Day 12

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Pitt Football Camp: Media Recap, Day 12

Videos, Quotes and Photos from Pitt Training Camp



Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Running Backs Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Andre Powell

Secondary Coach Archie Collins

Defensive Back Dennis Briggs

Defensive Back Phil Campbell III

Wide Receiver Maurice Ffrench

Running Back Qadree Ollison


PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football program held the 12th practice of its 2018 training camp on Thursday morning at the UPMCRooney Sports Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi met with reporters prior to the workout, while running backs coach and special teams coordinator Andre Powell, secondary coach Archie Collins, defensive back Dennis Briggs, defensive back Phil Campbell III, wide receiver Maurice Ffrench and running back QadreeOllison represented at the post-practice media availability.

Videos from each media session are available above, while a transcript of Coach Narduzzi’s Q&A from prior to practice is below.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi


Opening statement:

“We’re on number 12 now. Our guys are working their tails off. I love the energy and focus and effort that our guys are giving. We have to slow them down at times. We’re going out in shells. We were supposed to be pads today, but slimmed it down to where they’re out in just shells. No pants today just to freshen them up. We have two days then a big scrimmage on Saturday, so trying to get them focused and get them as fresh as we can for Saturday’s scrimmage.”


On if this is one of the healthier camps he’s seen:

“I don’t really want to talk about it. We got our bumps and bruises, that’s for sure; but we’ve been really lucky. I know that the full moon is August 26th, I believe. I’m scared of the full moon. I think that we’re not practicing that day, so it’s a good deal. We’ll be careful with how we walk around the facility. But we’ve been fortunate right now, but it only takes one day.”


On specific injuries:

“You know I don’t talk about injuries. There’s no need. Coaches, we don’t talk about it. Hopefully the players don’t talk about it. If someone is out for the year, we’ll let you know. You know that’s our case and that’s where we leave it. I’m not talking about it.”


On if this week is similar to prepping for a game with Saturday’s scrimmage:

“It is. That’s how we try to go through preseason. Today, we’re going to have a four-minute and two-minute period at the end, the last period of practice. Everything is a game; every day is a game. But as we try to take care of our bodies, we can’t go live on Friday. That’s just not taking care of our kids. We’ll have nothing live today. We had one period yesterday that was live, so there was tackling. There were two or three the day before because we had the day off at the beginning, so we just try to taper away just like we would a game. The kids just can’t go out and do that day after day and think that you’re going to get a good, solid scrimmage on Saturday. So everything is a game. Today, we’ll do a four-minute and two-minute situation, where it’s really the one offense and defense against the twos. We’ll try to run that clock out and get into that victory formation that we like to get into. Whatever time is left on the clock, the one offense will have a chance to go down the field and make something happen in the two-minute. We’re constantly working game situations and opportunities to make us better.”


On the amount of sacks that the defensive line has this camp:

“What is a sack when you’re not hitting the quarterback? Anytime that there is a red jersey, I’m blowing the whistle. I know, as an old defensive coordinator, anytime that whistle didn’t get blown, they’re telling me, ‘coach, I had that, I had that.’ We give it to them. We give sacks away. I’d rather give sacks away in practice because back in the old days, the whistle didn’t blow and I got close to him, what am I doing? What are you going to do next? You get closer. And the closer you get, the closer you get to having a bad day. I don’t want to have any bad days. Stay off the quarterback. I blow the quick whistle and let it go. He still throws it, that’s the nice thing. He’s still going to throw it, but it keeps him away.”

123 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Here is a comprehensive review of the Panthers for 2018. Some is in error and I disagree with some other stuff but it’s a fun read to get the juices flowing.

    Every prediction I have reached us between 5 – 6 wins which sounds right to me. There was one that said between 2 -10 and 10 – 2 but that’s just lazy.

    If we lose Pickett to an injury (knock on Ike’s wooden head) and we may see two or three wins depending on when he goes down. Other than he no one else is so good he’s irreplaceable.


  2. Carrying over some comments from the last post on here.

    Regarding the Albany game; this is exactly what I said in the week leading up to Youngstown State last year. I wrote that if we don’t win by two touchdowns against YSU we’re going to have a really tough season ahead because I thought Youngstown State was not a pushover either. I was little bit surprised we went out 28 to nothing but then again I wasn’t surprised at all when we had to win in overtime.

