Here is a Bio piece from Eric Wassel – MissingWlat to us.

My parents did not attend Pitt. In fact, neither attended college at all. Truth be told, I grew up rooting for the now-hated Dairy School to the East, as my uncle had played football there in the late 60s under Joe Paterno. My only tie to Pitt prior to my enrollment in 1988 was my sister, who had graduated from Pitt in 1985.

I had originally intended to attend Pitt-Johnstown to play baseball. Had I done so, the rest of this story would never have happened. So here’s how my kids became Pitt fans.

In the spring of 1991, during my Junior year at Pitt, I traveled with my roommates to Florida for Spring Break. I had a good friend from high school who was attending Palm Beach Atlantic College. Free room for the week, warm weather, fake ID. I was all set.

Being the frugal (i.e. poor) college student that I was, I booked the cheapest flight that I could find, so I was scheduled to fly home on a Monday rather than a Sunday. Missing one day of classes never hurt anyone, and I got to extend spring break by an extra day. Having time to kill on that Monday before an evening flight back to Pittsburgh, my roommates and I decided to attend a spring training baseball game in Palm Beach between the Expos and the Dodgers.

We arrived and moved towards our cheap seats in left field. As luck would have it, the guy sitting in the row behind us had a daughter who attended Pitt.IMG_2070 One of us was wearing a Pitt shirt, so the gentleman struck up a brief conversation. He had put his daughter on a plane home the previous day, and pointed out that we were skipping class. Point taken. Anyway, real nice guy. Buys us all beers, and we talk a little bit about Pitt football. He had been a season ticket holder since 1982. Sat with his back against the press box on the 50 yard line in the last row of Section 19 of Pitt Stadium. (opposite side of the field from our buddy, Lastrow).  He was a die-hard Pitt fan, and had attended numerous Pitt Bowl Games, including the 1982 Sugar Bowl.

“Look my daughter up when you get back on campus”, he said. “Thanks for the beers”, we said. Needless to say, none of us ever looked up his daughter after returning to campus. Over 12,000 undergrad and graduate school females were on the Oakland campus at the time, so there were plenty of other co-eds to choose from.

Fast forward approximately one year later, to the spring of 1992. I was on cruise control at Pitt. I had a light course load, was getting ready to graduate, and had been accepted to law school. I spent much of that time in that last semester at Pitt attending Pirates games with my buddies.

FullSizeRenderI also began spending a lot of time with my girlfriend, Missy, who I had met in early April at the Pirates home opener. We had a huge tailgate for the opener, mostly Pitt students. Originally Missy was interested in one of my friends, Todd, while she had a friend of hers who was interested in me. Things have a funny way of working out, and Missy and I started dating. A couple of rides around town (including a few late nights at Schenley Park) in my fancy red 1983 Ford EXP and I had her hooked!

My relationship with Missy begins to develop, and as these things happen, it becomes time to meet her parents. They were coming into town to visit Missy at Pitt, and we invited them to stop by a party that we were having at our apartment on North Dithridge Street.

Nice people her parents, especially her dad. A dentist from the town of Pittston, PA, he was one of the founders of the Northeastern Pa. Chapter of the Pitt Golden Panthers. A real Pitt guy. Season ticket holder since 1982. Attended a bunch of bowl games…. Oh, and one more thing: IT’S THE GUY WHO BOUGHT US BEERS AT THE SPRING TRAINING GAME IN FLORIDA!!!

The post script to this story is that I married his daughter, now my wife, Missy, four years later. We’ll be married 22 years next week. We have had season tickets since marrying in 1996. We make the trip across the state (Missy and I moved to Pittston in 1999) for games several times a year.  My daughter was less than 6 months old when she attended her first game (Pitt-Penn State, 12-0). Ever since, my kids have been going to games. IMG_1128.JPGWe’ve attended bowl games, most recently with our kids to the Pinstripe Bowl. Four years ago I attended a Pitt-Miami game in Florida with my father-in-law, only miles up the road from where I first him at that spring training game over 20 years earlier.

