Live From Champion Lakes Golf Course (Bar)!

Just rolled into the Championship Lakes Golf clubhouse – BTW Route 30 West is a beautiful drive – and the POVs guys are coming in from the front nine to grab a drink and some conversation.  Saw Rick (Erie Express) , Fran (Lastrow), UPitt (brought his own beer and cigars), Jay91 (who brought some just awesome Pitt memorabilia), Rand ( JoeKnew), John (MajorMajors) and a bunch of their friends… and I apologize if I skipped someone.

Funny that  most of the friends read the Pitt Blather but just like at the Pitt alumni meet and greet I went to on Thursday they didn’t know about the Pitt POV.

Speaking of which I was just outside having a smoke with UPitt and we were talking about the Blather as opposed to the POV and Mark(UPitt) said “Well, the POV is real life.” and you know what? I think it is.

We care about each other on here; we go out of our way not to offend others with our comments even if they get heated sometimes and we all want the same thing to happen – to see Pitt represented well both on the football field of play and in general.

That is the beauty of The Pitt POV – I truly consider the blog belongs to all of you and it is not just mine. I go onto the message boards sometimes and when The POV is mentioned there is almost always a negative discussion of it to follow.  I understand that part of that is how I personally view Pitt football and those principals involved in it – but I see that there are really huge misconceptions about what we do on here.

One commenter on a pay board said, in response to a post about the POV, “That’s why nobody goes over there.”  Which cracked me up a bit so I rebutted with the statistics of the POV and pretty much shut him up.  I don’t write that in bragging but that there is, among those who haven’t read us on here, a wrong impression of the give and take we have.

In nine days the POV will be two years old. Just to throw some numbers out…

In total we have had 641 articles which means we average just under an article per day (.89 actually)…

We have had 73,517 comments which averages out to 115 per article.  Again not to brag but no other media outlet about football comes anywhere close to that.  Dokish’s Panther’s Prey averages less than 10 per post;  The Pitt Blather is averaging about the same over the last few months… and Chris Peak’s articles – as well written as they are  – don’t -match up by a long shot either, but granted that is a different format.

The news media articles get almost no comments on them and 93.7 gets call into bitch about Pitt football but little written feedback.

Which pretty much puts The Pitt POV on top of the Pitt football heap.  I say all this so that you readers and you commenters can take a second and pat yourselves on the back for doing a great job of making this Blog about as good as it gets.

I understand that my opinions are strong, but I very much try to have informed opinions and I’m not sure the casual reader on here gets how much time and effort I spend making sure that 1) what I write is as accurate as possible and 2) that my writings are meant to engage and encourage discussions and not to beat anyone over the head with what I think and feel.

If I stray from that I am counting on you all to point it out and lead me back into the way it should be – and I mean that.  This is  a labor of love for me and sometimes I just can’t wait to read what everyone has to say.  A great case in point about us being a real “Pitt Family” on here was the fantastic response we had when I asked you all to send in articles telling us how you became Pitt fans… amazingly we got 15 biographies submitted and some, Hell – all,  were just beautiful to read.

That, my friends is what makes this blog such a big part of my life and, I think, yours also. So I thnk you…

Back to the day’s festivities. Here are some quick photos of the set up Fran and Rick did for the dinner area:






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252 thoughts on “Live From Champion Lakes Golf Course (Bar)!

  1. Keep me posted thing… We are out here on the Atlantic ocean fishing… Hooking up with Joe L tomorrow for some golf… Anxious to hear or see the leaderboard


  2. Hopefully you guys are wrapping it up by now. I lost a lot of callaway’s last time I played there. Kind of tight, but a beautiful track. It could have just been user error. Nice choice of venue for sure. Doesn’t an old Pirate have partial ownership there?

    Have fun guys!


  3. Reed, I know you don’t follow BB too closely so could you ask one of the POV bb commentators at the bar (from list there several) how can player reclassify from 2019 to 2018. Also can they reclassfy to later year say 2019 to 2020. To me who doesn’t following recuiting nuts and bolts that much -mostly what said on the POV – appears the bb players “graduates” from a prep school when they ready to move up to the next level or a HC takes him to cover a need. Maybe one of them could explain it to a novice.


  4. Back in the saddle and really super sorry I missed you guys today. Mark I appreciate the kind words and thoughts. Reed’s words bleed through this latest article loud and clear. They are all so true and hope this blog has been able to help others as much it has me to get over the bridge of some troubled waters.


  5. Just got home from the event. Thanks to Rick, Erie Express who put it together, and Reed the Godfather of the POV. It was a great day at Champion Lakes, the weather held up and the course was in fine shape.
    Enjoyed playing with my son and Matt (Pitt in the Ville), who drove up from Louisville. We hit enough good shots to contend, but couldn’t sink enough putts. Really good to meet the guys in person. The libations and a super dinner hit the spot.

    Hope to see a lot more of you at the next event.

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  6. Without knowing the results I’m post predicting Jay 91’s team won the Frank Can Trophy today. Although if Rick wasn’t on his team he may have given them a real battle. You ever see that look in Rick’s eyes? Intense!


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed returning to my old stomping grounds, Champion Lakes, for the POV golf outing today. Thanks to Rick Caldwell (Erie Express), Fran Lokar (Last Row of Section 4) and Reed, for setting up the event. Iek: You were missed. Sorry that you were unable to be with us. Hope that the arrows start to point up for you. Got a chance to chat with UPitt, who made a grueling journey from the South to be with us. Flight delays, rental cars… Great guy. Mark, you are to be commended for making such an effort. Pitt in the Ville also made a long trip. Can’t wait to see you all again in the fall. H2P!!!


  8. Next year or next tournament I plan on being there…mini POV tournament tomorrow JoeL, Big Al and BigB…12:30 Ttime at The Pointe.. if you want to join in .. come on baby drive south and haul ass!!!


  9. Thanks Eric. I missed all you guys today but will see you asap! Rick and Fran, kudos to you guys for being special. Reed is the man!

    I think it was Maz, Groat and Jerry May that founded the Champion Lakes Golf Course.


  10. Reed – your comment about someone saying that nobody goes over to the POV reminded me of one of those Yogi Berra quotes.

    Some asked Yogi about going to a popular NY restaurant. Yogi replied: “No one ever goes there anymore – it’s always too crowded.”

    Hail to Pitt!

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  11. I had a great time today with Upitt and his baseball buddies. While we didn’t win (tied for 2nd) I can’t imagine another group had more fun. We laughed alot “D1ck Hair!” and hit some good shots… Mark, I never did get to hear the epic story I was promised. Maybe next time.

    Thanks to Erie, lastrow and Major Majors for all you did and of course Reed for creating such a special blog.

    Ike, I hope your day got a little better and that your working through your family issues. I was looking forward to meeting you but maybe we’ll meet up this fall. I sent a gift along with Reed for you. I hope you enjoy it.

    Dan72, it was great to see you again. Best wishes on your recovery.. you’ll be hitting ’em straight again very soon. Maybe you can use your off time to hit the recruiting trail for Narduzzi.. he could use your help.



    1. Hats off to Jay91 for the memorabilia items he contributed at the POV golf outing for an auction to raise money for charity.

      Go Pitt!


  12. Sorry I missed it – have always wanted to play Champion Lakes. Next year!!!

    Who won the Frankcan Cup?

    Sticky here in the OBX as we await the start of the POV South Open. Looking forward to getting tips from Bernie on how to keep the ball down below the tree line.