    When you play these smaller teams it’s a litmus test for how serious the team is. We saw that last year that they coasted in the second half against YSU, they thought they were too good to be honest… And I think it’s going to be a close game against Albany.

    The week before the opening game we’ll make formal predictions for the 2018 season but my thoughts so far is a .500 season at best and more likely 5 wins.

    Nothing I have read or heard so far from camp has helped my fears about the OL. Quite the opposite actually. Both Peak and Batko of the P-G have continually talked about it being the main problem on the team…and when Batko, a mainstream media writer, states publicly that ‘the offensive line is not going to be good’ that is like him screaming they are going to be terrible.

    I think that will impact every aspect of the offense this year and we may not score a whole lot more against P5 schools than we did last season which was only 18.3 ppg… We’ll be better but not a ton better so our D better live up to the hype.



    This is a great quote and Pitt fans should take heed…he may not be the superstar some expect him to be but just a good P5 QB in his first full year.

    Asked how Pickett can top taking down the Hurricanes, Narduzzi was typically blunt.

    “We’ll find out on game day,” Narduzzi said. “I mean, you know, that bar is up there as far as where he set it against No. 2 Miami and that’s what everybody is expecting on September 1. So he’s got to come out and deliver that. Anything less than that is probably, you know, everybody is going to be like, ‘Oh man.'”

    But not Narduzzi, second-year offensive coordinator Shawn Watson or Pickett’s teammates.

    “We won’t worry about it (if he isn’t lights out),” Narduzzi said. “We’ll go back to work the next week. Kenny is a great kid, great player. He’s a leader out there on the field as I’ve said a hundred times and our team trusts in Kenny Pickett.”


  4. Interesting to hear Paul. He talked about liking Walt, DW, Graham and PC. He wouldn’t even mention Narduzzi by name….not once.


    1. Interesting that Paul knew that Fraud was leaving 2 months before he actually left. I know Reed has alluded to the disconnect with Pederson but this is the first time I’ve heard anything that direct from a media guy.


      1. You heard that from me, “the steve” was a one man wrecking ball attempting to smash the PITT football program to pieces. He nearly did it to. Lucky for PITT, Nordy retired. The rebuild is ongoing and going great! Don’t touch that dial or change that channel!


  5. Sibley on crutches with knee brace. Hopefully a small sprain but might impact.

    That with Salahuddin staying a solid 5th RB (so far) may mean we see the same three kids we had on the field last season.


  6. Lots to chew on:

    ike’s wooden head? ok big boy let’s see who’s head is hard and who’s is soft and doughy by season’s end. I haven’t even given my season record prediction yet. I am starting to really buy into this team again like always and every season. There is something going on down on the south-side and I like it.

    Zeise’s interview is pretty interesting. I watched it last night and came away impressed by what he had to say.

    Pickett’s quote of saying he hasn’t been picked off this fall camp so far and he doesn’t plan on being picked off is pretty ballsy for a young QB leading into starting his second game of his career.

    wwb, that’s being a little tough on jrn for speaking his mind. Especially since it sounds like he knows of what he speaks of. 😉

    and btw jrn, thanks for the vote of confidence. We realist need to stick together and appreciate each other. ike


  7. It doe mean that Salahuddin will get more reps.

    I just hope we see more physical play from the other three.

    They are all big enough and strong enough to knock people backwards but rarely have.


  8. If Sibley is out for a prolonged period you may end up seeing Paris Ford a good deal more on the offensive side of the ball.—-As for the Albany game it won’t even be close unless Narduzzi and Watson tie up Pickett’s hands for the game and try to win it by only running the ball. My fear is Narduzzi tries to show nothing offensively prior to the PSU game and as a result lets Albany stay in the game until the 4th Q.


  9. We have to hope that the defense and special teams are good enough to give the offense great field position.
    Our defenses over the last several years rarely did that, in fact just the opposite, although we will miss Henderson’s returns which helped the offense immensely.


  10. Mack is officially eligible!!!!!

    What a huge boost to the receiving corps. The NCAA had no choice but to make him eligible after granting other transfers the right to immediate eligibility.

    More reps coming Mack’s way in practice the rest of the way.

