviously a wild ass guess):

    Pitt – 42
    VT – 17

    Thanks again Reed!



  31. Report from the Pete…. tough to interpret much because of our weak opponent, but I Lyke what I see. A lot of athletes. Will likely struggle against taller, more physical teams. But they play fast.

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  32. Missing, it looks like they are playing hard with good effort on defense. Is that what you are seeing live? Also surprisingly good shooting .


    1. Yes. Good D. It’s early, but it appears that they are going to play hard for Coach Capel. I like how he coaches. Kids come out of the game and he takes time to have a conversation with them.


  33. Quite the game shooting for the team.
    63.5% from the field & 52% from the 3.

    The Runnin’ Panthers?


    1. They look like they are going to play fast. Tonight was a product of hot shooting and an inferior opponent. It will be an eye opener when they get into the ACC slate.


  34. Pitt will win in a blowout 24-21

    We are accustomed to playing in real bad weather which should work to our advantage. Fumbles lost will be the telling statistic. Win the trench and then hit em with fffffffrench!

    Watched Aston and Idowu interview. A question asked of Aston was to name his best hit during his career. After his initial answer, he indicated the hit he put on the punt returner last week. If you go through the game thread, somebody said that the hit by Aston was the hardest hit of the season by our defense or offense. George agreed!

    Tailgate well fellas and Annie. Hopefully we all make it back to next year’s first game.


  35. I already am making plans to go to Porkys bar in Etna for a celebratory drink after the Pitt victory. And If we don’t win I’ll just drink to drown my sorrows.
    Pitt 99
    Va Tech 0


  36. Pitt basketball is terrific and has a terrific coach in Capel. We have the best point guard at Pitt ever and will make the NCAAs. You heard it here First.


  37. Interesting game tonight at The Pete. Not quite as big a crowd as Tuesday, but still decent all things considered.

    The Zoo needs some practice. Missed last season myself – seems like the Zoo is a bit lost and not as cohesive and loud as in the past – no direction. Maybe Coach C can hold a little seminar one night and give them a few pointers…;)

    Very hard to really get a feel for the team tonight – unlike Tuesday HCC was liberal in the substitution pattern. He played several different combo’s of players – not all seemed to click. The starting unit seemed to play together, and Wilson-Frame was a great addition, he seemed to ignite the outside shooting and the other guards took up the challenge. Haven’t seen the numbers yet but seemed like a good effort from the 3 line.

    Defense was again outstanding, and Pitt dominated on the boards for a good part of the game – hustle and quickness and a good defensive philosophy seem to be working. Their ‘trey’ defense was awesome early on.

    Lots of nice individual efforts tonight, #11 D”Nir showed the crowd some mustard.

    #15 Kene was again the energizer bunnny, it was nice to see him get the start after last game’s outstanding effort.

    Wilson-Frame looked confident out there and was IMHO the player of the game. Several steals and heads up shot selection on offense.

    Coach Capel seemed in control the entire game – no misguided ‘T’ tonight.

    Nice win – this team is going to run, run, run when they can and create opportunities to run even when they can’t and play some high pressure man all over the court. Don’t get me wrong – playing against a P-5 caliber opponent and they are going to be in a bit of trouble – but good progress in the first two games against lesser opponents gives me a bit of optimism; something lacking in The Pete the last few seasons.

    Going to bed now to get some sleep for the Big Pitt Victory tomorrow – see you all at the Tailgate.



  38. Guys,
    I’m ecstatic about having Coach C and all he is doing for the BB program. But please understand it will take time for us to compete with the big boys. I watched our last game against Youngstown (?) and then later that night I watched Duke/Kentucky. The level of play between both games was quite frankly SCARY! We have a long way to go.


  39. Interesting that my entire name is shown. These days would like to keep things on the low. Too much information in the login sequence, Reed. But then, it’s on me for the change-up in email acct and thereafter comment.
    Nothing to hide here, though.
    And I want to give a shoutout to one of my best friends in this life time owed to one Nick Lib, who earned his varsity letters on the soccer team back then before finishing his post grad endeavors with an advanced defeee in Physical Therapy.
    Nick Lib (Phi-Sigs bros. 4-life), let’s get this W for your mother in her wake.
    A PGH family through and through. The best of the best.

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  40. Hard not to root for Mike Herndon. From the Post Gazette article on him yesterday Mile lost his father at 6 his step father committed suicide at 10 and his mother died at age 58 in 2018 after Mike graduated HS. He also lost another step dad after he died at age 74. Pretty tough for anyone to go through life having to face so much death at any age never mind being from who is turning 23 next month. Let’s go Mike(ACC offensive lineman of the week against VA) show us today what you are made of on the field this afternoon.

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  41. Reed – sometimes ffamily members can’t see the resemblance – you definitely pass as your ffathers son.

    Looking at the offensive stats for this game –

    Pitt has double the run production of yards and TD’s as VT.

    Likewise, VT doubles the pass production of Pitt in yards and TD’s.

    Neither team has a good D – both above 90 in the rankings.

    If the weather was warmer, this would be a recipe ffor a high scoring game. Instead, cold and breezy means Pitt needs to punch the Hokies in the fface over and over again. They need to wear their D out with smash mouth ffootball and let the better conditioned Panthers prevail.


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    1. I have an extra ticket if no one has contacted you yet. Visitor side, open end zone if you want it. Sec 108 BB. Seldom commenter, but season ticket holder. Love reading your stuff. If you want, you can reach me at 678-595-2069 cell.


  42. Our senior O-line should be pretty fired up on senior day, especially Dintino and Herndon who had to work their way to starting and are making up for it in a big way. Should be pretty emotional for a lot of guys at Heinz today.

    Wind is really whipping and ripping here this morning. Fran will need to batten down the hatches, right Commander? You will be missed today.


  43. Gordon, all the lids on the coolers and crock pots are secured…SIR.
    Plates and napkins are at high risk however.
    As is anyone weighing less that 100 lbs…just hang onto Big B.

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  44. Grace Kelly opened for Lorber last night. She is 26 years old.
    Hoping we make Lemonade this afternoon.


  45. All good omens are welcome. This game scares me. Senior Day. Conner is honorary captain. Tony D is in town. Division championship is in play. Game Day picks Pitt.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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    1. We are SO set up for SOP failure today! Let’s see if this team and coaches can avoid Groundhog Day and show maturity and teamwork….for once!

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  46. Game Day is at Clemson/BC today. Sign in the background says “We want Pitt.”

    Lets give the Tigers what they want.



      1. Just watched ESPN game day – there are two signs that say “We want Pitt”

        One is red and one has the retro colors.



  47. Save this one for later, Larry Carleton was at Hartwood Acres this summer. Here he is with the legendary Les Paul. If you are inpatient go to the 7 minute mark.

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  48. 2 Schizo teams playing. You never know who will show up so when it comes to predictions, I’ll simply base mine on history….Pitt playing in a meaningful game…check, Homefield advantage….check, Fans beginning to get excited about the team….check, Big win would help with recruiting….check, therefore:

    VT 31
    Pitt 23


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