…and Pat Narduzzi should be afraid of the dark after last night.

68,400 people watched the Same Old Pitt (SOP) in action and now there can be no denying it.  Let’s not make excuses for Pitt’s showing last night’s either – the Refs didn’t screw us, the weather didn’t stop us and Penn State isn’t even that good of a team this season.  But we really are that bad and that falls directly on Pat Narduzzi’s head.

I’ll do a Monday Morning QB article tomorrow but last night’s game, the staff and the Pitt players need talking about right now.  Because this loss to our rival and the severity of it isn’t that huge of a shock to some Pitt fans and POVers.  Nor are all the peripheral and negative things that happened on the sidelines.  We have written on here many times that Pat Narduzzi is not the guy or coach most Pitt fans believed he was… and that’s true.

When I earlier published the 2018 Pitt football surveys asking questions about the team and ‘who would do what’ I added at the end of it “Will Pat Narduzzi Scream at his coaches…and how many times” and you all thought that was a joke.  But it wasn’t meant to be and we last night saw PN hit the trifecta of deflected blames when he yelled at his players, his staff coaches and then directly the Referees. (and get his two-faced ramblings in his post-game press interview).

But this is who he is.  He’s been in the panic mode since Nate Peterman graduated and it has shown in many different ways.  Since the summer of 2017 the POV has written extensively about two things that continue to hurt Pitt football.  Narduzzi’s poor recruiting and his looking for and receiving transfers policy.  Those two things combined to help give us a five win season last year and a 45 point loss last night.

When you are in Year Four of a HC’s tenure and your starting lineup is still evenly populated by the previous HC’s players – your recruiting sucks.  And regardless of what # ranked his recruiting classes were they have actually been poor.

My God – wasn’t anyone listening when we screamed from the mountaintop that any offensive line which has three 5th year Seniors who never started a Power 5 game at their positions (Dintino, Millin and Herndon) was going to be a bad one?  Last night Pitt fans screamed for other offensive linemen to be in-game substitutions and Pitt did so with Brandon Ford, Gabe Houy, Bryce Hargrove and Jerry Drake Jr. and they played just as terribly.  Why? Because our OL recruiting is poor also.

Do you wonder why Kenny Pickett is playing substandard QB so far in our last six quarters of play (and he really is).  It’s not because he’s untalented; it’s a fact that he does have talent – it is because virtually every time he has dropped back to pass the OL has so quickly crumbled that he’s had to try to complete passes on the scramble and most attempts have either failed or had to be short check-downs… as we knew the situation would be going into fall camp.

When Narduzzi has gotten decent recruits many of them have left because of the average-at-best upperclassmen transfers he has brought in to fill holes in the roster that he himself created.  That’s panic mode folks.  Last night four of those transfers played and aside from Mack did nothing and Mack was just there and not doing much.  But that is par for the transfer game after Peterman left.

At the Albany tailgate last week I asked some POVers why they believed the defensive backs were an “Upgrade” over last season even though we lost two good ones (best we have had in a while) in Maddox and Whitehead… and no one could really explain why they felt that way.  But I know why they did – because they are Pitt Fans and want the best to happen with the team even if it means heavy wishful thinking in place of critical analysis.

But again, when after four years your two best DBs are rsSR Briggs and rsSR Motley – both average Chryst recruits – you are going to have problems.  I shudder to think how many passing yards and more points PSU would have had if their WRs and TEs didn’t drop seven or so passes. They were wide open all night long and our DBs couldn’t cover them well enough to save their (or their teammates’) lives.

Three of the four rotation linebackers we put out there are also the previous regime’s recruits and none of them are so good they couldn’t be sat down if there was any quality talent at all behind them… but there isn’t.  With the exception of Wirginis maybe, but don’t watch how many times he was faked out last night on both rushing plays and passing ones.

Understand what I’m saying above – two out of the three main defensive units; the LBs and DBs, haven’t been improved by Narduzzi’s recruiting in four years now.  Don’t get me started on having to play Shane Roy in the middle of the DL. And this is from a guy who is supposed to be a defensive guru and able to spot great defensive talent a mile away.

A few of us here on the POV predicted an under .500 won / loss record for our team this year.  But the vast majority of readers felt we’ll win 7, 8 or even 9 games.  While that could still happen I think last night brought us to crash landing in reality – this is not a very talented team nor is it a well coached one.

Look at where we stand nationally after two games…but when you do also remember this fact; Pitt hasn’t scored a 2nd half point yet this season and that is against a pushover FCS team also.


I know this article screams “I told you so” but that really isn’t my intent.  What I’m getting at is that in all our discussions over the months from the end of 2017’s Miami game until last night I and a few other POVers on here have been heavily criticized as being unrealistically negative about Narduzzi, the program and 2018’s prospects as a team.

We have stated that we were being realistic in taking a truly critical look at the team’s strengths and weaknesses – and were shouted down at every turn by the Eternal Optimists who refuse to see anything that isn’t shown in a positive light.

Remember that “Dark and Stormy Night” part in the title above?  Well – darkness is part of this program whether you like it or not.  It has been evident for some time now that Narduzzi was lucky as hell to inherit the roster he did from Paul Chryst and that his initial 8 win seasons were heavily influenced by the players he inherited.  Well, some those guys are still starting at this late date… and they aren’t even the really good ones like Boyd, Conner and the whole Chryst OL guys.

That’s tells me the ‘Stormy’ part ain’t over yet my friends…

283 thoughts on “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

  1. Hope some of the “Hall of Famers” whispered in the AD’s ear about this debacle. What a joke this team looked like. One more showing like this and I would say happy trails to a PN. He only way this crew gets to the ACC championship,game is to buy a ticket. Too bad it was on national TV.
    Reminded me of the late 60’s.


  2. Well Reed as a former eternal optimist, last night won me over to your POV. I am sad to say it, but you are right.


    1. MM – as I have said before – if I’m going to write something under my name and publicly i’m going to be honest about things.

      Every “mainstream media’ writers thinks one thing and writes another for various reasons but I have the luxury of not having to do so.

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  3. Some chuckled when I posted Narduzzi= DePasque , well Carl’s teams were better prepared.
    For some reason I’m not bat-sh*$ crazy over yesterday’s result. I’m kinda numb to it. Ya, it’s SOP. Wow, there is no way you could list all the issues this team, coach, and school have( on the athletic side). I will say, I can’t blame the kids, they are what they are. They were offered and accepted. But what does scare the heck out of me is the high number of seniors on this team. How bad will they be next year. If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will.
    Well, Reed, sort of like Cassandra, huh?


  4. Miami Game gave hope that wasn’t warranted. Miami has lost 5 in a row until beating some FCS bum last night. So in 4.1 years Narduzzi beat Clemson (Great Win) and PSU. That is it. Miami Sucks and sucked last year as they lost the last 4 games and this year sucked against LSU who isn’t that good.

    I could of saved Pitt 16M. Narduzzi debacle and hiring of Rockports Stallings. Heather none of your garbage no one cares aboutspoets matter. Basketball Matters and Football. Do something. Hire a HC thathas Cred. Look at what Herm Edwards did in 2 games. Get creative.

    Mark my words were nor does he gets fired he’ll either go back to being a defensive coordinator somewhere or coach some shathole team in the Mac. Nobody wants this bum.


    1. Mark, I love you but her only fault was giving him an extension for another year because there was word of sniffing. Depending on the year she should have the ability to can him but Pitt Basketball has something diff. which was a more recent history. Football has coaches coming and going more often than the patron at the local bar. I think he’s going to get the extra year because of that but whom else is the good candidate that you would consider? Would Wanny knowing the rules even come back? Idk, I wait out the thing for another year but like Reed has posted for multiple years, recruit differently or else she will find a new candidate. Who had Jeff Capel as an option on the day Stallings was fired/resigned….Not many. She’s found good candidates who can handle the job. What they do with the job is on them. This was on Duzz.


  5. From the Trib:

    “Beware the PSU hangover

    No matter the outcome of the Pitt/Penn State games in 2016 and ‘17, Pitt was 0-2 in its next two games. A repeat of that losing trend immediately would doom Pitt’s hopes of winning the ACC Coastal Division. Pitt plays ACC foes Georgia Tech at home next Saturday before visiting North Carolina on Sept. 22.

    Pitt is 2-8 against the those teams since joining the ACC in 2013.”

    Who knows – maybe we go out and beat GT next week – but I won’t bet on it.


    1. It shows what morons are in the media in Pittsburgh when they’re even talking about winning the ACC coastal.

      We won’t touch Georgia Tech Virginia Tech wake forest Notre Dame or Duke with a 10 foot pole


  6. Its always darkest before dawn.
    But if Narduzzi is allowed to continue coaching, Pitt fans will never see dawn.


  7. Not quite sure how this is SOP!
    Since when did we ever suffer a beat down like this to PSUCKS?
    Sure, there was the 48-14 drubbing, but that was an aberration…a terrible loss in an otherwise acceptable year.
    But last night, that was well below the standard SOP level. Well below. Think Majors 2.0
    Throw in:
    The lousy recruiting.
    The tantrums.
    The arrogance.
    The snarky comments.
    And now this…

    Even Ike, owner of the rose-colored glasses, is shaking his head and wringing his hands.


  8. Everything above is accurate. He has now proven beyond a doubt that he is an arrogant (and sadly insecure and thin-skinned), over his head blowhard. “More time” isnt going to help him. I have been an apologist so far, but no more. He peaked at MSU. Often, the head coach is either a great strategist and CEO or a great recruiter -and the great ones are both. He, sadly, is neither. No matter how much I hoped he would be.

    I’m pretty calm about this and realize what this team is talent-wise and coaching wise.

    I will still go to every game and root for the kids like I have for 25 years – but I’m done with this staff.


  9. By continuing to give narduzzi benefit of doubt, you are enabling him.

    He is unfit to be head coach. He doesn’t have the temperament or intelligence.

    Why doesn’t the Pitt administration do something? They are enablers as well and are dividing Pitt Nation.

    I’m writing an op ed and submitting it to The NY Times.



  10. Now on a POSITIVE note…

    Predicting a BIG performance for James Conner in his first NFL start.

    Thanks to Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph for recognizing his potential and giving him the opportunity to play Tailback.

    We have all been the beneficiaries of that decision.


  11. Sigh….I reallly didn’t expect our boys to win last night, but that was hard to watch. As Chuck Noll infamously said, “We have problems, and they are many.” I have been hoping PN could put out a respectful team this year, but my hopes appear to be futile at this point. Having said that, I want to see what happens with GT and at NC before I render a verdict.


  12. gc
    September 9, 2018 at 11:23 am
    It all goes back to recruiting. I have been complaining about it for three years. It has been a complete fail.
    Seventeen seniors should tell you all you need to know. The makeshift O-line should tell you all you need to know. No wide receivers or tight ends with the ability to separate. Mediocre transfers playing first string on the O-line, at wide receiver and tight end. Most of the best of the WPIAL playing elsewhere.

    This is the major difference between Narduzzi and Franklin. Franklin smart enough to hire Terry Smith to recruit the WPIAL. ND getting what they want out of the WPIAL. Narduzzi offering most 4 and 5 star guys nationally and not getting them. Franklin losing great players and replacing them with more great players.

    Man for man, at almost every position Pitt was outclassed. After the adrenaline wore off Pitt was manhandled. Penalties and mistakes came frequently, PSU missed a field goal and dropped many passes too. But they made more big plays and had a decent passing game because their QB had time to throw and receivers that got open vs ours that did not.