  13. I just wanted to sincerely thank Rick for putting together a great outing. It takes a lot of work to do that, and it is appreciated! Also to Reed, without whom none of this would ever have happened. Talk about doing a lot of work.

    Somehow I didn’t get enough time to talk to everyone I wanted. Sometimes when you have limited time to talk way more than you should. I wish I would have listened more and talked less!
     Congrats to the winning team, that was a really nice round you guys put together! Again, thanks to everyone whose hard work made the outing such a good time, and as always H2P!


  14. I’m very happy the POV Brotherhood was able to get together for the event.
    You guys are all special to me!
    Thanks for being such an important part of my life!

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  15. I have reading and posting on message boards and the types for many years, Scout, Lair, 24/7 and I would say I probably have somewhere near 100,00 posts all tolled. That’s not a brag but an indication of my life I suppose? I guess I was cursed without having a humility bone in my body and without a governor on my mouth. Stuff just comes out it. I have to say the POV does have that extra space in my heart that I really can’t explain but Mark (Upitt) did a great job at. This place is real life and right or wrong I feel like I can be myself here at the POV.

    I didn’t put my finger on it until BigB mentioned how his buddies, when they came up for the UNC game, were so impressed on how we got along even though we had all just met and barely knew each other. So this place in some sort of a weird phenomenon that Reed has created and is most definitely real life. It feels like I have known so many of you my whole life. How much I care about you all and how you all make me feel with your kind expressions. I tip my cap to you all. Barvo included… 🙂 Thank You Guys and Gals… . .ike

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  16. Fact — this Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the release of In-a-Gadda-da-Vida … which thankfully is only one-third of the length of one of Reed’s anti-Narduzzi rants.


    can’t believe I’m writing this but keep up the good work, Reed

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  17. Back in the day my parents had a, like 8ft long stereo cabinet in the living room. My buddy would come over and we would listen to In A Gadda da Vida (In the Garden of Eden) for hours on end! My head would be up against the huge right speaker and my buddies up against the left! :>)
    My dad would come by and say “that organ sounds like church music!!!”


  18. wwb, that’s a little harsh on Reed and all things considered we all know how I feel about the criticisms of Narduzzi but as I explain to Reed all the time. I’m not married to the thought of PN being the be end of all ends for PITT football either. We can’t overlook the bad losses the past few years and his stubborn stance on closed practices that I really feel like they hurt the program generally speaking. Sometimes I think Reed’s much closer to the middle than I give him credit for.


  19. I once long ago won the trophy at a golf toutnent. I had the highest score and won a hundred box of used golf ball and I used them all up in later tourneys.
    It pays to play honest
    ha ha


  20. Who won the shortest drive contest. I’ll buy the signed Upitt jersey off them. Plus I love that mustard signed little PITT helmet.


    1. Ike – Jason gave you and I special gifts so I’ll probably put it into the mail this week for you. It was very generous of him and it is the framed Pitt Poster – beautifully done. He’s a great Pitt fan and has a very interesting and fun job (plus knows his Pitt football inside and out…).


  21. Good morning Reed,

    Below are the winners from yesterday’s POV golf outing at Champion Lakes:

    The Way Recovery House -> $545 ($230 from the auction items + $335 from individual contributions)

    Framed Pitt Poster (donated by Jay91)-> Upitt with a winning bid of $70
    Pitt helmet signed by Johnny Majors (donated by Jay91) -> MajorMajors winning bid of $60
    Basketball signed by Jamie Dixon (donated by GC) -> Erie Express winning bid of $100

    Frankcan Cup 1st Place Winners -> Tom Emsurak, Brad Emsurak, Bob Liptak and Chris Liptak with a score of minus 10 (all POV readers, not commenters)

    Closest to the pin -> Nathan the nephew of missing Wlat -> 9.5’
    Longest Drive -> Reed’s Love Child -> 300 yards
    Longest Drive Senior -> GC -> 275 yards
    Longest Putt -> Jay91

    Thanks for all you do my friend!

    Rick EE


  22. Sorry for no podcast this morning but left PGH at 5:30 am and drove thru big rain until Breezewood – then got home and slept until 1:30.

    Yesterday was a true blast and the fellowship among POVers and their friends is amazing – the festivities were great as was the later conversation on the Patio. Special thanks to KMan’s wife – not only a looker but one who holds her own with a bunch of guys talking sports… it was fun to have that feminine touch with her there.

    Look at the above $$ donations above and beyond the stuff auctioned – $335 from people digging into their pockets to help others in need – very impressive guys and that $545 Rick will be able to give to the Way Recovery House is going to help people – what our lives should, and yesterday was, all about.

    Thank you…


  23. Congrats to the Emsurak/Liptak team for shooting 10 under – an amazing score on those tough greens.

    Rick, Fran and I were 5 under and missed some makeable putts, but tough to get to 10 under. (We needed the long-hitting Richman or a fully recovered Dan72 for some more help!)

    Hats off to Eric for bringing the three young guys with him – and to Nathan for that superb closest-to-the-pin shot on the par 3.

    Enjoyed talking to UPitt and his gang.

    Great organizing job by Rick Caldwell.

    Go Pitt.


      1. PSN says he is a 3 star recruit – Rivals has no rating for him and he has only one P5 offer – that would be Pitt.

        Welcome to the Pitt experience Leslie Smith. Bring more of your friends from Florida and let’s win some FB games.



  24. Wow, what animpressive list of academic institutions who offered Smith the chance at an education.

    This kid is exactly the type of student athlete the University wants Narduzzi to recruit and meet the criteria of the all important school mission statement.

    He will not be a threat to the Pitt student like the hooligans who run rampant at institutions that have outstanding football programs.

    The University is thrilled with the Smith verbal, therefore we should all be.


    1. Nate are you serious?
      This recruit should have chosen an academy or an Ivy. He got those offers.
      He chose Pitt because Pitt was the only ‘big time’ school that offered
      And Pitt soon will not be considered big time after offers like these
      I personally dont want ‘my’ athletes to be Ivy league scholars
      I want them to be high 3’s or solid 4’s
      Who will attend class, get ‘decent’ grades and hopefully eventually graduate
      I also want them to stay out of trouble
      Even ‘smart’ kids get into trouble and Pitt has its share of hooligans as well


  25. I’m beginning to wonder if PITT is having trouble getting commitments because their value is diminished by PITT fans as being inferior??

    That’s a half joke. 😉


  26. Gee Reed. Can we look up Ramon Walkers offer list and star ranking? One of my all time favorite players. I like this kids tape but of course it’s not going to show bad plays.

    Happy to have you Mr Smith


  27. He does appear to be a student athlete but Pitt was his only P5 offer out of 18. And he is probably nothing better than a solid 3 star…he has no ranking now.

    Seems undersized to be a LB to me. Being from Miami, he will not like the gray and cold. Probably going to get homesick.

    Not that a solid 3 star (assuming he grades that way) is bad.
    And like I said earlier out of desperation, I would take a no star at this point. And Pitt got one.

    But and theres always a But. Pitt cannot win with stockpiling 3 stars. It cannot win with players that are more student than athlete. Pitt really needs high 3’s (5.7 grade) and solid 4’s (6.0). And it needs 6-8 of these 4’s each year.

    There is a reason why no other P5 school recruited him.

    The kid is a better fit at Air Force than Pitt.

    I dont see Pitt being very serious about winning and I dont see Narduzzi doing a good job recruiting. I think this pick tells us a lot.


    1. The harder I think, the more I know we’ll see more of these no star recruits accepting Pitt offers in the next few weeks. But at least they’ll be Rhodes scholars and receive citizenship awards.


