Pitt and the UCF Knights square off late Saturday afternoon, 3:30pm exactly, down In hot and humid Spectrum Stadium in Orlando, FL.

Not too many writers are choosing Pitt to win this match. So, do we Pitt fans think we can pull out what will be a suprise upset?  If so let us know why in some detail.

If you think Pitt won’t win this tough game then let us why about that also. In other words enlighten us with your football wisdom!

Here’s my take. I’ve felt since fall camp that our defense wasn’t going to be as good as the propagandists on the coaching staff wanted us to think. Not with the LBs we field and Briggs and Motley in as DB starters.  With that I figure UCF is going to pretty much score at will against us. I won’t be surprised if they have 27 or 30 points at halftime.

They will strike fast and often because we won’t be able to change our defenses to match their hurry-up offense. They stay in formation and snap the ball between 12 and 15 seconds.

Our OL will not get any better at pass protection and since I think we’ll be playing catch-up ball, especially in the 2nd half where a good passing game is needed to quickly close a bigger scoring gap, its unlikely that that part of the offense will be able to do what it takes to win.

We’ll  run well in the first half but UCF will adjust at halftime and, as said above, we’ll need to abandon it to make quick scores and save clock time in the 4th quarter. So I think the Pitt running game will look good statistically butit won’t have much impact in the final score.

This is the game we’ll see Pickett throw more INTs than TDs.  UCF gives up yards passing but they are 4th in the nation in Opponent’s QBs’ Passing Efficiency Ratings holding them to an average 91.19 rating which is very low. In other words that 91.19 rating would put the opposing team at 128th nationally… very telling what.  They will harrass and disrupt our young QB and impact our passing.

UCF 48 – Pitt 21

Give us your take on the game!


193 thoughts on “Pitt vs UCF Predictions Thread; 2018

  1. UCF 38 – Pitt 31

    The only good that will come out of this loss is that Pickett will get plenty of practice throwing the ball.

    PN saying they will stick with their base D is the most ridiculous thing I heard all week. It is the reason they stink on D, he is stuck in his old ways.


  2. 52-24 UFC…we are no longer an average Div 1 FB team.. that was see last Saturday losing to a terrible NC Tar Heel team. Back to the Carl DePasquale days but not as bad as the Dave Hart years-that will happen next season.


  3. I know, it’s a crazy thought but I just feel that this is the time where Narduzzi finds a way to rally the team and step up and show some game.

    That said,

    Pitt 27
    UCF 31



  4. I look for a pretty even first half, and then the heat and second half collapse will occur, and it will not be a pretty finish.

    Pitt 21
    UCF 42


  5. Pitt wins upset games like this. However,
    Pitt also makes 2nd string QBs look like Heisman winners.
    ……. so what will happen?
    Milton, who is a Heisman Trophy candidate will win the Heisman because of our 4 year proven disastereous Defensive Scheme.
    UCF: 61


  6. PITT (2-2, 1-1 ACC) vs. #13/14 UCF (3-0, 1-0 AAC)

    September 29, 2018 • 3:30 p.m., ET

    Spectrum Stadium (44,206/Bermuda Grass) • Orlando, Fla.

    ESPNU • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network

    PittsburghPanthers.com • @Pitt_FB

    LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. UCF)


    • For the second time in September, Pitt will play an opponent ranked among the nation’s Top 15. The Panthers travel to Orlando this week to face No. 13/14 UCF in an ESPNU televised contest.

    • Pitt is coming off a disappointing 38-35 road loss to ACC foe North Carolina, a game the Panthers led at halftime. UCF ran its record to 3-0 with a 56-36 win over FAU.

    • UCF owns the nation’s longest active winning streak at 16 games. The Knights went 13-0 in 2017, earning a No. 6 final ranking and staking a claim to a national championship.

    • This will be the second time in six games that Pitt will face an opponent riding the nation’s longest active winning streak. On Nov. 24, 2017, the Panthers halted Miami’s 15-game run of victories with a 24-14 upset.

    • Pitt and UCF have met once before, a 52-7 Panthers win in 2006.

    • The 2018 encounter is the first of two consecutive meetings between the Panthers and Knights. Pitt will host UCF at Heinz Field on Sept. 21, 2019.

    • An argument can be made that Pitt is going against the grain of Power 5 non-conference scheduling trends. Of the Panthers’ four non-ACC games in 2018, three are against FBS opponents whose combined record this season is 11-0 (4-0 Penn State, 3-0 UCF and 4-0 Notre Dame). Last season those three teams were a combined 34-5.

    • Fourteen players on this year’s Pitt football team hail from the state of Florida, the second highest total from any state (behind only Pennsylvania).

    • Dating back to the 2008 season, the Panthers are 5-1 when playing road games in the state of Florida. During that stretch, Pitt went 3-0 at USF, 1-0 at FIU and 1-1 at ACC Coastal foe Miami. (The Panthers will visit the Hurricanes again this Nov. 24.)


    This is the second meeting between Pitt and the University of Central Florida…the lone prior contest between the Panthers and Knights took place on Oct. 13, 2006, a 52-7 Pitt road win…Dave Wannstedt was head coach of the Panthers for that game, while George O’Leary led UCF…current Pitt tight ends coach Tim Salem was on O’Leary’s staff that season as offensive coordinator…this will be Pitt’s first game against an opponent from the American Athletic Conference (AAC) since the 2015 Military Bowl when the Panthers dropped a 44-28 decision to Navy…the Panthers are 77-46-5 all-time against current members of the AAC…14 players on Pitt’s 2018 roster hail from the state of Florida.


    Television • ESPNU

    Mike Corey (play-by-play), Rene Ingoglia (analyst)

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  7. This will be a horror show, in the same vein as last year’s Oklahoma State’s first-half trouncing.
    Moreover, it will demonstrate the superior coaching on one team versus the bullheaded and inferior approach on another.



  8. I can’t see this being the game Pitt turns it around and pulls a stunner. The pass defense is just too untalented and the 2nd half Pitt offense, or lack thereof, will continue. Those weather conditions will take a toll on Pitt in the second half, especially considering the difficulty in player substitution. I’m going UCF 58 – Pitt 23.


  9. I’m thinking that 90% of the people who put in a season prediction had PITT standing at 2-2 right now? We just had PITT losing to GT and beating UNC.


    1. If you picked 7 regular season wins I believe your going to be wrong on your season prediction. You cannot look at things in a vacuum. Its not that were 2-2, its how we got here. It matters.


  10. UCF 62 Pitt 24 A previous poster said it best as Pitt is the only P5 team they play this season they will pour it on until the 4th quarter whistle sounds off.


