We wanted a win and we got one and it was done in convincing fashion against the Great Danes of Albany, NY.

Here’s our first edition of the 2018 season’s Monday Morning QB (MMQB) articles.  We’ll usually post them up two days after the dust has settled from the game itself so that some emotions drain out and we all can look at the game with a more critical eye.

First let’s see how we POV’ers did on the game predictions front. My prediction was off by a TD for each team.  I called for a 27-13 win and, as we know the score was 33-7.  So who came closest?

Emel called for a 33- 3 score so he was off by only 4 points and Huff III had Pitt winning by a score of 33-14 – off by 7.  So Emel wins the POV Prediction Crown for the week… but next week’s game is not going to be so easy.  It’s one thing where everyone and his Brother know Pitt is going to win a game – another thing when we have no real idea what will happen or what quality of play we’ll get from both teams.

OK – back to the game.  I’ll state now that I left the game at halftime because I physically couldn’t sit or walk much any longer.  But I listened to the game on the phone for the 2nd half and then re-watched the whole game later.

First and foremost when reviewing this game we have to put the opponent in context to the rest of our schedule.  Albany resides in the Colonial Athletics Association. CAA Teams That is the lowest rated conference in Division 1’s Football Championship Subdivision.

So we really have to look at that when we discuss how good this Pitt team really is.  Not how well they played on Saturday however – that was evident and on the whole well done – but how good they are in relation to the rest of the schedule we play. To the right is Albany’s conference member’s – and let’s just say that YSU, Akron, etc… are a cut above who we played the other day.

But as I have written many times – you play who is in front of you so here goes:

Obviously I saw all the good stuff before I left Heinz at the half.  So my viewing window was somewhat limited. With that here are our traditional three issues in the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” categories that we do on MMQB.


Pickett’s first half. I don’t think you can find any fault with a 13 for 13 for 129 yards and two TDs performance really.  In the first 30 minutes of play he completed passes when he dropped back to throw and some were bullets. His completion and his attempts yards per were identical at 9.90 – a bit on the low side for completion yardage but, then again, on the high side for attempts yardage.

We saw him with one deep pattern completion which he underthrew but Lopes made an excellent adjustment on the ball and then juked the coverage for a scamper into the endzone.  That was only a 25 yard LOS to receiver throw so he’ll have to work on that deep patterns aspect of his passing game a bit I think. But that was minor when you look at his 1st half as a whole though.

He was in control and he was fun to watch play. We’ll discuss his 2nd half later.

RB Quadree Ollison’s work on the day.  A lot of Pitt fans picked Ollison to be the leading ball carrier this season and he didn’t disappoint with his running Saturday.  He rushed 7 times for 73 yards (10.4 ypc) and set up our first two offensive touchdowns in a short field starting point at the Albany 19 off Hamlin’s INT with runs of 9 then 6 yards to put us at the 5 yard line where Pickett ran it in.

Then on the next possession he took the ball 20 yards from the Albany 29 to the 9 yard line where Ffrench put it into the endzone.  That is what we want RBs to do and he did what was asked and more.  As did Davis with a couple of swervy runs.  The OL helped with the run game also.  They allowed the backs to get past the LOS and do their own thing and that is what is asked of the OL to do.

∞  The defensive front seven of ours played well also.  Five Sacks and six Tackles For Loss (TFLs) is a good day and it was all done by our DL and LBs.  That is what they are supposed to do and what they didn’t do well at all last year.   An under appreciated statistic but one that paints a good picture is “Pass Breakups” and “Quarterback Hurries“.  The front seven was in the Albany backfield all day it seems and 9 QB hurries means that their QB Testaverde was under the gun.  Our kids were flying around and playing with abandon and that was really fun to watch.


It is the job as a writer covering well, almost anything but especially sports, to be as objective and to use the critical eye as much as possible. I say this because there are readers on here and Pitt fans elsewhere who will have watched the game and said to themselves “We won by 26 points – what could have gone wrong!”  To which I’ll say – you weren’t paying close attention.  As good as things went overall there sure were troublesome spots also.

∞  First off would be the 2nd half let-down.  We saw the same thing against a lower-level opponent in the opener last year and thank goodness Albany didn’t have the firepower to close the half-time score gap that YSU did in that game.  33-7 is a big score but it really should have been much larger spread by game’s end.  So I’ll say the players not keeping the high level of play going for 60 minutes jumps out here.  If we do that against any other team on our schedule we’ll lose the game.

∞  Our inability to sustain long drives on the field by the offense. Of course the ability to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes is of prime consideration and we did that especially well in the 1st half of play.  WR Maurice Ffrench’s opening kickoff return put a very quick six (and only six) points on the board.  Then CB Damar Hamlin’s INT deep in Pitt’s territory and subsequent nice 79 yard return set us up for a red-zone short field where we only had to go 19 yards to score.  Those plays gave us a quick leg up in the first five minutes of the game.

And we did get two longer drive in that 1st half; one was a 9 play 75 yard TD drive followed by a 12 yard 81 yard drive with another TD.  But that was it.