  28. I would like to know Hobie’s opinion on this Smith young man. Seems like a few couch potatoes have the kid pegged already.


  29. They are only no stars in your doubting eyes Tx_

    PITT didn’t ask this young man to be a part of the football team because of what you think.


  30. Hey

    I had a great time hitting the pill today at the POV South Open with BigB down here in Currituck County,NC.

    I have friends down here in ACC Ccountry who are having a lot of fun at our expense. I sure hope next weekend yields some solid recruits. If only to shut these guys up.


    1. Remind them of the troubled times at VA Tech –

      Asst. Coach fired for an extra marital affair while on recruiting trips
      QB under investigation for academic fraud
      Two starting DB’s gone for 2018 – one injury and one discipline

      Bring on the Hokies, who were favored to win the Coastal along with miami.

      Why not Pitt? We hang with VT every year, beating them 1/2 the time and we dominated miami when they were ranked #2 last season.

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    2. I’ve played at the Pointe. Years ago, but I remember that the greens were amazing.

      Yes, I may have had a few screws loose in the head for bringing my sons and two nephews to the POV outing, but I had two guys cancel late. Wasn’t going to stop me from making the trip across the state and joining the best group of Pitt fans there are.

      As I mentioned to a few of you, I’m on my way to a kidney transplant. So I appreciate still being in good enough health to play golf with my son, and having the opportunity to be with all who attended yesterday. I’m just hoping I get the transplant quickly so that I recover in time for Pitt-PSU!!!

      H2P, and thanks again to Reed, Rick and Fran. Jay91 and Dan72, sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet and speak. Hope to get UPitt in for a POV tailgate. You all would love to meet him.



      1. Eric – best wishes to you on your transplant and recovery.

        And we all look forward to seeing you at the Pitt-PSU game!

        Hail to Pitt!


      2. Wlat,
        Will be praying! I have survived renal carcinoma and stage 4 kidney disease with my “good” kidney also having a large dangerous cist in it – I can relate with you and will definitely be lifting you up!


  31. Pitt can 100% win stockpiling 3 stars. They can’t be a top 10 team doing it but they can crack the top 25 … which they haven’t done in a decade.

    First things first.

    They recruit like a fringe top 25 team because they are a fringe top 25 team. Once they get to the top 25 the can start recruiting like a fringe top 15 team.

    Pitt did not hire a miracle worker recruiter. Pitt hired a coach modeling the program after Michigan St with an administration that schedules like we’re Alabama.

    The recruiting complaints on this site are maddening. If Pitt made a splash hire like Capel on the football side, we could have a different discussion … but Pitt didn’t. Pitt hired a coach that is recruiting solid depth at every single position on the football field. Eventually, he’ll need an influx of 4 stars, especially at skill positions, to take that next step … but we haven’t even taken the first step yet … a top 25 finish.

    This is the season everyone has been waiting for … no more excuses … Year 4 in the program and a team sitting on a foundation that is solidly Narduzzi created.

    … except maybe the schedule but even that shouldn’t be a hinderance. Pitt has to go out an beat who is on the schedule. That simple. I promise that I won’t use it as an excuse this season or use it to back up Duzz.

    Pitt has been about par for the course in his first 3 years … It’s time for some birdies and to overachieve a bit. Good football teams overachieve. Good football coaches get their teams to overachieve.

    But, please stop with the recruiting. Pitt is recruiting like a P5 top 20-25 team.

    The last two seasons, Pitt’s first recruits were borderline 3 stars … and neither ended up in the final class. Nothing to see here.

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    1. You’re assuming Pitt can coach up these three stars or can find diamonds in the rough. That’s a lot to ask.


  32. Wow, you guys are tough on the new verbal.

    Am I wrong or did this kid attend Pitt’s camp and after seeing him in person the Pitt coaches wanted him? Maybe they were desperate because they have less than 8 months to put a class together?

    Keep in mind that the kid could be the next Lawrence Taylor, but a 5’ 11” linebacker is going to have a tough time being rated a 4-Star…

    Can’t we give the kid – and the coaches – a chance?

    Go Pitt.


  33. Leslie Smith stated he may be tried at safety. Also wants to help recruit other Fla kids. Maybe Les will turn out to be more.


    1. It broke the ice. Just don’t see the recruit being high impact. I would have preferred an iceberg being smashed. A four star with multiple P5 offers from Virginia who was a 6.3 and 240lb linebacker.


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  34. Anon – I stated as much. Good coaches get their teams to overachieve. We’ll find out how good of a coach Duzz is the next two seasons.


  35. Leslie Smith is a hybrid LB/S who plays well in space and hits hard in a tough miami HS league. Rivals has not rated him yet – PSN is reporting he is a 3 star recruit – the other 2 sites have not rated him yet as well.

    Remember, last year’s first Pitt recruit who verballed was a 2 star who eventually flipped to Stanford and immediately became a 3 star.

    Another example of strange recruiting tails, was a 3 star LB that Pitt was hotly pursuing in 2017 from Erie. Once he committed to pedo state, his rating jumped to 4 stars.

    And then there is 4 star Olineman from Pittsburgh who committed to pedo state when Chryst was HC. Rumor has it that former HCPC did not even offer Jenkins as the staff thought he was overrated. In his third year at pedo state, Jenkins may not make the third team.

    Am I happy with Pitt’s current recruiting draw in 2018? NO! But there are 8 months to collect talented young men to Pitt.

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  36. Right Rick. NR doesn’t mean he is a no star. We all have eyes. I like what my eyes see watching his tape and remember …. he could bring a few other players with him?? It’s not always black and white.


  37. There was only one loser at Pitt when Jeff Capel was hired – Narduzzi. Unfortunately for Narduzzi, Capel shows you what a dynamic recruiter can do – bring in top 200 talent quickly and efficiently to the same university that Narduzzi showcases. There is already enough pressure on Narduzzi with James from State College rockin it to bring in to at least bring in some perceived (4-star) talent. But with the old ‘friends of Narduzzi’ coaching staff, I just don’t see it happening.

    I’ve read POV since its beginning. Read Pitt Blather for years before that. Every year it’s the same…I hear if we can just get enough 3-stars and win…the 4 stars will come. Damn – I’ve been hearing that a long time. Still – I’ve yet to actually see it happen. So bring on this year’s recruits. Good luck to them all. I will still watch every Saturday in the stands or at home. Still be incredibly proud of the University I graduated from (Especially since my spouse is an incredibly loud PSU alum and I have to listen to that BS non-stop lately).

    But for God sakes – Please don’t tell me 5’11 195lb 3-star LBs are taking us to the football promised land. We have all watched this show for decades. It doesn’t work that way.


    1. If Narduzzi was the assistant head coach and top recruiter at Alabama, then maybe you could compare his potential to Capel.


    1. That is hilarious… No the best sensual memory of my young life but had a few more that made up for it.

      Went to the Mardi Gras after the golfing on Sat evening…Shadyside truly has changed but there were still nice conversations to be had both in the bar and on the street…but I do pine for the old days with the Pizza Pub, Taylor’s, Encore, Casba and even earlier with the Loaves and Fishes.

      Had very nice time talking with you both…


  38. If you don’t have fun with Fran you just plain can’t have fun. Walk up to him and you just have to smile. 🙂


    1. Because chip is a proven winner in a talent rich state. UCLA will have a better class than nard dog when all is said and done.



  39. Yes I’m in an ornery mood. Almost got into a fight on my front street today. I might have to take up serious drinking again?


