Some 2019 Pitt Recruiting Thoughts

Here’s an article by our good friend Ike on future recruiting by the staff…

Here’s a quick look at PITT’s 2019 recruiting strategy.

In an attempt to get away from some family issues that have cropped up, I went over to PITT’s recruit offer list just to check it out and found a few interesting facts that surprised me and at the same time didn’t take me all that off guard. Seems that HCPN has quickened his recruiting targets from PA to a generally speaking, east of the Mississippi River territory. I think we all realize that WPA has practically fallen off the cherished recruiting hotbed list but, man oh man, I didn’t think 2019 would be this shallow of talent.

Let me back up a moment, my rough count has PITT extending something a little less than 165 total outstanding offers at this point in time. This blows my mind a bit but proves the theory that all the offers are not commit-able at first glance. This is just a rough look at what is going on right now on the PITT recruiting front. “Wasting Time” in other words. I could play the Dave Mathews video but I’ll spare you all that.

(Editor’s note: for the 2018 class we put out 292 offers; for 2017 it was 268… so we will throw out a lot more once the 2018 HS football season starts.)

I considered the WPIAL from the rest of PA as two separate entities as I just don’t think eastern PA is a major target for PITT recruiting. The WPIAL is. Ready for the offer list for WPIAL? Answer … three (3). That’s it for right now.

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