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  11. One point I absolutely agree with you Reed is if we lose Pickett early in the season we would be fortunate if we came close to the 5 wins wins we had last season. Narduzzi and Watson may well have to break Patti’s red shirt season if Town sticks it up like I’m expecting him to do.


  12. Will the offensive line be worse than last year? Last year the O-line was the biggest disappointment on the team. O’Neil was hurt and playing on the opposite side of the line. Jones-Smith never returned to form after his injury. Officer was never better than an average player. Morrisey, playing for the first time was bull rushed many times. Bookser played OK. Having slow footed and slow release QB’s made things even worse.

    This year Bookser will be playing a new position, so maybe better maybe worse. Millan is stepping up in class so maybe better maybe worse. The two guards are fifth year seniors starting for the first time, so not as good as Bookser but maybe as good as Officer. Morrisey should be better after another year of experience and weight training.

    Two things that will help them are KP’s mobility and quick release and the return of Aston who can pass block and open holes for the running game. Hopefully Pickett will also be good at throwing the ball away to avoid the sack.

    My best guess is that the O-line will be better at run blocking than pass blocking.


  13. @jrn – The great thing about the new redshirt rule is that if Patti has to play, he can play 4 games without burning the redshirt. The rule is not specific about which four games, so that should be enough to cover for most injuries throughout the year. Hoping there are none, but hope is not a plan.

    Same with the other freshman. Sibley injury is a setback for him if all we are reading about has been true regarding his progress/speed.

    The importance of the rule is critical for teams like Pitt to see what they have at skill positions. Unfortunately, the rule really helps the powerhouses that recruit a bunch of 4 and 5 star players historically. Those teams, instead of sitting the talent behind talent, can now promise playing time against the poorer ooc teams and give it to them. IT will move the weeding out process along quicker too, for those that look like they can’t contribute down the line.


  14. Mack becoming eligible is breaking news for this PITT offense. I think he could mean one extra win for the Panthers this season and two for next year.


    1. You can’t be serious. You act like this is Fitz. Indiana in football and now after sitting on butt will save Pitt Football?


  15. Mack is back! Awesome! Does that mean we’ll have him for 3 seasons instead of two?

    Already a proven player and a much needed instant weapon for the offense. Pickett must be licking his chops.


    1. Three years since he only played one at Indiana, plus his redshirt year is still available if he gets seriously injured.


  16. That’s huge for this season and the next few. Watching his highlights, he looks legit. And he enrolled in January, so he and Pickett have been working together for a while now.


  17. The wife and I are taking the daughter and two grand-kids to the Pirates game tomorrow and dam, I can’t find any rooms on the north shore. Hell I have been trying for a few weeks now, hoping that something opens up. What the heck is going on down there that there isn’t a room? You see, I’m very pessimistic about the room availability on the north shore. See….. I have the pessimistic bone in me…….. ike the first


    1. there is a hotel next to the old Greentree mall (Believe it’s still open) …. from there you can take the back road right into the West End and over the West End Bridge


      1. I can’t thank you enough Mark but our daughter has a very large dog that likes to eat my glasses and now we don’t have a dog sitter brave enough to watch Hank at this last moment.

        To answer your next comment, When PITT wins 8 regular season games again this year with this tough schedule, he may want to get the hell out of dodge currently known as Pittsburgh. Thanks Mark ….ike . . . .


  18. If Mack is eligible that will end up being huge for Pitt, Pickett and Mack. I kind of liked the 3 Hyphens that were listed with the ones the other day. But I have my doubts about the 2’s that were listed at WR.


  19. I don’t doubt the aforementioned players will contribute, and they may be more than capable players this year…but they’re still unproven. Mack is a proven talent that greatly improves a WR core that has been under scrutiny by many. With Mack, I believe we have our #1, taking pressure off of Lopes and the young receivers with a lot of potential. Any way you slice it, there is no way you can’t look at this as an important positive heading into the season (although I guess it may take some playing time away from the freshmen).


  20. Also, looking forward to seeing the two-deep (anyone know when that comes out?).

    With Mack now in the mix, I’d be interested to hear from you guys with regard to who you think will be the starters at wideout. FWIW, I’m thinking Lopes, Mack, and Matthews or Ffrench. Hopefully one of the young guys or Tipton can really step up and get some decent playing time too.


