Let’s start putting our thought about the upcoming game into winners, losers and scores.  As I wrote yesterday this is a tough one for me to try to figure out.  So what I’ll do personally is default back to what I felt about the team before the season started – our strengths and weaknesses.

First off for me is that I wrote our Quarterback was an upgrade and that our Defensive Line would be one also.  I still believe that and think those will be our strong points on Saturday.

I stated our Defensive backs would be a downgrade and that our OL would be a big downgrade.  Nothing I have seen has convinced me otherwise so far – pushing the Albany defenders off the LOS is one thing, having this OL do it against P5 schools is totally different.  So I believe those two units will be our weak spots.  QB Trace McSorley, his receivers and the PSU’s front seven defense are going to take advantages there.

We underestimate what high quality talent does with a team.  I don’t think our starting 22 is all that much more talented than it was at this time last year with a few exceptions – Pickett stands out there. This will be his first true test with coaches and fans’ realistically high expectations for him.  Miami was a great game but the expectation pressure wasn’t really on him that game like it is now and will be tomorrow.  He’ll do well but it may not be enough.

So we’ll be on the short end of the stick pure talent wise out on the field of play against PSU.  Because of that I think we’ll see a relative lower scoring game on our part tomorrow.  Tho odds have leveled out to Pitt getting between 8.5 and 10 points.  That sounds about right to me but I think PSU adds a field goal or two to push it up a bit.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can pull this one out (and we sure can)…but my head differs from my heart:

PSU – 33  Pitt – 21

Hey – I was wrong two years ago, could easily happen again.  I’m not nearly as good at predicting actual games as I am the broad strokes of the team and program.

What are your thoughts?  Comment with them then we’ll have a game thread going on starting at 7:45 PM tomorrow evening.


Here are the all-important Game Notes… especially because it took me 20 minutes to find somewhere to buy a game program last Saturday. You might want to print out the rosters for the game.

psu 2 deep 2018



214 thoughts on “Pitt (Yeah Us!!) – Penn State Game Predictions

  1. After watching both teams last week it is hard to predict tomorrow’s outcome—-but two things worry me about Pitt 1) the defensive backs vs McSurley and 2) Pickett under the bright lights and big stage.
    Two things excite me 1) PSU defense looked awfully tired and slow vs App St (aka Pitt last year cs YSU) and 2) Barkley and Girseki are gone

    I foresee a late Pickett dive into the end zone to propel Pitt to a win.

    Pitt 28
    PSU 24


  2. Not sure I am feeling the score with any certainty but I think I am on the winning side.

    Pitt 27
    PSucks 24

    Kessman better make a couple because he could be the difference and conditions will make it just that much tougher.

    I would never wish for an injury, but if someone has to go out, Mcsore ly rather than Pickett has to be the way it goes Would be ok to see our D bend some then break him, just temporarily. Not that I think Mcsore ly can’t screw up the game for PSu but Pickett knocked out seems like it would be impossible to overcome.

    I see Ollison coming up big too and one or 2 trickeration plays to turn the game our way.



  3. Pitt 38
    PSU 31
    Pickett arrives on the national scene & Ollison is nearly unstoppable. PSU turns it over again at the end.
    Flying to London during game, but hoping we find a Pitt win in the morning. H2P


  4. PSU 35 Pitt 24

    PSU blocks a punt, runs for 225 and throws for 300. Pitt recovers a PSU fumble, runs for 185 and throws for 255 in a loosing cause.

    PSU has more talent and speed. Coaching is about even. PSU’s offense is better than the Pitt’s defense. Pitt’s offense and PSU’s defense are similar in strength.

    Pitt can win if:
    1 they tackle really well (as in like the WVU 13-9 game),
    2 sustain long drives on offense to keep the ball out of McSorley’s hands,
    3 give our CBs some help with a center fielder safety against the taller, faster PSU receivers to negate two or three big plays.
    4 Watson calls a great game, with pass plays on non-passing downs, draw/screens to keep an aggressive D off of Pickett and some razzle dazzle flea flicker type plays etc.


