Wirginis Out for the Season.

Pitt’s Quintin Wirginis Sustains Season-Ending Injury

 PITTSBURGH—Pitt senior linebacker and team captain Quintin Wirginis sustained a non-contact knee injury in practice Tuesday and underwent season-ending surgery today, Coach Pat Narduzziannounced.

Through six games, Wirginis ranked as the Panthers’ most productive defender, leading the team in tackles (41), tackles for loss (7.0), sacks (3.0) and forced fumbles (tied with two).

 In Pitt’s 44-37 overtime victory over Syracuse this past Saturday, he collected eight tackles, including a six-yard sack, and forced a crucial fumble that was returned for a 35-yard touchdown by teammate Dane Jackson.

“Our entire team is certainly heartbroken for Quintin,” Narduzzi said. “He was having an absolutely outstanding senior season, on and off the field, and we are very sorry it ended prematurely due to injury. Our team is one big family and we will certainly rally around him. Knowing Quintin, I have no doubt he will remain a huge influence in our locker room. His leadership will remain as valuable as ever for our program.”

The Panthers (3-3, 2-1 ACC) will play at No. 5 Notre Dame (6-0) this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The game will be nationally televised by NBC and shown locally on WPXI-TV.

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  1. well, any thought of Pitt pulling the big upset on Saturday is certainly dampened. But on the glass half-full basis, maybe this may help the ND players take Pitt even more lightly than before. (trying to be positive)

    Towards the end of the previous thread, someone was wondering why UPitt wasn’t offering any comments. Maybe he will comment on this story about his favorite Pitt player.



    1. Next man up!

      QW will be missed but one player does not make a team – you need 11 on D and the next man up will now get his chance with the team.



  2. meanwhile, as TE Sear walks-out on his team mid-season, there is a story in the PG about the Steel Valley TE who was shot 12 times just 3 months ago, but is playing.


  3. What Pitt will miss the most is his pass rushing capabilities. He aside from weaver was the only guy who could seem to make that splash play from time to time. 7 tackles for loss is a good number for the season pretty sure that is more than last year’s leader idowuo had all year. As far as Tyler Sear goes the one thing that alarms me is that he was really close to Paris Ford may this mean someone else may be leaving I hope not.


    1. Didn’t Sear and P.Ford get in a fight on campus last year and both were charged? How is that being a friend?

      Just asking…


      1. @Erie,

        Read the Article on Pittsburgh Sports Now titled PARIS FORD, TYLER SEAR CHARGED AFTER FIGHT.

        At the bottom of the article Alan Sanders attached a tweet from Paris Ford to Tyler Sear from after the incident.

        The two have been friends since the 7th grade.


  4. Despite mass sentiment here… Wirginis is a big loss. Personally thought he noticeably UPGRADED the Position from last year.

    Brightwell is “out of position” in the Middle when they’re playing THREE.


  5. BigB sends a message to those going out to South Bend. He says to try attend the mass with the players before the game, it’s a powerful experience. Also catch the band playing in the rotunda he tells me a very cool experience as well and there was one other place but I forget where that was, sorry Bernie.. ike


    1. Trumpets in the Dome on Friday afternoons; Morris Inn on game day brings lots of former players and recognizable personalities (we have had great conversations with Dickie V, John Huarte and others during previous visits); Grotto; Band (Trumpets in the Dome play first) before game under the Golden Dome as noted by BigB and their march to the stadium led by the kilted front (also the Bagpipe band around 1030 under theGolden Dome); Friday night pep rally at the Ice Arena; the Brats sold by students outside the campus dorms before games; post game Senior Bar just off campus if you can get in.
      Beautiful campus, lots of history and places to visit.


  6. I don’t see Pitt having a chance against ND (with or without Wirginis). They actually have a truly strong team this year. Not just media hyped.

    The biggest factor in this game will be Pitt not being able to pass the ball. They may get crushed because the D will be on the field the entire game.

    I hope the TE’s have 10 catches 🙂


  7. Again on this Sear story and at the risk of being called a Narduzzi lover (i’m not) Here’s a true sophomore starting and playing the entire game helping the o-line blocking for two one hundred yard rushers and practically 300 total rushing yards and a PITT victory, and he picks this week to complain about not catching a pass? Yet somehow there are posters that want to put the blame on the coach. You tell on yourselves, we get it, you don’t like the guy.

    Q’s injury is heart breaking for the young man and team. He came a long way.. Thanks for the article and fresh format Reed. Keep us updated on your progress. Trust the Progress!


  8. If you want a text book way to learn how a coach can lose a team just have the inmates run the asylum. A player yelling at the coach at a practice because he doesn’t like the game plan is something that wouldn’t be tolerated by a single coach in the country. not one.


  9. The timing reeks of “it’s all about me, not team” for Sear but who knows. Wirginis is a tough loss—but Pitt did cause a bunch of big turnovers on d vs Clemson without him so you never know.


  10. Reed, Tyler Sear is well aware of the TE situation. He is also a part of a TEAM.

    I have no issue if he decides to leave AFTER the season. This is a common occurrence these days in College FB and BB …. especially with the NCAA loosening the transfer sanctions — Tasir Mack anyone?

    He has started every game this year and gotten his share of PT. I can see why he is unhappy but there is no excuse for walking out at this time. None


    1. @wwb Neither you or I know what truly happened behind closed doors. This many players leaving at the same position is a real problem.

      Maybe Pat can keep beating that motto…..my players never quit. Meanwhile other good coaches don’t even speak of this.

      Last year Ben and McVittie announced they were leaving within two days of each other. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe both were sending a message.


      1. Yes they were sending a message to all concerned and that is it’s very unlikely I will ever be the starting QB at Pitt with Pickett being around for the next 3 years. Bj is that enough of a massage for you or would you be happier if I said the reason both left is because they hate Narduzzi?