    1. Thanks Big B. Hope to be in good health by the time of the UNC-Pitt road game. They tell me I’ll be on the shelf for about 6 weeks following the transplant, so I’m hoping to have it by late July, so I’ll be good by Football season.


  40. Yep – Aaron Donald, Blades, Big Ben, Brady, LeVonn Bell – all 3-stars or not rated. Bless them all. They all rose above their football station. There are 1000s upon 1000s that didn’t. History shows that for every Donald, there are 1000s of “not Donald’.

    I will stick with my original comment. You’re not going to win consistently with this.


  41. Good gosh almighty Eric. I’m so sorry I missed that and I’m so sorry. I am praying for you this minute. If you need anything email me. I’ve gone through a lesser but similar surgery as has Pittman. (partial nephrectomy) If we can help and yes I know I can speak for our friend Jim, we will help you in any way in your recovery.. We will be there. your friend ike


    1. Good man you are, Iek. By the way, stooped in your neck of the woods and picked up a Hotel Loyal pizza for my son on the way back from Champion Lakes yesterday. Kidney diet won’t let me eat it, but I snuck in a small piece anyway. The best!

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  42. Gents, I’m sure I speak for the others in my group when I say ‘Thank You’ for the hospitality you should us at the outing. We didn’t feel like “outsiders” even though we didn’t know anyone. This was the first time I played golf with my dad in 2+ years and your outing is what finally got him out, so thanks for that. While we aren’t active commenters on the blogs, we do read and enjoy the content. Keep up the good work and maybe we’ll catch y’all next year.


    Brad Emsurak

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    1. Brad – thanks to you and everyone else for the kind words. The outing was a group effort – Champion Lakes was a great host, Reed for this fine blog that brought us together, Fran (Lastrow), BigB, Jay91 and GC for their generous donations, Kman for hosting Lastrow and I at the Rolling Rock Club the day before, Pitt in the ville and MajorMajors for helping Lastrow and I with final set-up, Dan72 for sharing his Triple Crown winnings on the patio after dinner and Lastrow one more time for assisting me with all that goes into organizing a golf outing.

      And finally a special thanks to all the generous monetary donations that will go directly to The Way Recovery House in Lancaster, PA.

      It was a near perfect day. The only disappointment was with HC Narduzzi – as he failed to get a 4 star commitment for us on Saturday.

      Brad – congrats on your foursome’s win – we hope to have you back to defend the Frankcan Cup title next year.



  43. Im not getting sucked in this year commenting on recruits, I’m not getting sucked in commenting on recruits, I’m not getting sucked in commenting on recruits………………………🤢


  44. Opitt you omit thousands of other examples of 2 and 3‘s that have been successful. Sure I would love PITT to get 25 5‘s but that ain’t happening. Firstly because rivals does not dole them out like that and secondly PITT really isn’t in the game to do that. Hello. They will get no escapades at PITT.


  45. Check your email Eric and make sure you call me if and when you need to talk.

    Gasman, I’ll take that drink, the one time I don’t get scolded for having a beer is at PITT games. I think it’s why I buy season tickets. 🙂

    This Smith kid just may pay big big dividends at the end of this all.


    1. Trying to understand how WR Antonio Bryant’s high school affiliation and recruiting ranking from twenty years ago is relevant to LB Smith’s commitment in 2019.


  46. Missing What..

    We did meet, at a distance. I was playing with UPitt inbtye group behind you. It appeared you’re raising some good little golfers.. and Pitt fans.

    Good luck to you, in regards to your health!


    1. Thank you for the kind words. Hope to see you again at a POV tailgate in the fall. Get that UPitt guy to join us!


  47. I agree that the recruiting talk is maddening.. but for the opposite reason.

    While some 2 stars end up “all stars” and some 4 stars end up “busts” the vast majority of 4 star players have far better college careers than the 2 star players. That’s not an opinion, but a fact fleshed out over the past decades of the ratings services era.

    The teams that have consistently recruited better have consistently won more games.

    I agree with Tossing Thabeets on one point, and one point only… this is year 4 of Narsuzzi and the excuses will have to stop after this season. If Pitt wins 8 or more games, I will jump on the “Narduzzi is recruiting fine” bandwagon. However, if the season ends the way I believe it will (5-7 again with non-competitive losses to PSU and ND), I expect the “rainbows and unicorns” crowd to face reality as well.

    I’ll be rooting like heck from my seats all season, especially versus PSU, because I love my team but I am FAR from optimistic.

    And VIRTUALLY every media outlet is predicting the same. (I have yet to see one respected source predict more than 6 wins, with most predicting 5 or less.) And I read ALOT.


    1. Street and Smiths has Pitt playing Northwestern in the Quick Lane Bowl. Lindy ‘s quote if Pickett is what he seems,the Panthers should go bowling .and perhaps even have some say in the Coastal Divisiion. But I guess they don’t know anything.


    2. Jay91 – it was good to see you at the golf outing. I think most recruiting points last night were in defense of the young man who just joined the Pitt family and not defending Narduzzi’s recruiting record. At least, that was my attempt – no need to put down the young man for making an intelligent decision.

      I agree, 4 stars on average are better than 2 stars over the course of history. But with the right HC, a team of 3 stars can win championships with a few 4 stars sprinkled in. I’m not sure we have the right HC – this year will tell me what I need to know. I’m a patient person and will wait to see the results on the field. Reading blog comments, national news outlet articles and Pittsburgh sport rags does nothing to win on the field. Players and coaches win FB games.

      Go Pitt!


  48. This was always a 4-5 year project when Pitt hired Narduzzi. We’ll see what the team is made of this season and next … and there will be a next as long as the team doesn’t go full Stallings on Duzz.

    I’m optimistic, as usual … till I’m not.

    Reed, if the kid was from PA or NY or CT or NJ, we would have been all over Chryst … not from FL. No way. No how.

    Getting kids from FL whether it be to add athletes to the team, or create a pipeline, or spread your brand or just plain old in-roads in the state are all huge pluses … and, to boot, it sounds like they’re getting a pretty high character kid if all else fails. Getting FL kids on the roster is important and has been a point of emphasis for this coaching staff. They obviously saw something they like at the camp. I’ll trust their judgement.

    Man, do people overvalue what Pitt is in the landscape of college football. Pitt hasn’t been a brand name in 30+ years. This was never going to be a quick fix. Especially, hiring a rookie head coach who was not known as an ace recruiter.

    Pitt has to be a top 25 team before any other jumps in relevance and, like it or not, Pitt is recruiting well enough to be a top 25 team … or at least they are if you don’t look at the OOC schedule.


    1. The silly 4-5 project contention again. Yet Narduzzi’s best season may be 2015 when Pitt hit late October with a very legitimate shot at winning the ACC Coastal but lost home games to UNC and Miami.

      How does recruiting in the upper 30s and 40s (with subsequent 4 star defections) correlate to being a Top 25 team? Are they developing well enough to be a Top 25 team? That would kind of have to happen given the preponderance of 3 star talent.

      Was it the FCS Villanova and C-USA Marshall wins in 2016 or the FCS Youngstown State OT win and Rice victory in 2017 that really challenged in the OOC? Out of that group only Villanova had any postseason, a loss in the first round of the FCS playoffs. Marshall finished 3-9. Youngstown State finished 6-5. Rice finished 1-11.

      I assume you’re okay with the Penn State win in 2016. Many hang their Narduzzi support on that and the Clemson victory that season.

      Pitt has FCS Albany in 2018. Albany is coming off of a 5-7 2017. Even though it’s now part of a “brutal” OOC schedule, I assume you’re okay with the Central Florida game since it should help to open up that Florida pipeline.

