Here is a very well researched and well written article by our frequent commenter “Michelangelo”

I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway’s arm, Dan Marino’s release, maybe Troy Aikman’s drop-back, Brett Favre’s scrambling ability, Joe Montana’s two-minute poise and, naturally, my speed.” –  Peyton Manning

There has been a lot of hype this spring around Kenny Pickett, and we all know why.  After ten games of mostly inept quarterback play last season (with the exception of Rice…) Pickett came in and gave us a tantalizingly short glimpse of what competent quarterback play looked like.  And thus the hype train began.

The question is, as a sophomore and a first year starter, what is Kenny Pickett’s ceiling?  Sure, everyone is saying the right things on the Southside.  Teddy Bridgewater comparisons have been made.  But I am a believer in facts, not coachspeak, and right now the only facts we have are history.   So let’s look back at the stats of young first-year Pitt quarterbacks and see if we can get a sense for what Pickett might do in 2018.

But before we dive into these stats, I would like to point out a couple of things:

  1. Dan Marino played in a different era. We all know he’s a legend and the best quarterback on the page, so I don’t want to hear anything about that.
  2. On the opposite side of the coin we all know that Tyler Palko played under Walt Harris who is a noted passing game guru, and so it’s probably unfair to think that Kenny will replicate these numbers in what appears to be shaping up as a run-first offense in 2018.

1st year QBs

Let’s move on to the observations.

  • First of all it’s clear that the two sophomore quarterbacks on the page were statistically better than the freshman. That is a good sign.
  • Second, it’s a pretty good bet that Pickett will throw no more than 16 touchdowns. The only person to do that was Palko and I’ve already pointed out that he played in pass-first system. Still 16 TD’s is nearly a 50% improvement over last year, and equates to about +3 PPG, so I would take that.
    • There is a *chance* that KP throws 20+ TD’s. Wouldn’t that be nice?  The Data suggests there is about a 20% chance that happens.
  • Pickett will probably throw 8-9 interceptions. With the exception of Alex “Gunslinger” Van Pelt, 8-9 int’s is a pretty consistent average here.    Yes, Yes I know that Narduzzi said that Pickett hasn’t thrown an interception all camp, but lets be real here.  That’s camp, and that’s Pat talking.  Besides nobody has thrown less than 7 int’s in the last 39 years.
  • Yards Per Attempt (Y/A) will probably finish around 7.4 – 7.5. Lot of consistency here throughout history.  However Kenny’s Adjusted Yards Per Attempt (AY/A on the chart.  This stat takes TD’s and INT’s into account) will probably be a tick higher.  Notice how the Sophomore Adjusted Yards per Attempt is higher than the Freshman number by more than half a yard.  Another good sign.
  • Lastly (and this is somewhat dependent on system and playcalling) the data predicts Pickett will throw for somewhere between 2600 – 2900 yards. If he can finish at the higher end of this range, that would be a slight uptick from last year.  Of course if you factor the Rice game out of 2017 Kenny’s yardage total would be a nice increase.

So based on all of that I’d say it’s a pretty good bet that Kenny posts a stat line of 2700 yds, 16 TD’s and 7 ints, with a rating of around 136.  That’s not a bad line for a first year quarterback, and it’s an improvement over 2017.  If the defense plays well, and the running game is working, it should be enough for 7 wins, maybe 8.

Of course there is always the chance that Kenny is a generational quarterback.  It’s a slim chance (like less than 1%), but lightning strikes do happen. And to that end, I’ll leave you with Teddy Bridgewater’s freshman and sophomore seasons… enjoy.


Editor’s Note:  Here are the passing stats for us last season…  just about anything is an improvement.

2017 passing




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  1. PITT (0-0, 0-0 ACC) vs. ALBANY (0-0, 0-0 CAA)

    September 1, 2018 • 3:30 p.m., ET

    Heinz Field (68,400/Natural Grass) • Pittsburgh, Pa.

    ACC Network Extra • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network • @Pitt_FB

    LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. Albany)

    • Pitt opens its 129th season of intercollegiate football when the Panthers host Albany at Heinz Field. This is the first meeting between the two schools.

    • Under the direction of fourth-year head coach Pat Narduzzi, the Panthers are looking to build off a momentous close to their 2017 season when they upset No. 2 Miami, 24-14, at Heinz.

    • Pitt returns 14 starters and 43 lettermen from last year’s youthful squad that finished 5-7. The 2017 Panthers suffered three losses by a combined 12 points.

    • Pitt is 83-43-2 (.656) all-time in openers. Since the 2000 season, Pitt is 13-5 (.722) in its initial game, including 3-0 under Narduzzi.

    • A member of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), Albany is coached by Pittsburgh native Greg Gattuso. The Great Danes are coming off a 4-7 campaign in 2017.

    • Gattuso was a Pitt assistant coach under Dave Wannstedt from 2005-10. Prior to his Pitt tenure, Gattuso was the head coach at Duquesne University (1993-2004) and led the Dukes to a 97-32 mark. He remains the winningest football coach in Duquesne history.

    • Albany’s coaching staff features three former Pitt football standouts: Jim Sweeney (1980-83), Nate Byham (2006-09) and Jarred Holley (2009-12).

    • Sweeney, who played in the NFL for 16 seasons, was an exceptional offensive lineman for the Panthers under legendary line coach Joe Moore. Byham (tight end) and Holley (safety) were both first-team All-Big East performers during their Pitt careers.

    • Pitt is 15-1 all-time against FCS opponents.

    This is the first-ever meeting between Pitt and Albany, a member of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)…the Panthers are 15-1 all-time vs. FCS foes…this will be the fifth consecutive season Pitt has opened the year against an FCS program…Albany plays in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA)…the Panthers are 11-0 against current members of the CAA: 1-0 vs. Delaware, 1-0 vs. Maine, 1-0 vs. New Hampshire, 3-0 vs. Villanova and 5-0 vs. William & Mary.


    WatchESPN • ACC Network Extra

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    1. I’m certain that the Albany coaching staff has told its players that the game means a lot to the coaching staff. Don’t anyone be surprised if they come out ready to give Pitt a game.


  2. Pitt goes as well as the quarterback plays. It’s been a long time since we the fans have hope for a decent season with knowledge that a good QB can win many games. We will go as far as offensive line takes us this year If they play well kennyplays all season and we have a good record. We will get a decent look Saturday with better look next Saturday. Hail To Pitt I’ll be there rooting. Hope is in the horizon. Great article to get the juices flowing


    1. Richman- Don’t worry about that!

      I give off that vibe sometimes.

