NOTE: Right now all the thoughts and cares I can muster go out to my hometown and the beautiful neighborhood I grew up in. The shooting murders at the integral and so very important Tree of Life synagogue have broken my heart. My childhood home was on top of Negley hill and all my many Jewish friends attended services and conducted their mitzvahs there, just as I attended so many as an invited guest.

Please let us do what we can to help today for immediate issues and in the future to try, somehow, to prevent this acting out in hatred. We cannot just be observers any longer.

I urge each and every one of us to take a long, hard look at the problem and do what we can both as individuals and collectively to make changes.

Thank you, Reed

Game starts at 3:30…have at it…


539 thoughts on “Duke at Pitt Game Day Thread

  1. Terrible tragedy today in Pittsburgh. My brother and I went to Sunday school at Tree of Life. No one is immune from this ongoing senseless violence. We have to stop the hatred.


    1. Thanks Reed. That means a lot to me right now. We just got home from the game to find out my wife’s coworker lost her husband this morning in Squirrel Hill.

      My apologies for sidetracking the game discussion – I actually need it right now more then ever – life must go on, we must carry on, cannot let the haters win.


  2. Horrible unimaginative O series 3 and out by Pitt! Pickett had forever to throw. Dookies putting 8 in the box w no answer from Pitt.


  3. I wonder if guys like Cutcliffe just start smile all week after they watch the scouting tapes on our D? They are owning us.


  4. Another case of a Pitt d back being right there and not making a play. Does Pitt realize how important this game is. Basically it’s the season.


  5. Here’s my thought. Paul Johnson on the hot seat at GA tech. We don’t have a qb that can throw. How do you guys feel about the triple option?

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  6. I wouldn’t let Pickett throw either. Hall is useless today. I’m 68 and I can throw that slant pass better than Pickett. 2 feet behind the receiver. Time for boy George. Hope we’re not too far behind when. He comes in.


  7. And more disgraceful non tackling. Pitt’s D not there today. This is beyond embarrassing. We are going to get blown out if the continues. Pitt’s record off the bye is atrocious!


  8. It seems like this season the only offensive plays that really work for us are the tricky ones.

    Every so often we’ll break a nice run up the middle but really our offense is poor overall.

    KP 2/6 for 15 yards.


  9. As a coach you need to challenge kids and Have open competition. There is no reason in the world pickett should be in this game.

    The funny part is duke isn’t even that good


  10. Good news is… Pitt seems to be getting OUTPLAYED for the most part… and is STILL in the Game.

    Bad news… Duke’s BIG O-Line could take a toll on Pitt’s Defensive Front in the 2nd Half.


  11. Just caught up on game. Toughest thing to do after halftime is come back out into the cold and rain. Maye that works in the northerners favor.

    Our defense can’t get off the field on third and anything thus far this decade.

    Maybe we go to 6 dbacks, with three of them being the bigger safeties. That accomplishes more speed and better tackling then the cb’s.


  12. Until you people demand this clown is fired this is what the next 1,3,5 years look like. I demanded it 2 years ago when it was apparent he was a fraud.


    Can’t even win 4 games. The ACC is terrible this year and we have 3 wins.

    We should be down 28 points to Duke. Yes not basketball football.


  13. I have more respect for a bank robber or somebody who steals an old ladies purse the Nardozzi putting zero work in and stealing 3.5M from Pitt a year.


  14. That’s what happens when you blitz and you don’t get there. I’d rather take the risk and blitz and fail than sit back passively.


  15. They just showed the replay of the duke TD. They’ve been running quick three step drops all day, and we’re blitzing the corner from near the sideline.??? On third and three? Left the safety alone with two receivers to cover. Ridiculous.


  16. Pit fraud D sitting back and letting Duke dictate everything. So so embarrassing. Maybe Pitt hopes they’ll get tired. Whats that 5 plays and TD????Right now, no way Pitt wins this game. All D coaches should be fired. Baldwin High plays better D than this.


    1. OC Watson can’t utilize him in scheme. Can’t wait to see this Carter when I watch game tonight. Good thing he worked him in week 8.


  17. Just wanted to thank whoever suggested a vpn ip change, now I can actually watch the game in a service that I actually pay for:) nothing more idiotic than a blackout rule applying in Brooklyn for a game in Pittsburgh. Let’s Go Pitt!


  18. Really happy for Pickett his best as a Panther and a come from behind win.

    On a day with close to zero defense although they came through when it counted.


  19. Hope Ollie and FFrenchy are OK, they played outstanding games.

    Amazing big plays by both teams, for Duke, that one had to hurt.

    I’m afraid all the rest of our games may be like this one.

    No clear cut power in the Coastal unless VA beats us next week.

    Another must win for us.


  20. Wow….this was like Pitt/Cuse a couple years ago. Love these defensive games.

    A Star is Born. Number 19….another member of Pitt’s Ffffrench Connection….V’Lique


      1. BigJoke defense doesn’t work against the Spread and a avg to good QB. Nardo should have learned that lesson in the MichSt/Baylor bowl game and that was with a Top 10 defense. And 4 years later he still hasn’t learned it.


  21. Was going to break out the Pappy and have a celebratory dram, then I remembered the actual important thing that happened today, so I’ll just say H2P, and pray for those lives lost.

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  22. I won it in the state store lottery a couple years ago. Have a little more than half left. I would be proud to bring it to Charlotte.