      Pitt plays in the ACC Coastal. That fact should never be overlooked in talking about coaching performance and record.

      It’s year 4. Pitt’s 2018 ACC crossover games are Syracuse and Wake Forest.


  49. Recruiting 3 stars isn’t a problem, except when your AD schedules OOC like we have 5 stars! Our OOC is much harder than Alabama’s for the last 5 years. Only Pitt schedules this hard. They got the memo about the playoffs and how teams will be judged based on their schedules. Pitt and Pederson and now Lyke forgot the most important part of the ncaa memo, which was you have to win those games.

    If you wanna have some fun, figure out what Pitt’s record is against OOC P5 teams since joining the ACC.

    2017 0-2
    2016 1-2 (Bowl Game Loss Included)
    2015 0-1
    2014 0-1
    2013 0-0

    Total – 1-6


  50. 2019 OLB/S Leslie Smith announced his commitment to Pitt yesterday. Smith is from Miami, FL & plays for powerhouse Miami Northwestern. In his Jr. year he was named 2nd Team All-Dade & 3rd Team All-State. Not too shabby. First team players go to FSU, UF and miami.

    He has played against some really tough competition and is probably under the radar for recruiting rankings because of his size.


    That’s enough Pitt football for me until August.

    Back to work…


  51. fred filopek.

    I read the Street & Smith’s article 2 weeks ago. It does not quite a number of wins.

    Also, EVERY P5 team that has played in the Quick Lane Bowl entered with 6 wins.

    So, it’s very likely S&S is predicting a 6-6 season.


  52. Look, Pitt pushed for this commit to break the ice and not be one of two programs without recruits two weeks into June. Being with UCLA at that point was embarrassing and HCPN had to change that.

    The better recruits, parents and coaches look at that big “0” in our ’19 recruiting list number of commitments and think “Damn, no one wants to go there.”

    If this kid was available in the late fall after we already had 10-15 commitments we might not even have taken him.

    If that sounds harsh so be it but sometimes teams do things for perception purposes.


  53. Correction…

    Minnesota went to the Quick Lane Bowl in 2015 with a 5-7 record, so S&S might not necessarily be slating Pitt for 6 wins.

    The Sporting News says Pitt “should win 6 games” and has them playing in the Independence Bowl– another bowl that has been represented by 6-6 P5 teams in the most recent seasons.

    I’ve said multiple times that this team could win 7 (because the ACC Coastal is MEDIOCRITY defined) but could lose 7.

    7-5 is making many unfounded assumptions about players we just haven’t seen and ignoring Pitt’s LONG history of losing close games.

    5-7 is obviously the more “pessimistic” view.. but it’s based on our “perceived” talent level (star ratings) versus that of our opponents, our OOC schedule, our history playing in Miami and the fact that we somehow “can’t” beat UNC.

    History does not “guarantee” anything– each season is it’s own. But to ignore it entirely, as if it’s just random is idiotic.


  54. I am fine with this recruit, very glad we got one. Rarely can you project the impact of a recruiting class let alone an individual recruit. Jimmy Morrisey is starting and Dintino and Herndon who were once projected to be studs have hardly smelled the field. Highly touted Pugh and Flowers are gone. Idowu is a leading tackler. Debates over individual recruits while entertaining are pretty much meaningless.

    In the aggregate 5 stars are better than 4 and 4 are better than 3 and that is why the top teams want them.

    When all is said and done we will find out how good a job Narduzzi’s recruits have done. Last year was the transition year, it didn’t go well. This is Narduzzi’s team now, with his players, except for a few, he recruited them all. He is again screwed by the OOC and the misfortune of getting ND the same year he has PSU and UCF, but let’s see how he does with the Coastal. If the D is finally good enough to beat GT and UNC, he may surprise people. It is all going to depend on whether Borbely can cobble together good enough line play to score the ball. If he does we will get our bowl game, if he doesn’t it will be SOP.


  55. ^^^ Which is what makes Pitt football fun and interesting. Honestly if we were Alabama and won every game (almost) I wouldn’t care so much or write about it. I loved the uncertainty and even when I am wrong , especially about thinking PSU would beat us two years ago, I welcome it if Pitt does better than I think they will.

    I predicted 7-8 wins in 2015 &’16 because of the Chryst recruits left on the roster.

    Picked 5 wins last year because of the more PN kids playing. Same for this year but I’ll be happy to eat crow if we get back to 7 or 8 wins…which we could do.

    But not knowing is what makes it so much fun.


  56. “I predicted 7-8 wins in 2015 &’16 because of the Chryst recruits left on the roster.

    Picked 5 wins last year because of the more PN kids playing. Same for this year but I’ll be happy to eat crow if we get back to 7 or 8 wins…which we could do.”

    Reed, as you know, I predicted the very same (except I told you we would beat PSU in ’16). That said, I’m guessing you and I are on the same page in regards to this year. But… you’d be bored to be a Bama fan? Really?

    Morrissey, Dintino and Herndon are three reasons why we’re going to be 5-7 this year. They are not starters on GOOD teams. I’d rather take my chances with a 4 🌟 “bust”. To single out individuals is a never-ending exercise.. Can’t we just agree that teams with “higher rated” players CONSISTENTLY (but not ALWAYS) win more games?


    1. Jay – In addition to Morrissey, Dintino and Herndon you forgot an OL from a 2-10 MAC school who’s OL contributed to being :

      123rd in Passing Offense
      127th in Total Offense
      127th in Sacks Allowed and
      129th (dead last) in TFLs allowed

      …and a CC OL also… Yes – our OL is going to hurt us badly this season – and when you get veiled references to how bad it is going to be issued by staff assistants and the mainstream media (who are almost never negative in the pre-season about anything) then you are going to have problems.

      But yeah Jay, I really would prefer Pitt to UA. Perfection in some things bore me. I like debate, disagreements if done civilly and learning from others. With a team that goes undefeated or just loses one game every year I don’t think we’d have that on here. At least we wouldn’t have the many topics of debate that we do on here.

      I’m fine with Pitt football as the sport to follow.


  57. “It’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive”, so I will continue to be patient.

    We have a secret weapon if Pickett goes down. It’s old #11 from Apollo HS. The guy can scramble and scamper through the secondary when the upfront blocking breaks down. Give him a shot of good bourbon and he’ll get us a W.


  58. Well, I thought the O-line would be good last year and was very wrong, maybe I will be wrong again this year.

    Meeting some of the guys this weekend, and competing for the FrankCan trophy made me think of the guys that are no longer with us. I went back on Pitt Blather to 2009 around the time of the Cinci game. I wonder what happened to these guys.
    Tiger Paul
    Pauly P
    NYC Panther
    Hugh Green
    Jimbo Coverts my Dad
    Big Guy
    Tony in Houston
    Snala the Panther
    Coach Ditka
    The Hagen
    Oregon Panther
    The Turk
    milo bloom

    These guys were all regular commenters


  59. Pitt may get a former 4 star Center/Guard from Alabama – Brandon Kennedy. He sat out last year due to injury but was a backup center at Bama. I think he would start immediately.


  60. So now we are going to debate against most publishing companies about whether or not PITT has a tough OOC schedule. That’s funny because you believe they know the difference between a 5.7 three star and a 5.8 four star. Talk about changing the goal posts.


  61. “So now we are going to debate against most publishing companies about whether or not PITT has a tough OOC schedule.”

