We have been discussing our running backs and rushing offenses a lot lately so I decided to look back over the last 11 years to see what correlation, if any, there were between our rushing production and our W/L record.  This isn’t rocket science and I think any Pitt fan would be able to say “Of course we do…” but I wondered so I crunched some numbers.

x1x2That is what we have done from 2007 to 2017.  I’m not exactly sure what the above shows as definite, but certainly the better we rush the ball the more we win but even that has some exceptions such as:

in 2008, even with McCoy, we had a poor overall YPC at 3.7 but we had a defense that gave up only 21.5 PPG and we finished 9-4.

In 2013 we rushed for only 3.4 YPC but we had a strong passing offense with Tom Savage and finished 7-6.

Then in 2014 we had a great 5.3 team YPC but we had a poorer passing offense with Voytik behind Center in his first starting year and lost the heartbreaker to Houston in the bowl game and finished 6-7.

In 2015 even though we had less than a 5.0 YPC we had a pretty good passer with Nate Peterman’s first year (20 TDs vs 9 INTs), our defense held opponents to 26.1, and we won eight games.

In 2016 we had WR Q. Henderson’s 631 yards on a 10.5 YPC to supplement the RB’s yardage and Peterman’s great passing year to complement Conner and we won eight games.  That was in spite of our defense giving up an horrendous 35.2 ppg.

Last season we had a 17 point drop in offensive production from 40.9 ppg to 23.9 ppg and that killed us.  However, the good news is that we also limited our opponents to 8.6 ppg less than they scored in 2016. That was a drop from 35.2 ppg down to 26.6 ppg. Nice job doing that and let’s hope that becomes a trend.

But I really think we have to get into the 20-23 ppg allowed this coming season to cover what I think will be major shortcomings on offense.


Here is a look at something similar to what we have been (hotly) debating about lately regard taking two top runs away to show more consistency over the course of a RB’s season.

Now – I understand that Hall had only 128 carries last year and that those two monster runs against Duke (combined 167 yards!) were big outliers for him. But his consistency was lacking.

He’s not alone in that though.  Ray Graham’s 2010 season saw him with a big (-).9 ypc dip after his top two runs of 143 yards (big 79 and 64 yarders)  were removed.

Truth be told his 2nd biggest run was longer than most other Pitt RBs’ longest run from scrimmage.  So let’s take that into consideration when looking at this table below. I put it up not so much to show Hall’s dip in adjusted ypc but also to show what others have done in the past.

Remember the benchmark for good and effective RBs is a 5.0 ypc average, so when an adjusted ypc drop of over .5 ypc happens that is a big decline. You want your RBs to get  at least 4.5 – 5.0 ypc on a consistent basis.


Please understand that I’m not saying those runs never really happened and I sure do give credit to the RBs for breaking off two big plays. I acknowledge those runs especially because they probably won games for us just like Hall’s two did against Duke last year. Without his plays that game  we would have finished 4-8 on the season…so Yeah! for him there.

But what I’m really concerned about is what a RB does in the vast majority of his carries. For example Hall’s adjusted YPC reflects 97.5% of his carries.  That percentage gets even bigger with our past RBs who carried more times.

For instance in Conner’s great 2014 year he had 298 carries and with those two carries removed that leaves 99.3% of his carries left to show his consistency of 5.5 ypc over them, which is huge.  In comparision to Tony Dorsett who’s career ypc was 5.6 ypc over four years.  That is pretty much the same with all our RBs who had more than 200 carries.

Every team needs some big hitters at RB but you have a better chance at winning seasons when you get more consistent yardage from your RBs over the course of 12 or 13 games.

NOTE: Off to NC tomorrow morning.  If I can I’ll try to post something but help out if you can.

One last thought – I know I use stats a lot in my writings.  But when you have written 601 articles in 676 days you basically have to find things to write about and in my case stats help provide content for you all to read.  Otherwise I’d be dropping to probably only one or two articles per week like the other Pitt blogs do – if even that.

111 thoughts on “How Badly Do We Need a Good Rushing Game?

  1. Reed,
    Once again you have provided us with an excellent article to consume! Without the POV my day’s would not be as filling as they are!!! You help all of us get thru the day, and for some of us you are a Coast Guard life line!!!! This morning you got me thinking back on all those great runs during this past decade and we all look forward to many more.


