It’s that time of year again; time to get our hopes up and something to discuss until the football doldrums are passed and we are into fall camp – when the reports and such coming out matter so much more.

First off Fran will be the Tailgating Wizard yet again in either Gold Lot 1 or 2 and will be flying the POV flag proudly.  Here is the plan direct from LastRow’s mouth:

“Tailgate info: I will be at either Gold 1 or Gold 2 at 10:00. Will have the POV flag and script Pitt flags flying…black Toyota Tacoma pick-up. I have beer, liquor and snacks…Joe L is grilling sausage and PittPT is bringing wine. Bring your own sunscreen! – Fran”

Here are the rosters for the Blue and Gold teams if you want to print them out:

2018 Pitt Football Spring Game presented by PNC
Blue Team Roster (PDF) | Gold Team Roster (PDF) 

I truly wish I could attend guys – just too many other commitments on this particular day. But the Spring Game is all about the fellowship of Pitt fans so get over there and enjoy not only other POV’ers generosity before and after the scrimmage but take that chance to get in a good look at the 2018 team personnel.

So what are we looking to see?

I’ll throw my thoughts in first.  Prime importance to me is how does QB Ricky Town look as far as composure goes?  We already know what Pickett is like under Center but for me the key to the ’18 season is how the QBs will respond under what I think will be heavy pressure on them all season.

Secondly I want to see if the defense actually knows what they are doing out there with Wirginis as the MLB.  Now, I am assuming that the MLB will be calling the defenses on-field and handling the defensive audible which are so important in today’s’ college game as the offense shifts prior to the snap.  This is a real concern of mine because that was the reason Wirginis, who always was head and shoulders above LB Matt Galambos physically, couldn’t break into the starting lineup.

Here are some other’s thoughts on what to look for this afternoon;

The P-G’s Brian Batko has “10 Players to Watch…” and covers my two and more.

Batko has another piece on how Pickett views himself when out on the field… it’s also a great background piece.

My guy Jerry DiPaola over at the Trib has a “Look For” piece also. Is he super negative because he leads of with this bit or is he just writing facts about something that actually happened with 2017’s team?

If you’re expecting Pitt’s Blue-Gold game to be an accurate barometer of what you can expect in the fall, you might be looking under the wrong rock. You might remember last year’s game:

• Chawntez Moss, who averaged 7.1 yards per carry, but was suspended during the season, played only six games and was dismissed.

• Or, those two sacks by defensive end Rori Blair.

• Or, quarterback Thomas MacVittie’s touchdown run.

Blair was dismissed before the season. MacVittie got buried on the depth chart. Both are gone.

He also says this which is an interesting turn of phrase:


Center Jimmy Morrissey is the anchor, and seniors Connor Dintino and Mike Herndon are putting down roots at guard. They are inexperienced, which could be problematic, but no one is panicking in public.

Alex Bookser is moving from guard to tackle and might bookend with graduate transfer Stefano Millin when he arrives from Kent State this summer.

Well, not in public but when that door closes Narduzzi, Watson and Borbely are  surely having serious discussions between themselves about the OL talent level…

As always injuries will limit some kids also…

Will we actually see something different on defense this season?  Well, maybe not during the spring game but they’ll take more risks this season (let’s hope that doesn’t mean more big plays from opposing offenses which is often the case when you gamble and miss.  But we need sacks, TFLs and turnovers badly so here goes…

Pitt’s players and coaches always have preached discipline on defense.

Stay in your gap. Don’t try to do the other guy’s job. Taking risks can compromise the structure of the defense.

Sounds nice and safe, right?

But after last season when Pitt finished between 10th and 13th in the ACC in five important categories — interceptions, sacks, passing and total yards and tackles for a loss — new defensive coordinator Randy Bates and coach Pat Narduzzi decided a change was in order.

Taking an occasional risk in which every consequence is considered isn’t always a bad idea.

“It’s been a process because it’s a little different,” Bates said Thursday after the 14th practice of the spring. “But my mentality is if you go take a shot, you’ll make the play. And if you don’t, that’s what the other 10 guys are for.

“We don’t grade the guys on missed tackles. A lot of people do. We grade them on making plays and tackles for a loss and going and taking a shot.”

Alright folks – I’m off to do a Vet to Vet Pinning Ceremony early on then over to the Big Event of the Day…

PG Human

Speaking of which for all you Marylanders in our group I will again be a Human Library’s Human Book but today it will be in Prince George’s County.

Here is the advert…  If you remember this is where a bunch of people with unique aspects of their lives agree to be a “Human Book” to be checked out at 15 minute intervals so patrons can sit down and discuss issues and experiences which they themselves have no personal knowledge of or exposure to.