    Who ever said that??? We ALL agree, as do the publishing companies, that Pitt has a VERY difficult OOC schedule.


  62. It was to Barvo’s comment that is vague to me at best but sounds like he’s challenging the notion. Responding in the replay function does cause some confusion at times.


  63. I think what he’s saying, my apologies to Barvo if I’m wrong, is that Pitt has been .500 in the weak ACC Coastal and aside from PSU, Pitt has only beaten terrible YSU (twice), Akron, Marshall, Villanova & Rice teams OOC. His contention, I believe, is that Pitt’s CONFERENCE record is mediocre and the only OOC win of quality is versus PSU. In researching these numbers, it may be hard to argue.

    ACC 14-10 .583
    ACC Coastal: 10-8 .556
    OCC P5: 1-5 .167
    OCC G5: 3-0 1.000
    OCC FCS: 3-0 1.000

    It appears Pit is feasting on FCS, G5 and the bottom of the ACC (aside from the big wins versus PSU, Clemson and Miami.)

    So, while all games do count (don’t get fired up here, ike), if you only count P5 teams (Pitt is a P5 team and should be compared to other P5 teams, IMO) the record under Narduzzi is… 15-15 .500.

    For comparison, over the same period (versus P5)..

    WVU: 19-13 .593
    PSU: 22-10 .686
    Alabama: 32-3 .914
    VT: 19-13 .593
    Miami: 20-11 .710
    GT: 11-19 .367
    Michigan St.: 19-13 .593
    Wisconsin: 25-7 .781
    Maryland: 8-22 .267
    Vanderbilt: 6-21 .222
    Ole Miss: 12-15 .444
    Baylor: 11-18 .379
    Stanford: 28-9 .757
    ASU: 12-20 .375

    Draw your own conclusions. I’m not saying he’s a good or bad coach. I’m not commenting on his recruiting. I just feel that as a P5 team, they should be judged versus their peer group. If Pitt wants to be judged versus Rice, Marshall or Villanova, it should join Conference USA or the CAA (FCS). If it wants to be compared to Harvard, we should apply for the Ivy League. As it is, we supposedly play “big time” football.

    These are simply statistics. They mean nothing.. or everything.

    Sorry, Reed. I probably should have made this an article. LOL!



    1. That’s not good enough for me. Who was the AD that hired this bumpkin from Michigan State via Youngstown anyway?


  64. Reed, I understand the sentiment about not having Alabama like success vs. “enjoying” the unpredictability of Pitt’s success from year to year. But I must admit I enjoyed the three 11-1 seasons Sherrill put up before leaving. Is anyone tired of the Steelers making the playoffs every year?


  65. You know what Jay, that would have made a great article! There is a lot to talk about in that comment. One thing I want to make clear and many won’t believe this to be true but I’m telling you all that it is. I’m still not totally in Narduzzi’s corner. I too consider myself a realist that lives in the moment and not the past but tend to look beyond which makes me not a realist.

    Now having said that, I think and we tie into Reed’s last article about the PITT mission statement and more importantly the lack of emphasis they have put on the football program the past 30 some years that HCPN has done an above average job all things considered (Certeris Paribus). The paranoia surrounding last season boggles my mind to be honest.

    My bottom line is it’s too early for me to draw a firm conclusion on Narduzzi and from what I just read, sounds like we agree on that.


  66. I have concluded that Pitt football is mediocre and will always be until it’s BoT, AD and head coach are not. Wake me up in 2203. I’ll be in deep freeze until then. Tired of SOP.


  67. Barvo – I’ve already posted several times that the average recruiting ranking of the teams ranked 20-25 was in the mid to high 50’s. Minus Duzz’s first year (30 days to complete a class), he’s been between 29-38. Well within the jurisdiction of a top 25 team.

    You question the 4-5 year adage but your “you coach who you have” is a relic from watching college athletics with a professional football eye and a previous era of the sport … and not relevant at all in this era of saber-metrics and system oriented coaches in college football.

    It takes 4-5 years to get a system installed and to recruit players who fit the system. In college football you coach to a system. In the pros you coach to your personnel. That’s how the game is played now and part of the reason I’m annoyed Pitt hasn’t dumped the pro-style offense yet … although, I do think it’s on it’s way out and that we’ll see some spread and more RPO this season … Which is why I’m not very worried about the O-line.

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about regarding Penn State. Pitt beat them in 2016. So? Duzz is still a coach and he had a talented offensive team that year and let his coordinator do what he does best … call plays. Duzz inherited a poorly recruited defense combined with a group of players not recruited to play in his system and they struggled. Shocker.

    What does Albany or UCF have to do with anything. I’m on record as saying UCF is very beatable . They lost their entire coaching staff (100% turnover) and have an average recruiting ranking in the 70’s the last 4 years … and lost their best player on defense.

    Hell, I think Penn State and ND are beatable too. New OC at PSU and no Barkley plus a consistently underachieving and overrated ND team.

    In fact, I said that Duzz has his team now so the schedule means nothing to me. It’s time to overachieve and prove he’s a good coach.

    So, what is your point? Name some P5 coaches, not at blue blood schools, that turned around a culture and start winning immediately? List names and how long it took them and what the record of the program was before they took over.

    Pitt is not a blue blood school. Hasn’t been one for 35+ years. And was not going to be a quick fix.


  68. “I have concluded that Pitt football is mediocre and will always be until it’s BoT, AD and head coach are not. Wake me up in 2203. I’ll be in deep freeze until then. Tired of SOP.”

    Who posted this? You would have fit in our foursome this weekend.. LOL


  69. There’s so much to talk about there Jay. One thought is that not all P-5 conferences were created equally. Plus the fact that these conferences have subdivided into two divisions for the most part possibly making for an easier schedule than others. Take Wisconsin for an example. They get the double benefit of saying they are a P-5 school in the Big 10 and really do not have a very hard conference schedule. << Maybe that’s the reason they win with a bunch of 3* players? I really don’t know? ike


  70. If Narduzzi is able to cobble together a defense much like he was able to do at MSU after a couple of lean years then Pitt will competitive with almost anyone we play. And that will be the case especially so if his QB is playing at an all star level. Not sure it will happen this year but I have my hopes up that Narduzzi is much closer than most posters to this blog think in accomplishing that goal.


  71. Jay91, funny how you forgot to mention that all 5 losses to the P5 teams listed above finished ranked in the Top 20.

    2015: Iowa finished 12-2 and ranked 5th to the Rose Bowl
    Notre Dame 11-3 ranked 8th to the Fiesta Bowl

    2016: Okla St 10-3 ranked 13th to the Alamo Bowl

    2017: PSU 11-2 Ranked 8th to the Alamo Bowl
    Ok St 10-3 ranked 17th

    I continue to find it very hypocritical when you and yours make comparisons without any mention of quality of schedule. That is unfair



  72. I think it would be great if we all at the POV could give a pinky shake in agreement on signing their anonymous screen names at the bottom of the posts when we have to post under anonymous. (sometimes that happens) .. and hey, it’s ok if you don’t want to but at least we know who you aren’t.


  73. My guess is many like to hide behind the anonymous screen name. Why attach your name to a prediction or a point of view when it might come back to bite you in the a**.


  74. I don’t really think so gc

    Does anyone have enough energy to look up Zeke Gadson star ranking or his numbers while at PITT 1987? Point is.. why do we judge so harshly on recruiting we really know nothing about? Gadson was a back-up RB that led PITT in sacks his last year. This is how good coaches make up a team. They bring in athletes.