We have truly become a Pitt family. At age 73, my father-in-law has the same passion for Pitt football as he did over 25 years ago when I first met him.

My daughter is a high school Junior. She wants to study chemical engineering. She is way smarter than me. She has Pitt at the top of her list. Somehow a certain agricultural school in Central Pennsylvania never made the list at all. How did that happen?


As an addendum to this story, I share my favorite games as a Pitt fan (1988-Present) I originally intended it to be a top 10 list, then expanded to 13 (in honor of Dan Marino). Ultimately I just could not omit a few, so here is the final result…

Before getting to football, I decided to throw four basketball games in here first. They are in no particular order.  I was in attendance at each.
Pitt Basketball Memorable Games

       December 20, 2007: Pitt beats Duke at Madison Square Garden on Levance Fields’ three pointer with six seconds left in overtime. Duke fans cheer when Mike Cook tears his ACL during game.

       March 15, 2003: Pitt wins their first Big East Tournament Championship at MSG vs. UConn. 74-56.

       February 15, 2004: Pitt beats UConn at the Pete when ranked #4 and UConn #5, Loudest sporting event I’ve ever attended. Tickets being scalped outside the Pete for over $500.

      February 12, 2010: Pitt beats #5 West Virginia in triple overtime, 98-95. Pitt was down double digits late in regulation and then down 5 with 35 seconds left. Game on national TV started at 9 pm and was not over until after midnight.

       December 12, 1998: The “Khalid El Amin Game”. Up 4 with 9 seconds left, Pitt gave up a three, threw away the inbounds pass, and then had El Amin thrust a knife in their chest with a shot in the lane with 2 seconds left. El Amin then celebrated by jumping atop the scorers table.

Pitt Football Memorable Games

 Any game against Virginia Tech. For some reason, none of these individual games stand out (except last year’s loss), but I know that over the past 20 years, we’ve beaten VT at least 3 different times when they were ranked. Walt Harris in particular seemed to have their number.

Pitt v. Miami. November 24, 2017. 24-14 victory. We ruin Miami’s perfect season and National Championship hopes with a tremendous performance. What I most remember was how loud and engaged the fans were, even though there were only about 25,000 of us in attendance. That and the fact that the Miami QB, Rozier, was mostly incompetent all day which was a big factor in helping us to victory.

Pitt v. Syracuse. November 26, 2016. 76-61 victory. Highest scoring game in Division I (FBS) history. Highly entertaining. Tough to forget.

Pitt v. Penn State. September 16, 2000. 12-0 victory. I knew walking into Three Rivers that day that the winner would have bragging rights for years. Who knew it would be 16 years? I still can close my eyes and see Rod Rutherford running essentially untouched for the only TD of the game.

Pitt v. Temple. October 6, 1996.  53-52 victory. Most of the games in this era were forgettable. However, two weeks after we suffered a 72-0 beat down by Ohio State (do I recall John Cooper running a fake punt while up 35-0????), Matt Lytle rallies Panthers from down 3 TDs in the fourth quarter. Game played in a miserable rain. The rest of my family left in third quarter. My father-in-law, Sam and I gutted it out and were rewarded in the end. Temple coach Ron Dickerson announced his resignation after the game.

 Pitt v. Notre Dame.  November 3, 2012. 29-26 loss. Pitt loses in triple OT to Brian Kelly (can’t stand him) and the Irish on a Saturday night in South Bend. Phantom pass interference call late in the game on K’Wuan Williams was a critical call that turned tide, in game that we controlled for most of the contest. I recall that Notre Dame was ranked in the top 5 at the time.

Pitt v. Notre Dame.  November 13, 1999. 37-27 victory. Last game in Pitt Stadium. Mostly memorable due to the pomp and circumstance, and the dignitaries in attendance. Game itself was nothing special against a mediocre Irish squad. Putting the “Spirit of Pitt Stadium” in a box was a bit corny. Thanks, Chancellor Nordenberg.