In the 2nd half we had only one long drive of 9 plays for 57 yards which was shut down by an Albany interception.  But we played really rather poorly on offense in the other five possessions that half. On the other series we gained only 75 yards on 18 plays (4.1 ypp) and with only 15 yards per possession.

Whether we took the foot off the pedal – which Narduzzi adamantly denies us doing, or we went pure vanilla in the 2nd half – doesn’t really matter. It was a poor showing against a weak  opponent.  Thankfully the kids played well enough in the 1st half to allow that to happen and still win the game.

∞  Pitt’s penalties.  After being one of the least penalized teams in the nation last season we came out and committed six – and gave up 55 yards doing it.  This is a relatively minor thing to have happened on Saturday but to do so against a better opponent could lead to situations we wouldn’t be in otherwise.


∞  The pass defense and the Safeties in particular.  It seemed like Deja Vu watching an opposing QB throw completions all over the place and having some of those happen by stupid and poor play by our defensive backs.  There is really no way to look at this and excuse any of it.  Testaverde threw for 263 yards against us – with 113 of those in the 1st half and 150 of them in the 2nd. That scares me (again) folks and that 1st half was with our DB starters in almost every play.

The fact that most of these passing yards came in the 2nd half is a bit disconcerting for me because Pitt wasn’t the only team on the field to play their 2nd string kids in the late 3rd and all of the 4th quarter almost.  Albany made substitutions also.

Last year we were horrid in our Passing Defense in giving up 254 yards per game and being ranked 105th nationally for it.  We just gave up 263 yards in the opener and just cannot afford this to happen again in 2018.

But that was it for “The Ugly” and even “The Bad” wasn’t all that bad.  Saturday was a fun day to watch our Panthers do something they haven’t done in a while – beat a lower classification team by 26 points and good for them!

But, and isn’t there always a ‘but’ when talking about a whole season vice one game, Pitt has to play much better all around football to compete against and beat the rest of the teams on our schedule.  I mentioned it above but Albany is a true and big negative outlier when it comes to quality of the rest of our opponents.

Penn State is next and we’ll see a much, much better team lining up against us then we had Saturday.  Forget about their close win.  I have heard and read  100 times since Saturday the “Teams jump in quality of play the most from Game One to Game Two” and that is mostly true – but it isn’t just applicable to Pitt.  It happens with other teams as well.

Both Pitt and PSU are going to be stoked to play next week and its well they should. But to expect the team that gave up 45 points to Appalachian State last week to be the exact same defensive team we see on this Saturday is, I think, wishful thinking.  Just as we hope our passing defense gets it together I’m sure they hope some of the aspects of their team does the same.

Starting off 1-0 and feeling like it was a well-earned win is so much different from last season when we squeaked by YSU and were left wondering if we even had decent chances to win against the better opponents.  Not so after this win.

Pickett really shone for a while, our front seven played solidly and we have certainly things to point to and be very happy about.  If the staff can fix some ills that we experienced against Albany and there were some and one big one, then we’ll give PSU a real run for the money.

Guys and Gals…have to say a huge THANK YOU to Fran for the frantastic (get it – Fran…tastic) and surperb tailgate for the game. Over 50 POVers, family and friends attended.  Send me your photos please…

I had such fun and really wish I could be at every game. Truth is I drive up to see you guys and can always watch the game at home…but your company is just what we all need and we make new friends every time, don’t we?

It was great sitting with John (Majormajors) and his son. And, no it doesn’t bother me at all that a kid over 20 years younger than me outranked me Colonel to Commander.  Not one stinking, lousy bit!!  Tell you what folks, point directly at him whenever you hear someone bitching about the generation that came after us because he’s the best of the best…that will shut them up.

You guys are going to have to bring in the wins without me for the rest of the year. I know you can do it because I’m a curse anyway. Every time I’ve left a game early we either play badly or lose.

Hail to Pitt my friends and know that even if I picked 5-6 wins on the season I root my head off for a win every game.

139 thoughts on “Monday Morning QB: Albany 9/1/18

  1. Hey wait just a minute before you give out the big prize…
    September 1, 2018 at 7:10 am
    30-7, nothing else will be easy but there will be some excitement this year. Protect Pickett!!!

    Even if you take my sarcastic revision:
    September 1, 2018 at 7:20 am
    Just saw that Vinny Testaverde is QB for the Great Danes…make that 30-8

    Prize enough to be in the midst of the genius of Emel and Huff 🙂


  2. CAA has Villanova in it and they just beat Temple.
    Has Towson and a year or 6 ago they gave a good first half to LSU 🙂


  3. Sorry TVAX you are correct – you are the winner!!!

    Yes re: The CAA- and that was why I said earlier we can’t overlook Albany and truthfully, I thought they would give us a better game. But still, they are far below our next 11 opponents and we have to play better than we did on Saturday to beat them.

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  4. BYW – I just broke the comments section up into pages of 50 comments each so that the users who read on their phones have an easier time of it. If this is OK fine – if not let me know.

    Also, that was it for me getting up for games. i was laid up all yesterday after the drive home. You all carry on without me but it sure was great seeing everyone.