  11. I predicted this as a loss. Factors include: road game against good team, weather, our lack of depth, QB experience, etc, But I hope that we pull it out. H2P


  12. Looking at this team objectively, if they were playing well but just were victims of bad luck, I’d say that eventually it evens out and Pitt would be due for a big win. But realistically, there is a pattern of poor defensive play again this season, and of teams figuring Pitt out in the first half to win going away in the second. How is this trend expected to change against UCF? It won’t. P. Ford, makes way too many mistakes to contribute much at this point. If he and the other 2nd team DBs play much, as they probably will, there will be the inevitable breakdowns and big UCF scoring plays in the second half that we have come to expect.

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  13. I normally pick a W, hell I picked us over Clemson in 2016!
    But after he said UNC was good and they went out and got killed last night…..if that’s good I don’t want to know what Duzz thinks is bad.

    I think we see what he considers bad tomorrow



  14. GT is not a good team and said so. Pitt hung on to win after being up by 20. Pitt first road game was a disaster. NC is a bad football team. Pitt lost to a bad football team and UCF will toy with Narduzzi and his crap defense. UCF will win 45-16. but the score is not as important as the point of recognition that Pitt is a badly coached football team. This will be the most embarrassing loss in Narduzzi’s regime to date.


  15. Final score Miami 47 NC 10. Kind of makes you sick just thinking about how poorly we played against NC absent quite a few of their starters. Oh yea, NC had most of the starters back last night against Miami.


  16. UCF’s O against Pitt’s D:
    UCF’s O wins. Milton can sling it and run it. He’s good. He also has a couple of fast receivers with good hands. UCF runs the ball well, and the RBs catch a fair number of passes. The UCF offense is at times a well oiled machine. UCF should have success throwing the ball against Pitt.

    Pitt’s O against UCF’s D:
    Pitt’s O wins. Pitt’s RBs will get some yards. UCF’s LBs didn’t impress me against UConn. Pitt will attempt to control the ball. Slow the game down. Keep UCF off the field. But, in the end, we will have to play from behind to win and so will throw the ball. UCF will adjust from a base 4-3 to a nickel defense and will shut down our passing game enough to win

    We will play them close for a half. UCF will pull away in the second half.

    UCF 51 Pitt 34


  17. Milton is the best college qb I’ve seen in a long time. My grandson’s 4th grade football team is playing in the same time slot and they are undefeated. I’ll be watching him play instead of watching Pitt’s dbs chasing CF’s wide open receivers. Pitt has no chance in this game, none.


  18. OK, this is it. This is the game that PITT puts it all together. This is the game that will leave us scratching our heads and saying, “why can’t we play like this every week?” PITT-31 UCF-28.


  19. UCF’s floor will be 42 and Pitt’s ceiling will be 17.

    I hate to say it. I want to hope that there is progress, but it’s like the program flatlined.


  20. UCF will have 38 points by the half. This will take out run game out of it force Pitt to pass. UCF will load the box with 8 men game over my friends. UCF 76 Pitt 7


  21. If they score 70 on us on Saturday, not only should all the coaches be fired but all the scholarships should be revoked. That being said:
    UCF 67
    Pitt 37


  22. Reed, you know I don’t like the reply function so I’ll answer that question down here.

    The UNC game was a kick in the groin. It hurt period. No I never expected PITT to lose last Saturday and I won’t sugar coat that. So what I’m about to say don’t take it as an excuse but they were only a few calls and a penalty or two away from winning that game. Now, would it matter if PITT does win after playing so poorly on defense? Maybe it would, maybe not? Turns out UNC and GT are not that good.

    I do think UNC not playing UCF did come back to hurt PITT in a couple ways. I was wrong about that. Do I really and honestly think PITT can pull out a win tomorrow? Yes, yes I do. Sometimes the ball bounces the right way. Hope tomorrows game is PITT’s turn.. ike


  23. I think UCF will run us out of the building. Dennis Briggs will be chasing UCF receivers all the way to the airport. Pickett will have to call in the national guard to provide protection.

    Pitt 24
    UCF 52



  24. In Miami and it is steamy. Our out of shape players will be cramping and subbing. Fire Narduzzi and Strength coach as well. The recruits will see this beating and won’t sign. 4 will be there.


    1. Not wearing Pitt throwbacks for PSU was dumb. Wearing Akron colors was even dumber. Is Pitt paying attention to details?


  25. I have no idea what the score will be but I am leaning toward a UCF victory. If they hit 70 like some on here have projected, it will be crushing to this year’s team and we may not win another game.


    1. Yes like I took UNC I also took the Rams so I pushed and Tyler Boyd still stinks just because he had one good game in three years doesn’t mean anything to me


      1. I also have balls to tell you my picks and my four wins that everybody was against and now everyone is changing their tune remember you said six or seven laugh out loud if you want to laugh about something


  26. Received my Pitt campus future plan today.
    No OCS.
    No Bates St revitalization.
    And nothing about the search for the next football head coach.


    1. Were you surprised about no OCS?

      Every Chancellor and AD we have had for the last 15 years have said it wasn’t going to be happening.

      I keep telling people I’ve friends in both the City and County governments and have been told flat out there won’t ever be a big stadium or multi-use bldg in Oakland.


    2. Future plans can change.
      The Heinz lease runs out 2031
      So Pitt needs to begin thinking about where they plan on playing after that date
      Unless Steeler ownership invests millions in renovating Heinz, I can see them building a new stadium in the suburbs.
      Heinz was only built to last about 25 years per HOK


  27. Man I want to pick a Pitt win!! Because we need it.

    But to predict a Pitt win again a highly pass proficient team? That is just crazy talk. Its never been done in the Narduzzi era.

    52 – 23 the southerners.


  28. Bulletin board material for UCF. They will look at this like a slap in the face. Maybe they will try to run up the score if the situation presents itself.

    Pat Narduzzi on UCF (16 straight Ws) compared to UNC (4-11 in last 15): “Are they much better? I don’t know. I think North Carolina’s pretty good. It’s hard to say this offense is better than that offense.”

    Pitt’s HC comes across as a complete idiot.

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  29. UPitt – Last time I checked 1-1 equates to losing not a push. Something called vigorish, unless you and Ike are making the bets.


  30. After watching Miami last night it is hard to see this team winning another game. NC is really bad and unfortunately, we are worse.

    I will watch and root for the Panthers, but man I sense a real beat down coming at 3:30 on Saturday.


  31. Pat Narduzzi Press Conference

    UCF Week



    PAT NARDUZZI: Good afternoon. Obviously disappointed in last weekend’s game, three-point slugfest, I guess, as it is with those guys every year. But when I look at the back of that wall (with ‘ATTITUDE,’ ‘EFFORT’ and ‘TOUGHNESS’ graphics) and I look at our kids’ attitude and their effort and the toughness they played with, you never question that out of our guys. They played their tails off until the end on the road, which it’s never easy to go on the road.

    We don’t do everything perfect as coaches or players, and we all make mistakes at times, and those are some of the costly things, whether it’s a penalty or just an error in what to do and how to do it. That’s why we teach. That’s why we coach. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s not at any level, from Pop Warner to the NFL.

    But again, the biggest thing is are they giving you everything they’ve got, and our kids are playing hard. They care. Are they disappointed? No doubt about it.