  21. I understand the skepticism regarding Pitt athletics. But this is not your grandfathers athletic dept. Beat the drum good things were happening. Heather changed the dynamic in non revenue sports,fired Stallings with that buyout. Hired Capel. Moved both student sections for BB and football. Put more money into facilities improvements, recruiting budgets and put Pitt on a far more solid footing in years. This is what many have been waiting for. Good stuff and the football team with some breaks can surprise. DA Da Da Penn State sucks. What a night that will be.


      1. OK, Reed. PSU is game number two, and they will have to play a complete game to be competitive with the Nits; I’ll give you that much. But after game #5 I’m hoping a lot of people here will admit that the OL is outplaying their expectations.


  22. I thought of that Dan and thank you. Between my wife and I, we don’t have a good leg to stand on. I need to be right next door. Our daughter lives up next to Oakmont, we will just drive up there and stay over and save the money for the PITT games.

    I looked into the mirror this morning and I notice the lenses on my glasses are beginning to change colors into some sort of strange blue and gold hue. Could this be a sign? Am I beginning to see the light?

    Dr Tom, I’m with you buddy. I see the O-Line being solid maybe not spectacular.

    I’ll cut to the chase, I give the PITT football team an upgrade over-all regardless of their record this year. . . . . . . …ike


  23. Here is what’s running through my mind at this minute as I try and escape from the important jazz in my real world that’s bothering me.. I find it mind boggling to me that if you went to school at PITT or are from Pittsburgh or you just lay a claim you love PITT football………….. and listen carefully here as it gets tricky. I’m at a loss as to why when you so called realists get so upset when you here a positive post or comment about PITT football? Aren’t you people supposed to be PITT fans or are you just dressed in PITT sheep’s clothing? Now can you all see how sick i am as a person. It’s tricky.. Take a listen…….


  24. WTAE TV has upped Pitt FB coverage this week. Snippets about camp, coverage of team golf outing and report of Mack approval the day it was announced. Things are looking up. Two other items of note. Lindy’s football annual lists# 3 of the 5 suprises for this season as “Pittsburgh Panthers QB Kenny Pickett could be the real deal” making Pitt a surprise team for this season and Wannstadt as the second most likely analyst to return to coaching following other similar moves.H2P


  25. I could absolutely see Heather rehiring Wanny as the PITT head coach. Problem is, I don’t see her letting Narduzzi go anytime soon. Now if Narduzzi leaves Wanny would jump at the opportunity to redeem himself in my opinion.


    1. Wanny is 66 years old. Too old for the job. Wouldn’t have the energy required. That ship has sailed off into the sunset.


      1. Agree. He should have been never been fired and coached four more years, but Wanny will never walk the sidelines at Pitt ever again.


    2. Only league that would want him as a HC is a MAC school or D2. You have to recruit. It is 80% and he cant recruit at all. He proved that.


      1. Are you talking about DW? He was a very good recruiter in my book. His QBs were average, but he brought some big talent to PITT. Anyway, I agree, I don’t think a rehire of DW at this point would be a very good move.


      2. Mark: He was a much better recruiter than he was a coach. He had some players. He just had an NFL mentality that was never going to be successful as the college game became dominated by offense.


  26. Without reading back thru the comments, why is Wanny being mentioned? Lol. That would be such an epically bad hire. Hey Pitt, 1994 wants their coach back.

    I’ve been saying for months that the O-Line will surprise. This is the 3rd time, I think, that Watson and Borberly have coached together in an OC/OL Coach relationship. Colorado, UL and now Pitt.

    Besides, you can hide an OL in the modern game of college football. RPO, Spread, Jet Sweeps … It sounds like Borberly and Watson have tricks up their sleeves.


    1. Narduzzi is terrible and recruits like a bafoon. He hires coaches no one wants that are yes men and life long position coaches or fired every year like Watson.


      1. We’ll see what happens this year. Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re wrong. We’re in the judgement phase of Duzz’s tenure now. Clock starts in about two weeks.

