I’m spending the day overhauling this POV blog site.  Once finished it will be readable by everybody (I think) but only commenters who are registered and approved “users” will be allowed to comment.

That number may be surprisingly low compared to the traffic we get on here now.  But I’m sure everyone can tell that I have a very short fuse these days as far as tolerance for outlier commenters, and their ridiculous and insulting comments. To be honest it smacks of grade school and turns my stomach.

The whole intent of this blog when started almost three years ago was to have a place for Pitt fans to discuss the team, program and university in a way that lead to even deeper discussions and a sharing of well researched and written thoughts.  But it has devolved into name calling, finger pointing and an ‘us vs them‘ mentality that I won’t allow any longer.

For a very long time I wouldn’t ban anyone on here because I felt everyone deserves a platform to talk about what we love. That is no longer the case – at this point I truly don’t care if your feelings are hurt or if you feel put-upon or whatever.  If you can’t register to comment then you can pretty much figure out what I think about your previous contributions.

So, the changes should be done by this evening and I’ll post another article to see how all this works.  I’m sure there will be bugs going forward but I figured an off week is a good time to do this so that we have a better system in place for the Duke game and the rest of the season.

Thanks, Reed

15 thoughts on “Major Changes to the Pitt POV Site

  1. Ha! Told you this would happen after a couple of weeks on the roster – George Jr is now QB2 bumping Town down a peg.


    You may want to go back and read that three-part series i wrote detailing Town’s young life and his bumpy road to Pitt… and where I predicted he’d never take meaningful snaps at Pitt.

    Town #1

    Town #2

    Town #3


    1. Well, being a duel threat has to count for something….I mean, what if the Aussie Assassin ever goes down? 😉


    1. Why not? But PN will stick with the kid he shovelled tons of expections on preseason.

      Guys, am working bugs out now please be patient.

      Ike, had you already registered with WordPress before this?

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  2. Another option after the Duke game Pitt could play Patti at QB the remaining 4 games and still preserve his Red Shirt status. However considering how much Narduzzi values age over talent my guess is that George Jr would be his first choice if a replacement is needed.


    1. I like that idea if the staff thinks he’s mentally ready to get abused by pass rushers 1.5 seconds after the hike…like Pickett does. I would like to see Jr. play some too.


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