It is a fascinating afternoon and I urge you, if you have some of the day free, to bring your family down to partake in this – really teenagers and older though.  Today will be the third one I have been a “book” in and I absolutely value every minute I have done so far.

My issue is that I am a 100% P&T disabled veteran with a severe case of PTSD and other physical problems… and am definitely not the ‘face of’ what people think when they hear about someone with PTSD.

There are so many misconceptions about the illness and I try to help make it more understandable and less of a stigma to others diagnosed with it or living with someone diagnosed with it.  Obviously I openly share my experience with the illness with others and the give and take conversations, and learning experiences on both sides of the table, are amazing.

So – if you have the time it is Noon to 4:00 pm at the Bowie, MD branch of the P-G library system.  Hope to see you there.

Hail to Pitt!!

P/S: Send me photos of the tailgate please and if someone wants to do a write-up of what they saw during the scrimmage I’d really appreciate a first hand account of what struck you as good, bad, medium or sad…

162 thoughts on “Spring Game Bits & Pieces

    1. If the NCAA wants to protect its players then get rid if the current clock rules and abide by the NFL rules. Stopping the clock after every first down is just ridiculous. Putting defenders on the field in some cases for 90-plus plays in a game is really dangerous.

      The clock can stop after a first down inside of two minutes at the end of each half in place of the two-minute warning.


  1. Reed, you are always with us in spirit…will send you photos. I’m packing up now and will be there a little before 10 in case they open the lots a bit early. -Fran


  2. I’m really bummin I’m going to miss the game today. Smoked a pork butt all night I was going to bring and surprise you all. Like Reed I’ve got things to do today.

    Get well BigB

    Have fun at Fran and JoeL’s tailgate!

    Good news/bad news. PITT wins and ………

    Have a great day Reed doing what you love to do!


  3. Reed
    I commend you on your efforts re PTSD. My brother is on 100% disability too from this condition; he is a Vietnam Vet and it was 30 years before we realized what he was suffering from…so much heartache could have been avoided if we had been educated earlier in his life.

    On a happier note heading out on the T now to enjoy the game.



  4. PittBlather is reporting that the Bucs have agreed to move their night game to a day game to allow Pitt/PSU to play a night game…That is going to be a great atmosphere for this storied rivalry.


  5. agree with posts immediately above. Reed should not have a moment’s regret about missing the “game”

    IMO the OL will be the decider between a decent a decent and good season. Galambos was no doubt a very heady player who made much of his skill set … I would have to think Wirginis is well schooled enough to be a very competent MLB … in his 5th year


  6. I will miss the game and meeting all of you as I recover from shoulder surgery. I remember it like yesterday my dad taking my brother and i to the Pitt Spring game….1958- 1966.
    Beautiful weather. Enjoy our future superstar Pickett!


  7. Almost 90 degrees down here today.

    Agree about the PSU time change. This way they don’t kick tailgaters out right away.

    Interested in seeing the DEs today, let me know how they do. I can’t help but think we should have a better DE on roster than Hendrix. Maybe a youngster can break out there this year…other than Weaver.

    Keep an eye on Sear at TE… Clark won’t be back and he’s the de facto starter.

    Have to say that the impression I had leaving the Southside the other day that this is a small team as opposed to the players I have interacted with past seasons.

    I don’t believe the published height and weight numbers at all… especially with the LBs and DBs.

    The DBs look short and slim.

    BTW, Walt Harris is frail and I very much doubt he could be a HC or even staff coach at this point in his life. He has an uncanny resemblance to my brother.


    1. Chryst recruited a lot of tall and heavy players, but a majority couldn’t play D-1 ball.


  8. Ike @ 8:30 am
    My high school buddies and I tried smoking a pork butt in a dark Dormont alley one Friday night, but we couldn’t keep it lit!!!!!! :>)

    Enjoy the game POVers and wish I was with you!


  9. If I’m Pitt, I work on perfecting the onside kick. There are several ways to deploy it, including pooching it over the opposing front line.

    If the d is really good this year, I’d take my chances. If they could get it 50% of the time, that would be huge.

    And that’s why I’m not a coach. But someday, some team is going to do that.

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  10. I still question the S&C coach. All players love the guy in that position at every school, but the late game folds, the heavy out of shape linemen, and dB and lb not adding more bulk and muscle really cause me to wonder.


  11. Question for Jim. Were the guys in the alley lit?

    Here I thought the game started at 12:00.

    The psu game may bring down the big red ketchup bottle.


  12. Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    Kenny Pickett’s first two plays of the Pitt spring game are a three-yard loss and an incompletion. What a bust of a first overall pick.

    Brian Batko@BrianBatko
    Quintin Wirginis with the first tackle of the game for Blue. Still a chance he makes every one.