Pitt v. Notre Dame. October 31, 2008. 36-33 victory. 4 OT win against ND. Conor Lee with game winning field goal on final play. Two fourth quarter comebacks.

Pitt v. WVU. November 28, 1997. 41-38 victory. The 4th and 17 completion from Pistol Pete Gonzalez to Jake Hoffart is the play I remember, not the subsequent TD to Terry Murphy. Also recall WVU had chance to seal the win earlier in OT, but Amos Zereoue fumbled, which gave us the opportunity to seal the win.

Pitt v. Notre Dame. October 29, 1989. 45-7 loss.  I was a sophomore at Pitt. I made a road trip with 5 buddies to South Bend with a rented Dodge minivan and 6 cases of beer in tow. Pitt ranked #7, ND was #1. We scored on our first drive, Alex Van Pelt to Ronald Redmon. We didn’t score again. But it was a great, great trip. Slept on the floor of a dorm, and one night in the van. Beautiful campus.

Pitt v. Notre Dame. November 13, 2004. 41-38 win. Tyler Palko throws 5 TDs and then drops an F bomb on National Television in the post game interview. Little known fact: Cover of ND game program had a picture of several ND players tackling Billy Gaines, who had died the year before in a tragic accident. Walt Harris and Pitt players dedicated the win to him. Josh Cummings nailed a 32 yard FG with one second left.

Pitt v. Miami. September 18, 1997. 21-17 win. We hadn’t beat Miami since 1976. Our football program had been a mess for several years. It was a Thursday night homecoming game. Great atmosphere. I don’t recall specifics of the game, but do remember vividly that the goal posts not only came down, but were taken up into the stands, and almost out of the top of Pitt Stadium.

Pitt v. Clemson. November 12, 2016. 43-42 win.  Chris Blewitt drills a 48 yard FG with 6 seconds left and Pitt pulls the shocker over #2 Clemson in Death Valley. Tons of big plays, although for some reason the one I most vividly remember besides the winning field goal was the Jordan Whitehead fumble return that was ultimately overturned on replay. Clemson goes on to win National Championship.

Tie. Pitt v. Villanova. September 3, 2016. Pitt v. Notre Dame. November 9, 2013.  Sentimental choices. The outcome of the games are irrelevant, although we won both. Nova game was memorable because it was the first game for James Conner after he beat cancer. ND game because it was the day after my father-in-law, Sam, had open heart surgery.  He has had season tickets since the early 70s (see above) and has NEVER missed a PSU, ND or WVU home game in all of those years. He insisted that my wife and I be there. We honored his wish and made the trip.

Pitt v. WVU. September 30, 1989. 31-31 tie. Game played at Mountaineer Field. My sophomore year at Pitt.  I made the road trip with roommate and some other friends. Pitt losing 31-9 with 12 minutes left in fourth quarter. Alex Van Pelt, then a freshman, leads team back to improbable tie after throwing 4 interceptions earlier in game. Hoopies burned a lot of couches in Morganhole that night.

Pitt v. Cincinnati. December 5, 2009. 45-44 loss. Mardy Gilyard + Dave Wannstedt = Pitt loss. Ugly way to go, after holding three TD cushion in first half. Beginning of my hatred for Brian Kelly. Classless punk. Janocko fumbled snap also memorable. Loss kept us out of Orange Bowl.

Pitt v. Penn State. September 10, 2016. 42-39 victory. Having to wait 16 years for Penn State to play us again, the anticipation for this game was unbearable. The atmosphere was the best, as it remains the most attended game in Heinz Field history. We dominated the first half and held on at the end. Got to experience game with my kids, which was special. It was about 100 degrees in our seats. But who cares? We won.

Number One Best Game!IMG_2058

Pitt v. WVU. December 1, 2007. 13-9 victory. So many great memories from this game. Bostick TD. Shady’s electrifying runs. A defense that didn’t miss a tackle. Wanny roaming the sidelines on crutches. WVU kicker missing several field goals. Knocked WVU out of National Championship game (no playoffs yet). But most vivid memory is the Rich Rod press conference after the game. While he described the game as a “nightmare”, the Pitt team can be heard in the background, loudly cheering in their adjacent locker room. Short of another National Championship, this one will be hard to beat.