    Pitt opened its 129th season of intercollegiate football with a 33-7 victory over Albany at Heinz Field. This marked the first meeting between the two schools. Pitt moves to 16-1 all-time against Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) opponents.

    Pitt is 84-43-2 (.659) all-time in openers. Since the 2000 season, Pitt is 14-5 (.737) in its initial game, including 4-0 under Pat Narduzzi.


    The Panthers’ starting offensive line included at left tackle Stefano Millin, making his Pitt debut following a graduate transfer from Kent State; redshirt freshman right tackle Gabe Houy, playing in his first collegiate game; and senior left guard Connor Dintino, who made his first career offensive line start. (Dintino has two starting assignments for his career as he opened at fullback against Villanova in 2016.) Senior right guard Mike Herndon made just his second career start.

    Sophomore Kenny Pickett, making his second career start, finished the first half 13 of 13 for 129 yards and two touchdowns. His first incompletion came on his initial attempt of the second half when he threw the ball away under pressure. Pickett finished 16-of-22 passing for 154 yards with two TDs and one INT. He additionally rushed for 42 yards on six carries and a score.

    Senior receiver Rafael Araujo-Lopes had the first multiple-TD reception game of his career (with two). His scoring catches covered 3 and 42 yards. (The latter marked the longest reception of his career.)
    Pitt finished with 238 rushing yards and two TDs on 37 attempts. The Panthers are 13-3 under Pat Narduzzi when rushing for at least 200 yards.


    The Panthers’ starting defense included senior middle linebacker Quintin Wirginis and sophomore cornerback Damarri Mathis. It was the first career start for both players. Wirginis made his return to active duty after missing the entire 2017 season due to injury.

    Junior safety Damar Hamlin halted Albany’s first drive with an interception at the Pitt 2, returning it 79 yards. It marked the second INT of his collegiate career. The 79-yard INT return marked Pitt’s longest since October 16, 2010, when Ricky Gary had an 80-yard return for a score at Syracuse.

    Sophomore Damarri Mathis ended Albany’s opening drive of the second half with an interception in the end zone. The INT was the first of his collegiate career.

    Pitt compiled five sacks, led by sophomore defensive tackle Keyshon Camp’s two sacks. It marked Pitt’s highest sack total since recording five against Duke on Nov. 19, 2016. The Panthers are 11-3 under Pat Narduzzi when they record at least four sacks.


    Junior Maurice Ffrench returned the game’s opening kickoff for a 91-yard touchdown, the first kick return score of his collegiate career. It marked Pitt’s first game-opening kickoff return TD since Dec. 28, 2015, when Quadree Henderson had a 100-yard return against Navy in the Military Bowl.

    Pitt now has six kickoff return touchdowns during Coach Pat Narduzzi’s tenure (since 2015).


  6. Just have to start winning on most of those jump ball and back shoulder type deep throws…I’m expecting PSU to call about 12 of those type plays on Saturday. Until we can stop it, teams will call it.


  7. I sure do like the prediction articles it’s just fun to throw something out there that sticks. The interesting part of the exercise though are the thoughts and reasons behind the prediction. For instance when you look at the final score of 33-7. I could have picked that score right on the nose (I didn’t) but is that how I thought the game would have played out? Heck no. This all goes back to the upgrade, downgrade or draw article. How did all those units do compare to what each and all of us had ventured a guess at? At the same time and I agree with Reed, we have to look at the opponent and the lack of quality that came into Heinz on Saturday.

    BTW Reed, so sorry your back is bothering you so badly. Find a good spot to sit down and relax and take it easy. You can ask someone like Bernie or Mark (PT) that doing some exercising while in the chair as to not suffer too much atrophy before surgery. This might help you in your recovery?

    The GOOD:

    Bottom line for me is that PITT did what it was supposed to for once and that was to handle business and handle it quickly. Looks like they took Wanny’s advice to heart. The first half was really good and nice to see. Pickett looked really good and man did he have some zip on the ball at times. Pretty much what Reed said so i won’t repeat all that.

    The BAD

    Again much of what Reed said. I’ll add this about the second half though. When you start substituting like PITT was it interrupts the continuity of the team. You know me and that word. But it’s true so a let down is not as disconcerting to me as it is to others. The job had already been finished. Also, when a team is down 26 pts at half time and they can only throw for 150 yards. I don’t care who they are that’s not real good passing yard numbers or that bad of a defense imo.

    The UGLY

    Once again Reed hit the nail on the head. Of course there just isn’t much to choose from which takes us back to The GOOD. I expect changes to be made and a whole different look next week and for a few new faces that didn’t play this past week. . .. . … ike



  8. One ugly thing that I forgot to mention yesterday. When the PA announcer named the guy that made the play, it was either unintelligible or drowned out by the band or other music. Long gone are the days of Randy Reutershan or Hugh Green being proudly announced after a great play. How about giving these kids credit when they make a play. The announcer sounds like Mr Mumbles at best.

