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 Pitt Football Camp: Media Recap, Day 18

Videos, Quotes and Photos from Pitt Training Camp


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson

Offensive Line Coach Dave Borbely

Offensive Lineman Gabe Houy

Offensive Lineman Jimmy Morrissey

 PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football program practiced for the 18th time of its 2018 training camp during a Thursday morning session at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi met with reporters prior to the session, while offensive coordinator Shawn Watson, offensive line coach Dave Borbely and offensive linemen Gabe Houy andJimmy Morrissey answered questions from the assembled media after the workout.

Videos from each media session are available above, while a transcript of Coach Narduzzi’s media availability can be found below.

Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

 Opening statement:

“Good morning guys. Wonderful day. Got the sunshine out today. Forgot my hat; I’m going to have to run up and get it… rushed out of the office. A lot of great things going on right now. We’ve got to get a good day’s work in. Yesterday was a solid day; can’t say it was a great day. Our guys are pushing. It’s the grind that we’re in right now. That’s kind of where we are. I feel like we’re fresher than we were a year ago after practice 17. We still have legs, which is a positive thing as far as conditioning. Maurice Ffrench, for example, took the corner on a sweep play yesterday at tailback and took the corner on everybody. Most of the time, practice 17, your legs are shot anywhere I’ve ever been. I think we’ve done a great job keeping our guys as fresh as we can with recovery… really just trying to be a maintenance guy as far as not having them out here too long, so I think that’s a positive.”

On if off days during camp have helped:

“We’ve always given them an off day. Sundays always been our off day, so that new NCAA rule two years ago didn’t bother me. I think you have to do that; that’s part of the process. Maybe a little less hitting, shortening the practices a little bit has helped. I would say it’s more that than the day off.”

On picking captains:

“I thought about that; that’s coming tonight. I have thought about this like, ‘wow, you can only have four walk out there.’ It’s not going to be an easy decision because there are some good leaders—older guys and younger guys. I think we’ve done a good job developing leadership. It always can be better, everything can be better. But it’s not going to be an easy chore, that’s for sure.”

On if the two-deep depth chart has a lot of “and”s and “or”s in it:

“There is. You find out on gameday who some of those guys are. We talked about who some of the sure-shot position guys. Some of those other positions, we’re going to find out ongameday who’s making the plays and who isn’t. ‘Or’s are there.”

On differences that fans will notice about offense and defense:

“I don’t know. It’s a hard question. We’ll find out.”

On new or different approaches:

“No different approaches. Hopefully you see a fun team playing. I want this football team to be exciting—offensively and defensively. When we’re on the field, we’re out there to make plays. We’re out there to enjoy ourselves and have fun. It better be fun. If it’s just a grind of, ‘aw man, I got to go out on this first down…’ We want to have fun. It should be an exciting football team to watch. We’ve got a lot of speed, got a lot of physical players on both sides of the football as well as special teams. I want them to go out and have fun. It better be a fun team to watch. Period. Fun.”

On creating more big plays on offense:

“We talk about explosive gains all the time. We want to eliminate them and we want to have them. I see a more explosive offense with some of our weapons outside. When the quarterback puts the ball where it needs to be, I think that helps you. Like I said, you can do it in practice all you want. Maurice Ffrench yesterday, I don’t think we had a ton of those a year ago, even in practice. This is a pretty good defense they’re going against. We want to have more, for sure. Everyone wants to see that. That’s exciting. I don’t want so many so fast like we had against Syracuse two years ago that the defense is back out there for 129 plays, but I guess I’ll deal with that too.”

On having fresher legs and a deeper team:

“Me saying they have legs and them saying they have legs are probably two different things. I bet you they could give you a different description on how their legs feel right now. But I can see it as a coach. I’ve gone 17 days and we looked at them like, ‘man, they are shot.’ They aren’t shot right now. Maurice Ffrench is proof of that. Shocky [Jacques-Louis] caught a ball yesterday and turned it up north. He still got some in him, so that’s a positive as we go into game week next week.”

On if there is a position he feels better about than before camp:

“I still say that offensive line. I still feel it starts up front. I felt good about the defensive line, but I feel better about the offensive line as a whole, just with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. We’ll find out on gameday. It may be disappointing, but right now I’m excited with where we are.”