    1. 634 yards of offense is stunning. Almost double what were avg’g (337). And Duke’s defense was No. 42 in the nation only allowing 353 per game.

      Pitt does have a rival, it is Duke. Going back to our first ACC victory, in another crazy game 58-55.


  23. I’m having a hard time enjoying this Pitt win after the events today in Pittsburgh. There are eleven families really suffering tonight. I think I will withhold my game comments until tomorrow.

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    1. We are all Squirrel Hill.

      You could feel the emotion in the crowd today at Heinz…that was the most emotional moment of silence I’ve ever experienced at a pre-game sporting event. The crowd was all One for that brief moment…you could just feel it. Pittsburgh is family.

      The game was strangely cathartic – it was a needed break this afternoon to give me time to put my emotions and thoughts in perspective – my wife and I were literally in shock.

      I made sure to thank the Pittsburgh Police officer who was stationed in the club for his, and the departments service today. It was a nice moment to see that the Pittsburgh Police honor guard display the on field colors pre-game too.

      The kids played their hearts out today for 4 quarters…and won in spite of a putrid defense scheme, also despite the recent offensive schemes’ lack of imagination, through individual efforts by all the guys, especially KP, Ollison, the new kid Carter, and inspired team effort by the defense when it really mattered.

      The players in all units worked and played hard all afternoon, they didn’t give up and opt out like 3/4’s of the fans in attendance and it did come together defensively on that last Duke drive in the 4th, and offensively on the game winning drive. A+ for effort alone. Those kids have finally learned to have heart and a will of steel when adversity strike…Just like thier city.

      Sp proud of Pittsburgh today. So proud to be a Pittsburgher – we are Pittsburgh Strong.

      And it was so sweet to run through an empty section to high five Erie (we sit in adjoining sections in the North Club) after the winning score. I thought for a second he was going to haver a stroke he was so excited and happy! Talk about Mr. Intensity!!! 🙂

      An emotional day I will never forget to say the least…thanks Panthers for being a small part in helping my wife and I, and many others too, to step back and give us a chance to take a breath and start the healing.


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  24. Just got home, great finish to a crazy game. When did Pitt join the big12? Stopped by the POV tailgate postgame to rehash the game and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow POVerts. Thanks to Fran and Joe


  25. I don’t drink because of my bad kidneys, but a whole bottle of Makers Mark would not be enough after watching that game.

    I never complain about a win, and won’t be doing so tonight either.

    But that game set defensive football back 100 years.

    Hail to Pitt!!!


    1. but that kind of football sells tickets
      high scoring and very entertaining
      I just wish Pitt had a passing game to go along with a very good running game
      Pitt would have scored 70 and had 800 yards of offense with a half decent passing game
      speed kills

      and QO reminds me of a thinner Bettis
      He’s going to have a good pro career


  26. Brief notes-

    -Happy we won;
    – The team (and Pickett) showed grit;
    – Where has Carter been all season?;
    – We still stink- beating Duke on the last play after giving up 45 points is pathetic;

    None of this matters when understanding the terrible events of the morning. We need to help those struggling with mental health issues.. and we need to destroy those who carry such hate in their hearts. My heart goes out to every one of those families and to all of Squirrel Hill and to our Jewish brothers and sisters. A special kudos to the brave members of the Pittsburgh Police who risked their lives to save others.

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  27. Time to reopen the state psychiatric hospitals.
    Over one million recalcitrant schizophrenics in our country.
    Vets with psychiatric diseases living on the street.
    Time to take care of these people.
    Long overdue.

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    1. 23.5

      Was bad when Notre Dame was up 23-0 but looking good now. Notre Dame is a bad Top 5 team. Navy is atrocius and will cover. Only won 2 games so far in the AAC.


  28. First things first. Thoughts and prayers to all those with loved ones in today’s senseless violence in Squirrel Hill. I remember visiting family on my dad’s side of the family there all my life through high school. We would drop off my mom and sister on occassion and then drive down to Panther Hollow to watch the Pirates at Forbes Field. I remember as a small child seeing my grandfather’s cousin at the top of their stairs and trying to understand how my grandfather beat us down there as the two of them could be twins. I also had classmates in my study group in graduate school that lived there. When will we ever learn as a country?

    I just finished watching the game on the DVR. If we do not look like Georgia Tech north, I do not know who does. Today the run blocking was very, very good especially by the wide receivers. Aaron Mathews and FFrench did fantastic at one-on-one match-ups. Kenny Pickett completed just enough passes to win the game. He appears to have the arm based on the two long touchdown passes but is still a work-in-progress. Glad I was wrong on the predicting a Pitt loss.

    Overall, though, today was an abysmal day. I hope the entire of city of Pittsburgh rallies around the community of Squirrel Hill and gives them as much comfort as they can.


  29. A game for the ages imo, not for a game played well but for the effort put forth by this PITT football team.

    Great job PITT all the way around. It’s how you become a winner, you do not quit!!

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  30. Worth the ride up for this one…..a rollercoaster of emotions today between Saturday morning’s news and the game.

    As always, so nice to see POV friends beforehand at the tailgate.

    Thought for sure we were going to lose that game…for a moment it sure looked like classic SOP. Hall’s hurdle into the endzone was spectacular and then the holding call followed by the personal foul….”are you kidding me?!!!”…. and we settle for a field goal to tie the game.

