Here is a timely piece written by our own PittPT, Mark Kerestan. Thanks, Mark.

With the announcement of transfer WR Taysir Mack’s availability for the coming football, it’s nice for Pitt to get some good new before the start of a season for a change. While we await any morsel of news concerning our favorite college football team, nationally the biggest news in the NCAA has less to do with football Xs and Os and more about moral issues and obligations of head coaches. Of course I’m referring to the scandals at the Ohio State and Maryland football programs.

I’m sure we are all aware of the situations, but at Ohio State Urban Meyer is under fire after saying that he had no prior knowledge of having a serial spouse abuser on his coaching staff and then back peddling after evidence surfaced indicating that that he likely has been aware of the situation for a number of years. At the University of Maryland, HC DJ Durkin is under a leave of absence after a 19 year old player,  offensive lineman Jordan McNair, died days after collapsing at a team workout. Details surfaced regarding unsafe conditions during the practice including withholding of water during the practice sprints and ignoring warning signs that Mr. McNair was in physical danger.

At both schools decisions are expected this weekend regarding the careers of the head coaches involved in these scandals. So given what is known at this point, my questions are what do you think should and will happen to Urban Meyer and DJ Durkin moving forward; do you think whatever does happen will  be more a reflection of the coach involved or the severity of the situation?

Since I brought up the questions I’ll offer my thoughts first. I believe both coaches should be dismissed. If Jim Tressel was let go after minor recruiting violations I don’t see how Urban Meyer should keep the same position while basically condoning or attempting to cover-up spousal abuse by a staff member. In the case of OSU however, I believe Urban will retain his position after a four game to one season suspension, because he is  acknowledged as one of the greatest college head coaches s of all time.

Even more so with coach DJ Durkin at Maryland, given the evidence of questionable training practices and with a player dying on his watch, I don’t see any way that he should retain his head coaching  position.  Additionally, since Durkin is not a proven commodity as a HC and Maryland is not a football power I fully expect that Durkin will indeed be terminated.

So what do you all think? The schools’ answers are expected to be announced within the next few days, but in the meantime, what would you do as AD or University President at OSU or UM?

Editor’s Note: I was discussing this with a long time Maryland football fan just last evening and he said something interesting… that this is one situation where it pays for Maryland to be a run of the mill average football program in that it makes it that much easier if the Maryland administration decides to cut ties with Durkin.  Pretty much the exact opposite situation from Ohio State’s basis of decision making.

This, unfortunately is what college football has become these days – a business where moral and ethical decisions are often overridden by the financial aspects of the sport.

43 thoughts on “Should They Stay or Should They Go?

  1. I was listening to XM84 this past Thursday and a pedo fan called in and was discussing the Ohio State issue regarding the coach who was fired for domestic abuse allegations and how Urban Meyer’s alleged lies have the program in a tumultuous situation. The pedo fan claimed he was filled with disgust over the fact that he thought tOSU was putting football before the domestic violence issue.

    I was driving and unable to call in to respond – the host, Mark Packard had a golden opportunity to point out the pedo fan’s hypocrisy. Instead, Packard let the guy go on and on while I screamed at the radio.

    I’m with Jay91 – why have any pedo enablers in your circle of friends – they are filthy, stinking, naive human beings for supporting such a cult and turning a blind eye to the child raping that occurred for decades under Paturdo.

    I can’t wait for the 99th meeting at Heinz Field on Sept 8th.

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  2. At least it did not take a grand jury and a state attorney general to get these coverups out. Durkin–Out! it was many yrs ago USMC basic training caused recruit deaths like this and even the tough USMC ousted officers and changed programs promptly. Meyer , yes he lied but he only tried to cover up his coaches actions while the couple were still trying to resolve. While that was wrong it is not that he was the proven abuser a la the MAC coach Pitt rejected after he was convicted of abuse himself. Tressel was guilty of clear violations of NCAA program rules and frankly not running a very clean program for team. Meyer fits the Paterno cover up mold more but the problem was not directly under his control. Did the University care about the brand of their program? If they did the Asst. should have been gone sooner rather than later. Where criminal charges are involved even if withdrawn a good background check would have eliminated his hire. Tressel will get his hands slapped for hiding the situation but I do not think he will be gone. Domestic situations are always ugly and it’s not always clear about whats going on. Ask any divorce lawyer.


  3. Urban Liar will be retained and Durkin will be canned.

    The cult that is Thee Ohio State University will band together after they lose a game or two, contribute record amounts of money and come back even more resolved in 2019. They may even erect a statue in Urban Liar’s likeness. The Big Ten seems to like their statues.