      Flying in to work with Dad over Sat/Sun in Pa from Miami. Little interest in the game bc it is Albany but maybe someone can talk me into Fran’s tailgate? Ike and I can do a pregame show. Haha.

      Seriously considering the tailgate then headed back to help old man. Someone text me the info please.

      As far as Kenny. We have hope but this is basically his first year thanks for Narduzzi last year. I still fear his health will be in question with the oline. He also has a lot of pressure for a Sophmore. If he stays healthy I bet he has a average season. His growth would be in year 3 in my humble opinion.


      1. UPitt – would be nice to meet you. It will be in Red Lot 5A. next to the North Shore T-station under the parking deck. Fran normally has his truck almost under the highway overpass.


  3. The guy everyone loves to hate, Rob Rossi, myself and Upitt seem to be the only guys who though we’d win 5 or 6 games last year.

    Here’s what bothers me about that.

    Any of the local sports writers could have picked up the phone before the camp started and called exactly the same people I did to talk to them about what Max Browne was like at the school he attended before, USC… but no one seems to have done that.

    Not did they with the Chris Clark transfer or the Ricky Town transfer apparently.

    Everyone seemed to want to just assume Brown was going to be this five-star quarterback slinging the ball around for us and doing great… Same with Clark, or they believed the sketchy coachspeak coming out of camp.

    From what I heard DiNucci out played Brown over the last half of camp anyway.

    I’ll keep doing that. That is why people join Sportswriters Associations for in the first place…to have contacts to discuss coaches, teams and players. I get emails and phone calls all the time asking about players on roster, Pitt transfers out (even before they land somewhere else) and the Pitt team itself and I give them my honest opinion as others have done with me.

    I would think that happens even more with the mainstream writers.

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  4. Reed – I may adjust my wins to 5 but as of now still see 4 wins. We could have Johnny Unitas back there but if we are one dimensional and can’t run the ball it will be bad no matter how improved the defense is supposed to be this year.

    Someone should do a article on coaches. Upgrade or Downgrade. Recruiting wise I say downgrade. We will see coaching wise soon.


    1. Upitt – You have to factor in were on the Coastal side, its not very good. Maybe one good team but Richt always chokes at the end.

      I will be slightly higher than you.


      1. I agree BJ on Coastal but Fuente will outcoach Narduzzi. I also think GT is a tough game and I see both syracuse improving and call me crazy I think UVA improves. Wake is good and we won’t win there.

        Agree we are in the weaker side.

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      2. Pitt always pulls out one big upset too. Of course a lot of times they blow a game to a non-Power 5 team too.


  5. August 27, 2018

    Pat Narduzzi Press Conference

    Albany Week

    PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO: Narduzzi Albany Preview

    PAT NARDUZZI: Great to have you here today. Appreciate you guys taking the time to come out on a Monday and check out the Panthers. You know, excited, really, to get this season underway. It’s been a long time. Our kids have worked their tail off since really January, and a ton of work goes into it.

    I think they’re ready to hit a different color jersey. We had a great fall camp. I think it’s probably one of the healthiest fall camps we’ve been involved in. You’ve got to continue to keep that going all the time.

    We’ve tried to be smarter as coaches and just try to get them to the game. I think that happens when you got a little bit older football team, which I think we do with the 19 seniors that you guys all had a chance to meet at Senior Day — or, excuse me, the senior kickoff luncheon the other day.

    Albany is a good football team. I know you guys want to ask many Albany questions, so I’m going to shoot you with them early.

    [They were a] 4-7 football team that beat Villanova last year, which is a good football team, as we know. And then they shut out New Hampshire, who is a CAA playoff team. That’s a playoff-caliber team. So, I mean, you kind of talk about New Hampshire in the same terms you talk about a Youngstown, a great I-AA football team. Obviously Greg Gattuso is a great football coach. Obviously with his lineage and being around Coach Wannstedt. You know he’s a darn good coach. They’ve got three Pitt guys on that staff.

    So they’ll come ready to go with Nate Byham and Jim Sweeney and Jarred Holley, they are — you know, they’ll come into Heinz Field ready to go. They got — probably their strength is in their O-line, D-line. I think in any good football team you’re going to have a strong front group there. We talk about it all the time.

    But their entire senior — I should say their entire offensive line is returning. Their D-line has got everybody returning. They’ve got three seniors on that group. I think a total of eight seniors in their starting lineups, I think four on offense, four on defense.

    Gattuso being a defensive guy, I think they were top 10 total defense — I think No. 9 in the country last year.

    So they play good defense. So our offensive work will be right there in front of them. I think they’ve gotten good work in camp as far as going against our defense.

    So it’s going to be a heck of a ball game. Our guys will be ready to come play. With that, I’ll leave it open for questions. I know you guys have a ton of them.

    Q. What do you know about their quarterback?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know what? Great question. Vincent — well, Vinny Testaverde, as I like to refer to him, I don’t know if they call him Vinny. There’s only one Vinny. But he’s a good quarterback. We’ve watched Texas Tech versus Texas back in 2014 when he played, I think play 32 he got in the game there, and looks composed. I’d say as a true freshman, I believe, or a redshirt freshman ’14, looks composed throwing the football, really accurate quarterback.

    Obviously after went to Miami for a couple years and has landed at Albany, again, played with some great quarterbacks at Texas Tech — behind some great quarterbacks at Texas Tech and also at Miami. So trying to find a home for him, and I think they got a quarterback that can hurt you throwing the ball.

    And I’m sure being in a football family, he can make the checks. And I’m sure Dad’s taught him well in his youth.

    So a good player. Not as tall as his dad. Very mobile…maybe not like his dad. And a good quarterback. So we’ll find out Saturday.

    Q. How do you feel about your quarterback play? I mean, obviously you’re more confident in it than you were probably toward the end of last season. But compared to how you felt about it the first Monday press conference at this time last year?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Last year, the press conference, you had high hopes. I think you thought you had a quarterback in Max Browne, which I still think we do, that had potential to be really good. You had a guy that had been out of it for a while, hadn’t played a football game for over a year. So I think that played into the whole thing.

    So I feel totally different. With Kenny Pickett being with what he did at the end of the year last year, as you guys all know, and then with what he’d done during spring ball, it’s like this. It’s consistent. You’re going to see a consistent Kenny Pickett doing the little things right, not hurt you as a quarterback, protecting the football.

    So, I mean, it’s totally different because you’ve got a guy that’s got experience. There’s not going to be much rust there. Although, he’s still a freshman, you know, I should say he should be a redshirt freshman, but he’s still a young guy that hasn’t played more than one game as far as starting.