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  1. Thanks, Reed. I had a lot of fun putting this piece together. The games mentioned bring back a ton of (mostly) great memories.


  2. Photos of my wife and I with Evans at NEPA Golden Panthers Pig Roast in 1992. Second photo taken at final Pitt Stadium game in 1999. Photo of family from Pinstripe Bowl in 2016.


  3. Those are great memories of the Greeks at Pitt in the 60s and 70s. I remember the HUGE signs they brought into Pitt stadium: “Squeeze the Orange”, “Cream the Seamen”, and other quite suggestive posters that really increased the interest and excitement among students at Pitt. (That ’69 schedule had Oklahoma, Pedo, UCLA and Notre Dame on it- all were losses- but Pitt certainly played a national schedule then).


  4. IMG_2071.JPG

    Note the $5.00 price tag on the ticket stub. Hope that you all can open the link.


      1. Great Story! Screw Dr. Tom. He is to scared to come golf and get owned by Upitt. To Busy pulling Molars.


  5. Eric.. imagine the odds of sitting beside an unknown man then being introduced to him later as your future Daddy-in-law! Wow.. your hit the lottery!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope to meet the MissingWlat crew at a tailgate !

    Reading these personal stories are great. Getting to know the POV family …..

    Reed, this is special stuff and you are responsible.

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    1. BigB: There were about 12,000 female undergrads and grad students on campus back then. So you are right, it was like hitting the lottery. Hopefully after 25 years, my wife says the same thing about me!!!


  6. MissingWlat — a most excellent article. Enjoyed learning of your times at Pitt and how you met your wife.

    The run down on memorable Pitt games was a nice bonus. Well done!

    Go Pitt.


  7. Great writeup from a close neighbor of mine. That is if you think Scranton is close enough to Pittston? I probably bumped into your father in law some time ago as I often attended sessions when the Pitt coaches used to venture up to NE Pa from time to time back in the 80’s.


    1. He tells me that back then, it was common for both coaches and players (Mark May, Tony Siragusa, Dan Marino, Mark Stepnoski, among others) to commonly attend their events in Scranton.


  8. We have another two Bio pieces on-deck; wbb’s story of how he turned onto Pitt football and then Dan72’s recounting from childhood his love affair with the Panthers – lots of twists and turns there also.

    BigB – this is exactly want I envisioned for the POV when I started it. Much like a Saturday night sitting around drinking beer and talking about Pitt football with good friends.

    Now – POVers – get with Rick Caldwell about the Golf Outing sooner rather than later.


  9. Here is a great series of thoughts about Pitt Football’s place in the universe – sent to me email but wishes to remain anonymous.

    If anyone reviews the attendance figures and the television ratings for college football, they will see a downward spiral. Has anyone thought about this beyond the conference presidents and athletic directors?

    What is wrong? Why is this happening? Can it be reversed? All very poignant questions.

    Perhaps what is wrong has to do with the locality of certain teams. What is their marketing drawing area? Are they in competition with major professional sports?

    Pittsburgh is quite unique in having to compete with the Pirates, the Steelers, and the Penguins. Yes, three viable and good franchises that are worth billions. So, how many events can the average family afford? Certainly the Pitt games are not that expensive in contrast to these professional sports. But, time is time and when are families available to attend games. What happens on weekends? What usually happens is that Saturday is kids’ events so it might be perfect for a college football game now and then. But, what time is the game? Will the games be moved around? Will the kids get too restless? Oh oh, what happens with divorced parents when the Dad’s time with the kids is usually a Saturday. Can a Dad take two to four kids to a game and what time is that game?