  4. PS To Reeds question yes colleges have lost whatever moral purpose they ever had but so has our society and for you younger guys that did not live in the 40s and 50s or earlier the serious decline started with the 60s and has been a continuous slide ever since. Moral responsibility starts with every individual and because that has declined so drastically our society has reached the point that I really do not think the country can hold together another 50 yrs. I will stop here so as not to show you all how I REALLY feel about this.


  5. Mark May says it best …

    and, not to be forgotten …

    Here’s the deal … if Urban did report this to the AD, the AD may be the scapegoat … but, Urban still decided to keep him on staff. He didn’t have to do that. The problem OSU may have is that, if Urban did report it up the chain like he is alluding to, they may not be able to fire him for cause and therefore have to eat his contract. OSU will get eaten alive in the court of public opinion, however.

    It sounds like they’re already targeting Stoops, so I’m leaning towards gone and not P5 hirable.


  6. Durkin is out for sure. I think Urban somehow survives. I don’t know how or why, but my gut tells me the AD falls on that sword. Initially, I thought Meyer would resign because his wife is involved heavily with all the texts and dealings with Mrs. Smith. I thought he would leave to try to minimize the fallout and publicity his wife is receiving. I thought he would try to shield her from all of that. It hasn’t happened yet, I guess 38 mil is hard to walk away from.


  7. TOsu scandal on top of wrestling scandal. Looking like a pattern. No money involved with wrestling, what was the motivation for the cover-up?


  8. My guesses — Durkin is gonzo because there are many Durkins out there.

    While Urban finds a way to stay because he is one of an elite group of less than 10 coaches at the very top of his “profession.”

    Go Pitt.


  9. Yeah the” profession” that hires agents, breaks contracts and pursues the mighty buck like the entire sports world. I love football but I have already cut the NFL out of my life .I may be reduced to pee wee games if this keeps up.


  10. Without having read the facts of either case, I feel that if Urban knew of it happening more than once then he should resign or be let go. If it was only once and he felt the guy atoned for it, the I am okay with him staying.

    As for Maryland’s coach.. anytime you unnecessarily put someone’s life on the line beyond testing their potential, whether in sports, or any facet of life, you are conducting criminal activity.

    Also, the part about lack of water is morbid. The human body is composed of mostly water. If withholding it during practices is true, many more could have died. That is quite sad and jail time should be justified for him.


  11. OT: CBS SPORTS: Picking college footballs breakout quarterbacks for there 2018 season. What to guess who’s listed in the top 5? You heard it hear first and that is the reason Tipton and I are on the same page when it comes to touting Pickett’s Potential.


  12. Unless there is substantial evidence to prove otherwise, Urban Myer will be retained. Why? same reason (in reverse) Wanny was fired despite not breaking any NCAA rules. Urban wins championships; Wanny didn’t.

    BTW, Tressel won an NCAA title in 2003 (with controversial win over Miami) but the team was blown out in title games later on in the decade, despite being favored in both games.

    The lawsuit by McNair’s family will probably have an impact as to whether Durkin is retained … one way or another.


  13. If I was the AD at UM or OSU, I would resign. In one case you have repeated domestic violence covered up; in the other you have the tragic death of a young man. Accountability for this level of disturbing consequences for the victims involved has to go beyond the HFBC.


  14. Just a note of caution.

    A person’s perception of the issues and their conclusions about them are always biased based on their affiliations. In this discussion, it’s all about the moral implications of those in positions of power who are involved with maintaining these major college sports programs & how such exposed abuses are condoned in an attempt to minimize collateral damage to said programs.

    So in the process of all of us climbing up that mountain of integrity to reach our own moral high ground, let’s be sure that we 1st identify our own personal biases in the process. In so doing, it aids us in avoiding the slippery slopes that are ever present once that pinnacle is reached.

    No different than the divisive arguments that we hear daily about our current national political situation. Facts are facts, truths are truths, however those facts & truths are perceived differently by each of us based on our biases.

    Just sayin.

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  15. My bias is that this stuff has been going on in different iterations forever. We only know about the ones that blow-up. High School footballers die every year. Abuse of women has been common place forever. It is finally being brought to the surface. As James Brown said “This is a man’s world” But as Dylan said “The times they are a changing”

    In the past neither guy would get the boot, for sure Durkin is gone. Meyer might hold on, but in the age of the Me Too movement his rep is shot and there are references to Penn State and Paterno being made. How will the co-eds of tOSU react when they get back to campus?