    The overall PA system still needs a lot of work. Band doesn’t sound right or coordinated with the rest of the program. Music not as loud or offensive which was better but not perfect. Sweet Caroline wasn’t completed, but the fans were awesome. The announcer is awful, mumbles and is not coordinated with the rest of the program. They played Morrisey’s Mom’s piece twice, an obvious blunder. I have seen better high school stage crews. Were the production managers drunk?

    It seems that having benefit of the technology of a pro stadium, Pitt should pay people that know how to manage it.


    1. gc — I think Morrisey’s Mom’s piece had to be stopped the first time because play resumed – I guess sooner than they anticipated.

      I wonder if the announcer was having the same problem I was having of distinguishing numbers. I couldn’t tell 16 from 18 from 15 — but I’m an old geezer…

      Go Pitt.


  9. Hate the breakdown of the comments already but I don’t use my phone at all for the POV so I disqualify myself from having an opinion, oh I just gave it anyway didn’t I. .

    Would it be better to have the newer listed comments first?


    1. Numbered comments would help. Time stamp good, numbers in addition, better. What is this, Carrick 5th grade WordPress?


  10. On PSN they say that Dane Jackson, Pinnock and Campbell did not play and Motlie and Hamlin played sparingly. Only Pinnock was mentioned earlier as injured. Hopefully they will improve the pass defense this week.


  11. At least Pitt didn’t wet the bed like Penn State. Will it matter this week, no. Hopefully we are going to see a real dogfight, but I don’t think we learned much from either performance, other than we have a better QB this year, and they don’t have Barkley.


  12. The Good: We saw big plays in all three phases. Big plays win games.

    Our RBs ran hard.

    A ton of guys played. My head was spinning trying to keep up with what defensive backs were out there. True fresh Williams even played at corner a good bit.

    The Bad: While our RBs ran hard, I don’t see a gamebreaker back there.

    The Ugly: Our safeties trying to cover one-on-one with no help within 20 yards…

    Our punter’s first punt. Sure glad he got that one out of the way. (His second punt was much better…)

    We missed an extra point…

    Reed – Was great to see you and was great to sit with you for the first half. Hoping your back feels better. Nice job on this article.

    Go Pitt.


  13. Ike, I tried that once with the comments being newest first and it was very confusing if you had to scroll the whole way down to be able to see if you’re being replied to or if you’re replying to somebody.

    it’s much easier I think to have the oldest comments up first so you can see the flavor and the thread of what actually was being said.

    Re: Albany passing in 2nd half. You are out of you mind again. We should have held Albany to 150 for the whole game.

    Granted Testaverde has a quicker release but a good OL and Decent QB will tear us apart if we keep playing like that in the DB unit.


  14. a quick note about the CAA. This was the week where they turned into sacrificial lambs in return for big $$. JMU played at NC State, Richmond played at UVa, Stony Brook played at Air Force, etc. Albany got $400k from Pitt which likely is a big part of its revenue.

    The funny part of it was Villanova beating Temple. Yes, the same Temple who just scheduled a home and home with PSU this past week …. while Pitt was ignored. I think t’s pretty funny myself.

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  15. A cording to that lovely Dairyland ditty, those of us who went to Pitt:

    couldn’t get in to college;
    have hookers for mother’s;
    can’t get any “pus$ey” (I’m assuming cats?);
    fancy yellow seats.

    While I do enjoy me a good yellow seat, they’re a bit off on the others.

    They have “Hate Pitt Week”. I’ll have 52 “Hate PSU” weeks in 2018.. and every other year for the rest of my life.


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  16. Well in fairness Reed you are probably right. The game thread article is not a good example to judge on. Two things about that. There were not as many replies or comments as when PITT loses but still close to 500 and two, the reply function comments will really get lost in this format and I never did like it to begin with but that’s just me. I like to quote, copy and paste after the latest comment with a time if I remember. Bottom line, it’s fine by me. I normally keep up with incoming comments anyways… ike


  17. Another minor beef. I looked all over to buy a game day program, could not find one. What is up with that?

    Would have been nice to have a roster and the normal PR. I don’t get it. Are you supposed to use your smart phone for everything now?


  18. Some things I think. PSU can be had. PSU had a 4th quarter lapse with 21 unanswered points in under 6-mins. QBs, who get hot, plague PSU – USC did it. OSU did it. MSU did it. App. St. QB threw 2 TDS and rushing scored another for those 21 points in the 4th quarter.

    Some things I think I think: If the wicked Pickett gets hot, he can torch PSU too. His receivers will come through.

    Some things I know. I won’t be able to watch the whole game. I’ll get too keyed up. Recording it while I watch in case I can’t stand the tension. By recording it, I can finish watching if Pitt wins, delete with loss. H2P – Hobie


  19. Agree with everything you wrote Reed. I think the secondary will come together, they were right there yesterday just didn’t make a play on the ball.

    It was great seeing everyone on Saturday. Can’t wait for this coming Saturday!


  20. Are you coming back up Matt for the psu game? Did you gather at the fire-pit? You know the Residence Inn has one right?


    1. Yes, I’ll be at the game this weekend. We did not go to the fire pit this time. I hope to see you at the tailgate.


  21. Playing a 12 game schedule that has cupcakes and then argue adding playoff teams extends the season is stupid. Pitt will never play a cup cakes OCC to that extent. ACC coastal looks doable to me. NC/Miami can be had. Beating GT here is big.