On if he’s excited about the starting offensive line or the depth:

“More of the first guys in some of those key (roles), that sixth man and seventh man in, that first guard or center-type guy and that tackle coming in. So it’s the first seven guys. We talk everyday about getting three percent better. Everybody is making the jumps, so in the long run it’s going to help us, whether it’s in week two, week five or week eight. It’s going to help us continue to get better.”

On health of the team:

“Generally, I’d give us a B+, which is better than it was last year.”

On his calf workouts:

“I don’t do calf raises.”

On if the team jokes about his calves:

“Every once in a while, you hear a remark. Do you joke about it? [Reporter: Not at all.] Good, thank you. [Reporter: It’s just admiration.]”

On Tre Tipton’s program LOVE and how much he’s changed since injury:

“Tre [Tipton] is a remarkable young man—both on the field and off the field. He cares about the other students. He’s got a great heart. I wish we could get in and measure some hearts sometimes when you’re on the road recruiting or at a team meeting, but that guy has a big, big heart. He’s not like the Grinch. He’s got this gigantic thing inside his chest cavity; he cares about other people. It’s the truth. It’s not going to help us win or lose, but it’s an important factor for our kids to have out there. It’s something you’re proud of as a head coach.”

On helping the players with mental health:

“Kristen Mackel is the psychologist on campus. Really I should call her a counselor on campus that Heather Lyke just hire probably about four months ago. She actually talked to our team Tuesday night just to say, ‘hey, we’re here for you, whatever you need.’ She did a tremendous job at the meeting. Again, it’s just if it’s something to talk about. If it’s to talk about, ‘my calves are too small,’ they’ve got someone to talk to about their calves. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you’ve got girl problems… But just having someone outside of football that they can go to. We do have two (counselors) over there. They’re brand new. We’ve never had them in the past, so we’re getting better. It’s another benefit to these gentlemen.”

Editor’s Note:  Here is the article about Tipton’s LOVE Program by DiPaola of the Trib…

114 thoughts on “Pitt Fall Camp: Day 18

      1. From what I’ve heard Pitt didn’t make that move, Rich Cupka did. Since I can remember in recent history all the Pitt major sports HCs have been doing their radio show at Cupka’s. But this year Cupka pulled the plug on it.


        1. I heard it was mutual. Cupka, 93.7, Pitt

          So unless Cupka, Pitt or 93.7 fan come out with a different story, I will believe what I heard.


  1. Reed do you think it’s sad that were talking about Narduzzi’s legs? I think it’s funny and entertaining but I would rather know who is starting what player a are hurt and get some footage of what is going on a practice.


  2. Also if the recent scandals at Maryland and OSU are teaching us anything wouldn’t it be better to come out as a 100 percent transparent program. That might just give someone a recruiting advantage if they just came out and said we are not hiding in secrecy any longer.


  3. Most interesting bit of news from Narduzzi… Maurice Ffrench running at TAILBACK.

    What does this say about the BIG play ability of Davis and some of the others?

    Nothing that wasn’t already somewhat apparent.


  4. In the spring, I thought it was just a collection of guys,” Borbely said. “I thought we had a long, long way to go in the spring. We still have a long way to go, but I’m very happy with the progress that we’re making. The addition of Stef (who wasn’t around in the spring) has helped us tremendously at left tackle.” These are Borbleys words about the o line.


  5. I take every thing that comes out of the staff’s mouths in Fall Camp with a huge dose of salt. But yeah, a week and a day before the opener and asking about Narduzzi’s calves are the only thing the media knows will get straight answers.

    Can’t wait for the PSU game as that will show us what the team is about. But don’t sleep on Albany either. As we wrote this time last year – Pitt overlooks teams sometimes and they did that against YSU.


  6. I don’t think anyone should underestimate the importance of having a mental health resource available for the players (and coaches). The revelations in the NBA with Kevin Love and a number of other players acknowledging the stresses they are under and the fact that they have been susceptible to anxiety, depression and other syndromes is groundbreaking. It is a first step in helping these young people counter the culture of denial of feelings which is responsible for undermining careers and lives.

    In football they have been under stress, often with abusive coaching, since they were 8 years old. The culture of enduring pain bleeds over into sharing the mental upsets translating into anti-social acts, anger and self destruction. It is similar to the military in which the unit is analogous (though certainly more intense) to the football team and any indication of weakness is unacceptable. In the military it interferes with treatment PTSD resulting in suicides. On the football team it interferes with education and relationships short and long term often destroying lives.


