I just spent a good amount of time in yesterday’s podcast talking about how much I enjoy Chris Peak’s work over at Rivals.com and I sure do.  But I have to say in his Monday Podcast today he threw a knuckleball out to the fans today in his “logical” defense of these last four recruits Pitt has landed.  Particularly these last two Offensive Linemen who committed in the past few days.

To refresh your memory:

Nick Malone OL 6’6″ 278 None 0 8/5/18
Jared Wayne WR 6’3″ 195 3* 5.5 8/2/18
Matthew Goncalves OL 6’5″ 307 2* 5.3 7/31/18
AJ Woods DB 5’10” 170 3* 5.5 7/27/18

When discussing these four recruits Chris basically stated that regardless of their star ratings (given out by Rivals) and regardless of the lack of D1 or Power 5 offers these four player were recruits that were highly targeted by this coaching/recruiting staff.

Allow me to repeat that… these four players were highly targeted by the recruiting staff.

Now, in what I can only feel is rather convoluted logic (and Chris is usually very logical) when he states that because Pitt still has offers out to more highly rated recruits and ones with a lot more and better offers and are apparently “still in the hunt for these players… then the fact is that Narduzzi grabbed these four kids makes then automatically as high or higher targets than those still undecided.

I believe that is what he’s saying.  He mentioned the logic of that around the 14:00 minute mark in his podcast and firmly believes what he’s expounding on which is good for him to do.  I just wonder if any Pitt fans feel the same way I do after listening to the podcast.  I had to literally listen to it twice in a row to make sure I understood what he was trying to get across.  Either way it was a bit mind-boggling.

Now – let me set the stage a bit here.  Here is Pitt’s official offer sheet for the 2019 recruiting class.  In it you’ll see the offers we had out to the kids who played Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Center, Wide Receiver and Defensive Back.

Let’s look at the Offensive Lineman we just had commit first because they are some of the worse recruits I have seen Narduzzi take in four years.

2* Matthew Goncalves has offers from 5 wins and  7 loss Pittsburgh and 3-9 American Athletic Conference Connecticut along with five other non-FBS schools like Stoney Brook, Bryant and Villanova to name a few.  I say again; one P5 offer (us) and a horrid UCONN team.  Remember that Goncalves was unranked until his Pitt offer then he was awarded two stars by Rivals.

Nick Malone (pictured at left) is another OL who is currently “unranked”, was offered and whose commitment was accepted by Pitt.  Let’s take a look at his info: He has a total of three offers; 5-7 Pitt, Robert Morris and Eastern Kentucky.

Folks, we beat out Robert Morris for this recruit.  That would be the 2-9 Robert Morris team that is.  Eastern Kentucky was 4-7 on the year so they are a short step up from Bobby Mo U.

Really, are these are the players we are to believe were actually targeted over other 4* and 3* recruits by this coaching staff.  What message does that send to Pitt fans my friends. Well, I have an idea and it isn’t very nice.

Oh, right – let’s see who were these recruits competing against to come here.

Here is a chart derived from our offer list that shows what offers we had out by position to 4*, 3*, 2* and Unrated recruits and then how many are still undecided as of this writing:

OL Und

So here we see that if Narduzzi has “targeted” these two OL in Gonsalves and Malone it is because the pool of better recruits is shrinking fast.  For instance we offered eight 4* offensive tackles and there is one left on the board (BTW they all went to much more successful programs).

Same with 3* offers but more still available there.  Then you get to the 2* and Unranked OTs and lo and behold we had offers out to six of them and…just landed two. Good Job Pat! He offered spots to two unranked Offensive Linemen and they accepted. The first two in the class mind you, and maybe the only two.

Sorry friends, but it is pretty darn clear to me that this staff looked at the dwindling pool of available higher rated recruits we previously offered and panicked as they were committing to other programs so then grabbed these two lower rated recruits with crap offers just to get two OLs into this class.

What is also interesting is that I looked at Pitt’s offer list some time ago when it first was posted by Rivals and am sure these two recruits were not offered back then but just right before they committed.  Now, a point made by Chris is that the staff saw these kids in a Pitt Prospect Camp and watching them there sealed the deal (at least I think he said that earlier).

Well, here is the nasty truth about those Pitt Football  Summer Camps – anyone in the world can go there if they  pay the entrance fee which was I believe around $60.  So the talent level at these camps is pretty low all around.

Football camp.PNG

…and the fact is that these two kids never even took official visits to Pitt. Apparently they were snatched up without those formalities. The truth is that neither of these two recruits took official visits to any schools and that makes one wonder why – and a possible answer is that the school has to pay travel, hotels, food, etc for the recruit and his parents and, apparently, either the D1 schools didn’t want to do that or the kids themselves didn’t want to do official visits.  Strange.

It’s pretty much the same thing with the WR we just had commit – Jared Wayne. His offer sheet is one P5 school (us) then USF and garbage.   Oh, except for the Central Michigan Chippewas because after all, that is where our new Defensive Backs coach is from.

Here are the 4* WRs we offered and you can see only two left are undecided – the other three went to PSU, Alabama and Miami:

WR Offers

As far as the DB A.J. Woods goes more of the same.  We sent offers out to two 5* DBs and 12 4* DBs (16 total) and so far there are only six undecided. I look at this list and see the only possible kid with a possibility of committing is the ‘Quip Marlon Devonshire and I’m not holding my breath on him.

DB Offers

Look, it is pretty damned apparent over these last three recruiting classes (so far) that Pitt just isn’t a target destination for Blue-Chip recruits.  In the 2017 we had three 4s; in 2018 we had just one and we are striking out in this 2019 class.  Some fans can live with that and even revel in it as long as Pitt is getting the better 3 recruits with serious football offers.  But that ain’t what is happening here.

I believe Pitt fans can figure things out on their own… but what Chris puts forth is the party line (sorry, but that is exactly what it sounds like) that the Pitt recruiters are actively seeking out and landing kids with low star ranking (or none) and who have, let’s just say it, horrible offer sheets.  I said in my podcast yesterday that the mark of good recruiting is when you are landing recruits with offer from better and more winning programs than Pitt… that’s what I want to see – better offers but the recruit chooses Pitt anyway.

But that hasn’t been happening for some time here and if that is the case then our recruiting situation is akin to knowing you have to get kicked in the balls and the only option you have is to choose it will be a right foot or a left foot.

I really enjoy and endorse Chris Peak’s work over at rivals and honestly think he’s the best in the business when it comes to Pitt football and I mean it when i say a subscription over there is worth the cost… but this latest podcast startled and bothered me.

Either these kids are the best we can get or…they actually truly are what this staff wants on the roster, which in itself is a bad joke!

So Pitt fans, which foot will it be?

387 thoughts on “On Man! I Gotta Say This About That!

  1. Nice analysis, Reed. I think we just kinda have to hope that this is kind of an overreaction to our ugly 5-7 results last year, and if we can turn things around, the staff’s fortunes on the recruiting trail will turn around, also.


  2. I sense a turf war people. Peak trusts Narduzzi, Reed does not. I appreciate the way Reed goes out on a limb and tells it how he really feels and great for him. I’ll wait and see how it all plays out.

    I’ve read on the POV by some that PITT will end up in the 50’s in this recruiting class. If that happens I’ll take my whipping like a man. However, when I call some out when they are wrong I’m the bad guy. They slither away and act like nothing was ever said. I really have to tell you all this. I am sick and tired of this Narduzzi bashing on the POV. I’ve had it up to here. ^ ike


    1. Ike – It isn’t about proving right or wrong. I just think the wrong man is leading this team and Heather has a propensity to hire up. Sooner we get our guy I will feel better. His recruiting is a major miss and it takes talent to win. No one wants to say told
      You so or anything like that.


      1. I think Heather sees the big picture and trusts the process. However, I agree, this is a big, telling year for Narduzzi.


  3. I agree with some of what you said. But these 4 don’t make the whole class and there are certainly some good players in this upcoming committed class. I don’t mind taking a flyer on a couple guys. But if the remaining guys that fill out the class are of similar caliber, then yeah it will be a real problem. It will be interesting to see though if these 4 rack up more offers this season. Often times, after one P5 offer goes out, a number of others will follow in due time. Maybe that won’t happen. But I’d be real surprised if these 4 don’t get more attention and have some teams get in on their recruitment.


  4. You’re on target Reed, and all I can offer is a 3rd alternative. Given the precious few of undecided OL recruits who were offered by Pitt, there was plenty of room to offer these “projects” and still have space should any of the “legitimate” actually ranked recruits answer our prayers and accept Pitt’s.

    In other words, with only 16 recruits why not offer these kids, just in case you get shutout by ranked OL recruits and you end up with absolutely no OL recruits in the class

    I’m labelling these 2 latest OL signees as “projects” to “perfume the skunk” as best I can, and I mean that in no way as comparing these 2 young men, who will be wearing Pitt uniforms, to . . . . well you know.

    In any event, Pitt’s 2019 looks to be in a sad state of affairs, but again, hopefully a 3* or 4* gets recruited over and dropped and Pitt picks him up very late in Jan or Feb.


    1. But isn’t that what our previous 4 stars have been and why they are not sticking and living up to 4 star potential. Might be on to something here. Most say Narduzzi grabbed these guys at last minute so maybe a pattern.


  5. Reed you are spot on. Our recruiting has been extremely mediocre (at best) and is directionally troubling. If we think that Narduzzi and staff and going to win conference titles with guys recruited by Robert Morris, we’re nuts. Penn State is absolutely kicking our ass in recruiting. Our fans rationalize that we’ll start getting 4 and 5 star recruits when we start winning. This is backwards thinking….we’ll start winning on the field if and when we start recruiting better. Great recruiters win these battles regardless. Look no further then what Jeff Capel is doing with the basketball team. He’s bringing in quality recruits and building a pipeline that is even stronger despite the fact that the basketball team has been a laughingstock the past few years. If Narduzzi was half the recruiter that Capel is we’d be miles ahead.

    This is a critical year for Narduzzi. If he doesn’t produce a respectable record, he will be firmly on the hot seat.


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  6. @Reed

    This logic isn’t logical at all. I am in full agreement with you. Its like Narduzzi thinks he is outsmarting the top schools by being able to win with a team made up of diamonds in the ruff.

    This kind of logic will be the nail in his coffin. In a 20 man class if you get 2 diamonds that were unrated that work out that is great coaching/recruiting. But if it were as easily as finding diamonds in the rough then why do all the top schools pretty much target the same list of players?????

    A recruiting class has to have 25% blue chips in order to succeed year in and year out. I.e. in a 20 man class 5 of em better be 4 stars or better and if 2 of em or more can be diamonds in the rough those are just cherries on top.


    1. You need to show Narduzzi what stars mean. You get it Josh. Unfortunately many provide Narduzzi with cover and spout excuses. You don’t win with kids like these.



  7. Recruiting is not an exact science, wasn’t Bostick a 5 star, Revis a 3 star? Aaron Donald was 3 correct?

    Maybe these kids contribute maybe not, let’s see in a few years, the sky isn’t falling.

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  8. The fault is not with Reed’s analysis, it is with Chris Peak’s. Chris offers no real logic as to why these last 4 recruits are acceptable for a P5 school, and why offer now with other better players still on the board. It is possible to be pro-Pitt and be objective at the same time. Some of the kids in this class are pretty good and will contribute over time. But many are simply numbers to fill a need in a particular category. If Chris wants to be a respected Pitt analyst, and he is certainly knowledgeable, then he should be providing a more critical analysis of where the Pitt program is headed.


  9. You gray shirt kids like these. I never thought I’d see the day that Pitt would be competing against Elon, Robert Morris and Holy Cross for recruits. Pitt needs to start viewing every recruit as a starter by year 3. That’s the problem. Narduzzi is thinking like a loser. Elite schools don’t think this way. Narduzzi is going to make the program on par with Gannon. He needs to go. Sorry Ike.



  10. In my day, Pitt competed against Penn State and Notre Dame for recruits. I’m making a call to Mike Gottfried.


  11. I have been expressing my concerns about recruiting for three years. Early on to crickets. The question early on was “is it good enough?” Most people thought not an A but a C+ or B-. He did fill in some holes with
    Peterman, Hendrix and Clark making the first classes look better.

    I really got concerned when Narduzzi nearly struck out with a very strong WPIAL class two years ago, yeah he got Ford, but Ford was always coming, he wanted to join Hamlin, remember the 412 crew.

    Part of my concern was Narduzzi didn’t live up to his own hype, the “Pat Signal” that we all looked forward to.
    He seemed beloved by his MSU defense, coming to the field to rally them to victory. It seemed he had the personality to draw big time players. But tell me other than Ford who is the guy that really excited you when the Pat Signal went up. Maybe Camp and Watts at the end of one year, they kind of saved that class from mediocrity.

    He won 8 games his first to years which should have been leveraged to better recruiting, but wasn’t.
    I complained that getting crushed by Navy without putting up any fight hurt. Then getting beat by Northwestern took all the luster from the Clemson game. Guys said bowls don’t matter. Well, it certainly didn’t help getting elite players to come.

    Looking back at this year I wondered about the late start, I now believe, strictly my opinion, that when Narduzzi realized he wasn’t getting the 4 stars that he wanted, he took the guys he could get all at one time.
    This is not to say there aren’t some good players in that bunch, but that he has not been able to close on the guys he really wants.

    Any one of the last four would not be a problem, but in the aggregate it makes you wonder. Is this where the trend is going?

    Where is the excitement coming from this year? Pickett, a sophomore QB with little experience who could easily have great difficulty? Wirginis, a fifth year senior who has shown a couple of flashes, but has not been able to win a starting position? Maybe Ford, a sophomore who has not yet won a starting position? Maybe our marquis player is Depth, really? Try putting that on a billboard.

    This will be Narduzzi’s fourth campaign. To me the lack of marquis players is evidence of lackluster recruiting.
    Is there anyone in the 2019 class that you can honestly say is a can’t miss star in the making? Is there anyone that will push guys out of the way and say I am a star right now? Will anyone in the 2018 class do that?

    I hope I’m wrong and that Narduzzi finishes with 5 4 star guys and that everything goes right and we win 8 games this season, and those last four verbals go on to have stellar careers but my rose colored glasses are broken. I just don’t see it.

    Somewhere I remember Narduzzi saying when hiring assistants that recruiting prowess was a priority.

    Maybe it is the turnover of coaches.

    I have said on here way more than I should that great players make great coaches and not the reverse.

    You have to get them to come first.

    By the way I like Peake, but he sells subscriptions and people want to hear only positive stuff when they are paying for it. Plus he needs to keep the Athletic Dept happy, Reed does not. Reed is an independent voice who calls it as he sees it, as do all his followers.

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  12. The propensity to play experience over ability has to hinder the recruitment of young bucks who believe they can play immediately.

    The propensity to anoint transfers as starters without ever having practiced certainly sours the view of current players….players who act as recruit hosts.

    The surly nature of the head coach does not engender a good relationship with area high school coaches.

    Blame the yellow seats all you want, But there are plenty of reasons our recruiting is subpar,


  13. Seriously guys and I mean this from the bottom of my brain and heart and for the very last time. I do not give two craps about Narduzzi but he is the PITT head football coach. I will add that the intense criticism of him is not all totally unwarranted or warranted at the same time. The constant bashing of him does get on my nerves for sure. I think it’s actually silly, some of you plain don’t like the guy and that’s fine. Please stop driving that crap down my throat, I get it. He has had the best first 3 regular season record since Foge was handed a national title contending team. I know I know they were the umementionable’s former coach’s players the same players the unmentionable couldn’t win with. Somr don’t like the man, some don’t like the coach and some just want to bitch about anything and everything. . That’s BS in my book. I give a man or woman the space to do their job and then evaluate, sorry, that’s the man I am.. ike

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    1. He’s had three years to coach. Four years to recruit. What more do you need to see? He’s a mediocre coach being paid too much for mediocre results.