  11. @Ike – I may be way off on this, but I think that the TE de-commit Koonz played into this. Koonz emphasized that he was de-committing because Pitt apparently indicated verbally that they like to use the TE in the passing game, but in reality, they haven’t. The question is whether Pitt will change the perception. Seems like an easy fix for the coaching staff. If you want to use your tight ends for blocking only, put an extra OL in the game.

    If you want to use the TE as a downfield weapon, than do so. Social media is a weapon for opponents because the velocity with which information comes in, can hurt or help, depending on what side of the coin you are on.

    The Pitt coaches put Sear in a bad position against Syracuse by asking him to 1 on 1 block against one of their best DL. No help.That made no sense to me. Coaches should put players in position to succeed, not fail, miserably. That to me is on the coaches and their OL blocking framework. Sear reminded me of JP Shultz. Did he drop a few passes, sure.

    Wirginis is another story. Bad break for the player. Hopefully he can rehab to the point that he gets a chance in the league next year. He may make it as a special teams guy because of his speed and willingness to toss his body all over the place to make a tackle. Let’s see how Pine and Reynolds do. They have both seen the field this year, so let’s see. If not, we have 4 games for the true freshman to try to do something…..


  12. Sears was mainly used to block… put another big guy into block who could catch a short pass if needed… we are a power running team.


  13. Yeah BigB – this is where I disagree with Ike. I don’t think Sear was mature in his decision but some of this falls on Duzz. If you aren’t putting players in a position to succeed than that is your fault as a coach. Why not just put an OL in there if all you are asking him to do is block, makes no sense.


    1. When you leave the TE in the game you at least give the other team an option that he might go out for a pass. Putting an extra lineman in- while technically eligible to leave the line of scrimmage- allows the defense to key on the run or have one less receiver to worry about. By the way, I am endorsing neither option, as this was merely meant to point out the technicality and nuances of the game.

      My opinion is that the TE’s weren’t much of a threat anyways (even if they still needed to be covered.) I am curious if Pitt would throw more to them if they had a good D-1 line. Even without one, I believe that Pitt could greatly help their offense if they were to throw some quick seam passes ( we used to call them a “pop” pass.) There were several opportunities in key situations this past week that could have exploited Syracuse this way.

      On a humorous note: You can’t spell TEAM without TE.


  14. Huff the third, Koonz crossed my mind as well. You also touch on another possibility that there may have been some or too much lecturing going on directed at Sear. I guess both our points are, we really don’t know what happened or all the details.

    BigB, where have you been? Anyways, I agree, PITT has plenty of depth at the TE when you consider what they are ask to do. Block!

    Hey, maybe Sear got the word he was being replaced by an actual o-line this coming week? We just don’t know? ike


    1. Apparently an argument between Sear and the HC at yesterday’s practice ramped up with Sear not backing down and letting PN know his strong opinions if front of the whole roster.

      Sear walkouts out and quits the team. Bold move for a young man.

      Idowu had 11.5 TFLs last season and led the team.


      1. Not a good look for anyone calling this a bold move by a young person quitting anything. Bad move for his life ahead. It only gets tougher after college when the real world experiences kick in.

        I’m concerned for any 20 year old that quits anything unless it is cigarettes or drugs.


  15. Part of being a head coach is learning how to handle prima donna’s.

    I.e. Walt Harris had to handle A Bryant
    I.e Wanny handled many including L McCoy, Baldwin etc etc
    I.e. Potatoes handling of Shell (this dismal was warranted and bet Chryst never raised his voice)

    Point is each Narduzzi’s blowups are hurting the team and himself.

    It is crystal clear indication that he doesn’t have what it takes to be an administrator of the program. A head coach needs to be good at all the things outside of X and O and hopefully be good at X and O or hiring folks who are. Narduzzi is demonstrating he is neither.

    See the following:

    Dinucci Transfer

    Reeves quiting (Reported that Narduzzi blew up on the kid and told him not to come back…..days later asst coaches explained to Duzz how stupid it was and begged coach to reach him and welcome him back. When they finally reached Reeves he said go pound sand.)

    Recruiting Coordinator leaving (Guy was from the Burgh)

    Ox’s dismissal (result of a Narduzzi blowup)

    Blowing up on recruits parents in their home no less

    If the kid mouthed at Duzz that is wrong. Make him run laps until he pukes and suspend him a game for discipline. You don’t throw a tantrum that ends up hurting this team and future teams.

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  16. Hey Mr Anonymous, our comments crossed like two ships in the night. Two things, I think you are agreeing with Huff the third and we agree, if you’re not going to throw to the TE, why is he out there, I agree with that. TE’s are not a threat or even a decent decoy in this offense.

    Another thing here is the competition that PITT plays on any given week. Syracuse has a couple pending NFLer’s on their D-line. So does ND. Thanks Barney. .. ike


    1. Narduzzi has completely blown his offensive recruiting. Looking back over the 30+ years Pitt has always had strong and good TEs as part of our offenses going back to Orndoff, Holtz, Hubie Graham, Byham, Dickerson, D. Strong, etc…

      Here is Batko of the P-G on Narduzzi’s handling of the problem…


      Pitt’s tight end commitments under Narduzzi and tight ends coach Tim Salem:

      • Chris Clark (transfer)

      • Matt Flanagan

      • Charles Reeves (dismissed)

      • Tyler Sear (left team, TBD)

      • Grant Carrigan

      • Jay Symonds (decommit)

      • Matt Alaimo (decommit)

      • Will Gragg

      • Travis Koontz (decommit)



  17. @BigB – We will see how our power running game is working against a power d that will stuff the box. The tape doesn’t lie about the pitt offense. Stop the run and you win the game. They will load the box as the Dairy College did and will have the same result.

    I would pass out if Pitt came out in a true spread, with 4 or 5 WR’s and an empty backfield. First, it would cause ND to take an immediate time out because they would have a LB covering a WR. If they don’t take a timeout, you exploit them as long as you can. When you have them on their heels wondering what you are going to do offensively and reacting, you have the upper hand.

    If we come out predictable as we have since 2001, it will be a bad day for Pitt, sorry.