  7. Well I think Narduzzi many times this year has said that the true measure of our teams progress will have to wait until we prove it on the field this season. I can’t find anything wrong that statement.


  8. Coaches say the same crap every year. Same with the weekly radio show where Hillgrove or whoever throws up softball questions. It is the same crap with every school.

    Let the games begin so we have real measurables and player performance to discuss.

    I’d rather see a TV show with some highlights and game breakdown.


  9. A couple comments …

    — yes, you should take much of what the coaches say now with a grain of salt. But on the other hand, you certainly can’t expect to hear how bad these players (if that is the case).

    — I’m sorry, I just don’t see the narcissism here. Yes, PN may be more brash than PC, but who isn’t? And compared to Graham, he’s very humble.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. PC was like watching paint dry with his golly gee stuttering brain. I’ll take Narduzzi any day over that.

      Wannstedt was a great interview…that skill did not help his coaching.


  10. By the way, once Pitt has all the studios built and infrastructure for the ACC network, there better be a weekly TV show for both basketball and football. Not a rado show from a local bar.


  11. Vuknvcan’s at PSN gives Pitt a realistic shot at a 6 and 0 start IF we can beat PSU. That’s an opinion many of you downbeaters can focus on for the rest of the day.


          1. I’ll take that “under six wins” for the Panthers bet Upitt. I want the OVER. Six wins means I win too. You pick the wagered amount. Let’s keep it under a $1,000 though because it can get a little ugly when the stakes get high enough that you’re betting the mortgage money.

            Let me know.


        1. IF you have no Oline then you can’t run the ball and if you can’t run the ball it is easy to defend a pass with zero threat of the run.


  12. If Vuknvcan said PITT would start off 1-5 he would be considered a genius on the POV, instead he’s considered and idiot.

    So a coach can’t be confident? I said it yesterday and I say it again. Looks like HCPN has a good enough rapport with the media types when I watch his interviews. When we get information from people who do not like Narduzzi you’re going to get information that is unflattering towards him. When we hear something good about the man, the information is coming from a lunatic. << This comment was half tongue in cheek, half serious… ike


  13. Briton a big recruiting target is in the burg today with his IMG team, hopefully the pitt coaches stop by and see him.

    About 10 days or so ago, FSU signed a deal with IMG where Taggert said in the future FSU will hold some practices at IMG high school. Taggert said he will invite a lot of local florida high school coaches to view practice. All for recruiting.


  14. Definitely mutual maybe even more Narduzzi’s move from what I’d heard. I know Wanny had his all at Pittsburgh Steak Co. not Cupka’s. Not sure when Cupka’s started hosting.


  15. Vuk made a good… clean slate… beating the Nits is possible… gonna be a fun year… it all starts next Saturday in Red parking lot 6A


  16. I will be happy with a D that actually hits people hard an knocks them back ward. All recent defenses always hit from the side or from behind.


  17. It will be of interest to me to see the Miami Dolphins secondary play. I thought Hill was just not good enough as a coach. I do think the combo coaches now are going to be better due to the fact of better material. Pitt is improved as a team this year with the QB, WR, and the D. OL may be better and hope that is the case. Narduzzi and coaches I think are giving honest opinions as to position groups and no one has said anything out of line here. Keep in mind Narduzzi is a new head coach in his fourth year and I do believe he has grown as a coach. Experience is the best teacher and he has a very good staff to help him. I assume there will be the prediction article next week.


  18. Damn .. left out a word or 2…. Vuk made a good presentation on going 6-0…. starting to get revved but maybe a little dementia… what the hell “ Let’s Go PITT. “


    1. Lets hope so on the running game. Last years yardage leader(Hall) had the lowest Pitt total since 2005. That is not good for a HC that wants to run the ball.


  19. BJ – Reed would ask why Narduzzi didn’t pick him up. Signed & played for Texas Tech in Freshmen year (one game – career stats in a later Link). Transferred to Miami in 2015 & didn’t play. Transferred to Albany in 2017 & sat out a year due to transfer rules(?). I thought FBS to FCS didn’t have to sit out a year. Named starter for 2018.

    Here is link to ESPN article about being named starter (& above info).

    Here is career stats.


  20. I think he will spend a great deal of time running for his life a week from tomorrow. Either that or a great deal of time chasing after the Pitt Db’s and Safties after he’s intercepted.