    2. Chryst had these kids for 0-3years. Narduzzi got hose kids in year 3-4 and RS 5. So Narduzzi won 8 while a Chryst won 6 but his players as you love to point out were not yet develop and he worked for Peterson and had 1/2 the budget Narduzzi has. So who did more with less? Moose is a 92 and Narduzzi is a 71.


  14. gc, that’s a great comment. One thing, Ford always coming is true but not a fair comment in the context of your paragraph. Sure that’s true but it’s also true that many of those PCC and Pine-Richland players were “going” no matter what. Narduzzi didn’t lose those kids, PITT did or the other teams won.


  15. Ike, you remind me of the Pitt Cheerleaders last year when the basketball team was losing by thirty points.

    The issue is recruiting. Do you think it is going well?


  16. After evaluation, my personal problem is that after two 8 win seasons theDuzz has been unable to capitalize from a recruiting standpoint. The 2016 team should have helped recruiting big time. If those kids were any good they certainly should have seen the field last year. I haven’t been a bas her, but I’m not sure what sample size one would need before coming to the same conclusion. If it wasn’t for our turnstile history with coaches I’d say there would be an excellent chance he’d be gone after this year. I still say he has next year also. The next coach will go the PSU route when they were under sanctions, play the very easiest non con you can till you get on your feet, or no really decent coach will want the job.


  17. ike, you keep equating our criticism of the recruiting results with dislike for Narduzzi. Many of us POVers are trying to make sense out of the recruiting efforts we see so far, and are having a tough time seeing how they will get Pitt to the promised land. Most agree that players win games, and that recruiting results are the first line to get us there. It is not about Narduzzi except for his results.


  18. Well one thing I will say, use guys suck at math. I can tell Upitt was raised in West Virginie and Fayette County. Narduzzi has not had four years of recruiting. How did it become so hard to follow 4 years? I guess algebra would be out of the question?

    VOR, this recruiting season is far from over, please, I ask nicely, can we quit crying wolf when there is no wolf?

    Narduzzi’s recruits are mostly RS Sophomore’s this year. Knock Knock anyone there? Can we have an intelligent conversation about this leaving out personal agenda’s? Answer: No probably not. See, I don’t need you guys…. iek


    1. 3,5 classes then and he had seven (7) committed players in 2015 class – and they are in their fourth year in the program and have done nothing really save Saleem Brightwell who started and played average at best ball.

      You want to give him more and more and more.

      Doesn’t it bother you that he has recruited 55 players so far who have had time and opportunity to play and not one of them has played above average for more than a game or two? Not one star among them Ike.


    2. Instead of running your mouth reread my point.

      Chryst’s Kids were only coached by him or redshirt in year 1,2,3 then he left.

      Narduzzi took those same kids (Now in year 4, RS 5) and won 8 games with Paul’s fully matured first 2 classes. That is my point. Nothing to do with Narduzzi’s recruiting or how long he has been here.

      You talk non stop about Narduzzi’s kids have to mature to show color. Well if you want to complain about Chryst winning 6 games what do you think his record would of been in year 4,5. Remember his Defense was way better than Narduzzi’s.

      Narduzzi got Paul’s Kids at ages 20,21 years old and that is my point why he won 8 games. Plus Peterman.


  19. The Chippewas of Central Michigan. One of my fav college team nicknames. And they haven’t buckled to the lunatic PC crowd. Go Chippewas !!! Oh and they did beat Oklahoma State, something we couldn’t achieve.


  20. To clarify a point – I do think there will be some good players in this 2019 class – there is in every class. There will certainly be starters because that is how CFB works.

    But recruiting is successful largely due to the reputation a school has and how it is viewed both locally and nationally. Right now that is ebbing for Pitt due to the bowl losses and the recent 5-7 season.

    I feel the Pitt fans who don’t see this happening, especially after PN started off with two good 8 win season which should have been a real boon for our recruitings, are going too far in defense of this coach and staff. These latest four recruits should have been grabbed when the rest of the true quality players have either signed with Pitt or committed elsewhere…not so early on in the recruiting process and certainly not when you have less than 50% of the maximum 25 scholarship available. It could be that we only have a few scholarships left after these four players committed and that is cutting it very fine.

    I was pretty shocked and disappointed with Chris’ podcast this morning and still wonder why he went out of his way to state what he did. I could see him looking at these four lower recruits and telling pitt fans not to panic because these are only four of what will probably be 20+ recruits…

    But to try to get us to believe they were ‘highly targeted’ by the recruiting staff is like I said in the article… either its bad because they were indeed targeted or even worse because they are all we can get at this point in time.

    Something a friend of mine and I were discussing just a while ago. is this; I believe one of the reasons we got that group of Florida kids to commit en mass in June is because they and their parents and HS coaches don’t live here and haven’t been intimately involved with going to games, taking numerous unofficial visits, reading about the football program every day, talking to other local HS SRs and their coaches, etc..

    So their experience with Pitt is limited to having the red carpet rolled out to them on official visits and in down in FL listening to the Pitt staff give them only one side of the story, and like all recruiters do, an inflated one at that. Thus they buy into it what Pitt is selling whereas the local kids are not and have not been.

    Here is a disturbing trend – the number of Western PA recruits we have been getting to sign LOIs under Narduzzi by recruiting class:

    2016 Class – 7 of 24 recruits were from WPA or 30% with two 4* local kids

    2017 – 4 of 24 or 16% with one 4* local

    2018 – 4 of 20 or 20% with zero local 4*s

    2019 (so far) – 1 of 18 or 5% with zero local 4*s

    Forget the common belief that WPA talent is less than in the past, that may well be, but we aren’t even getting 3* or 2* kids from the local area and certainly not any 4* kids. There are a bunch of WPA HS Seniors with 3*s and the same ‘point rating’ of those other recruits who we ARE getting to commit from afar yet none of the locals seem to care about Pitt much any longer and that is a problem.

    Casual walk-in fans at games want to see some familiar local players out on the field and that isn’t going to be happening.

    This might sound like a minor issue but it really isn’t – the fact that Cupka’s stopped hosting Pat Narduzzi’s Pitt Fan Meet and Greets sends a loud message about how this staff is now being viewed in the local area. That was the only venue that Narduzzi agreed to do face the fans publicly during the season (Wednesday’s at 6:00 pm during the season) and was done by Pitt HCs for a long time.

    Wannstedt did that to packed houses every Wednesday… but from what we have read here and in other places only 10 or so fans were showing up. That is a big deal and I think reflects what local people are feeling about the staff and the program.


  21. OL coach Ming with his new Pittsburgh look. Much healthier look – must be the 3 rivers.

    He mentions five young lineman who are pushing the SR’s for playing time – Jerry Drake, Carter Warren (both 4* recruits on ESPN, but 3* Rivals), Gabe Huoy, Brandon Ford and Bryce Hargrove.

    Building the Ming Dynasty to block for the Ffrench Connection.



  22. Actually the last 3 years here is where Pitt finished in the Rival’s Team Recruiting Rankings.

    2016 – 29th
    2017 – 28th
    2018 – 36th

    Currently Pitt sits at 34th in 2019, was 30th before the last couple.

    For comparison let’s look at DW’s last 3 years.

    2008 – 28th
    2009 – 47th
    2010 – 33rd

    And we’ll throw in Paulie’s numbers …just because.

    2012 – 47th
    2013 – 35th
    2014 – 44th
    2015 – 65th

    Is the sky really falling ?

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    1. look at the avg stars
      you win with elite players
      and narduzzis recruiting is getting worse
      what did chrysts recruiting get us – 6-6 seasons
      wanny got good players and was the last coach to win 10 games
      pitt is ranked 57 right now in avg star. does that seem good to you???


        1. you need a great recruiter, good assistants and a good QB (plus O line)
          Pitt never had all three
          Narduzzi we think finally has his QB but his recruiting stinks and his assistants are throw aways


      1. Avg Star is about 3. Right now, this class is below 3, but I’m willing to bet the N/R’s and 2’s turn into 3’s by the time the class closes in December.


  23. That OKSt game was a blown call by the refs, but ends up as a “W” for the Chipps.

    Okay, I am making this short. Pitt hired a new OL coach this last year. Who has that coach been recruiting the last three years. He should have built enough relationships with players and coaches to land at least a 3 star or 4 star from the eastern seaboard.

    Why do these coaches show up to Pitt and then act like they are starting to recruit for the first time in their lives? When Pitt is in the process of hiring a coach, one of the first questions i would ask is “which recruits are you seriously in on?” This is not difficult. Borbely, who have you brought with you that you have developed a strong relationship over the last three years?

    Partridge and our Chippewa coach seem to be willing to put in the time.

    Pitt Camps, been saying it for awhile. Upitt would dominate against no stars to get an offer! Seriously though, good for the kids who earned offers. Potentially career ending for the coaches that evaluated them. If the coaches are right, +1. If not, see ya.


    1. Agree about Ming, however if he had several 3 or 4 star O-linemen, he had been cultivating, Maryland (or where ever he came from) would have kept him on the staff. If I’m doing the hiring, you ain’t (emphasis) getting the job unless you got some good recruits that you can bring.

      Maryland gets Canada and we get Ming ! (life is not fair)


    1. This is good news. Cause that kid tore us up. Almost 300 yds passing and 3 TD’s. Very fortunate we play them so early in the season.


          1. The game is in Charlotte ? The Holes usually only play here if they’re playing someone like South Carolina.


  24. Of all the statistics everyone is citing, is not the one that shows no WPIAL recruits the most worrisome? I do not care if we got only three star or two recruits locally but none at all. It seems that this staff has lost the local coaches. That is not a very good sign.

    This year is crucial for Narduzzi. He needs to have another 8 win season or next year will be his last. If Pitt only wins 4 games or less this year, then this year is his last. I thinks Heather has already had a “sit down” with Narduzzi and discussed the situation given her operating style.


    1. Narduzzi would rather get no stars from West Virginia and Canada than a 3 star from the WPIAL. If the WPIAL coaches dislike him so, I can just wonder what his players think of him. The Dog Star needs to be destroyed.


    2. I don’t get too wrapped up in the stars, but I would rather land 2 and 3 stars from Miami Northwestern, St. Thomas Aquinas, and IMG Academy over 4 stars from the WPIAL. Those kids in South Florida are not playing the same game as the Western PA boys. This team needs more speed and athleticism if they want to compete for conference titles.


      1. Agree, need that speed. Wanny’s famous line, “We need to run faster,” was so true as Harris turned Pitt into one of the slowest teams in the country. Then Dave was being too loyal to the WPIAL and was taking kids who weren’t fast enough on the 1-A level. Might have to blame the recruiting budget being cut by Nordy for that.

        Time will tell, but the numbers are down south and I’m glad Narduzzi and staff are hitting the region hard.


  25. Not too complicated. The coaches needed to CYA as the # of targeted recruits disappeared for these positions and they did. Beyond that it is all speculation. I am a #s guy and am concerned about some of these trends. I will let the big $s people at Pitt figure the rest out. I just thought of a solution! Returned from High Mark medicare seminar today. UPMC has cut off our svcs. to most core Pgh. hospitals after stealing staff from West Penn for 10 yrs. and other no holds barred moves to control all pgh. healthcare maybe we should turn the football over to UPMC with their take no prisoners approach and cache of $$$ because they are under Pitt and non profit while their competitors have to pay business taxes. That benefit alone should earn Pitt an OC stadium and with their hardline approach to mgmt. of recruiting etc we could hit Franklin harder than his teams H2P


    1. UMPC is going after control of far more than just da Burgh my friend. They are in Erie, and they are pushing eastwards into Lancaster County and beyond.

      It would be nice if Pitt sports was run with such mgmt. But then again UPMC probably doesn’t have any Nitters on it’s board.


    2. “they are under Pitt”

      Actually Pitt has ZERO to do with the operations of UPMC. They are two separate entities outside of UPMC using Pitt’s medical school. Plus the take no prisoners approach with UPMC at time does not always earn them a lot of friends so not sure that is a good approach for Pitt to go down either.


  26. Tarheels beat us with their 3rd string QB.

    Fits is on Feherty.. golf channel.

    UPMC is not a part of PITT.. separate entity…money making machine…


  27. I chose UPMC to perform my Kidney Transplant. I have a very good Highmark insurance plan. Several weeks after I made initial contact, I was told that I could not have the surgery in Pittsburgh. I was offered UPMC hospitals in Erie and Harrisburg. BS!!! I’m now at Penn Medicine in Philly, and have been happy with the process so far. But to have my choice taken away from me because of such childish behavior…. oy vey!!!


  28. Wow that’s crazy Missing Wlat. Pittsburgh use to be a huge transplant center, but it’s been quite a while since I lived there. Maybe it was Children’s hospital where all the transplants were done for children, they brought in from all over the country. Good luck with that brother Wlat.

    Is your coverage an HMO type plan ?


    1. Doesn’t matter what type he has, UPMC will not take Highmark insurance and vice versa in Pgh Metro area.


  29. We all know recruiting is an inexact science. So is the star rating process because kids do not develop in a linear fashion. Obviously, the more 4 stars you land, the higher the potential for success. However, the recent success with 4 star recruits has been less than inspiring for Pitt. The always loyal optimists start pounding their chests when a 4 star recruit is signed, and cling to hope waiting for a “breakout year.” Pitt sells hope year in and year out, but “next year” has seemingly been eluding Pitt for 30 years now. When somebody’s name is mentioned by coaches to the media, the expectations and hype ratchet up even higher. How many times did we hear, “wait until next year when Whitehead and his crew (Hamlin, Pugh, Ford) develop?” “That Pitt defense will be unbelievable under Narduzzi once he lands his players to fit his system.”

    The 2016 class was Narduzzi’s highest ranking (Rivals) and totaled 5 kids rated with 4 stars. 3 of the 5 are not even on the team – Hill, Pugh, and Flowers. As the hope for some of these 4 stars becomes extinguished, we usually rationalize or minimize the departure (e.g. “he was overrated” or “plug and play position” or “next man up” or “the backup is better”). Similar to the way we rationalize the utility or importance of an Ox Enright. The pessimists or realists cite the evidence of the autocratic style and abrasive style of an unproven leader. The optimists claim nothing to see here and non-issue. These are the symptoms of 30 years of mediocrity.

    The constant turnover among the coaching staff and personnel seems very troubling to me from a leadership standpoint. Now that Diethorn is gone and Reed Case is in at Director of Recruiting, Pitt is again trying to win credibility with recruits and high school coaching staffs. I think this is going to be an uphill battle for years to come. Position coaches, relationships, and program stability does matter to kids trying to maximize their collegiate opportunities. You can only sell so hard with 30,000 empty yellow seats and the coaching carousel that is Pitt football.

    People can knock Rivals all they want, but 2017 and 2018 saw Pitt receive a ranking of 38 and 36, respectively. That sounds about where Pitt fits as a program nationally. For the 2019 class, Rivals currently has Pitt at 34. But that assumes that the current class will all sign on the dotted line. A lot can happen in 5 months.

    Is Heather working those back channels with Urban’s agent???


  30. There are still at least three high profile WPIAL recruits on the board and Pitt is in their final few. S Joey Porter 4* (although I hear he is looking for large crowds -lol), M.Devonshire 4* athlete from Alliquipa and WR Dino Tomlin 3* (but a position if need).

    Sign two of these three and the rebuilding of WPIAL relationships is underway. Whiff on all three and Ms. Lyke will rid Pitt of this staff if they don’t have a winning record this season.

    LB Kyi Wright is from WPA, just outside of the WPIAL. Duzz did get a verbal from this talented young man.


  31. Peak went FULL ON HOMER on that podcast. If we beat out IUP on a WR this week, I’m sure Peak will think this is awesome news.