  2. Read this is a great analysis and the kind of writing the Pitt Nation needs more of.

    My take on this, after having researched our new OL coach so extensively is that we are going to have have some success opening up running lanes, even with our patchwork offensive line. That’s just what Coach Borbs does, and he’s done it well at every stop.

    I think the bigger question is what our backs can do after contact, and can they create extra yards consistently. Conner was great at that, and that’s why his adjusted YPC were very solid. Your data seems to indicate that Hall will be less good at that. I would agree. However, given that he’s had an offseason to prepare, and he’s going to ostensibly have a better run blocking line to run behind, I think it’s fairly certain we’ll see improvement, and possibly even possible he gets to 4.5.

    But then again I’m an optimist…


    1. Atlanta, I’ll agree with your take on Borbely, but I’ll differ a bit. I live right by the University of Maryland and follow their team as it is local. Borbely was removed from his job as the OL coach at Maryland by D.J. Durkin after one year because the line really wasn’t able to pass block at all. The ’16 run game was better but still only 43rd in the country – which is good but we’ve done better.

      Durkin moved Borbely to a ‘Special Ass’t to the HC’ because UM didn’t want to eat Borbely’s contract if they fired him and because Durkin hired Stinespring off the VT staff as OL coach…. but Borbely would have been let go after 2017 anyway.UM fans were not sorry to see him go sad to say.

      That is why Borbely said this to the P-G:

      “If his offensive linemen here ever do need motivation, Borbely could be a prime example. At 58, and turning 59 Thursday, his time at Maryland ended with head coach D.J. Durkin shifting Borbely from his on-field role as offensive line coach to a more internal position as special assistant to the head coach. Borbely called that “a big factor” in his decision to replace John Peterson at Pitt.

      “I didn’t really feel like I was gonna let one man define who I was,” Borbely said earlier in camp. “I’ve been a pretty good line coach for 35 years. I don’t know if I’ve got 35 more left, but I’ve got a lot of juice left in the tank, so I’m ready to roll.”

      In essence he didn’t agree with the being relieved of the OL duties then being kicked into an office and wanted out.

      His run blockers have been pretty good but his pass protections have been poor and dogged him in his latest jobs. We’ll see how he does but quite honestly as happy as I am that peterson is no longer here I am disappointed that we hired Borbely and that his hiring is one of the reasons I think our OL will play more poorly this season… We have to protect Pickett at all costs and his OL have been porous with that.

      But maybe he’ll prove me wrong.


  3. Watson’s not known for taking too many risks or being overly creative… IMO, the 2018 campaign will feature a conservative (but hopefully not overly predictable) offense. Watson’s past stops at Colorado, Texas, Nebraska show that he runs a fairly conservative, straight forward offense. Run first approach (which could lead to alot of 3rd and long situations).

    There should be some designed runs for Picket. I’m predicting a combined 1700 yards on the ground for Picket and the RBs. Not an eye popping number by any means.

    Looking forward to seeing what Watson can do to use Aston, Hall and Ollison in the passing game.


      1. Agree. My hope is that Watson attempts to keep other teams off balance (and Picket upright) with some passes on 1st down, boot legs, and incorporates an experienced group of RBs into the passing game (via wheel routes and over the middle releases etc). Until our OL matures and improves, we need to avoid the predictable and avoid 3rd and long.


      1. wwb,
        WOW WOW WOW!!!! Just watched all the videos and interviews on this kid. Not only is he a 4*, he has unbelievable jumping ability and is multi-talented across the board. But maybe most impressive is his genuine humility, respect, and HIGH character qualities!!!!! Coach C landed himself a real catch!
        HAIL TO PITT!!!!!


    1. Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
      Guard Trey McGowens announces he has committed to Pitt and will reclassify to the 2018 class. Not only do the Panthers get a top-100 player, but they get him for next season, when they will desperately need backcourt help. Huge, huge pickup for Jeff Capel.