    We will be on the national stage. Everyday on ESPN, Golic is talking about the big Pitt game. We either rise up as a team or sink as a team. This is on the coaches to put together a plan that allows the players to succeed. Straight up, dull offense will get us crushed in my opinion.

    Also, at some point, the jet sweep needs to go away. The jet sweep worked well when our offense was unpredictable and opponents couldn’t stack the box. When the box is stacked, penetration kills the sweep (unless you are lucky), so just stop doing it Watson! Think before you sink!


  18. Regarding the ND game plan, yeah it may be a blowout and a moot point, but if we’re going to be in the game, we need to prepare to take what ND gives us, regardless of what we are best at. If ND stacks the box and we force runs up the middle (or around the, where we are bad) and just throw short stuff occasionally, then I predict we will get killed. And that’s what I would expect, ND to stack the box. If we catch them off balance in our strategy and play calling, throw a few down field, etc., then the run game may have a chance and we could give them a game. This is one thing Belichick has always done, taken what the D gives him. I don’t hold out high hopes here, because I don’t like what I’ve seen from Watson, but if he’s any good, then the offense is going to need to progress at some point.


  19. Took care of a wounded vet yesterday. Paraplegic from an IED explosion in Iraq. We were talking about veterans benefits when he mentioned a local group offered to build a new house for him. He declined, saying there are vets worse off than he is and a house should go to one of them.

    Always nice when someone brings the real world into better focus.


    1. Gasman,
      Perhaps off topic here, but what is your line of work, I wonder. I have worked with veterans in hospital settings as a licensed CSW. I do not know of any on the blog who work in this capacity. I’d be interested to know.
      Good works, regardless, I say to you.


      1. Anesthesiologist/pain management.
        This fellow has an intrathecal pain pump for central Pain – a truly terrible condition. And yet, he comes in and compliments and thanks everyone. And to top it off, upon finding that I was in the army reserves, he thanked me for my service. Unbelievable!

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  20. Hufff III, there was some sarcasm in my “ running team “ comment… we aren’t a passing team… only other choice is being a “ special team- team”

    How do you like your name with 3 f’s ???? Kinda like fffrench…

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  21. Pitt will stink with or without these two kids, but Wirginis was ripped on here all offseason so the masses should be happy he’s done. Too bad he didn’t hurt himself as he would have helped last season.


    1. Until he is gone, then he was the most awesome.

      Hey, if receivers leave because they aren’t getting enough opportunities, they may as well all get out.

      Orndorff was amazing, except for that one that would have won the NW game IIRC.


  22. Hmmm, a power special teams, team. Kicker yes, punter…ummm, not so yes. The 3 F’s triggered me in a funny way for other reasons bigb.

    Nate – i am not sure Wirginis was ripped all off season. I think the major point was that he apparently wasn’t good enough to pass up Galambos for 4 years and Galambos was not the athlete that Wirginis is. And if Wirginis could not beat out Galambos, it also meant that Pine/Reynolds and insert other LB’s name here, weren’t good enough to beat out Wirginis or Galambos which meant that the talent level is not good in the pipeline apparently, which goes to the poor recruiting conversation. We should celebrate when a freshman or sophomore overtakes a 5th or 6th year player because it should mean that we are improving our talent level.

    Anybody concerned that Ford is getting frustrated too? He might be our last 4 star on the roster (jk, but close).


  23. Um, Nate, that’s a bit dramatic, Wirginis was discredited by a vocal few (as with everything on this site), and to some extent he was doubted understandably because he had never played much up to this point. However, there were many of us who had high hopes for him.this year because he had flashed ability in limited action previously. In hindsight, those of us who had higher expectations were correct, and the doubters were proven wrong, good for Wirginis. And I’ll go a step further and say that Wirginis was better than the veterans who started ahead of him in prior years and should’ve played a lot more if not for veteran favoritism/conservatism.


  24. I was tough on Wirginis because he was a a fifth year senior who had not accomplished much and had been suspended. I also thought he played poorly vs PSU, UCF, and especially UNC. He played well last week and I said so. Very sorry he got hurt and wish him well in his future endeavors. Certainly not happy he didn’t get to finish the season.

    But add him to the list of guys with loads of potential that accomplished little while playing for Pitt.


  25. Sear was one of the guys that Narduzzi took after he missed on his first two tight end prospects, if I remember correctly. But wow, after a good win the guy quits. Not sure who is right and who is wrong, but quitting in mid season never solves anything.


  26. The Ford situation is dumbfounding since he was touted as our next superstar, was intercepting everything in sight in practice and now can’t get on the field on a poor team. I could see how he would be frustrated when he could have gone anywhere and after having smoke blown up his butt for the last three years.


  27. Too bad for Number 58, one of my favorite numbers for a Linebacker. And Quint at least knew what numbers are for what positions, unlike most today in college. Good Luck Quint. The good ones get injured cause
    they’re going at 110%.

    With that said Pitt’s D is allowing 32.8 ppg which is 99th worst of 130 schools. With that in mind, some of these other LB’s that play need to sit, cause they make no plays that have an impact on the game. Z anyone.

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  28. You would think…..if anything…..a player who was a WR in HS….would at least have a few interceptions playing in over 30-35 games and the gazillion of passes that are flung at Pitt’s hapless D.

    (maybe if i call this out, he’ll get a huge pick on Saturday)


  29. Didn’t we lose a local 4 star TE, Banks to WV too that year? I thought he was a heavy Pitt lean until Pitt said no more TE’s and stopped recruiting him? He was like 6’5″ 225, right? Looks like a bigger miss/loss now, ugggh!

    The only thing that I said about QW was that I thought he was injury prone because he led with his helmet and played recklessly with his body, plus the other thing above about not being able to beat out Galambos. It was my observation only about injury. Some pushed back on here and said I had no business making that comment. I am bummed that he hurt himself and his season and career is over at Pitt. It’s a tough sport.