  22. VERY GOOD…
    – Pickett
    – Ollison

    – Defense… Once Damar Hamlin is shown the Bench

    – Narduzzi leaving Pickett in the Game with a 33-7 Halftime Lead
    – Even with Pickett, no Points in the 2nd Half
    – Tight Ends or lack thereof
    – Depth at Running Back (See A.J. Davis)

    – Offensive Line and the Running Game… Not yet. But it’s coming!


  23. Good: Pitt won
    Bad: Safeties
    Ugly: Pitt plays Penn State next week

    The line is down to 7.5
    Pitt covers and wins on a last second field goal after a 75 yard drive consuming 5 minutes.


  24. Jay I’m right there with you on your feelings towards psu (PEDO ENABLERS) That school disgusts me to no end. When someone or an entity should be ashamed of themselves and they are not. That is the lowest form of life itself imo. They actually had the gall to go out and hire a head coach involved in a rape cover-up of his own after only a few short years. Pitiful and obviously… unacceptable! psu has no shame what so ever. PENN STATE SUCKS!! .. . . . .ike.

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    1. that was the Ugly. It will be a much tougher game…Pitt is the underdog now and not huge favorite. But Pitt will pull out a win.


  25. PoD – You can be exhausting.

    Reed – Part of the write up should factor in that 55 players were used. You’re going to lose some cohesiveness when that happens. From everything I’ve read, Dane Jackson and Pinnock are the two starting corners so that should be factored in as well.

    All-in-all, I don’t think much positive or negative can be taken away. It was nice seeing some consistency at QB and chemistry with the WR’s. It was nice seeing the ball spread around. It was nice seeing Pitt manhandle a team they’re supposed to manhandle. I don’t even thing the passing yards should matter much. Bend don’t break and force turnovers. Pitt did that.

    It’s not often you can say Pitt did exactly what they were supposed to. I even liked Duzz’s excuse of keeping Pickett in there. He didn’t want him to go out on a turnover. Fair response.


  26. Perhaps Pickett’s lack of interceptions during summer camp had as much to do with our secondary as it did his passing.

    I’d rather lose a toe and a lobe of my liver than lose to PSUCKS.

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  27. Another the Good. PITT achieved their objectives Saturday. Win, show little and most importantly stay healthy. PN has jimmie one finger scratching his his head as to what to expect, except he knows PITT is now on KP duty! ike


  28. Fact is Pickett was intercepted several times in this years camp(from latest Pickett video). I’m not sure bringing in an injured Dane Jackson or and injured Pinnock will help next week. But I am hoping the injured Campbell might help at Safety. We need someone to step at that position.—-If the opposition uses the Oklahoma State offensive game plan of passing at us deep until we raise the white flag every game we may be in for a long season the rest of the way. I’m not sure this defense can effectively defend the long balls on a consistent basis.

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  29. I think EE is torn for this upcoming game. He does live out in the nitter area and maybe torn as to who to root for? 🙂


    1. I’m with Jay – I hate psux. In fact, I play in a golf league with a Pitt guy as my teammate and we made it through the playoffs to play for the championship. Two teams left and we play Wednesday evening. The other team is made up of psux fans. We tied during our regular season match.

      I hate psux and will carry an edge of anger with me to the golf course on Wednesday.

      Game on!


      1. You know TX – I get the optimism fans have with each ‘new’ Pitt team and that’s a great thing. I’ve a bit more now than on Saturday morning.

        But I spent the whole tailgate in conversations with people who told me that we were going to have a “much” better pass defense (the word great was throw around a few times)… when we just lost two of the best DBs we have had in years in Maddox and Whitehead. I asked about that and some names were thrown out.

        Then we went into the stadium and watched Albany light us up for 263 yards. FCS CAA Albany…

        Whitehead and Maddox were by far the best D backs we had last year… and replacing that talent isn’t going to be easy with who we have on the roster.

        And really – Hamlin can be sat down at any time as far as I’m concerned. That INT was nice but he isn’t cutting it as a D1 Safety in my opinion. Move Ford over of do something but I’m not sure he’s grasping the intricity of the defense and reacting to the opponent’s offense well enough.


  30. That one kid from Blacksburg was on the verge of committing when VT finally offered. Without looking it up his name was something close to Colton Beck I think. Game changing speed. But so does Shockey. Don’t sleep on Shockey. Remember, we were not to sleep on Albany.


  31. Link: Pitt-PSU Traffic & Parking

    Traffic and Parking Details Announced for Pitt vs. Penn State

    PITTSBURGH – Heinz Field Management, the University of Pittsburgh, ALCO Parking and the Pittsburgh Pirates have announced traffic and parking policies in advance of the Pitt vs. Penn State football game on Saturday, September 8.

    The North Shore schedule for the day includes the 1:05 p.m. Pirates game vs. the Miami Marlins at PNC Park, followed by the 8:00 p.m. Saturday night college football game at Heinz Field. Below is suggested traffic and parking information to ensure the safety and convenience of fans attending each event.

