Day 12

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Pitt Football Camp: Media Recap, Day 12

Videos, Quotes and Photos from Pitt Training Camp



Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Running Backs Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Andre Powell

Secondary Coach Archie Collins

Defensive Back Dennis Briggs

Defensive Back Phil Campbell III

Wide Receiver Maurice Ffrench

Running Back Qadree Ollison


PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football program held the 12th practice of its 2018 training camp on Thursday morning at the UPMCRooney Sports Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi met with reporters prior to the workout, while running backs coach and special teams coordinator Andre Powell, secondary coach Archie Collins, defensive back Dennis Briggs, defensive back Phil Campbell III, wide receiver Maurice Ffrench and running back QadreeOllison represented at the post-practice media availability.

Videos from each media session are available above, while a transcript of Coach Narduzzi’s Q&A from prior to practice is below.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi


Opening statement:

“We’re on number 12 now. Our guys are working their tails off. I love the energy and focus and effort that our guys are giving. We have to slow them down at times. We’re going out in shells. We were supposed to be pads today, but slimmed it down to where they’re out in just shells. No pants today just to freshen them up. We have two days then a big scrimmage on Saturday, so trying to get them focused and get them as fresh as we can for Saturday’s scrimmage.”


On if this is one of the healthier camps he’s seen:

“I don’t really want to talk about it. We got our bumps and bruises, that’s for sure; but we’ve been really lucky. I know that the full moon is August 26th, I believe. I’m scared of the full moon. I think that we’re not practicing that day, so it’s a good deal. We’ll be careful with how we walk around the facility. But we’ve been fortunate right now, but it only takes one day.”


On specific injuries:

“You know I don’t talk about injuries. There’s no need. Coaches, we don’t talk about it. Hopefully the players don’t talk about it. If someone is out for the year, we’ll let you know. You know that’s our case and that’s where we leave it. I’m not talking about it.”


On if this week is similar to prepping for a game with Saturday’s scrimmage:

“It is. That’s how we try to go through preseason. Today, we’re going to have a four-minute and two-minute period at the end, the last period of practice. Everything is a game; every day is a game. But as we try to take care of our bodies, we can’t go live on Friday. That’s just not taking care of our kids. We’ll have nothing live today. We had one period yesterday that was live, so there was tackling. There were two or three the day before because we had the day off at the beginning, so we just try to taper away just like we would a game. The kids just can’t go out and do that day after day and think that you’re going to get a good, solid scrimmage on Saturday. So everything is a game. Today, we’ll do a four-minute and two-minute situation, where it’s really the one offense and defense against the twos. We’ll try to run that clock out and get into that victory formation that we like to get into. Whatever time is left on the clock, the one offense will have a chance to go down the field and make something happen in the two-minute. We’re constantly working game situations and opportunities to make us better.”


On the amount of sacks that the defensive line has this camp:

“What is a sack when you’re not hitting the quarterback? Anytime that there is a red jersey, I’m blowing the whistle. I know, as an old defensive coordinator, anytime that whistle didn’t get blown, they’re telling me, ‘coach, I had that, I had that.’ We give it to them. We give sacks away. I’d rather give sacks away in practice because back in the old days, the whistle didn’t blow and I got close to him, what am I doing? What are you going to do next? You get closer. And the closer you get, the closer you get to having a bad day. I don’t want to have any bad days. Stay off the quarterback. I blow the quick whistle and let it go. He still throws it, that’s the nice thing. He’s still going to throw it, but it keeps him away.”