      1. Thank you coach Capel. I’m encouraged about Pitt basketball. Perhaps not every program at Pitt is committed to mediocrity. When you wish for a four star, makes a difference which coach you are. – Hobie


  4. after McGowens reclassifies and if he stays in Top 100, then he will be the first Top 100 pick since Mike Young in 2013 ….. this says a lot


    1. I read that Craig Meyer tweeted this but it’s not completely accurate.

      Damon Wilson was #100 in Rivals class of 2015. Young was #102 in Rivals class of 2013.

      Both Young and Wilson were ESPN and Scout Top 100. Young was Top 100 on 24×7. Wilson was just outside of the Top 100 on 24×7.

      None of this diminishes the accomplishment of Capel having recruited a very promising player. Hopefully McGowens delivers on that. It will be fun to watch.


  5. I’m so pumped by this!! I was getting a little nervous with the lack of player updates in Oakland, but this just made my day. I’m really looking forward to watching this team grow in the next couple of years.


  6. wwb – you are correct, McGowens is #80 according to Rivals now (247 composite is #89). He’s listed as a PG, but I believe he’s a combo guard, I guess we’ll have to see what position he plays. Of course, since he can play either spot, that gives Coach Capel flexibility in recruiting the next guard, hopefully it’ll be a PG? More importantly, hopefully he will live up to his “ranking” and beyond, based on the info. available, it sure looks good. Sometimes rankings are simply wrong, there’s the example of Damon Wilson being #100 above, but there are countless examples. Again, I like everything I’ve seen and I’d put my money on McGowens… Hopefully this’ll build momentum too….


  7. Capel will bring in needed talent this year. I expect two guards and one big. Next year is where Capel will change the dynamic of roster talent. As many have said PItt BB is a non competition sport in the burg. Plus with a really good program that elevates Pitt athletics and allows the combo visits for football to again see Pitt in a different light. As to RB, Pitt is in very good shape with Hall, Ollison, Sibley and Davis and the freshman. these were mostly high 3 star and 4 star talent. Good stuff is happening as I posted before.


    1. all the above including the incoming frosh Salahuddin are 4-star except Ollison, who is Reed’s favorite. How ironic.


  8. Hopefully Xavier Johnson is also added and Ellison stays. Capel is recruiting a 2018 wing from Seattle who would also be a real coup late.


  9. “Then in 2014 we had a great 5.3 team YPC but we had a poorer passing offense with Voytik behind Center in his first starting year. ”

    On the flip side of that coin, perhaps the Rushing Offense was better because we HAD Voytik behind Center.
    Chad was the 2nd leading rusher on the team that year and his presence in the backfield as a true dual threat QB, made the overall Rushing Attack of the team that year……..BETTER !


      1. Still the last Pitt QB to win a Bowl Game 🙂
        (and if not for a total collapse by the D, Chad would have won 2 Bowl games which would have put him in rare company)


  10. Large News on the Hoops Front :

    Pitt has landed the commitment of Hargrave Military Academy guard Trey McGowens, he announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

    McGowens, a four-star guard from Piedmont, South Carolina is the first player to commit to new Pitt head coach Jeff Capel. Additionally, the 6-foot-3, 175-pound guard will reclassify into the Class of 2018 in order to join Pitt this fall.

    McGowens chose Pitt over Clemson, Minnesota, Ole Miss and St. John’s, who were his final five schools. He had a total of 31 offers, including high majors Baylor, Kansas State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Providence, Seton Hall, South Carolina, TCU, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

    Listed as one of Rivals Top 150 players and a consensus four-star recruit

    And we’re off and running 🙂


  11. Hargrave Military Academy is where Sam Young came from. Hopefully he’ll be as good as Sam was.
    Welcome Trey McGowens !


  12. Well, I also watched his highlights. Kid has good size, is athletic, looks fairly quick, and certainly can take it to the hole. Have no idea if kid can play point as I didn’t see him pass once, can’t tell if he can handle the ball, but most importantly his shot and low release may be a major problem. Look at the film, man, that’s one ugly lookin shot. Hope I’m wrong and film just didn’t show all his skills. That’s why I’d like to see the summer league restarted, only way to tell is to see them live!


  13. This is YUGE for the Program and JC for the first recruit of the New Era in Pitt hoops….to be a consensus 4 star recruit. And a Guard.