  5. Penn State is still going to put up lots of points this year so I say they get over 30. The question is can Pitt, put up over 30 to match them.

    In Pickett’s last big game he put up 24 against a good Miami defense. Did the offense get better? It all depends on the OL, Watson and the OL coach. I think Watson’s offense will be good this year, hopefully it won’t take four games.

    I am still optimistic since it is early in the season. 🙂

    Pitt 34
    PSU 33

    If it is muddy.

    Pitt 28
    PSU 24


  6. A tough game to call. A couple of turnovers by McSorley gives Pitt and Pickett the opportunity to pull the upset. Pitt 31 PSU 24


  7. The possibility of rain and slop brings up another question. How big our their hands and how has Trace McGoofy performed in bad weather in the past?


  8. I actually think the weather will slow them down but I think the offense will struggle to move the ball all day, I hope I am wrong but I think PSU 24 Pitt 14


  9. I like Pitt’s chances. PS’s offensive line is a strength but it will face our strong D-line and very good linebacker crew. It will be a battle all night. We need to pressure McSorely and I believe we will, helping our backers defend against PS’s receivers. Our offensive line knows what it takes to win, and here’s hoping Bookser plays Saturday. We have three quality running backs that will have an advantage given PS’s untested linebacking corps and young defense. And the same is the case with our receivers, a talented group with speed. If Pickett can play with the poise we’ve seen so far and we contain PS’s passing game, we have a shot.
    Pitt wins 30-28.


  10. Pitt 24 The Evil Empire 21, McSwirly throws 3 to our guys, I hope the people that sit around me don’t sell their tickets to any creepsters. Last time they were sitting on both sides of me, and started making excuses before the game even started.


  11. Pitt is wearing the all blues. Let the whining begin, LOL.

    Beat PSU in them.
    Beat Miami in them.
    Beat Clemson in the all whites.

    Players are superstitious,

    Hail to Pitt!


  12. Pitt 33 – pedos 31

    I think Pitt will win the last one either way next year when McSorley is gone and Pickett has a full year under his belt. The Pitt D will be better as well as maybe the O-line. Recruiting a good 4* frosh back to come in and play will be important too. Winning the last game and getting the #100th game win is more important than this one IMO.

    Some of Pitt’s best wins are on the road. Anyone know how good the pedo’s backup QB is?


    1. Don’t know about the PSU backup but I think I know how bad the backup we used last week is. Just having the OR for Patti on the roster this week should tell you all about what the coaches think about Town.


  13. Just got my Sports Illustrated and who is on the cover? Miles Sanders! Haven’t read the article yet but have scanned. Seems like SI is painting the PS win over Appalachian State as a major triumph. SI even cites AS’s win over Michigan 11 years ago as supporting evidence. I’ve had 31-17 in my mind for the last two days. Just didn’t know who would be the 31 and who would be the 17. It is clear now. Pitt 31 – Penn State 17. I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. Thus speakth the AFH. H2P


  14. I will be the 1st to WHINE….F………….K!!!!!!!!!! A…..Holes….!!! I feel sooooi much better getting that off my chest..
    Say we handily beat the # 13 team in the country….will we be ranked ?


  15. I don’t understand the hype over Miles Sanders and the PSU OL. Sanders had only 66 yds on 15 carries in 4 qtrs of regulation. It wasn’t until OT that PSU’s bigger lineman and more depth wore on the smaller ASU and he got 25 yds on 4 carriers (although only 1 run was more than 4 yds).


  16. I watched some of the App St game last weekend against them. They had a lot of pressure on McS, a couple times even with 3 guys. I think we can do the same. I think it will be close – I hope it’s a blowout win for us but I don’t see that happening.
    Pitt 29
    PSU 27


  17. Pitt covers the 8.5 number. Penn State wins on a late score 31-27. I have this sneaking suspicion that Pitt leads for 59 minutes until the secondary has major breakdowns on game winning drive by McSorley. Life of a Pitt fan.


