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Pitt vs Penn State






Some POVers photos from Pitt Golf Day

Mike Caprara, Fran, Rick, John, Dick Groat and Richman
Fran (Lastrow), Jerry Oslavsky, John (MajorMajors) and

Rick (Erie Express)

Fran (Lastrow), Rick Erie Express), Walt Harris and John (MajorMajors)

15 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast; May 27th 2018

  1. Here is a late correction to Chapter 2 of the Ricky Town articles:

    DiNucci’s transfer precipitated Town’s visit to Pitt. Dinucci heard Pitt was looking for more depth at QB and feeling mislead, and not for the first time because it happened twice before during the regular season, he abruptly left the team on December 14th.

    Once he told the staff he was leaving, they scrambled to get Town on campus two days later. Town was actually on campus at a smaller school, I believe it was Stephen F Austin, for a visit when OC Shawn Watson called and asked him to come to Pitt. So Town left that visit and flew to Pittsburgh on a Saturday night and Town then signed his LOI on December 17th.

    (Thanks Chris Peak!)


  2. Hoping for some recruit announcements soon. I’m told that they are close on a QB announcement, which would get things rolling. But they have needs everywhere, especially at OL and TE. Allowing for a red shirt year, this year’s recruits are 2-3 years away from helping.


  3. Couple things while keeping my obvious bias in mind:

    That’s a handsome group of duffers above in those pictures.

    Reed, your recent podcasts have knock it out of the park. No not because you mention me, (btw I think that’s why barvo hates me) but more to the professional way you bring the podcasts to us all. You speak to all of us like we are all your friends.

    It was easy to hear the sincerity in your voice when talking about Memorial Day. The over and beyond work you do helping others that need it. Truly special stuff. It got me away and to the phone to call my oldest brother, a Vietnam Vet, just to say hi, and I miss him. No answer but I’ll keep calling him.

    PDST is real and debilitating and you’re right, I’ve often said, just because there isn’t a bandage on it doesn’t mean it isn’t an injury. Suffering in silence should not be an option.

    Carry on Commander and thank you…. ike


  4. Thanks to all of the vets that served, to all those serving now and to all of those thinking of serving.

    A special tip of the hat to my special force nephew, KIA, 2010. Great fellow.

    Personally, I thought Max Browne made a bad choice in coming to Pitt. As much as the college recruits the graduate transfer, the graduate transfer needs to do his homework to find a system and surrounding players that best support his abilities. Pitt did not give that to Browne. It wasn’t Pitt’s fault.

    I would bring in as many 4 and 5 star grad transfers over walk-ons any day, sorry!


  5. Appreciation and honor to all those who have died while serving in our country’s military. And hats off to all those who have served and put their lives at stake.

    Reed – bless you and a big salute to you for your work with Veterans in hospice. Had no idea what hospice involved until they helped us at the end of my mother’s life last Christmas. Such kindness and comfort.

    I’ll be visiting my Dad’s grave to place a flag — he served in WWII and when he died at only 59, I hadn’t been wise enough to get him to talk about his wartime experience — which included a Purple Heart.

    Keep up the excellent work, Reed.

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  6. I was driving a van with a friend with a load of lumber when the storm hit. Ellicott City won’t rebound this time and that’s too bad as it is a beautiful historic town.

    But this time buildings came down.


  7. We landed at BWI just before the storm hit. It was a long huge black wall of clouds. We later passed near Ellicott City and the traffic was backed up big time.


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