    Then the defense rose to the occasion….Pickett leads the team to victory at the end. Hearts racing, people hugging and singing Sweet Caroline. Improbable and wonderful. The anti-SOP finish.

    Looking forward to meeting any POVers in Charlottesville on Friday.

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  31. I said to a few people today that I’ve seen bigger, more important Pitt wins, but that was one of the craziest and most exciting games I’ve seen in a long time. H2P and glad Annie got the birthday present she was hoping for!


  32. Had to DVR this game, and Oh My! Really!?

    Is this a sick joke!? Just watched the replay. And we pull off a WIN with 1 min left on the clock!? Went for the game-winning TD instead of the FG for an OT!? Wake me up! H2P!

    …. seriously I must be dreaming; gotta check the REAL SCORE after some sleep; this cannot be so Panther fans!


  33. Wow, again made the drive worth it, but sure was agony.

    Somewhat like the Syracuse game of 2016 with good offense but little defense but this one looked like it was Duke in charge until the end when it wasn’t.

    Didn’t read everything in this thread but weather was bad but not miserable since we all expected rain and cold. Defense was putrid both in tackling and in play by defenders so far off the receivers. Pickett was his usual inaccurate self save for the deep ball to Ff. Of course Mack and QO both dropped ones right in their hands, there may have been another. The game winner looked inaccurate but Ff made the adjustment and then great catch.

    I thought play calling was actually nearly perfect especially the late screen to Hall. Maybe not on the first and goal series from the 7 after the long run by Carter down the Duke sideline.

    Oh yeah, some great run blocking by the line and even decent time for KP to throw a few times…AND I think I remember KP actually looking to a second receiver more than once. Of course HE made that 2 point play successful….after I was cursing up a storm for them NOT to go for 2 so early with all the scoring yet to come. It worked and was a key to having the chance late.

    One more thing, some absolutely great downfield blocking by WR’s including mostly Mathews.

    and prayers to the Squirrel Hill families and victims, prayers for cures for all mental illness


  34. Just received the online version of the PG. Who do you suppose is featured on the front page of the Sports section? Carter? Ollison? Ffrench?

    Nope. Baker Mayfield. Carter/Ffrench get a photo below the fold.

    Why do I even subscribe? (for the crossword puzzles)


  35. If ever there was a time to break the no religion, no cuse words rule it would be now.

    But I’ll reframe from my rant.

    Good entertaining FB game on a sad day in Pittsburgh.

    The university and FB team are getting positive airtime this morning regarding the responses to the shootings. Class acts by the administration, coaches, players and fans.


  36. Wonderful win by Pitt. Those kids do play till the final whistle. Give them credit. I saw the post-game player comments. Those players look so young. They are still just kids, especially Ffrench and Carter. How excited they were. Can any of you guys imagine the thrill they must feel after playing and winning a game like that? Would I have loved to trade places with them? Yes, I complain when one of them messes up, but then someone like Pickett rises to the occasion and SOP goes out the window. If Kenny becomes a top QB at Pitt, he will be a magazine cover boy. He is one handsome young man who may be breaking a lot of co-eds’ hearts along the way. Enjoy the win, and pray for those grieving in Squirrel Hill. The best three months of my years at Pitt were spent when I roomed with a Jewish family on Dallas Avenue and celebrated Passover with them and Shabat. Sid and Ben, I love you guys.

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  37. Watched the game on my phone while prepping for my sons 1st birthday party Sunday. Was thrilled Pitt won, but realized how lucky I am to be with my family when so many in Squirrel Hill today are dealing with such a tragic and senseless loss. The city and all Pitt fans thank the Panthers for a moment to smile—now let’s continue to come together and pray for those that are still unable to smile today.


  38. Just as historic as that game was, as was Fran’s tailgate. Thanks buddy and great to visit with all that made it. We missed those who couldn’t be there. Great turnout though.

    I’ll be be watching a replay of that game for sure. Is PITT in first place 4 games into conference play? Gonna be tough next week if they can’t figure out the defensive problems.

    Walking out of the stands I heard a guy say PITT won’t score points or win with that high school offense. I simply said they just did!!! Ike


  39. Please don’t right this off as mental illness. Bigotry is a sickness for sure, but hatred for those not like ourselves can’t be explained as an illness and must not be tolerated. Mental Illness is something that the person can’t be held responsible for and has no control of.

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  40. Games like this one really should start to draw more fans. Super entertainment, and this time with a happy ending. Most amazing thing that Pitt wins a game when they couldn’t seem to tackle anyone and KP missed a number of open receivers and had a couple good passes dropped.

    But KP seemed to have really turned a corner overcoming adversity and completely two big passes to Ffrench when they mattered most and the defense made critical stops that gave us the chance to win.

    There really is no quit in these guys. Ollison was a beast that kept us in this game by making play after play. Hall who had been stopped earlier came through when it counted when Ollie went down. Carter, no longer a secret weapon was magnificent and just what the Dr ordered, a big play guy. Ffrench also became a big play guy. Unsung heroes Mathews and Tipton made key downfield blocks. The O-line opened holes and gave KP enough time to complete passes.

    Although our D had a very rough time of it, much of it was due and credit to Duke’s O-line, QB, Running Back and receivers who made really big plays all day long. Lucky for us they didn’t make them when they counted most and we did.