  30. lol @ emel – Never thought Z was a Lb’er. Goes to an earlier point that if the folks in the pipeline can’t beat out an incumbent, our recruiting is bad or are W-L record is bad because we have the best players playing and still can’t win. Or do we have the best players playing or just the oldest?


  31. Wirginis was a non-contact injury according to the article, a total fluke, had nothing to do with the way he played.

    Based on our recent history with Tight Ends (Reeves, Sear, and those apparently behind Sear), it makes me wonder about our recruiting and evaluation process of Tight Ends. And that should not be a difficult position to recruit and evaluate. This is a sign of internal failures.


  32. Emel, you just said what I have been thinking… NUMBERS in today’s game…I have a hard time following individuals and their perspective positions because of the liberal use of numbers especially low or single digit numbers on the DL or linebackers..Wirginis #58 was the exception…Noseguard# 6, LB #23, DE#17,.OL l makes sense…maybe I am just getting too darn old and easily confused


    1. Exactly Bernie…..use to be some order in what positions had what numbers. The only ones that haven’t gone total screwball are the O-linemen numbers.

      Imo our D-linemen look smaller than they are, because they’re wearing single digit numbers and such.

      What was once an orderly thing, the position numbering system, has gone to total chaos.
      Sports mimic-ing ……….


  33. Salem and Watson need to pack their offices up and go home. Sear came to pick because he committed off of the hope of Matt Cannadas offense and his use of tight ends. I feel like Salem Watson and Narduzzi promised were keeping the same offense etc. We all know how that turned out.
    That being said you don’t quit on ur team mid season, but blowing up on two tight ends in the same year causing them to leave the program is not a good look. Will Gragg was taking some of Sears snaps and he felt like this was his year after the departure of Reeves who by the way hasn’t caught a pass at Youngstown. This all goes back to how Narduzzi treats people. I for one view how he treats people in a negative light. Ex. The nooch, Reeves, Ox, Cupkas, Conklin, Chaney, Pugh, too many examples to list. Some guys have more optimistic view I’m not sure how but they do.


  34. I just remember the whole I told Ben in there your our guy then totally changed that in his presser the next day. I would have transferred too. This would have been the Noochs 4th year in the program and he spurned him publically. Tuesday in the Trib Borbley through Sear under the bus for a sack he gave up. Respect your players.


  35. You guys need to re-watch the games concentrating on the opponent’s TD plays and where Wirginis was and what he did on them.

    As I wrote preseason, he was very physically gifted but would get burned too often on big plays. There was a reason he didn’t start over Galambos or Caprara.

    Is Sainthood next?

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  36. When we give up touchdowns? Yeah, that means stuff went wrong. We should pick apart every players like that and see how they hold up, eh? Nobody’s making him out to be Jack Lambert, just a guy who makes more plays than the other guys on our defense. sheesh…

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  37. It would be nice to have everyone healthy for ND. As much as I would love to beat ND, I do not see it in the cards this year. They are very talented. An upset would rank with the WVU, Clemson, etc. upsets.


  38. ^^ Zach, you how Narduzzi treated Pugh? I don’t think you do….. Lots of things go on that we judge judge judge when we don’t have a clue of what it is we are talking about…


  39. Some time the comments on here just get way to far out in the blue sky speculation, especially on these individual situations however what ever is going on with all the personnel issues it ends up with the HC. It t starts with recruiting the right guys then using them in the right way and yes mutual respect, but that is sometimes hard to do if you recruit someone with the wrong values. Those looking for a ND win best not hold your breath. I have been reviewing upcoming games for W possibilities but am puzzled which Pitt team shows up. The only thing I see is they should get 1or 2 of the remaining 5 after the Domers. Most likely Virginia and/or WF but they both have a good passing game so ??????? Pitt is so much flux for this time of year who knows what is next!

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  40. 60, I agree, sports blogs and message boards are for sharing thoughts, feelings and commentary of all kinds. If we look back you will have a hard time finding myself telling anyone that they are wrong. What you will find is my opinion of the over speculation that we sometimes read. but that’s cool as well.

    It’s when the jumping to conclusions as factual is what is not fair. For instance, like I love Narduzzi, simply not true. Just because I say we don’t know what happened in the Sear mystery is not in defense of PN. We don’t know what happened. Similar to Heather being on vacation. How do people fall to the same mistake and then others jump on the backs of what some say without knowing what they talk about. (btw Reed, this is not about you at all). It goes back to what I said last week. When you don’t like the person, you like nothing about them…. but we have a place to express whatever opinion we have either way.

    The past couple days Narduzzi has been blamed for Sear leaving, the fight between Sear and Ford, Pugh and others leaving and holy heck, Wirginis getting hurt on a none contact drill among a bunch more. Just imo, it gets mighty old. Plus this coming on the heels of a big PITT win. Way to ruin it for me people… ike


  41. No question we have a lot of potential coaches for Pitt posting to the POV on an almost daily basis. No need for Lyke to go very far in looking for new coaches to hire for Pitt football.

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      1. We’ve got a good AD now. She’s only been here 2 years and done much. I’m going to wait a couple of years before giving her a grade.


  42. From PSN: The 5 latest ACC cornerbacks Coverage Grades for week 6, D Jackson #2 and D Mathis #5. And as for Ford’s unhappiness about his lack of playing time at Pitt in the defensive backfield keep in mind that Pinnock who came in the 2016 class(same as Ford) and the freshman Williams who came in the 2017 class are both playing ahead of him.


  43. Emel, A lot of the younger crowd today would not martriculate If they could not have THEIR number… entitled…

    I wish the NCAA would go back to some type of numbering system including not letting numbers be duplicated… Didn’t we get screwed on that deal a few years back against Notre Dame


  44. It’s possible the 3 corner nickel d helped Quintin better display his skills.

    We need at least one more tweak to the d that enables the d ends to be disruptive forces in the backfield and then we are set.


  45. A few things:

    Yes BiggieB, PITT did get ripped off when ND had duplicate numbers on the field at the same time. Just like PITT got jobbed a couple years ago against UNC when they lined up illegally on their last second touchdown pass. but that was Narduzzi’s fault?