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  27. FWIW, right now I have to agree with Reed that the chances of the OL being good aren’t that high … based on last year and who are scheduled to start this year. I do think the team will be better than last year, however, because of the defense and the QB. I also am optimistic about the WR position (and that was even before Mack). wwb


  28. Considering DW. I get that he’s old but for whatever reason he’s been listed as the #2 analyst to return to coaching? I get the fact that there aren’t many broadcasters who are actually in the running for this prediction but I figure Wanny wants to redeem himself and Heather is bold enough to bring back The University of Pittsburgh tradition. I can actually see this happening only if Narduzzi bolts very soon. Otherwise it’s all just fodder.


    1. He would be a great ambassador and natural fundraiser for Pitts new on campus venue. He’s loved by boosters and fans. He has connections. He’s a huge advocate of Pitt and knows Heinz doesn’t help.


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  29. I’m dropping down my last comment as I hate this reply function, It’s dumb and comments get lost but I do appreciate the offer Mark. You are a true enigma if there ever was one ike

    “I can’t thank you enough Mark but our daughter has a very large dog that likes to eat my glasses and now we don’t have a dog sitter brave enough to watch Hank at this last moment.”

    To answer your next comment, When PITT wins 8 regular season games again this year with this tough schedule, he may want to get the hell out of dodge currently known as Pittsburgh. Thanks Mark ….ike” . . . .


  30. I hope Erie Express and the rest of you guys are right about Mack. Maybe I missed something, but at the spring game he looked decent but not like anything really special to me.

    I guess he did have decent stats at his former school.

    I’m still looking for a burner with swagger and hope one of the young guys fills the bill…

    Go Pitt.


  31. The POV is approaching the put up or shut time. I’ll wait another week as I hope for PITT to avoid a serious injury in the meantime, ” knock on wood”

    Here’s what I’ll say. I’m looking forward to this coming season and hope for the best…………………….. I’m standing at 6-6 right now..


    1. 6-6 is a failure, ike. In year 4, that’s not acceptable. Yes, the OOC is difficult but the ACC schedule is not. 8 wins (plus) or bust … barring a season altering injury.


  32. Davis Beville Qb recruit has 4 TD’s in the first half of his opening game. Two TD passes of plus 50 and a run of 11 yards. He inho will finish with a 4 star rating as he is close right now.


  33. As a RS he had 23 catches for 300 years. 3 TD’s. Is this supposed to be good guys. I’m missing something. He is going to be older than Wirginnis soon.


    1. That’s like one reception every decade and a half. I had no idea Mack had been playing for over 300 years. That’s a ton of experience. BTW, if this is true I’m pretty sure he’s already older than Wriginis.


    1. Or better Fred wonder why someone making 3.5M a year recruits so terriblly and it is allowed to happen because he is a yinzer. Oh and he went 5-7 last year and cant win with his own recruits who none of them have shown color yet. He is recruiting kids not even ranked. Of course though it is easy to call me a non fan because I dont accept his cockiness when he is recruiting like he is at Gannon.


  34. Lopes, Mack and Jocky will give the opposition a lot of problems to game plan for especially with Pickett at QB. If the two QB’s we trotted out last were taking the field this year I wouldn’t be so excited about WR prospects. I would feel much the same about the Steelers Antonio Brown and JuJu’s prospects this year if Landry Jones were the staring QB versus Big Ben.


  35. Link: Pitt’s Taysir Mack Eligible for 2018 Season

    Pitt Football Camp: Media Recap, Day 13

    Videos, Quotes and Photos from Pitt Training Camp


    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi/Wide Receiver Taysir Mack

    Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Sherman

    Linebackers Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Rob Harley

    PITTSBURGH—Prior to Pitt’s 13th practice of training camp, head coach Pat Narduzzi announced Friday morning that sophomore wide receiver Taysir Mack will be immediately eligible for the 2018 season after receiving a waiver from the NCAA.

    Coach Narduzzi and Mack, a transfer from Indiana, made the announcement and took questions from reporters prior to Pitt’s workout, while wide receivers coach Kevin Sherman and linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator Rob Harley met with the media after the practice session.

    Videos from each media session are available above, while quotes from the Coach Narduzzi and Mack announcement are transcribed below.