  32. I wonder how many 4 and 5 star players Scott Frost had on that national championship UCF team last year.


    1. i wonder what teams he played against for that mythical championship
      Pitt is going up against Va Tech and Miami (Perennial top 20 teams) each year…not flash in the pans
      They consistently recruit avg stars of 3.2-3.5
      That means they get 4-6 four star recruits each year


    2. FIU
      East Carolina
      Austin Peay

      You can win by recruiting 2 stars with that schedule


    3. schools in that conference typically have avg stars around 2.4
      Pitt is at 2.9 and historically has been around 3 (meaning around 2-3 four stars each year)
      Theres a big difference in talent between Pitt and a school like East Carolina
      Theres also a big difference in talent between Pitt and Miami (avg star = 3.4 and 7 four stars)
      Teams with more talent normally end up winning over those with less


  33. 4* are important but in the end its coaches that can do more with less that count because as we have seen you have to work your way up in program perception. Central Fla. was a mess after their last firing of a HC but look what frost did. I can still see the smile on Jackie Sherrill’s face when he told the pecan pie story in a TV interview. Git er done as Larry would say.H2P


  34. HCPC QB recruiting was abysmal. Narduzzi did what he could in year 3 to compete with a grad transfer and Ben the back up. Keep in mind Peterman came here and was a productive QB. Pickett was the guy but Narduzzi didn’t want to risk him being hammered seeing he had 2 if not 3 years to have him primed and ready. So lets see how things go with a QB that can play, and a emerging D that can be the best D in years. Every class at Pitt has recruits who can be picked apart. But the recruiting is won 2 and 3 years later after S&C and coaching.

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  35. So we know it is 100% true that Cupkas (whatever the hell that is) made the decision to cut the PN show. Pitt had absolutely nothing to do with this decision?

    So we know it is 100% FACT that WPIAL coaches don’t like Narduzzi?

    So we know it is 100% FACT that the equipment manager left because he was bullied, LOL? (sorry, that cracks me up)


    1. Do you know for a fact that those things didn’t happen? Of course not but I’m very honest about what I write on here and if I get solid info on issues then that is what I write about.

      If it isn’t solid info (to my mind) then I write with caveats.

      Again – take it as you will but I’m the one doing this and if you feel like this site is speculating wildly then I suggest check out other media outlets that suit your idea of Pitt football more toward your liking.

      I ask this all the time. If you don’t like or believe what you read on here then why do it?


      1. Reed. That wasn’t directed at you but take it how you want.

        I do not know if these things happened or not, that is the point. It is SOP fan rumor mongering. It is amazing there is never or rarely speculation that is positive in nature. Much easier to put someone down I guess.

        I read this site to listen to others opinions and voice my own. I wasn’t naming names or being mean. Just asking questions to which the answer for all three is NO.

        God forbid I question what someone else posted, that never happens on here.


        1. @NRS ask yourself this question, how is local recruiting going? This year, last year. There is evidence there. He does not have a good relationship with local coaches. Which local coaches are being asked to view practices? Which ones are showing up? How is the Quips connection currently? Mr. Abrasive personality wants to take but he does not want to give

          How about his location for his coaching show? How about the Ox situation. How about Pitt’s recruiting coordinator Diethorn who quit half way thru the recruiting season? Why did he leave his hometown?

          There are red flags for sure, some are choosing to ignore them. The same posters currently backing him to the hilt will be the first ones to bash him when he leaves


          1. BJ, you can draw your own conclusions. I don’t think the evidence is there.

            I will tell you, if this is another 5-7 year, he needs to go. It will based on his lack of coaching skill, not specualtion about his personality deficiencies.


        1. My comment was to the poster that is too scared to post his name while calling some else a derogatory name. Strong word Shame Shame Shame ike


  36. There is nothing wrong with taking a few projects in every class, but it is clear Narduzzi is not doing a good job of selling the program. It seems like he gave up going after top level talent and is saying were going to get who we get. Pitt needs to get at least 4 4* a year to have a shot in the Acc. Knowing Narduzzi though he’ll punch these poor kids in the face and pull their offer if he can find a washed up grad transfer before signing day. Listen if your a no star recruit that means your negative traits far out way the positive. Yes the * rankings are subjective but the reason the stars is showing how many boxes an athlete checks. Donald was a 3* because he is considered small for his position but he had speed, strength and an all American work ethic.


    1. You never want to be the best offer on a kids sheet
      Its a red flag when Pitt is their only P-5 offer
      Pitt’s recruits should be getting offers from NC, Va Tech, Louisville and Syracuse
      Not Elon, Holy Cross and Robert Morris


  37. I would love to know the strength numbers and 40 times of these new lineman, but than again id rather not. The only reason there not ranked is because there slow,weak, no work ethic, but they do have size!! Narduzzi wouldn’t win five games at Robert Morris or Saint Francis with these recruits. I want them to win this year and I hope they do another 5-7 year and he should be gone because recruiting is on a downward trend.


  38. Something to understand about the media this particular preseason… when the mainstream guys start really pointing out a problem area on the team and then keep getting more and more forceful in their descriptions of the problems a unit has then you can be pretty sure that is going to happen.

    Listen to the last few months of Peak’s podcasts and notice what he has been saying about 1) the 2018 OL and 2) the 2018 WRs….Each week more and more concern…

    I’ll go out on a limb (a very short one) and say that 2018’s offensive line is going to be the worse we have seen in modern Pitt history. I heard that from someone up at Spring Game Draft Day and truly believe it.

    I’ll remind that I have been pretty good, not perfect but a good hit %, with my predictions about this program over the years and I feel as strongly about the problems with the OL this year than I have about any other issue I have made predictions on.

    I said Max Brown would suck last year and that the OL would be bad also and those two things combined to make us 85th in Rushing, 95th in 3rd down conversions, 99th in TFLs allowed and 101st in Sacks Allowed which translated to 23.9 ppg and 5 wins.

    And I think the OL will be worse and maybe by far than last season’s. Pickett will cover some ills but we’ll struggle on offense this season.


    1. Reed, I have no doubt about that and am bracing myself for some frustrating offensive series this year.

      The defense is going to need to set us up with good field position and we will need some special performances on special teams to keep us in games.


  39. Here is an email comment submitted by a long time reader, interesting points:

    As the season draws closer, I was thinking about how far the sport goes back. Who were the first schools to field teams to play intercollegiate American football games? Rutgers and Princeton are generally credited with having played in 1869 the first game of American football (as opposed to the rugby-like games that had been played earlier).

    Among the other early teams were Columbia (1870), Yale (1872), Harvard (1873), Tufts (1875), Penn (1876), Brown (1878), Navy (1879), Michigan (1879), Kentucky (1881), Lafayette (1882), Minnesota (1882), California (1882), Cincinnati (1885) and Michigan State (1885).

    Between 1885 and 1900, all of the schools playing in today’s Big Five conferences (except a few included in the early pioneers mentioned above) established football programs, with a few exceptions who began later: Oklahoma State (1901), Florida (1906), Louisville (1910), UCLA (1919), Texas Tech (1925), Miami (1926), and Florida State (1947).

    Florida State is a true success story, and it shows how one great coach can make a program pre-eminent. Although Florida State had played football for three seasons from 1902-1904, in 1905 the State of Florida turned Florida State into a women’s college, and it did not become co-educational until 1947, when it began playing football again. Despite this extremely late entry, it has become a perennial power, due chiefly to one great coach (Bobby Bowden). If Florida State can come from nowhere to be a football power, then Pitt can surely return to prominence. All they need is one truly great head coach. Is Pat Narduzzi the one? We will have to wait and see.


    1. It helped Bowden that he had the state of Florida to recruit from and school administrators who were OK with players who had the reading capabilities of a 3rd grader to be allowed to play football. That one tutor came out last decade stating the reading and writing deficiencies of so many of the players.

      Now I know Pitt and its fans would never allow that to happen in Oakland.


    2. Always enjoy reading the history, but the commenter’s point is overly simplistic. It takes more than a head coach to achieve Florida State’s level of success over the years.

      Strong alumni support
      Historic regional rivalries
      LT institutional support for FB
      Dare I say OCS with great gameday experience
      Growing population in the Sunbelt

      and in the case of Florida State, at the time Bowden arrived, the closest competing sport might have been the Atlanta Falcons. Seminoles were the only game in town along the panhandle.

      Its not a chicken and egg situation either. A program needs all of the above at the same time to have the kind of success FSU has had.

      We can say what we want about HCPN, but he has headwinds whereas guys like Bowden had tailwinds. And BTW, that is taking nothing away from the fact that Bowden has been an outstanding coach and recruiter. It just made Florida State’s ability to reach it and sustain it a bit easier than the road Pitt must travel.


  40. Eric.. health care is run by business people who only care about money which the patient’s supply them in ga-zillions and more importantly, control…this is where healthcare reform needs to begin..just like Pitt should play the Predators from Happy Valley, your health insurance should be honored…politicians need to set these matters and pricks straight..loss of morals and ethics in sports and medicine which is unfortunate for us who pay for it..Love you buddy…in our prayers.


  41. I would advise everyone to go to the Pitt site or YouTube and watch the Day 1-4 interviews.

    Unfortunately they aren’t getting many views which says something about the buzz, but they will

    help instill a little push on the positive vibes.

    While many of us are concerned with the state of the program etc., these kids and coaches are doing their jobs and working hard.

    Definitely makes me want to root for them.


  42. Duzz is modeling the program after MSU. I just took a look at the 2010 MSU team that won 11 games and how many stars each starter had.

    Asterisk’s signify starters: https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/michigan-state/2010-roster.html

    I then googled the name and Rivals. Here is what I found …


    4 stars: 4
    3 stars: 4
    2 stars: 3


    4 stars: 2
    3 stars: 5
    2 stars: 4

    Out of 22 starters:

    4 star: 6
    3 star: 9
    2 star: 7

    Pitt 2018 team:
    * I used this site for the 2018 depth chart … http://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/pittsburgh/91694
    * Looked fairly accurate to me although a few position groups have battles


    5 stars: –
    4 stars: 2
    3 stars: 5
    2 stars: 4


    4 stars: 4
    3 stars: 3
    2 stars: 3


    4 star: 6
    3 star: 8
    2 star: 8

    Michigan St’s starting lineup had one more 3 star and one less 2 star. That’s it. This is the context in which you have to look at Pitt’s roster.

    GT, UVA, UNC, DUKE, BC, NCST, CUSE and WF all recruit about the same. VT and Louisville are slightly better. FSU, Miami, Clemson and are in different leagues … right now. ND can be added to that last group if you wish to include them.

    Pitt has to overachieve a couple of years to get to the next level … VT and Louisville. Their level of recruiting is very doable. Pitt will need about 5 years of sustained success and top 20 finishes to start challenging the top 4 for recruiting classes. Maybe even longer.

    Everyone likes to talk reality … that is reality. Pitt is recruiting just fine. Some 4 stars, a majority of 3 stars and then some diamonds in the rough.

    This is how you build teams. Until you see these kids in action, stop looking at the stars. It’s deceiving.

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    1. Pitt doesn’t have five years to see success. It must win now. 25k yellow seats will become 50k with more 5 win seasons. How many more years are we going to give Narduzzi to prove that he can win with his own recruits. It’s put up or shut up time now.


      1. Thats nonsense. Attendance has been pitiful for a number of seasons. Sure, we want it better and want it better now, but to say we don’t have 5 seasons just isn’t correct. If we are to fill the stadium (and that is a very big if), its going to take 5 years to do that. And it won’t be the end of the world if it takes that long.


  43. In reference to the post above about the Enright situation..

    If constant bullying and belittling a man anywhere, but especially in his workplace where he’s dependent on his job to feed his family, “cracks you up”, you are a very small person.

    It’s fair to evaluate, reprimand and even terminate an employee but to repeatedly demean them, often in front of many people, is pathetic. And so is anyone that would find humor in it.

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  44. Couple things:

    Eric, Dr Davies from Shadyside UPMC did my kidney nephrectomy surgery. I highly recommend him and good luck buddy.

    Funniest dam thing. When Peak tells us he’s worried about the O-Line this year everyone points to his expertise. When he says recruiting is going fine he becomes an instant idiot.

    Plenty of good interviews, you can see the enthusiasm on I dowu’s face and in his words…. ike


  45. Anon – What are you talking about? MSU won 11 games in the Big 10 with remarkably similar star distribution.

    No one is arguing that Pitt has to start winning now. I’m arguing the recruiting is good enough to win now. I’m not giving Duzz a pass this season. I only see 3 distinctly challenging games on the schedule. But I think all 3 of those are winnable too if the ball bounces right.

    So, the answer is no more years. My post didn’t give him anymore years.


  46. The athletic department is making significant upgrades in coaches and emphasis. This is a first for Pitt. BB hire, wrestling hire, baseball hire, volleyball hire, womens coaching hire appear to be significant commitments. Narduzzi is a given for proving he is the real deal. The extension was about stability and running a program that is building and will win. How much who knows. But Heather is a sea change in Pitt athletics and if Smith is gone as it appears to beat OSU, she is my first call.


    1. Narduzzi hired 4 new assistants this year. None of them were significant upgrades and they came at a small cost.


  47. Heather is an AD with a compliance background … OSU cares too much about winning to hire her. The fans won’t have patience for building a program the “right” way.


    1. I agree
      the right way is through 4 stars and very good coaches
      Unfortunately, I dont see that with Pitt at the moment
      These elite schools all play in the gray
      Pitt prefers sunny days


  48. Thank you for making my point. that is exactly the sell for the bucknuts. Meyer runs the program and everything else is secondary. But my greater point was with ACC money and reversing the fortunes of Pitt BB, things are happening that are very positive. Keep Pickett playing and this may be a interesting year.


    1. Football is separate from academics at Ohio State. In the late 90s the same thing Nordy did for Pitt academically that I read so often about, E. Gordon Gee did the same for Ohio State before leaving.

      Ohio State has the perfect model IMO.


  49. Here’s a video of PITT’s two star LBer recruit Brandon George. Not sure but I think he plays in a very competitive league out in Berks County? The opposition looks small because he is so big. 6’4″ 235lbs


  50. Lived in Columbus years ago and worked for a big booster. Back then they were doing what it takes to get the talent especially in Ohio. Big farm boy in New Phiadelphia and Dad needs a tractor, no problem. Believe me that was the deal then. OSU football for some is a big deal. You don’t see that here. No one in Pittsburgh is driving a car that the car horn plays the Pitt fight song. Pitt is way behind the power programs. It is not even close. Yet many think Pitt should win. Based on what! Take away the WPIAL for 35 years and Pitt wins 3 games a year. But things are getting much better so enjoy that. For 8 years out of 50 Pitt looked the other way and won. Pitt isn’t doing that again. Pitt can be a good program and be happy with that.

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    1. good to me is achieving 8-9 win seasons on a consistent basis. Along with the occasional 10-12 win season and a very nice bowl. Theres no reason why Pitt cant do that. TCU, Mich St and Whisky has with regularity. Now can Narduzzi do that? Thats the big question. His ceiling may very well be 8 wins.

      3 OOC wins and 5 Conference wins is pretty easy if you ask me.
      Caveat: assumes Pitt doesnt play the toughest OOC schedule in the nation 🙂


      1. I agree that there is no reason Pitt can’t do that and I think Duzz is very capable as well. See my response below to Reed and what Dantoni did at Cincy and MSU.


  51. If Pickett stays healthy the offense will challenge the scoring average that the 2016 team put up. The defense will also be considerable better than last season turning the ball over to our offense with many 3 and outs. Much too much pessimism on this board when you have a QB in place the best we’ve had since Dan Marino.


    1. Based on what exactly? He played in 2 games. We don’t really know what we have in him. This year will tell us. He won against Miami but his stats were not wow worthy.

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    2. How is he the best QB since Marino?
      He’s thrown one touchdown pass…and that was a shovel pass.


  52. Brandon George bench and clean videos. Hope the links work. The kid is a beast in the weight room.


  53. Do we forget that Narduzzi was not the HC at MSU?

    If you are going to have a recruiting track record like we do now you need a strong HC and a good staff like Dantonio had there…with a good DC in Narduzzi.