    The buck stops with him, but firing him won’t make a bit of difference if we can’t afford top flight assistants, and get a coach that can convince elite players to come to Pitt.

    There are no stars on this team. Ollison, Wirginis, and Weaver had good games, but you need much more than that. After PSU realized we couldn’t pass, they shut down the run, game over. Pickett ran for his life, and Ford was not heard from. You can’t compete without stars making plays. There are no Aaron Donalds, James Conners, Tyler Boyds or Q Hendersons, Blewitts or Winslows on this team. Guys that still looked great in a loss and kept you in the game.

    All that being said, everyone should have had this one penciled in as a loss. If we bounce back next week who knows. We will find out how much pride these guys have left.


  13. Narduzzi dropped a bomb on PItt football last night. The level of incompetence on every level was stunning. My belief that Narduzzi was a coach who gets it was stone wrong. I do know this. Heather has to post an open letter to the fan base that this is unacceptable and we are committed to Pitt football being a winner. Pitt last far more than the game. They lost what little fan base existed. It no longer matters what Pitt does in the coastal or gets hammered by the two remaining OCC teams. This was a crap the bed in year 4. Penn State is not a team that should beat anyone by that amount. Narduzzi has to be on the clock and told so. Heather has to hammer him big time in a meeting today.


  14. Funny thing… I’m really not that upset. I’m not sure why..
    Maybe I’m just numb to it anymore.

    I predicted a big loss (no one predicted that big) but by game time and into the half I thought, “Hey! We’ve got a chance.”

    Turns out, my head knows alot more about football than my heart.

    Maybe Pitt finally “broke me.” I’m truly not upset.. it’s weird.

    Heinz Field will be EMPTY next week. I know of at least 8 seats that certainly will be.


    1. I drank the Koolaid. Never again.

      I’ve yet to hear from the optimists. Admitting you are wrong about this coach and team is the first step to recovery.

      But I’m now full tilt, wheels off, jumping the shark. Pitt’s future lies with a new coach. Heather owns this now after extending the man. Those yellow seats next week are on her.

      I congratulate all the Nitters on Gallagher’s leadership team. Job well done. They would have been good at enabling paterno as well.



  15. Pitt won’t be getting much better in future years given the recruiting.

    Nobody from the first two classes to emerge yet. Last year was decent. This year very poor. Don’t see future classes to be any better with another 5 win season and 50k empty yellow seats.

    It will get worse before it gets better. But it will only get better with a new coach. Let the search begin.

    Remember this was the worst loss to State Penn since 1968. The worst defeat since 1996. Narduzzi is making history folks.



  16. Can we now stop the bullcrap about “You can win big with 3* players” that some on here repeat like a mantra? We have an average-at-best 2 and 3 star talent level across the board and it shows.

    I’ve been adamant that Pitt has always won with “star” players and like gc stated above Narduzzi can’t recruit them. Not even lower star kids who blossom into stars.

    And get used to it boys and girls – we have one of the most physically talented (except for his deep ball) QBs we have had in a long time and his play will be choked every game by poor OLs and not just this season but in the future also – we have poor OL talent on hand, on the roster and a crappy OL coach in Borbely.

    I got a call at around 10 last night from a friend who is a huge Maryland fan and he said “I’m watching your team right now – how is Borbely working out for you (heavy sarcasm).

    UM fans were overjoyed someone took the deadbeat off their hands and payroll.

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    1. Maybe with the right system you can, like Boise St., but NOT with a pro style offense and man-to-man coverage on D.


  17. They have finally broken me too Jay. I wanted to believe in Narduzzi so much that I let my heart get the better of my judgment. Being a Pitt fan is like being in an abusive relationship. For some unknown reason, we keep coming back for more. I for now am taking a break to pursue more productive endeavors. Thank you Reed for providing the remaining few Pitt fans an outlet to vent.


  18. “Following an uneven first half in which it was fortunate to hold a 14-6 lead, Penn State leveled an unraveling Pitt that looked lost and shabbily coached.” – a quote from my local paper. Once again Pitt broke my heart with its play. I once had a girl friend who constantly broke my heart, eventually I wised up and moved on. Why do I keep coming back to Pitt, hoping for the best, but knowing I am going to be wearing the brown helmet. I’m a tortured soul. – Hobie

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  19. Upitt is the bad guy but 75% right.

    Called Rockports out on Day 1.

    Called Herman Out.

    GaveNarduzzi a chance and saw he couldnt win without chrysts guys.


  20. If we are sub-.500 at season’s end then fire Narduzzi and his overpriced $3.5M salary.

    Get a younger HC from an FCS or lesser FBS school – pay him around $1.5M per and take the saved $2M, along with the current staff pay, and get great coordinators, staff coaches and a good recruiting staff.

    Tell them you have a full four years to produce or you are gone.


  21. Family members still want to got to the GT Saturday. My concern is the weather for the grand kids. Hurricane coming. The GT coach Paul Johnson, both when at Navy and GT, has his system and players. I hope we win but serious doubts have obviously surfaced since last night’s stormy debacle.


  22. Wow, what a horrible night. My son had to pull me out of a quickly escalating altercation with some smug PSUers doing their best to make me more miserable all game. Went to Happy Valley last year, don’t think I can do it next year as their fans really push my buttons and I’d end up getting killed or arrested.


  23. Just shows you how out of touch PN is with his team…..saying all week this team is ready to go and can’t wait. He doesn’t have a clue.
    Reed, you have never been negative, only realistic and honest. Really respect your opinion. Thanks for this blog.


  24. PittPT – A family one street over from mine displays a 10 ft., air blow up figure of the Nittany Lion on game days. He also has the PSU symbol in laser lights moving around the front of his house. Also in the neighborhood is a former Nittany Lion – not just any old Nittany Lion, but a former Nittany Lion mascot. Yoi and double yoi. – Hobie

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  25. I know this may seem trite, but we are 1-1 and still have at least 10 games to go. We can not throw in the towel yet. GT and NC are not PSU so let’s see where we stand after, at least, those games.


  26. Special K, I’ve wondered this before, but with the comment above,I have to ask…..your letter K……are you our long lost Dark Knight?


  27. Didn’t watch the game. I have been waiting to see if Pitt wins. If they win, I watch a replay
    of the game. Too frustrating to watch live right now.

    From what I read on POV, Close ugly 1st half culminated by a bad call on 4th down and goal and a late Pedo TD….2nd half ugly and not close at all. Hope Franklinstein and Pedos sink in the Big Ten.

    Classless act to challenge close call with a minute left in game. Justice was served with call standing. Next few games will say more about this team than last night’s sorry 2nd half effort.

    GT is a terrible road team and NC is a very bad team this year. There is hope vs. Syracuse at home. Win those 3 and then beat UVA and Duke = best case scenario IMO. UCF, ND, VaTech, Miami, Wake Forest will all be very tough games. Maybe scrape out 6-6. Could also see ugly 3-9. One of the most disappointing things about Narduzzi has been the defense. He came in as a guru on defense. Hard to believe!


  28. A few thoughts about the game:

    That sure was a punch in the head last night. PITT had a decent first half but they had to muck that up as well with all the mistakes. Second half left me scratching that very head.

    Some may not know this but PITT lost their holder last week to an injury. (Jake Scarton) turns out it did have an impact. << Not a game changer

    psu outscored PITT by 45 pts and only had 90 more total yards.

    The O-line did look very bad and or Pickett has very happy feet. There were holes open to run in the first half but adjustments by psu in the second half stopped all that. They quickly understood PITT could not pass the ball downfield. You have to get the linebackers off the line of scrimmage.

    Word is the captain did muck up orders to kick the ball off after coin flip.

    I haven’t given up on this season though. I think PITT can give GT a run for their money, pun intended.

    I’m already on the injury report for next week with a lingering knee injury. The walk back to the hotel was brutal in more ways than one.

    Wirginis seem to play good and Reed is right, he did bite on a few plays.

    Narduzzi was out-coached last night and not because Franklin out-coached him. It was due to over-all poor coaching from himself and his asst coaches.

    Christodoulou’s (how do you do) muff of the snap at the end of the second quarter had almost as much to do with the second half letdown as psu themselves.

    I’m still with this team as I cannot be that easily defeated. Remember that was a non conference game.. ike

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    1. Whatever chance Pitt had, they blew in the 2nd quarter. Had a chance to take a 13-7 halftime lead, but a series of critical mistakes, led to the Pedo’s going into halftime ahead 14-6. Pitt never recovered on that 2 TD swing.

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  29. The Tarholes got leveled by East Carolina yesterday 41-19 and GT lost as well(49-38). But to a good USF team. ECU had been beaten by an D2 school the week before, NC A & T.

    Pitt has to rebound in these next 2 games and come out of them 3-1.

    Said before season started, if Pitt’s defense wasn’t MSU like, it would be a long season, with this Offensive Line. And Pickett hasn’t shown he can complete a pass over the top, to stretch the defense. So therefore the over the top plays aren’t even called.

    With a crappy O-line, you got to get him out of the pocket…roll to left or right.


  30. Glad I went to the shower in 3rd quarter. Could not stand the incompetence and mistakes — and that is only talking about the coaches. Narduzzie has to go! Recruiting, game day coaching/ behavior, game plan.

    Hire that Appalachian State coach. Have revised my season forecast to probably 2/10 maybe 3/9 if they can beat Syracuse How stupid are our coaches when the offense brings in Shaque Jaques, our speedster and hands him the ball the next play. Da! I am Glad Pickett was not killed because he was running for his life all night.

    O line without Aston to help ugly. D no pressure on MCs. Where is the aggressive D we were told about. All they had to do was look at PS/ApS tapes. GT will be as bad next week.

    For the umpteenth time look at who were killing Pitt, Givens , Miller and Sanders all recruiting battle losses in the same year by our staff. You guys have said it all and Reed your methodical fact based conclusions always ring true with my old Industrial Engineering background, even when it hurts.


  31. It is baffling to me how an enterprise can hire someone to manage one of its multi-million companies, pay that person several million dollars a year, and that person had absolutely no experience managing a company before being hired.


    1. I don’t think many or any with HC experience, wanted to come to Pitt, knowing the clusterf * c k it is.
      And seeing what they even did to one of their own….that being DW.


  32. As a Pitt fan for over 50 years, I have never been so enraged by any of our previous coaches.

    Not only can he not recruit, which is the fundamental part of college coaching, and cannot coach up his less than talented players, but he is unbelievably arrogant.

    He embarrasses Pitt on national tv with his treatment and answers to reporters, and treats fans and local reporters as if they don’t matter. His current practice of locking everything down about the program and on field practices isn’t working. Worse yet it is alienating fans, which is the exact opposite of what needs to be happening.

    Please Heather Lyke do something about it before there is nothing left of our once proud football program.

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  33. I’m hoping that the stench of last night, doesn’t effect the bball recruiting, as I believe they had either 1 or 2 highly rated prospects come into Pgh for the game.

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  34. A major concern for me was that Pickett’s pass to Tipton was badly under thrown causing the INT. May sound silly, but that was a major turning point in the game. Did the ball slip or is that what we can expect from Pickett on longer throws? It is the one facet of Pickett’s game that we know least about. If he can’t throw down the field with accuracy he will only be so good, not the star that is needed.