    So there’s still going to be hiccups as far as I believe. I know everybody thinks he’s going to go out there and be Kenny perfect. That’d be in a perfect world. But nobody’s perfect, and I don’t want to make Kenny tight like that where he’s got to play perfect. He’s still a baby.

    Q. You’re not worried about putting too much pressure on his shoulders?
    PAT NARDUZZI: No, he likes pressure. I still don’t want to make him feel like he’s got to be the perfect guy. He’s not perfect. And neither am I. So I just don’t want him to think he has to go out and play a perfect game. He won’t play a perfect game. No quarterback does.

    Q. When you’re scheduling these games, what are you looking for when you go about scheduling an FCS program and how do you feel like Albany checks those boxes?
    PAT NARDUZZI: They got 14 PA kids I think on the roster. I got to be honest with you. I don’t think I scheduled it. It might have been previous. I don’t remember. I’m day by day. A lot of those games get kind of thrown at you and you kind of say yes or no and, you know, go back to my office and bury myself into some work there.

    But there’s only so many teams available. But you know what? When you look at all the Pitt connections they have, I think it ends up being a pretty colorful look. When you look at a former Dave Wannstedt staff member coming back to Heinz Field and having Pitt men on that staff, I think it’s a neat story.

    Again, they’ve got a good football team. And we could go to Louisiana and play some CAA team down there or play one that’s not too far away. I think just keeping it in the Northeast region is a positive thing.

    Q. How far along are you with your defense getting to where you want it?
    PAT NARDUZZI: We’ll find out September 1st, I guess. Right? We’ll see. I mean, we’ve got a new coordinator who’s calling a game for his first time in maybe 14 years or whatever it’s been, very intelligent in Randy Bates, very detailed in game planning.

    And then when you look at the personnel, we’ve got personnel. We’ve got some guys. But then you’ve got to go out and show it on game day. Doesn’t matter, you can have all the “P” you want as far as “Potential,” but, we’ve got to go out and play like we’re a good defense, and that’s — you can tell at the end of the year, it’s hard. Maybe we can tell after game 1, okay. They look pretty good, but then we’re going to find out the next week, and we’ll find out the next week.

    Ultimately, you’re measured by what you do in a 12-game season.

    Q. Do you feel like the defense is in a place in terms of their understanding or their physical readiness, that kind of thing?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, physical readiness, no question about it. Durability, no question about it. Then the intelligence part of it. I think they’ve got a good understanding of what we’re doing. But like anything, you walk out there and the offense gives you a scheme, offense gives you a formation or back set something you haven’t seen, how well can they, number one, communicate on the field.

    It all comes down to communication, because you can have one smart guy like Quintin Wirginis in the middle. But if we don’t all communicate together, you’re going to have issues. We see that in practice every day. That’s something we continue to harp on is communication. I’ve never been through a perfect defense communication-wise, so we’re always going to have a mistake here and there. It’s going to happen. That’s why offenses do what they do, whether it’s a shift, a motion, a motion we haven’t seen.

    But defensively, they’re as prepared as they’re going to be going into this opener. I feel good with what we do offensively preparing. It’s not like we’re running a Wing-T offense. We run a lot of multiple sets as far as personnel goes. We run a ton of formations. I think we ran 38 formations in our last scrimmage, not this past one, but 38 different formations. That’s not including backfield sets or shifts or motions. So we’re very multiple at what we do.

    Again, if I’m a defensive coordinator, that’s what I want. I want someone to give me something different every day, not line up in one formation. So I think formationally, we’ll be prepared for anything they give us.

    Q. Noticed on your depth chart Phillipie Motley is a co-starter with Dane Jackson, who started 12 games last year. Talk about that?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I think I told you since the beginning, you know, Motley’s had a great camp. He really has, and there is competition out there, and there are some more guys. We’ll see what it looks like. If Phillipie’s playing well, we’re going to roll with him. It’s who is feeling healthy, who is feeling good.

    Coming out of camp, we need gamers, not just practice players.

    But I do say this: You play like you practice, and you practice like you play. So if Phillipie does what he did in practice for the last 20 practices, we expect a great year.

    We talk about the seniors all the time. They have to have the best year they’ve ever had. If you want to win a championship, those guys that sit in the front rows in our team meeting have got to play well.

    Q. Do you have any idea when Taysir Mack might get his name on that sheet?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Is he missing from that sheet?

    Q. Yeah.
    PAT NARDUZZI: Okay, here. Put his name on that sheet. That’s probably just a typo. That’s the problem you have when your depth is good. You can put him at the X. I don’t know, you don’t even know, it says receiver, receiver, receiver, but he’ll be at the X.

    He’s got the ability to play in the slot. He’s got to build — here’s the thing about Taysir, he can play in the slot. He can play in the boundary guy, which is where Kenny likes him, and he can play on the field. He can move all over the place intelligence-wise, but put Mack on the depth chart.

    Q. As a starter?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I just said put him on there. We’ll see. I mean, come on.

    Q. Some guys are in bold, that’s why I’m saying that.
    PAT NARDUZZI: Some guys are in bold? I don’t read the bold. I didn’t think you could see that good (laughing).

    Q. Does the defense have to have a set personality? I know you want them to be ready for anything formationally, but in terms of attitude…
    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, hopefully they’ve all got an attitude.

    Q. How important has Randy’s influence been on them?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I think it’s huge. Anytime your coordinator is passionate and has energy. It’s going to play a part. Your kids are going to play like your coordinator, I think. So I think that will be something you’ll see Saturday whether they play with a little different swag and energy. You know, you’re hoping the lights turn on and at 3:30 that’s what you see. They’ve got to be ready to go.

    Q. What was the thought this season as opposed to your previous seasons here, that made you feel comfortable talking about the championship game?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, we’ve talked about it every time in here [inside the team meeting room]. Maybe it’s that 18 at the end of the 20, I don’t know what it is. But it’s these seniors. It’s the way they talk. It’s the way they believe. If they’re talking it freely and if they’ve said it — put it this way: When I first got here, these guys just wanted to win six or more games. That was the goal. When we had to change kind of how we thought. We talked about goal setting, doing big things, dreaming big.

    When I first got here, I was just trying to get them to say ACC. Forget the championship part at the end. But our kids talk in those terms now. Which for every football team you should have that goal. But we had to change a lot of mindsets when I first got here. People thought six or more games, that’s a great season.

    You know, we tried to engrain that into our kids’ heads. That’s just average or below average. So you feel good because they believe. I’m not going to go out and take a snap. I’m not going to make a tackle, I’m not going to make a catch. But these guys here, if they believe it, and I think we’ve got the talent, I think we have the mindset, I think we’ve got the chemistry to win a championship. Is that going to happen? We’ll find out.