    He we have an average HC with a rather poor staff. Big difference.


    1. Reed – That’s an opinion. His first 3 season match up very closely to what Dantoni did … and that is who is mentor is and who he is modeling the program after.

      Mark Dantoni:

      2007: 7-6, Bowl loss
      2008: 9-4, Bowl loss
      2009: 6-7, Bowl loss
      2010: 11-2, Bowl loss

      Then he won 4 straight bowl games.

      You don’t think MSU message boards were just like ours going into the 2010 season? Or after the 2009 season? C’mon.

      I’m not saying Duzz will have the same success but I am saying that people should relax a little and see how the season progresses first.

      By the way, do you know how successful he was at Cincy?

      2004: 7-5
      2005: 4-7
      2006: 7-5
      Cincinatti: 18-17, 11-11 in conference


      1. You opinion of him is based on his entire track record … I highly doubt it would be the same if you only saw his Cincy tenure and first 3 years at MSU.


  54. I think you could be right Dr Tom. My one problem is I’m already coming on the POV to escape other things and now I have to escape the POV. I’m running out places to run to. Two more grand kids today and my house is small and it gets a lot more tiny when these two come over. and it’s raining…. oy vey I need some sanctuary…


    1. Head over to PSN or DK on PGH Sports for some actual, on site reporting and interviews, not speculation or opinion


      1. FT I do go over to those sights but the POV is still my favorite by far. I step back and try to put things in perspective every now and again and I usually straightened out. I just find it peculiar that this much venom so close to the beginning of the season without a game played yet and recruiting season only be half over?


    2. Ike, I hear you loud & clear. Nowdays I check in on the POV infrequently just to see what’s up but to keep the angst to a minimum, I rarely interact with the commentors.

      Today’s POV visit was prompted by a POV Facebook post concerning this thread. May I suggest joining one of the FB fan bases for some reprieve from the doom & gloom typical on the POV. “Pitt Panther Fanatics” is a good fan group. Both upbeat as well as interactive with other Panther fans.


  55. I generally agree with a strong HC but look at Chryst. He is not a strong HC and he is carrying about five guys he had at Pitt on his current staff. I would only consider Rudolph good from that group.

    So what is holding back good staff hires? Based on Pitt’s history, it seems like money. Is the assistant budget really good?


    1. Bates a career LB coach, Borberly at OL who got stripped of his OL title because of his performance at his last job and two lower level defensive coaches. Pitt is not throwing around the big bucks.


  56. How do teams find coaches like this? The guys coaching experience was literally less than a year. Pitt fans would freak out if Pitt hired this guy as DC.

    Following his retirement from a 10-year career in the NFL, Leonhard joined the Badgers’ staff as defensive backs coach in 2016. He became defensive coordinator less than a year later and went on to be named a finalist for the Broyles Award, presented to the nation’s top assistant coach, in his first season running UW’s defense.

    Maybe Randy Bates will be Pitt’s lucky hire.


    1. Leonard was always a coach on the field while playing. High Football IQ and can push kids. More energy than Linebacker Norman Bates


      1. Upitt how in the hell would you know Bates energy level? It’s been reported that he’s highly vocal and is very active on the field. Do you just post this stuff to piss off any and every one that has any positive slant on the possibilities for Pitt Football going forward?


  57. Tossing, I think you’ve laid out a very compelling argument for patience, not a defense or praise for what Narduzzi has done so far. Failure to grasp this is merely folks who can’t let go of there opinions.

    I for one will take your advice and wait to see:
    1) how the final recruiting class looks on signing day, and
    2) what Pitt’s record is for this year

    To be clear you nor I nor Ike are predicting a 10-11 win season this year, but merely suggesting that its too early to predict that it will or won’t happen. Personally a 7 win season with one of the wins against the blowhards from the Dairy College in the center of the state would be fine with me.


  58. How long is “patience”? I have always said any HC gets a full four years – by that time you know what you have. But apparently because he is Pat Narduzzi some want to give him 5, 6, etc…

    Sooner or later you look to what the future holds for an employee and not what he did in the past.

    It’s never too early to predict what will happen next season – unless there is actual and viable competition for starting spots in the 22 kids you’ll field on gameday. Which we really haven’t seen from this HC.

    PN has pretty much already stated that Dintino, Herndon and Millen will be on the OL, Wirginis will be at MLB, Hall will be the RB and Aston will be the FB.

    Where else is there competition? Not at DE, not at QB, not in the interior DL, not at TE (we only have two really) so maybe at the DB position and WR?

    I think the only key issue there is if Ford starts or not.

    When you know who is starting you can start predictioning because any info you get coming out of fall camp, unless it is injuries or suspensions, means nothing.


    1. The argument to your belief about 4 years is Virginia Tech giving Frank Beamer 7 seasons.
      His record in the first 6…


      In 1993, he went 9-3 and thus began his successful run.


  59. A lot of guys are placing their hopes for a 7 win season on Pickett. Guys, this OL is going to be pretty bad, sort of like the Nitters line a couple years ago. Do you remember how many vicious, and I mean vicious shots McSorley took that year? Chances of KP surviving past game 5 are slim to none. Might get 6 if we are really lucky. I am concerned.


    1. Do you remember the nits record that year?

      Yeah, McSwirley survived and won a BIG Joke championship


  60. Reed – It’s his 4th year. I’ve been saying all along that this is a make or break season. In a 4th year, a coach’s first real class is just redshirt sophomores. The initial class a coach inherits is pieced together in 30 days. In Duzz’s case, that class was ranked 65th and had no offensive linemen. That is why a coach needs years 4 and 5. Year 4 has to be a turning the corner year and the team should peak in the 5th year.

    Where you see concerns, I see unknowns. I don’t equate unknown to being a concern, however. That, I believe, is where we differ. The good ole half full/half empty debate.

    I like that there are a lot of players that have been waiting in the wings to play. Where you see a lack of experience, I see 3 or 4 years learning a system so the learning curve will be minimized. Plug and play. That’s the advantage of running a system and partly why the spread is so prevalent. There are less defensive system coaches but we happened to hire one of them. It takes time to install and get players indoctrinated into that system.

    But, alas, I agree that Duzz and Pitt have to rebound from last season and show real progress as a program. I’ve been saying that all along. If not, he’s out the door or his seat is burning up.

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    1. Ok – then are you not concerned at all that none of his recruits at all have shown star play? Just last week I wrote an article that had a chart in it that showed the HCs going back to Harris and their recruits who broke into stardom in the HC’s first two years.

      Every HC had multiple kids do that but we haven’t seen one so far out of PN’s recruits. Not one – Both Whitehead and Henderson didn’t commit to Narduzzi.

      Now – if you think Pitt football program is strong enough to have big winning seasons – and for Pitt that is 8 or more wins – without star players out on the field then you are probably very comfortable with what is happening.

      But I truly believe that Pitt’s success has always heavily drawn from the “star” players they have had and also others who had exceptional performances those years and I’ll list those who played in the 8+ win seasons:

      ’16 – 8 wins – Peterman, Conner, Boyd
      ’15 – 8 wins – Ollison, Boyd, Whitehead
      ’10 – 8 wins – Lewis, Graham, Baldwin
      ’09 – 10 wins- Lewis, Baldwin, Dickerson
      ’08 – 9 wins – McCoy, McKillop
      ’04 – 8 wins – Lee, Palko
      ’03 – 8 wins – Rutherford, Fitzgerald
      ’02 0 9 wins – Fitzgerald, Rutherford

      Now – if you as a fan are looking at our 2018 starting lineup and see anyone, any player projected to be in 2018’s starting lineup, who will match what those players did to get us to 8+ wins then good for you.

      All I see when looking at ’18 is that Pickett might reach that plateau but also notice that no singular player is listed above, each big year has had 2 or 3 offensive stars. I do not think we’ll get there with the personnel we have this year or even with who we have seen recruited by PN so far.

      Bottom line: Pitt doesn’t win big without real star power on offense.

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      1. The positions where star players generally come from are QB, RB, WR, CB, Safety and DL.

        QB: Peterman and hopefully Pickett. +1 for Duzz
        RB: He inherited Conner and Q-Ollison so the position was set. D-Hall, regardless of how you frame his stats, finished strong. Not much opportunity for a breakout player.
        WR: You don’t count Q-Henderson and Weah was already established. Tyler Boyd as well. Not much room for a breakout player if you don’t count Q
        CB: Duzz had been riding his vets. He has several breakout contenders this season. Ford, Dane, Coleman, Motley …
        Safety: You don’t count Whitehead. Hamlin has a shot this season.
        DL: I think we’re finally building to it. This was one of the most depleted units he inherited and is hard for young guys to become stars immediately. Donald wasn’t a star overnight either.

        While I don’t think Duzz inherited a great team, he inherited one that afforded him time to redshirt players. He’s had stars, you just don’t count them because he didn’t recruit them. His breakout players are coming.

        You don’t want your freshman to be your breakout stars. Good teams don’t play a lot of freshman. True or Redshirt.


  61. For those who want “real News” here are some websites – let me know if you find anything we didn’t already know:


    Here is one from the P-G about Pitt’s “funniest” unit – the OL. Can’t make this up folks…


    Oh! Here’s one about a new nickname the nation’s 105th ranked pass defense has given themselves…


    Since PN already shifted blame for last year’s performance to the departing SRs for their lack of leadership, here’s a piece that will make us all feel good…


    You want more? OK…

    Just as he had with the 5* TE he grabbed as a transfer two years ago – you remember him don’t you… when we last saw Chris Clark riding off into the sunset… Here’s PN waxing positive over his latest TE transfer.


    Just when the obvious becomes almost sublime here is Narduzzi quoting Winston Churchill about not looking to far ahead… of course the reason Churchill knew in the early 1930’s that Hitler was evil and would precipitate a world war was because of his uncanny foresight but who’s splitting hairs?


    “That’s part of the daily grind of building habits one snap at a time, which is how Churchill would have described it if he was coaching football, instead of leading Great Britain during World War II.

    Before practice, Narduzzi tweeted out a quote from Churchill that warns players not to look past training camp, especially when there are three weeks to go.

    “It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.”

    Hey, when Jerry D. gets his groove on there is no stopping him. I’d prefer PN tell his DBs to make an INT once in a while but that’s just me.

    And lest we forget the actual big news over the last week here is some reading material to bring the good news back around…




    When you are done reading all the ‘breaking news’ from camp – news mind you that carries no speculation or anything but facts, then you are welcome to come back here and talk with friends.


    1. I want to read the scintillating story of Heather saving football by leasing a hotel for players pre-season camp.
      Or better still, the plethora of high- nutrition smoothies.
      Or, the new ping pong table dominated by Aaron Donald during his holdout.
      Or, the myriad other tales of nonsense that fail to detail the reason for Elon recruits and the exodus of four star players.


  62. Read a little bit of the talk regarding MSU Spartan football on here..went to Wikipedia and what I thought was correct..Michigan State has had only 4 HC’s since 1954… Duffy D., ,George Perles, NicK Saban and Mark Dantonio and only 5 HC’s since 1947…PITT, is the antithesis.


    1. BigB – Minus the last decade, you’d have a hard time finding a more similar program to Pitt than MSU when looking at wins and losses and overall relevance.


  63. Actually I read Jackson and Ford each had an interception the other day but it’s kind of hard to do in the regular season when …………………………………… ssshhHH, it hasn’t started yet…. ike


  64. PSN and DK on Sports? Are you kidding me?

    “Real” information? Like this gem from Alan “Everything Pitt does is Awesome!” Saunders? The headline asks a question… and then the article proceeds to not answer that very question. Solid reporting.


    Or this great piece, written by a guy that trashed Pitt fans for not supporting Stallings, that is 100% speculation and opinion.


    Pittsburgh Sports Now is a great read on a rainy day, or immediately after Pitt offers another zero star kid. If PSN was a tv show, it would star 4 friends, would be set in an Irish Pub and be called “It’s Always Sunny in Pittsburgh.”


    1. Or we can read every post from you where every post is negative on anything connected to Pitt football.


      1. Sure – and that’s just what you seem to do every single day. As I say over and over this is an open blog you can come on here or not. I don’t expect people to agree with what I write all the time but if I sound negative it is because that is pretty much how I view the program right now.

        I’m not a cheerleader or a Pitt apologist – there are a lot of places you can read those guys who are.

        But let me ask this – what ‘good news’ have you come across about the program over the last year or so? The win over Miami was nice but when you have a 5-7 season and don’t get to a bowl game – after losing two previous bowl games and when the recruiting has been average at best… and kids are getting dismissed or bagging out rather often – what is the bright spot in all that?

        Maybe because we hired Randy Bates or Archie Collins. If that is good news for you then great.

        But really – hasn’t what has happened with the program since the Pinstripe bowl been pretty much on the minus side?

        See – I think it has, but I’m still really looking forward to seeing Kenny Pickett play and to see if our defense gets better and I want to see if we can beat PSU… but overal, when I look at the whole of the team I honestly feel we are in for more of the same as we had in 2017.

        So I’m not going to do this and lie about what I see, think or feel.


      1. I don’t.. I only went there to get links that proved a point. I stopped reading PSN a year ago.


  65. PSN? Are you kidding me?

    “Real” information? Like this gem from Alan “Everything Pitt does is Awesome!” Saunders? The headline asks a question… and then the article proceeds to not answer that very question. Solid reporting.


    Or this great piece, written by a guy that trashed Pitt fans for not supporting Stallings, that is 100% speculation and opinion.


    Pittsburgh Sports Now is a great read on a rainy day, or immediately after Pitt offers another zero star kid. If PSN was a tv show, it star 4 friends, would be set in an Irish Pub and be called “It’s Always Sunny in Pittsburgh.”


  66. It is quite normal to have established starters returning in some positions. I disagree that the OL and other positions are not open.

    DT and one DE position
    One of the LB spots
    One of the CB and S spots
    Two WR spots
    Two OG spots

    OL coach quote, “I am not set yet on who those five are for sure, I want to get a look at these young players…” He mentions Houy, Drake, Hargrove, Ford, Warren

    Partridge mentions how nine guys are in the mix for the DT and DE positions. Obviously, Weavers spot is not one of them.

    You may be right on Hall which disappoints me. LOL


  67. Reed – When you post something like that out of spite, you get spiteful responses.

    I, personally, get frustrated because I don’t think a lot of posters attempt to to see where someone else is coming from. I 100% understand why you and others tend to be pessimistic. It’s hard to deny there aren’t any concerns with the program or how it’s run. I just think most of the concerns are exaggerated … but I don’t deny they are present.

    For example, the Ox thing … while serious, it is probably being blown out of proportion. It’s starting to sound like a biblical story. The man, the myth, the legend … the Ox.

    I try to explain why I’m not quite as dour about Pitt. Instead of a conversation, it can turn mean spirited. Sometimes I’ll play that game too. It’s fun to poke the bear. But, since we got scolded a month or so ago, I’ve made every attempt to not fall into that trap. And I think I’ve done we’ll at it. And I think I get better responses to my posts because of it.

    My disagreeing with you doesn’t invalidate anything you say. I just see it thru different colored glasses.

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    1. Though the posts on here are 99.9% specualtion, which makes it fun. We aren’t to question some of it.


  68. if Pitt fans want to feel good about the program, I suggest they take some Valium. Fans wont be feeling good after this season and its my opinion that the future holds more of the same. But Narduzzi will be given until Year 5. I just wonder what will save his job. A stellar recruiting season? A 9 win season plus a bowl win?

    He’s being paid more than any Pitt football coach ever. Heather is giving him everything he needs from what I understand. And not getting in his way.

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  69. Tx, with all due respect friend but you have that phrase Bass Akwards. The people who feel good about PITT don’t need a Valium, it’s people like you. How strange you put it that way..


    1. ike – I dont feel good about 2 stars and 5 win seasons. I am amazed how many see good. You are right. I should take some Valium and I will begin seeing unicorns and fairies. But it doesnt make it real. I feel the pain.