    I’ve been on a lot of team buses, and I’ll share this with you. I’ve been on a lot of team buses through the years where you’re going — you come out of the locker room, you jump on the bus and you’re hearing some talk in the back of the bus, and you’re kind of like as a head coach or a defensive coordinator, you’re kind of like, shut up back there. But you know what, I don’t know if I — I was on the offensive bus, I’m talking the entire time, just silent. So it hurts. And I think when it hurts, that’s when you know your guys care, and the same thing was on the defensive bus.

    That’s a great thing, I think. Because it hurts for everybody. It’s not fun, but we can’t sit here and worry about it. Again, they’re always tough — the closer they are, the tougher they are because you know you’re actually one play away, and we had a lot of one plays on offense, defense and special teams, when you think about how it could have changed the game just on a positive note, Stocker makes a great play at the end of the half, he’s going to take that to the house. That’s just one of the positive things, I guess, when you say it’s a positive-negative. Positive that he got his hands on the ball; negative that he didn’t pull it down, he’s got great hands, too.

    So there’s a lot of positives to come back from it. We’ve got to learn from our mistakes and move on to Central Florida with — top 15 football team with a Heisman Trophy candidate for real. It’ll be the second one we’ve played this season. McKenzie Milton is a football player. He’s got a quick release, makes good decisions, the tempo is going to be going. They’re special there. And Pat Jasinski, their middle linebacker, he’s a football player, kind of like our Quintin Wirginis, he’s the guy that runs the show for them. So 58 and 56, some of those linebackers are always worth keeping an eye on in the game.

    With that I’ll open it up for questions.

    Q. After watching the film what did you see on those two touchdown passes that UNC got on you? Were those more physical or mental errors?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, it’s — I’m trying to think of — I know one of them I can think of. You’re talking —

    Q. There was one that —
    PAT NARDUZZI: One was a T shoot, I think I mentioned the word T shoot to you guys on Thursday. Do you remember that? You’re probably going, What is T shoot? T shoot is what we saw, but we weren’t surprised by it. You get in the game and things happen like this, and we’ll practice the T shoot — T shoot is when there’s maybe two receivers either side, usually it’s what we call a smash 7 over there and they send the tailback up the middle. We try to run one, which we run them, and they grabbed us around the waist, and we weren’t in position to make a play on the ball, and it’s something we watched — we watched tape from three years ago how many T shoots they’ve got.

    That’s the one I can think of, and then the other one, you know, I don’t remember another one. I remember Dane’s big pass.

    Q. It made it 35-28 —

    PAT NARDUZZI: Oh, on the little switch route. Again, just that was more just physical really. We’ve got to press it up and we’ve got to get on the guy. We didn’t get on him, and something just — probably more physical. You can say they’re physical and mental. We always talk about physical and mental. They’re both — mentally if you didn’t get on the right guy and didn’t get on him fast enough, it’s a little bit of both.

    Q. How do you address the penalties during practice? The Steelers have an officiating crew during practice.

    PAT NARDUZZI: We do the same thing, we’ve got referees. Every team meeting, obviously I guess Wednesday and Thursday, I start off the team meeting and we talk about yesterday’s practice, where we are, what we need to do today. Hey, let’s look at a review of what we did. I put it up there on a piece of paper, boom, stick it up there every day. It’s got offensive penalties, defensive penalties, the period, who it was on, their name is up there. We’ve done that for years, and we’ve been one of the least penalized teams, and we’ve had way too many on special teams, uncharacteristic of a Pitt football team to be honest with you, and it’s guys trying to make plays. Guys just getting anxious to go do it, and you’ve just got to relax.

    We got two illegal shifts offensively, I think it was the only two penalties we had on offense, and we don’t — I’m not going to run them, I’m not going to make them do up-downs. They understand how it hurts, and it hurts worse in the second half. It hurts worse when you’ve got a 25-yard run, it’s a first and 10, change the field, and now all of a sudden you’re backed up again, go back further, go deeper into the end zone. Get into that coming out situation.

    So they know, and it hurts, and they’re not trying to do it. I think it’s something that everybody has got penalties. I think we only had five, so it’s not like there was — I think five, and one of them was a kickoff out of bounds, which Kessman kicked the ball, so you can throw that one out. And on the same play you had Chase Pine was a little bit offsides. He thought he had to change something a little bit on that down.

    But those two I’m not worried about. I’m not worried about a personal foul, I’m worried about the illegal shifts which are happening both on — and it’s something in college football, they’re trying to speed these games up. Well, by the time you get off the sideline and get on the field, that 25-second clock on those first-possession plays with some of the shifting and just getting lined up, usually it’s a guy that’s got the furthest distance to go from the sideline. So we’ve got to clean that up, and we’ve known that.

    But those are ones that have hurt us, and it’s usually a young guy that’s not getting set, a freshman. So those are things that you’ve got to live with and try to correct.

    Q. Were there mistakes that you saw on the field during the week that carried into the game?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. You wish there would. We covered the T shoot every time we saw it. It’s an arrangement of different things.

    Like I said, let’s just look at defensively. There’s just little things, each play — you guys can put the tape on and point it out, we called out 3rd down and 17, we call cover two man underneath, and my man Therran Coleman is in perfect coverage, Dane Jackson is in perfect coverage, and the other corner just plays it different than the other two guys. It’s like — but he didn’t do that in practice.

    But things happen during the game, and you’ve got to correct it. But it’s one guy or two guys a play where — and then the other guys are playing it really good, and you’re like, Golly, if we can get all 11 playing, that’s coming together and doing it right and having focus for 60 minutes each play, six seconds. You get to break off six seconds again, and we’ve got to have focus.

    And again, perfect alignment, so I’ll throw that one out to you. Some of these tempos, and we’re going to see as fast a tempo as you’re going to see the next two weeks. Central Florida is going to snap the ball, shoot, between 8 and 12 seconds a lot of times, period. You might as well keep your cameras on and don’t shut them off, don’t blink, you might miss a play. But it’ll be as fast as you’ve seen. It’ll be lightning fast. But our guys got to get the call on the sideline and get back up and see the formation, identify a formation, and that’s why they’re scoring so many points because it’s going like this.

    We’ve got to get aligned perfectly, and again, our guys are in generally the right spot, but we talk about perfect alignments, and I’m talking this far. That far is a big deal, whether it’s a safety alignment on the No. 2, whether it’s a linebacker who thinks he’s in a 30, should be in a 10. It’s this far away, and those are all details that you have to clean up. So there’s some major things like that cover two I’m telling you about.

    But there’s some minor things that are just like tiny little things. They brought a couple motions, and we see about as much motion out of our offense in practice and camp and spring ball that we shouldn’t have any of those things. But we had a couple of them out there, and it hurts you.