    I thought another major turning point was to go for it rather than trying for three. To give up on your field goal team showed no courage. It was still the smart move and if converted would have given the boys the confidence needed for future kicks. The punter had an awful day made worse by Narduzzi’s lack of trust.

    He wasn’t the only one that had difficulty holding on to the ball on a sloppy wet day.


    1. I have written three comments and erased them all because I am speechless except to say I will give the team one more week before I write them off – their one-half of miserable football was that bad. I guess I said something: it was one half of miserable football. Now their backs are against the wall. They have lost their fandom. They have been humiliated. If they truly stink we will see it next week. Then again if they win next week with Watson as the OC I might just think that they are great. Note: This should not be considered an endorsement of Bates. Or Narduzzi.


  35. Jason Candle of Toledo should be on Heather’s short list. Guy took over for Matt Campbell and is
    22 – 7 in 2 seasons. Interesting 2 of those losses were to App State in back to back Bowl Games.

    Most importantly his first name begins with the letter ‘J’.


  36. Last night’s game was one of the worst by Pitt in a while. I completely agree with Reed’s request that Pitt and Narduzzi part ways at the end of the season if we are below 0.500. As for a replacement we need to recruit an offensive mined head coach or a great offensive coordinator. A strong recruiter is a must. I would even go so far as stating recruiting is more important than coaching experience especially head coaching experience.

    Pitt was ill prepared for last night’s game and that is on the coaching staff. The defense continues to be the same as the one we have seen since Narduzzi’s arrival. I blame the scheme just as much as the lack of talent. To continue doing the same thing over and over with the same results is just plain stupidity!

    Hopefully Ike is correct in stating the next two games are winnable. Georgia Tech’s defense in really not that good. Next week we just need to run the ball down their throats while mixing in play action passes on first downs. North Carolina is even worse. Hopefully we can finally beat them as a member of the ACC. If Pitt loses the next two games, I would recommend Heather can Narduzzi right after the North Carolina game and let one of the coordinators finish the season.

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  37. Box score is interesting

    Ollison 17-129 first half, 21-131 for the game

    The real story

    Pickett 9-18-1 for 55

    McSorly 14-30-0 for 145

    Tough day to pass the ball


    1. I think you or someone noted….Psux had many dropped passes. Also you noted, we don’t know if Pickett can throw over the top or deep. You mentioned the underthrown pass to Tipton.


  38. The first thing Heather needs to do on Monday is to cancel next year’s PSU game and schedule a cupcake.
    They won’t play us anymore so let’s start right now.

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  39. I’m as frustrated as the rest of us, and I can’t really say a ton that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll try:

    What is our record in night games at Heinz Field? I feel like we always blow big opportunities in prime time night games at Heinz, going all the way back to when Fitzgerald’s Heisman campaign kinda fizzled out with a subpar performance against Miami.

    We are a pathetic second half team this year. I’d be interested in seeing combined stats for our two games, but even those might not paint the true picture of how bad our two second half performances have been. Who do we blame for that? Strength and conditioning coaches? The coaches’ half time speeches and/or adjustments? I thought I remembered us being a good second half team under Narduzzi his 1st or 2nd year, so I don’t know what’s going on. I like Pickett’s guts–he isn’t afraid to take anyone on–but you knew 10 minutes into the game that he was taking a pounding and he would be hurting by the 4th quarter and performance would suffer, even if the defense somehow managed to keep it close.

    The worst thing to happen was for GT to lose (just like the worst thing to happen last week was for PSU to struggle with App State). You know they will be focused and ready to go for us this week.

    Yes, Moorhead was an excellent offensive coordinator for Penn State. But don’t sleep on the guy they have now, even though this is his 1st coordinator position. I would prefer him over Watson based on what I’ve seen thus far.

    Last night certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I don’t think there should be any talk of firing Narduzzi. Let him coach the season, or at least a major chunk of it, and evaluate at that point.

    As bad as the offense was, special teams was worse. If special teams made those types of mistakes against Albany, we would have lost.

    Does it rain much, if at all, in Australia?

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  40. One encouraging take a way from the game is that we can run the ball. Something to build on.
    Do think that Blackwell and McKee need to play vs GT..

    Bad news, Paris Ford did not play, according to the participation report.


    1. Ford wasn’t even listed on the pre-game Depth Chart. Disconcerting, considering the state of the Secondary.


    2. Apparently Ford sat for a disciplinary issue. Also read the regular holder broke his hand in a fight, which is why the punter had to do it.


  41. Lane Kiffin.
    Also during warmups the punter dropped the snap.
    I told my wife that is the kid that can’t catch the snap.
    Sure enough drop


  42. Hang in there Iek… could tell you were struggling with your knee pregame yet you toughed it out.
    Bernie, JoeL, Matt, Rick and any others coming long distances, safe travels. Hope to see you next week.


    1. Lastrow Fran,
      As a faithful POV follower from the beginning (and who has yet to be able to get to your tailgate!), I want you to know that your POV Tailgates are infamous in Pitt lore, and a real act of servant-hood to the Pitt community! Thank you (and all who assist you) in these wonderful, extravagant feasts of Pittsburghese food and drink groups!!!
      Jim (Pittman4ever)


  43. Good thing they keep info under wraps.
    Wouldn’t want any secrets leaked.
    That could lead to a score of 71-6 next week.


  44. Last nite was a terrible loss. From the coin toss to the little things should fall upon the coach and staff.

    Why is special teams coach still here today. But as bad a loss it’s who we lost to. I’m so down from the game and numerous mistakes I can’t describe my feelings watch out for Georgia tech they not only run well but have developed a good passing game.

    They lost to a very sound fast Florida team. It could be a long year. Why give 16 graduates a place on your team. First year coaches do that to plug the holes. Better buckle for rough ride and long streak. I ask you if you were a Pitt recruit at last nites game would you play for Pitt or choose elsewhere.

    That’s why we get poor recruits. Sad day in pittville with little hope for future with poor example we have as a head coach and staff.

    Very embarrassing


  45. Paris Ford

    3 hours ago

    The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him 💯

    Wonder what this means ?


  46. Ok stupid question …considering Duzzi and the teams issue seem to be a business management issue. 1) Can Duzzi be “demoted” … still get paid but is for all purposes an assistant. 2) Can he be hired over? i.e. new position titled “Pitt Football Czar”.

    Lord knows this stuff happens in business all the time. (Either way he may be embarrassed enough to vacate … nah wishful thinking again.)

    On the other hand does this “shuffle” hurt the Pitt brand with future head coaches?

    Time for Heather to be creative. Pitt football is about to become a major drain on her budget instead of a cash machine. Why does this feel like basketball all over again.


  47. Hey, I haven’t ‘given up’ on this team…my original prediction stands at 5 wins. No more than 6 and no less than 4… But 5 I think.

    And we’ll play better games than we did last night.

    But what I have been saying over and over – the OL is poor and the DB is going to be pourous – still stands. You may say they can run block but teams will do exactly like PSU did in the 2nd half.

    If Pitt can’t pass they will stuff the box and kill our run game.

    It begins and ends with the OL.

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  48. Once football starts losing money, Pitt will react just like they did with Stallings but at that point it’s too late.

    Pitt needs to be proactive when it comes to hiring, attendance and facilities.

    When season ticket holders don’t renew, Pitt starts to get scared.

    They don’t care about those empty seats and how it impacts recruiting, perception, advertising.

    There is nobody in the department that understands marketing or understands how to make the program a cash cow.



  49. Wonder if he is considered too old.

    Gary Pinkel (born April 27, 1952) is an American former college football coach. He served as the head football coach at the University of Toledo from 1991 to 2000 and the University of Missouri from 2001 to 2015, compiling career record of 191–110–3 . Pinkel is the winningest head coach in the history of the Toledo Rockets football program and led his 1995 team to a Mid-American Conference championship. He is also the winningest head coach in the history of the Missouri Tigers football program.

    His roommate at Kent State was Jack Lambert, who would have a Hall of Fame career as middle linebacker for the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers teams of the 1970s. .[2] Pinkel did post-graduate studies at Kent State and Bowling Green State University, and was inducted into the Kent State Varsity “K” Hall of Fame in 1997


  50. I was told Paris Ford played some offense last night??? I missed that if it did happen. Anyone??

    Also Campbell played some plays? Anyone??


  51. Yesterday on ACC network, graduate transfers were listed. Pitt was second in the ACC, with Clemson having one more graduate transfer on their roster. So I guess you can win with graduate transfers. Just have to get the right ones and know how to use/coach them.


  52. I threw in the towel in the off season when I didn’t renew season tix after going for 50 years. Pitt hasn’t had a coach since Sherrill. Tired of wasting fall afternoons. Didn’t watch game last night so I’ll take all of your words for it. Over and out.


  53. Re: that tweet from Ford and the earlier one from Salahuddin…let’s just say that that is the part or the iceberg we fans see. Not everyone is happy on the roster…and those two happen to be the only 4* recruits in the last two years.


    1. I would wager that is going on at nearly every program. Second string 4 stars will always think they should be starting regardless of their inexperience.


  54. Over the last 34 years, I wonder what our record is on Nationally Televised Games.

    It’s got to be dreadful. The ‘Not Ready For Prime Time Players.’


  55. Something is rotten in Denmark. Has been for a while.

    Narduzzi can’t recruit elite athletes.

    Narduzzi can’t get young assistants with high ceilings.

    Narduzzi can’t coach defense.

    Narduzzi can’t be trusted.

    And I don’t trust Heather since she just extended him.



  56. Pitt had 33 points against a D2 school. 7 of those points were via Ffrenchy Kickoff Return TD and another 7 were off a Pitt intercept in D2 school territory, resulting in a 19 yd drive for Pitt TD.

    So 33-14 = 19 points scored on below avg D2 team = BAD


  57. Watching James Conner…Pitt really misses his leadership and playmaking ability. Anyone else think that Davis should get more touches at RB? Also, can’t see why 4 stars aren’t playing. Not like the experienced DB’s are playing well

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  58. Here a fun game!

    Guess how many of our 18 commits in this current 2019 class will de-commit before the season ends.

    I’ll say at least three with QB Beville being one of them.


  59. Clemson brings in transfers to add depth for a year while their younger players develop. not necessarily to start.

    Our red shirt sophomore and rs freshman OL need to play in real games. Sorry to the 5th year guys. At some point you need to commit to the future. Herndon, Dintino and Morrisey need to be replaced by the real OL recruits who will either earn their scholarships or move on. Survival of the fittest instead of survival of the latest.

    Same with defense. Idowu, Zeise, Roy, Briggs need to sit. We know what we have with them. If narduzzi does not play Ford, Salhuddin, Davis, and all other freshman that are allowed to play, he risks losing the team and the player. Did Lamont Wade do anything last night. I don’t recall.

    The worst team to play after a loss like last night, is a team that requires a disciplined defense and solid tackling. This could line up to be a disaster because our team quit last night and if they don’t tackle well this week, will quit again. Pitt better substitute their best cover db’s with their best tackling, physical db’s. It is common sense.

    Same with LB. We should see Reynolds,Pine and Mckee with their speed to pursue with discipline against the yellow jackets.

    The coaching staff should not waste a minute on the game film from last night. It is useless.


  60. What Kid or Parent would be impressed with this lasanga maker is beyond me. I can find a better qualified defensive coordinator head coach at Walmart in the lawn and garden section at three in the morning


  61. “SOP”? Don’t kill analysis with drama queen stuff… There’s plenty of negatives to analyze without going CNN or “the View” on us.