    I advise we have some serious tackling practice this week. A lot of Duke’s big plays were granted by those early missed tackles that have to be made.

    Let’s hope Ollie and Ffrenchy heal fast.


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  41. Looked for replay of PITT – Duke on Fox regional sports channels (I get 5). Not scheduled for Sunday.

    The PITT – Duke women’s volleyball match is scheduled on Fox sports Carolinas at 1:00pm. Check your ACC RSN. Make it a sweep of the dookies.!!


  42. The ACC boys hit Syracuse late with the hold down in the red zone also. Had to give NC State a chance late just like they did for Duke.
    They took a TD off the board, removed any chance we could get 7, and made sure we had a really tough kick to make.

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    1. Not sure why Narduzzi and Watson has been hiding Carter until this point. We need all out very talented players on the field whether they be freshman or seniors. Many have been calling for using Paris Ford on offense for some time now to provide some spark to our often dormant O. Carter sure provides a spark that I don’t believe will be going away soon absent injury.—I wish we could find another freshman to provide a spark to the defense right now.


      1. The kid was playing defense and showed up big on the scout team.
        Can’t we just be happy that they found him, and not that they didn’t do it sooner?
        I think the bye week had a lot to do with getting him ready. You have to practice those plays a lot before they work.


  43. I am hoping that Carter is missing piece of the offensive puzzle. Now that defenses have to cover the perimeter, Easier to pass block and more holes up the middle.

    Funny how the POV comments slow down on Sunday after a nice victory.

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        1. One guy isn’t going to get it done. We need multiple players with speed on the perimeter to win more games. Maybe Louis becomes that guy next season? Also need a healthy Mack in this stretch run.


    1. What would you like posters to say?
      One win doesnt mean I’ve personally changed my mind abut Narduzzi or even Watson
      Thats his defense on the field that gave up over 600 yards
      The same defense that has never stopped a up tempo spread offense in his 4 years
      I dont think any Pitt fan relishes in any defeat
      This was an uplifting win for the City given the tragedy from the previous day


  44. Probably needs to be emphasized more, buy that last pass play was brilliant and showed a lot of courage by the coaches. I thought they would try a sideline pass to make for an easier kick. Guess they didn’t want another overtime.


  45. So we get to play the beast of the coastal next week. A lot to be said for parity, makes each of the next four competitive and interesting. If it weren’t for the ridiculous OOC we could be bowl eligible already. Hopefully playing those tough games will make us more battle hardened for the final four.


  46. It does make one battle hardened by playing a tougher schedule
    The O has an identity now
    KP is not going to be a 300 yard passer
    Focus on the strength and just keep running the ball; utilize the toughness and speed on the offensive side
    Find a strength for the D however


  47. You guys are funny. We gave up 600 yards to Duke. I will take the win anyday but if you don’t see problems in year 4 and no talent behind this defense then good luck.

    We need a defense.


    1. Oh, c’mon Upitt, allow me a little jab at your many.
      I might have joined you if I could get data while at game.
      Mine would’ve been different somewhat though🤔.
      More 🤢🤮 about the D.


  48. Must say one thing I do find funny are the POV Newbies who take it upon themselves to criticize Posters who have been LOYAL Fans and REGULAR Contributors here and at the Blather for YEARS.

    Pretty FOOLISH to judge someone else’s loyalty based on your own?


  49. Hello, earth to people. PITT won! Showed a lot of resiliency and perseverance in doing so. No one is saying they played great and certainly the flaws are there but they won the game. It’s not hard to say job well done young men. Actually I find it easy and quite frankly, appropriate.

    If you want to run a team down for 2 and 1/2 hours you should have enough class to offer credit when they proved you wrong.

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    1. credit comes when its due
      criticism comes when its due
      this is a .500 team
      you’ll hear both from me
      i dont apologize for bitching more than praising

      credit to the O yesterday
      criticism to the D

      Hows that?


  50. My son and I moved down to the lower level for the second half. Sat on the 50, about 12 rows back. After V’lique Carter (hope I spelled that right) mage his spectacular run and all-out dive into the end zone, my son started a “Carter-Carter-Carter” chant. Some folks a couple rows ahead of us turned around and pointing to a gentleman sitting in a blue plastic poncho, said “He’s Carter’s dad!”

    Needless to say, Mr. Carter was bursting with pride and grinning like a butcher’s dog.

    Congrats to the Carter family!

    Go Pitt!

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  51. I’m not up to speed on yesterdays comments and don’t think I’ll read them all. I’m moving forward from this point and looking forward to the Virginia game


  52. It is human nature to criticize something more passionately that you don’t like than it is to complement something that you do like. No need to take any of it personally.

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  53. This was a very important game for Duke. They came to play hard.

    They lost to rival VA and looked bad. They need another win to be bowl eligible.


    1. Funny you mention that as during the game, while I was feeling Pitt was not really going to get back into it(even though the really never were out of it), there were a few Dukies on the sideline goofing it up and dancing to the music played over the loudspeaker and at other times just playing around not acting much like they were in to the game. Mentioned it to my buddy next to me. They weren’t at the conclusion.

      Others may have noticed the Syracuse players and some of their sideline staff, shooshing the Pitt crowd during our booing of the refereeing call miss in the ‘Cuse’s favor. Yeah, I lyked seeing them NOT shooshing us at the conclusion of that game.