    Q. Talk about losing focus on details. Are you surprised with all the seniors on defense?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. A lot of times it’s not the seniors that are having the problems. Every once in a while it pops up, but no, it doesn’t surprise me at all. If you’re in the game of football long enough, that happens. And like I told the defense last night, one week (sportswriter) Jerry DiPaola was asking if you’re the greatest defense ever at Pitt or since you’ve been here, and then the next week it’s like you’ve got to come back. The room sometimes goes lopsided, and the offense plays good enough and the defense doesn’t, and then all of a sudden the offense doesn’t play good enough, the defense plays their tails off.

    Like I say, you evaluate things at the end of the year, and it does not surprise me. Things happen during a game. It is moving fast out there, and you’ve got to think fast, you’ve got to be locked in. And again, I think our kids are locked in, but you’re going to have mistakes. I’ve never been in a game where you’re not going to have mistakes. But again, one less mistake and we win the football game. All it takes is one.

    Like I told the defense, we didn’t ask you to shut them out. There’s not going to be a shutout. There’s not many shutouts in college football anymore. We didn’t expect you to score 60, didn’t give you a time or a score based on the keys to what we have to do to win this football game. But all you need is just one play. Just one play. Make one more than you did because it’s not going to be perfect. Stop that switch route you’re talking about, stop the T shoot like we did all week in practice. It’s just one of those plays. Intercept it, take it to the house, whatever it may be, make one more play and you win the football game.

    Don’t have an illegal shift when we get a 25-yard — who knows what that turns into, but probably one less series for them. Just don’t fumble a kickoff return and don’t give them a short field to score again. Just take that one away.

    So there’s so many — everybody has got a piece of it, coaches and players. That’s how it is.

    Q. This defense came into the season with a great deal of high praise. These first four games what have you noticed are the biggest shortcomings, and have they met expectations?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Nobody is going to meet expectations. You’re talking preseason as opposed to postseason to real stuff in season and weekly. We look at where we are weekly.

    And like I said, nobody cares what you did against Georgia Tech in the first half. Nobody cares. You know what, this week the only thing I care about is what you do against Central Florida. All we care about is right here, right now, where are you. And again, you’re evaluated weekly, not evaluated at the end of the season as we’ve mentioned before. You’re evaluated weekly, and individually and as a unit.

    Am I surprised? No, I’ve seen it. It’s college football. It’s teenagers. It’s coaching. It’s everything.

    Q. How do you simulate their tempo in practice?

    PAT NARDUZZI: It’s a great question. I’m getting ready to walk into a meeting. As soon as we walk out of here, there’s — we’ve done it a bunch of different ways. There’s different ways to skin the cat. But number one — and it’s every week — you say, How do you simulate it? Our scout team will probably have wristbands. We’re going to try to bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. It’s not going to look like them. Just like Georgia Tech’s offense didn’t look like it.

    But yeah, every week that’s probably the first thing we look at before we watch a down is before you get into, really, game play, right now our coaches are all in different rooms, putting the pieces together, and then come together and say, Okay, how are we playing them, who are we playing, what package do we got going on. These guys, they limit you to really doing much pressure-wise because you don’t have time to even communicate. The reason they go fast is because they want to keep you in your four-down and they want to keep you from doing anything but that, okay, so they want to block a bunch of statues, so you’re handcuffed as far as what you do. You do too much, you’re going to get whacked and get hit for a big play. So you have to keep pace. You’re playing pretty much the same defense every down.

    I went off on that, but did I answer your question?

    Q. You did. Seemed like you were making a lot of substitutions on defense throughout the game. Still seemed like — you had Briggs go down, looked like a cramp. It’s going to be 91 or 92 down there this Saturday. Are you expecting to need the whole two-deep on defense to play a good amount of time?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, we’re always trying to sub, and a couple weeks ago when I got a penalty, that’s what we’re trying to do is sub even if we don’t need to sub. We’re going to try to get this (makes official signal for substitutions). When they do this, and I thought the officiating crew did a heck of a job of that, and obviously I emphasized it before the game with them, and they did a terrific job with putting their arms out, staying in front of the quarterback to give us a chance to substitute, and that was good to see.

    But we want to sub as much as we can sub. We’ve got two-deep guys that we think — we’ve got the guys that we think can go in there, and we’re going to continue to do that. Dennis cramped up, we didn’t get to sub him. Phil Campbell didn’t make the trip last week. I don’t know if anybody noticed. It wasn’t an injury, but he was sick. I didn’t realize he was a little sick on Tuesday, a little sick on Wednesday, and then Thursday night it kicked in, so we were down one guy, and he’s back yesterday feeling good, smiling. So it’ll be good to have him back. And again, he practiced all week so we lost not only a guy repping, Bricen did a great job moving over with zero reps at that boundary safety spot, Bricen Garner, that is.

    Q. Considering you guys have had trouble getting the ball down the field vertically, the running game has been really effective. Is it even more impressive because teams are at the line and you’re still able to run the ball?

    PAT NARDUZZI: It does. I think offensively they were mixing things up run and pass last week pretty good. I think we’ve been running the ball effectively. We rushed for more yardage — you sit there and you look at some of the stuff we put on the screen (team goals) last night, when you out-rush a team, and we rushed for over 200 yards, and we rushed for more than they do, and you’re still slapping yourself in the face like you still want more, it ain’t good enough. Over 100 yards rushing on defense is not good enough. It’s kind of the standard. Maybe the standards are all changed and these offenses are whacked out. They do a nice job, but I think —

    Q. Do you just kind of want to keep them (UCF) off the field by running the ball?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, but the thing we don’t want to do is handcuff our offense to the point where, hey, we’ll run it three downs in a row, see if we can eat up the clock and don’t run out of bounds. Nobody wants to coach that way, nobody wants to play that way offensively. (Former Pitt quarterback Pat) Bostick used to like that, but we’ve got to be opened up, we’ve got to go, and we’ve got to make plays, and I don’t want to handcuff anybody. We need to make plays down the field and Taysir did a great job of making plays, so those are some big-time catches. We’ve got to get more of that and we’ve got to get some more guys involved.

    Q. What do you guys have to do to sustain the good things you’ve done in the first half offensively the last couple of games and carry that over?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I mean, you’re talking first half to second half? You know, that’s the magic question right there. The first thing we’ve got to do is give ourselves a chance with field position, and it starts with special teams, and it starts with offense and defense. It’s really all three phases. But I mean, the second half the last two weeks, we’re sitting in the — really last three weeks. We lose the field position the second half. We win it in the first half, and we lost it in the second half. I think we lost the field position by 117 yards if we look at that, but it was all in the second half. I mean, our average field position in the second half, does anybody know it? Anybody? You guys look at the stats? Does EJ give you a stats book? What do you guys do? There’s so much information in there.