    Q. In your past couple seasons the offense, I guess, has been fairly vanilla in the opener. Are you thinking similar to this, it would be similar to what we’ve seen in the past couple years?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know. We’ll find out. We’re in the process of game planning right now. But this [Albany] is a good football team. We’re not holding anything back. So if you’re asking that, at times we hold stuff back. I think most people know what we do. So we’re going to go out and do it and find out how well we execute the offense.

    I mean, you know, again, we’ve got some new wrinkles that you may not have seen before last year. You may not see those this year. But you’ll certainly see them as we move on.

    Q. You talk about changing the mindset. How much do those wins against Clemson and Miami do that for the kids? And how much will we see a schedule, called one of the toughest in the country, maybe not factor in when you’ve had those victories?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Well, our kids have played good and played big in big games. Obviously those wins help you. When you end with a win, it made the off-season a little bit more approachable for our kids, approachable for our coaches. But I think it helps you. I think when you have the ability to win a big game, and you’ve got the ability to win every game, period. If you can beat Miami or Clemson, why shouldn’t you win an ACC Championship? It’s pretty simple. I think our kids understand that. And that probably plays into part of why they talk like they do.

    Q. You’re talking about Kenny not having to be perfect, you’re not perfect. Does this team need to be perfect to get to where you want to get in terms of records?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Only if the other guys play perfect, okay, which probably won’t happen. So if the other guys play perfect, it’s not going to be easy, but that’s our job to make sure they don’t. It’s our job as coaches to make sure we don’t mess it up either.

    Q. You guys are replacing a pretty accomplished return man. I mean, you’ve got guys listed here. Are we going to see a rotation, a lot of guys getting chances in the return game?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know what? Rafael Araujo-Lopes has been really — has really been fantastic as far as a reliable punt returner. Let’s start there. You know, with reliability goes — we have possession of the ball. I think when you think about punt return and returning punts, the number one thing is that we have possession of the football after the end of that play.

    It starts with that, and we can have more, maybe an electric guy back there. But Shocky’s been back there, Paris Ford has been back there, we may get different looks. It depends. I just know right now, I don’t know if there are any “ORs” on there [the return game two-deep] or not.

    But, you know, we know we’ve got faith and trust in what that guy’s going to do in game time. So we’ll see what the other guy’s doing to get up there. But, you know, the return game is important.

    But I also will say this, maturity, having a lot of guys that can play special teams, because everybody thinks it’s a one-man show back there in the return game. And we can go over tape, over tape, over tape of kick returns for touchdowns, punt returns for touchdowns. It’s hard to do it all by yourself.

    If anybody thinks that Quadree [Henderson] did it by himself, is crazy. He’s a great returner, but he’s got help of ten other guys doing their job. And Coach Powell does a great job designing and organizing those return games, and will continue to do a good job.

    I think, forget the return guy, let’s talk about those other critical ten guys on the field and what are those guys doing? I think those guys are better right now. That’s so much more important than the return guy, to be honest with you.

    Q. Paris Ford on defense continues to progress?
    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, Paris was going like this (makes upward motion) — he really was and is, I should say. Paris is doing a nice job. He’s an energetic guy. I can’t wait to watch him on the field. He’s energetic. He plays with emotion, and I think the game is a game of emotion. Just got to make sure we keep him under control. He’s wild. I love that part of him.

    Q. I know you’re as curious as we are, and probably more to see what this team does when the lights come on. But is there one guy or group of guys or position of guys that you’re sort of most curious to see how they fare now in week one against the other team?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. I can’t say there is one. You’re looking forward to seeing 22 guys out there and the ten positional groups play. If I’m just, you know, fired up to see one group, then we’ve probably got problems with the other groups. They’re so similar. I think I’m excited to see everybody go out there and play. I think that’s where it starts.

    Q. When you make a statement like wanting to win an ACC Championship and embracing the mentality and being bold about that, does it put pressure on you as well? Do you embrace that pressure?
    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know if it puts any more pressure on me. We’re going to take it week by week by week. It’s a one-game season. You know, there’s pressure whether you want to be an ACC Champion or whether you want to win six games. Whatever your goals are, there is pressure to do that.

    I think when you’ve got one of the toughest schedules in the country and you have a football team that wants to and has a desire to win a championship, there is no pressure because they believe they’re there and they have the ability to do that. So is it stress? Is it pressure? Our guys are ready to play ball.

    Q. Walk-on receiver Kellen McAlone was put on scholarship. Can you tell us about that?
    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I’m assuming you saw some of the stuff on Twitter. You know, Kellen is an unbelievable kid. Really the set-up for that whole thing, which I don’t know if it showed on that video, he does so much in the community service. Forget what kind of football player he is. He’s such a volunteer in this community. We talk about making an impact in the city of Pittsburgh, making an impact on campus, putting the smile on people’s faces, that’s something he does.

    Every day when we finish practice, that guy’s there. I can put an X and save a spot for Kellen because I know he’s going to be there. When I blow that last horn, he’s coming up. He’s right there.

    So he’s done so much community service-wise. The guy works his tail off in anything he does on the football field. So he deserved that scholarship. It started with what he did on the field. We’re not going to give it — because he does a great job in community service. We just kind of set up giving it to him that way.

    I just said, hey, somebody wants to volunteer? One guy, you only have one, and he’s sitting right there like he always is. He said, Coach, I’ll do it. It’s how we set it up, because I knew he’d volunteer like he always does. The guy will do anything. He’ll come in here and mop the floors if we wanted to.

    That’s the most impressive thing. I thought maybe there would be a little dip in maybe his swagger after Jimmy Medure got one.

    He’s thinking maybe there is one more left. Maybe there’s one more left. You’d kind of like them to not know if there’s any left. You thought maybe you saw a dip in his practice, but all you saw was his rise. I watched him to see how he was going to react to that, and he turned it up even higher, which is Kellen McAlone.

    Q. Jeff George Jr. is joining your team?
    PAT NARDUZZI: He is, he is. We introduced him last night. He’s on this football team. We’re happy to have Jeff. We’re happy to have his family involved in the program.

    We’re still waiting to find out whether he’s eligible or not. I think there was some word out there saying he was eligible. He spent the last 20 practices in Ann Arbor, so he’s really a transfer. So I don’t know what’s going to happen there. So he’s ineligible right now. So we’ll wait to find out what that status is for him.

    But just to give you some background on that, he had visited in the spring. Was trying to decide between, after he left Illinois as a grad transfer, between Michigan and Pitt. I just feel like I got there and felt like, you know, maybe he made a mistake and decided to come here.


