Sunday Podcast; Aug 26th, 2018

Sunday Podcast; Aug 26th, 2018


Editor’s Note:    Geez, I did that whole podcast and didn’t even consider if George is eligible for 2018 or not.  Actually he may not be as he played last year for Illinois.  Damn, we really need him this season… Well, next year also.

Hey! Just read he is eligably this coming season! Yeah us!

Jeff George, Jr – Started five games in 2017. Career wise he was: 132 of 275 (48%) for 1743 yards and 11 TDs to 15 INTs.


Illinois was poor all around last year on both offense and defense His surrounding offensive cast pretty much sucked, especially on the Offensive Line as they were 105th in Sacks Allowed with 42 and TFLs Allowed with 98.

Does that sound familiar?  We were 101st in Sacks allowed with 31 and 99th in TFLs Allowed with 79.  Let’s hope that changes this year.

George was 13/39 for 140 yards and 2 TDs with no INTs in a 31-27 win over MSU in 2016 even if MSU sucked that season.


Jeff George

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