    Schools like Penn State, Michigan State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Duke, Clemson, etc. do not have Pitt’s problem. These schools have many alumni living within a hundred miles as well as no professional sports competition. So, without having some sports entity to latch onto for advertising or sponsorship, the big isolated college sports program has an almost monopoly on the entertainment dollars of citizenry. It is what it is. Nothing wrong with either type of location but reality is that you can have a die hard following with a near monopoly of family entertainment. There is nothing that an urban college can do to overcome the severe competition of the professional sports teams. The best that the urban college can do is recruit well, sell its traditions, encourage its students, welcome its alumni, and hope for sporting success to gain positive coverage by local radio, television and print outlets.

    Pitt is like Georgia Tech and UCLA in having professional competition and other entertainment facilities competing with attending games. In fact, Los Angeles and Atlanta are much larger cities than Pittsburgh. Then there is the weather to consider. Both Atlanta and Los Angeles are a lot more temperate than Pittsburgh.

    What Pittsburgh has to sell is a legacy of wonderful athletes through the program. Pitt has a history of once dominating college football. Pittsburgh’s negatives are also an attraction in that there is so much to do or see as a student. If a recruit is a minority, they should feel more comfortable in a city where they are not an even smaller minority. Also, the Pitt facilities are among the best anywhere as is the academics, strength training, and medical facilities. Does it hurt Pitt to practice in the same facility as the Steelers? No. Does it hurt Pitt if players or recruits can encounter Steeler players or coaches on the South Side? No.

    In an age where digitalization has enabled fast action entertainment, highly portable entertainment, and an incredible array of media choices, it is difficult to energize and motivate students to feel more than a passing through as they move toward graduation. Certainly, proximity would help Pitt football as it did Pitt basketball with the facility within close walking distance. But, that is not the case, so ready transportation and event planning at the stadium must be the catalyst for enthusiasm along with on the field/court success.


    1. the viewing experience is just better at home. Football is a great game to watch on your widescreen TV with surround sound while you sit on a comfortable coach in an air conditioned/heated home with a refrigerator stocked full of beer and good eats. This consumes 3 hours of your day.

      whereas for a noon game at the stadium, you’re getting up at 7 am, on the road by 8, at the stadium and set-up for tailgating by 9. You then sit in an uncomfortable seat with little legroom, and often bake in the sun, get rained on or freeze. you cant flip the channel to check on other games.

      you eventually get thirsty and splurge for a $10 water downed beer. you then wait in line to pee and miss Pitt intercept a ball and run it back for a touchdown. game ends and you make the long walk back to your vehicle, tell your tailgate buddies that we’ll do this again in 2 weeks. then drive home getting back for dinner around 6 pm.

      Pretty exhausted after spending nearly 12 hours away from home, sun-burned, hoarse and bummed that Pitt lost another one.

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  10. That’s quite an incredible story Eric. Like it was fate and it was. Something indeed draws us to certain people I believe, as the chances of meeting her, like you said with 12,000 undergrad females on campus was 12,000 to 1.

    And it looks like you have a great family ! Have enjoyed blogging with you over the years as MissingWlat
    Look forward to meeting you someday !


    1. Thanks Emel. Your insight on this blog is always appreciated. Hope to see you at a POV tailgate!


  11. “Putting the “Spirit of Pitt Stadium” in a box was a bit corny. Thanks, Chancellor Nordenberg.”

    They should have squeezed Cornhole and Nerdy in the box instead ! 🙂

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  12. Holy moly missing wlat.. That’s some story! Some mover and shaker you were back then. You sure took his word and hooked I mean looked up his daughter when you got back home… and you never let her go. I see you still wear you ball-cap the same way now as you did in your little league days. Just remember Eric. You attended Lay-trobe High School. btw, do you know the football coach Jason Marucco? He seems around your age.


    1. Jason graduated the year after me. Odd thing is, I don’t remember him playing football, and if he did, he wasn’t a star.


  13. Tx, Your PITT game day story senario almost had me rolling on the floor holding my big belly laughing my head off. You know buddy…. you are one lost cause. Heather, save your breath on Tx.