  70. Pitt football always looks good in August…

    The OL is going to suck this year and the head coach knows it. Lack of recruiting is hurting this unit, having bodies and having talent is not one in the same. The OL is not the only unit this is being hurt by the lack of recruiting.

    The head coach is trying to win with his own players, we will see how it goes this year.


    1. How can you say Pitt football looks good? You have not posted one good thing about Pitt football this August. Not many on here have. I’m not sure they are going to be that good either, but I think they will be better than what some of the Negativos say…


  71. That’s a good comment TT and I agree. I get colored a Narduzzi lover even when I yell from the top of my lungs all the time that is not the case. For the forty some time, this is year four coming up and my eye is squarely on Narduzzi work. Now we have Reed telling us all he is all for giving a head coach four full years. Does that sound right to anyone? Hell no, Reed you have been riding Narduzzi’s ass for a few years already. Like I keep saying, I could give a rats behind if Narduzzi is the next coach to lead PITT to a ten win season. I do believe for right now he gives them the best chance to do that. We shall see. . .. ike


    1. Ike – have you ever once heard me say or read anything I wrote where I said Narduzzi shouldn’t be the HC for a full four years…or should have been fired? Of course not because I never have once thought that or said that.

      Now – you seem to think he is immune from criticism for a full four years and that just isn’t true. I have been critical of him certainly – but people in every walk of life and in every profession are judged by the job they do and the results they get.

      Narduzzi is not above that happening to him.

      Now, that said I think if he repeats a 5 win season or worse Pitt should can him because with the recruiting he has been doing things won’t get any better under him. He commands too high a salary to be carry on the books just because some fans like him.


      1. Reed, have you ever read where I did say anything like that. I say all the time you always say he needs four years but are you denying riding his ass? No not literally but you are a detractors in my mind. I think you need to own that by now. . . ..ike


        1. If a detractor means looking at him in a critical view then I guess I am. When he does something good I’ll say that also. He won 8 games in his first two years…that is good. Do i think it was with inherited players, I sure do but he got Peterman and won those games.

          Did he win five games last year? He sure did and it was the least amount of wins in 10 years…and lost seven. He has to own those losses – and no…”If we just coulda, shoulda woulda” either – as you tend to do with losses like the other team never missed opportunities or had bad breaks.

          Is his recruiting poor? That is subjective but I think overall it has been going downhill and I have said that – but I also wrote that I thought his recruiting in 2016 was good for a first year HC.

          I also have said many times that I think his disciplinary actions are spot on and positive.

          So yeah, I ride his ass I suppose. But we have guys on here who don’t want to hear anything negative about him because, well… He’s Pat Narduzzi!


  72. Seriously Bj? PITT football looks good in August? To who? 4 or 5 posters on the POV? Look, I don’t want it any other way. I’m willing to stand toe to toe and let others express their opinions and I express mine right back. It’s exactly why I come here. I will never claim I know everything but I won’t let anyone else tell me they do either. It’s a great PITT football blog… ike

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  73. Even though I have expressed my concerns about recruiting, I am willing to wait and see what happens this year. While I don’t think the O-line will be great, with 4 seniors it might be good enough. This is the year we find out if we finally have a disruptive defense. We also have a QB with some talent.

    Football is the ultimate team sport and it is possible for a team to be better than its individual parts if they play as a team.

    I also think it is fair that any coach gets 5 years to show what he can do unless the team completely collapses ala Foge.

    There are many things to be concerned about, but Narduzzi has wins vs PSU, Clemson and Miami, with undermanned teams.

    This is really his first year with his kids, lets see how they do before we give up.


    1. Couldn’t agree more GC! Yes I’m concerned about recruiting but geez, Pitt hasn’t played a game yet and 90% on the POV are ready to bury them, starting w Duzz. Like I said before, if we go into OT w Albany and get blown out by the Peds and Tech, I will be first in line ripping the coaches. If we have to make a change, I want Heather making it. Her choice today of the new softball coach from Ohio was spectacular !

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  74. Please read my lips here, this is just an observation and certainly not a complaint or bitch. You all know I love Reed and the POV so here goes.

    A couple commenters hit on this today. Now I could be all wet on this yet it does seem to me that the more positive posters and their comments seem to be met with a more of a cynicism and shut down as people insulting others when they are just posting like the rest of us all. These are not necessarily personal attacks but one’s opinions that we all have and no, there is no right answer 3 weeks before the season begins.

    I fight my battles when they prop up but why is it that the negative posters seem to want to take over and talk down to posters that want to look on the more positive side of things. I’ve taken a few shot the past few days just for posting my opinions. I do not or never have claim to know anymore than the next guy or girl commenting here.

    The negative posters er I mean “the realists” lol ,want to take offense and everything I say personal as if I am attacking them. I speak in generalities and will mention a name when it’s directed at someone in particular. Yet I get fired back at like some kind of whipping boy.

    Speaking of whipping boy, don’t you all think it’s time to let up and let Narduzzi coach this team this year? My gosh the SOS every day?? I swear some of you guys better pray that PITT doesn’t win 7 games this year. I will be relentless. I can take the backlash and acknowledge I deserve most of it but being tough on some others I just felt the need to step up and speak on their behalf. No offense intended to anyone in particular just expressing myself tonight. Love the POV. . . . . ike

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    1. Personal insults have no place on here. Snide comments however sometimes have their place if there is some humor attached.

      This blog is not life or death.

      It doesn’t impact whether Pitt wins games or loses them. What I say or write or what anyone else says or writes is not going to influence anyone whatsoever whether it be the Pitt Admin, Narduzzi, players or possible recruits. It just doesn’t.

      It is supposed to be a venue for sharing thoughts and some fellowship. The articles are to inform and provoke and to generate discussions. As are the comments.If it is not those things for you then re-evaluate why you come on here.

      Note: There are some commenters that I skip over just as some, I’m sure, skip over my comments. That is a way to stop yourself from going crazy. You are still a Pitt fan if you see things differently than other Pitt fans.

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  75. Link: Panthers Go Full Pads on Day 5 of Camp

    Pitt Football Camp: Media Recap, Day 5

    Videos, Quotes and Photos from Pitt Training Camp


    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Safeties Coach Cory Sanders

    Quarterback Ricky Town

    Running Back A.J. Davis

    Fullback George Aston

    Defensive Back Phil Campbell III

    PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football program put full pads on for its fifth practice of its 2018 training camp on a warm Tuesday morning at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

    Head coach Pat Narduzzi met with reporters prior to the session, while safeties coach Cory Sanders, quarterback Ricky Town, running back A.J. Davis, fullback George Aston and defensive back Phil Campbell III each answered questions from the assembled media after the workout.

    Videos from each media session are available above, while a transcript of Coach Narduzzi’s media availability can be found below.

    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Opening statement:

    “We have the first day of pads today. I think that the kids are excited. Yesterday’s practice was a lot better, like I thought it would be. It is amazing how you can just kind of guess. The reason I can say, ‘hey, one day it looked like this and the next day is going to be better,’ is because I know our kids. We have the best kids in the country. There is no one better. I listened to some of our new coaches go, ‘these kids are unbelievable.’ It is true when you have someone from the outside that comes in and has been here for six months or four months, whatever it has been, and they are like, ‘we have great kids.’ So I think that is where it starts. These guys are fun to coach every day. Today will be sloppier than tomorrow, which is our day off. First day in pads will be a little sloppier than the next time we come out in pads. We are excited, the kids are, and it should be a great day.”

    On the progress of putting on more pads throughout camp:

    “It’s just us taking care of our kids. The first two days were just helmets. The next two days were in shells. And after that, you can go what you want. Obviously, we do not come out every day in pads. Before scrimmages, we usually come out in shells just to lighten it up, but it just depends. We will actually have a couple of what we call ‘spiders,’ where we will put fake shoulder pads on that give them a little bit of protection. I still think that it is crazy that we go out in shorts and with nothing on our shoulders. Guys will dive on the ground or get a helmet in the shoulders. It is not very safe anyways. It is one of those old-school rules that the NCAA has never changed. For player safety, they should think about changing it.”

    On the level of physicality during the first day of full pads practice:

    “We are banging it today, for sure. That is how we set it up like that. The calendar has been a little different in the past. We’re practicing on Sunday, and I hate to practice on the Lord’s Day, but that’s just the way that the schedule sits. We are really going to keep it the same as during the season. Monday will be our normal day off.”

    On keeping players like Connor Dintino from transferring:

    “I think that it is being around good people. I think that is part of it. He has a good relationship with a lot of people here at Pitt, not only the coaches but obviously his teammates. I think that Coach [Dave] Borbely had a big effect there, I really do. If you went deep down and asked him, Dintino may be gone had Coach Borbely not come in. He felt like, ‘wow, I like this freshness.’ Everybody likes a little freshness, but I think that is how you keep him around. Good people and good coaches.”

    On projecting how Stefano Millin would perform in the ACC:

    “I just saw him play against different teams that you respect. Everybody wants to say, ‘project,’ but Kent State is a good football team. Do they have 11 great guys? I don’t know. Do we have 11 great guys? Who knows. But there is so much parody in college football. That guy is playing really good football in the Mid-American Conference. I have a lot respect for that. We watched what he was doing and tried to fit him into our scheme. That was an easy projection. We had no doubts that guy could come here and play for us right now.”

    On how Pitt started recruiting Stefano Millin:

    “There was not a ‘waiver wire’ at that time, so I have no idea. We heard that he was going to transfer, and then we just got on him.”

    On what he has seen from quarterback Ricky Town in camp:

    “Ricky town and [Nick] Patti are a work in progress really. We will find out more today. Ricky is about where he was in the spring and we are looking for more. Kenny [Pickett] just keeps going up, but Ricky has been really good, really solid, and so has Nick Patti. Nick Patti has come in and shown that he can pick it up. He does not look like a true freshman right now; he has a little knack, a little swagger to him. He still does not know what he is doing half of the time, but he makes plays with the ball. He is fun to watch. It will be interesting today when you can get hit. The quarterbacks won’t get hit, but they will get a little closer to them today than they have gotten the last couple of days. We have to keep those guys healthy.”

    On judging the improvement of Todd Sibley Jr. and A.J. Davis:

    “It is hard right now, but we will see something today. I hope that they have gotten better. They are bigger, faster and stronger for sure; we have seen that difference. But what we need to do is to see them run with their pads down low and make some plays with the football in their hands. You can’t really see that in shorts for sure because they just don’t have that chance. You cannot really see it in thud because we are telling those guys to stay high, don’t put your head down, if you put your head down, they are taking your knees out, and we are not taking knees out. We are trying to practice as a good football team.”

    On Phil Campbell’s progression during camp:

    “Phil [Campbell] has had a great camp so far. He is playing well. But so is Dennis Briggs—Captain Briggs from last year. He has had a great camp, so that is a good battle there, and we love battles. We can win a lot of games with Phil Campbell, and we can win a lot of games with Dennis Briggs.”


  76. I think we all want Pitt to move beyond mediocre. Some believe in Narduzzi while others dont. We’ll know by the end of this year and most definitely by the conclusion of the 2019 season if Narduzzi is the Coach to lead Pitt to the Promised Land. And by that I mean 10 wins and a chance at an ACC Championship.

    Kudos to Heather for hiring a softball coach from Ohio. Heather should know the sport if you know her bio.

    So things appear to be on the upswing with other sports programs. There is Hope.

    I personally am losing Hope for Football. A few 4 stars, wins against Penn State and Notre Dame, Kenny exceeding expectations and staying healthy…my Faith would be renewed.


  77. and yet people call me a pessimist. I actually have stripes and many flavours. If anything, Pitt fans are a diverse group. We are not zombies or members of a Cult. The ability to think independently and critically makes us special in a way. H2P!


    1. 2014 and 2018 playoff appearances. 2 straight 40 win seasons. And beat Pitt last year 6-1.

      These hires prove to me that Heather is going after proven head coaches with a track record of success.

      Narduzzi is the most highly compensated person at Pitt. He is expected to deliver. And by delivering, it means winning the Division and achieving consistent seasons of 9-11 wins.

      The heat will be on him if not already. It will be interesting to see how he handles it.

      I have Faith in pretty much every sports program at Pitt right now EXCEPT Football.

      I’m so much of an optimist that I believe Pitt will be ranked in the top 50 of the Directors’s Cup in 2 years.


  78. When the ACC network is up and running and added to the current payout, Pitt will receive 33 to 35 million in 2020. Go back to the Wanny/ Dixon era in the BE and the BE distribution was 7 million. In fact Nordy had to cut a check for 7 million per to subsidize Pitt athletics. Yea the glory days. The facts are Pitt is in far better shape and are upgrading the programs for the first time ever. You can argue about Narduzzi all you want but he is unlikely to go anywhere for awhile. Why? Because despite all the bashing, he is doing what is needed to bring the program up to speed. Pitt will likely finish in the 30’s for the fourth consecutive year in recruiting and when has that happened? If Narduzzi fails bring the program to competing for the coastal championship, then Pitt will make a change. And they will be a better position to do so. I am in the minority here, but Pitt will be Ok to good this year.

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    1. Pitt’s recruiting rank right now is based on numbers. 18 recruits. Only 6 schools have more recruits than Pitt. When those schools catch up, Pitt’s recruiting rank will fall unless they fill their remaining 7 slots with 4 and 5 stars. If you look at avg stars, Pitt is ranked number 57. The recruiting trend is downward come Year 4. Thats what a 5 win season (speed bump) and alienating WPIAL coaches does.

      Pitt will fire coaches if they dont get good value. Narduzzi is the most highly compensated employee ($3.5M) at Pitt. The expectation is Division titles and the occasional ACC championship.

      And Pitt will fire coaches if there is an attendance issue (see basketball). There is no buzz for this program. If Pitt didnt play Penn State this year, Pitt would be looking at another season of 36k avg per game like last year. Pitt loses money at those levels.

      And you are right, that ACC check ($27M) plus about another projected $7M from the network is what keeps Pitt sports above water. Football just needs to break-even.

      If Pitt was good at fundraising, it would be able to support lacrosse and hockey. Two sports that I think would be extremely competitive and fun to watch. And of course Pitt would be able to build that multi-purpose venue on campus along with a rec/wellness center.

      My question to you: How many more years does Narduzzi get?


      1. My hunch is that Narduzzi gets two more years to show he can move the wins and losses needle forward. He’d also better close this recruiting year a lot stronger then he started because the directional arrow is pointing down.



      2. He has 6 more years as an extension. Pitt isn’t eating any more money for awhile. So if 2019 isn’t the year Pitt wins 9-10 games, He will be on the hot seat in 2020 and the AD will make a change if Narduzzi a 6-7 win. year. If Pitt wins the coastal in 2019, he is here for awhile.


  79. Tx – It’s way too early on this recruiting class, man. N/R’s just mean they haven’t been scouted yet.

    Pitt has 18 recruits. 16 are 3 stars. One is a 2 star and one is unrated. The unrated will get rated soon.


    Both Goncalves and Malone could be 3 stars by the time December rolls around. If not, 16/18 are at least 3 stars.

    I really don’t get what you’re upset over. They’re at 2.78 because of 2 players in an 18 player class. Truthfully, they’re at 2.94 because the unrated player is unrated so it shouldn’t be counted until he’s rated. If he’s ultimately a 2 star, they’ll be at 2.88. If he’s a 3 star, right back at 2.94. It’s a big class, they can take a couple of chances.

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  80. Narduzzi kind of screwed the pooch here with the Ox deal but it may not be the deal breaker I thought????? Yet he may be on a shorter leash much like Wanny, who never realized or was to overconfident to see the undermining taking place behind his back. This could be the one time and case when HCPN should look back.

    I still think PITT has learned their lesson and will be hesitant to change directions midstream here. Starting over with a new coach could really throw PITT football into college football oblivion. imo . . . . ike

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  81. Just a couple of observations.