  62. Stillers v Clowns game reminds me of last nights Pitt game only the Clowns never gave up and Pitt did.

    Rain continuous through the entire game. One team goes up 2 TD’s in the 3rd qtr…


  63. The nits played two true FR LB-ers last night –

    5* Micah Parsons from Harrisburg, PA – 5 tackles

    4* Jesse Luketa from Erie, PA – 1 tackle


  64. Shame, with a tie against the lowly Brownies…..JC’s 200 yards of Total Offense & 2 TD’s will become a side note.


  65. Had lunch with the Browns COO Friday. He was quite optimistic about the game and the team. Sees a change in letting the young guys play. Film will teach the inexperienced for future games. Great guy and very personable. Also, a nice strategy. Infuse the new guys that have a desire to be great into the team.

    You can only coach em up with real game film.


  66. It’s all been said but have to add that A proven record is what we need in a new coach and money to hire the right staff, especially for recruiting. I am now in definite fear I will never see the promised land of Pitt football. We are doomed to battle Cuse and Virginia for the bottom of our division.


  67. A few more thoughts on last night:

    Firstly, Fran and JoeL’s tailgate was the highlight of our (Angie and I) night. Sent a picture to Reed, hope it make’s it to the POV. I dare anyone to hang around the POV tailgate gang for 10 seconds and not smile.. impossible. It was great to see you all! << Too many to mention but it was great to see the BigB and JeanieB.

    Prayers out to EE’s wife and family. Wish your father a speedy recovery, missed you.

    Stars do matter, PITT just can’t recruit them right now. We can blame Narduzzi but I believe the problem runs much deeper. << An abandoned football program a few years ago.

    Pickett would rather hit than be hit. He needs to settle his feet down a bit.

    PITT beats GT, I’m back…. ike

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  68. A Look at Future and Past Opponents:

    Albany lost to Rhode Island 45-26 (it was 45-7 after 3 Q’s and Rhode Island emptied it’s bench)

    GT lost to USF 38-49

    UNC lost to East Carolina 19-41

    UCF beat SC State 38-0
    Syracuse beat Wagner 62-10
    Notre Dame beat Ball State 24-16
    Duke beat Northwestern 21-7
    Virginia lost to Indiana 16-20
    VT beat William & Mary 62-17
    Wake Forest beat Towson 51-20
    Thug U beat Savannah State 77-0


  69. KINGSTON, R.I. (AP) JaJuan Lawson threw for 317 yards and four touchdowns, and Rhode Island beat Albany (NY) 45-26 on Saturday for its first 2-0 start since 2005.

    Perhaps Nardo should recruit this kid to transfer.


  70. I haven’t commented on the game before now due to a bad case of shell shock and total disbelief. The team just quit in the second half, pure and simple. The punter has handled how many snaps in college football? In the rain? So PN makes him the back up holder in the biggest game of the year? What’s wrong with this coach? Maybe he should tell his punter to kick the ball AWAY from the return guy, not directly to him to set him up for a big return. And Shocky may be a good WR someday, but what has happened to Tipton, Matthews and fFrench that this young guy can pass them over? BTW, I didn’t hear a TE mentioned even one time in the game. The TE position is a total washout. And Ford doesn’t play? The secrecy behind Narduzzi’s personnel decisions only adds to the overall frustration with this program and where it is headed.


    1. Good points VoR…..Pitt has how many QB’s, on both scholarship and walk-on’s. Guys who are used to handling the ball. Wouldn’t one of them have made a better holder ? And they can also throw it, if it’s a botched play.


  71. Pitt’s recruiting was been set back 5 years last night. Narduzzi will be lucky to get 3 star kids out of PA after that fiasco for years to come. The national TV SOP curse is still in full effect.


  72. JaJuan Lawson completed 22 of 28 passes for 317 yards thru 3 quarters, including touchdowns to Marven Beauvis, Isaiah Coulter, Aaron Parker and Tyler Burke. Parker caught nine passes for 146 yards and Coulter grabbed nine for 109 yards.

    This is a D2 QB putting up double the stats in 3 quarters of our QB in 4 quarters


  73. There is something crazily wrong here. Why can’t Pitt recruit a QB and a competent OC.

    Coast to Coast there are teams throwing the ball around like crazy. We have 200 yards passing Total for the Season.


    1. I think we have a coach who is deathly afraid of turning the ball over with INT’s. Thus, if you don’t throw you don’t have INT issues, just no offense that wins ballgames or even makes you competitive.

      It is an old B1G Ten mentality. Harbaugh is struggling with it as is Dantonio. Moose has a stub RB and corn feed OLineman and does not need Hornibrook to throw.


  74. I really don’t know what to think. Chryst seemed like a total putz here, now he is coaching one of the top programs in the country. Narduzzi will probably go and succeed D’antonio and win the B10 East.

    It comes down to football just isn’t that important at Pitt. It is everything at PSU. They said- F-U to the NCAA by placing the 2012 team on the ring of honor and hiring a coach and chancellor who came with baggage from sex assault incidents. But they didn’t care since football is everything in State College. That mentality doesn’t exist here.

    Heinz Field is an unmitigated disaster, but there is nothing to do to change it. Horror stories about 1 hour bus waits last night getting the students back to campus. Who wants to deal with that?

    A hostile media, a hostile city government, an indifferent administration….why would anyone expect more?

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  75. Thank God these Keystone Cops didn’t wear the blue & mustard script unis last night, especially with so many Pitt greats at the game. It would have a travesty.

    I hope they had plenty to say to the Pitt boosters after the game. That is if we actually have any boosters now…


  76. I believe I read where Mark Cuban may have had something to say before last nights game? He would be a good start to a financial coalition to get the ball rolling for a new PITT stadium. Maybe not on campus but connected by the T going out towards Oakland. << Which is badly needed.


  77. Really SAD that some are still willing to give Narduzzi the benefit of the doubt.

    That attitude is what really perpetuates the SOP.

    He doesn’t deserve it. And you deserve MUCH BETTER!


    1. I’m not hearing nor reading the same support for Duzz that you are pointing to, other than the media (ikr) says he will get another year regardless of what happens this season.

      I don’t hear nor read that from the majority of fans.

      I believe if he canned Powell tomorrow, I probably give him another year. Anything less, he needs to go on a big win streak and even cash in on his claim to the Coastal Division title.

      Davis and Houdini must play unless QO goes off for a 200 yard game vs GTech. Hall now has a baby out of wedlock and is probably distracted – thus his poor effort last night.


  78. There just is zero reason to believe the Narduzzi can turn this around. His lack of recruiting gives him no chance for the next few years at least. The lack of imagination and discipline on the field is inexcusable.

    MAC teams and other low division teams use scheme to shake things up and compete at times with superior programs. Our offensive effort had nothing to inspire any optimism. The running game looks like it could be decent but it is too predictable and easy to scheme against.

    Our coaching is just not cutting it. I agree with others comments that the recruiting is likely to stagger further with this type of performance.

    So, my hope for improvement is now replaced with my hope that Ms. Luke can find a way to change things up yet again.

    A current head coach with experience and a track record is a must.



  79. Cuban has connections that can get the movement going for a multi purpose stadium. With the money it doesn’t matter what the AD, Chancellor or City bureaucrats think. Money talks.

    But he would only open his black book if there was a solid ROI. That means the facility must have multiple revenue streams and generate cash 365 days a year. Can’t just be for athletics and one program.

    And Pitt’s BoT really needs a complete makeover for athletics to be more than an afterthought. The ACC brand is based on sports performance. A schools success in sports helps the academic side. It doesn’t work the other way.

    Gallagher needs at least half of his 8 person leadership team to be graduates of the university in order to provide a real perspective and actionable recommendations. He has zero Pitt grads but two Nitters who I’m sure were very happy with last night.

    Until the leadership and culture changes, no good coach will want to come to Pitt. This front porch is all talk.



  80. Pitt vs. Penn State – Media Recap

    Video Interviews and Quotes from Today’s Season Opener



    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Quarterback Kenny Pickett

    Running Back Qadree Ollison

    Linebacker Quintin Wirginis

    Defensive Lineman Rashad Weaver

    Narduzzi Postgame Press Conference Transcript (PDF)

    Postgame Notes (PDF)

    Postgame Press Conference Quotes

    Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, first thing I want to do is apologize to the Pitt Nation out there. That was not Pitt football right there. Even being down eight points at the halftime, I walked in and said, guys, we didn’t do anything right, missed extra points, missed field goals. Obviously had a holder issue with injury.

    But ultimately everything lays right on my chest. I’ll take it all. We obviously didn’t have them ready to go in any capacity, offensively, defensively or special teams. I thought field position was major. I’ve never seen so many penalties in one game. It starts with my 15-yarder. But 14 penalties, embarrassing, and there were some good calls, too.

    I’m not saying the officiating was bad. We just had some stuff that just snowballed on us. It starts with me.

    With that, you guys got questions, I’m sure.

    Q. How much did all the mistakes in the first half contribute to the mindset that carried into the second half?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, I don’t think anything. I mean, golly, you make all those mistakes in the first half and you’ve still got a chance at halftime? It’s an eight-point game. And then in the second half, we went, I think, five straight three-and-outs. We got field position that’s just no good with our return game, our penalties, our muff, whatever it may be.

    We’re right in the game, we’ve got a 3rd down and whatever, 5, we go for it on 4th and 3, kids want to go, I want to go, I want to score a touchdown, we’re playing to win. And probably the biggest turning point was that play right there. I don’t know if we got a yard. But we just didn’t make plays. We didn’t block them good enough. Again, give them credit; they’re a good football team, but we just didn’t execute like we need to.

    Q. Why don’t you think you were ever able to get the passing game going?

    PAT NARDUZZI: We’ll look at the tape, but first of all, I think when you get into a passing game in this weather, you’re probably going to have a problem. Kenny didn’t look like himself back there in the pocket in my opinion, but it’s something we’ll have to look at, whether the receivers have their timing, were we getting off the press, whatever it may be, were the guys in position; we’ll look at the tape and have a better idea for you on Monday as far as what it looked like.

    But certainly wasn’t good enough, and it’s certainly not just Kenny’s fault. Like I said, it starts with me and then it starts with Shawn Watson and it starts with Kenny and it goes right down the line, every coach on offense and every coach on defense.

    Q. Was Kenny uncertain and jumpy in the pocket?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Again, it’s easy for us to sit here on the sideline and say that. Gave up four sacks, so he obviously felt something in there. Even the first half, that guy was scrambling and making plays, but we still weren’t throwing the ball, he was making it all with his feet. But wasn’t able to get the ball down the field. We’re throwing T-swings and check-down routes instead of getting the ball to our receivers.

    Q. You said you guys weren’t obviously ready to play. After what you said throughout the week and how good you felt about it in preparation, can you point to why that is?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know. I mean, no, you don’t know. Sometimes you just don’t know. We had two great practices — our Tuesday and Wednesday practices were darned good. Kids were locked in, I think. That football team came out cranked up. They were ready to go. But you make too many mistakes, and it doesn’t matter how ready you are to go. It’s just one thing after another. It’s one of those days.