  75. A question for you all to ponder while I sit here wondering what I’m going to do next. When and how did it happen that all 18 year old young men develop physically and mentality at the same time? Some of us had hair in certain places and some of us had to wait awhile. (me) Does anyone think the star ranking systems take that into consideration? Before we go judging these recruits maybe we should all take a look in the mirror how life really works and when did we all became real men.. It’s a flawed system folks… ike


    1. If Pitt continues getting recruits that are unranked and have no other P5 offers, Pitt might as well go D-II in football. I really dont care if he ‘might’ have potential. Dont care if he’s smart or a model citizen. Dont care that he’s from Miami and we all know unranked kids down there are really 4 stars. If Pitt doesnt put a more serious effort into recruiting, this program is literally dead. Pitt picked him because they needed anyone to break the ice. This kid picked Pitt because he had zero P-5 offers. I’ll bet you this, he doesnt even sign come February.


    2. it’s definitely a flawed system. That’s why all the top schools target the 2 star, 3 star and NR kids.

      I think Nick Saban was quoted as saying, “Who cares about stars? Da’Shawn Hand was a 5 star and Aaron Donald was a 2 star. Those ratings guys don’t know D!CT.”

      That’s a direct quote!… I think. Or, maybe not.


  76. wwb.

    I have mentioned strength of schedule MANY times.

    Read my post again…

    Since 2015 Pitt is a .500 team against P5. Their record is sub .500 against ranked teams. And NEWS FLASH!!!.. other teams play ranked teams, too. I didn’t mention that WVU’s record includes an 0-9 record against ranked teams or that Maryland went 0-4 against ranked teams in 2015 ALONE– and all four finished ranked in the TOP 12!!!!! That season got Edsall fired 6 games in.When did Pitt play FOUR teams in one season all who finished in the top 12? When? Has it ever happened? Every team and coach can point to why they weren’t successful. Do you need me to include rushing stats for every team in every game since 2015, as well??? I was pointing out w/L records for a variety of teams since 2015. Pitt’s is mediocre. If you think 15-15 is better than mediocre because of strength of schedule– great! You’re entitled to that opinion. And if any of us want and expect more, despite the SOS, we are also entitled to that opinion.


    If those statistics don’t fit your narrative, go find ones that do– kind of like the statistics someone provided awhile back to explain how Max Browne excelled against a “stingy” Rice pass defense. (Aside from being incomplete and misleading the numbers provided weren’t even correct.)

    PS.. learn the meaning of the word “hypocritical.” There was no hypocrisy in anything I wrote. Perhaps you found my information incomplete, disingenuous or misleading but it was in no way hypocritical. Reed’s pretty good with language.. maybe he can help you out.


    1. strength of schedule and number of ranked teams played are stats ,,, and IMO every bit as important as all the other stats listed on this site



  77. Well Jay I figured I would take a walk over there >> and then my sarcasm alert buzzer went off and I ran back over here << So Max, Ricky, Kam, and the recent 4 and 5 * pickups by Narduzzi the past few years were all sure fire recruits?

    PITT is going to be a 3* oriented football team and it takes 3* high school players a few years to mature into what may become 5* type players. It sure is a gamble but PITT just doesn’t have any other choice. Again, it comes down to the recruiters eye and time. This year is the year to START judging Narduzzi.


    1. ike.

      Pitt DID have a choice.. and fired Wanny. Somehow, he managed to get 4 star recruits.. in the same stadium and playing less glamorous opponents… while getting paid much less.

      If only he had a special teams coach. Damn Mardy Gilyard!!!! LOL

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      1. If only Wanny had a QB. We needed more points in the second half and Stull was what he was. Just two TDs, at home, in the second half versus a poor Cincy defense.


  78. @wwb, reading the comments, I think that is exactly the point. You don’t schedule a 5 star OOC with 3 star players and expect to win the majority of the time. I don’t care what the rank is at the end of the year. It’s bad scheduling, period. VT scheduling mid tn state is exactly what Pitt’s AD is afraid of doing. How many more examples does she need?

    Personally, I can’t believe anyone complains about the results in recruiting or W’s and L’s when our BoT supports only a “C” program. You all get upset about Narduzzi’s recruiting, but don’t consider he is not highly paid by recruiting or W/L standards. His pay equates to middle of the pack. As such we get middle of the pack results. Very simple.

    Why must he win 7 games or 8 or else be on the hot seat if you are going to replace him with a “C” coach? It makes no sense. We replaced a “D” basketball coach with currently a “B+” Coach because we paid “B+ money. Funny how recruiting changed. You get what you paid for and incessantly whining about our current coaches inability to get 5 star and 4 star players is an exercise in futility. Now, go pay for an upgrade and the expectations change.

    Why remain flummoxed and complain?? The complaints should be focused on paying the current coach squat. Pay more, get more. Until then, have fun in our Yugo!

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  79. Narduzzi is desperate.

    If you can’t see that then I can’t help you.

    Just because I was on a plane with John Cena doesnt make me a WWE Star.

    If you are a Kid from Northwestern ( One of the Top 5 or 6 programs in Miami/Dade and Broward and you only have one P5 offer there is a problem. Every coach in America recruits that area and those schools.

    To me it is sinple. Narduzzi turns off kids with Talent and more importantly the parents.


  80. Guys, your missing the point. We are not scheduling Wisconsin, Tennessee, UCF, and the like. They are scheduling US!!! They are following the “schedule down, schedule easy” mantra. That is ithe real story!

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    1. Randy, I wrote that last year and it was glossed over but you are exactly correct. Pitt still has name value because of our history but we are also a team the better schools know they have a better chance of beating.

      These big wins Narduzzi has, and they were great, were two ACC schedule games and a rival. All the best OOC opponents have been beating us. Any OOC team other than MAC or CUSA have had our number:

      OK State (x2)


  81. You may be right about Narduzzi Mr Anonymous but Narduzzi is never going down to that school and picking up a 4 or 5 star recruit and PITT will never have a coach that does. It is what it is. Myself? I like this kids tape. He looked like the best kid on defense from that powerhouse school.


  82. and not defending Heather but she’s not responsible for the current schedule. UCF just happen to get real good… PITT should be playing Navy every year and throw in Army when they can’t get Navy. Say goodbye to the pedo’s and schedule WVU every year you can. Notre Dame is also forgivable imo but the timing was off.


    1. Ike – A committment to a OCS and they threw money at it and got the hottest coach out there and Huepel is also nobodies dummy. Frost was the bomb.


  83. ike.. We agree, again!!

    Put the service academies on EVERY year. I said that a few weeks back.

    My scheduling plan?

    Play 8 ACC games and the OOC?… ONE “name” P5 school (PSU, WVU, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.), ONE academy, and TWO G5 teams (SMU.Marshall, Temple, etc.) PSU has been doing similar for decades.

    If Pitt starts winning more consistently and you want to add more, you can replace one of the two G5 teams with another low-P5 team (Indiana, Vanderbilt, Baylor, etc.) History shows that Pitt’s attendance (outside of ND, WVU and PSU) is NOT affected by opponent. However, winning seasons have shown higher attendance.

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  84. Thanks Tx, I must like myself more than I thought. I love hometown homer’s. Bob Prince, Mike Lang, Myron Cope, Billy Hillgrove, Chilly Billy etc…. see my bio. This is my town.


  85. We are in year 2 of the AD. The schedule is on her. Very easy to trade out games. Sure it may cost you a couple hundred k, but what is the football program losing with every loss? Pitt football needs to get into the national conversation and winning 8 or 9 games, regardless of opponent, accomplishes that task. Ask The Dairy College.