    1. The co-eds won’t bat an eye. As an OSU alum, they’ll be looking to sleep with athletes or guys in the dormitory since they are finally away from mommy and daddy.


  16. I think Urban survives and Durkin is out. Given their respective accomplishments, I think it would have been this way years ago as well. Urban is too good to not survive this.

    If Urban is fired, he will be hired again in a heartbeat.


  17. Thanks Mark for the food for thought. My thought is is OSU fired Tressel for the tattoo and ring sell I believe they will also fire UM. Durkin is most likely gone as well. As far as the UNC players being suspended, wasn’t thee another team accused of having the same type of activity going on?

    On a similar note. Jimmie one finger dismissed a linebacker then brought him back onto the team. Why use the term dismissed? ike

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  18. If Urban Meyer is fired, wonder if the Nittany fans will be in a tizzy wondering if Jimmy One Finger get is going to jump ship?


  19. Meyer stays but gets suspended for a few games tOSU AD will take the fall, the guy from Maryland is gone.


  20. This is a question I have asked myself in the past many many times with varying answers in this thick head of mine. Often times coming up with the wrong answer of staying. Hey, had a great time at the Pirate game last night…. Parked in Red 5-A and felt a tiny bit disappointed I wasn’t going to a Fran and JoeL tailgate followed by a PITT football game. That was soon quelled as we thoroughly enjoyed our evening with our family. ike 🙂


  21. So I’m confused about Mack being eligible for this season. Apparently the transfer rule has been unofficially changed.

    A change that favors the student athlete — and not the overpaid coaches —sounds good to me.

    Go Pitt.


  22. Lets just hope Pitt doesnt fall into a immoral and unethical hole. Pitt’s leadership is content on mediocrity so the risk is minimal, BUT these coaches are under tremendous pressure to win particularly those that are well compensated. All the more reason for open practices and an AD that micro manages. In both cases, Pitt fails.


  23. This does not count as a post…😁

    I have decided that if I can get $350 ea. for my seats to PSU game, I will be selling them (we are going to get smoked– I really hope not, but I have a brain).

    I hope you no game attending, mouth running, POV posters are ready to pony up. Otherwise, I’m selling them to Pedophile State University fans.


    1. Jay91, everything you say is rational. Putting $350/ticket in your wallet from some dumb nitter willing to pay to see a game that those cult members find equivalent to beating Akron makes total sense. Unlike the Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow, you do have a brain.

      However, just in case Pitt pulls a rabbit out of their hat, beating those pompous self rightous a-holes again, I’m thinking that you would rather have a thin wallet in exchange for a great memory, but maybe that’s just me talking?

      What I do know for sure however is that my time spent in Death Valley back in 2016 with my pal BigB & the wives, experiencing that totally unanticipated Pitt win that I thought we had between a “slim & none chance” of bringing home was, as they say in the credit card commercial, Priceless.

      Using that brain of yours is the safe bet though, gotta agree with you on that.


  24. Ike, me and Jeanie B aye at the Hyde Park steakhouse right across from the hallowed ground of Red 5A…. walked over from the Renaissance where we will be “ shacked -up” for the Penn StTe Predator game… walked by, rather through, a wedding taking place on the side walk. What will they think of next!

    What’s with all the locks 🔒 on the bridges ?? Clue me in please…,


  25. BigB – We’re way off topic here but since you asked, the couples place locks on bridges and toss the keys into the river or whatever as a sign of their commitment to each other. Touching, isn’t it?

    I’ve noticed a number of combination locks so I don’t know what says about commitment.

    It is apparently an international thing as I have seen locks on bridges in Amsterdam.


  26. And I would can both of then but Urban will weather the storm because he is a proven winner and tOSU places a high priority on winning.


  27. Hey B, Dino is correct. Some sort of weird commitment gesture that 7 out of 10 times comes back to haunt the key throwers. Hyde makes a good steak, love being on the north shore. Take a bicycle rick-shaw back over the Clemente bridge and keep your hands to yourself.. 🙂 ike


  28. All these crazy wedding formats are a joke as much as a minister saying ” what God has joined let no man put asunder”, did these people never hear of the words LAWYER OR JUDGE OR DIVORCE .After my divorce years ago I found it impossible to go to weddings because I was afraid I would break out laughing. Thought something wrong till I spoke to a cousin (also long divorced) who said he had similar feelings. Have not divorced Pitt football yet so hope I do not break out laughing as season progresses.H2P


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