    Guards. since they handle the ball, and run the offense are the most important cog in a team.

    Dixon’s teams never got quite over the hump, because we never had truly outstanding Guards.
    We had a couple good PG’s in Krauser & Fields and to a lesser extent Knight, but none of them
    were outstanding. And I don’t think any of them were consensus 4 stars.


  14. Well, his release is low and out front. It’s pretty bad. I’m more concerned with his ball handling and passing. Have no idea from highlights. Always get scared when I see combo guard. Tome that says they can’t do either well enough. Please let me be wrong on this one.


  15. And we should all know by now that the stars are meaningless unless they play up to their star potential. However I’m very encouraged with the Capel hire that he can get some of the needed star talent to sign on the dotted line.


      1. The stars btw are very meaningful. As to the recruiting of other 4 stars. They tend to want to play together. You know.


        1. so then you’d also say Peterman’s first year as Pitt’s QB he also played like a 2 1/2 star. Since their stats were nearly identical. Is that what you’re saying ?

          Voytik(2014) – 176 of 287 – 2233 yards 61.3% 7.8 YPA 16 TD’s 7 int’s 140.2 rating

          Peterman (2015) 193 of 313 – 2287 yds 61.7% 7.3 YPA 20 TD’s 8 int’s 139 rating


    1. Who’s negative we have a load of 4 star RB’s in football that haven’t played up to that level as of yet. Maybe this year.


  16. Unlike football, no reason why Pitt BB can’t bring in big-time players — now that we have a coach recognized as being a skilled recruiter is the head coach.

    Unlike in football, Pitt can check all the boxes for BB recruit.

    Getting BB back competitive will only help with FB recruiting…

    Go Pitt.


  17. Great news on our newest Basketball recruit. Capel is selling me.
    Watson is the weak link for our success. I don’t care what Ollison shows me in practice. Has anyone looked at his statistics above? He runs and gains yards. Sit down Watson and let someone else handle the running backs. In fact get someone to handle the whole offense. Mark my words, Watson will screw us up again.

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    1. Kinda crazy with BIg Q is whole career at Pitt. He’s the ACC Freshman of the year avg’g 5.3 YPC, scores 12 TD’s and then gets bumped the next year by the return of Conner (which is understandable ), but also by Moss & Hall.

      Then he opens last year by gaining nearly 100 yards in each of the first 2 games and gets sat.
      Q had 126 yds from scrimmage and 2 TD’s the first game. And then against highly ranked Pedo State
      he does the exact same thing. 126 yards from scrimmage on only 17 plays, a staggering 7.4 yards per play

      I don’t trust Doc Watson either, if you sit Q after producing those results.


    1. Totally different. A competitive Pitt BB team will have a full, rockin’ Pete – we have that many great BB fans. But we don’t have enough great Pitt fans to fill Heinz. Pitt FB fans would rather watch the game on their TV. Probably because the vast majority of Pitt fans who are alive today have been disappointed too many times…

      There are no excuses for poor recruiting in Pitt BB; there is a giant reason for Pitt to struggle in FB recruiting. Will take years to fix the FB crowd situation.

      Go Pitt


      1. Pitt checks many of the boxes for football as well:
        good conference
        nice stadium
        ability to start soon
        history and tradition
        good recent history of sending players to pros
        decent coaching staff
        shared practice facilities with a pro team
        many good recruits within a 250 mile radius

        I dont think Pitt has the assistants that can sell these points and others.
        I also think the yellow seats hurt which is why Pitt needs to begin tarping. Thats the only way to right size a stadium that is just too big
        Plus I think most of these 4 stars go to tOSU, Notre Dame and Penn State…football mills where players are worshiped and who knows what benefits besides a free education they are receiving.


    2. It’s about building relationships, selling the program and coaching personality. Oh, and what have you done in your career as a coach. JC has IT!


  18. Couldn’t agree more MM. we certainly can check all boxes for BB. Capel can sell a heck of a lot, and much easier sell than FB. Don’t get me wrong, kid was a very good get this late, but I need to see him do more than drive and dunk.


  19. One point that stands out and it’s not a secret. It shows how much the play of the QB along with play-calling has to do with many if not all aspects of the statistical numbers generated by the offense.