    End of the first quarter:
    Blue 0, Gold 0, Dried Paint 14

    Patrick Jones now has three sacks but hasn’t actually tackled anyone.

    With 7:25 remaining in the second quarter in Pitt’s spring game, the teams have combined for negative-two yards of total offense.
    The defensive lines for both teams have looked overwhelming, but the offense hasn’t been pretty.


      1. remember the squad is split up … all to e taken with a grain of salt, not to mention that Lopes, Matthew and Tipton are out


        1. Well, that’s one way to look at it. In each scrimmage so far the DL has stolen the OL’s lunch money.

          And it isn’t as if our DL has a bunch of star players on it.

          The OL was a big topic of discussion at the players draft… Everyone is worried about it.

          I’d shift Reeves over the summer so he is ready for being an OL before fall Camp, but that’s just me.

          BTW I sat behind three staff coaches that day and have good hearing… Lots of humor there.


          1. Reeves runs well and carries the 285 lbs well. He was on kick-off coverage – maybe to force him into shape and to lose some pounds.

            I believe he had one drop as well.


  13. Gold Team with two consecutive completions and now this thing is moving right along. Kenny Pickett hit Ruben Flowers and AJ Davis short twice in a row.

    Overheard in the press box: “Hey, E.J., was the Sun Bowl better than this?”

    (Capel interviewing on The Fan now)

    Gold Team has entered into the Heinz Red Zone. Second-and-3 at the 13 for Kenny Pickett and Co. Pitt’s gold team is on a nine-play, 59-yard drive. The Meyer Reverse Jinx is alive and well.

    Jake “Electric City” Scarton hits a 24-yard field goal for Team Gold, first points of the 2018 Pitt spring game. Gold 3, Blue 0 with 0:21 left in the first half.


  14. Many interesting conversations at the Human Library today. People end up pouring out their own experiences and ask some real hard and good questions.

    I’ve been scheduled for every 15 minute session for 4 hours.


  15. Sounds like a real exciting product out there today!! Double Oye. With secret practices this won’t help create much energy around the program. Is it as bad as you guys are saying it is? Also this not on TV is a total joke at least around Pittsburgh.


  16. Blue stalls, but Alex Kessman kicks a 33-yard field goal. Yep, we’re tied at 3 with 8:42 left.

    Greg Madia@Madia_DNRSports
    Final: JMU’s defense beats the offense 46-40. John Daka finished with four sacks, including one on the final drive to stop the offense’s comeback attempt. Ben DiNucci finished 12-of-17 for 99 yards and a TD.


  17. On TV today. Missouri, Clemson, Florida and Texas A&M spring games. Maybe the ACC network helps but for now it’s unacceptable. << at least the little I know about the reasoning? In all honesty, the little I’ve listened to the 93.7 coverage it sounds like there could be a gag order from Reed’s buddy the head coach.


  18. Drum Roll Please ……

    Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    Dane Jackson picks off Kenny Pickett and takes it back 60 yards for a touchdown to give the blue team a 10-3 lead. This is the only way this spring game can really end.

    (imagine, a 2-star making the big play!)


  19. Boy is Reed and UPitt gonna have a feast on this ….

    Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    Pitt spring game final: the blue team, with one completed pass and 22 yards of total offense, beats the gold team, 10-3.


  20. Here are some final stats:

    Town checks in with 1/9 for 46 yards.

    Combined rushing 47 carries for 56 yards…

    2 of 20 on 3rd down conversations…

    But hey, only the spring right? Just wait until our community college transfer OL gets here, we’ll be fine then.

    Seriously, this is not very calm-making.


  21. Yup, this PITT offense couldn’t move the ball against a lousy Narduzzi defense. It obvious that this spring game foretells exactly how next season will play out. Probably the same amount of wins as the BB team had. A big fat zero.

    No this is not me


  22. OK, now the lack of offense in the spring game is Heather’s fault? Does she get any credit for the good defensive effort?


  23. Seriously Mark and I’m not trying to be a jerk-off here. If you can explain to me why you brought Heather’s name up in this thread with good reasoning, I promise never to become upset with anything you comment on again. Help me understand. your good buddy ike.


    1. She extended Narduzzi and Capel hasn’t brought in any talent yet. What is he waiting for? Both Heather moves Ike. I hope she is right but only Pitt would turn off people in a Spring game


      1. Sorry Mark, that doesn’t move my needle. Getting upset over a spring game and calling out Capel two weeks into the job ain’t me babe. I was going to play Bob Dylan but it’s not one of my favorite songs.Oh what the hell, this is a great version. › Not Dark Yet › Videos


        1. Hiring his brother shouldnt take 4 weeks. We need players for next season and why in the wormd hire BOT’s son?? That burns me up.