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  54. Just got home from the game. Many mixed emotions after the shootings in the morning, but this Pitt team never gave up. I will personally give HC Narduzzi credit for that. My opinion is that non of either Wanny, Fraud Graham nor Sleepy Chryst would have won that game yesterday.

    And I give a shout out to OC Watson for finally calling a good game. DC Bates not so much until the end when he dialed up two defensive stops that probably won this game.

    The running game was superb, but the passing game showed life. On to UVa – we need Bates to wake up the D and show us a new star waiting to be born (P.Ford, Cam Bright, McKee, Wheeler?).

    Time for some intense Wahoo film study…


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  55. Good story Major…I also moved to be with my buddy Wolfe for the second half. In the mens room after the game someone shouts out “who the he11 is number 19″…and Scooter yells out “Johnny Unitas”

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    1. Fran — The Johnny U comment by Scooter was awesome, but somehow we have to find a way to get Scooter to mellow out some during the games.😊

      He’s like “Dr. Scooter and Mr. Hyde.” 😳

      My son also tends to get a bit too crazy and intense at games, but he keeps it positive… 🎅

      I still can’t believe we pulled that one out yesterday.

      Go Pitt.

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  56. During the fourth quarter of yesterday’s game, they played a video on the scoreboard of a look back at Pitt’s 1970 come-from-behind victory against WVU. I was lucky enough to be at that game.

    I was hoping that video was an omen for another improbable Pitt comeback win, but I sure wasn’t expecting it yesterday.

    Sure glad I stayed until the end of both games… Good Pitt memories!

    Go Pitt.

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    1. It was definitely agame you could isolate yourself from other fans if you wanted to. Many empty seats. Although I must say, a very loud crowd when the game was on the line.

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    1. Even with his inaccurate throws at times, most complete game by KP. Getting his legs back another needed weapon. The winning TD pass is an incredible confidence booster. If only the defense learns how to tackle.


  57. James Conner getting on more record lists. Although it was lowly Cleveland an impressive performance.

    Cleveland loses their 24th straight road game, doesn’t even sound possible.


  58. Thanks EE and I did not notice that but I did notice a more mobile KP yesterday. Just like I said last week, the brace or injury may have been hampering him. hmmmm…. ?

    Now, the Virginia game becomes the most important game in this Narduzzi era.


  59. The Vegas odds opened at 6.5 and now sits at 8.5 – wow. Dan72 & UPitt must have laid some big bucks on this game to move the line that much in only a few hours.

    National TV and Pitt don’t usually mix well. Time for Duzz to change that mindset and set a new trend. Both UVA and cuse (who Pitt beat) are ranked in the top 25. Time to beat another ranked (and over rated) team.



  60. The Duke Blue Devils had been holding opponents to 140.5 yards per game on the ground. They allowed just 3.5 yards per rush, one of the lowest marks in the ACC, until yesterday vs the Pitt Panthers.

    The blue dress devil’s D was ranked 42nd in the nation coming in to Heinz Field.

    The Panther’s rushing attack recorded their 2nd highest rushing game total in it’s history. Can someone name the number 1 rushing total, opponent and year for the Panthers?


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  61. First off, I think Virginia is a very good football team and will be very tough to beat down in Charlottesville this coming Friday. A 6-2 record is impressive considering a win over Miami but lets look at their OOC schedule for those of you who really do not think this matters much. So far, Virginia has played:

    Richmond a 42-13 winner.
    Indiana a 16-20 loser.
    Ohio a 45-31 winner.
    Liberty to be played.

    Now for those who have their feet firmly planted on the ground, what would you imagine PITT would or could have done with that OOC schedule? You ask me? I highly doubt we see a 1-3 record.

    BTW just for sheetz and giggles. Here’s Indiana’s OOC schedule who beat Virginia. Charleston, FIU, Ball State and Virginia.

    Different topic: I understand there is no such thing as moral victories. (i really do) Take the Notre Dame game as an example, losing a close game to them, PITT should get little credit I’m told. OK by me. Now, lets look at the PITT win against Duke yesterday. Now I’m hearing they should get little credit for that as well as their defense stunk (which it did)? Win or Lose, PITT should never receive any credit I suppose?

    As I said before, some of you wouldn’t know a good time if it sat on your face. thanks for listening and don’t take a PITT win so hard ( yes a video) The Stones Keith Richards, again… . … .ike

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  62. Switching focus to UVa –

    The 6-2 cavs have lost to B1G Joke Indiana and NC State (who lost to cuse yesterday).

    The cavs beat Richmond, Ohio (not state), Louisville, miami, Duke and UNC.

    This game IS a defining moment for HC Duzz.

    The cavs are ranked 20th in run defense allowing 113 yards per game. Pitt will need to triple that to beat UVa in Charlottesville this Friday night.



  63. KP accounted for more than 200 yards of total offense and we finally saw him throw some nice deep balls. He had time to throw and his running really helped. The Georgia QB passed for fewer yds yesterday than KP. The running game was phenomenal. Carter, what can you say…he played a great game. French also played great, but had a brain freeze with the chippy shot that could have cost us big at the end but fortunately did not. The defense showed up in the 4th quarter when needed. As stated above, many ACC teams gave up more points than Pitt yesterday. Weaver brings good emotion on D and I thought he played a good game. Love Pine fighting off two Dookies on the kickoff return team Pitt is not the only team in the ACC giving up lots of points. What impressed me the most was the teams continued effort and resolve when playing from
    behind for basically the entire game. The out of conference schedule is a real problem. Need to plan schedule to give the team an excellent opportunity to become bowl eligible. H2P!! Beat the Hoos!


