Well, so many of you commenters have publicly wondered whether or not you should leave the site for a while and take a break from this blog I’ve decided to help you with that decision.

The Pitt POV will take a break also so whoever has sensitive feelings about Coach Narduzzi, his recruiting and the general state of Pitt football can look around elsewhere and read more cheery and positive writing and commenting.

The truth is that I am also tired of taking the time and effort to write detailed articles for you to read and discuss only to have certain commenters put words in my mouth and pretend they know what I, and other commenters, are thinking before we even write anything.

For solid Pitt football info I suggest Chris Peak over at Rivals.com. Better with a subscription.

For you ‘optimists’ I suggest Chris Dokish; he should calm your frayed beyond all hope nerves. After all he just said this “Last season’s offensive line was mostly above average, even after losing all-conference players Adam Bisnowaty and Dorian Johnson the year before.”  And he said that after the season when we were horrendous.

With thoughts like that you’ll be glad to be there and get the feeling we are in for double-digit wins this season.

Or if you feel the need to read what other Pitt fans are thinking try the message boards…if you want blinders-on opinions that is.

But do take it easy and enjoy the beginning of Summer however I’ll ask you one thing though.

Knowing that I don’t ban commenters on here and that I’ll give free rein to everyone’s opinions whether they are good or bad and right or wrong or if I agree with them or not and that will be the case still when or if you decide to start on here again – is it truly worth your while?

I mean this very seriously.  I have read so many posts about how hard it is to read my stuff and to read other’s comments on here and that it drives you crazy or compels you to lash out at others – then why do it?  Why put yourself through that?

You knew all along exactly what you were and are going to get from me – yet you keep reading even when it pains you to do so.

I sure as hell wouldn’t do it if it upset me the way it apparently upsets some of you. But you have to know that I just don’t care what other Pitt fans think or what the other media thinks or what Pat Narduzzi and Pitt thinks – I’ll do and write whatever I damn well please. Just so you know.

Anyway, whenever I feel like writing again I’ll do so, probably sooner than later and let’s hope it is because something very good happens.