    It’s also not rocket science to understand that limited carries would be more subject to a drastic change of ypc with a subtraction of two of the longest runs. Especially in Hall’s case who had two very long runs. I think it also stands to reason that Hall may have had a higher ypc if he had many more attempts. The graph Reed showed yesterday shows how high of a % PITT has had over the years with 3rd down conversions. We all know how short yardage attempts effect ypc averages.

    I swear many of you don’t read all of my comment or comments. I don’t care for the use of stats in sports used sporadically and care less for them when they are manipulated but I’ve said numerous times I understand how and why Reed uses them and I’m just fine with that if I’m allowed to interject my thoughts without being called out for picking on Reed. Reeds a big boy and he will call me on the phone and yell at me if I piss him off. Then the both of us will have a good laugh and I’ll tell him where to go. Perhaps to the race track or further south………… ike


  20. EMel, if anything about his release makes you happy then bless your heart. Same kid watching him I believe, not the best d. If he can get that shot off consistently in ACC I’ll be thrilled beyond words. It’s a pretty ugly shot, which is why scouting report says he has work to do on his shot. Again, Im much more concerned that he can run the point. If he can do that he can shoot one leg with his eyes closed holding Upitt goat for all I care.


    1. The kid scored 30 against a top team in his first game and averaged 18. Bricklaying will not be on his resume’….


  21. A better look at the kids skill set can be found on the Independentmail.com. It shows much better the kids ability to pass, defend, and somewhat handle the ball. He sure is quick, extremely athletic and his shot really does look a little like Shaun Miller. ( wish it was more like Reggie Miller lol) . He’s a very good get.


  22. JoeKnow,
    For crying out loud!……..
    Us long suffering Pitt BB fans FINALLY have something to lift our sunken heads over and YOU rain all over the parade. Holy Moly are you kidding me? WHY? ???????……. because you think his shot is projected too low? Joe, I’ve seen the Warriors Steph Curry shoot like that a 1,000 times and right now I’m not buying an umbrella.

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  23. Like many times when a better recruit such as McGowens commits to a school, it’s the perception rather than the player himself that benefits the basketball program the most. This young man may open doors for even better players available to follow.


  24. Woah, I said he’s a very good get. He himself says he needs to work on his shot. Nothing that isn’t out there. Question is, is he a point guard, and that’s a legit question as he was listed last year as a sg, and this year as a combo. I could care less about his shot if he can play the point, and play a little d. He came here so Capel can teach him in these areas that he himself admits need improvement. Again, just because I think his shot is funky( and it is), it doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a good get.


  25. Reed I made no assertstions about the pass blocking! I think we might run for 2000 and that might net us 1700 after sacks.


    1. Alabama’s OLine has a goal of averaging 275 rushing yards per game. During the Conner era, Pitt averaged 225.

      That would be my goal for Pitt this year – 225 rushing yards per game.

      If Pitt has 2,000 rushing yards for the season, it may be a less than 5 win season.

      Just sayin…I usually expect more than Pitt accomplishes. As a businessman, I strive for perfection and expect excellence. Haven’t seen that at Pitt since the early 80’s.



    2. Right, you didn’t…just throwing my two cents worth in there.

      I kind of like the hire but as with Bates as the new DC I really welcome them because they are replacing two staff coaches who really sucked…

      Especially Conklin. Why he wasn’t fired after 2016 I’ll never understand.


  26. Joe Know,
    We can watch the parade together buddy! And we all hope, like Ike just said, that this recruit is the first in our parade and there will be many more to follow coming down the parade route!


  27. Anyone remember how the little guard out of New England named Curtis Aiken who started the parade of Charles Smith and the highly touted dream class?

    Clyde Vaughn, one of my all time favorite players in any sport. If he had more help PITT could have been a force back then. Plus the young man could jump and rebound. An ankle injury late in his last season derailed that team as well… ike*


  28. McGowens was ranked by rivals as a 2019 guard, coming in at #75. He re-classified when committing to Pitt and was re-ranked against the 2018 talent pool and came in at # 80. This is solid.

