Sorry I didn’t get something up this morning… crazy family stuff keeps rolling down the pike at me.  Enjoy this while you’re fighting off the Monday blues at work…


7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Podcast; May 13th

    1. same here … but I’m retiring in a few months so there is light at the end of the tunnel


  1. That’s impressive work there Reed great job. You make that look so easy when it’s not. You got the voice but also there’s a great flow for almost an hour. Really enjoyed last night

    I looked up Jim Hueber and couldn’t find anything up to date on him. I don’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing.

    Seems like not enough hours in the day right now… ike


  2. Just clicked my email on and I was allowed 4 extra seats for the psu game. The location sucks but they will get you into the game. If anyone is interested let me know. The price I paid is $125.00 ea and that’s all I’m asking from POVer’s. (I know a lot of people who sneak into the club) shhh


  3. Great podcast, Reed. With that deep voice, you could do some TV voice overs in place of some of those overused actors! Make some real money (Morgan Freeman could give up a few spots)!

    Anyway, I share your concern over the recruiting situation. The Narduzzi recruiting classes are okay for most years, but as you said there are not any real stars emerging that PN himself has actually recruited. Maybe Pickett will change that but we will see. But a top class (at least in the teens) should be sprinkled in with the other 30s classes every so often to regularly compete for a Division or ACC title. I agree with you that Pitt could compete for a national championship with its lengthy history with some luck and the right kind of recruiting classes coming in. But I don’t see it so far under Narduzzi.


    1. The day of the deep voiced classic voices of radio & tv are almost over. Replaced by whiny, irritating female voices. Who would have ever thunk !

      We are all on the chopping block.


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