  6. Guess Paul Chryst isn’t the only Pitt HC to use the word “neat” in interviews.

    And George, jr visited in the spring huh? So much for the talk about a sudden thing happening. I’m telling you guys – the staff offered him a spot earlier and he’s here for a purpose and it isn’t just as a favor to his old man.

    He came to Pittsburgh because he was told he could get PT.


    1. Reed, if he’s that important of a piece, why didn’t he get a ship? Some guys on this board have reported he’s not getting a ship. Narduzzi chose to hand out 2 ships to walk ons over George.


      1. Why waste a scholarship on a guy if he is willing to come without one? No risk for us and added depth.
        As far as PT, isn’t that available to everyone that wins it?


        1. This is his 3rd school. There is risk if he’s a problem in the locker room. See Chris Clarke and Kam Carter. When these players are leaving multiple schools, its usually for a reason.

          What about this, the coaches actually recruits the the position better. The HC is all over the map brining in these QB transfers. He’s throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. That is not a good plan. He isn’t a detailed guy and I don’t see him being the most organized. Just like our RB’s, he’s recruiting all guys in the same mold, nobody can make a defender miss. Attention to detail matters.


      2. Perhaps they did back in the Spring – George didn’t transfer to Michigan until June. George went for the bigger program with a HC who is a former QB.

        And BTW…I really like the move to give the last two schollies to two walk-ons who have distinguished themselves during their time at Pitt. Its sends a great message to the rest of the squad – and for those of you who didn’t see the video of their reaction – well, they were very pleased.


        1. Exactly – there is no need to give him a scholarship this season. He father made millions and and he wanted to be here without one anyway. We already know a scholarship doesn’t make anyone actually play better as we have seen with walk-ons who have done well for us..

          But I’ll bet he has one this time next season after Town takes off. Just saying…


  7. It seems that the passing game was ahead of the running game in camp. Not surprising since the D is built to stop the run. Also O-line timing usually takes a while to open those holes, and runners to hit them. In any case I still think KP’s numbers will have a lot to do with whether we can consistently run the football. Pick up the third and short etc. Also TD passes will be contingent on whether we can score in the redzone with the run, like we did two years ago. Peterman didn’t have to pass with Conner and Aston. Shovel passes count though.

    Another variable will be YAC stats. If KP hits guys in stride, we should see some TD’s and big gains. Also when he and the receivers learn how to work together on broken plays, rather than KP just running, more opportunities for big plays. We need receivers to come back to the ball instead of getting lost on those plays.

    Hopefully we see more big plays from the receivers to help with Kenny’s stats.

    The only stat that really matters is wins and losses, Kenny seems mature enough to understand that.


  8. I’m already on record saying he’ll be Pitt’s best QB since Marino. The only thing that can hold him back barring injury is much too conservative play calling by Watson. We will get a test of that conservative play calling this week against Albany. If he’s not careful Watson might play call us right into another Youngstown State overtime game.


      1. We’re not talking a glorious tradition of QBs since Marino left. It’s been pretty much solid to average kids who had one big year for Pitt: Palko, Rutherford.


          1. Yeah, they were good for sure. It isn’t a crazy notion to say Pickett could be the best QB since Marino when all is said and done. Maybe not, but we shall see.


    1. Start folding that parachute 😉

      I think we’ll need a late score(s) to win the game. I said last year’s OL sucked and they gave up 3 sacks and 6 TFLs to YSU. BTW we had 1 sack and 4 TFLs by our defense – YSU whooped us on the field the 2nd half.

      This year’s OL version is worse so I won’t be surprised at all if the Great Danes are chasing Pickett all over the place.

      Or, of course, we’ll kick their collective asses but I have the same feeling this week that I did before YSU.


      1. Please give me some action on that prediction Reed. Late score defined as a score needed by Pitt in the last 10 minutes of the game to take the lead over the Great Danes & keeping it till the end for the win. Let’s keep it civil & low stakes, say a Jackson wager? Let me know.


        1. I’m with you Doctor Thomas. Bold statements need bold backing. Speaking of bold, I see one bold poster has already trended his prediction up one win. Saving ones ash by throwing in comments like, if this or that does or doesn’t happen is not a prediction. It’s called hedging a bet.


        2. Well, if I wanted a bet I would have said “it will happen” instead of “I think”…

          Of course I’m a lot better at predicting Pitt crap than anyone else on here…


          1. Well, if there’s no money on the barrel head then I’m going to share with you Reed, what “I think”.

            First off, last season’s big problems turned out to be weak QB play (that Reed predicted), key injuries & poor focus & leadership from veteran guys that should have known better. 5-7 resulted.

            This year, irrespective of how “you think” regarding recruited players that Chryst brought in at the conclusion of his tenure, this team in year four is all Narduzzi’s, even the old players are 100% Narduzzi guys by this time. & now it is time to put up!

            That’s why this year is different from last year. This team has focus, this team has leadership, this team is ready to prove something.

            Now that being said, the QB situation has improved on paper, but Pickett still needs to build on that great Miami victory going forward. And injuries could be huge again, especially if Pickett gets hurt, then all bets are off. The OL WILL have a lot to say in that. They need to be adequate, not great, but adequate. They must be able to pass protect.

            That should be no problem against Albany. Therefore, we win on Saturday going away. No need to rally the unfocused poorly led Pitt troops, like the 1st game last season, to an overtime victory on Saturday.

            This team comes out of the tunnel on Saturday on a mission. “I think” they get up on Albany early, stay up on them late and win by at least two TDs.


  9. Pitt put up 2612 yards and 12 TDs last year with horrible QB play.

    Pickett will easily exceed that if he stays healthy. Add rushing yards also.


  10. Not saying it’s not potentially important (the Eagles just won the Superbowl with a backup QB, though a rare exception), but the backup QB position just never excites me, especially when it comes to the veterans (it’s very different when a young QB with potential is in line). I guess I figure if Pickett goes down this year, we’re toast anyway, George Jr or Town is not going to save us; do we get 3 wins with Town in a full year, versus 4 with George? This is like the DiNucci vs Browne scenario to me. I think the main attraction to me, with regard to George Jr, is he saves Patti’s redshirt, potentially, and this I like, it’d be nice to keep Patti & Pickett 2 years apart given.

    Boy, that QB stat chart above really goes to show you something we all knew: stats can at times be more deceiving than helpful.

    This year, I think it’s the back to back games against Georgia Tech and NC that will tell us a lot.