    Here is something I heard just a little while ago. Can’t swear to this but I understand that Clemson put on a big push for Davis Beville after their starter was benched and left the team and subsequently lost their starting young QB the very next game.

    What’s more interesting about that story is Clemson’s QB walking away from the team in the middle of the season. Whaa? I thought this only happened at PITT? btw, Nebraska lost two players recently that quit the team mid-season. Whaa? I thought this only happens to Narduzzi?

    It’s simply not hard for me to understand that the player who practices the best sees the field.

    On another note… Not real positive about the game coming up… although I have to say, win or lose… PITT is still 2-1 and a game out of first place. Let’s get with it people…..!! Don’t bring me down


    1. The clempson qb left after the 4th game so he could transfer and retain one year of eligibility. Had he played his 5th game, he would have been out of luck next year. If you transfer during or after the 5th game, there is a problem


  46. Since were into fact checking these reports have been published in the papers see Tribune review watch press conferences on Twitter and talk to people who are close to the program. Follow former players read there comments. I won’t go into a lecture about primary and secondary sources but the word is out there is a lot of stink on the south side. Guess there just making it up.


  47. That could very well be true Zach, since I don’t know I won’t dispute what you say. I would only add that there are not many facts in your statement. imo, twitter and facebook are for the most lonely and/or most insecure people in the world but that is just me and Narduzzi talking. .wait a minute Pat tweets.. ugh!

    BTW, I think we see another rule change concerning transfer rules after this season….


  48. I have “slim to none” as my chance for a Pitt win this week.

    I just want us to come out of this game with no more injuries – oh, and I’d like to see Medure with six catches at TE…😊

    Go Pitt.


  49. Primary sources are the most valued. I do not do Facebook have never been on it. Never tweeted in my life but you can follow all the writers and players and former players which all give you a pulse of what’s going on.


  50. Zach, I don’t completely disagree with you but the one old saying I always go back to, “It’s the squeaky hinge that gets the grease”. It’s a lesson in perspective. In other words, you can’t trust the criers all the time but you do have to pay attention to what they say.


  51. when Zeise was moved to LB after the 2015 season, you have to remember that LB was a much bigger need than TE. Remember, the overall leading tackler over the past 3 years is a walk-on LB )and ironically Zeise’s high school teammate).



    1. So, Narduzzi takes a small fast 4* linebacker and makes him a DE….and of course he never plays and transfers out. (Yes, add Pugh to the list)

      Pugh said linebacker is best suited for him because of his combination of speed, size, strength and athleticism. But he also hasn’t ruled out the chance to also play running back.

      “Howard gives me the best opportunity athletically and academically,” Pugh said.


  52. Ike,

    I am replying to your earlier comments with regards to not knowing the whole story regarding Sear, and jumping to conclusions (not quoting you, just capturing the essence – I hope)

    While I agree with you that we don’t know, part of the value of a message board to many is a place to come and discuss opinions and hunches.

    For example, while you are right I don’t know what happened, I can tell you that I have been following Pitt for a long time. Sure not as long as many on here but ~40 years (as a young teenager) would be what I would call lengthy.

    What I and many others look at is a patterns. I can tell you the amount of upheaval with departures anecdotally seems to suggest that the person in charge has some issues.

    Some folks are more plugged in than others, but some see these patterns and have worked in leadership positions that seem to indicate a problem. The nepotism in hiring practices of assistants, the draconian veil of silence, the rumors of local high school programs turned off by this regime…it all leads up to speculation

    So let’s try to all understand that a good deal of what goes on here is synonmous to what the papers used to call an editorial. Editorials can use data to spin a point across. Editorials are almost always biased and while reflect a portion of the truth, it often has opinion woven all through it.

    Hence the “Letters to the editor” that often disputes the editorial. Remember though, the paper gets to screen and pick what letters they will print. In the world of social media/blogs/messageboard, no such filters exist.



    1. Dave – always appreciate your posts as they are thoughtful and well-articulated. Not sure that a number of others make the same effort in speculating about what has happened. Many appear to cut to the chase, causing some messages to appear as statement of fact. My two cents..

      Liked by 1 person

  53. On a TV interview Ziess dad indicated his son was not thrilled about LB but said he would go with it and play his ball locally which was important to him rather than transfer. I noticed he did not say it was his position of choice .


    1. Well most of us aren’t thrilled either. However both Zeise’s should be thrilled he’s even on the field.
      Sheesh…what gall.


    1. Pitt isnt paying the money like Duke. Capel is having a harder time getting recruits. Coach K and Duke have one of the dirtiest programs. Capel was deep in the doodoo.


  54. ike, you are always so on top of the situation with interesting observations and perspectives. I think the only error you ever made was one time you thought you were wrong on an issue but it turned out you weren’t… 🙂


  55. I’m not a fan of Watson’s play calling, but he did add a nice wrinkle in that play where he has George Aston in motion and at the snap Aston veers in and blocks at the end of the line as the running play goes behind him.

    Seemed to be effective versus the Orange as Aston created his normal chaos at the end of the line… Looked like an effective and creative use of our man George “The Animal” Aston.

    Go Pitt.


  56. DD, appreciate your comment and much respect, I get the Blog/message board etiquette and very much respect it. Live and let live. It’s the redundant, repetitive disdain that gets to me a little but I feel I made it clear it’s ok with me. I reserve the right to rebuttal though and try my best to do it with respect. The nitpicking on a man trying to do his best to do his job at times crosses lines imo. ike


  57. I’ll make my prediction now as my schedule is full right up to game time –

    If Pitt pulls the upset, the score could be close Lyke in 42-39 or 13-9.

    For me, the loss of Captain Wirginis is HUGE. I’d Lyke to believe that the next man up would seize the opportunity and make a name for himself. There is nothing going on with this team right now that brings me to that point.

    I’ll have to go against my expectations and heart with a prediction of Pitt losing 27-10.

