POV’ers Panther’s NFL Draft Predictions & Draft Thread

POV’ers Panther’s NFL Draft Predictions & Draft Thread

Tomorrow is the 2018 NFL Draft.  Here is some draft order and team needs info.  Here are the prospective Pitt draftees…which round do you think they will go it?

I’ll start even though I have no idea what will happen or do I care all that much past seeing Pitt guys in the first two rounds. Maybe more draftees helps recruiting but I don’t see a real correlation (Hint: perfect subject for a reader to write an article about!).  Here goes:

OL Brian O’Neill – Late 2nd Round

DB Jordan Whitehead – 3rd Round

WR Quadree Henderson – 4th Round

WR Jester Weah – 5th Round

DB Avonte Maddox – 5th Round

P Ryan Winslow – 7th Round

OL Alex Officer – Undrafted

QB Max Browne – Undrafted

OL Jaryd Jones-Smith – Undrafted

Contact: Gus Mustakas (!!!) So that’s what he’s doing now.  Gus has the hippest mother ever…

TE Matt Flanagan – Undrafted

OL Brandon Hodges – Undrafted

Folks – I’ll be in North Carolina from this morning until Friday afternoon.  So I’ll not draft articles up in that period but will for this coming weekend.

Send me some article ideas for over the summer…or of course send me your own articles and I’ll publish those… Seriously don’t you want your words to be read by hundreds of thousands of readers in 102 countries?