    My man Tx, you are hysterical pal… Maybe more reading or painting in your life would suit you better. Knitting, crocheting, competition spit puddles or benzodiazopines should be in your future…

    Nope.. you are a true PITT fan…. hats off to you friend we do take a beating. . ike


  14. missing wlat, Your dad-in-law sounds like a great guy and I assume his daughter likewise. Congrats!



    1. Thank you, wwb. He is a terrific guy. He wears rose colored Pitt glasses, though. He and Ike would become fast friends.


  15. BTW, just heard Heather on ESPNU radio XM 84 which is broadcasting from the ACC meetings. She claims a big announcement coming tomorrow.


  16. Eric – great, great story!! Thanks so much for sharing that.

    I recall attending a Pitt-Syracuse game at the Igloo in the mid 80’s when Cuse had Rony Seikely (sp) and we had Charles Smith & Co. Moved there because it held more that Fitzgerald. The Igloo was sold out. Great, electric environment and I believe we won that one.

    We saw a lot of the same FB games. You are younger than me, but one of my all-time favorite games was Pitt-Penn State at Three Rivers Stadium the year we won the National Championship. Decisive win on national TV at night.

    Also, the same year I recall being at Pitt Stadium (vs Army?) when Pitt was ranked #2 and the announcement that #1 Michigan lost. Big crowd roar as Pitt would be #1…..I’m sure we have some fact checkers here who can verify or refute that, but it’s how I remember it.


    1. My wife and I were at that game alWere season ticket holders that year. If memory serves correct, and at this point in life that’s a mighty big “if”, Tommy Yewcic was QB and it rained during the game. Was it Army or was it Syracuse?


    2. My late 80s memory was Pitt-Georgetown at the Igloo. Jerome Lane got into a fight with a Hoya who was formerly a boxer. Can’t recall his name, but I bet there are others on the blog who do.


    1. It is a shame that Pitt is the only school that takes transfers. Oh wait…Harbaugh was such a bad recruiter that he had to take a QB transfer so I guess he can’t recruit either.


      1. If you want to indict recruiting over this fine but the grasping at straws thing I do not get. You know your roster, you see some holes and you try and plug them with better pieces rather than sink with what you have. That sounds smart to me. For the record here is a small list of SOME schools that have taken on grad transfers recently: South Carolina, Miami, LSU, Michigan, Alabama (who took a kicker from Temple, Saban needs to work on this), West Virginia, Oklahoma St, Texas A&M, Georgia, UCLA, Texas… I could keep going because the list is well over 100 players and 80 schools, a shorter list to make would actually be teams that did NOT take on a grad transfer this season.

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        1. It’s called supplementing your roster for practically free. Reed has told us many times why they don’t count as a recruit. He says because there is no work done to have them come to their school. Live by the sword. I never will see the rumpus considering transfers.


    2. He better be one heck of a blocker. Dog probably knows the O-line is going to need as much help as possible trying to keep General La Pickett alive.


  17. Narduzzi can tweet and make excuses witht the best of them. Recruiting is terrible and coaching is average so far. Just how I see it.


    1. Upitt, please quote one excuse you have ever read Narduzzi has made. Not saying they are not there but……………


      1. Ike – I’m to busy to dig them up but listen to any press conference and they are full of them. Blames players protects his almighty schemes and border line lied about telling DeNucci one thing and doing another. Not beating him up just saying he is definitely a excuse maker and doesn’t own his problems.


        1. OK Mark, I really don’t hear him excuse making much. I thought maybe you were getting him confused with me? 🙂

          Although I really don’t think I’m the homer as some think. I think I’m more of a realist. Something along the lines if I take a good grip it rip it swing on June 9th I won’t be able to walk until the first PITT game in Sept.


  18. Everyone of these “How I became a Pitt fan” have been amazing. And each one was written so well. Really catchy. Thanks to all for some great sharing.

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  19. Reed, your latest comment sounds strangely familiar. Followed up by another very familiar comment………


  20. Good move getting a transfer TE. Based on what he displayed at the spring game, I don’t think Reeves will be ready to contribute significantly this season. The kid has an impressive looking body, but doesn’t look ready to cut it loose yet.