    Pitt will hang with the irish for 2-1/2 qtrs Lyke they did with psuX, but will eventually fold to the better team (very hard to write as I dislyke nd almost as mush as psuX).

    The run game will be stuffed from the start with 8&9 men in the box. KP will continue to struggle by throwing short passes that get stuffed Lyke the run plays. I hope I’m wrong.

    My 2nd prediction – Duzz’s old team MSU will beat psuX in not-so-happy valley. (24-21)

    Go Spartans!


  58. After this blowout loss Saturday, it becomes a five-game season coming off the bye week.

    Time to rest up and gear up to win at least three games and make a bowl game to salvage something of what has been a stinker of a season. Despite my 180 on Narduzzi, my Youngstown brethren, he has proven now that he isn’t capable of doing the job. But he’s not getting fired, so try to make a bowl game to avoid talk of being fired. I’m not ready for another coaching change and player transfers, recruiting classes getting blown up, etc.

    The program and the school are a joke and have been for quite some time, but make a bowl game and move on to 2019.


  59. “The nitpicking on a man trying to do his best to do his job at times crosses lines imo.”…

    Hmmm.. “nitpicking”?

    Is it nitpicking to point out he has lost an above average amount of transfers- most citing his lack of honesty and trust? Is it nitpicking to point out his recruiting is sub par? Is it nitpicking to quote a number of players when they say they felt mislead by the coaching staff?

    BTW- Word is Ford, and others are also unhappy with the “direction” of the team.

    Honestly nothing is going as planned right now. I pray that God Almighty sends me some blessings soon🙏🏽..— Paris Ford (@DiddyBop1_) October 7, 2018


    And we’re supposed to take it easy on a guy making $3M/year because he’s “trying to do his best”?

    Look, this isn’t my kid “trying his best” to make me a macaroni necklace in preschool. This is a well-paid adult. I don’t really care how hard he “tries”.

    Liked by 2 people

  60. Move on to 2019 – how? We lose our whole OL minus Morrissey, both RB’s, FB, one of top WR’s. We are replacing 8 out of 11 starters on a bad offense.

    Defense – I think there’s a chance it may improve some with better secondary play even though we lose linebackers – not sure they are that big of a loss.


    1. The O is going to suck regardless. Only hope is Pickett is better a year older or Buechele grad transfers to Pitt from Texas since Watson recruited him. Not worried about the wide outs, but the running back recruiting has sucked despite people loving that running backs coach, Powell. What a drop off that position takes when Hall and Ollison graduate. I expect AJ Davis to transfer since he’s been dicked around since day one and the coaches not redshirting him.

      The defense I have more faith in. Lots of addition by subtraction, especially at linebacker. These coaches are jagoffs playing these seniors like Roy, Hendrix, Zeise, #23, and Briggs over younger kids who are equal, if not, better.


  61. from the PG — Brian Batko@BrianBatko
    Just thinking about some past Pitt-Notre Dame clashes. If he were coaching for the K’Waun Williams pass interference call, Pat Narduzzi would’ve impaled the ref with the flag.

    ND was rated #2 at the time and played in national title game but was blown out by Bama. Just another overrated Irish team of the last 2 decades. Problem is that I don’t think this is one of them, Crushing a pretty good Stanford team impressed the heck out of me.

    As Nate stated above, the bye week is next week. Last year they beat 3 bowl teams down the stretch. This year I can see 3 wins again …. which would slate Pitt about the same as it has been since Wanny. In HCPN’s defense, none of those teams played an OOC of three top ten teams



    1. Looked like a very good win at the time….until a middling Utah team also crushed Stanford. Hard to tell how good ND is(since VT beating FSU doesn’t seem so great now either)….we shall find out tomorrow.

      Hard to see Pitt’s offense scoring much, but who thought we’d score 44 last week. Nobody.


  62. Before the season we were told that KP, Wirginis and Ford were the future stars that were going to make a big difference this year along with overall depth from Narduzzi’s recruiting. A mid season assessment after crushing losses to PSU and UCF and an embarrassing loss to UNC would indicate that the pre -season confidence by some hasn’t been accurate, injury not withstanding.

    To be honest, I am not disappointed because the season has gone pretty much as I expected, although hoping that the cheerleaders were correct and that doomsayers were wrong. KP is pretty much where I expected him to be, behind a porous line, Wirginis didn’t surprise one way or the other and unfortunately is gone. Ford is the big mystery, his supposed big play ability missing in action. The supposed depth better show up with Wirginis gone, Mack down, KP on a gimpy knee and surely more injuries to come.

    It was great to see the team rise above the obstacles last week and multiple guys make big plays and maybe develop an identity on offense.

    Unfortunately, we are facing the last of our nonsensical OOC, but hoping that Heather wises up and stops this nonsense in the future seems to be futile. We are our own worst enemy.

    You need stars to play these kind of teams and lots of them. Is a win possible? Of course, we have seen them before, but it is much more likely to have a redux of the PSU or UCF debacles.

    These games are not helping to improve recruiting, just the opposite, what kid wants to be embarrassed on national TV?

    Hopefully this game doesn’t completely wipe out the momentum gained last week as we finish the ACC season.


    1. I totally agree that the national games are hurting recruiting … and home attendance. Because when Pitt plays someone on more of their plane … VT, Cuse, Duke, UVa etc. …. who cares?



  63. the only way to beat ND is to go with a spread attack
    this would also be a game to use tight ends and backs in the passing game
    and use some wild cat
    the domers are prepared for a power running game with jet sweeps
    got to think outside the box to win

    Liked by 2 people

  64. Jay91 +1 on your nitpicking post above. Hardly nitpicking. Anybody ever have a boss say, “You’ve had two crappy years in a row, but I’ll give you a bonus anyway since I think your’e doing the best you can”..?