    I think they had it on the 36, we had it on the 18-yard line. No offense likes that. When you look at where they had the ball, our offense never had the ball in a P and 10 across the 50, and our offense had it at the 18, and their offense had twice on our side of the field, twice. They had it at the P whatever, the P 37. They had it on the Pittsburgh 37. And again, 10 points. Just don’t give them the short drive. That’s 10 points. I know they beat us by three, so those are all little factors that we talk about all those things. We’ve got to get better punts, we’ve got to get better kickoff returns. We can’t have penalties on punt return. We had two of them. We have a nice return and punt safe. We throw someone down, which is uncharacteristic. It’s just like, you know, we just, boom! Stab ourselves in the heart. We can’t do it. Until you fix that, you’re going to have the same problems.

    Q. Field position could be a problem with the defense giving up too many first downs?

    PAT NARDUZZI: No question about it. It’s everything. It’s all, like offense, defense, it’s all combined.

    Q. Talking about field position, are you seeing from Kirk Christodoulou in practice something better than what is put out there in the game?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I think he’s just got to refocus on — he can punt the ball. You guys probably see it in practice. He’s just got to get in the zone. I think he’s thinking too much. Again, it’s a young punter. You know, a young punter that’s trying to work through the good and the bad, you know. I’m happy he’s caught the dang snaps. You know, don’t wish for too much, you know, but I’m just happy he’s got the dang things.

    Q. We’ve seen more of your five defensive back looks against Carolina. I suspect that Central Florida and Syracuse next, we’re going to see more of it?

    PAT NARDUZZI: More of what now?

    Q. Your five-defensive back set out there.


    Q. How is that developing, and are you still evaluating personnel in that group and how that works?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. I mean, I think we’ve got who our guys are. We know who they are as long as they’re healthy and ready to go, we know who those guys are. There’s backups that will be in there at times. Therran Coleman came in and did a heck of a job for a few plays that he was in. You’d like to see that every day in practice from everybody.

    But practice is when we get an opportunity to do it in. I like where it is. Again, it’s just details. We put some decent pressure on the quarterback, got a couple hits. But we’ve got to get some cover sacks too.

    Q. Do you expect you’ll have to rely on that more because of the next two offenses you’re going to see?

    PAT NARDUZZI: If you do go to that, usually when we get into the five DBs, what down is it? Usually third down. You start going to some of that on first and second down, you won’t have to worry about third down. They’ll hit their head on the goal post running the ball down your throat.

    This team likes to run the football. They’re good running the football and they’re fast into it. So switching personnel isn’t really an option. Sometimes third down they’ll give you a chance to change personnel. But when they sub, we’re going to try to sub and get our guys out there.

    But, you know, the substitution is the key, and being able to stop the run out of a front, that our three down stuff is really for pass. So if you get into that on first or second down, you know, and we’ve got to stop the run, period. We didn’t do that last week.

    To win a football game, I know I’ve said that for three years here, you guys are probably going, ‘yeah.’ But some of these zone teams, we have not stopped it like we need to.

    Q. How far could Tre Tipton have run it on that kickoff if he kept hold of that (Maurice Ffrench) fumble?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Longer than you would.

    Q. That doesn’t say much.

    PAT NARDUZZI: He might have taken it to the house.

    Q. Preseason you said how much you like the leadership on this team. Has it held up to your expectations so far, especially bracing yourself for the stretch that’s coming up?

    PAT NARDUZZI: No doubt. The guys we have in this front row here our eagle council, some sharp guys. Dennis Briggs is in my office today. Greatest guys in the world. You love these guys. We’ve got great leadership. Like I said, I think the leadership starts with just the way we acted on the airplane and the bus. The guys are hurt after losses, and they’re happy after wins. Sometimes they’re not even happy after wins, you know, because they’re so locked into what they want to do, and they want perfection.

    Coaches want perfection. You’re never going to get it, but, you know, you need to be excited after wins and after losses you should be having some disappointment. If not, there’s something wrong with your heart.

    Q. You just talked about the Carolina game and having your signals. When you look back, how do you feel like that went?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know. Maybe you’ve got to ask them. I don’t know. You try to protect them. Who knows. I saw, I guess, maybe it’s FAU has this big, it looks like a big black door, that they’re trying to prevent people from seeing it. We may have to have you guys get a side line pass and come down to start to shield some stuff from the other sides.

    But you can only protect it so much. If you protect it too much, and maybe that happened a couple times where you cut off a safety, and he can’t see the call, and he doesn’t get it. You know, I know someone thought at one point we might have been in punt safe when we were in defense. But I mean, you screen them off, but you can’t screen them off of our kids either.


  32. I do see PITT’s Defense IMPROVING as the Season goes on. UCF is going to make it DIFFICULT this week.

    Key Saturday is getting MORE Players into the mix… starting at Safety.


  33. No other HC’s have had a problem with this in the last two years. Leave it up to Narduzzi to make a comment like this. This man is NOT the answer. Narduzzi says “I don’t know. Maybe you’ve got to ask them”. Seriously? This is the guy leading our football team. No thanks! I see why he was an assistant going back to 1987.

    Q. You just talked about the Carolina game and having your signals. When you look back, how do you feel like that went?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know. Maybe you’ve got to ask them. I don’t know. You try to protect them. Who knows. I saw, I guess, maybe it’s FAU has this big, it looks like a big black door, that they’re trying to prevent people from seeing it. We may have to have you guys get a side line pass and come down to start to shield some stuff from the other sides.

    But you can only protect it so much. If you protect it too much, and maybe that happened a couple times where you cut off a safety, and he can’t see the call, and he doesn’t get it. You know, I know someone thought at one point we might have been in punt safe when we were in defense. But I mean, you screen them off, but you can’t screen them off of our kids either.


    1. i like the rec center component. Thats a huge plus for students. and I know personally it was a priority for Pitt.

      Looks like most of Trees will be demolished which provide a new home for volleyball, wrestling and gymnastics. And there are plans for an outdoor track but that $13M dollar air dome practice field would need to be torn down.

      The new OCS goes on the VA Hospital lot. 🙂


    2. I agree. I have witnessed a real transformation here at Penn over the past decade…if Pitt can attack the problem anywhere near Penn did they will be in good shape.


  34. Pitt-Syracuse Kickoff Time Announced

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt’s October 6 Homecoming game against Syracuse will kick off at 12:20 p.m., and be televised locally by WTAE-TV, Channel 4, the Atlantic Coast Conference announced.

    The Panthers’ remaining 2018 schedule with announced television coverage and kickoff times:

    Sept. 29: at UCF (ESPNU), 3:30 p.m.

    Oct. 6: Syracuse* (Raycom/WTAE), 12:20 p.m.

    Oct. 13: at Notre Dame (NBC/WPXI), 2:30 p.m.

    Oct. 27: Duke*, TBA

    Nov. 2 (Fri.): at Virginia* (ESPN2), 7:30 p.m.

    Nov. 10: Virginia Tech*, TBA

    Nov. 17: at Wake Forest*, TBA

    Nov. 24: at Miami*, TBA


  35. Check out this Alan Saunders (PSN) podcast starting at the 14:00 mark when he talks about the upcoming Pitt vs UCF game.