    It seems to me that this blog has been over taken by a select few. OK by me as I enjoy the banter. But, when someone who is a frequent poster appears to be frustrated, if not insulted, by others’ comments, then I believe it curious that every comment seems to require a response. That’s what leads to a lot of the negative vibe IMO. Otherwise it’s just a stated opinion.

    Also, I subscribe to the wait and see crowd but only because at this late stage of the 2018 season, what other choice do we really have? However, to place hope for each season to be successful (35 years now) seems pathetic. Hope is not a strategy. Good coaches, good recruiting, good schemes, etc. is a strategy. I expect Heather to develop her’s and begin implementation expeditiously so we don’t have to go into 2019 hoping we find success. I believe that’s fundamentally what several have been saying. That’s not necessarily negative but rather a fair assessment on moving forward with planning and some urgency. Just like in business.

    Thanks for listening….

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  82. Upitt – It’s almost all 3 stars. Nothing great but nothing terrible either. Right in line with how most of the ACC recruits, actually. It’s a bunch of kids that won’t start for 3 years … because Pitt is young and has depth at the moment.


  83. I think we are geographically recruit challenged in the ACC. All the ACC teams except Cuse, BC and us are located in above average recruit areas. Maybe someone has data as to where the 4s and 5s are located for the past 5 years. My guess is VA, NC, SC, GA and FL have many more 4s and 5s than PA, NY, New England and even OH. Kids like to stay home or near it.


    1. FL and GA are where many come from. And VA and NC are good states. But OH, PA and NJ arent that bad either. Plenty of talent still in the North. Penn State still gets plenty of talent from EPA, NJ and MD.


  84. Based on one interview and no other data points, Cory Sanders (coaches the safeties) is head coaching material and probably recruits really well. He’s incredibly likable and knows how to use coach speak without seeming like a prick.


  85. well the latest gentlemen it looks like Pitt is scrambling to find a new venue for the Duzz show. As was reported earlier by me as an exclusive to this group Rich Cupka cuts ties with the Duzz show but will air the Capel show. Puzzling since the Duzz show attracted a hard core crowd of Pitt fans. Pure speculation but it seems there may be a rift there. My understanding is as of yesterday and 3 weeks before the first show no venue has been selected. . Embarrassing for Pitt and most especially HCPN. This is what happens when you act like an arrogant prick. IMHO. You read it here first boys.


  86. frank md here is a link where 4/5*’s come from.


    Here is some more reading on recruiting. I especially like this one as it can help explain why recruiting services are not the end all be all.


    And yes Big B, I still exist.


  87. When has someone with the offers those two OL have been bumped to a 3*?

    Never in my memory.

    Also UNR playersat this late date get 2* when re-evaluated.

    Matter of fact how many Pitt recruited even get bumped up in stars before LOI Day?

    If memory serves very rarely maybe one every two years or so. Perhaps someone can find solid info on that.

    Bottom line is that with Pitt what we see is almost always what we get on signing day.

    I think that fans accepting classes filled with noting but 3* and 2* kid…with the occasional 4* thrown in is strange.

    All we heard about when PN was hired was how good a recruiter he was and that really hasn’t happened here with him as HC.

    It looks like that in his 4th full year we are Fielding at least six players on offense and possibly 6 players on defense who he didn’t recruit.

    And those inherited and transfered players are average at best with the exception of maybe Aston at FB.

    The fact that we will most probably be starting guys like Roy, Dintino, Herndon, Hall, Zeise, Briggs, Wirginis (5th year and just now starting) is part of why I worry about this season.

    These are not anything but ordinary, if that even, D1 P5 starters.

    What does it say when you have to start three 5th year SRs who have two career starts among them?


    1. Reed, although not ideal, I think fifth year seniors are better than young guys that aren’t ready. I also think that Hall, Zeise and Briggs will probably get passed by the up and comers this year. I think it is good for a program to have a group of fifth year guys. They are certainly more experienced and mature. Pitt needs these guys because we aren’t recruiting guys out of high school that are ready to go in their first two years. I think we are lucky to have Herndon and Dintino who have paid their dues and are getting their chance. I am happy that Wirginis and Aston have stuck around.

      Sometimes it takes longer to develop, take James Harrison, he never gave up and look what happened,
      or Vijay Singh in another sport. Not saying our guys will become stars but I do think you are being a bit harsh on guys that have worked hard and been loyal Pitt men.

      We all wish recruiting could be stronger, but should be appreciative of the guys that do come and represent us.


  88. Both OT’s will be low 3 stars due to they have not been to the number of camps and exposure to be higher. I do think AJ Woods has a good shot at another bump and at least three to four recruits can as well by a small amount. Pitt will recruit around 22 to 23 recruits with two more OT’s DB/corner and RB. Rivals is not an exact science but for consistency, it keeps things simple. I do think there are some really solid to good recruits in this class including a pretty good QB for the third year in a row. Something Wanny and HCPC badly missed on.


  89. Tex..Pitt is excellent at fund raising. They just keep it in an account away from athletics..trying to build the academic and research reputation, ya know…BTW, how are we stacking up against the competition on the academic side ?


    1. Well our academic rankings should be much higher since our endowment is so large. We’re underperforming on the academic side if you ask me.



  90. Reed – Who cares if they are ever bumped up to a 3 star? They literally won’t be needed for 4 years. Pitt has 18 OL on the team. Only 4 are leaving after the season. So they have 14 OL ahead of them.

    Pitt still needs OL on special teams. Herndon and Dintino have been playing on the FG units the last 3 years. Pitt can take chances on this position because they have youth and depth already. They can be patient with developing them.

    If Pitt had an immediate need, sure, it’s a problem.

    Pitt’s still in the running for a 4 star, Hubbard, right now too. Wisconsin, btw, is known for walk-on program which has produced several all-Big 10 offensive lineman. It’s not a position that is easy to grade in HS. If they don’t pan out, it’s okay too. They leave and Pitt has future scholarship spots. It’s a huge class.

    For someone who has professed he’s not into recruiting you sure have gotten passionate a bout it the last year.

    And FWIW, 247 has the entire class as 3 stars.

    Right now, 16/18 are at least 3 stars and most people following Pitt expect them to take 24-25 kids. There will be some reaches in there.


  91. @ Chethejet & Greg, when you mention, “all the bashing” that Coach Narduzzi is taking, hopefully you realize that such “bashing” has to be viwed as relative to the echo chamber of the POV, which has become dominated by those who are more disenchanted with the coaches, their recruiting efforts & last season’s record than many thousands of other Pitt fans are.

    This relatively gloomy POV impression of the program is not the pervasive feeling throughout the fanbase &/or with those reporting on the Pitt Football program currently. So even though you may feel in the minority when stating opinions that don’t paint such a dire picture as is conveyed by those that see things more negatively on the Pitt POV, take heart in knowing that there are many fans that feel enthusiastic about the team, the coaching staff and are hopeful going into this season.

    That hope isn’t just a naïve wish either because, irrespective of what others would have you believe, this football team right now is on terra firma.

    As Greg mentioned, being a member of a P5 conference has been & will be even moreso in the future a boon for the financial stability of Pitt athletics going forward. Also with both Chryst & Narduzzi, the coaching carousel has taken a break here at Pitt now, and that is a GOOD thing. Also, what you won’t hear much of here on the POV is the positive aspect of WHERE Pitt is recruiting nowdays. Our recruiting footprint has been expanded with Narduzzi, inroads into the heart of the ACC territory, grabbing multiple recruits from places like Virginia & Florida in particular during Narduzzi’s tenure so far.

    Also, it appears that we finally have recruited a talented QB that will be here for more than a year or two. This season will tell the tale, but if Pickett plays this season like he played in his first start against Miami then I think that the hope for this season is warranted.

    Add to the equation that Narduzzi has shown that he can compete with anybody & bring home wins against the big boys beating PSU, Clemson & Miami over the last three seasons tells us that this program can get to the next level if they aspire to.

    Ike tends to be one of the few remaining optimists that have made the decision to stick it out on the POV Adding his dissenting counterpoints to the den of negativity. His comments are welcomed by those of us that share his optimism but for whatever reason have decided not to fight that battle any longer on the POV venue.

    For me, I see a bright future for this current team. This season will show us a lot about where we are as a program under Narduzzi. I think that a few stars will be created this season for the Panthers. Pickett, a healthy Hamlin (finally), Paris Ford, somebody in the WR Corps could all turn into household names by season’s end for the Panther faithful. So yeah, I’m stoked for the season, there’s plenty of fans like me out there too. So take solace guys in knowing that the Pitt POV is just one sounding board of many following Pitt Football, so keep the faith & Hail to Pitt.

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    1. Let’s hope yellow seats don’t become an issue by years end. I have to believe that most fans aren’t happy with last years season. And most rational fans aren’t expecting miracles. But let me ask you this. When narduzzi was hired, what was your expectation come year 4?

      My expectation was wanny like recruiting. That means around 6 four stars in the class. It would mean a 9-10 win season.

      Vegas has Pitt at 5.5 wins
      Pitts recruiting will probably finish with 1 four star.



    2. Tom, you just mentioned three players you think can make 2018 a good season…yet only one of them has played more than two games in his career.

      Then you make a vague reference to some unknown star WR.

      It is just that real uncertainty that makes some fans wonder about the upcoming season.

      But you sure steer clear in discussing the other starters who have been average or worse and who will be starting again.

      That is just as one sided a view as those who write about their valid concerns, but of course when you are on your white horse it’s hard for you to dismount.

      A small note. Readership on here has grown more over the last year then the years before. I understand you wouldn’t know that or know of the literally hundreds of emails I get each month from readers who read but don’t comment, but do take the time to tell me about how good it is to read a different viewpoint on Pitt football rathet than the all sweetness and light the other guys put out.

      With that I can tell you that over the postseason and now this preseason I received exactly three emails stating the reader didn’t appreciate how I wrote about Pitt football


      BTW those positive emails? You would probably be shocked if you knew how many were from ex-players from the past teams even going as far back to the 1980s…and star players also.

      Add the crazy numer of ‘friend requests’ I get from the ex-players and fans (which I never accept) and I can easily say that you have no real idea about what people feel about the team and program right now.

      It is my experience that most people want to talk about the warts and all…the good with the not so good. Or…the realistic as much as you abhor the word.


      1. Reed,
        Thank you for sharing the great number of people who faithfully read the POV on a regular basis. I’m not surprised at all by this!
        Fact is, many long time fanatic Pitt fans, like myself (by the way) have realized we haven’t been relevant for over 3 decades. Hence, it’s quite hard to come out like a ra ra cheerleader at this point and reading all the sugar coated stuff is meaningless to me at this point. Hence, the POV is a breath of fresh clean air of reality that our football program is in fact something that it is not at this point: relevant

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      2. I wasn’t even aware that I had a horse, let alone a white one. Bookser, Hall, Ollison, Aston, Araujo-Lopes, Ziese, Idowu, Wriginis, Brightwell, Hendrix, Camp, Watts, Weaver, Folston, Wheeler & Jackson are all known enities. They are good solid football players that form the basis of a solid team. They will only get better, although that “star” qualityl may be beyond their potential, therefore why none of them were mentioned regarding this year’s star potential. Araujo-Lopes is a good possession WR but there are so many other guys in the WR room that are competing for a WR spot that somebody else will come forward this season to be the other “go to” guy and just maybe blossom into that star of which I mentioned at WR. A few of the youngsters have that look to them. We Panther fans NEED it to happen if the Panthers are to be successful on offense this season.

        Glad to learn that you have many friends that enjoy discussing Pitt’s warts with you. I’m kind of jealous actually, because as you’ve probably guessed, I have so few friends myself. I’m happy that The Pitt POV is doing well, Lord knows that you put enough time & effort into it. Let’s hope that the time & effort that these coaches & players are putting into their football team results in the same kind of success that you’re enjoying on the POV. H2P.

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      3. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your realistic take on Pitt football. Critical, yet grounded with data and analysis. Do not change a thing. Your willingness to be honest and critical is why many of us come to this blog. Given the program’s performance over the past 25+ years, Pitt football needs covered with an extremely critical lens. There is nothing more pathetic than reading homer prediction puff pieces when this program has won 5 freaking bowl games in over a quarter century. Let Pittsburgh Sports Now write rah rah puff pieces all day so they can gain better access to the coaches’ crumbs. PSN is probably still writing glowing articles on Stallings.

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  92. The remaining targets with the exception of OT are all 5.6 to 5.8 rankings. Both corners are 5.8, safeties 5.7 and 5.8. Two Line backers at 5.7. WR from FLA 5.7. Also the RB Carter 5,8 from Florida. Now in a perfect world Pitt lands the majority of them. But they are after some pretty good recruits with great offers.Tthe only thing that is still there is the OT they probably land are 5.5 guys. For me I take the OT from Florida and that’s it. See what Borbs does and if he does a really good job. go hard for higher rated quality OT’s next year. Pitt has more than enough to wait.


  93. Has anyone read the PSN article on Nick Malone? What struck me was the discussion with the Morgantown head coach Matt Lacy, and the positive way he talked about Pitt- The family atmosphere, great facilities and the way they recruited Malone. You can’t buy that type of publicity, and we don’t seem to get that same treatment from the WPIAL coaches. Pitt needs to look real hard at what they are doing in Western PA, and make some necessary changes.


  94. @gc – I had a bob prince moment when reading your last post about some guys developing late. That is true, but it sounds more like “if we grab enough 2 stars, we will surely get a prize at some point”. The old gunner’s theory of hidden vigourish. Made for a brief chuckle. Head coaches don’t have long careers bringing in the majority of 2 and 3 stars and hoping for stardom. My point isn’t to argue stars, rather it is to thank you for making me think of the gunner.


    1. HS and college friend of my dad. I spent a game up in the booth with him at Forbes Field when I was 12 and was schocked at how much booze he drank when broadcasting.

      In between innings he would tell dirty jokes in a loud voice.

      I was kind of scared of him because everting he did he did BIG.


      1. I have a family friend who pitched for the Pirates in the 60’s. He has told me stories about the Gunner, the best being one where he dove into a pool from the 2nd story balcony of the motel the team was staying at while on the road. Apparently one wild guy.


    2. Loved the Gunner, and I have some stories too. Larger than life guy.

      As Pitt attempts to become relevant again, I don’t think you can discount anyone that can help

      People praised Herndon, Dintino, Hall, Wirginis when they came, just like other guys come with promise.

      It doesn’t always work out. They have this year to contribute. I hope they do.

      I have been one that has said longer than most that we need our share of four stars with a five thrown in once in a while. But the majority will always be three stars, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      A couple of two stars and certainly walk-ons also can contribute.


  95. I looked at the number of 4s and 5s in the ACC states except for us, Cuse and BC. The ratio is 3 to 1.

    Tough odds to get higher recruits. We need all we can get, even the 3s, from FL.


    1. You are correct. But we have offers out to over 90 4* recruits for this class and haven’t landed one.

      That isn’t a misprint…90 offers to 4* recruits.


      Last year we had 92 4* offers out and landed one kid. Over 30 of those offers went to PA and OH recruits.


      So we are trying, I know that, but let’s not kid ourselves that there isn’t talent in our traditional recruiting area, there sure is.


    2. there is plenty of talent in OH, PA, NJ, MD and VA.
      All states within a 5-7 hour drive of Pittsburgh
      Pitt really needs to focus there first
      Always good to have a pipeline from Florida
      But I doubt we make inroads into states like NC and GA


    1. You didn’t go there in seriousness did you.

      Hell, I’ll take Alabama’s 5th year guys and every one of Wisconsin’s walk-on OL they want to give us

      But this is Pitt we are talking about.

      BTW I’ve no problem with walk-on kids. Our most proven offensive player and most proven defensive players were walk-ons in Aston and Idowu.


      1. The only point I was making is that just about every P5 football team fills roster spots with 5th year guys, grad transfers and walk ons. Pitt is not unique in that area and it is not a negative. It is common practice which some don’t realize.