    On top of that, there is another 2019 kid that Capel III is trying to get to re-classify to 2018. I think he is also top 50 igehorn(?), big man. Something like that. There is a duo from NY/NJ that are seriously looking at Pitt now. Cole Anthony is 2019 top10 and Precius Achiuwa is also top 10. Josh Green from fla is top 20. Rumors are that Pitt is in good shape with at least two of the, maybe three. Two are 5 stars.


    Time will tell. Let’s hope for the best.


    1. Wowza if we landed Cole Anthony who is #4 ranked player in the entire country, that would be extremely other worldly. JC is confident enough to go after players haven’t went after since the days of Cal & Greenberg as asst’s under Chipman and Evans.


  29. Our full back went down last year. And we had no downfield passing game threat. Not saying our backs are great this year, I have no idea. But something to keep in mind when looking at the yardage.

    I suspect they will play hall, davis, sibley, and the frosh when George is in there. And then goto Ollison in non fullback formations (since he thus far has shown to have the best pass blocking ability) and possibly on short yardage with George. At least until one of the others shows they can go 60 yards and leave the defense in the dust.


  30. The article i attached indicates Cole is a Pitt lean, but he can’t re-classify. Long way to signing day 2019.

    Igie can. Go get Igie!


  31. Capel was a head coach at two different institutions. He just wasn;t going to leave
    Duke for just any job. He knows Pitt is a great opportunity as they are in the ACC which he knows well. He has a coach who is strong in the NY area. I think some have posted it is the second coach after
    Dixon who will be the man.He will bring in elite talent,


  32. This guy has hit the ground and is running hard.
    What a difference with a guy that did no recruiting his first year
    And brought in marginal talent his second year.

    The excitement is back.


  33. womens softball is first in acc. 26 wins and ranked #60 in rpi
    the nitters have only won 7 games and are ranked outside the top 200
    Pitt may have a chance at going to the tourney

    Pitts men is 10 out of 14 in acc and 92 rpi
    tough for midwest and northeast schools given the weather…a legit excuse
    i did notice that syracuse doesnt have a team and they have a dome?


  34. the programs that have generated points for Pitt in the Directors Cup has been wresting, womens cross country, and womens volleyball. Pitt is 106 in rankings. 80% of acc schools are ranked 60 or better

    if all these programs keep improving and the mens football, basketball and soccer programs finish in the top third of the acc, Pitts RPI rank would be close to top 60

    Thats where Pitt really needs to be. A top 60 sports and top 60 academics school. But of course, why stop there.

    FYI: the directors cup rankings are a good indicator of the overall competitiveness of a schools sports programs

    AD’s are judged often by these types of metrics


  35. @Jack – that was from the article i posted earlier. Exciting stuff on one hand, but disappointing on the other in that we wasted two years with someone that shouldn’t have been coaching in the ACC, let alone, the power 5. Interestingly, Vanderbilt has a very highly ranked bball class for 2018.

    @TexP – I gotta disagree a bit with you on Pitt or its fan base “should be happy with a directors cup ranking at 60”. There are a total of 65 P5 schools. We should be in the top 30 each year, which is near the midpoint for the 65 P5 teams. Being 108 or whatever we are is inexcusable.


  36. We may finally have an AD that recognizes the importance of competing in all sports, not just the two majors.
    It is about time Pitt recognizes the importance of athletes that don’t make you money. Respect for these athletes will help change the overall culture of pride in the athletic department and the school. A school that breeds winners in all sports and academic endeavors is what Pitt should aspire to. There are great Olympic Sport athletes in Western PA that never consider Pitt because their sport has not been respected. Hopefully we are witnessing a change in that attitude.

    I have been saying for years that Pitt sports will not get better until we recruit the top athletes. It looks like we finally have a basketball coach that can do it. Narduzzi has not been able to get it done yet. He needs to get some 4 star guys this year to prove he can attract the big time players. If he can’t get the players he won’t get the wins.


  37. Here is an obit of Gil Lucas, Pgh native who was involved in promoting Pgh sports for decades. He was especially instrumental in local sports cable TV including KBL and FOX, which of course has aired many Pitt BB and FB games. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/gil-lucas–obituary?pid=188829822

    Of special interest to POV in this obit is what his wife once said ….. Famously, his wife joked that her ashes should be spread at Pitt Stadium so he would visit her at least six times every fall.