    I agree 100% that the hurry-up offense is going to kill us…


    1. If Narduzzi chooses to stick with his “base” defense he is going to get trucked in this game. Side question, does he have a man crush on Briggs or what? Neither Briggs or Hendrix should be playing. Hamlin is close.


  36. Can’t say I read the article on the POV or any comments for at least the last couple weeks to much negativity and crap for me to waste my time but maybe if there are any Pittsburgh fans still left here read the new article on the direction of our great university and where it is headed hail to Pittsburgh and beat the hell out of the that team from hell fl


  37. Reed… regarding your question above about the Defense. A good question.

    No, they don’t get more “talented.” However, they’re College Kids.

    They can MATURE physically and emotionally. They can also get better with more experience.

    Improvement also SHOULD come from getting different Players involved. A Coach needs to recognize Kids who are showing that they are getting better by the way they PRACTICE. A Coach also needs to recognize when a Player has TOPPED OUT and is simply not getting the job done.

    In my opinion, one of these situations has been where we’re seeing LESS of Rashad Wheeler and MORE of Patrick Jones II.

    And there are OTHER Players we need to see more of at other Positions.

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    1. I get that but that also isn’t what this coaching staff does. They don’t change what they are doing hardly at all.

      I truly think that are kids are just not as talented as other D1 Power 5 players are with some exceptions so I feel there is a limit as to what they can do. Usually when the talent limit is reached good coaching takes over and gets more out of the players with appropriate gameplanning schemes and personnel deployment.

      I do not believe this HC or staff is capable of doing that.


  38. It’s too bad. But unfortunately on the Offensive side I don’t see much in the way of TALENT “in waiting.”

    That plays into why I think it is the DEFENSE where the improvement is going to come.

    But again, it’s up to the Narduzzi and his Staff to recognize where POSITIVE change can be made.


  39. Agreed. And you know what is funny about it?

    It wasn’t too long ago that a much smaller PREMIUM was placed on the impact of Coaching. There were often discussions on the Blather where many Posters put nearly all of the credit for winning on RECRUITING.

    No longer the case. The Sabans and Meyers certainly recruit. But they and their Staffs are really GOOD Coaches FIRST.


  40. Unfortunately Pitt is most likely going to be the whipping boy for UCF’s rage against the Power 5 and their feeling of being disrespected by the Power 5.

    And since Pitt is UCF’s only Power 5 opponent this year, Pitt is it ! Kinda funny strange since they could have worked off some of their rage against the Tarholes, but that game was cancelled due to Florence.

    And that means, they most likely won’t take the foot off the gas peddle. To try an impress the pollsters, the bowl folks and EVERYONE, that they are one of the top teams in NCAAF. Pitt found themselves in this predicament a while back, when we had to play non Power 5 (at that time) Utah. And that didn’t turn out so well.

    We will melt in the 2nd half in the Real Feel Temps of 100 degrees. And I see them running up the score for all the reasons above. Pitt is defenseless, this will be ugly.

    UCF 70 Pitt 31

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  41. To quote Clubber Lang (a.k.a. Mr. T) from Rocky III, when asked to predict the outcome of his pending fight with Rocky Balboa:


    That’s my prediction.


  42. What is agonizing about Pitt football is that just when you write them off, they play over their heads for a week or two. I am not touching this game, but I lean with Pitt +15.5 points. However, two main reasons why I don’t really like Pitt in this spot:

    1) Non-conference game which means they are not that vested;
    2) Like a scorned lover, the UCF program is looking to send messages to the college football world. If they get a chance to pound a P-5 opponent, they are going to take their pound of flesh.

    Prediction – UCF 45 – Pitt 31

    Prediction for post game presser – the following excuses will be made: 1) heat & humidity; 2) not enough time to sub; 3) UCF stealing signals; 4) coaches worked too much with scout team during week; 5) officials never called pick plays on spread offense leaving uncovered WRs; 6) college football needs rule change to prevent teams from snapping ball too fast; 7) cramping for defensive players; 8) Florida players distracted from friends and family; 9) After giving up 500+ passing yards, we will hear how Pitt defense improved at stopping run.


      1. I will be in a Plano ice rink tomorrow afternoon from 2-4pm. Game 1 of regular season vs the Dallas Penguins.


    1. we didnt have long enough cleats
      our dark unis soaked up the sun
      didnt drink enough gatorade
      couldnt effectively simulate the no huddle, hurry up tempo in practice
      the team is built to handle more pro style, conventional offenses
      Kenny is still learning
      its not an ACC game that matters
      players were distracted by UCF’s hot cheerleaders
      we needed to hear sweet caroline
      Pitt fans dont travel well
      i was constipated all game
      was looking forward to Homecoming


  43. Unfortunately, when Pitt gave up the football property for the Pete they also gave up control of any future OCS. The City and County are now in control and probably want to use Pitt football as leverage to keep the Steelers in the City limits to keep the tax dollars coming (the argument will be that Pitt would have no where to play). Because they control the permitting process, they will never let Pitt build an OCS if there is any danger of the Steelers moving out of town in the future.


    1. I agree but thats only if the Steelers decide to stay in the City and County
      I see the Steelers moving to Washington County

      Heck your Dallas Cowboys dont play anywhere close to Dallas
      Buffalo Bills play in Orchard Park

      I know both stadiums well


      1. Butler County is also a viable option…. say in the Cranberry Twp area. Since there is a Turnpike Entrance there and also I-79 exit, and very fast and easy to get up there from Downtown Pittsburgh. Much better locale than Washington County, imo.


        1. I-279, the North Hills Expressway, also deposits one on I-79 just south of Cranberry as well.
          and I-279 connects up with the Parkway East via the Crosstown Expressway.


  44. This is kinda funny – the wife texts me and says a friend of ours can’t make it to there Houston stage play tomorrow afternoon due to an illness in the family. So the wife says we would love to go in their place. So she calls me and I said sure, these performances are spectacular. So I ask her, by the way, what stage play is it. She says “ Les Miserable” which I respond “well, I was going to watch the Pitt game so instead of being miserable watching the Panthers, I’ll get to see the stage version!


  45. This assumes that Pitt would need to buy additional property for the OCS and for parking instead of using some existing Pitt-owned property- I don’t think that enough existing property can be found.


  46. Thanks for sharing the Pitt Master plan. Nice piece of work and ambitious.

    Gonna be a tough game tomorrow. I think the kids will play morte disciplined, but they will be winded by UCF’s speed. I’d need ore points to take the Panthers if I was betting.

    Lets hope for an upset shocker.


    1. Plan was weak and did nothing to fix the slums and or create a stadium that actually sells tickets. All puppies and rainbows. The streets are disgusting and should have trees and shrubs and green spaces years ago. Clean up the facade of forbes.


  47. This kind of puts into perspective with Kenny Pickett at this point. Watch out for the Game when the Run Game goes nowhere in the FIRST Half. It’s coming.