  18. Dallas Mike… Vuja de… you are describing the last 3 Carolina games !!!
    Someone bring very small pointed scissors to the tailgate tomorrow… I need to perform a “Swooshectomy” on my new Mustard and Blue Script shirt!!!
    The BigB and JeanieB have landed and are holding court in the 6 th Ave Renaissance Bar….


  19. Just looked at the accuweather forecast. Big change for Saturday. Only a high of 68 or so with rain.
    Probably be in the mid 60’s or lower by 8pm.

    What a bummer, to get a freak 60’s temp in early Sept and 82% chance of precip.


  20. I watched on channel 2 news, rain to hold off until midnight? In other words, a weatherman doesn’t know what in the hell he or she is talking about. What a job? Even better than a hitter in baseball where they make the Hall of Fame batting .333


  21. Just because Pickett has that “IT” factor i’m say’n

    Pitt – 38
    PSUx – 17

    Pitt controls the clock and wins going away.


    ……I haven’t been this pumped for a Pitt game in s looooong time!!!!
    Pennsylvania should force this rivalry to continue IMHO!!!
    I despise the Nitters from my head to my baby toe and when the mud settles tomorrow night Heinz scoreboard will read;
    PITT: 31
    PSU: 30
    HAIL TO PITT!!!!!

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  23. Out on a limb with Shirley. Pitt I think have the maturity and senior leadership to really focus on the task at hand. I also think the veteran experience of the staff will pay dividends. So Pitt 31 PSU 20.


  24. I remember reading an earlier post by Doc Tom. He said the OL will be exposed on Saturday. i fear the same. PSU-27 PITT-20.


    1. This is one of the games I’ve been thinking about when I’ve said the OL is going to be poor and it will show.

      PSU might have a bunch of new starters but they are, a lot of then, 4* and 5* players.

      For instance look at their 2017 recruiting class…it has one 5* and 10 4* kids and not they are rsSO and ready to play.

      Their rsFR class has two 5s and 16 (!) 4s.

      Now we Pitt fans get excited about a Paris Ford or Damar Hamlin but they have half their roster filled with kids like that.



  25. My prediction is based on the weather forecast – 60% rain at KO – up to 90% mid-way thru game. Potentially heavy downpour.

    Timing will be everything and this game will be a good test for our new equipment manager.

    Pitt 17 – psuX 6



    1. Prediction continuation –

      McSwirley stays in the Heisman race – discounted due to weather…

      The nits slip in the polls to #14

      Pitt gets 1 vote for the polls, keeping them outside the top 25

      Aston and QO with TD runs and Kessman is 1-2 for FG’s

      McSwirley runs for a TD and Chase Pine blocks the extra pt with the new rain soaked spikes developed by our equipment manager

      Duzz gives the game ball to Ditka


  26. My hatred for all things Pedo is incredibly unhealthy. I hate Pedo with every fiber of my fat being. My wife’s entire family are Pedo alums/ fans. I can barely tolerate it.

    I pray that the good Lord smiles upon the Panthers for the good of my health.


  27. 14,000 at the Pirate game should have little impact on the PITT game. All this tailgating starting at 5:00 stuff is too keep some people away.

    I actually received an email from the hotel I’m staying at asking or telling me not to come down until 4:00. pffft, I’ll be there no later than 1:00 and probably earlier. If you people wait and listen to all the jazz they are telling you, you may not be in by kick off. I plan on raising a glass with Fran/JoeL, Bernie and the rest of the gang at 3:00 sharp! What will be in the glass? TBD


  28. Penn State 27- Pitt13

    I believe McSorley is gonna expose Pitt’s secondary and a lot of people are going to be upset that this D, which is down 2 NFL caliber players in Maddox and Whitehead, is not very good yet. And that OLine isn’t going to be pushing PSU around like Albany. App State is Clemson compared to Albany. I wouldn’t underestimate Penn State too much. Next year will be better once Narduzzi has time to coach up all his 2* and 3* recruits.