    Q. What happened on the 15-yard penalty? They gave you a warning and then they gave you a flag?
    PAT NARDUZZI: No, I didn’t get a warning. I didn’t get a warning. I’m on the field. I got a 15-yarder because I’m on the field, but I’m complaining about a substitution error that — I don’t think they got it right, but I’m not going to talk about the officials. I just know that they subbed and we tried to sub and couldn’t get our sub on the field, and they’re supposed to give us three seconds, we got no seconds, and they didn’t stand over the ball. I’m done with talking about those guys.

    Q. Do you have a problem with their last touchdown?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Hey, you know what, I coach Pitt football, I don’t coach for anybody else. That’s on them. You’ve got to sleep at night. It’s just where we are right now. We’ll have another shot. We’ll have another shot. It ain’t over.

    Q. The 4th and 3 attempt was more about chasing momentum, a feeling, or was it a loss of confidence in the kicking game?
    PAT NARDUZZI: A little bit of both. A little bit of both. We muffed an extra point, bobbled a field goal, and you know what, we need to score touchdowns. We can’t get down there and just settle for field goals. And again, sloppy field conditions. It was a sloppy mess out there. The field was soggy, and not good surface to kick in any way.

    Q. When did you know that Jake wasn’t going to be able to go, and how much work has Christodoulou had as a holder since he’s been here?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Kirk was a holder in the spring, not something we want to put that much more pressure — he doesn’t need that pressure on him, as well. But he was the next best guy. We knew Tuesday, so we worked it all week. We had an injury there. Kess felt good with him. We’ll just keep digging there. But I doubt he’s going to have both duties next — he needs to punt. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one kid, to be a punter and also be the holder. I know Ryan Winslow did it for years, and you’d like to have a kicker be the holder because they sit over there all day on their end of the field and snap and hold and kick and all that, but we’ll have to make a change there.

    Q. You were able to lean on the run game in the first half with some success, but after the break it seemed like — did they adjust anything?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I mean, obviously they had a first half that you’d love to have again in the second half, and it wasn’t there. So either they changed something, cranked it up, we didn’t block them, one or the other. I don’t know what it is. But we’ll get to the bottom of it and find out what it was.

    Q. Did you think Ffrench was too tentative returning kicks late in the game?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, I don’t know if he was tentative, and obviously we did a poor job of coaching him up and letting him know what to do. But after — last week we had one return for a touchdown. We had one we got out to less than the 20-yard line. New rule, you can fair catch it, which is a brand new rule, and you don’t get many opportunities to practice it. But taking the ball at the 25-yard line is not a good thing. Based on the field position we had, I bet you we lost the field position by 400 yards today. I’m shocked when I look at the stats and it says we had 300 yards of offense and they had 390. That’s like — that’s because they had a short field the entire day, and that’s a tribute to our kicking game.

    Q. You started off with apologies; is it more frustrating, humbling? How would you describe it in your words?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You can probably use any adjective you want really. It’s frustrating. I’m humbled as it is so I’m not worried — it’s not humbling, it’s life. It’s the game of football. It’s adversity that you go through, and then the key is going to be how we rebound from this adversity. That’s going to be the key. I trust and love those kids in that locker room, and I’ve got no doubt that they’ll come back next week ready to go, period.

    Q. You mentioned Scarton. Was he injured? Is that why he wasn’t holding?

    Q. When did he get hurt?
    PAT NARDUZZI: He got hurt last week.


  81. ^^ first off give me one local media type with the balls to flat out ask Narduzzi why he personally failed so badly.

    Secondly – let’s not ever make fun of Paul Chryst for saying “neat” when this clown says “Golly” after the worse loss in Pitt’s history in Heinz Field and to Penn State to boot.

    “Golly Pat, why did you not tell us you sucked? But that’s OK – we figured it out ourselves. It would be neat if we can hold Georgia tech to under 400 yards rushing don’t you think?”


  82. The replay of the game is on ESPN-U if you want to torture yourself again.

    KP’s INT was just shown – bad throw / all on KP (underthrown).


    1. Rick – I record and keep every Pitt game for a full year – that way I can go back to find stuff when I’m writing and want to be accurate… but I won’t be watching this one again. Although I did watch every minute of the game last night unlike the thousands of Pitt fans who took off at the half or soon after.

      Honestly though- after the 2nd quarter ended I turned to my wife and said “This might be a bloodbath when it’s done” and she said ‘No Sh*t Sherlock”.

      We just looked defeated going into the locker room at halftime – all the kids had their heads down and weren’t looking at the students or anywhere else – the face of certainty things would get worse.


      1. Reed, there was a pregame shot of the Pitt locker room showing Pickett putting on his jersey. He looked like a nervous wreck as did the wierd silence by rest of the teamduring that shot.
        I am beginning to wonder if the entire team has had it with Narduzzi and his temperament! It would sure explain all the quit in the second half. And…Pitt did quit in the second half. Either consciously or subconsciously they may be saying we’ve had it with these coaches!


  83. EE–Great analysis on Hall. Warren Buffett had a mistress that’s why his company suffered. Didn’t TD have a child while at Pitt?


  84. She is part of the problem. When your HC of football sits on, and is instrumental in the hiring process of the AD, the AD naturally feels a debt of gratitude once she is hired, to a struggling coach and extends him. She did not extend him because of his record or because of his recruiting wins. She extended him and nearly tripled his salary because he was instrumental in hiring her and tripling her salary. It’s a quid pro quo.

    Time flies. She is already 1/2 way thru year two with a football team sitting at 6-8 under her watch with two low level wins and has fired a bunch of coaches and has advised Gallagher that each new hire needs 4 years before they can be judged. Funny how that works. If they do well early, she gets accolades. If they do good late, she gets accolades. It only matters when they stink at the 4 year mark. Hiring so many newbies means she will hit on a couple just by pure luck.

    Let’s see what she does or doesn’t do after yesterday’s debacle, understanding that doing nothing is also an option!


  85. Gee whiz Wally, let’s not become unhinged after two OOC games.

    I’ve said this before, if you all want to pile on now expect to be piled on later if the tables turn. Not saying they will but………. I will be there.

    Am I happy with last night’s game? I can say NO, No I’m not but nobody listens to me, everyone thinks I believe everything in my mind to be good with Narduzzi and PITT, when that is simply not true. I just happen to think the sky is not falling over the psu game.

    Give me a week or two of similar play and I’ll be right with almost everyone one you.

    Reed, when you say you are a show me kind of guy, doesn’t that mean show me real proof? One game is proof to you when the game is bad. Just like the two first two 8-4 regular seasons wasn’t proof but one 5-7 season was? << To me, that’s not consistent and not a trend.

    Breaking this season down after two games? I’m not happy with it very much but still don’t have a clue how this season will unfold. I still hold onto the possibility and believe PITT will win 7 games this year. You have to stand in what you believe in or sit down. I choose to stand and accept the “I told you so’s” if they don’t. I am not a quitter………………. ike


  86. Huff the third………. I have to ask. What do you really expect Heather to do in response to last night’s game? You cannot be serious that any drastic action is necessary and is warranted. Even a sit down with the head coach is is out of the question. PITT had a meddling AD who ended up trying to ruin the football program out of spite.


  87. Man, Ike, what are u drinking?
    We got the beat down of beat downs to the team we loathe above all others…and on national tv, no less.
    HCPN’s recruits haven’t done much of anything and we have sixteen seniors that have averaged one point a quarter in the last game and a half.
    The high school kids we have on the hook are three stars…or less, and after last nights bloodbath I wouldn’t be surprised if they looked elsewhere.
    And the arrogant coach, who should ingratiate himself to the weary fan base, instead acts like he is the director of the Manhattan Project.
    If you can find a diamond in that slag pile, you are a better man than I.


  88. Heather should also apologize. Narduzzi was at least man enough. I doubt she says anything but offer bobble heads and Fantas for next weeks game. What did she do to deserve her extension?


  89. Gasman, first off, that’s not nice. Drinking water and watched a terrible effort from this PITT team in the second half. Like I say….. People just do not read what I write…

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    1. Ike, I said if u can see a silver lining in this season’s slop, u are a better man than I am.
      Not quite sure how that is ‘not nice.’


  90. There are 8 QBs, but none of them can handle the FGs and extra points? Emel, your point makes too much sense for Narduzzi to adopt it. But nothing good comes from firing a coach in mid-season. We will need to feel the pain for the rest of the year, and then see what Heather does. The experience around the country with winning big in off campus stadiums is not very good, getting a top notch coach to come to Pitt with the Heinz situation is going to be very difficult


  91. Narduzzis own 4 star recruits are beginning to tune him out. When elite players begin turning on their coach, it’s game over.

    Is it because he can’t be trusted. He over recruits and brings in transfers. Promises playing time. Changes their position. What’s going on?

    I’m afraid his team will end up quitting on him this year.


  92. Anyone who listens and watches Narduzzi post game presser and tries and tell me he does anything wrong I say is full of it. He does nothing wrong. I call agenda. I’ve watch a hundred of them and I don’t see the difference in fact he’s more humble than most.


  93. Re-read my post Ike. I end with sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do and that we will wait and see how she handles it. My point is that she is in a terrible position because SHE extended him after he got her hired. Don’t you see the issue?

    I don’t expect anything from her right now. However, a confident AD that has the respect of the players as soon as he or she walks into the room can be critical to keeping a team that appears to be splitting, together. I don’t think Heather possesses that swag or trust from the players. Strong AD’s can be the glue in an organization that appears to be falling apart. Let’s see how it plays out. I know what I have seen first hand in these types of times.

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    1. My bad Huff the third. I gotcha. I just think she took this job backed into in a corner. I’m all for giving people a chance to see if they are going to succeed instead on constantly starting over to rinse and repeat. again and again… etc. . . .ike


  94. Lyke has big problems coming up with attendance. Last night’s crowd will inflate season numbers, but how many Pitt fans are going to show up after that debacle? Narduzzi has a chance to right the ship against Georgia Tech but that game’s crowd will be small. Pitt football fans have learned how to play the game. Stay home. Stay home to send the strongest message of discontent. The vast array of empty seats sends a message out to the whole country that Pitt’s football program is suffering. Stallings killed PItt basketball attendance and attendance played a role in his dismissal and puy pressure on Lyke to make a change.

    I’ve read the pleas for hope. This team is terrible. I would demand the offensive coordinator hit the road immediately. The defense showed signs of life.

    And remember it was an era of hope that surrounded the Narduzzi hire. A new chancellor firing Pederson, a competent (we thought) search committee doing the same thing Pitt loves to do – hire a coordinator instead of spending the millions to get an established coach.

    I hope this team turns it around. But nothing less than a bowl win will be good enough. I don’t see that happening.


  95. I don’t think we need to necessarily talk in absolutes. Yes, Pitt can still salvage the season.

    The point though there is just no evidence things will improve beyond some level of mediocrity under Narduzzi. 7 or 8 wins is just a higher level of being mediocre. We likely will be on the lower end at 5 or 6 wins. Big F’n deal either way.


  96. Some coaches are simply not leaders. In the corporate world promoting a sales rep into a manager can be the worst thing that can happen. Being a salesman vs a manager of others is two seperate skill sets. It appears to me that Narduzzi may have only the assistant coach skill set not the HC skill set. His behavior on and off the field speaks to that.


  97. I’m not even gonna say any negative. I feel bad for these guys. They wouldn’t even win in the FCS League.

    Ike – Let it go, Narduzzi is a disaster and the team is terrible.


