Perceptions Are Funny Things…

Perceptions Are Funny Things…

I have a list of URLs and websites I look at every morning so I can stay on top of what is being discussed about Pitt football.  With that I read things I agree with, things I don’t and things that I learn anew… and sometimes things that make me sit up straight and scratch my head.

Yesterday I re-read a piece by Chris Dokish that he had published earlier on in March regarding the Pitt Offensive Line and its possibilities.  I like Dokish’s writing, especially when it comes to HS recruiting, but don’t agree with everything he writes.  I find that he is overly optimistic when it comes to Pitt football and, as other writers do, tends not to look back at his own predictions to see whether he was correct or not.

That’s fine – as I said, he’s not the only Pitt beat guy to not look back at himself.  But here is a squib he wrote in March that is truly puzzling… I emphasized what I thought was his crazy talk.

“Last season’s offensive line was mostly above average, even after losing all-conference players Adam Bisnowaty and Dorian Johnson the year before. And now with early NFL entrant Brian O’Neill, and long time veteran Alex Officer, moving on, every lineman from the very good offensive line of two years ago is now gone, except 6’6″ 315 pound redshirt senior Alex Bookser, who will return to start at guard.”

 Now I’m pretty good at taking an even look at what Pitt has today and what they have done in the past and when things turned out well I’ll certainly acknowledge that but I had to spit out my coffee when I read that Pitt had a mostly above average OL last season…

I guess we watched two different offenses out there.  Here are the three-year comparisons of key offensive indicators for Pitt since Narduzzi took over:

OL Comparision 15 - 16 - 17

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