  21. Iek.. you know I never proof-read… but it’s been a long week at work and a BIG day for BigB n JeanieB as we celebrate 44 years of wedded bliss… maybe I am just a “ quart low.” That will be addressed when I get home…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I won’t be happy losing to PSU but I’d settle for 5 and 1 if that ends up being the case. Then it’s getting prepared to pack for going to Charlotte for the ACC Championship game.


        1. Like many other new/blog sites, Vukovcan has some good info., but his credibility took a huge hit when not too long ago he lobbied hard to support keeping Stallings. Hard to get over that one.

          I could see Pitt winning 4 games this year, and I can see them winning 8-9. Just way too many unknowns to me, and most of them are now on offense, rather than the other way around.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. If Pitt beats psux, I could see the Panthers starting off 6-0. But, they will squeak out a 3-3 finish to disappoint the masses.

            I know, 9-3 is above most of your prediction lines, but I’m with TT – I expect more – give me double digit wins. If Pitt starts the year at 6-0 there will be many nashing their teeth at 9-3 – many…


  22. We shouldn’t put words in others mouths. SEVEN may or not be acceptable to me but Reed has asked me to take off my blue and gold glasses and give an honest to the heart answer. SEVEN wins is that answer. Now if PITT only wins 7 games and beats psu and Notre Dame, that would be a big disappointment for me.

    Reed, I highly doubt PITT starts out 6-0 so if they do, I will have to eat my words as well. I certainly think it’s more of a possibility than you do though. I really think psu can be had.


    1. 6-0 is possible, but highly unlikely, HIGHLY unlikely.
      Albany, we better win.
      penn state, the big game Pitt gets up for this year? Could be but on paper psu just has too much talent this early in the season for us to upset them again at Heinz Field.
      GT, that option offense always gives Pitt fits.
      UNC, suspensions hurt the Tarheels. We finally beat these guys.
      UCF, now here’s a team that’s hard to get a handle on. Loss of the coaching staff adds multiple unknowns to the equation. Toss up game.
      Syracuse, Pitt’s offensive line will be playing well enough by game six to bring home a win in this one.

      First half of the season therefore is probably 4-2, or 3-3 if the O line stinks as bad as Reed predicts.

      6-0 would be great though, then I could use Upitt’s monwy to pay for my trip to Miami for Pitt’s last game.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Narduzzi signs off by saying, “Next time we’ll see you is in Charlotte for the ACC championship game because we’re going.”


      1. Now you’re sounding like the president. Don’t be touting fake news, even when it’s done tongue in cheek. Some people will actually believe you. Wirginis is 22.
        BTW, do we have a bet brewing Upitt?


  24. I’ve met the great Jeanie B a few times now (3) and Bernie is a lucky man despite his dementia. Congrats my friend to the both of you.

    The psu, UCF and Notre Dame games PITT should and will be the underdog unless PITT wins the first two. Then Notre Dame and Kelly will be shatting the bed in fear. So if PITT loses those three games which I’m not saying they will but that leaves 9 games to win how many? That’s a small window for 8 or 9 wins. and PITT will also be underdogs for the VT and Miami games as well. ……. ike….. I keep signing my name at the end of my comments because I know it drives a few of my haters crazy…. 🙂


  25. Iek follow up on your thought about beating the Nits…Every game is winnable on this schedule and there is something different in the air, some are feeling it…I am… This team is growing and has real leaders who have earned the privilege to wear the “C”…the D grew at the end of the season and is experienced ..we are going to be pleasantly surprised by the O led by General Pickett (redux)…..the O-L will gel sooner rather then later under Ming..Peterson was a weak link ….Penn State is in for a battle…Duzz seems to have a bit of street fighter in him and that spirit will carry-over to our boys and maybe carry the day. After the 2019 match the Panthers are 3-1 vs the Nits and good riddance..we settled it on the field once and for all…KMA.-Sandy Barbour….


    1. That “street-fighter” mentality seems to rub some the wrong way.

      At least not Lyke the pedos and Sandusky “rubbing”.


  26. Its a beautiful day in the Burgh! The sky is blue, the air is cool and crisp! Puffy white clouds traveling on the breeze! Thoughts quickly go to Pitt football. Let’s get excited, let’s hope for the best, let’s get the pitchforks and go after the Nitters!! Then reality hits, you not only look at who you play and where you play them, but also look at what you have. Not with your heart, but your head. And you realize it will not quite be the season you want. That won’t stop anyone from screaming for Pitt. Most of us will make some rationalization for the losses, some will say wait for next year, some will say we got screwed, some will turn the pitchforks and torches internally.
    You really have no idea how much I want these guys to succeed, and how hard it is to look at the team and staff and come to the realization it won’t happen! I disagree with a few of the early lines, and actually am somewhat more positive on this team than last year. That said, I still don’t think they will have a winning record. What does that say? I’m higher on this team, and still don’t think they’ll be very good?