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  38. gc posted above “We may finally have an AD that recognizes the importance of competing in all sports, not just the two majors.”

    .. and that’s what she said mentioned as priorities when she was first hired.

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  39. the athletes who dont make you money are often the true scholar athlete. the ones who see on campus, some you might have roomed with, seen eating in the regular cafeteria, partied with them, saw them attend your classes. Many sports mills have their own separate dorms and eating facilities for their money making athletes. I think thats wrong

    And theres no reason to believe that Pitt cant get into the top 30 in the directors cup. it will take an improvement across all programs and not just 1-2 or the money making ones. Pitt’s other athletes in other sports need some visibility as well. If all you watch are football and basketball, you’d be depressed. There are some success stories in Pitt’s other sports. And some programs like mens soccer that are poised to become a national power.


  40. Thinking back to the VT game last year, the new Pitt jumbo package on the goal line may just have two 290 # tight ends to help George Aston get the ball across the goal line.


    1. plus Aston at FB …. just hope we’re in position to win the game, especially when we are dogs like we were in that game


    2. If VT has the same stout Run defense it did last year, why would attempt to play to their strength. When a fake up the middle and pitch to the outside will get the TD. You outsmart a team that is stronger than you on the Line.


  41. This is interesting

    Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    Pitt AD Heather Lyke said the court at the Petersen Events Center is going to be flipped so that the Oakland Zoo, not the courtside suites, is in the background on game broadcasts.

    this is what is needed for FB games IMO


    1. there is more. The flip above won’t take place until 2019-20, and the benches will now be in the front of the Zoo Also, facility upgrades on the hill including an indoor track …..

      Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
      Heather Lyke said Pitt has renamed its facility master plan “Victory Heights”. It’s focusing on how they can best utilize the land they have atop the hill from a facilities standpoint. Alluded to potential changes to Fitzgerald Field House and the OC Lot.

      Brian Batko@BrianBatko
      Heather Lyke now discussing her facilities master plan, which the Pitt athletics department is calling “Victory Heights”


      1. Victory Heights should include a New Pitt Stadium. We’ve all seen the diagrams where there enough space up there. Pitt will have a very difficult time winning enough games at 1/3 empty Ketchup Bottle
        and you’re going to have a very difficult time recruiting 4 & 5 star players to that type of 1/3 empty environment. Wanny could do it, but Nard Dog isn’t Wanny.


        1. Finally the field house gets imploded. Plenty of space up there for a new multi purpose rec center where football can be played. Trees hall also needs a major investment. And where is our outdoor track?


  42. I said that also, and someone said how expensive it would be and how I was simplistic. Gee, guess the money issue isn’t that big of a deal. This was a no brainer. Good move!


  43. Good moves .. or another bankrupt athletic dept? Or both?

    Replying to @CraigMeyerPG
    That plan includes a 3,000-seat arena for volleyball, wrestling and indoor track. It would effectively replace Fitzgerald Field House.

    Replying to @seangentille
    also — Lyke alluded to “fun” with the redesigned court in 2019, and I fully interpret that as a hint to a full return to blue/yellow.

    Replying to @BrianBatko
    Pitt AD Heather Lyke on the fundraising component needed to make all this possible: “There’s longtime loyal donors who we are incredibly grateful for because they have supported the athletic department through transitions, through everything, but there’s more people out there.”


  44. That last post of mine came out much more snarky than intended. I really have trouble getting points across with this media. Anyhow, I know it’s more complicated than moving the cameras, but it is really a good idea. Any positive look for the school is great.


  45. No doubt we have big donors for facilities as we have seen in the past.

    People want do donate big money to things that will last many years longer than a HC’s salary and contract.

    Good for Heather Lyke…


  46. Last weekend PS had 100 recruits most of the lower seats filled and a whole weekend of combined activities for their blue white game. They also had wide open press coverage for the game and the weekend. Not saying we should be a wannabe but that kind of promotion for recruits and press benefits does not hurt especially in an OC stadium situation.I will always cherish my returns to Oakland and Pitt Stadium games even though I used to buy 3 tickets to get enough butt room for my ex football player son and myself to barely fit on a cold aluminum bench.H2P


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