    1. my guess is that he got the raise to finally put the Pitt HC with his contemporaries …. like the HCs of Duke, Cuse, etc. But he still paid less than Mendenhall, (UVA), Fuentes (VT), etc

      Trouble is that the program remains stagnant with no real hope of future success. wwb


    2. htp123, he got the raise after one crapy year not two. Unless you think an 8 win season is crappy than it would be three crappy years in a row.


  65. What has kept the numbers down for the tight ends this year, as far as receptions?
    Narduzzi: You know, maybe ability to make a play, catch the ball, whatever it may be. But we’ll just play it. If you have a big dude that you can get the ball to, that makes a difference.

    Damn Narduzzi, keep taking shots at your own players. Don’t forget this very important part Pat, you are in charge of recruiting and you are recruiting these players.


  66. My ND observations are that we have a chance if ND loses 3 fumbles and we intercept 3 passes.

    I will be driving during the game and I do not want to be upset so I will not listen to the game. I will watch the game tape at home alone with a cocktails. Where is Tony Dorsett when we need him?



  67. When I talk about nitpicking Jay, I’m referring to things like criticizing every word or move the guy says or makes. There certainly are plenty valid points that should absolutely be talked about and I have no problem with others expressing their thoughts and opinions are a blog. His press conferences are absolutely nitpicked to death and make sure you read my last sentence. I say “at times”. You’re actually nitpicking at my comment.

    David, please reread my comment and you’ll see we say the same thing. Then read JoeL’s comment right below yours. That’s exactly what I am saying. btw, I read on the POV yesterday a comment blaming Narduzzi for Wirginis’s injury. That is the kind of thing I talk about.


  68. Here is John McKay throwing his entire team under the bus. When asked how the Tampa Bay team played he responded “We didn’t tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking”

    When asked about Tampa’s execution after another game he responded “I’m all for it”

    Why would anyone want to be a head coach, they get scolded for not answering questions and scolded when they do. ike


  69. You are talking about the same coach in McKay that won 4 national championships. Pat, not so much. Not exactly comparing apples to apple if you know what i mean.


  70. I’ve got the answer Ike, for the $3 million plus per year. How many of those $3 million plus years would you have needed to help feed the family and secure a retirement in luxury?


  71. To the point of replacing Wirginis… Signs that Randy Bates is making MUCH needed changes on Defense.

    Always thought Brightwell was out of position in the Middle. Looks like Bates is leaving Brightwell OUTSIDE with either Reynolds or Pine taking the place of Wirginis.

    Personally like Reynolds… and think he’ll end up being Bates’ choice.

    Also like the commitment being made to Jason Pinnock at Corner opposite Dane Jackson. The only thing left is to find the BEST Combo at Safety.

    Bates COULD be putting together his BEST Defense of the Season… just in time for the BIG One!

    Think we’ll see IMPROVEMENT.

    Liked by 1 person

  72. Jay91@8:11am

    “Look, this isn’t my kid ‘trying his best’ to make me a macaroni necklace in preschool. This is a well paid adult – I don’t really care how hard he ‘tries’.”

    (Thanks Jay, very descriptive and creative. Hope your son has your creativity)


  73. Narduzzi typically spends his post game pressers and mid-week comments trying to downplay the glowing comments made during Spring ball and Fall camp (the WRs especially come to mind). If you recall his Spring and Fall comments, everybody is all world and destined to become spectacular performers. Perhaps this is done to set expectations and compensate for closed practices and restricted interviews. Then when things go South during the season, he comes back with dumb statements like his weak explanation for the TE failures. Poor recruiting is not acknowledged. Penalties are someone else’s fault.

    Narduzzi coaches like he is running the Alabama football team instead of mediocre Pitt, running players off and recruiting with an arrogant attitude. He then loses recruits to schools like Rutgers and Purdue. Regardless of their ability, there is no way Clark, Reeves and Sear should all be gone from this team- what happened to the family atmosphere? It’s all BS, and now they are scouring the Jr. college scene for some serviceable TEs.


    1. TVOR — “Poor recruiting is not acknowledged.”

      If a Coach acknowledges that “we’ve recruited poorly”, wouldn’t that be throwing all of his players under the bus???

      I’m not disputing that we need better recruiting. And we need better position distribution in the classes. Bringing in three TEs in one class, or four or five DEs, is causing problems.

      I think it’s because it’s tough to recruit to Pitt and we end up taking the best available guys still around as LOI day nears – even if we already have commitments for those positions…

      Go Pitt.

      Liked by 1 person

  74. Well, looks like PITT is in big time trouble this week. Notre Dame is legit with big time talent up and down the lineup. So ah oh. I expect a blow-out for a couple of reasons.

    )1. Notre Dame is ranked #5 at the moment meaning they would probably not make the 4 team playoffs. ah oh again. So the final score will help or hurt ND. Trouble again.

    )2. Even when put their #2 QB in the game and just run the ball that won’t help PITT. Wimbush’s best assets are his two legs and not his arm. ah oh again. ND will want to run up the score and take no prisoners and no apologies

    Notre Dame…..57

    This one is going to hurt… ike


  75. If Pitt puts 10 points on the board I will be surprised. When ND pours in on in the second half, I will NOT be surprised. So what will the Narduzzi post game explanations be this time? I think we are looking at a 49-7 score.


  76. Yeah, Kelly is a Notre Dame classic jerk and I’m sure he’s feeling just a little bit of pressure to finally do something over there at the second biggest cult in college football. … and you want to see a coach screaming at his players and coaches?


    1. As many have mentioned on here, that have been to Notre Dame game with Pitt, the Domer fans are very welcoming and overly polite. I would say Ohio Fake is the 1st or 2nd biggest cult, with Pedo State being the other. Michigan is also up there. And then maybe Tennesssee & LSU & Clemson.


  77. Tight End receptions are way down, because most Tight End routes are over the middle and they don’t have the confidence in Pickett throwing over the middle, or pretty much anywhere, except for WR screens and dink passes of less than 10 yards.