          1. Spring Game is bothersome because we can never click all 3 aspects. It is just spring but instead of creating excitement we set football back 87 years.


  24. Oh boy. Panic time for sure on POV. If it was an offensive shoot out people would be saying the defense sucks and Narduzzi’s system doesn’t work. All the glass half empty people will have a field day here.


  25. I would think even the “half glass full” guys have to be a tad concerned over this alleged Spring game?
    However, I bet Fran’s POV tailgate was way more than half glass full of fantastic food, drink, and story telling!!!!!


    1. It is expected that the offense would struggle. They will clearly be the weakness of the team this year and when you split the limited OLine options and have several WR options out it isn’t unexpected.

      I would say I am a tad concerned but it’s hard to read too much into this given the circumstances and what we already knew about the offense.


  26. The tailgate was awesome ….still partying at RICHMAN’s house. Hanging out with PittPT, JoeL, Raypgh, PittintheVille. Update later but had about 30 people pass through.

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  27. I’m willing to say that the spring game today has a medium sized alarming effect on me. Nothing over the top but an eye catcher that isn’t totally unexpected.

    Why? We all know and realize that Pickett is still very young in age and worse, experience. The O-Line is very untested and may be a weak area going into the season. The WR group isn’t a strength to begin with and having several players out today made it worse. RB’s? Some question this unit but I think they will be ok but Hall most likely didn’t get many carries and the remaining backs are still untested. So yes, this group didn’t play well today.

    Another point is that the defense may be as good as advertised. Could this be a possibility? I’d like to think so but the offense did not play well today.

    What really happened? First off, it was a silly spring game. It would have said so on the tickets if there were tickets to the game. It was like a kids birthday party where the inmates kind of ran the show. Yes there was structure and it was played with some intent but intensity was left up to the individual players. Remember the word continuity? Well, the offense does not have the kind of depth you can split in two and come up with a unit to be effective against a defensive unit, if nothing else, has great depth if not great players.

    Yeah a little to worry about but hopefully fixable and for the more positive PITT fans it looks like, at least today, a good defense moving forward. ike


  28. Maybe we should call it the take-a-knee offense.

    If the offensive ‘stars’ were too banged-up to play, I’d hold them out of summer camp, too.


  29. except for BB the last 2 years, I am a glass half full guy. Yet as indicated, I share Reed’s concern of the OL; there is little reason for optimism. Nonetheless, I am not going to fret about this for the next 4 1/2 months.

    Pitt fans fretted for the first 8 months of 09 about Bill Stull. They were overjoyed the first 8 months of 2011 about Todd Graham. We fretted the first 8 months of 2016 about the QB and WRs.

    No, I don’t expect the OL to turn out real good but I believe it is not nearly as dire as it will be made out to be on this site.


  30. Did these guys really practice for the last 2 or 3 weeks ? Couldn’t have had better weather in early April in da Burgh. Hope every got ripped pre-game to watch the Blue Offense., which was very blue.


  31. Chris Peak@PantherLair

    #Pitt AD Heather Lyke says the Pirates have been “phenomenal partners” regarding change in game times to allow Pitt-PSU at night, calling Frank Coonelly and Bob Nutting “gents.”


  32. Nutting is probably thinking he can get extra fans to watch an early Pirate game against the worst team in baseball and have some of them be Pitt and State fans who would end up going to the football game anyway. It wouldnt work the other way around. Its a business decision made in the Pirate’s interest.


  33. And are these Spring games even worth it for fans, recruits, players and the program? What was the attendance today on a perfect weather day and little else to do in town? Under 10k I bet. Outside of tailgating with friends, I dont see much value in attending these ‘Sun Bowl’ like scrimmages. There are only about 15 schools that really pack them in and I really dont see the attraction. Many schools are cancelling or finding ‘weather’ reasons to get out of playing a glorified sandlot game. If one reads anything into the game today, they will probably be insane come season’s end. I’m curious if Fantas were given away and if Sweet Caroline was sung. 🙂


  34. OK I’m convinced we will have one of the top defenses in the ACC and Patti should be Pickett’s backup for the coming season. And I still think we will challenge for the ACC Coastal crown.


  35. Loved the Capel hire, becoming a little more concerned hiring brother and keeping a BOT kid on payroll who has been here 8 yrs and still is in lower level position. Not a mover and shaker for sure. Just something to watch.

    Football wise, this d better be the second coming of the 76 Steelers. That was as pitiful a performance as any in recent memory. Now, I will say not having much of the top receivers hurt, but come on. They aren’t going to win very many games 14-10.

    It’s early, it’s spring, but you would think a busted coverage or something would allow them to score at least one offensive td.