    Having someone to share time with Sears sounds good.

    Go Pitt.


  21. Missing WLAT,
    Thanks for the great bio!
    Today is my and my brides 41st wedding anniversary! May 15th, 1977. I was 22 and she was 19!


  22. Too bad we missed on the TE Banks kid a while back to WVU.

    Maybe ACC announcing cable channel tomorrow.


  23. Congratulations Jim and Mrs Jim… Do I smell a new trend in PITT marriage articles?

    I just thought of something Pittman. I would think someone from a family of bridge painters would know better to hang a PITT banner/sheet out an upper story window in heavy winds with a bunch of rocks loosely sewn into it. 🙂


    1. Ike,
      This old bridge painter does know better – it wasn’t rocks keeping the queen size bed sheet turned into a “Let’s Go Pitt” sign hanging out of the 6th floor Robert Morris mens’s room window- it was a 5 foot long 2×4 which fell 6 stories onto the hood of a ladies car on 5th Ave !!! :>)


    1. Fran: I hope that you were honored to be the only POVert to be named in the article.


  24. PITT had a four star safety visit last week named JaQuan Brisker. but don’t get too excited…. psu and Alabama among many other major programs interested in this Lackawanna college player from Gateway high school. Oh no, not that crappy school again………….


    1. Sounds like the Pitt coaches did a very good job of impressing Brisker on his visit. Now get him to the PSU game and then don’t let him anywhere near the other games. 😊

      And hey, we didn’t forget he was coming – that sounds like progress…

      Go Pitt.

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  25. Eric, really loved your Pitt story! I had to read it aloud for my family. What an interesting group, so glad to be a part of it. H2P!!!


  26. I used to drive Missy back and forth to Pitt sometimes, and I live in Shavertown now. I had a 2 seater CRX and we always had several people so she’d sit in the back. I’d love to get together with you guys. Tell her Walt DelGaudio says hi! (CAS ’92, MED ’96). Great story.


    1. Walt: Missy remembers sitting in the back of your CRX. Thanks for keeping her safe. Would love to get together.


  27. WLat, good on you for a solid contribution. You just can’t make that stuff up. Well played.

    Grad transfers are funny. If they are on a below average team and won’t make a bowl, they don’t even have to go to class. By the time the grades come out, the season is over. How’s that for a selling point? We should easily get all the 4 and 5 star transfers with that sales pitch. Listen feller, if you think about going to Alabama, you will have to go to class because grades are due 12-28!

    How many Lacka ganja players do we have now? Seems like a pipeline. I’ll take 4 star Lacka players all day long. I don’t remember the kid from Gateway as an all star. Did he turn into a 4 star whilst at Lacka?


  28. MIssingWlat – Great read. Thank you. Can’t get enough of these articles about people’s connections to Pittsburgh and Pitt. – Hobie


  29. Saw somewhere that Heather Lyke was on Sirius College radio station yesterday and stated there would be a big announcement today. Anyone have any idea what it might be? Extension of football series with PSU or WVU, start up date for the ACC network, etc…….


  30. Too many transfers disrupt team unity. You have recruits who have been waiting to get into the two deep who are forced to evaluated their future. Then you have disciplinary problems which effect the roster and team play also.

    Narduzzi isn’t recruiting HS players well enough so he’s selling out for transfers…and how did that work out for us last year with Brown, Hodges, Flanagan and Clark being starters at points the season?


    You can make all the excuses you want but Pitt has a huge problem with roster turnover – we are over 11 not-normal attentions just this off-season and now he’s having to scramble to backfill spots. Three of those were 4* recruits… so there is a talent drain also.


  31. Well, even transfers are pissing Pitt fans off now. Brisker to PSU…

    Brisker is the fourth member of Penn State’s 2019 recruiting class, and three of the four have been head-to-head recruiting wins over the Panthers. In addition to Brisker, Penn State landed four-star Princeton, N.J. (Hun School) OL Caedan Wallace and three-star State College, Pa. CB Ceaton Ellis.”


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