    1. I heard a Michigan coach on the radio today talking down the nitters – lost a lot of skill players on O – Trace McSwirley struggles against above average secondaries, their D has lost many starters from last year and most importantly, their best coach (OC Moorhead) left the program for Miss. St.

      Claw the nits back to Creepy Valley!


  27. Rumor or not there is a report out there of one of our Captains being arrested after a police chase last night. WPIX news is said to report so on their 5 pm news today. I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst with a suspension to follow.


  28. If you have a pantherlair account you can view the video of the arrest on the Football Board under Kickoff Luncheon posting tab.


  29. Pitt Kickoff Luncheon was outstanding – maybe the best one I’ve been to. Louis Riddick gave a kick-ass speech about how special Pitt is to him.

    The senior’s remarks were inspiring and insightful— they really seem like a tight group, really came across as brothers to each other.

    Coach Duzz announced the captains — the neat thing was the players didn’t know yet who they would be.

    First up was Alec Bookser – was moved by being selected. Next up was Quintin Wirginis — who Coach Duzz said “Is the best linebacker I’ve coached in 29 years — even though he didn’t beat out Galambos!”

    Okay, I made up the last seven words of the quote. 😊

    The third captain was Briggs. It was obvious that Briggs holds a special position of respect on the team. First player to be selected in back to back years as captain since Aaron Donald…

    Very enjoyable event. Spoke briefly to new women’s BB Coach Lance White and to Heather. And my son and I spoke for a few minutes with Coach Duzz, who couldn’t have been more engaging. I’ll say this — he is fired up!

    Hail to Pitt!


    1. MM – are you the only one reporting that Duzz is engaging? Everyone else thinks differently – I’m confused. But, knowing you personally, I lean to your opinion.

      Since only three captains named, is the 4th the one being reported as allegedly the one arrested last night?


      1. I think this reference to an arrest was from when Bookser got into trouble – was that a couple of years ago?

        Anyway, they only announced the captains at the luncheon – so I doubt any of them were arrested last night.

        And concerning Coach Duzz, I understand that people can have bad moments, and I’ve only spoken to Coach 3 or 4 times now, but he’s been nothing but welcoming each time.

        BTW, Coach made a comment today at the luncheon about how it’s now times to act and he can’t wait to hit the field with his team. He said they’ll probably make him meet with the press guys some more, but he just wants to get to the games and win a championship.

        You can kind of tell that he’s all in to football and all the rest are distractions that he tries to tolerate. He even said that his daughter said to him “You love those players better than you love me!” And Duzz said “And she was right. “ Which got a laugh, but then he said “l have 4 kids at home and 110 kids on the team — and I love them all!”

        Hail to Pitt!


    2. Wow, if that is close to true about Quint, that would be a huge boost to the D. Since they had some very good LB’s at Sparty.

      Briggs I believe went to Shadyside Academy, so that makes sense.


  30. Thanks Major Majors. Let’s hope the rumor is NOT true!!

    Wanted to give a shout out to Eric (Missing Wlat) Haven’t heard from you in awhile and hope all is great. My prayers go out to you friend. ike from Lay-Trobe


    1. Mark, you would love problems for this PITT football team and you will never convince me otherwise. sorry..

      Still waiting for you to say one thing nice about the team…. still waiting…. ike


      1. You need a sense of humor. There are enough problems for this team with the assistant coaches and HC and his Recruiting. I feel
        Bad for them to be honest.


  31. I know Pitt use to do some of their radio shows for football I think at the Pittsburgh Steak Company on Carson. That was one of Emel’s haunts so it seemed like a natural.

    Is it still there ?


    1. It is not.
      Dean, the owner kicked out Fraud.
      That is why it moved down the street.
      Alas, the Duzz, got booted from there!


    1. Thanks Johnny,

      Yea I was a regular there in the late 1980’s and very early 1990’s. I guess it had a pretty good run then.