    Of the 130 FBS teams, Pitt is 115th in the country in passing yards, 48th in completion percentage, 109th in yards per attempt and 99th in passer rating.

    Pittsburgh Sports Now.


  48. ^^^ plus:

    101st in scoring offense @ 24.5. However against D1 opponents we are scoring only 21.6 ppt which is as low as I can remember.

    in 2017 it was 23.9 ppt on the season. You have to go back to 2007 @ 22.8 ppg to find a lower overall scoring then we are at now.

    and currently we are. 101st in total offense.

    Not good fellow fans.


    1. Not exactly a novel idea Mark. There is a high school football team up here (forget which one) that lost their first two games and voted to quit the entire season.


      1. I’m not following.

        Pickett needs benched. Get a spark with Patti or Boy George.

        Defense starters stink. Replace them all and light a match. No urgency from King Pat since he is in bed with Heather.


  49. Personally, I like Pickett. How can you not like a Kid who COMPETES like he does.

    He’s just not COMFORTABLE looking past the Rush to spot OPEN Receivers. Understandably, maybe a little “gun shy” at this point.

    Also not the most FLUID when it comes to rolling out and delivering the Ball.

    Obviously has to get better. I think he will.


    1. I known tons of competitors that are gamers and fight and lose all the time. This isn’t pee wee football. He can’t make throws.


  50. Our completion % is only that high because we throw very short passes. Dink and Dank, or stink and stank

    We’re almost at the bottom in passing, since the 4 Triple Option teams are below us. Last week before Army played Oklahoma, they and Pitt were tied for passing yards per game. that is how bad it is !


  51. We might as well just switch to the Triple Option at this point, with the QB’s on this squad. And the horrid pass blocking.


  52. You gave me an idea there Emel. Always thought Navy would be a good OOC opponent so just add Army along with GT as an ACC game and PITT could have a top passing defense? They still may lose those games but stats count.


  53. This game is a mismatch. No one, and I mean nobody gives PITT a chance to win. The odds are overwhelming, and the outcome will be nasty. It reminds me of the Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas fight. But wait, Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. Just saying……


  54. Went to the NC game.At the start of the fourth quarter I told my wife this defense is gassed. The heat will kill us this weekend. Strength and conditioning and the lack of the offense staying on the field is a real problem. Not going to be good. No need to predict a score.


  55. Regarding QBs.. Kenny has 8 guys wanting his job.. didn’t Reed say we have 9 QBs on the roster… you would think one of them could punt..


  56. I remember watching the Mike Gundy pre game presser before last years game.

    He something to the effect well they don’t change from there base.

    I.e. he said in a classy way that preparing for a Narduzzi defense is like candy from a baby.

    Duzz just confirms Gundy’s accurate observation.

    These UCF coaches probably took Thursday and Friday off LOL. Folks you cant make this up.

    Pitt is the easiest game for any reputable coaching staff to build and offensive game plan.

    UCF 80 Pitt 21


  57. Interestingly enough the line has gone from -17 to -13. I know most people are thinking we’re going to get killed…and I tend to agree with that. But in all honesty, if Pitt is able to win or at least hang with UCF, I’ll feel different about the rest of the season. I know it’s unlikely but I’d love to see it happen. Already a couple beers deep, so yea cloudy irrational thoughts at hand, but I never thought we would’ve beaten Clemson and Miami. I’m just saying it has happened before and I wouldn’t completely rule it out. Having said that UCF 49-Pitt 38.


  58. On a side note, I know most are down on the recruiting, but I’m not as much. Our recruiting rankings are anywhere between late 20s and late 30s the past couple of years- pretty decent. If we trust those rankings to any degree, I have to think it is more coaching than anything else. I honestly do think we have some talent on the team. But at this point I just don’t think they are getting the coaching they need. I was happy with the huge wins and willing to give PN a chance, but it is becoming more and more evident to me (especially with the coach’s comments, behavior, and lack of/unwillingness to change) that we’re not moving in the right direction.


    1. our avg star in these classes is no higher than 3.1

      va tech and miami average 3.3-3.7 in avg stars in last 4 years

      other teams in the division also recruit at Pitt’s level if not better

      1 4 star last year

      zero this year

      Pitt’s recruiting is not good enough to compete for coastal titles


      1. only VA has done materially worse over the past 4 years (look at avg stars) relative to Pitt
        and VA’s coach says they only have 20 ACC caliber players on their team

        Pitt may have 10


  59. Scott Frost was a world beater at UCF. He goes to Nebraska and even with out his freshman QB he gets crushed by Michigan. It is about fit and getting the type pf players needed to excel in ones system. UCF recruiting rankings are not very good but they play very well and beat auburn in a bowl game.They have first year coach and will hammer Pitt.

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  60. I think we keep the game close through the first half. Our offense will start out well by running the ball and controlling the clock. UCF’s uptempo O will give our D trouble though and D will get a few penalties with trying to sub in/out. I think a big return or turnover will let us keep it respectable at halftime. But UCF will adjust at the Half and we won’t(because Narduzzi is to stubborn). Our O will sputter and our D will wear down.
    UCF 52
    Pitt 33


  61. There is something different this game. It feels different somehow. I don’t know what it is. Like some disturbance in the force is comming..

    Whatever it may be, my instincts tell me Pitt 38 UCF 27.


  62. How sad is it that we are talking about UCF like they are a powerhouse? UCF people. Does that not burn anyone else up?


    1. Yep it’s embarrassing how far we have fallen. This team for years ago lost every game they had on their schedule. We’re stuck with gorilla calves


  63. Watching ucf game the other night, announcers said the average time it takes for ucf to score is 1 minute and 41 seconds.


    1. Gives us more opportunities to return kicks. UCF’s twitter videos discussed the fact that they haven’t punted much but have more kickoffs than others. They are concerned about French and Lopes.


  64. thats the high octane that Graham promised
    it can gas your own defense which is a reason why i think UCF’s D doesnt have good numbers

    not sad that UCF is a ‘power’
    they recruit for their system
    get good coaches
    play overall weaker teams
    Good for them…they made a commitment to football excellence

    Pitt doesnt have an identitiy
    They dont have schemes that work in the ACC
    They dont have the talent for those schemes which change every year at Pitt (revolving door for assistants)
    They dont develop players
    They dont have good coaches (head or assistants)

    Change those things…Pitt becomes a ‘power’


  65. Isn’t this a “prediction” thread? Not a “hope” thread. Not a “feeling” thread.. a “prediction” thread.

    Look. Pitt getting crushed by Clemson in 2016 was the CORRECT “prediction”. Just because it didn’t happen doesnt make it the WRONG prediction.

    Sometimes, the unexpected, unexplained happens. As they say, “That’s why they play the games.”

    If you “hope” Pitt wins, GREAT! I do, too. But, if you “predict” Pitt wins.. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL. Pitt is lousy. UCF is good to very good.

    And if you “predict” Pitt wins here on the POV and they pull it off, it was still the WRONG prediction.