    1. Should hiring his brother take 4 weeks??? I could hire my brother over the phone in 30 mins.


  36. Capel needs to fill out his roster. Letting these BB platers who asked for their release to take forever to make their decision as to whether to come back or transfer out is not helping Capel out.


  37. well at least one nice thing happened:

    Chase Pine@PineStar11
    Thank you for coming. And I remember when I was his age and that person didn’t sign my poster. But you are so welcome.
    Chase Pine added,

    Special thanks to @PineStar11 My son waived to him well after the autographs session was over. Chase told him to hold on, jogged about 50yds back to the tables to grab a pen to sign my sons poster #H2P
    3:35 PM – 14 Apr 2018

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  38. Joe, Ya, he has southern connections, and HCJC probably feels comfortable with him,but he really hasn’t had any coaching success in his only head coaching gig. Lots of really, really good players just aren’t that good of a coach. He may work out very well, but it better. That’s the chance you take hiring a relative. Sorry, even if it works out I’m not in favor of hiring a close relative.


    1. Joe – from one to another – those in B.B. coaching circles know this is a great hire. This is not a”comfort hire”. I get that you don’t like hiring relatives and normally I don’t either. This is a good pick though.


  39. Just listened to all the coaches comments after todays scrimmage. Interestingly never did a question come up about Ricky Town as Pickett’s supposed backup. It would have been interesting to hear Narduzzi’s commentary on that front.


  40. JoeKnew – Capel’s brother is a great get. Those who know understand this is a great hire rather than a concern.


  41. Joe, well maybe some time off has done him some good. But if he was all that he wouldn’t have spent the past 4 years as an announcer. Coaching circles are funny things. They all love Stallings too. Like I said, hope it works out.


  42. They’re a fraternity just like any other profession and will say nothing bad about another coach unless that coach did something to them


  43. This Spring Game format might not be what the fans want, but it might hopefully tell the coaches a lot about the second team players and how they compare to the 1s. Especially on OL, the coaches can get a look at the red shirts and back bench players in game action before Fall camp starts and the 1s get most of the work against the first team defense.. The WRs should get opportunities against first team DBs in this type of game, and coaches can see how they run routes in game conditions and get separation from the secondary. If they put 1st team offense against 1st team defense, the game may be more enjoyable to watch, but not worth as much to PN and coaches. From the POV reports coming in, there were no positive surprises, and the game was a bust.

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  44. Just watched interviews with Narduzzi, Watson, Partridge, Dintino, Jackson and Pickett. Stated pretty much what I posted a few hours ago. Splitting the offensive unit which has zero depth against a defense with beaucoup depth made the two teams lopsided.


    1. You weren’t there. So, with all due respect, your opinions are purely conjecture. There were “positive”, “optimist” POV’ers that are VERY concerned about our OL.. and they should be.

      I’m sorry you couldn’t make it. I was looking forward to meeting you.


  45. I am coming out of “hibernation” for this post..

    First, let me thank Fran (lastrow) for hosting the golf yesterday and tailgate today. I had a great time.

    Jeff Capel hiring his brother is GREAT for us, whether it took 2 days or 2 weeks. If his Dad was alive, I’d hire him, too. He was great at ODU.

    Those of you that were there today inow this simple fact… either we have 12 all-americans on defense, or our OL is terrible. Talk format all you want but virtually every offensive play had 3-4 defensive players in the backfield. And the other POV’ers that were there saw the same thing.


    1. Jay – nice meeting you today and enjoyed our chat. Hard to conclude much from this afternoon, but it’s clear the QBs did not have as much time to find receivers as we’d all would like.

      Based on what I saw today, it’s going to be a bit bumpy at the beginning of the season. What I think we should hope for is improvemt as the season progresses. I hope the kid from Indiana gets cleared
      to play this year as he looks like he has hands and some speed.


  46. Jason Capel was a HS all-American, played in the ACC, was a head coach at a very young age and has been covering the ACC for several years … plus, he comes from a coaching family. Dad, brother and his own personal experience. Explain, again, how or why this is a bad hire?

    FWIW, Dan Hurley had Bobby on his staff at RI without any prior coaching experience.

    Coaching families are different. No better way to institute a culture than having someone who understands you and what you’re trying to do almost as well as yourself helping you.

    Seth Greenberg says Cape should hire Jay Williams for final spot. I’d love that.


  47. Happy you all had a great weekend of golf and tailgating. Looks like a great time in gold one and at Richman’s estate in the south hills. Nice new hat Rich..

    On a lighter note, I had a thought after watching the Penn Live/PSN/POV throughout the year and especially today. EJ is a hound dog that is absolutely on top of all things PITT football media related. I get a big kick out of watching him always in the background. Now there is a man you want on your and PITT’s side of the ball.