    All organizations are encouraging fans attending just the football game to arrive after 5:00 p.m. Fans will not be permitted into their pre-sold lots until this time. Fans that have purchased parking for the Pirates game earlier in the day will be allowed to remain in the lots if they have an accompanying pre-sold Pitt parking pass.

    To assist with inbound and outbound traffic from the parking lots, ALCO Parking and the Pittsburgh Police will be enforcing a No Tailgate Policy from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. All vehicles without a pre-sold Pitt parking pass will need to exit the lots 30 minutes following the end of the Pirates game.

    The following are a few of the traffic restrictions that will be in place prior to the start of the Pitt vs. Penn State football game:

    · The Clemente Bridge will close to vehicular traffic beginning at 10 a.m. for the Pirates game and will reopen to outgoing North Shore traffic only, 30 to 40 minutes following the final pitch of the game

    All organizations recommend fans utilize the following locations for Saturday:

    · The Light Rail (“T”) will continue to provide service from the South Hills with service to the North Shore

    · The Light Rail (“T”) will continue to provide free service to and from Downtown. Fans are encouraged to park in one of the available Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages Downtown.

    o See details on Stadium Service HERE

    o Other tips for fans taking the T to Heinz Field HERE

    o Riders using light rail to attend the Pitt vs. Penn State game should allow for extra travel time due to large crowds.

    · Fans should utilize the following parking lots for Saturday’s game:

    o The Jim Shorkey North and South Lots at PPG Paints Arena will open for tailgating at 1:00 p.m. on game day for $15 a car. Purchase your space in advance of game day HERE.

    o Station Square, 1st Ave. Garage, Mellon Garage, Convention Center, Manor Garage, Oxford Garage, Nova Place Garage

    § Station Square Rates: Before 4 p.m. ($7) | After 4 p.m. ($15)

    · Fans that park at Station Square and ride the Gateway Clipper shuttle boats

    o Gateway Clipper Fleet – INFO HERE

    § Round trip cost: $12

    § Shuttle operates throughout the day with the Pirates playing at 1 p.m

    · Golden Triangle and Strip District parking will be available for a minimal cost. This includes Manor Garage (564 Forbes Avenue) and 11th and Smallman (Strip District).

    o Manor Garage – INFO HERE

    · The Carnegie Science Center parking lot will open at 5 p.m. and is presold through Parking Panda. A limited number of spaces may be available for purchase on game day on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    o Cost: $75 (Cash Only on Game Day)

    o Carnegie Science Center – INFO HERE

    · The Convention Center Garage will be available starting at 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon

    o Convention Center – INFO HERE

    · Details on other downtown parking options can be found HERE.


  32. Richman – how can this be? I’m coming in from Central PA – about a 3-1/2 hour drive. My guess is the last 2 miles to get to my pre-paid parking spot will take 3-1/2 hours.

    Any suggestions – I’ve already asked for help from Heather’s office – crickets…


  33. Can someone de-code this message from Heather?

    Pitt needs their own stadium – why wasn’t this worked out before the MLB schedule came out in January – the Pirates should be out of town this weekend – the Pitt vs pedos was scheduled 5 plus years ago.

    This could be a mess – I’m hoping I don’t miss the kick off. Sell or not to sell my tickets…

    Let the bidding begin –


      1. I’ve played a few Greg Norman designed golf courses – he is not friendly to your average amateur golfer.

        Heather missed the parking detail – this won’t look good for her nor Pitt. Write that one down…


    1. First off Rick, we all know you are NOT selling your tickets. You’re a maniac and you will be there. Do you need a parking pass it sounds like you have one already? Do you have a room booked?


      1. Yes, I have a parking pass – told I can’t use the pass until after 5pm.

        And yes, room booked near campus so we can enjoy a walk down memory lane.

        I’m not a happy Pitt fan…SOP!


        1. Pull into the residence Inn, act like you have a room and hang out until you can park. Actually this would be easier to do at the Hyatt. No gates………


    2. Idiotic. So let’s let 50k people arrive at the same time. Sophomorish. Heather shiuld be better than this.


  34. tailgate in Oakland and take a shuttle to the game
    if lots open at 5pm, by the time you park in your spot and get things set-up, it will already be close to 7pm
    Pitt will always be second class playing at Heinz
    The Pirates and the City does Pitt no favors


  35. Good…Pickett’s short/mod distance throws…accurate and hard…I have not seen that from a Pitt qn in a long time.

    Bad…long thown accuracy, sometimes too quick to tuck and run.

    Ugly…Tackling. could be real ugly against P5 opponents if they don’t clean it up.


  36. Right about this being a snafu for sure. I have to say though, what were the options here. She had the game moved and took a shot at the game of the week. PITT could have remained playing at 12 noon again and the complaints would have been even greater. How many people do we think are going to the Pirate game anyways? The Pirates are playing the Marlins so there will be little out of towner’s but it is bobble head night for Felipe whatever his last name is now. Pittsburgh loves bobble-heads and fireworks.