  11. Our “Predictions Article” will have season predictions as well as player and position predictions.

    BTW – If Pickett doesn’t beat 12 TDs this season we will be looking at the very bottom of the ACC.


  12. Let’s hope we finally have a group of Wide Receivers that can get open and catch the ball, the other half of receptions is just as important to KP’s success.

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  13. With the WR position, you have to have players that want the ball. They will work hard to get open because they want the ball.

    Last season, the QB’s couldn’t get the WR’s the ball and thus we don’t know if we have a star amongst the group because Weah and QH were supposed to be the go to WR’s last season.

    I believe we will have a good mix of a run/pass offense – I’m hoping for a splash of trickery in each game. The games will begin to unveil the next stars amongst our WR group.

    Can’t wait for the tailgate this Saturday – UPitt – see you there…


    1. With Pickett at QB any WR on this roster should be staying up nights and working his butt off to get on the field with him. The opportunity to excel is in front of all of them since they have a QB that will get them the ball if they get open. You couldn’t make that same statement last season.


  14. Don’t jump Dan…I have friends right below you.
    UPitt, if you can make it I have an extra ticket.
    let me know… tailgate starts at 10:30 when the lot opens. Red5A.


  15. WR verbal, Jared Wayne, had a big debut in the states last Friday for his new school in Florida: 4 catches for 148 yards and three TDs.


  16. The video of McAlone getting a scholly brings tears to my eyes..”Dream then put in the hard work and sacrifice then reap the reward.” A life’s lesson for all.

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    1. Brought a tear to my eye too, Bernie. To quote (I think) Tyler Palko ” I love these F-ing guys”! H2P !!!


  17. Fran, I plan to leave to get there around noonish. If I leave earlier than that I will drink way too much and have a headache by game time.
    p.s. I will bring the peanuts 😉


  18. Wish I would have added this stat. It’s from Reed’s pre-spring QB’s article. Reed is right. If Pickett merely holds to the average of all the QB’s above it will be an improvement.

    Subtract [the Rice] game and we were 196 of 330 (59%) for 2,202 yards, 8 TDs and 8 INts for a rating of only 118.8.


  19. Remembering back to when Tre Tipton was HEALTHY, he was really NIFTY in his ability to get open and make the play.

    Not flashy, but able to come out of nowhere to make a BIG play when needed.

    Let’s hope that is what we’ll soon be seeing again.


    1. I don’t get the Tipton love by the media and fans – he played in six full games, had 12 receptions for 142 yards (11.8) and 1 TD. That’s pretty average play overall – and he ran the ball once for 11 yards.

      He won’t be the featured WR this season either. That will be Lopes, Mack and Shocky-Louis… I think.

      I believe Mack takes his place as soon as can.


    2. I agree POD, it may have been only a glimmer, but I like Tipton’s potential, he seemed to come on once the QB realized they could trust him, and he did have a way of getting open at key moments. I like guys that know how to run routes and get open, I see Lopes that way too. They’ll need a YAC guy too, especially one that can stretch the field.


  20. I’m still saying that if Pickett stays healthy all year – and to me that is a big if – he’ll pretty much match Peterman’s 2015 numbers… maybe just a tich less:

    Nathan Peterman 193 314 2287 61.5 7.28 20 8 138.6

    I feel around 18 or so TDs with 11 or so INTs.


    1. The ACC network enabled this. Pitt was forced to spend about $12 million for it and to have an annual budget to support it. Would not have been possible without the investment.



  21. Guys – we didn’t see Kenny Pickett complete one long pass last year so that is something we need to see… plus an actual forward pass for a TD. Haven’t seen that yet.

    His longest passes are 74 yards (short pass to Weah and lots YAC). Same thing on a 44 yard pass to Hall and then a 29 yarder to Weah in the Miami game.

    I can’t remember him even attempting many, if any, deep balls in his 66 attempts. Can anyone enlighted?

    And here is something else interesting about last years QBs. Their Sacked:Attempts ratios. Rounded to nearest tenth

    Picket got sacked 5 times in 66 attempts = .08
    Browne got sacked 12 times in 135 attempts = .09
    Dinucci got sacked 14 times in 158 attempts = .09

    Not a lot of difference there my friends. Let’s hope Pickett can get that ball out a lot quicker this season than he did last. We were so happy about his ability to run that we kind of skated over his passing.

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    1. Pickett played against Virginia Tech and Miami, making those stats above largely irrelevant. He obviously has a lot to prove, but I don’t think there’s anybody that reasonably doubts he’s an upgrade, not to mention the intangibles.


    2. “There are three things that can happen when you throw a pass, and two of them are bad”

      Last time we were 12-0, we ran our way to the National Title !


      1. Whoever said that Emel was wrong! Whether it was Woody Hayes or Darrell Royal or whoever, five things can happen on a pass and three of them are bad.
        1. Incompletion
        2. Interception
        3. Reception
        4. Defensive Pass Interference
        5. Offensive Pass Interference

        If only any reporter back then had cajones they would have pointed that out to Woody or Darrell.


          1. And Bigjoke was last.
            Much easier to be a successful DC in that conf, it would appear then.
            And which I have suggested before.


  22. FWIW, in his first start for Mesa CC, Tom MacVittie was WSFL Offensive Player of the Week. 25-38 for 306 yards, 54 yards rushing, 5 TDs, 3 by air, 2 by ground

    Once again proving it’s a big step from some of the CCs and JUCOs to P5. wwb


    1. Interesting wwb…cause Town wasn’t even the starter on his JUCO team. Although the California JUCO’s are supposed to be the best one’s around.


  23. Pickett will be a big improvement at QB over last year. Night and Day. Offense will be better I see the OL if healthy as capable vs most teams. That should be enough to have a chance to win every game.


  24. Watched Tipton in HS..he is an excellent athlete who can contribute on this level.but the “durability” issue remains.


  25. Like many my biggest concern is O line and running backs. We know we have a cobbled together starter set O line that has some playing time and will hopefully get us by but the amount of experience on the 2 deep is scary. Sibley it appears would have been a shifty back with some speed but without him we lack the elusive back. This combo concerns me. With all the receivers this year maybe we should use them in every way possible. Incidentley Lopes was the most consistent receiver last year before and after catch. Will Sat. answer questions or raise them? H2P


  26. I agree with Reed and others that have some concern about Pickett’s ability to throw the ball downfield. I won’t read too much into the limited sample size from his performance last season, but I remember there was some bragging at some point about not throwing an INT in camp … well that could be a sign he wasn’t attempting challenging throws. You don’t want the 4th quarter of the Penn State game to be your first real college-level experience having to lead a come-from-behind drive by making the hard throws.