    So, much like in Upitt’s nature I came up with a nickname for him that I feel that fits. RADAR The man is Radar as he knows the answer before it’s a question.


  48. good point about Jason being a very young HC … so was Jeff. And neither are old right now but both have garnered some very valuable experience already. O’Toole does have significant experience both as HC and asst..

    Not sure what to expect about the 3rd hire. Someone like Jay Williams would be a splash (at least in name) but that is a name just thrown out


      1. Hey Upitt, one shoe doesn’t fit every foot. Hell, when I buy a pair of shoes they don’t fit the same on both feet.

        Translation. One coach may fit better for one job than others? O’Toole just may be the matching shoe??

        Please emphasis on the question marks


  49. No I wasn’t there J, do you have to rub it in? Also, did anyone notice that the offensive line was a mish mash group of players that have never lined up together before. I want to add, do you actually read what I type in? I commented twice that the offense looked really terrible but since I wasn’t there, I guess that’s conjecture as well.


  50. Ike.

    Not “rubbing it in” just stating a fact. You saw ZERO plays today. ZERO. I sat next to “optimist” Erie Express and we came to the same conclusion. Our OLINE blocked NOONE. Do I understand it’s not a cohesive unit? Yes, I do. But one on one, we couldn’t block anyone. So, either our D is incredibly good or our OLINE is horrible.

    But, don’t let the fact that you didnt see a thing stop you from commenting.


  51. Upitt – who? Jason Capel? He had a cush broadcasting job. He left to work with his brother. Neither of us know if he’s had interest in coaching or if he’s been sought after.


  52. Ike.

    I certainly don’t know everything, but I know this much..

    If I didn’t see a game, I wouldn’t post commentary on it.

    To do otherwise is complete FN nonsense.


  53. Jay, I knew what the lineups were and how they were divided. I’ll say it again, the offense skunked up the joint. I posed a possible reasonable explanation and you counter that I shouldn’t have an opinion. Fine by me Jay but if it’s ok with you, I’ll go ahead and give it anyway.

    You post angry dude and it’s not lost on me. ike


  54. Yes, Ike I can name the starting lines.. because I was there and saw it. I was sitting next to Erie Express and Matt in the Valle. We ALL saw the same thing. What’s your point? I already addressed that it was a “mixed” line. That said, you’ve been touting a lot of the backups for months.. and they got whipped, too.

    The gold team had a HUGE line with Hargove, Drake and Warren and didn’t block ANYONE. Thats nearly 700 lbs and the blue D ate their lunch.

    You’re a good dude and I know you love Pitt but to talk about a game you didn’t even see is complete insanity.


  55. Kenny will be running for his life this year behind this line. By mid season, we’ll be saying ‘oh my God, they killed Kenny.’ ‘You bastards.’


  56. He “ran for his life” all day today.

    That said.. let me be an “optimist” on this– I think Ricky Town looked confident and made good reads. I went to the game not expecting much, but I like him at this point. And that’s good– because this OL might get Pickett killed.


  57. I was going to post about Jason Richards, but why bother. He was a nice player who wanted to get into coaching, but after 8 yrs still being the saber- metrics guy should say it all. Wonder if his sister will land up on the new coaches staff also?


  58. Ike.

    “You post angry dude and it’s not lost on me.”

    That’s not fair and to be frank, it makes you no better than upitt or anybody else you rail against. I have never commented on you personally but that’s TWICE you’ve made comments about me.

    I’m going to take the high road and let it go but I was raised to temper my comments and be respectful. I guess that’s not the case with everyone.


  59. And yes, you shouldn’t have an opinion about SOMETHING YOU DIDNT EVEN SEE. But you think that’s unreasonable. Really?

    No one, not me, not you should talk about something they didn’t see.

    That’s not personal, thats universal. But, as mentioned that’s another time you took a swipe at me personally. Maybe you should look in the mirror in regards to how you address others. I am and will continue to be respectful to every poster on here. But you sir, can’t say the same.

    You don’t have to agree with me but I expect you and everyone else to accord me with basic human respect, as I accord everyone else. But, as I can see that won’t happen, and Reed clearly won’t mandate it- good bye POV.


  60. Pitt vs USF with Wanny coaching on ESPNU.

    While I am very concerned about the O-line, today’s game meant absolutely nothing.

    The defense should be way better, if it wasn’t, then I would be very worried.

    The O-LINE will not be good, but still time to be adequate.

    But there certainly isn’t enough talent for two decent lines.