  98. Non leaders do not beat top 10 teams like psu < kept them out of the playoffs, Clemson > the eventual National Champion and Miami < top 5 rated. Stop it


    1. Miami lost 5 in a row and were unranked to end the year.

      He won, ready for it? With Chryst’s players. His are very bad,


  99. Pitt is stuck with Narduzzi this year and next at the very least. Even then the buyout would be substantial and I’m not sure where the funds come to pay him off. If there is a way to raise them, then why didn’t Pitt do it to keep Canada?

    Pitt had this terrific OC in an age where college football is all about offense and it was more than happy Canada was offered $1.7 million by LSU because no way would the fans expect Pitt to match, so off the hook again is Gallagher and the rest of clowns running the school.

    So Pitt is going to pay this huge buyout then go against the grain and hire a head coach from another school? Wow, I guess Pitt has to go against the grain here to show it is serious about turning this program around. Maybe that is what should have been done in 1982 when the job of taking over the No. 1 team in the country opened up and was given to … wait for it … wait for it … an assistant coach on the cheap.

    Mickey Mouse operation is what defines Pitt since 1982. Ask Gallagher to increase funds to pay a coach and watch him sprint to the bath room toilet with stomach cramps at the very thought of spending that kind of money.


    1. The last 3 big asst coaching hires we’ve made shows what a Mickey Mouse operation Pitt still is. And for someone like Nardo he needs the best asst’s one could find. Not recycled has beens and never weres


  100. The telling instance in this could have been when nobody came with Nardo from Michigan State with him.
    That means than his contemporaries (the other asst’s) didn’t either have high regard for him or didn’t see him succeeding and didn’t want to hitch their wagons to his.

    Even Cheesehead Paulie brought some from Whisky with him. As did Graham and that is a usual occurrence.


  101. Amazing that you can read Narduzzi’s comments and take it so differently.
    He first and foremost apologized and took responsibility for it HIMSELF. Not arrogant, not deflecting, not making excuses.

    I have no doubt that no matter what he said, haters would be hating. I guess we just hear what we want to hear, then twist it around in our heads and simply fit whatever it is to our agendas.

    Then to pick out the word “golly” and vilify him for using it and validate it by comparing it to some here being critical of Chryst. Agenda? I totally believe you are being HONEST Reed, but if I didn’t read most of what you write here AND having met you in person where you said the exact same thing, I would wonder. Well, I guarantee anyone here criticizing Chryst for “neat” is just another hater with an adolescent mind and/or vocabulary. Why give that kind of idiot any credence or standing at all?

    Am I having huge questions as to PN? You bet, especially if he isn’t improving with recruiting and building inroads and networks to get that going. It is a huge part of coaching. If the head coach doesn’t devote half his efforts including hiring and overseeing staff do this, the rest of the coaching doesn’t have much of a chance. I am not sure how bad the recruiting/transfer situation really is, but it seems average at best.

    There are many things I wonder about with this coaching staff, but one of them ISN’T that they did a poor job with the coin toss preparation. That was dumb slip up by the captains. Punter not handling the snap to punt which was key to the PSU 2nd touchdown, that isn’t coaching. But the decision to go for the TD instead of the lead even after a missed FG attempt and the bad conditions making it tough, WRONG.

    I was saying to my son watching it, that they were going to try to draw an offsides barking out the QB signals and then take the delay of game penalty and just get a bit better angle to kick the FG. No, the idiotic decision to actually go for it. No kidding the kids/players wanted to go too. When does a good coach not overrule the players and do the proper thing despite the emotion of the moment? And then an off-tackle play with no QB option to run or misdirect or pass. Fail and come up short on THAT kind of play or some trickeration and I’m somewhat OK with the gamble.

    I don’t know what to think for GT but hope the team and coaches prove many here wrong. I can’t wait to see how that will get twisted and squeezed for anything negative it could mean too.


  102. Narduzzi is accepting the fact he has not been doing the job; coaching and certainly not recruiting good enough.. This is becoming all the more factual to us PITT fans.

    Sorry Reed and the rest of you guys I’m done with PITT football for another year. I will be off for Italy and Aruba for the balance of the year.


    1. Good deal….Italy & Aruba. Very nice. I guess you’re retired. Have fun, stay safe, Italy is pretty crazy from what I read.


  103. GT is going to be a very tough game. Not only because they play the Triple Option. They should have beat USF in Tampa. They totally controlled that game with 600 yards of offense and had a 10 point lead in the 4th Q, even after giving up not one, but two (2) 98 yard TD Kickoff Returns.

    GT had the ball for 36 minutes compared to 24 minutes for USF and outgained them 600 to 426.

    Pitt so far has been a very poor tackling team, and if that continues this game could get ugly.


  104. Guys, we are all upset with the disgraceful showing last night. No need to beat each other up about it. Let’s see how the season plays out. I’m guessing Pitt lost a lot of fans last night. Heather will do what she needs to do when she needs to do it. Peace.

    Fran, thanks for a great tailgate, and for letting me sit with you, Bernie and Jeannie B.

    Women’t volleyball is doing great!!


  105. Someone explain to me how the comments on this embarrassing loss will help the team , the coach and recruiting. I’ll be up to midnight if you can come up with a reason why this is helpful.


    1. The comments are meant to help us Fred. After losses this blog is Group Therapy for a very abused fan base. That has been abused with malfeasance and utter incompetence for decades.

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  106. In November of 2011, Pitt football received the break of a lifetime when Paterno was fired by the BOT for the Sandusky scandal. Rather than recognizing the magnitude of the opportunity that presented itself, the Pitt administration was scrambling for a stability hire after Todd Graham embarrassed the athletic department by sneaking out of town for ASU. At at time when PSU was in total disarray, Pitt was facing a credibility crisis of its own. What in retrospect looked like a solid hire, Paul Chryst was not what Pitt needed at the time when the in-state rival seemed to be hitting rock bottom.

    Eight months after the firing of Paterno, the NCAA levied a severe punishment that included a 65 scholarship limit and a 4-year post season ban. Less than a week after that announcement, Pitt announced the move to the ACC, opening up funding that wasn’t available in the Big East. Right there in 2012 was the time when strategic decisions needed to be made by the Pitt administration. Pitt needed a salesman to take advantage of a wounded big brother. Instead, Pitt opened the season with a 31-17 loss to FCS opponent Youngstown St. – one of the worst opening season losses in Pitt history. Over the next three years, Paul Chryst finished his head coaching apprenticeship, and the search was on for ANOTHER head coach cementing Pitt football as a bastion of instability.

    At PSU, a September 2013 NCAA decision increased the scholarship limit to 70 in 2014 and then 75 the following season. James Franklin was hired in January of 2014, and many laughed at his “Dominate the State” braggadocio. But Penn St. recognized they needed a salesman to sell the program hard. In Franklin’s first season, he led PSU to a bowl victory after the NCAA lifted the bowl ban in September 2014.

    Meanwhile, Pitt announced the hire of Pat Narduzzi in December 2014. Rather than hit the recruiting trail for Pitt, Narduzzi elected to stay and coach Michigan St. in the Cotton Bowl. At least he was on hand at the Armed Forces Bowl to watch one of the greatest bowl collapses in the history of college football, when Houston recovered about seven consecutive onside kicks to score 3 TDs in the final 2:26. SAME OLD PITT. One day earlier, the defensive guru give up 41 points to Baylor in 3 quarters of football. However, the Spartan offense bailed him out and scored 21 points in the final 5 minutes to win 42-41.

    Fast forward to 2018 and why people like me are so angry. Pitt had the moment of a lifetime to capitalize on PSU’s situation. Instead, the football program fumbled the opportunity with its own instability. Only Pitt could screw that up, and did they ever. In what will likely be the final Pitt-PSU game at Heinz Field, Narduzzi had his team prepared like a bad junior varsity team. I don’t give a sh*t what miscommunication occurred at the coin toss. A well coached team would be smart enough to defer in that situation – especially given the weather situation. Either make it crystal clear, or pick new captains that understand the situation. Inexcusable. A historic 45-point loss to big brother in front of a national audience. A total disgrace that served as benchmark for where the two programs stack up in the Northeast. Any self respecting elite high school football player is not coming to play for Narduzzi after a performance like that. I could see kids backing out of their verbal commitments after that game. Franklin did what he said he would, and has dominated the state. Meanwhile, Narduzzi was supposed to hang his hat on defense, and in year 4, that unit appears to show no improvement. Yet the guy has the nerve to make negative comments toward Conklin at the ACC media event. (he said, “we upgraded D-coordinator position” and “we got as far as we could with our coordinator at the time”)

    At least he finally accepted some accountability last night before making excuses about the field conditions and the substitution situation. Not good enough, and especially not after a 51-6 ass pasting against a team you publicly declared as an important rivalry game. The media that covers this program continues to let Narduzzi treat them like pieces of sh*t while providing ZERO information about the team. The questions after the game were not pointed enough in my opinion. Can somebody get him on the record on why Paris Ford was not on the field? Can somebody ask him how Scarton got injured? There should be no contact on the holder in practice, correct? How the hell did he get injured? Why can’t one of the 8 QBs fill the role as a backup holder given Christodolou’s lack of football experience? Does Shawn Watson have complete autonomy with the offense? Why did Shawn Watson continue running the ball in the 2nd half into 8 and 9-man fronts that kept attacking the gaps? Was a bootleg an option on the 4th and goal play? If Ricky Town was worthy of a scholarship, why was George brought in a week before the season started?

    This loss did a ton of damage regionally for future recruiting. The ACC is still wide open given the state of the Coastal. If they don’t win the next two, it is time to turn up the heat, because things will be trending decidedly in the wrong direction. Narduzzi put more pressure on this team with the stupid statement of buy your tickets to the ACC championship game. If he goes 4-8 that statement is going to look really pathetic.

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      1. fans make a statement by attendance and donations
        there are many fans who feel this way and this will turn up the heat
        and Pitt does read all these boards so they know stinging comments

        50k empty yellow seats next week will be a huge PR nightmare for Pitt
        They will get an ACC call for that


    1. That was a once in lifetime opportunity for Pitt to make inroads against Psux. And what is ever further agitating about it Mike is this. We now know and have known, that the Sandusky investigation had been going for years prior to when the story broke. And Pederson & Nordenberg had to have known their was an ongoing investigation, when DW was HC.

      AND THEY CHOSE TO PUT PITT INTO A POSITION OF INSTABILITY, WHEN SOMEONE LIKE DW WOULD HAVEN TAKEN FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY WHEN THE POSITION PRESENTED ITSELF. Pitt could have been Beast of the East again. Instead of the Laughing stock of Coaching Clown Carousel it became. And that once in a Generation opportunity evaporated with Pitt clearly being regulated to Little Brother status.

      Cornhole’s reward was this 4 game series, bone thrown to him.


  107. Watching the Pitt-PSU game was like when I watched the movie, “Pink Floyd’s The Wall” a month ago. I was really excited for both to begin and had the greatest of expectations. The first twenty to thirty minutes were riveting, exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see what was next, and then the next hour and a half was confusing, frustrating, and really disappointing. I have become comfortably numb but will continue watching haha.


  108. I’m concerned that next year we lose 4 out of 5 OL. Our best WR in Lopes and top RB in Ollison. On defense we lose Roy and Hendrix and our 3 starting LB’s. Our secondary may improve but I am having a real hard time seeing how next year is any better and more than likely worse.


  109. Guys, his sitting immediately after the game and talking in platitudes is not taking responsibility. Read carefully every word of that interview and you’ll see he points his finger elsewhere more than once.