  37. Anyone willing/able to assist an out-of-towner with the parking issue? If I can’t tailgate, I’ll stay home and watch… and sell my tickets to Nitters..


  38. Jay, don’t you park on the other side of the stadium? The Pirate game should be a non issue for you, let me know.


    1. The press release says ALL ALCO lots are affected.. and yes, Green 22 is an ALCO lot. As is my back up option. Pittsburgh doesn’t give a damn about Pitt… not the government, not the media the media.. not the residents. It’s a shame.


  39. When I get behind on the comments, I always start from the last comment and go back up to one that I remember reading last. I don’t have a problem with Reed’s comments breakup. The greatest good for the greatest number, or something like Jeremy Bentham proposed. .


  40. I sure hope that both end zones spell PITT script in big letters. That is who we are. Pittsburgh is for the Pirates, Pens and Steelers. Where is out AD on this?


  41. Great win

    Noticed the OL cut blocking. That is brutal on the opposition. Houy played well, other young guys got reps.

    Everything good but the safties. Until they prove otherwise, they are a negative.

    Too many substitutions in the 2nd half to even talk about it.


  42. Just a thought here but the reply function sends me into therapy. Again. But anyways. Many comments will never be read… as an example, if four more responses would have posted soon after after Missing Wlat. Many never would have seen it. Maybe Justin and Jack but not the average POVer. No I’m bitching just trying to help.

    This parking situation does reek of a shakedown to sell parking passes for the Pirates game. This is not on Heather but I do hope she learns a lesson… .. ..and the entire PITT administration as well.


    1. Ike – this is on Heather as she could have negotiated with MLB prior to them setting the schedule. The Pirates should be out of town this Saturday – she had no foresight into the planning of Pitt’s biggest sporting event in 2018.



  43. Pretty sure I read that even if you do buy the pirates parking, you still can not tail gate until 5pm. I really hope that is not the case.

    Also, agree about the end zone. I believe it used to read Panthers in the Pitt stadium.


  44. I always take the Pittsburgh Subway Metro rail line in from William Penn Hotel and it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. I jump on it at Steel Plaza and it goes directly to Red 5 Garage where the stop is for Heinz Field and I just walk down some steps and you’re literally right at Fran’s tailgate.. and it’s free.

    I guess you could take it from even farther out.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than 5 minutes for the Subway card to come by going either way.


  45. police will be enforcing a no tailgate policy from 1:30 to 5 pm
    you can get into some lots at 3pm though but you cant set-up to tailgate until 5 pm
    this is on heather
    should have just gone with a afternoon kickoff like 2 years ago

    so imagine that youre a fan coming in from out of town. you really will only have about 2 hours to tailgate unless you can find a lot thats open (either a far far walk in the rain or will require waiting in line for a crowded shuttle or train)

    most fans I’m sure were planning on tailgating all day or at least setting up come 1pm

    this is P-5 Heather and not the 12k youre used to at Eastern Michigan. This is one big ole Cluster.


  46. I wasn’t good but I did play HS football. It irks me beyond words to see our secondary guys doing everything right, running w the reciever, turning their heads when the reciever turns and the letting the reciever make the play/ catch!!!!

    My hatred for the Peds borders on the unhealthy!

    I would say I’d give a year off my life for a win Saturday but I’m 68 now. Not much to give…


    1. Remember, Jackson, Pinnock and Campbell did not play vs Albany and Ford played sparingly. Probably the best four DB’s on the team.

      According to ESPN, Pitt has an 18% chance to win. What do they know? This cat fight will be entertaining to the end – if you only can make it to the beginning KO.

      Liked by 1 person

  47. Little late in the game but had an absolute blast at the tailgate and taking in the game with Last Row, Pitt in the Ville, and Fran’s buddies Scooter and Tom. Every POV tailgate feels like a homecoming. Thank you Fran, Reed, JoeL, Bernie and all involved for that!
    The GOOD: Pickett, Pickett,Pickett, and honorable mention to the O line that didn’t play Bookser, got many players in the game and wasn’t horrible by any means.

    The BAD: Missed extra point and 2 point conversion (I’ll hope that the passing defense wasn’t showing everything and we won’t see so much Man to Man coverage for the rest of the year).

    The UGLY: The traffic and parking cluster expected this weekend. Hopefully by getting the word out early people can get their gameplans together and it won’t be as bad as we all expect.

    Can’t wait for Saturday !


  48. I hope you feel better, Jay. I’ll show you what my ankle looks like some day. Haha. I freak people out. High jumping, of all sports, injury from HS.

    My group just cancelled their tailgating plans too. Selling the parking pass and Uber/hoofing it.

    Just ordered this on Amazon and will be crashing tailgates on the way to the stadium.


  49. Doesn’t a green and purple swollen ankle with little purple dots mean a break? Hope you had a Xray buddy. Also hope you make it in Jay. You don’t want to miss this… ike


  50. Remember this quote last year by Jimmy Franklinstein: “I know last year beating us for them was like the Super Bowl. This was just like beating Akron for us.”

    Pinned on the cork board inside the Pitt locker room where no reporter may enter this week.