        There was a nice article a few weeks back about perferred walk ons and the extra roster numbers added this year for college football. I think 5 extra guys.

        These kids are recruited and it also serves as a relationship builder between high school coaches and college coaches. Not unrealistic to think any school can find an eventual starter this way.

        I think this link will work.



  96. Pickett has had two full off seasons, camps, summers and coaching to be a really good QB. The OC is in his second year as well. So remind me again how a lower 3 star 6-3 190 pound QB is now 6-3 230 and has the look of a quality QB. A program needs time to develop the players if the program is simply not that good going in. HCPC simply didn’t recruit well enough for various reasons especially on D. so at least Pitt has addressed many of the issues that were there when Narduzzi arrived. Not all of course but many. Narduzzi will play who gives him the best chance all things being equal. So yes he will play Bookser, Herndon, Hall, Ollison, Zeise, Brightwell, Wirginis, Jackson if they are the best players and win the jobs. What coach would not play that experience, maturity and leadership. But they all are being pushed now that didn;t happen until this year. .


  97. Good too see some more positive posts. About yellow seats: Pitts attendance last year ran around 36,000 with a high of 41,124 for NC State and a low of 30,889 for Virginia. This is not as bad as Duke which only has a 40,000 seat stadium and crowds are only 67% of that. Pitt Should draw better but if you look at last year they opened with 40,012 for Youngstown St. The yellow seat problem needs addressed till they can start filling those seats and yes an OCS of 45 to 50 k would help. Crowds in the 40s to 50s would make them as good as many ACC teams. About the recruit level: Each year when I get my Phil Steele annual I scan two things on the teams. I look at the PS recruit rank # for the tentative 2 deep on a team and the PS recruit ranking of each teams’ recruits. It is true the stronger a team is in RRs the stronger the team. I have concluded that the best teams have predominately double digit or single digit rankings but will still have some 189 or 160 type #s showing. Pitt presently is not as bad off here as some think. I do not see a panic here——- yet, this year, but if we can win and they will come. Our close losses each year in games we should have won hurt more than 0ne big win against a Clemson or PS each year. George Patton used to tell his subordinates “Do not take counsel of your fears”. Some here should heed.H2P


    1. Agree but a counterpoint is that those attendance numbers are for tickets sold and allocated…not for actual buts in the seats.

      You can see the difference between the two when we have home games against the poorer teams.

      I really don’t get that most Pittsburgh people don’t realize what a deal going to a Pitt game is. You can take a family of four and have a full afternoon out for around $100 or maybe a bit more.

      Hell, a full ticket price movie with concessions will get pretty close to that.

      I think Pitt football is always going to be the 5th most popular sports team in PGH ..4th maybe but PSU is very popular also.

      I’m not sure if that will ever change. I’ve said before I attended every home game from birth to 1977 – 22 years and Pitt stadium rarely was full, not even during the 1976 season.

      But that is why the land-grant colleges draw so well. They are the only big sports in their area.

      Does anyone know how the Dukes and Robert Morris ticket sales are? Do they sell out?


    1. Too bad Chryst never offered Tyler Hudanick, who’s started games at UCF. He would have filled one of guard spots and would be a redshirt junior. Tyler liked Narduzzi but already gave his verbal to UCF. Pitt unfortunately doesn’t have that swag to make a kid renege on a pledge.


  98. Some more news for the POV downbeats to feed on as it looks like Pitt lost another 4 star OL recruit to PSU Anthony Whigan out of Lackawanna College.

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  99. lol jrn, Narduzzi was raked over the coals for taking offensive lineman Chase Brown and Devin Davis from Lackawanna College last year calling it an act of desperation. Funny how the saying “What goes around comes around” is so true.

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  100. Back in my day, Pitt recruited against Notre Dame and Penn State. If Pitt made an offer to a WPIAL kid, that kid was coming to Pitt no questions asked.

    Fast forward to today. We are competing against Elon and Holy Cross for recruits.

    We make offers to WPIAL kids but few want to come to Pitt.

    What the Hell happened??


    1. Actually, from 1965-1979 ND had 4 WPIAL QBs: Jim Bulger, Terry Hanratty, Tom Clements and Joe Montana.


  101. tex..years of bad management and PITT is not even an after-thought with most of the local top talent…maybe about to change with Heather in charge,,,

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    1. are you saying we give Narduzzi 7-8 years to build a program like his mentor up in Michigan State? I know it took Coach D 5-6 years but I’m pretty sure the Michigan St brass saw something in him. I’m not seeing much in Coach Pat. What I see:
      WPIAL talent not coming to Pitt
      Offers being made to kids with few if any other P-5 offers
      Recruiting trending downward or flat at best
      High coaching turnover
      Failure to develop his own recruits
      No excitement with the program or hope (from my perspective)


      1. Contrast that with Coach Capel
        Talent from the area very high on Pitt (and finally B-ball talent in the area is swinging up)
        Offers being made to very legit 4 and 5 star talent (and those kids are willing to listen)
        Recruiting trend up…best class in nearly 5 years
        First year assistants including his bro but I would think assistants would love to learn under him given his experience, contacts and personality
        We’ll see this year how Capel develops many players left over from last year
        Plenty of excitement and hope. Pete will be packed next year and Pitt will be making profit again


        1. Basketball is different than football. Pitt basketball actually has a recent pedigree of being a very good at an elite level and only two years removed from the tournament. Basketball is 11 kids. Football is 85 kids. Pitt hired a coach known as a recruiter and who had been to an Elite 8 as a head coach. Pitt football hired a career assistant modeling his program after Michigan St. I’m not sure what you’re trying to compare. Had Pitt hired Urban Meyer, the expectations would be different. Spoiler, Pitt did not hire Urban Meyer. Pitt hired a coach that was going to require patience so I’ve had patience. I also see a lot of parallels between the program he’s building and the one he was part of at Michigan St.


          1. I’m comparing a guy that can recruit versus a guy that cant
            A guy that I believe will develop players versus a guy thats proven he cant…yet
            A guy that engages people instead of alienating them
            But many say give him some more time and his recruiting will pay off in the end
            I just dont have the faith or patience
            But my voice doesnt count
            It will be Heathers call to make


            1. Tx – That is not who we hired tho. You’re upset at the type of coach we hired but that is out of our control. We hired a coach that was going to require patience. A career assistant who was adamant about running a particular system. System coaches care less about stars and more about fit. Then they redshirt them and indoctrinate them in the system for a few years before they hit the field. When they do hit the field the learning curve is not as steep since they’ve been doing the same thing in practice for 3 to 4 years. His first real class is red shirt sophomores. This is the year they would make their first impact.

              I don’t doubt that Pitt need 4 stars eventually … and they’ll have 6 starting this year. Under Narduzzi, they’ll build up to a top 25 finish for a few years. Then they’ll build up to a top 15 finish for a couple of years. Then they’ll build up to a top 10 team. But we’re talking a decade of building up to it. Sucks for us Pitt fans, but that’s how you build a sustainable program.

              If you try to take short cuts, you may get that flash in the pan season … but then we’re right back where we started when the inevitable fall happens.

              We’ll know this season and, if he gets another season, next season. I think he has to overachieve to keep his job. Heather hasn’t wasted much time if something isn’t going to work out. Duzz will probably have to get to a bowl game. Pitt knows ACC TV money is coming and can afford the buyout.

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  102. NRS..thanks for posting the article about the walk-ons … great read containing the message of hope and dreams in these young men…For the love of the game and a chance to compete..that’s what sports is all about-pure and simple.

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  103. Michigan St recruiting rankings:

    2007: 42
    2008: 47
    2009: 17*
    2010: 30*
    2011: 31*
    2012: 41
    2013: 40
    2014: 22
    2015: 22
    2016: 18
    2017: 33
    2018: 26

    indicates Rich-Rod years UM. Lol.

    From 2007-2013 the avg class ranking was 35 even with a #17 in there.

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  104. It’s been 40 years of 4 years and a new coach with the exception of harris and Wannstedt. Those two coaches should have never been fired in first place or let go or whatever you want to call. I’m sick of this trend but I will never complain about fans being negative all I want to do is see Pitt win ten games one time lol. The Fan base is antsy because Duzz came in here and talked a big game got close and wet the bed against navy and northwestern and now is going backwards. Win ten or be gone.


  105. what % of those recruits were 4 or 5 stars
    typically, you need 25% or higher to be successful
    elite schools have 50%+ (10-12 high impact recruits each year)
    Pitt will probably finish in the mid to high 40’s this year after the first 3 years being in the 30’s (similar to M St)

    and you are making a leap of faith that Narduzzi can replicate the Michigan St model here at Pitt
    I really dont see any high impact or star type recruits with Narduzzi
    You need patience to see how recruiting plays out and assumes these under the radar players stay, develop and contribute come years 4-6
    I just dont see how Narduzzi pulls it off
    I frankly dont see fans having the patience either if it means more 5-7 win seasons until Pitt finally wins big


  106. Bob “The Gunner” Prince isism’s:

    As mentioned, hidden vigorish.

    Bug on the Rug.

    Can of Corn

    The ABC double play combination

    We had em all the way

    reba reba for Roberto means to reassure. He said it meant great one?

    After a double-play he would put the sound of a vacuum on like the Pirates cleaned the rug.

    Named Vernon Law “The Deacon” he would never pitch on a Sunday.

    etc etc…………………


  107. Altoona – That’s what happens when you replace coaches every 4-5 years. Rebuild starts over.

    Tx – I’m sure MSU felt the same way. We have four 4 star running backs. We’ll have 4 stars Hamlin and Paris Ford in the defensive backfield. We’ll have Kenny Picket at QB. I see high impact players all over the place.


    1. TT so far our 4 star RB’s haven’t played up to their star level. Maybe it’s just the poor OL play but from what I have observes few of them have any of the Dorsett/McCoy wiggle in their running styles. We will have to see if our 3 youngest 4’s can show some change of direction in their running styles this year.


      1. Darrin Hall showed flashes late last season. AJ Davis didn’t really get the opportunity despite blowing his redshirt. Salahuddin is a true freshman. Plus we still have Sibley and Ollison. Aston is back too. The running game struggled against 8 man fronts. I’m not even sure that’s really on the OL. That’s on the OC and passing game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try redshirting Salahuddin and roll with a more vet group of Hall, AJ, Sibley and Ollison. Hall and Ollison will be gone next year so then It will probably be Salahuddin and AJ battling for #1 with Sibley as the odd man out.


    2. Only 1 can run the ball at once though Tossing. 3 of the 4 star RB’s will be off the field no matter what.


  108. To clarify, potential stars all over the place. Since I’ve known for 4 years he’s modeling the program after Michigan St I’m will to give him the chance … and it’s provressing very similar if you compare the two.


  109. How about “Chicken on the Hill with Will”, another Prince gem. I believe Stargell had a restaurant in the Burgh, and everyone got free chicken dinners when he hit a home run .


  110. I found this article while searching for a silver lining in Pitt’s recruitment woes. This 2015 article looks at how Iowa put together a solid lineup with many unheralded recruits. It may be a longshot but it is our situation at present. So we give HCPN his fourth year and hope for the best. I’d take Kirk Ferentz as our HC in a heartbeat and he had a 4-8 season not that long ago. H2P Biotches!



  111. Tossing,
    If you’re plan is going to work, I sure hope you’re a young guy – cause I will for sure be DEAD by the time you say we will be revalent again!!! (LOL)


    1. Just speaking the truth. Pitt is not going to just explode onto the national scene. Sorry to disappoint.


  112. @TomFornelli
    Point Differential in ACC Games since 2014

    Clemson: 486
    Louisville: 301
    VaTech: 191
    FSU: 175
    Pitt: 77
    Miami: 69
    GaTech: 37
    UNC: -1
    NC State: -57
    Duke: -151
    BC: -217
    Virginia: -228
    Wake: -269
    Syracuse: -413

    Clemson is really good and Syracuse really sucks
    Pitt is middling. Few blowouts either way. Competitive games.
    Chryst players coached by Narduzzi


      1. its 80 points over 4 years. thats 32 acc games. A difference of 4 points per game. Helped in a large part by those two 8-5 seasons when Pitt went 6-2 and 5-3 in ACC play. Pitt had a negative differential last year and probably looks more of the same this year. The trendline is down.

        This mainly shows me that Clemson as we all know has been excellent. Syracuse a team that put up over 60 points against us one year and a team we lost against last year is absolutely horrible.

        Pitt can be a top 4 team in this conference. I only see Clemson, FSU and Miami being consistently better given their coaches and recruiting. But these schools have some down years or periods. Its during those times that hopefully Pitt is trending up or at a high peak in performance.


        1. a difference of 2 points per game (coffee hasnt kicked in). As we all know Pitt has been competitive in ACC play. But playing games close doesnt mean winning Divisions.


  113. Tx – From reading that Dokish article, do you see what I mean? Pitt is not a quick fix. It’s going to take having a coach at the school for a long time, like Michigan State or Virginia Tech or Boise St or TCU, for it to work.

    Reed, and you, keep harping on star players but what have star players done for us? They haven’t gotten us into the top 25. They’ve made Sundays more enjoyable that Saturdays.

    Instead of having star players surrounded by sub-par players, the approach now appears to be a well-balanced team. Even recruiting and depth at all positions. Pitt isn’t there yet. TE, for example, but it’s closer to that goal than at any time since at least Walt Harris, maybe longer.

    There is legitimate depth at QB, RB, WR, OL. DL, LB and DB’s. The only position lacking the desired depth right now is TE.

    Having said that, Pitt will eventually need consistent recruiting 4 star players to jump from a borderline top 25 team to something more … but first, they have to become a top 25 team. That’s my point about skipping steps.

    I’ve already shown that teams that finished last season 20-25 had an average 4 year rolling recruiting class in the mid-50’s.

    One of our “tough” OOC games this season is UCF, which has a 4 year recruiting average in the 70’s.

    … but, alas, Pitt fans are a scorned bunch and the last 35 years have stripped the necessary patience required to enjoy a team making progress … incremental as it is …

    Good things happen to people who wait … The problem is that people see the wait as 35 years instead of what it really is … the 4 years we’ve had Duzz. That wait resets every single time we replace a head coach. There isn’t a shortcut around that … unless you cheat.


    1. I just dont know how many seasons Narduzzi needs and if the AD will have the patience. If this approach produces 5 and 6 win seasons with few exciting players, Pitt will be lucky to get 36k paid seats per game. Each year Pitt could lose up to $10M in revenues with this approach.

      There are coaches and systems that can turn programs around much quicker. I just dont see this Michigan State model working at Pitt. Many Pitt fans dont have the patience and this is a program that needs jump started.


      1. Tx – Keep producing 5 and 6 win seasons? Duzz has two 8 win season and one 5 win season. I’m not sure what “keep” means? You’re already chalking this season up to 5 or 6 wins? Let’s table the “keep” discussion until after the season.

        It doesn’t matter if Pitt fans have the patience or not … Pitt is not a program you can jump start. It even took Nick Saban 5 years to turn around Michigan State. Dantoni a similar time frame.


        He went 6-5-1, 6-6, 7-5, 6-6 and then 9-2 at Michigan St … then off to LSU where he went 8-4, 10-3 and then dipped to 8-5 in year 3.

        It’s way too early to close the Duzz chapter. I 100% agree another 5 win season is bad … but that 5 win season has to happen, first, before I complain about it.

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  114. It took a lot of hard work by Pederson and Nordy to get us to this state and like it or not it will take a lot of hard work and time to get us out of it. I hope Narduzzie can, but if not, some one else. Right now we have to stop the coaching merry go round and shore up the other problems so if a change is made another coach will come in at a better program level than Chryst and Narduzzie.had to. Scheduling, OCS, better promotion/PR and adequate financing to have top assts. Reference in previous comment re Ferentz another top coach that came out of the Burg by way of Pitt asst. job. Amazing we can have any coaching problems when you look at all the past assts. that have gone on to fame elsewhere. You can not overvalue the importance of a top QB and HC to any program.