  78. Well fellows and gals, been trying to get a hold of Reed without any luck, got me a little worried I tell ya and hope to hear from him today. Meantime I sent him a short know your enemy a few days ago and he would normally put that kind of an article up by now so I’m going to post here at the bottom of this article and keep piggybacking off of it. NOTE: This what the crap I send Reed looks like before he gives it a makeover. He works wonders.

    …………………………………………… KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!……..

    A look at 6-0 Notre Dame… To start, here’s a Pat Narduzzi quote ” I think they walk into high schools, they get what they want”. Well not exactly 100% true but darn near. ND has come into and blitzed western Pa football recruits and grounds the past few years to the tune of Phil Jurkovic, Kurt Hinish, David Adams, Andrew Kristofic and Robert Hansey. That would be the start and making of a good football team right there. (Adams career ended early due to injury) BUT, they are not here they are there and doing fairly well so far.?

    Notre Dame plays at some supposedly hallowed ground called, simply enough, Notre Dame Stadium which holds 77,622 fans. Mostly on refurbished bleachers. Staying as far away as I can from the religion rule I will only say they have a false idol there named touchdown Hesus. Moving on..

    About this team. 6-0, hmm… This #5 rated team in the country has beaten Michigan 24-17, Ball State 24-16, Vanderbilt 22-17 Wake Forest 56-17, Stanford 38-17 and Virginia 45-23 in which I understand the game was a lot closer than that score. That’s not all that impressive people. Beating an ok Ball State team by 8 makes me go hmm again.

    More on the players:

    Notre Dame has two QB’s that have played a good bit this year. The likely starter will be Ian Book and here is the short book on Book. 6’0, 200 lbs. He’s 77-105 for 887 yards with 9 TD’s and 1 interception. A 177. QB rating, now that is not too bad. The other QB and former starter is Brandon Wimbush who is bigger at 6’2″ 220 lbs. on the year he’s thrown for 589 yards completing 42-76 passes. 1 TD 4 interceptions for a 107.7 QB rating. Easy to see why he’s been replaced. A final note on the QB’s, Wimbush runs the ball a lot more than Book.


    Dexter Williams 5’11” 215 lbs has run for 339 yards for an 8.9 average per run.
    Tony Jones jr 5’11” 220 lbs has run 58 times for 302 yards and a 6.5 ypc
    Jafar Armstrong who is listed as a WR and stands 6’1 227 lbs but must be a running back has gained 245 yards on 47 carries.

    Looks like a very solid and deep group, more like a 3 headed monster?


    Miles Boykin at 6’4″ 230 lbs with 28 catches for 428 yds
    Chris Finke at 5′ 10″ 180 lbs 19-243 yds
    Alize Mack at 6’5″ 247 lbs 19 catches for 209 yards
    Chase Claypool 6’4″ 227 lbs who has caught 18 passes for 200 yards.

    Couple notes on this group. Boykin is a big WR and seems to be the main target. Mack is actually a tight end and is being used. Plenty of targets to go around.

    On defense there are 3 players to look out for.

    Jeremy Tillery 6′ 7″ 305 lbs defensive tackle
    Drue Tranquill 6′ 2″ 235 middle linebacker
    Te’von Coney 6′ 1″ 240 lbs linebacker

    This ND defense will be difficult to run against with those three guys in the box. All three are projected to the NFL next year however, Notre Dame’s defense is ranked at # 49 in the nation. When considering their # 45 ranked offense along with a fairly mild schedule it once again makes you go hmm, can PITT hang with these guys? …

    Get well Reed.


  79. Might as well follow Ike with my pick ND 52 Pitt 10. A no passing game has no chance unless ND turns it over about 7 times.


  80. I’d rather see ND win the NC, than anyone in the BigJoke save Wisconsin or Iowa.
    And anybody in the SEC or Big 10(12). And FSU or Miami.

    Their kids actually go to school, take real classes and get degrees.


  81. jrnpitt, I didn’t have the heart to push the score into the fifties, which is why I went with 49-10. But as a long time visitor to the ND campus, I do agree with Emel that the kids are very respectful and the place is a class act.


  82. and now if the POV can handle some good news? Just got off the phone with Reed’s wife and with her permission I can tell you all, Reed is resting and recovering nicely. No setbacks and the surgery went great. So we carry on in his honor and absence. That took a load off. ike

    Liked by 1 person

  83. Also to be clear on the cult comment. Not so much talking about the fans at ND, psu has some good fans as well. Meaning more of the culture of the school. Kinda of like sending a young student up a scissor ladder in 50 mph winds to fall to his death kind of cult. I do realize that’s more on Kelly but who is their coach tomorrow?


  84. ND is in the hunt this year for a (to them, a loooog awaited) National Championship. They won’t blow their chances this weekend against Pitt. Time to impress the nation.

    ND — 65
    Pitt — 3

    Like finally starts the search.


  85. Watched Appalachain State beat up Arkansas State. Satterfield would be a great replacement for the Duzz. Runs his railroad on tight schedule. They play well but also just look sharp. Somebody will grab him up soon.


  86. Great job and thank you ike on the “Know thy Enema” article and the Reed status update. Wow, your game prediction is something else! I don’t expect a Pitt win but I can’t predict that much of a spread, in part because I think Kelly is right up there with Franklin in the jagoff department. That said my prediction is
    ND 35 Pitt 17 😦


  87. Ike — good job on the article and on informing us about the

    ND sounds pretty darn formidable, especially that defense. This is one of those games where I wish I had a wedding to go to…😊

    I expect a game where one team is in the forties and the other in the teens…

    My main concern is can we make some adjustments, become a better team, and get some wins after the bye week…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Exactly. After this game, regroup during the bye and get ready for a five-game season and try to win three to qualify for a game. Duke and Virginia are the must wins.


  88. Just catching up on the excellent posts and hoping Reed checks in and let’s us know he is doing better.

    GC, I had to chuckle at your comment that we are catching ND with our final OOC game and it comes at a time when we might lose momentum. I shook my head laughing actually. Only us guys feel that we have momentum when we win a game. True, but Good grief!

    Will make prediction later.


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