The season’s a bit more than halfway over with us standing (more like sitting) at 3-4. We’ve lost the three games almost all but the real die-hard Pitt fans though we would then stuck a sharp stick in our eye with another mind-boggling loss to North Carolina.

Of course that win over us is their only one in their schedule so far. Why? Because contrary to some Pitt fan’s beliefs we are still mired in the Same Old Pitt syndrome. With four current losses we are capped to an 8-4 if the miraculous happens…which it won’t.

But we will win a couple more games I believe…maybe even three more which would give us a .500 regular season and a reason for the more delusional fans to sing Narduzzi’s praises once again. Not that we have any of those types on the POV…😉.

This season’s ACC teams are unpredictable as hell, at least to me.  There doesn’t appear to be any team on our remaining schedule that I can point to and say “That’s a definite win.” or vice versa.  But let’s take a shot at predicting the end result after 12 regular season games.

I called for a 5-7 season when camp broke and will stick with that…

Duke – Win

@ UVA – Loss

Wake Forest – Win

@ VT – Loss

@ Miami – Loss

I actually think Duke will handle us but it is in PGH so who knows? That plays out to a 5-7 season again.

13 thoughts on “New Thread to Talk About Whatever…

  1. I don’t think that if Pitt finishes 6-6 anyone here will be “singing” his praises. I do KNOW that if they finish 8-4 that heads will explode and probably even if 7-5…


  2. Figures reed would once again piss in the punch bowl. The next 5 teams stink . They are all beatable . At worst we go 3-2 and go bowling


    1. This is why I’m about 10 seconds from stopping this blog altogether.

      When you can’t State your own opinion in a comment without running someone else as we see above, it just takes any fun out it at.


  3. Here goes:
    Most schools at some point catch lightning in a bottle and from out of nowhere compete for a conference title.
    But Pitt, mired in muck for thirty plus years, seems to be content just where they are. And this poses an enigma, as the increased revenue that success would bring should more than compensate for the added costs competent coaches would demand.
    That said, if we finish at 6-6, or worse, and the university maintains the status quo, they are saying they just don’t care. And if they don’t care, why should I?
    Bottom line: I can spend my money elsewhere.


    1. For Pitt, $3.5M is fair compensation for 6-7 win seasons and 1-2 4 star recruits. Pitt is more focused on maintaining a clean program. Pitt wants a scandal free program, good GPA’s and graduation rates, kids going to class and taking real courses and doing community service.

      I just think $3.5M should get you all that and 9-10 win seasons…plus a bowl win. I expect Pitt to challenge for the Coastal title each year and occasionally make it to the ACC championship.

      I do believe Pitt wishes the same as me every year but wishing and doing are totally separate.

      If the AD demanded more wins, there would be an incentive for everyone to win…within the rules.

      But, its less about building a winning culture at Pitt. It’s more about maintaining a clean and trouble free program and not having athletics get in the way of academics. More importantly, not having the academic intelligentsia challenged.

      What bothers me is that Pitt doesnt truly see how sports can impact the brand and front porch. They are lip service to the front porch. Pitt also doesnt see how football can really be a revenue driver. If Pitt was focused on program profitability, many of these capital projects in Pitt’s Plan could be achieved without having to resort to massive fundraising campaigns and the taking on of debt.

      Winning does matter. Remember the basketball implosion generated a substantial swing in revenues and profit. Even more losses were forecasted if a change wasnt made. Pitt’s general fund covers for these losses. Thats money that should be used for academics.

      The same thing is happening on the football side now. 2 bad seasons in a row will result in a significant decline in season ticket renewals. 25k fans in the seats wont pay the bills next year and the program will lose millions. Remember, that ACC check only covers so much. Football is the program that is supposed to generate a profit so Pitt’s Olympic Sports can survive.

      Pitt needs to take winning more seriously. Sports at Pitt depends on it.
      ACC membership is a privilege.
      I also dont want to see any Olympic Sports cut because Football is losing money.

      So until I see real tangible ways that build a winning culture and support it, Its SOP to me.

      Dont drink the Kool-Aid

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  4. Let’s talk about the MUSTARD seats at Heinz.

    At least if they were Brown Mustard, Pitt Unis could reflect the TRUE Gold Color of Team’s Past.

    Clearly, the current YELLOW and Blue is an attempt to mesh with Heinz (aka Steeler) Mustard and make it, as much as possible… look like Pitt’s Home Field.

    The sacrifices you have to make when you rent and don’t own.


  5. The past couple years the ACC has certainly not been a powerhouse, FSU and Miami have both lost their luster and only Clemson has been in the spotlight. If ever there was a time for Pitt to reamerge as a contender it is now.
    Unfortunately the current administration has failed to raise up to the challenge. Instead we have awarded mediocrity by extending PN’s contract. Less than stellar recruiting, and total lack of defensive improvement are the trade mark of his tenure. Leading to a loss of the fan base and no excitement on campus.
    It is time to bite the bullet and hire a name coach.

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  6. On the colors subject, I was in Ohio yesterday and attended the Kent State-Akron game. Akron had on their all navy blue uniforms and navy helmets, and looked almost exactly like Pitt’s all navy get up.


  7. We’re now in year four of the PN regime and we’re right about where we were when he was first hired. I would argue that we’re actually behind because I believe recruiting is getting worse, not better, but why quibble. If we’re lucky, we’ll finish at 6-6 or maybe even 7-5, go to some non-descript bowl and tell the fans that all is well. Complete bullshit. If the administration is even remotely serious about winning championships, PN must go. If they’re not really committed to winning, then we might as well stay with PN…he’s no better or worse then who they might bring in.

    Pitt makes it very, very hard to continue to give a crap about this program.



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