    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi and Wide Receiver Taysir Mack

    Narduzzi opening statement:

    Pat Narduzzi: “Good morning. Just wanted to make a quick announcement today. We got news yesterday at 3:10 p.m. Taysir Mack, who you guys know was here in the spring and did some great things for us, but at 3:10 yesterday, I got one of the best text messages of the year, saying that Taysir is immediately eligible to play for the University of Pittsburgh. It’s a great thing. Last night, I told our football team. They erupted a little bit, a little enthusiasm in the team room, so we had a little action going on. But this didn’t happen all by itself. A couple of people that I would like to thank is Dustin Gray, for all of the hard work that he put in, as well as Chris LaSala. Obviously, Taysir and his mom. But another guy, Tom Allen, the head football coach at Indiana, really helped out with the situation. When you talk about caring for kids, my hat goes off to that guy for doing the right thing and helping out. We’re not going to get into specifics about why or what. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he is able to play right now. We’re excited. It just gives us one more extra weapon, you might say, to help us get it done.”

    On if Mack believed there was any chance of being eligible this season:

    Taysir Mack: “It was something that they reminded me of every day: ‘all you need is a little bit of hope.’ I just carried that over to the work ethic. I have a bunch of friends around me, a bunch of coaches around me that support me day-in and day-out, regardless of how I’m playing. They were with me as a person. They cared for me individually, so it took me a long way.”

    On how Mack approached the training camp with a possibility of having to sit out a year:

    TM: “Get bigger, faster and stronger. I just wanted to be more mentally sharp for the game. I was always told, ‘be ready, so you don’t have to get ready when the opportunity comes.”

    On if they were surprised that they found out yesterday:

    PN: “It kind of came out of nowhere. We were just kind of waiting to get all of the information in. Taysir has been wearing me out, text messaging all summer and shooting me emails about, ‘why is this guy eligible? How about me?’ Like I said, this didn’t happen in a week. There was a lot of work by Dustin and Chris LaSala, just working on getting all of our ducks in a row, so that when we did go in with the waiver, it was done properly. It wasn’t like, ‘we need this. Give us this.’ There is a lot of stuff that the NCAA wants to get in a waiver, so we got all the information that they needed. It’s a great day.”

    On if they noticed other players not having to sit out a year at other programs:

    PN: “He was noticing. I think that he found out before I did. He was emailing me. He was all over that.”

    TM: “Every time I saw something, I’d text coach, and was like, ‘alright, cool. This is looking good for us.’ So I was like, ‘this is going to happen soon.’ He kept telling me, ‘good news, good news, more people are getting eligible. Alright, just be patient. Stay down Tay. It’s going to happen, just relax.’ Eventually, it did.”

    On how it changes the outlook of the offense this year:

    PN: “Time will tell. We’re not going to anoint anybody any starting job. He’s got a lot of work to do. Like I said, it’s just another weapon. It makes us a little bit different. If we got back to what it was in spring ball and just look where he was there, he was really our go-to guy. We expect to get there in the next couple of weeks.”

    On if he has gotten reps with quarterback Kenny Pickett:

    PN: “He’s gotten reps all summer, so he’ll be ready.”


  36. Mack is definitely a big deal for the offense since he was the best guy in the spring.

    The unit is now very deep, but are there other guys that will be elite?

    Lopes, Ffrench and Tipton with experience, Smith, Butler-Jenkins, Jacques-Louis with potential.

    Who is going to produce?


    1. Mack and Lopes will be the most productive. I think Ffrench and Mathews fade with younger players like Smith, Jenkins and Louise. Mathews should think of redshirting and bulk up and switch positions (TE?) or risk just riding the pine.


  37. Upitt – Just let people eat their cake, man. We already know where you stand. Your points are duly noted … and a lot have some validity.

    When someone calls out negative posters (or positive ones), responding to them is fair game … It’s a challenge.

    Is it really necessary, however, to jump on a post about something a poster sees as a positive development? Especially, when no shots are fired at anyone? When it’s strictly posted in the context of something that just happened?

    Not everything has to be a line in the sand. Adding a WR with starting experience, and flashes of potential, in a Power 5 conference to an inexperienced WR corp is a positive development no matter how you spin it.

    Is it a season altering development? Probably not. Does it hurt? Definitely not.

    So just let it be man.

    Kinder and Gentler Tossing Thabeets (AKA Softly Tossing Thabeets)


  38. I’ve never heard of this new phenomena where one person can actually become older than another over a period of time?