        1. That I did JoeL. Friday nite’s were mostly Froggy’s and their potent drinks. Crazy 3rd floor outdoor bar.
          When Palomino opened, you get tuned at Froggy’s and head down to the new meat market at Palomino’s.
          Market square with Landmark and Gallaghers was also in the mix.

          North Side we had the place that also had another location on McKnight Road, The Park House.
          And I was into Pgh’s Jazz scene so, James Street & Club Cafe and Al Dowd’s place on 6th ?
          was in the mix as well.

          Really for a medium sized city Pgh always had a great array of cool places to imbibe.


          1. Oh and I use to bump into the Kamikaze Kid over at the Blue Note and throw down a few with him.

            Those were great times, that didn’t last nearly long enough.


  32. If the defense plays on the order of the VT & Miami game, I think we can win 7 or 8 games.

    If they don’t….with this non-con…I see only 4 wins.

    When we had a great offense, we had no defense. Let’s pray that doesn’t become a total reversal.


  33. Was that a joke? I see nothing on the WPXI website regarding a Pitt player being in a police chase abd then being arrested. Not saying that it won’t eventually come to light but nothing on the Panther Lair pay board about it yet either.


    1. I think it was someone bringing up what happened to Bookser — long ago stuff…

      BTW, Bookser’s parents were at the luncheon. Rode down the elevator with them. They were proud of their son being selected captain. I asked if he was expecting it. His Mom said he was hoping.

      Hail to Pitt!


  34. Cbs Sports ran a feature article on Top 10 teams most likely to finish the Season Unranked. Lookie who made it.

    Penn State: We have plenty of questions that must be answered concerning Penn State. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the Penn State offense seemed rather pedestrian under James Franklin, even with Saquon Barkley rushing for over 1,000 yards as a freshman in 2015. In stepped new offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead and the Penn State offense took off.

    Well, Moorhead is gone, as is Barkley. In their place are the unproven Ricky Rahne, and the talented Miles Sanders.

    On defense, Penn State has only three returning starters. Seven of its eight leading tacklers from 2017 are gone. The Nittany Lions will have a brand new secondary in 2018.

    Oh, and it plays in the Big Ten East where it must contend with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. It also draws Wisconsin as part of its cross-divisional draw.

    Even if Penn State gets three of those four games at home (Michigan is on the road), it’s not out of the question that it could lose those four games.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Or our worst fears are realized and Franklin has PSU at a level where it reloads instead of taking a step back.


      1. Oh the contrarian, lol Well that will be dependent upon the Football Gods (otherwise known as the Football Deep State).

        There is more than hope Pitt is coming awake again(ie a Pitt football revival that occurs almost like clockwork, every 35 years) Other than beating the #1 ranked and #2 ranked teams in country, each of the last 2 years.

        1938 to 1973 (end of Jock to a Major Change = 35 years)
        1983 to 2018 (equal 35 years)



  35. Come on UPitt…which of us hasn’t hijacked a party liner or a firetruck. I certainly will not cast the first stone. 😎
    I’m sitting around a fire pit reading the POV and getting fired up for Saturday. Pun intended.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. I was on a stolen trolley bus in Boston.
    Bachelor party heading downtown from a bar I was in.
    I got on with my girlfriend and one of the hammerd guys from the party drove off when the driver went into the bar to get the stragglers.
    High speed turns and hard stops.
    One hit head resulting in major barf.
    They threw my a 100 to take the wrap and we got off downtown.
    Thanx for the memory Fran
    That was 25 plus years ago.


  37. Mark and with all due respect as you know I like you. You feel I need a sense of humor? Now that is funny when all you do is bitch. Now you do like to make fun of people which isn’t my idea of humor but I can’t wait for your next calf joke. I’m sure it will be a real Duzzie.


      1. Not completely Reed but my point was more that this is the man’s job and he just might know a thing or two more than us on a PITT blog and I do include myself. He’s only been paid to coach football the past 30 years. Do you think anyone on the POV could have commanded a boat better than you?


  38. I sure hope that Narduzzie has some good positive suprises for us come the season start because most of the pre season stuff is disconcerting from everywhere except our staff. I am heartened by recent info and am starting to become a believer. I hope I am not disappointed. Doing my part to put butz in seats. Bought 15 ticket package for 10 family members and am giving 5 tickets to people that guarantee they will attend for Cuse game. Every little bit helps.H2P


  39. That is impressive Pitt60. Maybe PITT will still be undefeated then and a big crowd will look on? (just to drive a few of you crazy)


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