  29. You guys are nuts! One thing I’ve learned on the POV is that a team laden with 4-stars is no way in heck going to lose to a team of 3-Star talent.

    No. 1, the “stars” determine who wins.

    No. 2, the Head Coach making the most money wins.

    So no way PITT prevails tomorrow. I think PITT scores 23 and UPS scores 30.

    But I sure hope, against all logic, it’s the other way around.

    Go Pitt!


  30. Another point about tomorrow. With the exception of the last game at Pitt Stadium, seems to me that every time PITT brings back their former great players for a game, the Panthers play poorly and fall on their faces.

    The first PITT Hall of Fame class will be there tomorrow. Hate to be a downer but I’ve seen this movie too many times.

    Go Pitt!


  31. One day in an elementary school, a teacher asks her class if Penn State was their favorite football team. The whole class says yes except for Little Reed.

    The teacher asks, “What’s your favorite football team Reed ?”

    Little Reed says, “Pitt.”

    The teacher asks, “Well, why is that?”

    Little Reed says, “Well, my dad is a Pitt fan, my mom is a Pitt fan, I guess that makes me a Pitt fan.”

    The teacher angered by his reply says, “If your dad was a moron and your mom was an idiot what would that make you?”

    Little Reed says, “Well, I guess that would make me a Penn State fan.”


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  32. Sure hope I’m wrong but my head says PSU 30, Pitt 22. Hopefully the weather isn’t so much of a factor that after the game we feel we still don’t know much about the team.


  33. A Kid And His Mom Were Walking Past A Cemetery When They Past A Grave And the Kid Stopped To Read It. He Read Aloud “Here Lies A Penn State Football Coach And A Great Man.” The Kid Then Says “Mom I Dont Get It.” The Mom Says “Why Not?” The Kid Says “Why Are there 2 People Burried here?”


  34. The POV is indeed a luxury and we are not entitled other than to read it. It’s been made very clear to all of us that there are so many other outliers and lurkers that like to catch up on PITT football and read the POV. Many of the lurkers are of the professional types and former and current players or whoever. Reed takes the personal attacks, well personal. I’ll include myself in some of the rips to Reed and you won’t see any of that from me again.

    Reed gets where I come from but it’s possible that others do not understand our friendship and the years we have known each other and all the PITT wins and losses we have gone through together. We need to appreciate Reed and all the hard work he does for all our sake and a place to go and enjoy great PITT football talk. I know I do! ike


  35. Had a buddy in HS whose older brother went to Penn State. When he got back for summer break he concluded this: “99% of all college girls are beautiful. The other 1% go to Penn State!”
    (Note: please forgive me if you married a PSU girl.)


    1. Are you implying, Creepy Valley is also full of heifers. I dated scads of girls, never knew a good looking one that went to Creepy Valley. Therefore I never dated one. Did have a HS gf the summer before entry into college, she was cute, blond and the most well endowed girl in HS. She went to Creepy Valley and became a heifer. Go figure.


  36. Wow, super optimism and that’s great. Almost makes me want to switch my prediction around…but I believe in talent levels and look at who teams lose to.

    Last year PSU went 11-2 with losses to 12-2 Ohio State and 10-3 MSU. in-conference.

    They averaged 41.1 ppg and gave up 19 ppg.

    Heart wants a Pitt win…head says PSU.

    But I’ll be surprised, but not shocked, if Pitt wins.


  37. Hey Iek..I still plan on arriving before 3:00. What the heck, I’m a glass half fool guy (misspelled on purpose)
    Still like the Panthers rain or dry.
    Bernie, the game conditions might be Dark and Stormy.


  38. Looks lyke the buccos will be rained out today – in fact Heather should be on the phone now as it is pouring where I am and the forecast is rain all day.