    1. I like us to lose a closer game than most think. If we are plus 13.5 I take Pitt. Most likely.


  115. ike — I remember the double-play being. “Hoover!”

    Then there’s the “Homerun in an elevator shaft!”

    Go Pitt.


  116. ucf won’t be undefeated when they play Pitt this year. I think they either lose to UNC, despite player suspensions, and possibly flurrrrrida atlantic. They have a nice qb, but they lost a lot on defense.


    1. The Knights lost five starters on defense. I’m not sure if that is a lot since they have more returning than losing.


      1. Nate – They lost their 5 best players on defense. The offense will be explosive, probably. I never discount a new coaching staff mucking things up tho. Especially, a rookie head coach.


  117. tossing, I have detailed in two separate articles what those star players have done for us.

    Every single time we’ve won eight games or more it has been done on the backs of star players, even these last two eight wins seasons.

    Now you can wish that we might have top 25 play with all two and three star average players across the board but that doesn’t happen; we have to have star players no matter what their star rating and we haven’t had that yet out of Pat narduzzi is recruits and that’s just the truth.

    Every single time we win 8 or more games there’s been super star players on our team.


    1. Reed – The teams that finished last season ranked 20-25 had average recruiting classes in the mid-50’s so 3 stars are fine. Moving forward there will not be many 2 stars in the starting lineups. Mostly 3 stars moving forward.

      2016 thru the current class, since Reed won’t give Duzz credit for any stars out of the 2015 class …

      Total recruits: 86
      4 stars: 9 = 10%
      3 stars: 70 = 81%
      2 stars: 7 (one is technically an N/R) = 9%

      This is plenty good enough to be a fringe top 25 team. Everyone wants Pitt to skip steps and be a top 15 team, however. That’s just not realistic with the coach we hired.


  118. Agreed, Reed, but do we always know who those superstars are before the season begins, or does their successful play during the season make them superstars? Chicken vs Egg. Pickett and Ford are the obvious “superstar” candidates right now but their play will dictate whether that’s warranted and what kind of season Pitt will have.


    1. Right and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it happens.

      But this is the first time in many years, to my quick memory, that we are going into a season without one.

      Think about it…from 2007 to 2017 every year we have had returning star players.

      Exept maybe 2015 when we had Conner returning but his injury and cancer kept him out.

      That is when Ollison had his good season. But it seems like every previous year we had big time production from players and then had them return the next season .

      Pretty much knowing we have at least 1 or 2 players to count on.

      This season we are hoping that happens.


  119. Reed – We almost always have star players regardless of the record. I think we’ll have star players on this team. There are several breakout candidates.

    What you want is “young” star players. I already showed that Pitt has had too much depth at the positions you want stars at so it hasn’t been necessary to play the younger guys.

    Duzz gets credit for Peterman. He inherited Boyd, Conner, Weah, you don’t give him credit for Henderson or Whitehead. He inherited ejuan price, Maddox. Your reasoning doesn’t factor that in.

    Wanny and Chryst both needed young guys in the lineup early. Duzz probably did on defense but tried to redshirt where possible. Injuries generally mucked that up. But even when he didn’t redshirt guys, you don’t give him credit anyways.

    But, ultimately, who cares how many games you win if it doesn’t end up in a top 25 season? 8 wins is not good. It’s essentially proven that Pitt needs more than 8 wins to be in the top 25. I would argue those 8 win seasons are no different than 6 and 7 win seasons.

    The problem is that Pitt has not had enough consistency in keeping head coaches long enough to get there.


    1. It always kind of bothers me when Pitt fans say they don’t want “choirboys” on the team or that they wished Pitt would cheat to win more games.

      Then when the players do get suspended they rip into them.

      I like the fact that Pitt plays it as clean as they do…and I’m also sure things go on we don’t know about…but I doubt they are sanctionable.


    2. I really dislike those guys, Bernie and its frustrating to watch them win games against us that we could have won. I count three of them in the past few years – two in Chapel Hill.


  120. Narduzzi took the seniors out to diner at Allegheny Country Club. He is a member and the players enjoy a great dinner on coach. Partridge took his DL out as well to dinner. Not sure other coaches and groups but just nice to see how the players really enjoy the event.


        1. Nice track. Played in a charity scramble event there and was 15 minutes late to tee off. Gets very little play and was in extremely great condition.


  121. When you talk about a lack of stars, what concerns me most is the lack of a marquis running back. Sorry but Hall just doesn’t do it for me. Other than two big runs when holes were wide open, he showed very little last year. I like Ollison, but after an all acc freshman year, he can’t seem to get out of the doghouse, although he did have a good Miami game.

    You would think with 4 4 star guys one would bust out of the back, maybe it will happen but Pitt has always had really good to great running backs, more than anything we are running back U. If someone doesn’t step up this year, make some big plays, consistently pick up third down and short it won’t be good. If someone does finally stand out, things will be a lot brighter.

    I do think a healthy Aston helps to open those holes and give another option on third down and at the goal line, but it sure would help if someone joins the Great Pitt Running Backs Club.


  122. Chetthejet – All the position groups went to different places. I don’t recall this from previous years so maybe it’s a new tradition. Or, maybe, they just decided to tweet about it this time.


  123. Chet…info and pics of the team group dinners on PSN site. Good discussions here…and love the Gunner stories. I am in the positive camp and am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

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  124. Hall makes a nice cut on this play. Since we don’t count his yards on this play can we at least give him a little credit for this run and finding the hole?

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    1. Ike, Great run and great game he ran for net 254 yds. with two big plays and it was Duke.

      So in all others he ran for a net 374 yds.

      Mendoza line?


  125. gc – I’d argue that you look at his rushing totals with Nooch and Pickett vs. Max Browne. Defenses couldn’t be as aggressive with 8 man fronts because of the mobility of the QB’s. I’d also argue that Watson got more comfortable calling plays as the season went along. Pitt was bad the first half of the season and better the 2nd half. Offense and defense.


  126. Any one remember the great games at Pitt Stadium (76 to when it closed) The game always was a horse race because our announcer made it sound that way with his isms and voice inflections carried over from his real job at the Meadows. Believe it was Roger______. Lots of spirit lots of fun and wins against real teams. Pitt Stadiun was built for 60,00 with the option of a second tier to add 30,000 more. By the 80s modifications had dropped the capacity to 50,000.Most of the games there I would say were no more than 5000 short of capacity and the year the NFL went on strike it was filled all season. This year may be a challenge on attendance as Penn State fans will buy season tickets and sell what they can after their game. as I recall year before last that left an MT hole of seats for the rest of the season. If we can win Which do. we see? 4/8 or 10/2 from this team.


  127. People keep wanting to exclude those two great runs Darrin Hall had last year to make a case as to why he’s not as good as some want to believe. And in the next breath will tell folks they can’t play the same game with some of our losses last season. How about we just look at his stats as they are?

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    1. Sure you can Joe, but when discussing effeciency you drill down.

      I loved those two runs and they won that he for us…but on something like 99.3 percent of his runs he was a much different and not that good of a rusher.

      Which is one reason we could pick up 3rd and short conversations very well last season.


  128. Hall is strong with very good straight away speed IMO. He has almost no shake and bake with his running style and thus he almost never changes the direction he initially goes in. But I’d be willing to bet Narduzzi will stick with Hall because he is “experienced” in spite of not being very productive.


  129. We have 5 running backs. Running Back is a position that a young guy can play, like Shady, Conner, Graham. If Salahuddin has the moves he should play some. Davis also needs more carries. I just think there should be an open competition. Don’t see where Hall locked down the job. No doubt he is fast, just like to see him break a tackle. Great runners have eyes in the back of their head, some call it vision. They know when to cut back against the grain, give a hip, or just take what they can. I am hoping one of the young guys has those skills.


  130. Let me be an optimist for a moment. It doesn’t seem that Pitt winning the Coastal Division sometime in the next 2-3 years is beyond the possible. If that happens, they get a playoff game and after 2-3 tries they could win the ACC. Recruiting should pick up along the way, and there could be some top 20 finishes. So the path to respectability is there if this current team and QB comes through in the next 2-3 years.


    1. They have a fair chance at winning the Coastal this year if Pickett is as good as I think he can be and our defense comes through in Narduzzi like MSU style.


      1. I agree you guys. They have more than a puncher’s chance to win the Coastal, but it hinges heavily on Kenny Pickett and a good D. I’ll throw in solid special teams as I think there will be many close games, and we’ve got to find a way to be on the winning end of those.


  131. A short video of Day 5 full pad scrimmage is up over at the official website. They don’t give us much. The video lasts 30 seconds.

    The video shows a few running plays with #23 (is that Sibley?) breaking off a nice run to the end zone. Looked like a read option type play.


    1. When we discuss RBs Sibley isone who gets very limited ink; he might be the dark horse of the group. Remember he was at one point an OSU commit who was recruited over.


  132. TT commented and I quote:

    “…. but recruiting classes ranked in the 70’s?”

    How much sense does it make to be so critical of PITT’s and Narduzzi’s recruiting then turn around and laud UCF as being formidable when they recruit to a much lesser degree that PITT does? 2 and 3 stars abound. After an undefeated season last year they are ranked #61 with 7 3* players and the rest out of 14 ranked lower. but Let me answer my own question. No, it makes zero sense, there is no consistency here.


    1. They play in a conference with left over big east teams. You can recruit two and three stars based on that level of competition. Their toughest OOC team was Maryland. Memphis was their toughest conference foe.



      1. The point here Tx is that I’m being told to be aware of them when they recruit way less than PITT does. Do you see how this star crap is over-rated? UCF hasn’t had a recruiting class higher than low 60’s from I looked up. Yet they are to be feared?


        1. Any team with a good QB should be feared. This is the Pitt defense we’re talking about. 🙂



  133. TT is correct. Pitt has recruited good enough to be a fringe top 25 team.

    This year will tell us so much.


  134. I can see this team going either way. Too many variables and unknowns.

    Tough road schedule. Lackluster home schedule other than PSU and VaTech.


  135. At least no Thursday night game.
    First 4 games will say a lot, need a minimum of 2-2. 3-1 would be awesome, 1-3, the kiss of death.


  136. Is it me, or is Brian Batko a bit on the arrogant side? I read the football chat transcript this week, and don’t particularly like the snarky way he answers questions. When someone asked how the OL looked, he came back with “Big!” If he doesn’t have an answer, he should just say so. If you are reading this, Brian, wake up and show some respect for your listeners and readers..


  137. VoR – Just a generational thing. Batko and Meyer both try to be witty. He’s a Pitt grad so cut him some slack. Haha. I will say that Meyer really enjoys college athletics and it comes across.


  138. Sure Tex I buy that any good QB should be feared and I ask the question without knowing answer. What was his Rivals star rating?


  139. Did you read that whole article? The POV is mentioned rather prominently…

    “Fraud” Graham: Famous blog pittpov.com says that you and the other mainstream Pittsburgh media are lying about the Pitt football team to prop up the failed Narduzzi regime. True or False?

    Brian Batko: False, and I reject the premise. I don’t think there are any famous blogs that cover Pitt.

    Brian Batko: (or any famous “mainstream” reporters, for that matter)

    Here is my response to that:

    Not-Famous-At-All-POV writer here. Fraud Graham above has fabricated, to a huge extent, the premise of his question to you. That was never written, said, nor implied.

    I have said that the mainstream writers are limited in how much of their own honest personal opinions they can actually write for their publications. I believe that to be true to an extent. That is the difference between what you Brian, and other professional writers, do and what I do on my blog. I am not a professional, nor is what I do journalism in any way, shape or form.

    My blog is simply composed of opinionated (sometimes very) articles that I write and then open up discussions for Pitt fans’ comments. They certainly are not to be taken as news of any sort. That is all it is.

    Where I can and do write whatever is on my mind, be it positive or negative about the Pitt football program and its principal personnel, I don’t think others – those media professionals – do that or even should do that. I doubt very much that is in your job description. Journalists and professional writers are the guys who report news and inside stories about Pitt football. Again, I do neither.


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  140. Batko did say this about the O Line though…

    Todd R: Pitt always looks great in August until the season starts. Will the O-line be as bad as people think?

    Brian Batko: Well Todd, Pitt always looks great in August because Pitt controls what anyone can see in August. I’m not sure how bad people THINK the O-line will be, but I’m not convinced it will be good. To me, the biggest question mark is new left tackle Stefano Millin. Yes, he has plenty of experience starting in college football, but Kent State and the MAC is not the ACC, despite what Pat Narduzzi might say. Millin’s play will be key.

    He’s become a pretty straight shooter the longer he’s been on the P-G staff.


    1. He’s certainly not being a Pitt apologist with that assessment.

      We are going to need Aston back at 100%….he may have plenty of chances to determine if Pickett is able to make a pass before getting hit.


  141. Recruiting is not my forte but a few thoughts.

    It is never good to make the argument “well we had so and so 4 star who did not work out and we had so and so 2 start that went to the NFL. Because there are always outliers. ON AVERAGE, the higher star recruits you get the greater odds you do well. Some won;t pan out and some will overachieve…but a class with more 4 stars is just plain better than one without.
    I think I remember someone saying that there are like 10 times, maybe 20 or 30, as many HS players rates as 3s than as 4s. If true this does then mean that the name of the game for Pitt, who seems destined to never get more than 1 – 3 4 star players, is to get GOOD 3 star players. All that is to say, we may never know how we do until the record shows it because we do this blog post happens every year….arguing over not getting enough 4 stars, getting too many 3 stars….the question is, how good are the 3 stars we get?


  142. As the season comes closer and you see the progress of the athletes especially on D, you may be a little more enthusiastic on Pitt football. Narduzzi likes what he sees and loves the Sr leadership and drive from 19 seniors. That is a critical component to this season. Peak who is generally not lavish even in his comments was really impressed with the DB;s. Said they are the best looking physical group that he has seen, Size speed athleticism across the spectrum. I have posted that Pitt has some really good physical players on D. tis is not the D that Pitt has put on the field for years. Pickett is doing great things and the RB’s are really looking good as well. Great group of players here to root for, Get on board, Pitt is worth following. .


  143. Narduzzi did have a fairly good media day presser which I’m sure many will try and lynch him for.


    1. Don’t lynch him. Throw him into a tub of Asian noodles and vegan meatballs. And have him eat his way out.


  144. Well, I’m an old OL from long ago and I can assure you that a QB and RBs are ONLY as good as the line in front of them. No line = no success. Take it to the bank!


  145. …..to reiterate, if our OL does a good job our O will be fine. If they don’t?……. not pretty. We will know by the 2nd game of the season. (If we remember, the last time we saw the OL was at the spring game).


  146. Let’s pause for a commercial break..

    Nathan Peterman: 7 for 7, 75 yards and 1 td so far.

    UPitt: but he’s playing against 6th string scrubs and the Saint Mary’s women’s volleyball team..

    Ike: He is going to set records this year, just wait and see..

    Reed: He’s a decent college qb, but he doesn’t count as a recruit. He was a transfer. Pretty sure Chryst got him interested in Pitt.

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      1. Never-mind the fact that he collected a NFL paycheck for that performance. No need to respond. I’ll sit here in my recliner like you and criticize the world day and night.


  147. To be fair, I was always high on Peterman claiming he was more than a game manger after his first year when I was posting on ITH but it was Reed that thought he would be really good.

    HCPC didn’t know Nate from his pie-hole

    Upitt doesn’t know PITT football from his pie-hole.

    Reed loves PITT doesn’t like the head coach. Mike drop going to watch a movie with my lovely wife on my birthday.


  148. Millen rated 367 by Steele, Bookser 28, Reeves 16, Herndon 225, Dintino 122, Morrisy never rated. Maybe this is why Pitts’ season is projected from 4/8 to 10/2. May we all pray that Joe Moore grant a blessing on a Pitt O line once more, for us fans as well as their QB.H2P


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