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    1. As Reed has pointed out, the starting O-Line unit will be hard pressed to put 5 quality players together much less 10


  61. I rail on people? That’s lost on me and I’ll take the higher road as well.. << I’m not stoopid jay


  62. Never talked about the game today, never. Just pointing out the insignificance of a spring game and an already weak o-line unit being split in half. I get it Jay I wasn’t here. See you June 9th with bells on.


  63. JoeKnew – That may be all Jason Richards wants to be. He found his niche. He’s stayed at Pitt on, now, three different staffs. Not sure why the hire would upset anyone. He’s a behind the scenes coach and he must be pretty good at his job if he keeps getting rehired. If his sister can coach bring her on board. This nitpicking crap 10 days after an entire sports season just ended is comical.


  64. I get the feeling that most of the time it took to hire Jason was him deciding on the move to Pittsburgh. Not always easy for everyone to make that kind of decision. More so if it affects other family members.

    Hoping the Pitt family of fans gives their mother a warm welcome when she visits for a game someday. Would mean a lot to her.


  65. Tossing, it’s just a very bad look. Nepotism causes major problems sooner or later. It’s not nit picking, it’s a issue for Pitt. Hope you come to the golf outing. I will tell you a couple of stories over beers, and I’ll buy!


  66. And I can’t believe I’m commenting on this topic. How did I ever get this off track? It’s football, right?
    I’m lucky enough to see a lot of local HS ball, and I was not impressed by the local guys they recruited on the line the past few years. This years class I don’t know as well, but some of the guys they got prior, well I shake my head. They obviously see something different.


  67. Had an unpleasant day here at the house. I apologize for bickering on the POV this evening and to let you all know differences were somewhat resolved via Email.

    Imagine what a bad offensive performance like today in a real game would do to all of us PITT fans? YIKES!


    1. Good night Ike. Get some rest. My point is Heather is all in on Narduzzi and Capel and Capels Brother and Richard for the 3rd time. Ahe better be right or this will be her last Power 5 job.

      At this point does Narduzzi win 5-6 with a better Defense but a terrible offense? Pitt can never peak in all facets.

      Also at this point can Pitt Basketball field 5 players?

      Jay is a great guy and a friend. He is a hardcore dude who is passionate and loyal.

      Erie – Will do. Pitt will be out of pitching tomorrow so gonna have to pull a rabbit out of the hat.


  68. So the defense should be able to kill bad offensive lines… and maybe do well against good ones?

    I think Pitt’s offensive line could be better than last year’s by the end of the season but I don’t think it’s going to be that way until November. If I were Watson I’d be thinking about 3 step dinking and dunking all day… anything to get the ball away from the backfield asap


  69. Not being at the game and still being optimistic about Pitt’s potential for the 2018 season I’d suggest many of you should read Anson Whaley’s commentary about the Spring Game posted late last night.


  70. I tried to post (a lengthy) Good and Bad from the Spring Game, but it never landed that I can find. So I’ll send a very brief one –


    The hospitality of Lastrow – great guy who knows how to have fun!

    The tailgating cooks – thanks JoeL and sis.

    Carson Long, former Pitt kicker stopped by the POV Tailgate and talked with many of us for about 20 minutes.

    Four LBers stood out to me – Cam Bright, Wirginis, Kyle Nunn and Anthony McKee whose family sat right in front of us at the game.

    T.Mack (who is not eligible to play in 18) looks Lyke a very good receiver and R.Flowers was the 2nd best WR.


    The OLine – they we’re a mixed up bunch – would have rather seen the draft modified to put our best five together for one team to see if continuity would breed a better look (MMQ).

    Weaver got hurt in the 2nd half – he walked off quickly with the trainer’s help and went right to the bench.

    G.Aston looked tentative with the ball in his hands.

    No screen passes and the D was very aggressive – not sure if OCSW can’t see that and adjust the play calling or was everything scripted.

    Lots of dropped passes by WR’s and RB’s.

    Kenny Picket’s INT for a Pick 6.

    All seating was in the sun.

    The concession stand lines were long and slow – many of the concession workers looked Lyke they did not want to be there – lots of good businesses looking for workers – if Heinz Field concession stand worker is on their resume, move on to the next one.



  71. The spring game is for fun. That is why they let the players pick the teams.

    If it was serious number one offense would play number one defense.

    No doubt putting together the O-line is job 1.


  72. Just had a thought for future Spring games. How about instead of splitting projected starting line players up, you have starting O line vs starting D Line in the first half and backup O LINE vs Backup D line players in the 2nd half?


  73. For a second there I was wondering what Deepemblem meant by Watson needing to do some “3 step ‘drinking’ and dunking”
    Seems like a desperate situation for the offense – lol!!!

    Oops, maybe I shouldn’t comment as I wasn’t there though…

    Where the h is Dark Knight btw?