    It could also be a sign that our defense cannot defend the pass.


    1. Try the word….moxie. Joe Montana had it, Fran Tarkenton had it. Neither were particularly blessed with size or speed or even a strong throwing arm. But boy did they have….MOXIE


    2. POD a very good point remember Rick Trocano ? Pickett kinda reminds me of him. A fierce competitor!!


  27. Good article, but we forgot our favorite Pitt Sophomore QB, one who led us to our last Bowl victory.

    Chad V….had a better QB rating his sophomore year than everyone in the graph at 140.2
    And his 7.8 YPA puts him only behind AVP. 16 TD’s(tied for 2nd most) and only 7 picks(tied Palko for lowest Int’s)

    And he ran for the most yardage, with almost 500 yards on the ground. Wasn’t even close in that regard.


  28. I remember Dane Jackson commenting on Pickett throwing a bullet 35 yarder on the run a few weeks back. Throwing long won’t be his problem IMO. Taylor Mack video today talks a little about Pickett near the end. I watched a little of Bridgewater playing for the Jets in preseason picking the field moving the offense. Watson says Pickett has the same seeing all the field ability as did Bridgewater. Stay tuned for some exciting QB play at Pitt with Pickett.


  29. A passing thought………….. Why is the POV always throwing stats out that are good and never the bad or negative ones? AKA Hall’s runs and the Rice game?

    and yes… Mr Bob D can’t help himself..


  30. You must be new here since IMO the POV is always throwing stats that say Pitt is not very good. I’m expecting some going forward stats to help change that opinion of many here at the POV.


    1. the facts have been that Pitt is not very good (see 5-7 last season), but if you want alternative facts, that can be arranged. 🙂


  31. Emel, I love the Moxie comment and I think you are exactly right. One plus for the O-Line is that they have been practicing against a very good D-Line. That helps a lot to improve as a group. If the D-Line was bad, how could you truly judge if the O-Line was good or bad. I really don’t think the dairy farmers D-Line is much better than ours. That being said, if they were holding their own in practice and getting better, I will feel good about them. Everything that I have heard was that the O-Line was playing pretty good, not great, but not bad either.


  32. Nice article!

    This will be an interesting season.

    16 TD passes is about right I think. I read an article on CBS Sports that predicts that the WVU QB (in a pass happy offense) will throw 40 TD passes this season. That seems crazy.


  33. Guys, relax, this game won’t be close. It will be a beat down. The rest of the season , unfortunately won’t be the same. Oh, btw Reed, who was the only person on last years prediction thread who hit the record right on the head? Yup.


  34. PoD, ya, I really hope that one of these years we’ll get to that level. It’s funny, I get really po’d when I see national rags or guys from the Altoona Mirror pick us to have a losing record, but then I look at everything and realize they are probably right. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though!


  35. Last time I checked, we play Albany this week. Interesting few names on the Coaching Staff including the Safeties Coach.

    Jarred Holley… one of my personal Pitt All-Time Favorites.


  36. Thanks for the articke Michaelangelo. It certainly is true that if Pickett is good this year it will significantly increase Pitt’s chances to at least reach a Bowl game. For the record I’m with those who think his floor is being a good Power 5 QB in years 3 and 4. Ceiling this year is being a good Power 5 QB in my humble opinion.


  37. The poster formally known as ike is now Mr Bob Dobalina, sorry dreamer wrong again. Just so you remember.


  38. Last year, I predicted Pitt would be 1-0 after the first week of the season.

    This year, I predict the same thing. Pitt will be 1-0 after Saturday’s game.

    There are too many variables to make a full season prediction such as injuries, suspensions, weather, cleats(lol), coaches firings, schedules the week before, from both teams and a whole host of other things.

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  39. Thank you to MichelAngelo —excellent article.

    Interesting that in spite of all the gloom, Coach Duzz has apparently brought in two of the better QBs we’ve had in a while in Peterman and Pickett. Compare those two to the QBs that Wanny brought in…

    Go Pitt!

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  40. BTW, an indication of more Athletic Department progress…

    They are planning to have a pre-game tailgate each home game for members of the Varsity Letter Club. Pitt has done a poor job over the years of honoring or catering to their letter winners. Maybe things like this, and the Hall of Fame, is the start of better things ahead…

    The Varsity Letter Club had pretty much gone out of sight while Barnes was in charge…

    Go Pitt!

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  41. Great article – why were Voytik’s SO stats left off the analysis? – I’d take those stats for Kenny this year, with a bowl win for sure, except the overall team record – I believe KP’s ceiling is higher than anyone has predicted (only speculation – no one told me anything).

    The only prediction I have at the moment is that come Saturday night, UPitt will have exactly 25% of his 2018 win total, for Pitt FB, in the bank. Hope to see you (UPitt) at the tailgate Saturday afternoon along with the usual celebrity cast. Fran’s frolic is fun for friends and family – featuring first game intro to the Ffrench Connection.



  42. EE…as your handle implies, you are a master of alliteration. To any hoopie or nitter trollers: look it up!


  43. Links: Release | The Pat Narduzzi Show

    Pat Narduzzi Show to Broadcast from The Yard Gastropub at Market Square

    Dollar Energy Fund Returns as Title Sponsor for Weekly Pat Narduzzi Show

    PITTSBURGH—The Pat Narduzzi Show presented by Dollar Energy Fund returns this season with a new home as The Yard Gastropub at Market Square hosts Coach Narduzzi, long-time “Voice of the Panthers” Bill Hillgrove and special guests each week for an hour-long radio show discussing all things Pitt football.

    Broadcasts of the Pat Narduzzi Show, which will usually begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, can still be heard LIVE on 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM) this season. The show will also air on other Pitt IMG Sports Network affiliates in the region, and via the Tune In app.

    Fans are welcome to attend the Pat Narduzzi Show each week this season at The Yard Gastropub at Market Square, which is conveniently located downtown at 100 Fifth Avenue. The Yard is an American gastropub featuring delicious gourmet grilled sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups, along with 36 rotating craft drafts.

    The first Pat Narduzzi Show of the 2018 season will be Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. at The Yard as Coach Narduzzi and Bill Hillgrove preview the Panthers’ season opener against Albany.

    Here is a full schedule for the Pat Narduzzi Show this fall:

    2018 Pat Narduzzi Show Schedule

    · Wednesday, August 29 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, September 5 | KDKA-AM

    · Wednesday, September 12 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, September 19 | KDKA-AM

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    · Wednesday, October 17 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, October 24 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Tuesday, October 30 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, November 7 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, November 14 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)

    · Wednesday, October 21 | 93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM)


  44. I lived in Buffalo for awhile and saw Albany destroy UB two years ago in a huge upset. Hope our boys don’t take this game lightly. My dad almost had a heart attack after our thrashing by Youngstown to start the Chyrst era.