    My goodness people. We’re all educated people here, I think. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO PREDICT A PITT WIN.

    I “hope” Pitt wins. But, they won’t.

    UCF 45
    Pitt 17


    1. Dude, if we can’t talk about our hopes or feelings on a college football message board, then this might as well be communist China. I understand u predict Pitt to lose- I do too- but please don’t patronize regarding what people hope or feel. Without our feelings to write about, what else do we have?


  66. Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

    UCF 63 Pitt 21

    Picked Pitt to win last week. After watching UNC get demolished last night, all hope is gone. Will be watching the clock click to midnight for Narduzzi the rest of the season.


  67. Pathetic = us!

    We are talking about a blowout to UCF, a school we couldn’t place on a map.
    We won a National championship! Oh wait, 9 Championships!
    We have alumni in the Hall of Fame! TONS!
    What we have now is intolerable.
    Where’s John Belushi to give a rah rah speech…oh yeah, heroin and cocaine.
    If we can’t be competitive…in the last 30 odd years…then quit this farce.

    But if we’re serious, toss this arrogant failure! Throw some meaningful bucks into the program, and show some pride.

    Being a clean program is admirable; Being a doormat is not.


  68. I’m predicting Pitt to win.

    They appear stronger and have pretty good speed this year.

    They should be able to push their lines around. And like Reed has mentioned, you need to win in the trenches.


  69. UFC – 51
    Pitt – 42

    I think Pitt will put forth a better effort than Vegas and many posters here suspect, but predicting a Panther victory is a bridge too far. If we are fortunate enough to witness the traditional, yet inexplicable upset this year, it will probably come against Virginia Tech

    As for tomorrow’s contest, I expect Pitt to have success in the run game and keep UCF’s offense on the sidelines long enough to make the final score respectable. But UCF’s strengths in the passing game are just too well aligned for Pitt’s weakness in the linebacking corps and secondary. That’s before you consider the intangibles and how UCF will be eager to put another Power 5 team in its place.

    What I want to see most out of this game from the coaching staff is innovation and a willingness to abandon the status quo if it’s clear the status quo is failing. Go off script, there’s very little to lose and you need to show the team you believe in them, are willing take to chances, and won’t just play it safe to avoid embarrassment.


  70. Narduzzi’s Big 10 defense will have no answers.

    This will be like the second half vs Houston, only for the whole game.

    At best the reverse of the high scoring Syracuse game.

    UCF 60 – Pitt 45

    Much like USA vs Europe today, no answers.


  71. I predict that the weather will resemble Australian summers. As a result, our punter will have a great game…well, the fact that he will get plenty of practice will also help him.

    UCF Mighty Knights- 66
    Pitt Nighty Nights – 19


  72. Reed, did I not get a shout out for practically nailing my UNC prediction because I’m not one of the POV boys?

    UCF – 52
    Pitt – 31


  73. UCF_49
    Going to see the game. It should be my last chance to see them play other than on TV. Hope they can win for an old man!!!!! H2P


  74. “..please don’t patronize regarding what people hope or feel. ”

    I’m not patronizing anyone. If you “hope” something say, “I hope..” If you “feel” something say, “I feel..”


    If you say, “I PREDICT Pitt to win this game.” then you are saying that after consideration of the facts, statistics, trends, recent performances, etc., your brain truly believes that Pitt will win this game…

    And if that’s the case, you’re an idiot.

    Of course it COULD happen. I will be “hoping” Pitt wins today. But to “predict” it is silly.


  75. Pitt wins this afternoon. Narduzzi believes he has duped the opponent with his base defense comment and switches to a 3 man rush with 3 lbs and 5 db’s. Actually, he realizes that opponents coaches have stopped listening to Narduzzi because they know that he is a leaker of his own information that nobody wants in the first place.

    Observation Hope- Their qb doesn’t know what to do against a DL that doesn’t pressure him and will start to roll out and spin out to make dramatic plays in the open field. In other words, their qb will get bored by a non-pass rush and wait for Pitt guys to get closer and then do the highlight moves. However, the field will not be open because we will drop 7 in pass defense, have one spy and a 3 man rush.

    Hopefully we are wearing our Akron uniforms, with no school name on the uni’s.

    I can’t pick against Pitt

    Pitt 45
    UCF 42


  76. Like I told the commander this morning. How I predict is predicated on whether or not I have anything invested on the prediction other than my love for PITT football. So when you ask me what do I think, I honestly think they can win so that’s almost all the time how I roll. What do I have to lose?

    Huff the third. Your comment made me chuckle as I have already wondered to myself why everyone thinks what Narduzzi says is a lie then turn around and believe when he says something they find funny.

    Example, when he says a young man has been practicing and doing great we hear, he’s full of it. But when he says something like, Kenny needs to get rid of that ball, he’s throwing everyone under the bus. When someone doesn’t like someone, nothing that person says, will be like.


      1. That’s not about only football, it was a general statement that I honestly am guilty of myself. I mentioned that in a previous article that included myself. It was about the world and no one in particular.


  77. Besides the defense which is all Narduzzi’s doing, I’m really disappointed in Pickett. I had high, but guarded, hopes for him this season. I thought finally they have the elixir this program needs to step up a level. But after 4 games I’m concerned. The game is moving way too fast for him. His accuracy is below the line. And his running skills are not exceptional, just a QB fleeing the pocket too soon to avoid getting killed by 270lb DLineman. He’s young so I hope he matures and gets more comfortable back there, but if I’m Narduzzi I keep looking very hard for another QB.


  78. I noticed after Kenny’s last games he says something like ‘I get the snap, look up and am already under pressure and feel like I’m running for my life.’ So I think if he’s gong to pass better some how he needs to be protected more – and this my friends is he crux of the problem.

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  79. It truly is Jim an the low number of times he’s been sacked doesn’t tell the story.

    You can count on one hand the times he’s been able to drop back and have a pocket to give him time to go through his progressions.

    That’s why his yards per attempt and especially yards per completion is so low.


  80. Some of my central PA family is as alien to me as the cast of duck dynasty would be to the cast of Big Bang theory, but they are my family and I’ll always have their backs. Sand with Pitt. I can’t pick against them. It not a head/heart thing in the usual sense. I always feel they will probably lose. But my head says, there’s always a chance, especially with kids that age. So how could this happen. It will have to be a high scoring fame for us to win. Like the Syracuse game. Over has to be over 85 or 90. The rest is easy. We get two big turnovers for TDs, and they give up three or four miracle TDs. We actually run out the clock. They miss an extra point.

    Pitt 47, UCF 44.


  81. PS. I do understand how those of you who are looking for a dispassionate,rational prediction feel. But I’m less interested in the broad middle of probabilities than in the outliers, the deniers, and how those can happen, even if they don’t happen very often. But changes from the probable are how we find new formulas to become successful (or in the case of the PSU game, how plan was very poor). The GT win wasn’t probable, but it could have (didn’t) pointed to new ways to slow down opponents’ scoring.



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