    Pitt game time – chance of rain 90% and then 100% throughout the game. Wind will wip at 10 mph. That will be enough to disrupt the deep passing game and the kickers, but not the Aussie.

    Good, old fashioned football in the mud. What better person to give the pre-game speech than the legendary Iron Mike Ditka.

    The rain may rust the Pitt armor a bit,

    But you can bet we’ll see the melting of a nit.


  39. There have been a few times when I have gone “out on a limb” to pick PITT in the face of overwhelming odds… and been RIGHT.

    However, I have NEVER picked PITT to lose. Just won’t do it.

    That said, I will go so far as to say that I see the recovery of a KICKOFF playing a CRITICAL role in the outcome.


  40. This is not a game where I would ever predict Pitt to lose. I JUST CANT DO IT.

    13-9. Kidding! (Though I would take it).

    42-37 Pitt. I think despite the whether each team will pull out every offensive trick in the book and it will be high scoring.

    Oh, and I almost forgot: PENN STATE SUCKS


  41. I have no idea what to expect. On paper we don’t have much of a chance. Their seasoned QB vs our youngster. Their 4 star lines vs our make shift O -line and smallish D- line. Their top twenty ranking vs our not being ranked. Our record last year vs. theirs. Franklin’s recruiting vs Narduzzi’s. How are we only a 7.5 dog?

    It seems the only thing going for us is Narduzzi’s ability to upset in some big games.

    Glad we don’t play the game on paper.

    Let’s Go Pitt!

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  42. Just got done reading Emel’s Tea Leaves.

    And they were very interesting indeed. The Leaves were also more wet than normal…go figure 🙂

    The Leaves said……this game will be determined by a Pass play and a defender slipping on the
    soggy sod of Ketchup Bottle. Allowing that player to waltz into the End zone (the one with the vertical stripes) for the winning TouchDown. (i’m thinking General Pickett #8 to #82 (Rah-rah)

    Pitt 27 Pedos 24

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No EE……the Leaves did not show any visions of mid-field. So sorry.

        It did show a group of elementary school kids though, seated behind the endzone,
        and they were holding paint brushes that appeared to have white bristles.


  43. Guys, we really should refrain from calling Kenny Pickett General Pickett or Pickett’s Charge or anything like that because that was one of the biggest military blunders and tragedies in history of the United States.


    1. You’re missing the irony here Commander. Here you have a Northern Yankee Team dressed in Blue & Gold (union army colors) playing against mostly Southern based teams. Dark Comedy ironic


          1. Yea I get that part, holding a history degree. But we are Blue & Gold and they won. Anyway the High water mark of Pitt football was 1976. And we had a Southerner General of a Head Coach !


  44. Last game ever in da Burgh most likely for the Good Guys (Pitt of course) and the Pedophiles (obviously the more than Bad Guys). EVER as in for most of us who went to Pitt when Pitt was an Elite Team.

    Just as the Football Gods (or Deep State if you like) looked favorably on Pitt and Pitt’s last game ever at Pitt Stadium over the Domers. And the last Pitt/Pedo State Game EVER at 3 Rivers in 2000.

    They will look favorably on the Good Guys tonite. ( if they don’t we will know Lucifer has indeed taken over the planet.)


  45. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Thinking there’s no way we beat PSU. Remembering the WVU win, the PSU win two years ago, the Clemson win and Miami win, so I guess it’s possible that we win. But that won’t happen, will it? But maybe, just maybe we will win. But, there’s really no way, is there? Can’t watch the game, too nervous already. I’m a tortured soul. H2P. – Hobie


  46. And it might well be the LAST GAME EVER, game #99 of the series….in Pittsburgh.

    Pitt is not going to lose the last game ever in Pittsburgh. No way No How !!!


  47. Pitt won the last game ever at old Pitt stadium as heavy underdogs to the Domers. Pitt can win the last game played at Heinz against the Pedos.


  48. ^^ Agreed Emel, especially with the #99 attached to the game.