    Fred, when you have a fan base that 1) pays $ for season tickets 2) travels to Heinz somtimes from far away and 3) donates money to Pitt athletics then sits in a cold rainstorm and sees this team get humiliated…it is the responsibility of Narduzzi and Lyme to help the fan base not the other way around. To say nothing of shutting the fan base out of all information about the team they love and support.

    Ike, you refuse to see the arrogance and sustain that Narduzzi has for the PGH media and Pitt’s fans. When you act as he does you better in Hell produce and he isn’t….quite the opposite in fact.

    You hold onto his first two years like he won championships or something and overlook the fact that he had the least wins by a Pitt HC in a full decade last year with 5 and just now has the worse Pitt loss in over 22 years.

    22 years Ike, to Penn State in front of 68,000 fans and on national TV. It was horrible.

    And you say I have an agenda.

    At least I’m not love-blind over the guy as you insist you aren’t…but truly are in defending him at every turn. The fact is that the team, recruiting and the program are at it’s lowest point since the early 2000s and you refuse to see that.


  110. In his last five game PN is 2-3 beating an overrated Miami team and a lowest FCS team you can find.

    In turn he’s lost to a 2-8 NC team, VT and was embarassed by PSU 51-6 at home.

    Just saying…


  111. Narduzzi took the blame for the game as he should have. He clearly stated it all falls on him. They played it on every news channel.

    Narduzzi lit the flame under his own seat this past weekend.

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  112. Reed – I am curious on your take. Why does Narduzzi himself and have his staff talk about how Pickett hasn’t thrown an interception, downplay OL issues and hype up their other weaknesses. Is he really clueless about where they truly are or does he just want to create excitement in Pitt Football.

    In the end just makes him look foolish I think.


  113. Sink your teeth into this… GT is #1 in Rushing with 429 ypg.

    Yes, Pitt Fans – 429.

    Plus they are scoring 39.5 ppg.

    We on the other hand are giving up 29 ppg and scoring 19.5 ppg.


    1. No problem Reed, just throw out the high score as it only has happened one time. Now PITT is only giving up 7 pts a game. Just throw it the pile along side Hall’s two runs 🙂

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  114. Reed, I’d better not ever watch a Pitt game WITH you. If we win, I’d hear where we fell short, if we lose I’d have to shoot myself. I don’t know, this honest reality just is difficult for me to live like.
    There are others I know that think similar to you and I believe you foster their reality which is frankly appreciated like Upitt and others but funny thing is, I think watching a game with him would be a blast. Lots of name calling and adolescent behavior back and forth with me laughing at his truthful idiocy and him firing away relentlessly at every Pitt failure and my way of seeing it as not quite so dire. Of course he’s right on 90%(maybe more) of what he says here and so are you Reed, we just see and deal with it quite differently.
    Wow, did all that on an iPhone and considering how poor my comment quality is on the much more user friendly laptop, this has got to be a mess but I’m hitting the post button anyway.
    Keep up the great work!
    Irk, get better and keep up the resistance for my sake and maybe a dwindling few others.
    And EE, looking forward to the fun poetry, keep up the good work on the golf course, at least we can take solace in your victories over some of the Cult😃


    1. You would hear me cheering Pitt on before every play and cheering them on even if they lost – the players that is.

      Notice I haven’t written anything personally negative about any Pitt players unless it pertained directly to their performance – like the OL on Saturday.

      But I cheer my ass off for them to 1) play well and fairly and 2) win.

      BTW though – I also acknowledge when a player from the opponent makes a great play also. But I’m Old School like that.


  115. Hendrix is a bust. Briggs great young man but stinks. TE position has declined badly under Narduzzi. Reeves wan;t the answer as he was plug. Just have to hope Narduzzi feels enough heat to make the changes needed including blasting the staff. This was a team effort and they need to be hammered for how unprepared Pitt was. .


  116. I’ve read and reread the comments of the game that shall not be mentioned and realize it is a microcosm of all things Pitt. We simply are our own worst enemy.
    1) We are a program, team, and Athletic Department in a wheelchair from constantly shooting ourselves in the foot.

    2) We fail to have any semblance of a long term plan and muddle about, going where the tide takes us. There are many examples:

    a) When there were sanctions imposed on Penn State we somehow managed to have our own version of self imposed sanctions by going through our coaching carousel.
    b) I will give Cryst credit for what he did with the situation he inherited, but not so much for his recruiting. He in fact should have recruited much, much better given what was going on at the time. He got some nice players, but should have done even better.
    c) OOC scheduling. If the game that can’t be mentioned doesn’t get you to realize we are currently severely overmatched in most aspects football wise and there is a need to dumb down the schedule for awhile, well, I don’t know what to say.

    3) It will take someone with vision, courage, and guts to do anything with the football problem. Simply hiring a new coach is not the answer. Even if it is the second coming of the Bear it will only be a temporary fix. Just like Johnny and Jackie, after they left there was no long term plan, just a bunch of clowns in administrative posts who thought they were the smartest guys (and gal ) in the room!

    4) For all you Narduzzi fans, instead of pointing to the 2016 season and saying how great it was due to beating Penn State and Clemson, I would ask a different question, How the hell did he ever lose 5 games with that team?

    5) Finally, the most eye opening experience for me occurred AFTER the game on Saturday. This goes out to anyone who criticizes the students for leaving or not attending games. Walking past a que of thousands, yes, a few thousand, students waiting in miserable conditions for BUSES to take them back to campus is just plain wrong.

    Reed, next big game walk out back of the field and watch this cluster f#$& and see! I was shocked. I give the kids more credit for coming. I was always on them, but to put up,with this crap, wow, an eye opener. Beyond high school ish. This is a joke, a hidden embarrassment even worse than the yellow seats. No wonder they leave early to avoid this mess. For the first time I realize how important Pitts own stadium close to campus would be for the students! Don’t jump on this unless you have seem the mess of kids waiting in endless ques for busses, BUSSES, after the game. I was stunned how bad it was!

    That’s enough of a soapbox, it’s another dreary day, probably the next of many this year on a Monday following a Pitt game. Stay safe, dry, and warm, and as Dumas said, Wait and Hope! H2P

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  117. Here is that last worse loss toND in 1996 under Majors II


    60-6 on Nov 16th in South Bend.

    As far as home game go…

    “In terms of home losses, Pitt hasn’t suffered a defeat as severe as Saturday’s since Notre Dame handed the team a 56-7 loss at Pitt Stadium on Nov. 6, 1971. And in the context of the Pitt-Penn State rivalry, it’s the worst loss Pitt has faced since Nov. 23, 1968, when Penn State obliterated Pitt 65-9 at Pitt Stadium in the finale of a 1-9 season unfortunately replete with similar results.”

    47 years Pitt fans…that is what PN is giving you for your support.

    Not Harris, DW, Graham, or Chryst had sunk this low. Add the worse of 5 in the W column in 10 years and it paints a not so pretty picture.


  118. I have witnessed some monumental collapses from this Pitt program in the past, but this game brought me right back to the end of Johnny majors 2. This is year 4 guys this program is going backwards. Why did Ford not play at all even on offense. Yesterday Ford tweeted in order to be trustworthy you have to trust your guys 100 percent. Narduzzi has lost this team. All the transfers and dismissals have fractured this roster. I picked Pitt to win on here and before the 2nd quarter meltdown I felt pretty good. I have lost all respect for this goof. The only way to win me back is to run the table and we all know that is not happening.


  119. If you didn’t know any better and listen to Narduzzi talk you would think he’s 11 and 1 and going to the sugar bowl. The reality is he recruits like Shippensburg he coaches like Edinboro he hires like Gannon and his personality and attitude is that of a small town high school football coach.

    Tvax – You would enjoy watching the game with me just ask Dallas Mike. Haha

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    1. I know I would buddy. Truthfully, I would with Reed and probably everyone here. I think it comes down to how we each “see” things.
      Maybe the best for me would be watching with you and Ike and just sitting back with beer in hand, one eye on Pitt and the other on the banter. Add in Reed and Dr Tom and we’d have a tag team war I’d have to officiate😂. I know you are still in your prime or certainly closer to it than the rest so you might have to have one hand tied behind your back. Not sure you’ll accept that as you’d then have to decide between beer/shot or cigar in the free hand….and no 2 hand salutes. Lol


      1. I’m chilled out and would be great. Cigars would be great. I hate seeing us inept. I love/hate seeing my buddies kids wearing Pitt gear excited for the game only to be completely turned off
        By 3rd Quarter. Narduzzi makes 3.5M and it is unaccepatable. Alabama plays true freshman all day long but the best recruit he has supposedly hasn’t seen the field in 2 years. Redshirting him was stupid as well. Take care. Flying to Florida. Hope the sun is out.

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  120. Watching the game I felt like these kids gave up on Narduzzi. He chews them out for penalties when he himself had a huge one against him. Also did anyone notice Narduzzi wanted the captain’s to play defense to start the game they ignored his commands and took the ball.


    1. only those things will get noticed by Pitt
      the worst attendance since 1982 and some of the worst losses ever (eg Louisville game and avg blowouts of 30+ against ACC teams), were primary reasons to ditch Stallings
      the fear of a half empty Pete and cancelled season tickets was the impetus
      Pitt was losing money and fans didnt have hope

      Pitt should be fearful of a half empty Heinz because football pays the bills
      There is a breakeven point for paid attendance (around 40k)…football covers itself but it doesnt leave any money to support Pitt’s Olympic programs (there are 17 of them, excludes mens BB). This could lead to cuts in those programs.

      Fans begin to lose hope when the worst series loss in nearly 50 years happens
      Fans begin losing hope when they see 2 stars with offers from Elon and Robert Morris being recruited
      Fans begin losing hope when their expectations of year 4 dont come true

      Hope is what sells

      The football program will make some money this year thanks to Penn State fans who were forced to buy a game package. But, Pitt cant rely on Penn State paying the bills going forward.

      50k empty yellow seats is a bad image for Pitt
      Good luck getting advertisers and 4 star recruits in that environment

      A bad product should NOT be supported. If you do, you’re just enabling mediocrity.


    2. Fred – Be honest and quite enabaling Narduzzi to keep stealing money. How you can be happy after Albany and PSU is beyond me. I agree he loat these kids. The tweets tell you all you need to know.


  121. Why recruit Ford and salahuddin if they are not going to play. I know he was afraid they would fumble so opted to keep the seniors in. This guy is a joke.


  122. Fred,
    I can’t speak for you but I may have missed 10 home games in the last 25 years because I couldn’t get off work. I love Pitt i just want them to succeed. I sat there the entire game to the last whistle as I always do.


  123. Hey congratulations to one of our own here on the POV. Did anyone notice who was chose as fan of the week for PITT? Non other than JoeL who appeared on the jumbo tron I believe it was the second quarter. Congrats Joe..

    Didn’t PITT lose to Ohio State something like 66-0


  124. Yes it was bad, very bad, but the game was over after the first score in the third quarter. Running up the score showed no class by Franklin as did the challenge at the end. Most coaches would have taken their foot off the pedal a lot earlier. The final score is irrelevant.

    I started saying three years ago that if Narduzzi didn’t recruit better he wouldn’t be able to compete This is why I am not gnashing my teeth like some of you. Pretty much saw this coming. Whether Narduzzi is a good coach or not, it is pretty much irrelevant if he can’t get quality players to come here. Of course there are obstacles for him or anyone to do that and this game certainly doesn’t make it easier.