  74. thanks to UPitt, I just completed the USA Today Crossword

    one clue was ‘One of the Baltic states’ .. and I immediately thought of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc but not one of them were 7 letters with a T for the 3rd letter


    1. btw, the above was posted by a ‘frequent, intelligent PittPOV poster” … 3 letters

      and FWIW I am not the Anonymous immediately below


  75. Neither Hall nor Davis had any room to run, only Davis broke any hand tackles, Hall not so much.

    99% short to intermediate passes, many drops. Passing by Picket and Towns were mostly accurate considering the pressure they faced.

    On some plays the DE’s came in totally unblocked.

    You take an extremely inexperienced O-line and split up the unit, this is what you get, no surprises here.


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  76. Last weeks closed scrimmage was the real spring game. Yesterday means nothing.

    The format sucks. I’d rather see 1’s vs 2’s.


    1. obviously …. but it just exemplifies what an exhibition the spring game is.

      If DEs came in unblocked, that means missed assignments. I keep telling everyone how unimportant the spring game is ….. but it will no doubt be expounded upon the next 4 1/2 months



  77. I know it is very early in 2019 FB recruits, but most other schools have at least 2 recruits. Surely someone likes us.


  78. Almost forgot to mention that Paris Ford does look Lyke a star in the making.

    He played on all three aspects of the game – shut down cornerback. Check

    Return man on punts and kickoffs. Check

    Running the ball out of the backfield (offside penalty negated the play). Check


  79. First off – thanks to all for the great hospitality and making me feel welcome at the pregame tailgate – the sausage was primo, beer was ice cold and the conversation and fellowship was great. It was cool to meet all who were there. Hope to see all of you again in the fall – I’ll see if I can whip up some chili for those cool fall mornings…

    Re the game – nothing really unexpected… with a very vanilla offensive and defensive game plan kinda expected to see paint dry most of the day. My humble thoughts and observations:

    The defensive ends lived in the backfield, it is no wonder that the QB’s were running for their lives all afternoon. Speed kills.

    George Aston must love to eat – he has put on some beef since last year. Didn’t look comfortable in the passing game, was little used to run it up the gut but had a really good carry from the slot. Other RB’s were mostly missing in action though Hall had a few good carries. Wondering if we are going to see a ‘3 yards and cloud of dust’ offensive philosophy this year – not necessarily a bad thing considering the talent we have on that side of the line. Doubt we will see many shootouts this fall if Pitt is going to do well – 17-14 type games and Pitt has a chance to go 7-5; if the rodeo comes to town it will be a long season.

    We need receivers. Several times the QB’s scrambled but their targets did not react and try to get to the open slots in the field. Let me say it again – we need receivers.

    Pickett looks small out there but has an accurate arm. Nice release. Would have liked to see him air one out, but then again not sure the O line could have given him the time. Don’t think he is going to be the long term answer at QB – but he was the best we had out there today.

    Wirginis is a stud…only hope he can call the game and still react. The tools are there.

    No real thought on the DB’s – I missed the INT play but the D line kept blowing up passing plays before they had a real chance to develop – the kids in the D backfield looked well drilled though.

    The kids were having fun – a lot of plays seemed to be run at 3/4 speed – a few times we saw some hard hitting passion but overall about what you’d expect at a college scrimmage.

    Heinz field concession have always been slow – I think I remember that several of the stands use volunteers at the counter to raise funds for their groups, not a bad thing but leads to very long lines.

    Again nice to meet all of you – hope to see you at a baseball or softball game this spring – and definitely in the fall.



  80. This has to be some of the dumbest posts ever over a spring game. You dont have to be there to know what to expect. Its not a game. The offense probably ran the same play 3 or 4 times in a row.

    Put it this way. If you surmise from a lousy scrimmage game how the season is going to go, play the lottery.

    None of you know anything. The poster talking about if you didnt go to the game. Dude, what game was played yesterday? You saw a lousy scrimmage with no purpose other than to get out with no injuries.

    Im just stunned at these comments. I asummed if each of the offenses scored 40 points, then you all would think we have a great oline, great rbs and great wrs. Give it a rest and look at it like its meant to be. The end of spring practice, and whats suppose to be fun for fans, pkayers and alumni.


    1. Hey Felix – the baseball team beat GT yesterday and the girls softball team split a double header yesterday with GT to win the weekend series.

      Reed asked if we attended the Spring Game to post what we saw.

      You ok with that post?

      If not, go Felix yourself…


  81. Damn, Felix…lighten up. I went for the fun and camaraderie. Tommymac, welcome and it was my pleasure to meet you. By the way chili is a frequent request from tailgaters. Hope to see you in the fall. Nice summary Erie…as usual.


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