    Pound the pathetic pedo enablers into the loss column.


  51. Look.. I’m not sold on this team or Narduzzi. But, make no mistake, I’ll be at the game, raising HELL. Since I’ve been home I’ve been inundated with texts from PissU fans about the game- even my daughter is getting Instagram posts from these clowns. I hope we beat these AHOles by 50.

    If you don’t HATE PeeSU, you’re not a Pitt fan.

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  52. I know you will Jay, never had a doubt. Lets hope the foot stays attached and PITT gets the win. Which I’m having trouble holding in my enthusiasm so I don’t do another stoopid move to knock me out of the game. Feeling good my friend about the game! I’m feelin alright all the way around and hope you all our as well………. I like music when I feel good..


  53. Wanny just predicted on the BIG Joke network under Bold Predictions that Pitt will beat pedo state.

    He showed off his 1976 NC ring as well.



  54. Who has the authority to dictate when you can tailgate? Sounds like a time for civil disobedience, if you ask me. Isn’t the freedom to tailgate in the Constitution?


    1. My biggest concern is traffic at 5pm – there will be 90,000 people moving into and out of downtown Pittsburgh.

      I anticipate a 3+ hour drive in from Oakland. I’m more concerned about getting to my seat for the KO.


      1. Yes. Stupidity honestly. Honest to God how can anyone stop people from tailgating? They gonna arrest feaux pirate fans that are boozing? No way especially with double passes.


  55. Jay.. JeanieB and me are staying at the Renaissance on 6 th Ave- foot of the Clemente bridge .. park in the parking garage across the street.. we will have a couple of drinks at the hotel bar..bring a wheelchair and I will push your ass to n from Red 5A


  56. Liked Narduzzi’s presser and I know some will poo poo it but when asked if this upcoming game against psu is big and important, he flat out said yes. Said big for PITT and big for the city of Pittsburgh. My point is, looks like Narduzzi is doing more and saying less abrasive talk. I see more of a rapport with the media and he show’s more respect imo??

    Also he has made players available to the media this week. Brainwashed? No doubt but never the less.


    1. ike — though I’ve only seen bits and pieces, I actually had the same thought recently that Coach Duzz was seeming a bit more gracious with the press…👍

      Trouble is that it only takes a snarky remark or two to wipe out any progress…😊

      Hope your knee is improving each day.

      Go Pitt.

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  57. If anyone is looking for tickets for PSU this week let me know! Have two extra, friend backed out – would rather sell to Pitt fans, just looking for face value


  58. ^^ If anyone is looking for tickets for PSU this week let me know! Have two extra, friend backed out – would rather sell to Pitt fans, just looking for face value

    REED, if you think you can do it I’ll buy the tickets for you. Mike hold onto those for a minute of two.


  59. John, thank you and I will be at that game and the famous tailgate of Fran and JoeL. I can’t wait but it’s hot and I want to jump in the pool. No way jose, I’ll be there.

    and we all know a snarky remark is waiting in the wings for this numbskull. He really doesn’t have table manners… ike


  60. The Good- Pitt won
    The Bad- Pitt did not score in the 2nd half
    The Ugly-Saturday’s North Shore parking lots fiasco.


  61. And just a thought here for those OCS FANATICS, I get the Saturday in & out parking logistics fiasco on the North Shore. You know, that place that has adequate parking with garages & surface lots, serviced by the T & Gateway Clipper Fleet with ingress/egress from Route 28/I279, the Parkway, the Route 19 bridge & Ohio River Blvd? Yeah that North Shore. True it is going to be a traffic nightmare & cramp tailgating prior to the game as well. I understand the complaining, but explain to me again how that traffic congestion is improved with an OCS located in Oakland that has none of the above advantages to begin with.


    1. Easily it is put on the river across from South Side near Hot Metal. Sereviced by a new boat from South Side. 376 as well. This is 6 times a year. No one would complain bc you could tailgate all day and parking would be built as well.


  62. I think we just have to wait and go down there and see. I have to wonder if some of these restrictions are an ounce of prevention with a little smoke blowing. You know, to keep some away that follow directions. My advice here is to NOT follow directions. You paid for your parking just like the Pirate fans did.

    Jay there will be no one parking in your lot, I can’t see them telling you you can’t go into an empty lot. I feel like they didn’t want to confuse anyone with this or that lot opened or closed. Now Fran is in the heart and heat of this battle and the good news is……….. Fran is the best man suited to handle the challenge. A little known fact is that Fran’s middle name is Perseverance. Such a long middle name but appropriate.


  63. Presser today Narduzzie was happy they played 55 or 56 players Sat. I think that’s why things slowed down. Funny Narduzzie talked about PS outstanding players in upcoming game ,haunting names, Sheriffe Miller, Kevin Givens, Miles Sanders and several others that we lost the recruiting battle to. Good news , Franklin’s ace recruiter was stolen by Saban. Wonder if that means anything next year. Reading about all your plans for next week and I reminisce about this game but will have to settle for my 6’x8′ screen and 7.1 surround for the real thing. Not as good but it will have to do. Good luck y’all next Sat..H2P


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