    1. Shek— Good post, but you must be mistaken about the team’s effort and resolve. My understanding is that “Coach Duzz has lost the team!” 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  64. Right M&M, a lot closer to the right shade of gold at least. Now get the blue right. On a related note. I hear that the real nostalgic colors on going to be rolled out next year. Closer to the mustard gold and royal blue? but i hear lots of things…………..


  65. On Friday we face Virginia and their 6-3 210 lb. quarterback Bryce Perkins. Based on the problems we have against good run/pass quarterbacks in the past, we need to score a lot of points in Charlottesville Friday. We need to continue to be a run based offense with play action thrown in occasionally. With the speed of our wide receivers on jet sweeps we can still generate splash plays running the ball. Watson does not need to overthink himself on Friday. Stick with the run!!!! If Ollison cannot go, it will be time for Davis to step up as Hall’s relief.

    One thing about Carter that needs to be mentioned is his ability to see the field in front of him as he comes around on the sweeps. He made the correct reads on the making his cuts for all his long runs. That along with his speed makes him a very dangerous weapon. I wonder if he can actually catch a football.

    If we can win one of the next two, I probably will make the trip up to see the Wake Forest game. Must resist the Kool-Aid though. I would not be surprised if we get blown away on Friday as Virginia seems to be peaking now.


  66. Feel really bad for Fitz finishing a HOF career on a terrible offense.

    Jerry Rice had better numbers but he played with HOF QB’s, and for an HOF coach.


  67. Hopefully before the season is over we see a game where Pitt has a solid outing on both sides of the ball. They have been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde between offense and defense all seson.


  68. Let me settle one thing once and for all, the best uniforms are the ones we win games in. Period.

    Now to the more important question, do I make the drive to Charlottesville. Never been there and actually closer than Heinz makes it an easy decision. Tickets are easy to get, I hear. IF a family member is in, I’m going.

    Other important thing is how to roll this week with my prediction. Reverse psych has worked a couple of times and then I went with the double reverse and it paid off. If I could only know what Watson would call….I think he needs to be near perfect this week again. 🙂


  69. The win was great yesterday, and the offense finally showed some life. But KP’s accuracy is a bit disturbing. Against better defenses he gets at least two picks. Other teams will have tape on Carter now, so Pitt shouldn’t do the obvious and over weight that part of the offense. Still, let’s hope that it was a breakout game for the offense. As for the defense, it was a bit disappointing to say the least. After 8 games, it is still not clear to me whether the problem is the players or the schemes. I am leaning to the defensive schemes that may have worked well in the Big 10 but don’t cut it in the ACC.


  70. I wonder how the comments would have turned if the last pass was intercepted, or if there was a 10 yard holding, sack to run out the clock or illegal procedure, etc. Looking at the pass again, KP threw it off his back foot which made it short and inaccurate. Ffrench made a great adjustment to the ball for a terrific TD.

    Instead, the play call worked and we escaped a terribly played defensive game. In one way, it was a great call. However, when looking at all the other negative things that could have occurred (and typically do when it is Pitt), we were most fortunate.

    Let’s celebrate the win, but let’s also understand that the win did not improve our defensive ranking one bit. In fact, my guess is that it will put us back into the 90’s defensively. We haven’t turned any corners in my opinion. 18 pass attempts will not attract future offensive talent. Wins will however, so let’s keep hoping for success there.

    So let’s see how things go next week. It would be great to build off of the victory but at the end of the day, the victory only got the team to 4 wins. A normal P5 3-1 OOC record would put us at bowl eligibility, which in turn helps recruiting, etc.

    Thoughts and prayers remain with the folks impacted by the shootings yesterday morning. I just read where one of those shot and killed was a holocaust survivor.


  71. Ike – if you take away KP’s 1st long pass to Ffrench and the game winning drive, KP had 28 yards passing. Huh…

    Pulled this from a Wahoo blog while watching Aaron Donald and the Rams –

    “Pitt is fairly one dimensional on offense even if running the ball they are real good at. If we keep up our recent run D of holding teams well under their rushing average (UNC -150 yards, duke -100, miami…..) then Pitt is in trouble. Their D is trash and we should score 30+ on them.”

    Let’s have a “Hoo Down” in Charlottesville!



  72. Tvax1, UVa is a great place. My son went there and we went to a couple games. The stadium is old, but the easiest to exit I’ve ever been in. Great places to eat also. Place on the mall to get gelato called Splendora. Best I’ve ever had, Italy included. I sometimes made the 5 1/2 trip just for the gelato ( although my son still thinks it was to see him) lol.

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  73. “Funny how the POV comments slow down on Sunday after a nice victory.”

    Umm? First, it’s untrue. Secondly, beating DUKE(!) on a last second play and giving up 45 points doesn’t qualify as a “nice” win in my book.

    Games don’t happen in a vacuum. Not all games, or victories, are equal.

    Some people are critical… They’re called “critical thinkers”. That used to be a good thing.

    I was at the game and high-fiving with everyone else but anyone who thinks this is a good win and noone should be critical the day after, just live Pollyanna lives. While those people may be happier, they aren’t necessarily correct.