    The rain has me bumming a bit but I just go back and watch EE’s video he produced and get all re-fired up all over again. Already started packing. Ready, everybody together—- penn state SUCKS! penn state SUCKS! penn state SUCKS!

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  49. I want to be wrong but nothing I saw last week from either team changed my mind..

    Pitt falls 31-20.

    But.. There’s always hope! (Which is why Pitt tortures me so.)


  50. PittPanthersFanatics

    During the game preview, David Pollack on ESPN College GameDay said Pitt is going to win tonight.

    9:33 AM – Sep 8, 2018


  51. Does Franco Harris believe he went to Pitt and is a new member of its HOF?

    Perhaps years of denial and Joepa worship have made him rethink where he should have gone to school.


  52. We are also planning to get to the Red Garage early. Pirate game may get rained out; I suspect many fans will stay away either way given the weather. So, the traffic issue won’t be as bad a first feared.

    Look forward to seeing you folks.

    Bring your ponchos fellas! Gonna be a wet one.

    Throw the stats and the stars out the window today; this game will be won on emotion and turnovers.
    It’s a toss-up.


    1. Succos are on a 4 game winning streak. Too bad they can’t play the Marlins, the Reds and the White Sox all the time. (and the brew crew)


  53. On campus right now in the rain and there are people everywhere, despite the weather.

    Hope that is the case at Heinz Field tonight.

    Growwwlll… I just saw some pedo fans –


    1. EE – My family was at Pitt a couple of weeks ago. I was showing them the nationality rooms. My son was wearing a PSU hat. I’m trying to raise him right, but it’s tough, he’s a teenager. Anyway, a man comes up to him and says, “Campus security. Penn State hats are not permitted on campus.” Son looks worried. The man looks at me, I look at him, we both burst out laughing. Son looks confused. I explain to him later about Pitt vs. Penn State. H2P – Hobie


  54. Off to the game…let me leave you with a quote:
    “Believe in something even if it means going to hell”
    -Joe Paterno from his autobiography, ‘The Paterno Inferno’

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    1. Those that know him, know him well,

      Those that don’t, believe he is in hell.

      Those that know him, know he knew,

      Those that deny it, are from a creepy cultist few.

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  55. Not to be negative, but still worried about depth in Pitt’s front 7. If it is a close game, then it might come down to stopping pedo in its ground and short passing game in the 4th quarter. We will find out much about recruiting depth in this game. I will not make a prediction- Couldn’t stomach a Pitt loss, but don’t want to jinx the team by predicting a win.


    1. No problemo VoR. The cooler climes will less Pitt’s depth problem, along with the refreshing rain.

      Had the game been played in the mid-afternoon with 85 degree temps and high humidity, that could have then come into play.

      Advantage Pitt !!!


    2. VoR worry no more, cause McSwirley will be under much distress,

      And HC Franklinstein will show a face of stress,

      Cause with the closed off access to the pedo biased press,

      Tonight’s winner is anybody’s guess, no less.


  56. I need to credit my cousin Tom for the Paterno Inferno part of my post…he also added “where it’s a constant 409 degrees”


  57. Ok, some that I’m not totally doinked by 8pm….I’m wondering when to start drinking. (if I just drank beer it wouldn’t be a problem to contemplate)

    Any thoughts ? Dan72 ? Those that drink Bourbon, Scotch or Rye only please ?


    1. Drink a pint every time McSorley does his infamous home run swing. If you’re still awake at the end of the game, we win.


  58. Actually, for those who have played on a muddy field – it is very exhausting in the trenches to your legs, so, backups will still play a large role in tonight’s game.
    LET’S GO PITT!!!!!


  59. Erie, what a great rhyme for this moment in time! And Erie and Emel, I’m with you on the cooler weather helping with depth on the front 7, but what about field conditions? Does a wet field help Pitt or pedo more? I think it helps the team with the worse OL more, because blitzing will be more difficult and poor footing will negate the ability to cover average speed receivers.