    @Anonymous UPitt – we are aligned on Narduzzi. I just think the Administration continues to give him “C” support and we keep wanting better than “C” results. I think he is stuck trying to figure out a gadget of getting better kids with less support. Think about his sales pitch – Hey 4 star kid, come play in a half full stadium, with no game day atmosphere, except against ND or Dairy College. Hey kid, your senior walk will be in front of 20k people and 50k yellow seats. Hey kid we only can max our wins at 6-8 per year because we have no strategic plan to schedule any better. With you however, we can get to 7 wins consistently. Hey kid, we bus our kids to the games. Sure, they leave early. They just got use to early dismissals since kindergarten! Hey kid, we still haven’t settled on a mustard and royal. We lyke some other blue and gold so we look like Tulsa and Navy and Toledo at times, so don’t get confused, it’s our brand.

    What is the sales pitch, seriously? Please don’t say academics, because we aren’t top 25 there and the 4 and 5 stars aren’t buying that. A degree is a degree. If it wasn’t they would all go to the Ivy’s. The only football selling point is that we share practice facilities and chefs with the Steelers. That is a pretty good one, but not a great one. We have some big names in the league! Okay, so does everyone we are recruiting against. Ummm, the media loves Pitt and treats them fairly kid. Another failing of our AD’s and Administration. That’s the least they could do is get the media in line. Cut off their free meals until they are fair.

    Found a COMPARABLE, except in salary and in commitment.

    PJ Fleck year one 5-7. $3.5M per year. Currently ranked 19th in recruiting for 2019 – oh, 15 verbals with an average of 2.67 stars. The ranking will go down and stars will go up. Ranking is mainly because of a high number of recruits.

    2018 26 recruits, ranked 43, but with an impressive 3.08 stars. Or is an average 3 star recruiting class, bad? That’s what $3.5M gets you so far. They also have a new ON CAMPUS STADIUM. And they compete against professional hockey, football, baseball and basketball. Pitt makes excuses. Let’s keep an eye on this one.


  86. Jay91… how well the Cincinnati games attended during the Big Easy days?

    It seemed to me that a bit of a rivalry was developing there..maybe the Bearcats could be considered.


  87. I can’t agree on the schedule Huff the Third. BTW, I kind of like saying that name. Who would if Heather could have swapped out and paid off this year, ND or psu? No way. UCF possibly but that’s a home and home and wouldn’t be worth the money to switch it out. … The correction in scheduling needs to take place next year or the year after that.

    Your other points I am in total agreement with. I’m still hearing a little birdie telling me to stay tuned to the mustard. Hope that works out.


  88. Franklins pitch against Pitt is real easy
    Yellow seats
    Crappy bowels
    No recent titles or championships
    Nothing better than average

    A 4 star doesnt see himself as average, mediocre or crappy

    So while I dont completely blame Narduzzi, the environment was probably more difficult under Wanny and he still got 4 stars to come. Same Heinz, no good bowl tie ins, a boss that hated him, a Chancellor that didnt know the difference between a football and a rugby ball.

    Narduzzi has to step up his game.

    Heather can be doing more as well. She can get out of these tough OOC games via buyouts. She can also begin tarping the stadium and demanding open practices.

    Liked by 1 person

  89. She spent on hoops so it is time to get creative and pick 2 Uniforms and create some traditions. Motorcade to the stadium from Oakland. Give extra credit to go to games. There a a ton of ideas if someone chooses to embrace winning.

    Liked by 2 people

  90. This Holler kid from Latrobe who just received an offer from comes from a very athletic family. I’m sure a relative was one of the best high school pitchers in the state years ago. Could even be his dad.

    Anyone remember Chad Reed from Latrobe? First recruit for Wlat Harris and a dam good center for PITT!


    1. Dickie Holler. Graduated in 1984 from Latrobe I believe. That team went to states if I recall. He could deal it.


  91. I hear the landlord Steelers just offered to paint the mustard seats black to eliminate the problem and get Pitt off its back! 🙂


    1. Why couldn’t they paint over them though. Like soccer venues, they have multiple seat colors often and will spell out their club names in the seats. Looks good on TV.


  92. I wish they would VOR.

    Hold your socks up I just heard PITT may be getting another commitment tonight or very soon.


  93. Ike – Back on 6/10, you wondered what my take is on the one and only commit. I think we should start slipping some money to the parents of our target recruits. I hear that works pretty good for some basketball teams. – Hobie


  94. hey ike, remember when Pitt installed the indoor track in Pitt stadium? They didn’t let a little thing like fan preference bother them then. Pushing the fans away from the playing field was apparently irrelevant. In 60 years, nothing has changed where fan appreciation is concerned..

    Liked by 1 person

  95. Hobie, don’t tell Reed but I would slip a few bucks in there if I thought I could get away with it. Not from the NCAA but from my wife.

    Yes Wlat. 1985 I believe. Latrobe had a monster class. I think they won multiple championships that year, baseball, basketball, wrestling and hockey all had great years. Dickie Holler was a great pitcher. I know he’s still in the area.


    1. Ike – Maybe we could use the go fund me site to hire Rick Pitino as the new recruiting coordinator, he got pretty good recruiting results at Louisville. I think his recruiting talents might transfer to football. – Hobie


  96. I’d do it Hobie. I don’t have the scruples as Reed has. At the same time I like the way PITT does their thing. I find it more fun and satisfying to win fair. Never in my life did I have a bad word to say to an umpire or ref and I mean never. I was taught better.


    1. Ike – It’s my frustration about Pitt football coming out as sarcasm. I was away for the weekend and didn’t check any electronics while I was away. I came back and checked almost immediately to see if Pitt scored a recruit while I was gone. I was delighted to see Pitt did. So I immediately went to Rivals to see the expected three stars. I saw zero stars. Zero. Ike. I’m a tortured soul, Ike. A tortured soul. – Hobie


  97. Oh well, take it from me, I think this kid is a solid pick-up. …and it gets the ball rolling and I hear another coming soon.

    Might as well go for a soda while we wait.


  98. VOR, the Astro turf and synthetic track installation was in 1970. I don’t think any seating was lost due to the track. Maybe some of the early 60s guys can confirm if the track was there when they attended games.


  99. I thought the track was there when I went to the games in the early 1960s but I am certainly not a reliable source as back then nobody checked what you brought into the stadium.


  100. Frank, I was thinking that the track was added in the 50s, it was there when I started at Pitt in ’69. They had removed some of the lower rows of seating to add the track. Still a great stadium, but it took away some of the fan noise that makes for a true home field experience.


  101. Don’t know Steely, Eric but the rest. I think Neal’s boy is the new basketball star in town. Or is it Kieth’s boy? Mullen is gone I think? I knew Tommy’s dad and brother, Ted


  102. Not sure the best way to find a scholarship, Reed, but with 85 players something typically happens over the summer to free one up. They must find a way to add the Alabama OL if he is willing to come.


  103. Got turf toe in early 80’s on that crap turf! Hurt like a mother for months. Special turf shoes and everything.

    Definitely make room for the Alabama OL. How many centers do we have? Morrisey a walk-on, Drexel, Dintinio sometimes….yoi! There has to be at least one or two openings over the summer. If not, we may have to backpedal on a walk-on schollie. The walk-on can get other scholarship monies for academics, etc.

    Actually, Alabama has become more selective on the academic side of the house recently.


  104. ike — we’re counting on you to reel in that Holler kid from LAYTrobe! Do your best Wanny imitation, an’ at!

    Go Pitt!


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