    Let’s be clear, if this was a 17-point win over Duke or a last-minute win over PSU, WVU, UCF, etc. I’d just be happy and move on. Sorry, “rainbow coalition”, a squeaker win at home versus Duke just doesn’t earn Pitt a free pass from critical analysis.

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    1. I don’t appreciate that comment Jay91. No such thing as a good loss and no such thing as a good win? What? On top of that, you call people names (rainbow coalition) and judge them for their opinions about a game won or lost? Plus that is a bit racist…… BS!

      As far as critical analysis, no one is saying it shouldn’t be done and talked about with a keen unbiased eye. Cynicism on the other hand is easily detected if one also looks at a comment with a keen eye. Thank you and no disrespect intended. ike


      1. With all respect, I disagree. And it says a lot about the state of the program that anyone would say that. I don’t believe the fan base of any top team would consider a home squeaker versus Duke to be a good win.


        1. I’m with ike and JoeL,Jay. I don’t think there is anyone here who doesn’t think this team has flaws, but no one is gonna take the smile off my face today because Pitt didn’t win by 17. I appreciate this win for what it is, and am not gonna grumble because I’m not watching Jackie Sherrill era Pitt football. To me, that is Pollyannaish. H2P!


        2. both wins and losses can be critiqued and analyzed

          a common theme is that Pitt is a running team and it utilizes backs, receivers and a QB

          tough for most opposing D’s to develop a way to stop as evidenced by Pitt’s #24 run ranking

          But teams know Pitt cannot pass (ranked 101 out of 120)
          That still is a problem since I think the QB should be progressing and not regressing at this point
          I think that is a function of KP, his line and the scheme being run…all apparent causes

          Most disturbing is the D
          Outside the 1st half of the Tech game and the Domer game, Pitt’s D has been ugly

          So Pitt is somehow able to win games despite having the 101 ranked D
          You dont win games against good competition with a D this terrible and this season has proved it out

          The D is 100% on Narduzzi…its his schemes and players pretty much now

          I dont see this team ever being able to stop an up tempo spread team
          and when Pitt gets down to one of those teams, its very tough to get back into the game without a passing game

          Its frustrating that Narduzzi has had 2 seasons where the D is among the top 5 worst Pitt D’s in the past 40 years


        3. Exactly, I’m living in the real world where the football program is mediocre. I choose not to look at the the games through the lens of a fan expecting a top 10 program on the field when I know it isn’t so. In that regard any win is a good win and you are correct, it does say something about the state of the program. It is what it is right now. I’m not gonna waste my time being p-o’ed about where it is mid-season. I will wait for the end of the season for that. Just another way of looking at it.

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  74. Pitt still has a defense ranked 101
    an offense ranked 93 despite having like the 24th best running game

    Pitt wont win many games with these rankings…they are a 500 team which actually is amazing given these stats
    If Pitt goes up against a good D, they fail…and upcoming Virginia is pretty stout
    Pitt still cant stop an up tempo spread team…but I think Virginia will be less dynamic than Duke

    The D will be the teams downfall
    As long as the O can continue to run and KP is a game manager, there is hope for a bowl…just need to go .500 the rest of the way
    Didnt Vegas peg this team at 5.5 wins?

    For a supposed defensive genius, Narduzzi sure has an ugly D product on the field after 4 years
    Matt Houses defenses were ranked in the 30’s and many posters wanted to run him out of town


    1. Ok, let me try to settle one more thing.

      Everything should be judged in context.
      We would not be “ranked” so low in defense and offense IF we didn’t have the crazy difficult OOC this year and the past few.
      We would not have the 4-4 record IF we didn’t have the crazy difficult OOC this year and add a win or 2 the past few if blah, blah, blah….

      Certainly not picking a fight, I’m just stating opinion with context that I believe matters.

      Funny how some might think critical thinkers only qualify if being critical.

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  75. PITT beat a 5-2 team at home when they were the underdog. They fought their butts off. Defense sucked but I thought the bottom line is a win. That’s what I was told two weeks ago when PITT may played a good game against Notre Dame? NO MORAL LOSSES! I guess that’s a one way street huh?

    For me, any win is a good win….. It takes more facial muscles to frown than smile. Give your face a break! ike


  76. “No such thing as a good loss and no such thing as a good win?”

    I never said that. In fact, I said the opposite. A squeaker win at home against Duke is not a good win, in my opinion.

    The “rainbow coalition” was meant to reference people who get excited about all things Pitt, despite glaring issues. To say it’s racist, is like saying the people who referenced “Pickett’s charge” really think Kenny is a Confederate General and slave owner. (Spoiler.. he’s neither.)

    And try to remember, my comment was in response to someone else who felt the need to make an unnecessary and untrue comment about the “negative” people being quiet after a win and you chiming in about how some people are just happier when they’re negative.

    So, while I appreciate your perspective, you can save the “I don’t appreciate” the comment, stuff.

    To be clear.. We won. I’m glad. But big deal. We’re .500 and Duke stinks and we gave up 45 points.

    If that makes me “cynical” so be it.


    1. Since I made the comment, I think my observation that there are always more comments after a loss than a victory is factually true. We would be around 800 to a thousand comments by now if we would have lost. This has been the case for some time and is not particularly shocking.

      If you don’t agree that a hard fought victory after being behind isn’t “nice” that is your opinion, and I am fine with that.