    TT, I threw out 6-6 as the record I feel PITT can achieve this year. Is that acceptable, not to me but it’s how I feel at this moment. I do think they can win 7 of 8 games though. Like I mentioned before, there is a real different/confident buzz circulating down on the south-side this fall. I’ll revise accordingly when the final depth chart comes out.

    Pittman excited in Houston, ah oh, Mack has to be the real deal folks. Hey, maybe PITT will have a Big Mac Attack while on KP duty………


    1. Technically, you can. If the other person has been travelling at a speed that approaches the speed of light, the passage of time for them occurs much slower. Once they stop travelling at that speed, they will in fact be younger than those who were not moving that fast for that long.


    2. 6-6 would not stop the momentum of the fans not happy with the direction of the program. He has to get this team to overachieve. It’s his now. It would make next offseason unbearable. Haha.


  39. As I have said for a while, it is all going to come down to the O-line.

    If the over/under is 6-6, if they play better than we think 7-8 wins is achievable.

    If they play worse than we think, it could be pretty ugly.

    All other aspects of the team seem to be coming together with solid 2 deep, experience and potential, with the exception of QB where second man is a question mark.

    The O-line is still an unknown, but we will find out quickly if they can play.


          1. Agree. He came on at the end of the season at Indiana and is maturing as a player. Being a third-year sophomore I expect him to catch 40 passes if Pickett stays healthy.


  40. Wow, just watched the Zeise video. Still don’t like TG, but hate SP even more. TG told Zeise he was leaving two months before he left because SP was lying, incompetent AD.


  41. Also, interesting question asked of Zeise regarding what he thought the criteria should be for retiring a Pitt jersey number…My two cents on that is that the player should have to have played in at least 3 seasons for Pitt. Also think there should be some distinction for a player that also gets a degree…perhaps blue numbers on the retired jersey for non-alumni and gold numbers for alumni.


  42. That’s old news Frank. “the steve” did not like coaches that wanted to run the football team as they saw fit. It impeded his ability to undermine the football program. The idiot hasn’t been seen for over a year.


  43. Agree Ike, just more impactful hearing it direct from Zeise. Also confirms for me that SP’s dickishness ran two coaches out of Pitt…BTW, I am on the IKE positive vibe train this FB season…I think we get to 8 wins, tough schedule and all. KP is a difference maker.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. What’s interesting is that some can say PITT will only win 4 games this year an and some may say they will win 8 games and that’s fine………. But when I say something like 8 or 9 wins I’m call an old kook. That’s ok guys, put the weight right on me. Let’s try this again, trying to get my buddy Reed upset..


  45. For Pitt to have a winning season those close games have to go Pitts way this year not the other way. I think just having a REAL QB with the lead role in there is enough for that edge. Big game Georgia Tech, at home and not a lot of at homes to build on. Unfortunately Pitt has problems with option teams.Maybe this D is better this year. We cant let games like Cuse get away. Game day coaching important here. A swing of 3 games( the close ones) and we are 8/4 last year. Big plays/clutch play has to be better this year. H2P


  46. A bit off topic but I think relevant: The Baltimore Sun today had an article which stated that Kevin Anderson, the former Athletic Director at Maryland had submitted a proposal that would place the athletic trainers under the supervision of the Orthopedics Department of the Medical School. This proposal was not acted on by the U. of MD administration. The article stated that such supervision is a growing trend in college athletics and has been implemented by the University of Pittsburgh, Ohio State and the University of Iowa. It wouldn’t surprise me if Pitt was the first since we have long had a highly respected sports medicine program.

    This is an important assignment of responsibility and theoretically could have prevented a tragedy such occurred at Maryland. I do believe that Coach Nard has the welfare of the kids at heart but he like almost all P5 coaches is under tremendous pressure to win and is not a medical person.


  47. Here we are again it is the year when we consider the quality of our head coach. In my opinion we ought to grab onto the top young head coaches, listed in USA, Neil Brown, Troy University because he will be gone next year. Look up his coaching record, age,and recruiting.
    The only other coach above him is Northwesterns’ but he’s an an alumni and not leaving.
    Brown can be gotten by Pitt as he climbs the latter, the next step, 5 years before SEC. He is everything Pitt needs. Youth, energy, recruiting, records beating top ten schools (HC coaching experience). No more mediocre assistant coaches learning on the job or like Narduzzi no motivation to try harder to get over the hump.


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