    I also was glad to see him accept some responsibility for the performance, in that this is a first for him, and maybe a little humble pie will help.

    While totally embarrassing it was only one OOC game and there is a lot of very tough football games left to play. Hopefully the team hasn’t given up as most of you seem to have.

    The sun will come up sometime, between hurricanes and hopefully these kids will rededicate themselves and won’t want to get embarrassed this badly again.

    For now Narduzzi is the coach, probably for at least one more year after this one.

    In the long run, Pitt has to figure out what level they want to compete at,

    In the short run, Pitt needs to dump PSU next year, and only schedule one tough OOC per year and figure out how to compete in the ACC. Miami, VA Tech, GT with FL ST, Clemson or ND every so often is plenty tough. If we are competing at a below average level, why play a ball breaking schedule? Not fair to the coaches, players or fans.


  125. I have walked past the students waiting for the buses after a game. If I was a student today I would curse the program for this situation. In fact, I may have not gone to a game but instead a bar on campus.


  126. Dallas Mike:

    Very well said. Actually, we had PSU down two times. in the early 2000’s they were coming off 3 out of 4 seasons with no bowl, and two losing seasons including a 3 win campaign. Walt Harris seemed to be trending up, but then locally lost Pozluzny, Lee, King & Shipley (all NFL players) to the Nits and PSU found a second wind under Paterno. The perfect chance to knock them out existed in 2003 but Walt failed and was rightfully shown the door.

    And as you say flash forward to 2011. Pitt gets into the ACC, Paterno is fired and sanctions hit. Again another golden opportunity. But the bumbling admin gives us Chryst & Narduzzi and once again the moment to knock out the nits is gone.

    I don’t have as big a problem as some hiring a coordinator. Look at Smart at Georgia, RichRod at WVU, Stoops at Oklahoma. But man we must do a terrible job interviewing. I remember hearing comments from Pitt admin that they liked Narduzzi since he had an attitude that would work well in Pittsburgh and would be liked in this town. What made them think that?? He has no command presence at the podium. I’ve heard him speak…..not very inspiring. Not sure how is act plays out in living rooms recruiting, obviously not well. What about him screamed head coach and not career assistant in his late 40’s?

    It comes down to we are our own worse enemy. Who else would schedule Oklahoma State immediately after Penn State? Notre Dame the same year as Penn State? A road game at UCF? Insane. And Chryst was a total putz here…..but how did he suddenly transform into having such a successful record these past 3 years? I still don’t think he is any coaching genius, but he has a strong admin that gives him an easy schedule and a plug & play system that Alvarez has fined tuned for almost 3 decades.

    Until a commitment to be “all-in” is made, expect more of the same. But all-in doesn’t mean just the admin. It means the fans as well. I see knuckleheads posting they aren’t donating, or giving up their seats until things are turned around. That’s the exact opposite thinking that occurs in the SEC. Their fans increase their donations when times are bad so they have money to fire the coach and get someone new in.

    But you would think some time in history we would catch a break. I mean imagine if we hired Jimmy Johnson or George Welch instead of Foge or Gottfried. Alzvarez instead of Hackett. Or even Franklin when he was a coordinator at Maryland instead of Graham (he was mentioned by some but he ended up going to Vandy and the rest is history). It would be laughable if not so sad the litany of losers that have passed through the program, and not just in football (Oval Jaynes, J. Dennis, Barnes, Stallings, Suzie McConnell, the list goes on & on).

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    1. I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Attending games and increasing donations is not a way to get the attention of the Pitt administration.

      Look at basketball. What got their attention were the e-mails and calls from ticket holders threatening to cancel and withhold donations.

      If you want to donate, what until we know the cost of Narduzzi’s buyout.


      1. I agree with txpanther but will go to all but GT this year and expect something from Heather depending on how the season goes. For some reason I think she will deliver if and when she needs to…IF she is given the opportunity to do so.


  127. To answer Reed in an above comment. Reed, all I said is that I didn’t see anything wrong with Narduzzi’s post game presser and you have me in love and wanting to marry the guy.

    Also and I repeat because it’s such a cool thing:

    Hey congratulations to one of our own here on the POV. Did anyone notice who was chose as fan of the week for PITT? Non other than JoeL who appeared on the jumbo tron I believe it was the second quarter. Congrats Joe..


  128. What I don’t understand is how anyone would think that a rookie qb, behind a makeshift line with no star receivers or tight ends could compete against a Heisman Candidate behind a great line with 4 star receivers?

    Especially on a very sloppy day, which favors experience.

    I get that Heinz Field is inferior to an On-Campus stadium, but it has absolutely zero relationship to the results on the field.


    1. Pitt would have still been beaten badly at Pitt Stadium but at least the students could have egged the Nitter buses on their way out of Oakland.

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  129. It’s not the OCS. It’s not a singular solution. Pitt athletics has a systemic problem that takes a comprehensive solution. It cannot be solved piecemeal or in isolation. That’s the type of thinking that has permeated the department for 80 years. I do not think the school has the will, foresight, vision, or desire to ever do what is necessary. It’s sad, because unlike others, I believe it could enhance the reputation of the institution. The future of higher education in this country is changing. Schools are positioning themselves on the academic side. The huge schools that will survive have so many built in advantages that most, but not all, smaller schools will become basketball schools because it’s cheaper. I think this is the decision the Athletic Department came to years ago. It is galling to admit. It really, really POs a lot of fans, but ?I honestly believe that’s what they did. It makes sense from a financial standpoint and that, in reality, is all they care about.

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  130. So if I remind everyone again that this is only one game in week two and and a OOC game at that, would I be a Narduzzi lover and overly optimistic? I know we are all PITT fans but I couldn’t follow a team and feel the same way as some of you guys. I don’t get it. You are torturing yourselves. ike


  131. How about some perspective..I’m a Steeler season ticket holder and watched my team lose er I mean tie Cleveland.. That is Cleveland ! That is more motifying than Pitt losing to a top ten Penn State . The leading rusher in the game was Ollison. Any hope for future games ? Anybody?


  132. Re: Franklin’s decision.

    The score sure as hell does matter to the FBS Playoff Committee who pick the four playoff teams. That is exactly the sort of thing they look at. So i don’t fault Franklin one bit for trying to score.

    Also, pretty tough to put a kid in there and tell him to take a knee when he needs snaps as a backup. None of that bothered me

    But the disputing the penalty with a bit over a minute left in the game was just poor sportsmanship all around.


    1. I don’t buy it. It is called calling off the dogs. He could put the second and third string in and run the ball.
      He puts the second string QB in and throws for a touchdown. It is low class.

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      1. Exactly…..it’s rubbing your face in it. Somebody try that on the playground it started a fight. Pitt had their faces rubbed in mud. Without even so much as a push or even a verbal jab.


  133. Dallas Mike, I loved your post! After some further suffering and reflection, I think that I have a couple of (semi) positive things to say: First, I just don’t think that Pitt’s players are that far behind the Pedos in talent. The Nitters are better, for sure, but not by that much. So that leaves us with coaching, preparation and play calling as the chief reasons for the beat down. Everything Dallas Mike said is true, but 4 years in we should be seeing some growth and coaching maturity in Narduzzi, which just doesn’t seem to be the case, so we are probably looking at some character flaws that may not disappear over time.

    I could go on and on about recruiting, which everyone knows has been horrible (no TEs, WRs getting recruited over, OL a disaster, etc., but I digress) But I honestly have faith in Heather to get this right, eventually. She has shown that she is not afraid to fire people, and she will do so IF there is a better option out there to improve the situation (as with Stallings, buy out cost won’t be the issue). It would probably do no good to bring in another assistant coach, and the players would all want a current assistant to take over, as they always do. And I think that Heather has it right that ACC experience is needed for future success.

    I would guess that there is probably already a group put together to quietly scan the market for a replacement at the end of the season. If Narduzzi produces a miracle and they win the Division, he will get another year (the Miami and Clemson wins have helped him), but Pitt has few hiring cards to play right now, and they will need to at least show that they will give any new coach a sufficient amount of time to produce.


  134. I have been saying for many years that Pitt fans put much more of an emphasis on winning football than the Pitt Administration does.

    That is just a fact – we play D1 football because that is what the “Big Schools” all do. That’s the only reason. Pitt has never been all-in committed to championship football since WWII. We got lucky with Tony Dorsett and that was it – the last full championship of any sort in football for 42 years.

    And its never going to change folks. We are not going to get an OCS no matter who funds it (and no one will) and we will paddle along like we are as long as there are no major scandals associated with the football program.

    When there is one we’ll make changes that look different but are really just the same.


    1. I would say some Pitt Fans do. The majority of Pitt grads could care less about football. That is one of our biggest problems. There is little pressure on Pitt adm to change anything. Typical conversation, ” Oh did Pitt play yesterday? Did they win?


    2. Ok, so if true, then why care about any of this? Why complain about any of this? Why not let optimists be, realists be, those in the middle be. We are all masochists if we devote any energy to this changing for the better so let’s all keep things in perspective. Since there is really no hope, try to enjoy the crappy ride. 😦


  135. Right you are Reed, a little perspective is good. It’s important to know your enemy as we do every week before games but you also have to know the school you root for. << Which some view as the enemy.

    psu is a top ten rated team but all I hear is that they are terrible this year. Another way to kick PITT when they are down.

    I should remind everyone is that I’m not all that satisfied with Narduzzi and wouldn’t be upset if he gets fired after this year. Of course that would mean PITT had another lousy season. I’m sticking with my 7 win season this year and a high finish in the Coastal.


  136. I think part of Pitt’s problem is how middling our football program has been. Even the year we got blown out by Youngstown State and Cincinnati for one of the worst starts to a season I’ve ever seen, we still managed to finish the year with 6 wins. We haven’t been bad enough to force anyone in charge to really feel desperate enough to make major changes. As bad as Johnny Majors II was, we shortly thereafter decided to abandoned our stadium and go in with the local professional organization on facilities. Maybe what it will take to build an on or near campus stadium is to go winless in the ACC.


    1. That was the easiest schedule in Pitt history. Six wins was a major letdown even with a coaching change because there was a senior QB and a bunch of good kids who stuck with the school despite gross incompetence by the administration.


  137. Reed, I was at that horrible ND loss in 1996, and I stayed and listened to Majors post game comments. They sounded a lot like Narduzzi after the Pedo loss (“well, we just didn’t get it done, today”…) Shortly thereafter, Majors was fired. Pitt just can’t seem to reconcile its long ago history of being a football power with its lack of commitment to athletics (except maybe basketball by accident). However, when joining the ACC, apparently for its basketball, Pitt failed to realize that football was becoming more important in the conference, and they now must compete in FB as well. Whether they like it or not, sports has become part of the brand at Pitt, and being a perennial cellar dweller in football in the ACC will not help their national image as a top university.


  138. I’m sure not going to disbelieve what I saw in the 2nd half but really they played fine the first half (let me not digress to what was bad in the first half) but it was just a miserable half of football. I will be all in on Narduzzi is Not the One after the GT game if Pitt loses. Who out there thinks Pitt can’t beat GT? Not won’t, can’t. Probably 90% or more of the POVers. So what if they do win? Any of you folks going to start thinking we’ll maybe it was just one miserable half of football? And just for the record I sure as hell am not picking Pitt to beat GT.


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