      While I agree the game doesn’t make us a good football team, good plays were made by a lot of Pitt Players, and they should be celebrated.

      Some are better than others but in my opinion, any Pitt win is a good win.

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  77. Pitt will fight hard Friday night to beat a 6-2 team on the road just lyke they fought hard yesterday to beat a 5-2 team at home.

    With a healthy QO, Pitt has a punchers chance of beating their 1st ranked team in 2018.

    Wait, cuse is ranked and Pitt beat them – does that count for a win over a ranked team?

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  78. I was shaking my head there too Ike. Shewwww, glad you saw it the way it actually was.

    Again, glad we won.

    We crushed them in yards gained 634 to 620. Not a good recipe’ for future success. Next up Virginny.

    Just watched condensed game. Pickett still wore brace on front/plant knee.


  79. Meant to say this earlier…and it’s thetruth:

    When we started that Last drive, I was yelling to Watson (as if he could hear me), “Don’t you throw the damn ball! RUN THE DAMN BALL! Don’t let the Dookies get the ball back! Make them burn those timeouts!”

    I refused to like that first screen pass, even if it worked.

    Then that son of a gun did it again and I went nuts in a negative way. “What the hell is he doing?!!”, I said.
    That sack caused me to yell, “Damnit, does Watson want to lose the game?! WTF!”

    I tell ya, I had a freakin Twinkie.

    By this point, I had totally lost my mind with rage as Pickett was in an empty set. “This is sooooo Pitt!!!”

    Lopes makes the catch! My mood changes to guarded, but convinced that Watson is out of his mind.

    Tipton makes the next catch and I’m thinking, “Field goal is possible. Don’t mess this up guys.”

    Guys around me (we have great knowledgeable fans in section 114) are getting excited. I have palpitations.

    Pickett runs the ball, “Hurry the heck (it was another word) up!!! Spike the ball! Spike the ball!!……Oh, thank God.”

    “Now… kick the field goal. Oh no, they are going to throw the ball again. Geez! Hope Kenny doesn’t do anything stupid.”

    Pickett throws….I cannot breathe….”Oh my God! Oh my God! He caught the ball! No flags! No flags! Oh my God!”

    Hugs, high fives and a, “We NEVER win these games!!”

    I’m just ‘fessing up…feels good to come clean. 😁

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    1. Great post, JoeL. I’m sure most of us had very similar reservations…

      Only disagreement is on the screen pass. I love screen passes, especially when you’re having trouble with pass protection…

      Go Pitt.


  80. Thanks to all who helped make my birthday a good day, especially Fran and Bernie!! H2P!! Unfortunately, our women’s vb team lost their first match today against Duke, 3-1. Set losses were close. Let’s turn out to cheer them on to get revenge against the Dookies on Nov. 11th.

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    1. If we beat UVA, VT and Miami, we will go to a lower level bowl.

      Win and we will be fine.

      Beat WF along with the 3 above and we’ll be in for a revenge butt whooping from clemscum in the ACC championship game.

      I know, that will NEVER happen…😉🤫


  81. Can we have a collective POV hats-off to Fran for his tailgates. The time he devotes and the thoroughness of his preparations are just amazing.

    Rain? No problem. Fran has a solution.

    Fran wants everyone to be happy at his tailgates — and everyone is!

    You’re one heck of a Panther fan, Fran! And your contribution to the POV community is priceless.

    Go Fran!

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  82. UVA opens as a 7.5 point fave. I was cursing and swearing at the Pitt players who I could not even call a defense for most of the game Saturday! Yet, we WON. And I will curse and swear at their ineptness at UVA on Friday. But if we win…..I don’t care.

    On the pass by Pickett for the last TD, I was apoplectic as coming into my mind was the saying “ if you pass the ball, three things can happen and two of them aren’t good.” Add to that the comments above that a holding penalty, interception and plain old Pitt bad luck …and the game is over. We kind of caught Duke sleeping but still you have to be utterly insane to make that call….or lucky. And..I’ll take that every time. So..don’t care how we beat UVA…just win baby.

    For any of you that have never made the trip…it is very worthwhile. Gorgeous campus, nice people …great access egress…but one phrase you will get tired of quickly…” Another Cavalier First down!!

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  83. Did some quick checking.. Average posts after losses ARE 15% higher than following wins. So you are, correct. I was wrong statistically.

    However, it is not as simple as you might think. Much of the reasons have to deal with the promptness, or lack of a follow up article by Reed- which resets the posting numbers as people flock to the new article.

    Additionally, many of the “extra” posts are actually comments complaining about the number of “negative” posts. And then, hilarity and conflict ensues.

    If some of you didn’t feel the need to tell Reed, upitt,myself, Tex, etc. how negative we are when we post comments during and after losses, the numbers would actually be quite similar.

    That’s said, I was wrong about my stats. You were correct.


    1. Jay, my two cents… I think people who are content just don’t have as much to say. When we lose, it evokes stronger emotions, which in turn get emoted. Human nature and not so much related to one’s agenda. Having said that, there are 1-2 guys who disappear after a win and I won’t question their loyalty.

      Thanks for getting data and setting the facts straight.


  84. UVA has a beautiful campus. I hope you “Yankees” heading Down South have a great time.

    (.. I hope the terms Yankees or Down South didn’t offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities.)