Bernie B.’s good friend Greg Sasser has graciously offer to open his tailgating before and after the Pitt vs NC game down in Chapel Hill, NC on Sept 22nd to all POVers travelling down for the game.

Here is the info:

Hi Reed   

I am Bernie Blystone’s North Carolina friend, Greg Sasser. He gave me your contact information so we can communicate for the tailgate party that we will be sponsoring for the Pitt POV friends.   Bernie likely told you that we attended the Pitt/UNC game in Pittsburgh last year and were treated very hospitably by the POV group.

I plan to scan and email a copy of a campus map to you which we can discuss once you are able to print and review. Also please let me know if there are any other items I could contribute to make this announcement for the POV friends. We sincerely hope there is a significant turn out by your group and would like for you to make the announcement on your blog and hopefully provide a copy of the map.

That’s all for now,

Greg Sasser

So – will you attend?


NC Map Reed

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