  45. Yes – do not underestimate Albany. Pitt may be looking ahead to Penn State. Albany is well coached. Their QB is Testaverde.


  46. Keeping with the theme of the headline, here are my thought’s on Pickett. You may recall that Mrs. Reed took ill at the spring game in 2017, and I wound up pinch hitting for him that day. I reported at the time that the best looking QB on the field that day was true freshman Kenny Pickett. After seeing him that day, and then later in the season against VT and Miami, I am convinced that he will be the best QB at Pitt since Dan Marino (Although Alex Van Pelt and Tyler Palko were both pretty good). The larger question for me is whether he has enough of a supporting cast to allow him to be successful, both from a statistical standpoint and in the win/loss column.

    What I do know is that everyone on the South Side seems to have faith and confidence in him. He seems to be a leader, the anti-Tino if you will.



  47. It is no small thing to have a young QB that everyone on the team believes in. You can see the receivers light up when they are asked about him. Seems genuine.

    Also, there really seems to be much more confidence and swagger throughout the team interviews. With lots of senior leadership. Without established stars it really will have to be a team effort.

    Hope it leads to a winning season.


    1. Teams win championships in football – not individuals.

      We shall see as the season unfolds before our very eyes (and yellow seats).


  48. This game means something to Albany. 3 previous Pitt coaches and Gattusso heavily recruits PA so them showing up in this game helps their recruiting.


  49. Off topic… When interviewed by the PG in lead up for this week’s game with Pitt, AlbanyC oach Greg Gattuso made a point to praise the people he encountered while an assistant at Pitt. He noted that Dave Wannstedt was one of the “best in the business”, and that all of the people he worked with at Pitt were great…except one. Stevey P, a.k.a. Cornhole. Thanks again to Steve for running our football program into the ground.

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    1. Smiley and Nordy would not even replace the carpet in the football facility. When I saw the pictures of the new Pitt barbershop I just smiled and thought of Smiley…….Narduzzi is lucky he’s not working for him


      1. But, but, but Nordy did so much for academics. As an Ohio State alum but 100 percent Pitt fan I can say I can give a hoot about Pitt and its academics, just as I do about Ohio State’s.

        Just as Nordy did for Pitt academically, E. Gordon Gee did the same for Ohio State.

        Ohio State requires more than a pulse to get in like back in my day. Again, I don’t care. Show me the wins on the football field, Pitt!


  50. Annie,…that is me! I saw the final version last week prior to release. You can have my autograph at Frans tailgate. 😉


  51. Annie, I am not sure if I got that email. I can’t find it. oh well. Forward it to me if you can,.. or anyone else.


    1. Heather, (pause) Heather, (pause) Heather are you reading this POV thread? Richman needs a copy of the picture from the e-mail sent out by the Panther Club.

      Weather report – scattered showers and thunderstorms – high 86 degrees – chance of rain 60%

      Any chance we see “thunder and lightning” in our backfield – maybe QO and Ffrench?


  52. In reply to Reed’s comment on 8/29 @11:13 am.

    Well, if there’s no money on the barrel head then I’m going to share with you Reed, what “I think”.

    First off, last season’s big problems turned out to be weak QB play (that Reed predicted), key injuries & poor focus & leadership from veteran guys that should have known better. 5-7 resulted.

    This year, irrespective of how “you think” regarding recruited players that Chryst brought in at the conclusion of his tenure, this team in year four is all Narduzzi’s, even the old players are 100% Narduzzi guys by this time. & now it is time to put up!

    That’s why this year is different from last year. This team has focus, this team has leadership, this team is ready to prove something.

    Now that being said, the QB situation has improved on paper, but Pickett still needs to build on that great Miami victory going forward. And injuries could be huge again, especially if Pickett gets hurt, then all bets are off. The OL WILL have a lot to say in that. They need to be adequate, not great, but adequate. They must be able to pass protect.

    That should be no problem against Albany. Therefore, we win on Saturday going away. No need to rally the unfocused poorly led Pitt troops, like the 1st game last season, to an overtime victory on Saturday.

    This team comes out of the tunnel on Saturday on a mission. “I think” they get up on Albany early, stay up on them late and win by at least two TDs.


    1. I haven’t actually seen a line but others have posted elsewhere the line is 24. These kind of games have no business of being close in the final score.


  53. Well, do you remember what you “thought” last year at this time before the YSU game – you know. The team I said we’d be in a dogfight with.

    Something like this… “A season opening loss to YSU is nothing more than 0-1. Plus a very loud wake up call!
    However if this coaching staff has these guys focused as they should be, this game is in the bag.”

    You also said it could be a ‘overlooked’ game so you were correct on that.

    I don’t think Pitt teams are even constant enough to be able to predict wins against any teams – or even losses to teams in some regard like PSU, Clemson and Miami. We are, and always have been back to the 1980s, a very unpredictable team.

    I think we’ll win. I do not think it will be a blow out as some are prediction though – too many question marks on offense for me.


    1. Reed, so I was right! The game was “in the bag”. Just needed OT in order to stuff all those pesky penquins in that there bag I guess.😏

      Last tear in the YSU game the Panthers were unfocused, up early, lost focus late. Won’t happen against inferior competition in game one this year. Pickett & Co. Put a boot on the Great Dane throats & don’t let up. It won’t be a Delaware blowout, but as I’ve already opined, we will win going away & I’m willing to put $$ on it!


  54. Just for fun here is the official Predictions for 2017 thread from this time last year. interesting to read what POVers knew, felt, thought what would happen, not happen, maybe happen…

    Look yours up and see how close you were on not only the W/L record but about what you wrote would happen during the season with stats, etc…

    Here’s what I thought – correct on the W/Ls but not so good on the details (especially Brightwell with 12 Sacks!)

    Reed 5-7 no bowl

    Who is your Offensive MVP on the season? Ollison

    Who is your Defensive MVP on the season? Hendrix

    Who is your leading scorer and how many points? Ollison 82

    Who is your leading tackler and how many? Idowu 88

    Who leads in sacks and how many? Brightwell 12

    How many points per game will we score? 30

    How many points per game will we allow? 31

    What will our ACC record be at the end of the regular season? 4-4

    What place will we be in the Coastal Division at the end of the season? 4th

    Reed 5-7 no bowl


      1. BTW, I picked the Miami game as a Pitt loss too in my 8-5 prediction of last season, so I guess I suck at being a prognosticator.


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