    1. Depends on how hard it rains, I’m assuming they have the field tarped until warmups. It’s early in the season so the field sod should still be in excellent shape and should be able to handle a lot of water.

      Yea and a sloppy track negates blitzing, you would think, unless it’s straight up the middle blitzes.

      Does poor footing also negate Kenny’s mobility and running ? Dunno.

      Looks like lite rain thruout most of Western Pa and into Ohio. There is some heavier rain entering into
      Western Indiana atm.


  60. I’m also counting on head pedo Franklin to screw up on the sidelines as he typically does. Erie, can you give us a campus update? What are the conditions, and are there many Creepy Valley Pedos hanging around?


    1. More than I’d Lyke to see, but the ratio is about 70 to 1.

      I saw what looked Lyke girlfriend and boyfriend – she was in a Pitt Fitz jersey and he was in a pedo jersey. I wanted to ask him if he was one of Jerry’s boys, but that would be crossing the line.

      I need to clear my head from that thought.


  61. Give me victory or give me death,

    I’ll scream for Pitt until I’m out of breath.

    Roses are red and violets are blue,

    Yell it to the roof tops, that JoePa knew!


  62. Will weather keep lots of people home? Raining like crazy here in and heard same coming up there. Good luck Panthers! Have fun tailgaters.


    1. I think it will, this being Pittsburgh.

      Forecast says 100% chance of rain from 9 pm tonight until 9 am Sunday morning.

      Just our luck…

      Go Pitt.


    2. Radar shows a horrendous storm formation that stretches across Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Not good for crowd or either team.


  63. I called this psu 33 Pitt 17 early, I’m not changing due to possible weather. Not sure how 2,000 pirates fans will impact tailgating. Like most fans I don’t get why we don’t pull the plug and make the switch on the unis. If we are going to have a shot, I’d move Ford to safety. Also hope a playmaker at WR makes a coming out tonight. Hail to Pitt


    1. WR Taysir Mack, will lead the offensive attack,

      While Paris Ford’s pass defense, will test McSwirley’s passing tolerance.


  64. its raining (flooding) here in DFW. I feel for you. I will be grilling and drinking beers in the rain. So I’m with you in spirit and know how it feels. Crack open a few and begin grilling. I dare the cops to shut down a good tailgate. Making Texas Chili right now…no beans.


  65. We have three season tickets for today’s game and parking pass we can not use – anyone need tickets at face value? Section 108 Row BB seats 21-23. Pitt fans only please. Please call my cell at 678-592-1792.


  66. My fellow POVerts’ superior football acumen is no match for my puny emotional guesswork. We’re due for a surprisingly low score. Pitt rope-a-dopes the Pedos in a 19-15 victory.


  67. Aflac question of the day during South Carolina – Georgia game was: George Rogers (from South Carolina) won the Heisman in 1980. Who came in second?

    Immediately I said Hugh Green. Announcers had kind words for Green & mentioned that Pitt had a big game tonight.


  68. OT Pitt VB beat #12 Washington today.—-Purdue beat us with several recruits this year and today loses at home to Eastern Michigan.


    1. The Force will be with Pitt. Yoda has a Dinocat Tatoo on arse. A regrettable decision since Padawan Cornhole promised it would be Pitt Script. Not even a light sabre can erase that mistake.


  69. Heard a guy say he wasn’t going tonight because of the rain. Afraid there will be some impact, who knows how much. Won’t help with traffic either. I do like Ollison and Aston in the mud. Field does drain well though.
    Rain light but steady for the last couple hours.. Not sure when the tarp comes off.


  70. The coaches at Pitt should be ashamed to bring a team on the field so ill prepared.They look like the gang that could not shoot straight ,especially Special Teams and Offense. Clutch plays and penalties even on the coach. Can not handle any longer. At least Virginia loses to Indiana maybe we can get them and Cuse. We have potential there but we keep shooting ourselves in the foot.


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